2 Dec, 2020

News digest for 12/01/2020

The American The Washington Post, the British Times and the Business Insider portal accused Tigran Keosayan’s show “International Sawmill”, which goes on the NTV channel, of racism. The reason was a parody of former US President Barack Obama in the November 28, 2020 issue. In it, the actress was wearing blackface – a dark theatrical make-up that was used for caricatures of blacks, and is now considered a manifestation of racism.

You don’t have to yell. We don’t have racism. They will confuse you with a gypsy at most, that’s all – Keosayan.

A monument to the unfinished metro appeared in Omsk

In the underpass near the library. Pushkin, an installation appeared with the figure of a bolt that covers the emblem of the Omsk metro.

“Thank you for burying 13 billion rubles in the ground,” the work is signed.

The creators of the memorial object wanted to remind that the unfinished construction of the subway is a big problem for the city. The authors hope to restart the subway

In St. Petersburg, the court ordered the Ministry of Internal Affairs to pay for the torture of a teenager in the police

The Kolpinsky District Court of St. Petersburg has recovered 50 thousand rubles from the Ministry of Internal Affairs as compensation for moral damage to Vadim Koval, lawyer Dmitry Gerasimov, who cooperates with Zona Prava, told Rain. This amount is 50 times less than the compensation requested by a teenager who suffered from police actions.

Most popular countries for emigration

The number of searches in search engines about which country is the best to emigrate to has increased. From January to October 2020 alone, the number of such queries in the Google search engine increased by 29%.

Canada was the most popular destination for emigration, topping the priority lists for residents of 29 countries. At the same time, Canadians themselves are striving to move to Japan, which took second place in the ranking. Other popular options include Spain and Germany in Europe, and Qatar in Asia.

Canadian authorities extend the ban on the entry of foreigners

In Canada, the ban on the entry of foreigners due to the coronavirus pandemic was extended until January 21. This is reported by TASS with reference to the statement of the Minister of Public Security and Emergency Preparedness of the country, William Blair.

Venezuela increases oil exports

Venezuela is increasing oil exports, even after the imposition of US sanctions and despite a drop in production, due to supplies to China, Bloomberg reported citing its own research.

President of Abkhazia ordered an inventory of the entire country

The President of Abkhazia held a working meeting with the heads of administrations of districts and cities of the republic, heard reports on the state of affairs, implementation of plans, and the use of budget funds, on measures to combat coronavirus, the state of affairs in agriculture and the social sphere

It is necessary to draw up the so-called regional passports. You must have information about the area of ​​agricultural land occupied, the number of able-bodied people, how many people are employed, and much more, – said Bzhania.

Turkish planes fired at S-300 in the Crete region

The systems are reported to be owned by the Greek military. The fire was opened on November 29 during the flight of aircraft near Crete. In total, the Greek military fired two missiles at the planes, one of which self-destructed when approaching the planes. Thus, Greece made it clear that at any time they are ready to use their complexes for protection.

Apple fined for advertising waterproof iPhones

The Office for the Protection and Competition of the Italian Market has decided on a fine against Apple. The company was fined € 10,000,000 for misleading buyers regarding the characteristics of its products

NOVATEK completed the first containerized LNG shipment to China

The delivery was carried out under a spot contract from the Japanese container terminal Hibiki to the city of Shanghai using sea transportation in ISO containers owned by Tiger Gas, NOVATEK said.

Earth is closer to black hole according to new galaxy map

The solar system is not where we previously thought. Scientists have found that it is located closer to the center of the Galaxy and a supermassive black hole, and also rotates faster. However, there is no reason to panic. Experts say the Earth is not approaching a huge black hole

China deployed missile detection system on balloons

Japanese military expert Saburo Tanaka reports that China has built a new balloon base in the northeastern port city of Dalian. To prove his words, the expert showed a picture taken from space, which captured a balloon about 50 meters long. The base on which it is located is capable of monitoring the Korean Peninsula and US military installations in Japan.

Remote workers will receive a tax credit

The German government is preparing a single tax deduction for employees who are forced to work remotely to compensate for the costs incurred. On their tax return, employees will be able to deduct five euros from taxes per day of remote work, with a ceiling of 500 to 600 euros per year.

US Navy aircraft carrier USS Nimitz enters the Persian Gulf

After passing the Strait of Hormuz, the carrier strike group led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz entered the Persian Gulf. This was reported by USNI News with reference to the press secretary of the 5th operational fleet of the US Navy Rebecca Rebarich.

