2 Dec, 2019

News digest for 12/30-01/2019

Volodin warned of the threat of secession from Ukraine a number of areas

He believes that the Ukrainian authorities should think about why in 2014 the vast majority (more than 96%) of the inhabitants of Crimea and Sevastopol decided to return to Russia.

“It is difficult to call a small nation 36% of Ukrainian citizens who consider Russian as their native language,” Vyacheslav Volodin said.

Nationalism, oppression of small Nations can lead to the secession of a number of regions from Ukraine.

It is necessary to understand the authorities of Ukraine and not to allow violation of the rights and freedoms of ethnic groups living in the country, – Volodin urged.

Who sets fire to the Amazonian forests?

The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro said that actor Leonardo DiCaprio is funding non-governmental organizations which are allegedly carried out forest fires. At the same time, the Brazilian leader did not give evidence. The actor and eco-activist and a number of other philanthropists have created a $ 5 million emergency Fund for the Amazon forests to solve urgent tasks to save the “lungs of the planet”.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio in his Instagram rejected the accusations of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who said that he allocates money to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to set fire to forests in the Amazon.According to DiCaprio, he did not Fund the targeted organizations, despite the fact that they deserve support.

“At this time of crisis for the Amazon, I support the people of Brazil who are working to preserve their natural and cultural heritage,” he wrote. — The future of these irreplaceable ecosystems is at stake, and I am proud to protect them.”

The Danish Board of Appeal received a complaint about the permit for ” Nord stream-2»

The Danish court of Appeal filed a complaint against the permission of the Danish energy Agency (DEA) to build the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline. This was reported TASS the representative of DEA Ellen Ewig of Jergensen.

“One complaint regarding the Nord Stream 2 project was filed within the deadline for appeals,” she said. According to her, the deadline for filing a complaint expired on November 27.

Russia refused to ” moon race»

Russia will not participate in the new “moon race”, although it will continue to carry out the national program for the exploration and development of the moon, said the representative of “Roscosmos” Vladimir Ustimenko.

Since the beginning of the year more than 350 thousand people have suffered from animal attacks

In Russia, up to 450 thousand people are attacked by animals every year, according to Rospotrebnadzor. For 10 months of this year, more than 353 thousand people (including more than 98 thousand children under 14 years old) turned to medical organizations because of bites, drooling and scratching by animals, according to the message on the website of Rospotrebnadzor timed to the world day of Pets.

The number of borrowers of microfinance institutions in Russia is growing

The number of borrowers of microfinance institutions (MFIs) from January to September this year increased by 24% to 11 million people, reports TASS with reference to the statement of the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank (CB) Vladimir Chistyukhin.

LUKOIL invests in dollars

Russia’s largest private oil company LUKOIL has almost completely abandoned investing in the domestic currency and switched to dollars. This is stated in the company’s reporting for the third quarter. As of the end of September, the share of the ruble fell to 13%. The share of the us currency jumped to 80%: to $5.55 billion (more than 355 billion rubles).

Gazprom attributed the fall in profits to excess gas in Europe

Profit attributable to the shareholders of “Gazprom”, decreased in the third quarter of this year by 45% (amounted to 212 billion rubles) compared to the same period in 2018, reports RBC with reference to the statement of the Deputy head of the financial Department of the company Alexey Finikov. According to him, the reason for the decline lies in the oversupply of gas in the European market in the reporting period

Erdogan called the launch date of ” Turkish stream»

The start of the Turkish stream gas pipeline will be given on January 8 in Istanbul. This was announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on November 30. The statement was made during the launch ceremony of the TANAP gas pipeline, through which gas from Azerbaijan will flow to Turkey and Europe.

VTB no longer discloses the debts of its borrowers by country

The latest information was published by the state Bank on October 1, 2018, they concerned a loan of 801.9 billion rubles issued to residents of the Central African Republic, which the Bank subsequently denied, Vedomosti reported. Then the credit drew the attention of Reuters. The Bank called the information of the Central Bank “operational error”. Later, the data was amended, and the debtors were residents of Cyprus.

The total debt of the countries, according to the October data, was 2.35 trillion rubles. After that, VTB stopped publishing information on countries. At the same time, Vedomosti notes, the geography of borrowers of Sberbank and Gazprombank, also under sectoral sanctions, is posted on the website. Neither VTB nor the Central Bank did not comment on this information.

