1 Dec, 2020

News digest for 11/30/2020

Supporters of leaving the European Union take to the streets in Finland

Several hundred supporters of the Fixit movement held a rally in front of the Finnish parliament in Helsinki demanding the country’s exit from the European Union, YLE TV and radio company reported on November 29. Also, the protesters put forward a demand for the immediate resignation of the authorities and a decrease in fuel prices.

In Russia, the moratorium on scheduled inspections of small businesses was extended

“On behalf of the president, the government is extending the moratorium on scheduled inspections of small businesses for another year – until December 31, 2021,” Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin quotes TASS.

How was the “March of neighbors” in Minsk

A series of protest actions under the general title “March of the Neighbors” took place in Belarus. As in the “March against Fascism” held on November 22, the participants did not gather in one large column to march through the central parts of the cities. Instead, the participants gathered in their residential courtyards and conducted local processions through the districts. According to the human rights center “Viasna”, more than 250 people were detained

Kolesnikova announced conditions for dialogue with Lukashenka

Dialogue with Alexander Lukashenko is possible only on equal terms: voluntarily and not in prison, but at large. Also, the conversation should have a clear purpose. Such conditions were announced by one of the leaders of the Belarusian opposition Maria Kolesnikova, her words are reported by the German edition of Der Spiegel.

According to Kolesnikova, who is currently in custody, she was not provided with protection and was not allowed to contact a lawyer either in person or by phone. At the same time, she was sent to a “fake quarantine” not for the prescribed 10 days, but for three weeks.

The vessel for the completion of “Nord Stream-2” moved to Kaliningrad

The supply vessel Ivan Sidorenko, which, according to the plans of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline operators, will be used to supply pipes during the completion of the mainline, left the Svetly port late on November 29 for the home port of Kaliningrad, according to the MarineTraffic vessel tracking portal

Loss of Gazprom since the beginning of the year

Gazprom’s net loss under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for the nine months of 2020 amounted to RUB 218.4 billion. against 1.048 trillion rubles. profits for the same period last year. Profit attributable to non-controlling interests decreased 3.6 times, to RUB 16.17 billion, follows from the company’s report.

The budget deficit of the Crimea will be compensated by the privatization of objects

Crimea will not be able to rely only on the federal target program in 2021. The deficit is 1.4 billion rubles for 2021. The budget deficit of the Crimea is planned to be compensated by the privatization of the republic’s facilities. Minister of Finance Irina Kiviko said this.

State debt of Belarus increased by 29.3 percent

According to the Ministry of Finance, the state debt of Belarus in November 2020 amounted to 57.9 billion Belarusian rubles (1.7 trillion Russian rubles) and increased by 29.3% compared to the beginning of 2020. BelTA informs

Jennifer Psaki will be the new press secretary of the White House

Joe Biden decided that Jen Psaki would be the White House press secretary. When she served as speaker of the US State Department, Russian state media regularly paid particular attention to her, ridiculing various inaccuracies in her words.

Russians’ spending on Black Friday decreased

During Black Friday, according to Sberindex, Russian spending on household appliances and electronics fell by 30.5%, while spending on clothing and footwear – by almost 45%

The Primorsky Territory police record cases of fraud

The police of the Primorsky Territory record cases of fraud, when attackers collect personal data of townspeople for allegedly issuing material assistance in an emergency.

Meanwhile, the administration of the city of Vladivostok did not make a decision to provide one-time material assistance to citizens, the collection of applications for receiving one-time material assistance, as well as information about personal data of citizens, is not carried out, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Primorsky Territory said.

A strike of workers who were building a compressor station in the Aldan region

In Yakutia, the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor’s Office will check reports of a strike by shift workers who built compressor station N4 “Ivan Moskvitin” of the Power of Siberia gas pipeline in the Aldan region.

The shift workers recorded a video message and complained that they had not been paid salaries and vacation pay and that they could not contact anyone from the management. In protest against the violation of their rights, they do not go to work for several days.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has formulated a list of driving skills for candidates for obtaining a license

  • reverse parking with a turn of 90 degrees and parallel parking;
  • stopping and starting movement on the ascent and on the descent;
  • the ability to turn around in a confined space or with a limited width of the carriageway using reverse motion;
  • passages of regulated and unregulated intersections, railway crossing;
  • skills of overtaking and advancing, changing lanes on a road that has two or more lanes.