FSO demanded a billion rubles

The Federal Security Service (FSO) has filed a lawsuit to recover one billion rubles from the person involved in the embezzlement case during the construction of the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Novo-Ogarevo. TASS reports.

General Motors refused to buy Nikola stake

General Motors announced that it is revising its agreement with electric vehicle maker Nikola Motor: GM is no longer going to buy a stake in the company. Nikola shares fell 25% after the current announcement. Recall that in September, GM announced its intention to buy 11% of Nikola shares for $ 2 billion.

Drought continues to drain rivers in Crimea

Rivers in Crimea continue to deplete due to drought, the flow of water into the Chernorechenskoye and Partizanskoye reservoirs has been stopped, according to the website of the Crimean Department of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring

Cyprus Airways stops selling tickets to Moscow

Cyprus Airways announced the cancellation of ticket sales for flights from Larnaca to Moscow “due to the attitude of the Russian authorities”, according to the carrier’s website.

This is due to the recent actions of the Russian authorities, which arbitrarily restrict or completely prohibit Cyprus Airways from transporting passengers to the Russian Federation, the message says.

The company notes that Russian airlines have opened a Moscow – Larnaca – Moscow flight without any restrictions.

Russians cut their spending at a record pace

Over the last full week of the past month (November 23-29), Russians’ consumer spending decreased by 11.4% compared to the same period last year, according to the SberIndex project. According to preliminary estimates, by the end of November, in general, consumer spending of Russians will decrease year-on-year by 9.9%

About salaries at Roscosmos enterprises

At the Moscow enterprises of Roscosmos, they earn more than 35 thousand rubles a month, and at the Voronezh Design Bureau of Chemical Automatics, they had to set a minimum wage level for hiring young employees, said Dmitry Rogozin, General Director of the state corporation.

So Rogozin answered a question from one of the readers who was surprised at the vacancy of a design engineer whom the Khrunichev Center is looking for, offering a salary of 35 thousand rubles. The reader has attached a screenshot from one of the job search sites to the post.

Transport reform will begin with reducing routes

The Mayor’s Office of Yaroslavl told in more detail about the upcoming transport reform, which is planned to begin in the summer of 2021. According to the global idea: they will significantly reduce the number of minibuses, leaving them in only five directions.

The fall in railway passenger traffic in Russia

In January-November 2020, traffic decreased by 27.5%, to 795.8 million passengers, including long-distance flights – by 42.1% (to 62.5 million), in suburban traffic – by 25.9 % (up to 733.3 million).

The number of arrested in Belarus

More than 1.6 thousand people were arrested in Belarus in November, the Viasna human rights center reports. In total, 1,670 citizens were arrested for 21,213 days. 713 people received fines totaling about $ 145,000.

NATO will continue to build up military power in the Black Sea

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg promised that the alliance will continue to build up its military power in the Black Sea region, as well as cooperate more closely with Ukraine and Georgia. Containment of Russia will be one of the main topics of the NATO ministerial meeting on December 1 and 2

On taxation in the field of cryptocurrencies

The government of the Russian Federation submitted to the State Duma a bill aimed at introducing taxation norms in the field of cryptocurrency circulation into Russian legislation from January 1, it follows from the database of the lower house of parliament

A pilot program of preferential mortgages for private houses was launched in Russia

The company “Dom.RF” has launched a pilot program of preferential mortgages for private homes for young people in Russia, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the organization’s press service. The project is expected to provide loans for 2.2 billion rubles.

The volume of overdue car loans in Russia

The volume of overdue car loans in October 2020 compared with September increased by 10% to 638 million rubles, which is the maximum over the past six months, according to a study by the Equifax credit bureau and the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPKA)

The wealth of the richest Russians is growing

The aggregate fortune of the richest citizens of the Russian Federation since the beginning of the year has grown by $ 486 million thanks to the active growth in the world stock markets in November, RIA Novosti calculated based on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI)

OPEC has not decided to cut production in 2021

For the first time in six months, OPEC countries failed to reach agreement on the exact parameters of a deal to cut oil production in the first quarter of 2021. As expected, the discussion should continue on December 1 already in the framework of the meeting of the OPEC + countries

Aeroflot received a loss in the third quarter

Aeroflot’s revenue under IFRS in the third quarter of 2020 fell by 60% compared to the same period last year, to RUB 84.9 billion, the company said.