In the development of the plant “Rostselmash” invest 17 billion rubles

It is planned to allocate 17 billion rubles for the development of the Rostselmash plant in the next four years, from 2020 to 2024. About 7 billion rubles will be needed to expand the range, and the paint plant will cost less-about 3 billion rubles.

The US has become a net oil exporter for the first time in 70 years

In September, the country exported 89,000 more barrels of crude oil and petroleum products daily than it imported. The us has never been a net exporter of this raw material for a full month since the 1940s, the FT points out.

German banks will be allowed to conduct operations with cryptocurrency

Legalization of transactions with cryptocurrency will make the sphere more transparent and allow citizens to safely invest in digital money, according to the organization. At the moment, German banks do not have the right to provide services related to cryptocurrency.

The Central Bank supported the idea to ban the payment of bitcoins

The Central Bank of Russia supports the idea to ban the payment of bitcoins, if the relevant legislative decision is made, since cryptocurrencies carry significant risks, RIA Novosti reported in the press service of the regulator

The state statistics service of Ukraine has included Russia in the top three largest investors in the country

Russia has invested $220 million in the Ukrainian economy since the beginning of this year, Thanks to this, the Russian side was among the largest investors in the economy of Ukraine, the State statistics service of the state said

“Transneft” has reserved compensation for “Friendship»

Transneft has reserved 23.031 billion rubles for compensation to shippers of property losses due to the incident at Druzhba, the company’s materials show

The Ministry of Finance refused to allocate money from the budget for the Moscow – St. Petersburg VSM

The Ministry of Finance is not going to allocate money from the budget for the construction of a high-speed highway (HSR) Moscow-St. Petersburg, said RBC Deputy Finance Minister Andrei Ivanov at the forum “Infrastructure initiatives of business”.

Russia approved the strategy for the development of the fishery complex

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has approved a strategy for the development of the fisheries sector in the country. This is the head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation said at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers. Medvedev noted that the strategy is painted up to 2030, RIA Novosti reported.

The development of fish processing facilities is, again, the expansion of enterprises, tax revenues, jobs and wages for thousands of people. – Rostislav Goldstein, Russian politician
The Ministry of Finance has finalized a bill allowing the NWF to send export loans

The Russian Finance Ministry has finalized a bill that amends the Budget code, giving the government the right to direct export credits to the national welfare Fund (NWF) after it reaches the threshold of 7% of GDP. The draft document is published on the official portal of legal information.

Named the volume of gas supplies to China on the ” power of Siberia»

The Power of Siberia pipeline, which is to be launched this year (presumably on December 2), will supply at least 5 billion cubic meters of gas to China in 2020, 10 billion in 2021, and 15 billion cubic meters of gas in 2022. Deliveries to China are scheduled to begin in December this year.

Gazprom’s investment program in 2020 will be reduced to 1.1 trillion rubles

This was reported by the management of the company. 2019 was a peak year in terms of investment, the company said. In 2019, the volume of the investment program amounted to 1.3 trillion rubles. “Gazprom” has lowered the rating of investments in 2019 to 2,126 billion rubles.

China will ban the use of AI to create fake news

Chinese authorities intend to introduce new rules prohibiting the use of artificial intelligence and virtual reality technology to create audiovisual content that falls under the definition of fake news, according to the website of the office for control of cyberspace in China.

Amsterdam court to resume Scythian gold trial in December

The court of appeal of Amsterdam intends to resume the process of Scythian gold from the Crimean museums in late 2019-early 2020. This was reported by TASS with reference to the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers-permanent representative of the Republic of Crimea to the President of Russia Georgy Muradov.

Scientists create pills to overcome nicotine addiction

Pills for those who want to quit Smoking, which will really work, will become a reality thanks to an important discovery made by neurophysiologists. Scientists have discovered a group of cells in the brain responsible for aversion to nicotine

Share of HIV-infected in the population of the country



Venezuelan authorities have offered suppliers to pay for their services in yuan

Venezuelan authorities have begun offering companies providing services to the public sector to pay for them in yuan, Reuters reported, citing sources among officials and representatives of private companies.

Maduro mobilized the Venezuelan army because of possible provocations of the United States

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on the country’s armed forces to come to full alert because of “possible provocations.”

Russia sent to Syria giant containers with cargo

Russia sent to Syria container ship “Sparta” with a giant cargo on Board, according to the observer combat ships Bosphorus Observer, passing through the Bosphorus.