Maduro installed Telegram and WhatsApp.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro installed instant messengers on his smartphone and shared his phone number with everyone. This was reported by the RIA Novosti Telegram channel.

“Here is my phone – 04262168871, include me in your groups,” he said.

President-elect of Moldova Sandu:

An operational group of the Russian Federation is located in Transnistria, there has never been an agreement on the part of Moldova in relation to this group, therefore the position of the state is that these troops should be withdrawn, and weapons should be removed from the territory of Moldova … There is no danger of military action in Transnistria for a long time, the peacekeeping mission should be made civil under the auspices of the OSCE. This is the position of Moldova

Kremlin: the topic of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria, raised today by Sandu, was not previously discussed with Moscow, a constructive balanced approach is needed in Russian-Moldovan relations

Sergei Tikhanovsky was charged with a new charge

Sergei Tikhanovsky became accused under another article of the criminal code – incitement of national, racial or other social hostility, which entailed grave consequences (part 3 of article 130 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus). The sanction under the new article is from 5 to 12 years. Sergei’s lawyer says Tikhanovsky is extremely outraged by the new accusation.

Sergei Tikhanovsky’s term of imprisonment expired on two previous charges – organizing actions that grossly violate public order (part 1 of article 342 of the Criminal Code) and obstructing the work of the Central Election Commission (article 191 of the Criminal Code).

Argentine Air Force chooses modern fighter

Argentine Air Force Chief of Staff Javier Isaac announced the possibility of purchasing new modern fighters for the country. It is noteworthy that Argentina does not consider Russian equipment, preferring Western countries, Voennoye Obozreniye informs.

IMF refused to provide Ukraine with emergency financial assistance

The IMF decided not to provide Kiev with a tranche of emergency cash assistance provided for the poorest countries that cannot cope with coronavirus infection.

In Ethiopia, militants seized the S-300 air defense system and shot down a MiG-23 fighter

Soldiers of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Tygra captured the Russian S-300 air defense system, which was in service with the government forces of Ethiopia, and shot down a MiG-23 supersonic multi-role fighter with an unidentified anti-aircraft guided missile.

Visas to Belarusians due to persecution

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry proposed to abolish the consular fee for an entry visa for citizens of Belarus, who, according to Vilnius, are being persecuted at home and intend to take refuge in a neighboring country.

Magnetic fields will help improve muscle health

Experts from a university in Singapore have found that a molecule in the muscles can respond to weak magnetic fields. This process helps to strengthen the body. The research team found that the TRPC1 protein reacts to magnetic fields. This reaction can be observed while the person is doing physical exercise.

The level of serotonin in the brain determines a person’s patience

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) neurophysiologist Katsuhiko Miyazaki and his colleagues have shown that serotonin affects more than just mood. Patient regions have been found in the brains of mice. Research results published by Science Advances

Part of a person’s essence accompanies him all his life

Scientists from the University of Madrid have conducted a new psychological study of brain scans. According to the results, it became clear that a certain part of a person’s consciousness really accompanies him throughout his life. Consistency can be traced as we grow older and older. The aim of the study was to ask whether we are the same person throughout our entire life path, said neuroscientist Miguel Rubianes.

How to regrow lost limbs

Experts from the United States have begun to develop technology that will allow the lost limbs to be re-grown. It’s about getting live programmable systems. The discovery was the result of research into a gene that could turn back time in human cells.

With a fully sequenced genome in their hands, scientists hope that they are finally ready to learn how to grow the lost body parts, – said one of the authors of the scientific work Douglas Blackiston.

The Swiss Alps are growing

An international group of geologists led by members of the University of Bern found that the rate of rise of the Swiss Alps is greater than the rate of erosion of the mountain massif, Phys.org reported Nov. 27.

“This is a big surprise because so far we have assumed that uplift and erosion are in equilibrium,” says Professor Fritz Schlunegger of the Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Bern.

Pentagon to develop mind-reading technology for American soldiers

American experts announced the development of a unique technology that will allow soldiers to read each other’s thoughts. With the help of this innovation, fighters will be able to quickly respond to the combat situation, which will reduce the time for the implementation of operational tasks, reports “Planet Today”

A special version of Windows for weak computers

Microsoft is preparing to introduce a special version of Windows for budget computers in 2021. The upcoming operating system is based on Windows Core OS and differs from other platforms by the absence of a Start button.