Uralmashplant made a profit for the first time in eight years

The Ural Heavy Machine Building Plant in Yekaterinburg made a net profit for the first time in eight years. Following the results of nine months of this year, the plant received 211 million rubles. Uralmashzavod has not received net profit since 2013

New e-skin can stretch

By pre-stretching the hydrogel in all directions, applying a layer of nanowires and then carefully controlling its release, the researchers created pathways to the sensory layer that remained intact even when stretched, which resulted in the material enlarging 28 times.

New Plankton Species Discovered Off Puerto Rico Coast

A team from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration discovered a new species of ctenophores, or comb jelly, off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Australian scientists decode wheat genome

Scientists were able to decipher the genome of 15 varieties of wheat, as well as barley, discovered their new genetic variations. In addition to increased yields and resistance to external factors, this discovery will provide an opportunity to determine the genetic differences between wheat varieties.

Climate change reduces the ability of trees to absorb CO2

A group of researchers and biologist Deborah Zani from the Technical University of Zurich published the results of the observations in the journal Science. Trees that take longer to photosynthesize in spring and summer shed their foliage earlier, according to the study.

Archaea may start to rule the world again

Archaea are unicellular microorganisms, devoid of nuclei and membrane organelles, which ruled the Earth billions of years ago, before the emergence of more complex life forms. If a global catastrophe occurs on our planet, which will destroy all other life, then the biosphere will consist mainly of archaea – scientists are sure.

Australian telescope discovered about a million previously unknown galaxies

The Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) radio interferometer has mapped about three million sources in just 300 hours of observation, a third of which were previously unknown. The findings are published in the journal Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia.

Charlie Brooker to direct a TV series about the events of 2020

Director and producer Charlie Brooker is working on a draft of a mock-up series that will tell the story of what happened in 2020. Actor Hugh Grant will take part in the new project, and the plot will be based on the events of 2020, reports Deadline. Netflix did not disclose any details, but Grant said he was playing a “repulsive” historian with a wig on the series. Charlie Brooker is known to many as the creator of the series “Black Mirror”.

Trailer of the first special episode of the series “Euphoria”

Group “Aria” will give an online concert in honor of the 35th anniversary

Group “Aria” will give a unique online concert “35” in honor of its anniversary. The show will take place on December 13, according to the team’s website. The live concert can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of the Aria group on December 13 at 16.00 (Moscow time).

The new President of Moldova did not recognize the debt for gas to Russia

Moldovan President-elect Maia Sandu said in an interview with RBC that the country’s debt to Gazprom is dishonest. According to her, Chisinau should not pay for blue fuel, which was used by residents of Transnistria, which is not under its control.

On the prohibition for Russian civil servants to have a second citizenship

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in development of the norms of the country’s Constitution, submitted to the State Duma a bill banning state and municipal employees from having a second citizenship. The document was published in the electronic database of the lower house of parliament.

Snowden will apply for Russian citizenship

Lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said that former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden will soon apply for Russian citizenship. According to Kucherena, Snowden has almost collected the necessary documents that need to be attached to the application, it remains to complete the entire package.

Mironov confirmed the plans of “Fair Russia” to unite with other parties.

Earlier, Vedomosti wrote that Rodina, Za Pravda, Patriots of Russia and the Party of Pensioners are planning to join it in December at the congress. The leader of A Just Russia, Sergei Mironov, told the Rise newspaper that the issue of creating a coalition has been discussed for a long time.

“I have repeatedly said that I have been negotiating a coalition for two years. Who exactly? It’s too early to talk. When the negotiations are over, then everyone will know everything. In the meantime, half of what is written in this regard is, as they say, poked a finger into the sky. “

Mironov noted that it is too early to name the date of the congress, since it depends on the epidemic situation in the country.

Biden nominated Janet Yellen for the post of Treasury Secretary.

If approved by the Senate, she will be the first woman ever to hold the post.

A car rammed into a crowd of pedestrians in Trier, Germany.

Two people died, 15 injured are also known. The SUV was traveling at a speed of about 70 km / h, local media reported. The driver was detained by the police, now his motives are being investigated. The moment he was captured was captured on video. The chief burgomaster of Trier said that the hit was deliberate, the driver committed the crime “in a fit of rage.”