Russia, Iran and China to hold joint Navy exercises in Indian ocean

Naval forces of Iran, Russia and China will soon conduct joint maneuvers in the Northern Indian ocean, said today, November 27, the commander of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi.

The Kurds stood for the territorial unity of Syria

The Kurds support a political settlement in Syria that would guarantee the preservation of its territorial unity. This was reported on Saturday by al Hadath TV channel, said the commander of the armed coalition “Forces of democratic Syria” (SDS) Mazlum Abdi.

Russia offered Malaysia to upgrade the air force fleet for palm oil

Russia has offered Malaysia to exchange some of the su-30MKM and MiG-29 fighters for the su-35 or MiG-35 with a likely surcharge in palm oil. We will remind, in July the Minister of defence of Malaysia reported that only four of 28 Russian fighters are capable to rise in the sky, the others are in repair.

Aeroflot will stop SMS-informing about the beginning of boarding the flight

Aeroflot announced that from December 2, stops SMS-informing passengers about the beginning of boarding the flight. Now passengers will receive notifications only in the event of a change in the airline’s schedule (delay, postponement or cancellation of the flight), – reported in “Aeroflot”.

The Nigerian flagged jireh was detained in Portland

The international Federation of transport workers (ITF) is dealing with the situation with the detention in Portland in the UK ship “Jireh” (Jireh) under the flag of Nigeria with the Russian crew on Board, told TASS ITF inspector in Novorossiysk Olga Ananyina.

“On November 26, the vessel Jireh (flag of Nigeria) was detained in Portland, on Board nine people from the Crimea. Two months they do not pay a salary, a debt of about $35 thousand owners (Nigerian company) get in touch, but do not take any action to pay salaries and provide the ship with food and drinking water. The Union, in turn, understands the situation, ” she said.

Design “Cats” changed after criticism of the trailer

The negative reaction to the trailer of the musical “Cats” helped the authors to finalize the film. This edition of Empire told the film’s Director Tom Hooper.

Earlier, viewers criticized the “Cats” trailer, noting that the computer graphics gave the actors overly naturalistic animal features. According to Hooper, he was “fascinated” by this criticism, as he did not expect the trailer to cause controversy. In addition, the discussion helped for a few hours to bring “Cats” among the most discussed topics in the world.

The musical film “Cats” based on the Broadway production of the same name by Andrew Lloyd Webber is released on January 2, 2020.

The anniversary tour of DDT group will begin from Ryazan.

The performance was scheduled for March 31, according to the official website of the tour, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the band. After that, the tour will continue in Orel, Kursk, Kurgan, Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk. Three stadium concerts are planned: in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ufa, where the band appeared 40 years ago. In the capital, DDT will perform on June 6 at the OTKRITIE-arena stadium.

“Star wars” staged at Kabuki theater

For the production, the plot elements were adapted to traditional Japanese plays. The play was called Star Wars Kabuki-Rennosuke and the Three Light Sabers. Kyle Wren is called Cyranose, and plays his Ebizo Ichikawa, a veteran Kabuki knight of the French Order of Arts and letters.

Mortgage rates in Russia at a historic low

The average rate on ruble mortgage loans fell in October from 9.68 to 9.40% per annum – this is the lowest level in the history of observations (at the minimum last year, the rate fell to 9.41%).

In Cherkessk, the offended visitor was shot in a cafe a few people

In the cafe “Marakesh” the guy liked one of the waitresses, but her husband stood up for her (he worked in the same institution as a bartender). The men argued, and the visitor promised to return. Appeared in an hour – beautiful and with a horse and a traumatic pistol. Parked the horse near the entrance and went to take revenge

Trump is increasing pressure on NATO.

The US expects to increase defense spending to 2% of GDP from all NATO member countries.

“The President of the United States is committed to make NATO stronger, able to overcome the threats and future challenges. In this regard we call on all NATO countries to increase defence spending as part of the decisions of the Wales summit»

It is noted that only four NATO members spent 2% of GDP on defense in 2016, currently there are nine such countries.

“We expect everyone else to do it by 2024,” Donald Trump said.

The EU is investigating Google

EU antitrust authorities are investigating the data collection methods used by Google. The investigation will affect data related to local search engines, targeted advertising, web browsers and so on.

