5 Dec, 2020

News digest for 12/04/2020

The Dutch Supreme Court rejected a Russian motion in the Yukos case in June. The former shareholders of the oil company can now continue to seek enforcement of the arbitral awards pending a final decision on the case.

The Russian side demanded to suspend the execution of arbitral awards on the payment of more than $ 50 billion to the former shareholders of Yukos, RIA Novosti reported. Russia insisted that there were numerous legal errors in the interpretation of international law.

A child from a frozen embryo was born in the USA

Molly Everett Gibson was born just a week ago, on October 26, but her birthday was an event that took literally decades to create. She was born from an embryo frozen in October 1992, that is, 28 years ago.

Unmanned taxis were allowed on public roads

AutoX has launched testing of fully self-driving cars without a driver in the cabin and a remote operator on Chinese public roads, TechCrunch reported. Testing takes place in the center of Shenzhen and 25 vehicles are participating in it.

Millions of dollars for Nazarbayev’s son-in-law

Timur Kulibayev, a member of the Gazprom board of directors, who is the son-in-law of the first president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, received at least tens of millions of dollars in income from a scheme related to the construction of a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to China. This became known to the newspaper Financial Times (FT) from an unnamed source, writes Forbes.

Izvestia: Prices for everyday goods and products

Prices for everyday goods and food rose by 14% over the year. Izvestia reported this on Friday with reference to data from the Romir research holding. The list of Romir products includes meat and fish, cheese, milk, boiled sausage, eggs, sausages and other everyday goods.

Pharmaceutical firms found guilty of conspiracy

The anti-monopoly authorities have recognized pharmaceutical firms controlled by the deputy of the Legislative Assembly Alexander Serebrennikov as a cartel. As follows from the conclusion of the Sverdlovsk OFAS, the commission believes that the companies violated the law “On Protection of Competition” and entered into an agreement to maintain prices at the auctions. We are talking about the companies “SAV-Med”, “SAV-Pharm” and “Pharmacy” Verbena-Pharma “”.

Tatneft will not pay dividends for 9 months

TATNEFT’s management does not propose to the Board of Directors the payment of interim dividends for 9 months of 2020. This was announced on Thursday by the assistant to the general director of the company for corporate finance Vasily Mozgovoy during a conference call with analysts and investors. According to Mozgovoy, the main reason for this decision was the recent tax innovations, as well as the pressure on world markets, which has a low demand for oil.

Rosatom’s daughter is interested in buying data centers

As Sergei Migalin, deputy general director and financial director of Rosenergoatom (the structure of Rosatom that is engaged in the development of data centers), explained to RBC, the company is considering both the construction and the acquisition of data centers.

Denmark to suspend oil and gas production in the North Sea

The Danish authorities have reached an agreement with a parliamentary majority to complete oil and gas production in the North Sea by 2050, Reuters reported. Last year, the country agreed on a target to cut emissions by 70% by 2030 and become climate neutral by 2050.

Putin predicted growth in oil demand in the next five years

Russian President Vladimir Putin predicted how the demand for oil in the world will change in the near future. According to the Russian leader, in the next five years, the demand indicator will grow by one percent. Then it will decline by 0.1% annually, he added.

Tinkoff introduced a commission for transfers by phone number to Sberbank

The press service of Tinkoff clarified that the bank used to take on Sberbank’s commissions for transfers to a phone number, but with the development of a similar service by the Central Bank, which is still free for system participants, this has become irrelevant.

Federation Council approved the freezing of the funded part of the pension

The Federation Council approved the law according to which the freezing of the funded part of the pension will be extended until the end of 2023.The document was submitted to the State Duma on September 30 and approved by it in the third reading on November 26

Hotel occupancy in Moscow in 2020

The occupancy rate of Moscow hotels in 2020 will be, according to preliminary estimates, 35%, which is the lowest indicator in history, said Tatyana Belova, director, head of the hospitality industry division of the strategic consulting department of the international real estate consulting company CBRE.

In Russia warned about the increase in prices for furniture

Frame furniture in Russia may rise in price by 15%. This is due to the shortage of chipboards and fine particle boards – Russian factories send them to European factories, since it is profitable because of the falling ruble. The participants in the furniture industry spoke about the rise in prices for furniture in the medium term.

Rosgvardia received the “Runet Prize” for “patriotic education of youth” on its YouTube channel

Turkey sends first freight train to China

The first freight train went from Turkey to China, it will cover 8693 km in 12 days, the train route along the Trans-Caspian corridor runs through five countries. On the way to its destination, the train will cross Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Turkey said that the country will continue to take steps to further strengthen ties between East and West.

VTB announced a new type of fraud with payments for housing and communal services

The cybercriminals inform potential victims by e-mail about those who allegedly have debts for housing and communal services during 2020 (on average, from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rubles) and ask them to pay online fake receipts or provide information about the payment already made. said a representative of VTB with reference to the relevant messages of the bank’s clients.

Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg demand to cancel New Year’s bans

Petersburg entrepreneurs working in the service and hotel business have addressed an open letter to Governor Alexander Beglov. Restaurateurs, hoteliers and tour operators of St. Petersburg demanded that Governor Alexander Beglov soften the coronavirus restrictions on the New Year holidays and compensate businesses for losses.

Damage from an ice storm in Primorye increased to 1 billion rubles

Primorye continues to recover from an ice storm that hit the region last month. The regional government announced that the preliminary amount of damage from the natural disaster is estimated at more than 1 billion rubles. But this figure is not yet final. The emergency situation in the region has not been removed, the elimination of the consequences of the disaster continues. A significant amount of material resources have been involved, 200 million rubles have already been spent on emergency recovery work.

The Ministry of Culture allocated funds for Navka’s New Year shows

The Ministry of Culture of Russia has allocated a subsidy of 30 million rubles for the New Year’s shows of the Olympic figure skating champion Tatyana Navka, according to Sports.ru. The funds were allocated “for the implementation of creative projects in the field of musical, theatrical, visual arts and folk art”.

In Sochi, they began to sell places in the queue for the lifts

Due to the pandemic, residents of Russia will not be able to celebrate the New Year abroad. Crowds of tourists are predicted to rush to the ski resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. The Sochi mountain cluster is preparing to welcome 300 thousand tourists, which means that the lifts will not be crowded.

Azerbaijan intends to reintegrate the Armenians of Karabakh

Baku reaffirmed its decisive intentions to reintegrate the Armenians living on the territory of the territories of Nagorno-Karabakh that passed to Azerbaijan. This was stated by the head of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Jeyhun Bayramov, TASS reports.

According to him, Baku hopes that the Armenian settlement of the region will be reintegrated into the Azerbaijani political, social and economic space. Bayramov stressed that they will be guaranteed all the rights and freedoms that all citizens of Azerbaijan enjoy, regardless of ethnic origin.

US Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream

Sanctions against Nord Stream 2 and Turkish Stream have been included in the draft US defense budget. Sanctions are provided for facilitating the sale, lease or provision of pipe-laying vessels, insurance, services or facilities for the technical modernization of vessels. Also, the draft defense budget includes sanctions against Turkey for the acquisition of Russian S-400 air defense systems.

Ukraine will purchase only effective and safe vaccines

Ukraine will purchase only those vaccines against COVID-19 that, during clinical trials, prove their effectiveness and safety, said Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov.

“As for the Russian vaccine, there is no data in the world about the passage of the third stage of clinical trials. As far as I know, now only the third stage of clinical trials is underway. I repeat once again: until the third stage of clinical trials has been completed, in my opinion, there is nothing to talk about.” , – he said.

Trump will approve the draft measures to stimulate the economy

Trump said he would support a new $ 908 billion economic support package presented by bipartisan Senators. The authors expect it to be considered by Congress within a week.

The ceiling of a new kindergarten collapsed in Kemerovo.

The parents of the students posted a video of the ceiling collapse. According to them, everything happened at the moment when they came for the children. No harm done. In the press service of the governor, the publication “Rise” was told that the plaster had simply crumbled in the building, and the kindergarten itself was not included in the “area of ​​responsibility” of the governor. The cause of the incident, the city authorities call a latent defect in floors.

“Most importantly, the collapse of the ceiling is too loud. There, some plaster fell. What does the governor have to do with it? This is a kindergarten run by the municipal authorities. He opened it not alone, but together with the head of the city. Objectively, there are different areas of responsibility ”.

The Castle of Childhood, the construction of which took 364 million rubles, was inaugurated a week ago in the presence of the Governor. Sergei Tsivilev then said that the building “creates the feeling of a fairy tale in children.”

Putin assessed the likelihood of a machine uprising in the future.

“Is a revolt of machines possible? When we talk not just about artificial intelligence, but strong intelligence, we mean that machines will self-learn. You said they would control people. But people will control these machines, ”Putin said addressing Sberbank CEO German Gref at a forum on artificial intelligence.

Cyprus opens borders for Russians.

This will happen on March 1 next year. According to the government of the republic on its website, Russia has entered the red list for the incidence of COVID-19. To visit Cyprus, our citizens will have to pass two PCR tests: one analysis should be done 72 hours before arrival, and the second at the arrival airport – Larnaca or Paphos. The cost of the test will be 30-40 euros.

Gazprom and Chechnya signed a regional gasification development program

Miller and Kadyrov signed a program for the development of gasification in the region until 2025, which involves investments of 12.3 billion rubles. As part of the project, Gazprom will build about 1,300 km of gas pipelines for 25 settlements in several regions of Chechnya, including the high-mountain Galanchozhsky region, which remains the last non-gasified in the republic. The amount of investments has more than tripled compared to the period from 2016 to 2020. Chechnya’s debt for gas and electricity consumption is over 120 billion rubles.

Saturn and Jupiter will get closest to each other for the first time in 800 years.

The inhabitants of the Earth on December 21 will be able to observe the convergence of Saturn and Jupiter. This phenomenon could be observed in March 1226.