29 Nov, 2019

News digest for 11/28/2019

North Korea has launched two ballistic missiles

North Korea has launched two ballistic missiles. One of them fell into the sea outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone, the Interfax news Agency reported, citing Japanese media. South Korean journalists are still talking about several unidentified shells.

Georgia became the President of the Council of Europe.

The organization deals with issues of law and cultural interaction. Georgia receives this status for the first time. The term of office is six months, until may 2020.

Moscow budget for 2020

It will be 3 trillion 64 billion rubles, it will be scarce and it will increase social spending. This was reported by the head of the Department of Finance of Moscow Elena Zyabbarova.

Elizabeth II to retire within 18 months

The Queen of great Britain, according to The Sun, is preparing to hand over the reins to her son Prince Charles, who will become Prince Regent for this time. The Queen’s abdication may be timed to coincide with her 95th birthday. It was at this age that her husband, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, refused to take part in official events.

Only every third Russian sleeps the required 8 hours

As it turned out during the study of the Health project Mail.ru the majority of Russians (40%) Wake up between 6 and 7 am, a quarter (25%) get up between 7 and 8.30 am, before 6 am the alarm clock rings in a fifth of respondents (21%.), 14% Wake up after 8.30.

More than a third of respondents (37%) go to bed from 23.00 to midnight, another 30% go to bed an hour earlier, a quarter (25%) goes to bed after midnight. Half of the respondents (53%) in General do not have enough time to sleep – because of insomnia (30%), Hobbies or urgent matters (27%) and working late (22%).

Donald Trump signs document in support of protesters in Hong Kong

As stated in the statement of the White house, the signed document corrects the law of 1992 on US policy towards Hong Kong and determines the position of the us authorities in relation to the political events taking place in Hong Kong. The law also allows sanctions to be imposed on those who, according to Washington, violate human rights in Hong Kong.

“I signed these laws out of respect for Chinese President XI Jinping and the people of Hong Kong. We resort to them in the hope that the leaders and representatives of China and Hong Kong will be able to peacefully resolve their differences, which will lead to long-term peace and prosperity for all, ” the American leader said in a statement.

The Chinese authorities expressed a protest in connection with the actions of the United States, reports TASS. China’s foreign Ministry called the signing of the law a serious violation of international law, interference in the internal Affairs of Hong Kong and China and “an open hegemony.” The Hong Kong government also condemned the decision of the us authorities. The authorities of the Autonomous region of China said that the adoption of such acts “sends false signals to protesters” and will not improve the situation in Hong Kong.

The ban on entry to Russia of the French sociologist Karin Clement.

When trying to cross the border, the FSB reported that Ms. Clement “poses a threat to the security of the Russian Federation.” The ban on visiting Russia was imposed for 10 years. In Russia, the sociologist was going to give a lecture on the “yellow vest” movement.

Russia is noted by European countries as a country with maximum espionage activity

“Based on the analysis of the received information about the activities of all intelligence services operating on our territory, it was again confirmed that the most active and at the same time, the aggressive activities perform intelligence service of the Russian Federation and people’s Republic of China” – such conclusion contains in the report of the security Service and information of the Czech Republic to 2018.

In Russia it is necessary to significantly change the judicial and law enforcement system

So experts of the all-Russian civil forum (OGF) created at the initiative of Alexey Kudrin consider. Their conclusions are contained in the materials for the Seventh forum scheduled for 30 November.

“The dependence and problems of the judicial system lead to destructive enforcement of legislation and violation of the rights of citizens by the law enforcement system, numerous tortures and violence in the police and prisons. The state of the prison system does not provide a chance for re-socialization, and people who get there – both innocent and convicted of crimes, but not subject to mandatory isolation-often live in conditions degrading to human dignity and lose the opportunity for an active life»

According to experts, the difference in the proportion of acquittals by jurors (17%) and professional judges (0.17%) indicates the problems of law in Russia.

The popularity of the Russian language in the world

The number of people studying Russian as a foreign language and studying it in schools, colleges and universities in the world has fallen by about half in the post-Soviet period, according to a report of the Ministry of education and science center for sociological research.

The Russian language now ranks tenth in the world in terms of distribution, it is used in 27 countries, the document says. If in the early 1990s the number of Russian students was 74.6 million people, by 2004 it had decreased to 51.2 million, and by 2018-to 38.2 million people. Excluding the former Soviet Union the number of Russian learners fell worldwide from 20 million to just over 1 million in the post Soviet period

Russian Russian language proficiency decreased mainly in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, where by 2015 there were 8 million Russian speakers compared to 38 million in 1990. in the former Soviet Union countries there was also a decrease from 119.5 million to 82.5 million Russian speakers. The number of Russian speakers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand increased from 1.2 million to 4 million.