The EU sent out questionnaires to several companies asking about Google’s data collection methods and obliged them to provide a response within a month. In particular, regulators have become interested in what data Google requests, how the company uses it and determines its value. Google told the Agency that it uses the data to improve the performance of its services and to show users relevant advertising.

Over the past two years, European competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has fined the American company more than €8 billion for violating antitrust laws.

The United States is concerned about the adoption of anti-citizen laws in Russia.

Washington is concerned about Russia’s approval of a law that allows individuals to be recognized as foreign agents, U.S. state Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said. It is noted that the approval of the law by the Russian Parliament can be used to suppress the votes of independent people.

“We call on Russia to fulfill its obligations to ensure freedom of expression, which Lavrov confirmed at the OSCE press conference»

According to the document, it will be possible to recognize as foreign agents persons who participate in creation of materials of mass media-foreign agents or distribute them, and also receive property or money from abroad. The law also implies that media recognized as foreign agents will have to establish a Russian legal entity in the status of a foreign agent in order to work in the country.

Changes in the Russian legislation since December 1.

Installation of winter tires became mandatory. We are talking about vehicles no more than 3.5 tons in weight. You cannot install tires of different models on the same axle. Punishment for refusal to use winter tires is not provided.

Come into force the new tariffs for electricity for 2020. They will be installed at the regional level. Tariffs will be applied from January 2020.

Now tobacco products, cameras (as well as flashes), perfumes and eau de toilette, garments made of natural or composite leather (including work clothes), shoes, as well as bed linen and much more are subject to labeling. This is done to combat counterfeiting.

Responsibility for violations at a turn of three drugs is entered: Tropicamide (means for expansion of a pupil), tapentadol (opioid analgesic) and pregabalin (anticonvulsant medicine). These are life-saving drugs, and now they are recognized as narcotic substances. For illegal trade they will be punished by imprisonment for a term of three to five years

Some universities are returning to the system of distribution of graduates. Young doctors who studied on a budgetary basis will be distributed to municipal and state medical institutions.

The authentication and identification of cellular subscribers has changed. It will be carried out using cryptography. Now on SIM cards will use Russian ciphers instead of foreign.

Maxim Galkin rejected presidential ambitions.

At a concert in the State Kremlin Palace, the artist said that he did not intend to nominate his candidacy for the highest post in the country.

“It’s nice that people still believe that they decide something in the elections. The situation is complicated. I called a familiar witch, said that I was fifteen curses: ten from Solovyov, five from Kiselyov and two more evil eye from Norkin. I want to say that I’m not going anywhere, we do not have Ukraine, we will be shot before the inauguration, ” Galkin said from the stage.

Today, the main faces of the European Union have changed.

Charles Michel (43) became President of the European Council instead of Tusk, he is a former Belgian Prime Minister and his new job is to lead EU summits and represent the Union on the international stage.

Ursula von der Leyen (61) became the new head of the European Commission – the EU government instead of Juncker, she is a former defense Minister and one of the most powerful politicians in Germany.

Josep Borrel (72) became head of European diplomacy instead of Mogherini, he is the former head of the Spanish foreign Ministry, and the official name of his post is the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy.

The Deputy showed the counterfeit certificate of the employee of the Prosecutor General’s office.

The Deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Penza region from” United Russia ” Vladimir Vdonin was detained for driving in a state of intoxication, thus he showed the counterfeit certificate of the employee of the Prosecutor General’s office. As reported on the website of the regional branch of the party, the behavior of the parliamentarian discredit the party and the Deputy corps of the regional Parliament.

“The behavior of Vladimir Vasilyevich is not only contrary to the party Charter, but also universal norms, for which he suffered a deserved punishment,” said the Secretary of the regional Department Valery lidin.

How many years will the average European have to work?

If you are young now and are just going to start working somewhere in Europe, then know that you have to work somewhere 36 years! 3 years more than in 2000. The least likely to work will be Turks-29 years; most Icelanders-more than 46 years. In General, the most industrious were Scandinavians and Swiss.



One of the main topics of the upcoming NATO summit in London

One of the main topics of the upcoming NATO summit in London will be building further relations between the Alliance and Russia. This was stated during a special briefing by a senior representative of the us administration.

“I believe that NATO’s relations with Russia will definitely be discussed. Of course, this will be a high priority at the leaders ‘ meeting»

This topic for the participants of the meeting will be a matter of both interest and concern. At the same time, the official assured that the Alliance itself does not seek to threaten Russia.

“None of NATO’s measures are conceived as a threat to Russia,” he said.

It is noted that more and more countries are concerned about Russian threats to their security.

The real nuclear power is Japan

The real nuclear power is Japan, not Russia or the United States, and neighboring countries should be vigilant, military experts say. According to them, Japan under the pretext of developing civilian nuclear power plants was able to get a large amount of nuclear fuel, which is enough for 6 thousand bombs.

It is noted that Japan is among the top ten world countries in combat capability, and the level of its technological development can not be underestimated. At the same time, despite the fact that Tokyo is prohibited from developing nuclear weapons, Japan is a leader in the use of nuclear technology and in the event of hostilities will be able to quickly produce nuclear weapons from the material it has.

The demilitarization of Japan took place after its surrender in world war II: the country was forced to abandon research into the production of nuclear weapons.

In 2020 all dummy cameras on the roads of Moscow will be replaced by real ones

In Moscow at the moment there are 387 conventional models and 424 models with the function of monitoring the flow. Next year, all of them will be replaced by working complexes of photo-video fixation. This was reported By the center for traffic management (TSODD) of the government of Moscow. In 2018, the data CENTER reported that 15-20% of the total number of photo-video cameras are dummies. There are more than two thousand such cameras in Moscow.

Where we are sent, there are no roads, no medical care

More than one hundred inhabitants of the Novgorod house of veterans local authorities in a hurry evict from the emergency building. They are sent for permanent residence in the “optimized” and unheated hospitals of the district centers of Shimsk and moshenskoye, which is 200 kilometers from the city. Old people go on pickets and collect signatures under the petition that they were left in native Novgorod.

“Where we are sent, there are no roads, no medical care, relatives will not be able to come to us, we will lose everything we are used to,” the elderly are indignant.


Across Russia there was a rally of patients and doctors against the collapse of medicine. This reaction is connected with the fact that in recent months there has been an active reduction of medical personnel.


There is no money to pay salaries to teachers, but there is an increase in pensions to Duma deputies

In the budget of Saratov there is no money for payment of salaries to teachers, however they were on increase in pensions to deputies of the Saratov city Duma. MPs are going to set themselves allowances for pensions to receive at least three-quarters of the current salary.

About absence in the budget of Saratov of money for salaries to teachers in November and December the Deputy of city Parliament Alexander Yanklovich declared.

“I was asked to speak correctly, but I probably will not succeed. At the beginning of the year, when the budget was adopted, we noticed that the money is not fully distributed to schools and health care institutions

Duty on oil exports from Russia from December 1

The preferential rate of duty on oil for a number of fields in Eastern Siberia, Caspian fields and Prirazlomnoye field in connection with the new calculation formula adopted as part of the tax maneuver in the oil industry, since February 1, 2015 remains at zero.

Duty on high-viscosity oil from December 1 will be 9 against the previous 8.8 dollars. The duty on light oil products and oils rises to 27.1 dollars from 26.4 dollars per ton, on dark-to 90.5 dollars from 88.3 dollars per ton. Duty on exports of commercial gasoline will be 27.1 dollars against November 26.4 dollars, straight-run (nafta) – 49.7 dollars against 48.5 dollars per ton.

In Novocherkassk from the infectious diseases hospital quit all the doctors

In the city of Novocherkassk the specialized infectious diseases hospital ceased to accept patients. This was reported in the city hall. According to officials, the reason for the closure is the dismissal of all doctors who worked in the hospital.

Kudrin proposed to refuse to perform any task “the top»

In Russia it is necessary to strengthen the municipal power instead of to achieve “performance of all tasks from above”. The Chairman of the accounts chamber Alexei Kudrin said on the air of RBC.

In China, mobile users are required to scan the face

It is specified that when signing new contracts for mobile services, the Chinese must present an identity card and take pictures, as in many countries. But now you will also need to scan your face to confirm that the user matches the documents provided.

“Naftogaz” asked the court to arrest the assets of “Gazprom” in Latvia

Ukrainian company “Naftogaz” appealed to the court Vidzeme suburb of Riga about the execution of the decision of the Stockholm arbitration in the dispute with “Gazprom”, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the report of the Russian company. The session of the Latvian court on the petition is scheduled for the end of April 2020

The government is preparing the abolition of pensions in Russia

The new limit of the base for calculation of insurance premiums for compulsory pension insurance will lead to numerous refusals in pensions. In fact, the authorities are taking a step towards the abolition of pension payments in Russia, such a conclusion is made by experts interviewed by the portal “Tsargrad”, reports PRIMPRESS.