There is no traditional Church Cahors in the plans of the ROC

Owned by the ROC winery “Mezyb” in the village of divnomorsky near Gelendzhik is going to produce Cabernet Sauvignon and other classic dry wines from popular grape varieties and sell them under the brand Mezyb, found “Open media”.

In Yekaterinburg, the FSB detained Santa Claus

According to the telegram channel “Protest Russia”, in Yekaterinburg, the FSB detained for questioning a member of the Yakut shaman Sasha, Tyumen journalist Viktor Egorov, nicknamed Father frost. After the “conversation” he held a single picket in the city with a poster “All power to the people!”.

850 million rubles spent in Moscow for the export of fallen leaves

According to the current rules, which were approved by Yuri Luzhkov in 2002, it is impossible to remove leaves from lawns. Only within a radius of 25 meters from highways, 10 meters from streets and five meters from yard driveways and paths. But leaves from lawns all the same collect, and for their export spend hundreds of millions of rubles, the journalist of “Medusa” Ivan Golunov found out.

Environmental activists insist that the removal of fallen leaves harms plants. But in GBU “zhilishchnik” consider that it is necessary to do it for safety reasons-the foliage can clog drains, rise by a wind and scatter, and in bad weather on it it is possible to slip and get injured, the representative of the organization told the edition.

Teachers of Verkhneuralsk will stop work, in response to a decrease in wages.

Since October 1, 2019, teachers have increased their salaries by 500 rubles, and since January 2020, they are reduced by 900 rubles. Teachers have published an appeal in the media and given a period of 5 days for consideration.

“Novaya Gazeta” demanded to open a criminal case because of the murder of a Syrian

Novaya Gazeta sent letters to the Kremlin, the UK and the Prosecutor General’s office demanding to open a criminal case on the basis of the murder of a Syrian resident by the fighters of the PMK Wagner, the video of which the publication published on November 20.

The letters sent to the head of the IC Alexander Bastrykin, Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and the head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino, attached a passport scan of one of the alleged participants in the murder.

Appeal to the President of Russia not to sign the law ” on foreign agents»

Writers, Directors, musicians, human rights activists signed an appeal calling on Russian President Vladimir Putin not to sign a law allowing individuals to be recognized as “foreign agents.”

The authors of the open letter believe that the President is offered to sign an unconstitutional law. The “stigma” of a foreign agent “discredits a person in the eyes of his fellow citizens, diminishes his dignity,” which is prohibited by the Constitution, the appeal said.

The appeal was signed by 59 people. Among them — publisher Irina Prokhorova, writers Lyudmila Ulitskaya and Dmitry Bykov, musician Andrei Makarevich, actress Leah Akhedzhakova, cartoonist Harry Bardin.

Equate Crimea to the far North

The Russian defense Ministry proposed to increase by 10% the salaries of contractors serving in the Crimea, “due to the deterioration of climatic conditions and the aggravation of the environmental situation in the locations of military units.”

In the draft resolution of the government developed by the Ministry, it is proposed to pay extra contractors as those who serve in the far North and equated areas.

“Rostec” faced difficulties in the promotion of Russian aircraft

The head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to coordinate the certification of Russian aircraft under international IAC agreements. It is alleged that rostec faced difficulties in promoting Russian aircraft, helicopters and engines abroad. Due to the lack of international recognition of certification procedures, which now holds “the Aviation register of the Russian Federation”, controlled by the Federal air transport Agency, contracts with foreign operators and the supply of Russian equipment may be delayed.

The court rejected Gazprom’s appeal against the Stockholm arbitration decision.

“Gazprom’s appeal against a separate decision made in Stockholm on 31 may 2017 has been rejected. In that decision completely canceled the requirements of “Gazprom” on “take or pay”, – explained the representative of “Naftogaz” of Ukraine Alena Osmolovskaya.

The Russian company challenged two decisions of the Stockholm arbitration — on the abolition of the requirement of the “take or pay” principle (Gazprom demanded compensation from Naftogaz for unelected gas under the contract on supplies to Ukraine) and on Gazprom’s obligations on gas transit. According to the Arbitration decision, which the court refused to cancel, Gazprom demanded that the Ukrainian company pay fines of $56 billion.

As a result, the Arbitration ordered Naftogaz to pay Gazprom $2 billion for gas already delivered, as well as interest for delay (0.03% for each day since December 22, 2017).