The number of pension points that are awarded to an employee depends on the indicator of the marginal base. If in 2015 this figure was 59,200 rubles, in 2020 it will grow to 107,600 rubles.

With a salary of 20 thousand rubles, you can earn only 2 points a year, and if the salary is 11-12 thousand, then the earned points are zero.

Thus, every year the Russians will be able to earn less points. And those who have a salary will not be very high, and at all will face refusal in appointment of pension. It is a mistake to think that everyone in our country receives a pension. No, not all of them. Last year there were 170 thousand refuseniks, further-obviously, more.

“I think next year we will see 200 thousand refusals to receive pensions or even more,” said economist Vasily Koltashov. – I understood at the beginning of zero that pensions at us, most likely, won’t be because ardor of reformers who then undertook business, surely will be crowned if not pension liquidation, precisely its inaccessibility”.

Steven Spielberg’s” Alien ” has a short-lived sequel

A short sequel to the 1982 film, about the friendship of a boy and an alien, was filmed as part of an advertising campaign by Xfinity-a mobile operator, the Internet and cable TV.

A new protected area has been established in the Astrakhan region

In accordance with the decree of the regional government, the new specially protected natural zone of regional importance includes 10 wintering pits (clusters) in Ikryaninsky, Kamyzyaksky and Volodarsky districts.

Public hearings before the construction of temples wanted to cancel

The Public chamber proposed to build temples and religious objects without holding public hearings. The initiator of the relevant amendments to article 5.1. The town-planning code was made by the Slavic legal center.

No one is asked permission for the construction of military facilities. Why is the question about the construction of religious objects should be decided by people, often not having any relation to the believer? Now even in the wasteland will not allow to build a prayer house, let alone a mosque, – said the head of the Slavic center, a member of the HRC Vladimir Ryakhovsky:

Russians preferred Germany, Italy and Thailand for the New year

Experts of the Analytical center “AlfaStrakhovanie” found out in which countries the Russians will spend the new year holidays, independently planning a trip outside the homeland, analyzing the data of sales of air passenger insurance policies.

Germany (28.2%), Italy (22.6%), Italy (13.5%), Spain (11.3%) are the leaders in the ranking. Closes the top 5 countries-leaders France (9.2%). In the second half, Israel (7.3%). Czech Republic (3.1%), Turkey (2.6%), China (1.2%) and Armenia (1.0%).

The first gas was pumped into the Finnish-Estonian gas pipeline Balticconnector

It took about two days to pump 21,000 cubic meters of gas into the pipe. In the coming weeks, the Estonia — Finland gas pipeline will be tested to make Balticconnector available to consumers from January 2020.

The Turkish military was killed in an explosion in Northern Syria

In the Turkish border town of tell Khalaf in the Northern Syrian province of Hasakeh, an explosion occurred, which killed several Turkish soldiers and fighters of the Syrian armed opposition, fighting on the side of the Turkish army, according to the Syrian state Agency SANA

In the US, recognized that vaccines can cause cancer

The U.S. food and drug administration (FDA) has published a study that actually recognizes that many vaccines, including seasonal flu vaccines, contain fragments of viruses that have an oncogenic nature.

In the United States detained an expert on cryptocurrencies

In the US, an expert on cryptocurrencies was detained, who taught residents of the DPRK ways to circumvent sanctions. In April, a conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain was organized in North Korea. The prosecution alleges Griffin visited her despite the ban. To do this, he most likely chose the route through China. The Prosecutor’s office believes that he violated the law “on economic powers in case of emergency situations created by an external threat.” Griffith was scheduled to appear in court in Los Angeles on Friday.

Russia will create a military base in the Indian ocean

The priority task for Russia is to create its own military base in the Indian ocean. Raja Mohan, editor-in-chief of the Indian Express and Director of the Institute of South Asian studies At the national University of Singapore, is of the same opinion.

The first information about the trailer of the new “Avatar”.

The filming of this year’s fantasy film “Avatar 2” is fully completed, such a message was posted on the official channel of the project in the social network Twitter. Also, the producers of the tape showed the first large-scale scenery depicting the new ship.

In response to questions from subscribers about the timing of the release of the first trailer, it was stated that “this will not happen anytime soon”. The film “Avatar 2” will be presented to the audience in December 2021

Intellectual literature fair to be held in Moscow

The fair of intellectual literature non/fiction will be held in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow from 5 to 9 December, according to the organizers. Writers, illustrators, translators, literary critics, scientists, teachers, filmmakers and cultural figures will meet with guests during the exhibition.

This year’s speakers will include Alexander Arkhangelsky, Dmitry Bak, Konstantin Bogomolov, Dmitry Bykov, Yana Wagner, Alexey Varlamov, Alexander Vasiliev, Evgeny Vodolazkin, Marat Gizatulin, Dmitry Glukhovsky, Linor Goralik, Ingeborg Dapkunaite, Alla Demidova, Denis Dragunsky and many others.

This year Israel became the guest of honor of the fair. Its motto will be the phrase “Timid dreams have no place here” one of the world leaders Shimon Peres, who was at the origins of the creation of the state of Israel. He believed that it is the ability to dream that allows you to cope with difficult tasks.

Johnny Depp will stage a new musical about Michael Jackson

November 29, it became known that the famous American actor johnny Depp will produce a new musical about the life of rock star Michael Jackson. The production was called “For The Love Of A Glove”.

Claire Foy will take part in the filming of the fourth season of ” the Crown»

British actress Claire Foy, who played the living Queen Elizabeth II in the first and second seasons of the Netflix series “the Crown” (The Crown), and in the third ceded this honorary role to compatriot Olivia Colman, will again appear in the fourth season of the series, reports the radio Times.

The film “van Gogh” won the “Golden unicorn” in London

The drama “van Gogh” directed by Sergei Livnev was recognized as the best film of the Week of Russian cinema, which was held in the UK. The decision of the international jury became known on Saturday, November 30, at a ceremony in London.

Out the trailer for “birds of Prey»

Published by the international TV-spot-trailer (a promotional video, “cut” for television) kinokomiksa “birds of Prey”. Directed by Kathy Yan (“Dead pigs”), the screenplay was written by Christina Hodson (“Bumblebee”). In a word-a bachelorette party. The Russian Prime Minister – 6 February.

The release date of the 25th James bond film has been named

There is a whole collection – “bond” of 24 films from 1962 to 2015. And 2020 will bring the 25th film – ” No time to die.” The world premiere of the film “No time to die” about James bond is scheduled for April 3, 2020, the premiere in America-April 8, in Russia-April 9.

“MegaFon” launched a platform of road freight

As follows from the official message of the company, the platform is an automated service with full electronic document management, which allows you to send goods of any scale – from boxes to trucks-throughout Russia.

Robot laboratory assistant in the United States performed 100 thousand experiments per year

Hydrodynamics requires special calculations of the interaction of various factors. Very often some experiments are carried out several thousand times. Among them is the observation of vortex oscillations, which must be taken into account when designing ships.

To facilitate the work, scientists have developed a special robotic platform Intelligent Tow Tank. She had not only to move the object in the tank with water, but also to change the conditions of the experiment, as well as to observe the results. The experiment was repeated again and again. It was difficult when creating such a robot to develop logic that would allow you to navigate the currents and conduct only useful experiments.

Usually it is done by laboratory technicians, such work is very monotonous and tiring people. According to the scientists, their ITT conducted at least 100,000 experiments in one year, meaning it executes the entire student experience program in just two weeks. Such speed of carrying out experiments can change a lot in applied areas of knowledge, on numerous experiments all researches are based.

Created glasses that determine the level of sugar in the blood by tears

A group of foreign scientists have developed glasses that determine blood sugar levels from tears. At the heart of the new device are biosensors capable of measuring glucose levels. According to engineers, such glasses will make life easier for people who suffer from diabetes.

An inexpensive device for capturing harmful smoke from factories has been invented

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have developed a device to trap carbon dioxide that comes out of the pipes of factories. This gas is greenhouse, and many believe it is responsible for global climate change.

The installation of MIT scientists consists of two thin, flexible electrode sheets coated with various chemical compounds. When the device is charged, one of the compounds reacts with carbon dioxide and integrates it into the electrode. At saturation the device is transferred to the discharge mode. Captured carbon dioxide can be compressed