“Roscosmos” said that he sees nothing terrible

“Roscosmos” said that he sees nothing wrong with the fact that the adult daughter of their top Manager has a plot in Florida. It was her business.

However, this site was bought in 2011, when the daughter was still a minor, and Yuri Urlichich worked in one of the daughters of “Roscosmos” and in General-was in the civil service. However, for some reason he hid this purchase from everyone.

The fugitive President of Bolivia was put on the international wanted list.

Interpol issued a” blue form ” in the name of Evo Morales. The former President of Bolivia told about it at a press conference in the capital of Mexico, RIA Novosti reports.

On November 24, acting Bolivian President Jeanine Agnes said she would not pass a law protecting Morales from criminal proceedings.

Moscow authorities recovered from Tsereteli 29 million rubles through the court

The arbitration court of Moscow at the suit of the city authorities decided to recover from the sculptor Zurab Tsereteli about 29 million rubles penalty.

Mandatory certification of medicines was abolished in Russia

The Russian government has abolished mandatory certification for medicines. The relevant document was published on the website of the Cabinet.

“Entering in civil turnover of each batch of immunological medicinal products is performed on the basis of issued by Roszdravnadzor permission subject to the resolution of a series of requirements established at the state registration of a medicinal product” — said in a statement on the government website.

The ship with uranium waste is not far from houses

The ship “Mikhail Dudin” with uranium “tails” arrived in the seaport of St. Petersburg on the morning of November 28. This is reported by the website marintraffic. The ship was moored a few meters from the houses on gunboat island. The ship is carrying 80 containers of depleted uranium, weighing a total of 600 tons. Greenpeace activists doubt the safety of cargo transportation. According to “47news”, over the past six months, the ship “Mikhail Dudin” for the ninth time goes to St. Petersburg with “uranium tails”.

State-owned companies will be obliged to increase productivity

The Ministry of economic development has prepared draft directives for state-owned companies, which will be obliged to include in long-term development programs an increase in labor productivity by 5% per year. First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov announced this at The international forum.

Russia seeks from OPEC to change quotas for oil production

Russia may raise the issue of changing its quota set in the OPEC and non-OPEC agreement to limit oil production at a meeting of the countries participating in this agreement, Reuters reported: the idea is to exclude gas condensate from the calculation.

The Central Bank has identified since the beginning of the year 1.5 thousand illegal creditors

During the three quarters of 2019, the Central Bank identified fifteen hundred illegal creditors in the financial market, the materials were sent to law enforcement agencies. This Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vladimir Chistyukhin told TASS

Regions lost 211 billion rubles due to business benefits

Benefits for business on income taxes and property led to the fact that the Russian regions have received less than 211 billion rubles, write “Izvestia”. According to the publication, the letter of the first Deputy head of the Ministry of Finance Leonid Gornin to the heads of subjects States that the benefits of income tax are absolutely unproductive in 15 regions. Also from his letter it follows that the property tax relief is ineffective in 12 subjects, and therefore it is recommended to exclude the inappropriate use of budget money.

In Russia with tax accounting disappeared more than a quarter of luxury cars

According to the study, the number of cars worth more than 10 million rubles on the tax register of the Russian Federation has sharply decreased. As follows from the study of ” FinExpertiza “(RBC has), if in 2015-2017 there were more and more such machines, then in 2018, on the contrary, there was less by 26.5% (2927 against 2162, respectively).

Rosstandart called the regions with the lowest quality fuel

In 18 subjects, violations were detected in more than 20% of cases. Among such regions, the Agency names several subjects of Siberia, Sakhalin, Khabarovsk territory, the Jewish Autonomous region, Crimea and Sevastopol, Chechnya and Dagestan, Vladimir, Kostroma and Ryazan regions.

Among the regions where violations did not exceed 5% were Nizhny Novgorod, Omsk and Rostov regions, Kamchatka, Krasnoyarsk and Perm territories, Karachay-Cherkessia and Ingushetia.

At gas stations in Moscow and the Moscow region, Rosstandart specialists found no violations during fuel quality checks.

LUKOIL to deal with LNG in Equatorial Guinea

GEPetrol (state-owned company of Equatorial Guinea) is discussing with LUKOIL the participation of a Russian company in the development of the EG-27 offshore block. This was announced by Minister of hydrocarbons EG Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima on the sidelines of the forum of gas exporting countries.

According to Lima, the share of “LUKOIL” can reach 80%, one of the scenarios involves the construction of a liquefied gas plant with a capacity of 2.2 million tons. Another option is to supply gas from EG-27 to the Punto Europa LNG plant in the capital of Equatorial Guinea, Malabo, and from there to further export liquefied gas.

In Norway at the state level began to fight pink salmon

Pink salmon is not a native species and threatens to displace Atlantic salmon, reports News.ru. more than half a century ago, the pink salmon was brought to the rivers of the Kola Peninsula by Russians. The Norwegians it has not become a favorite product. Previously, fishermen, when they came across in the network pink salmon, just handed it to the locals. Now even the gift is not taken, counting the fish-parasite. Environmentalists intend to get rid of it completely and believe that fishing subbotniks alone are not enough.

“The time has come to take measures to clean our rivers from salmon – encourages colleagues to take decisive action ichthyologist Eivind of Fieldset. “We don’t want intruders in Norwegian nature.” These invasive species are detrimental to the river ecosystem.”

China to launch its fusion reactor in 2020

At a conference on thermonuclear energy in Taiwan, Duan Xuru, head of the Southwest Institute of physics, said the device could be launched so soon because there had been no problems in the installation process since June. The HL-2M tokamak will generate clean energy through controlled nuclear fusion, reproducing the natural thermonuclear reactions occurring in the sun, using hydrogen and deuterium as fuel.

Melody released previously unpublished recordings of Schnittke’s music

The oldest record company “Melody” released a record with previously unreleased recordings of music by Alfred Schnittke. The release is timed to the 85th anniversary of the composer’s birth. Schnittke’s album of music consists of two parts.

“Evenings of Russian cinema in Bordeaux”

The festival “Evenings of Russian cinema in Bordeaux” opens on November 28. The program of the IX festival includes screenings of short, full-length and documentary films, as well as retrospectives, master classes and concerts. The key theme of this year’s show is “Woman”. Therefore, the presented pictures are either shot by female Directors, or dedicated to the beautiful half of humanity. The festival “Evenings of Russian cinema in Bordeaux” will end on December 1.

The exhibition “This Is Not a Book: the collection of Dmitry Volkov.

The story of a man, his art and library ” opens on November 28 at the Moscow Museum of modern art. For the first time the General public presented two collections of collector Dmitry Volkov-contemporary art and rare editions of philosophical treatises. The exhibition, which promises a whole program of meetings and discussions with philosophers and artists, will be open at the Moscow Museum of modern art until January 26.

Hackers posted online data 500 thousand users of the site about the work

According to Kommersant, hackers published a database allegedly containing information about 500 thousand users of the portal for job search jobinmoscow.ru. the database contains personal data, logins and passwords.

Presented smart TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4X 2020 Edition

Xiaomi today formally announced the updated xiaomi Mi TV 4X, which received the 2020 Edition set-top box to the name. Detailed specifications of the device have not yet been published, but the manufacturer confirmed that it is a model with a screen diagonal of 55 inches.

Enthusiast created a computer in case of the end of the world

Enthusiast Jay Doscher (Jay Doscher) has developed a computer Raspberry Pi Recovery Kit, which is theoretically able to survive the end of the world, while maintaining full functionality. This is Jay’s second build, the first version he assembled four years ago. The first sample of Jay recognized unsuccessful because of significant deficiencies. The gadget had no protection from moisture and dust. Control was carried out using the touch screen, because the keyboard had to be abandoned due to lack of space in the protective case. All problems of the first version have been fixed in the new one.

Honor introduced the” smart ” watch Magic Watch 2

New watches from Honor were presented in two versions 42 and 46 mm, and they differ in design and functionality.

Honor MagicWatch 2 in a 46 mm case can work up to two weeks without recharging, and they are more suitable for sports. MagicWatch 2 on 42 mm received autonomy in two times less senior model, and will be suitable for everyday use.

At the heart of MagicWatch 2 is the Kirin A1 processor. RAM in the new 32 MB and 4 GB of permanent, and permanent memory can record music tracks and listen to them directly from the clock.

The MagicWatch 2 smartwatch will go on sale on December 12 at a price of 1,099 yuan for the 42 mm version and 1,199 yuan for the senior modification.

E. coli was taught to process carbon dioxide into biomass

Scientists from the Wiseman Research Institute (Israel) have taught E. coli (Escherichia coli) to process carbon dioxide into biofuels and other chemicals that make up biomass.

Injection of magnetic fluid will stop the blood loss

Injection of magnetic fluid in the blood will help to stop bleeding and “seal” the wound during transportation of the patient to a medical institution, reports New Atlas.