10 Dec, 2020

News digest for 12/09/2020

The State Duma of Russia in the first reading adopted a bill to expand the powers of the police. This is stated in a message published on the website of the lower house of parliament on Tuesday, December 8.

The bill, in particular, defines the grounds on which police officers will be able to open cars, enter residential and other premises for detention and inspect citizens who are suspected of theft.

The Rosgvardia revealed theft when purchasing uniforms

The Main Military Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia has opened a criminal case on fraud over the purchase of uniforms for the Russian Guard in 2017-2019, Interfax writes, citing an informed source.

The uniforms were purchased from one supplier and at inflated prices, the agency’s source said. According to him, now there are no suspects or accused in the case, but the materials contain a confession of the general director of the company that supplied the clothes.

Russia bans import of apples and tomatoes from Azerbaijan

Since December 10, Russia has temporarily banned the import of tomatoes and apples of Azerbaijani origin into the country, according to the Rosselkhoznadzor website. The ministry stressed that they had repeatedly warned the Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan about the identified cases of quarantine products.

Microsoft refused to sell software of MSTU named after

Microsoft will not be able to supply its programs to Bauman Moscow State Technical University due to new export restrictions imposed by the US government in the summer of 2020 against Russia, China and Venezuela. Write about this “Vedomosti” with reference to the official letter of Microsoft distributor “Softline”

Pope announces mass absolution

Pope Francis I has promised respectable Catholics massive absolution in connection with the global coronavirus epidemic. This is stated in an official decree authorized by the pontiff and published on the Vatican website

Three more accused were convicted in Minsk for the inscription “Let’s not forget” on the sidewalk

The court of the Frunzensky district of Minsk sentenced the three accused of drawing on the sidewalk the inscription “Let’s not forget” at the Pushkinskaya metro station to various terms of imprisonment and restriction of freedom. This was announced on Tuesday by the human rights center Viasna, unregistered in Belarus.

Deportation for negative comments about police on the Internet

The 24-year-old Russian woman came to Minsk a year and a half ago to work. As the Ministry of Internal Affairs clarified, during the protests, she posted photos and videos with the participation of police officers on her page on the social network, supplementing them with comments expressing an extremely negative attitude towards law enforcement officers

NASA approved a list of scientific tasks for landing on the moon

NASA published an 188-page report that not only highlighted the mission’s priorities, but highlighted a number of inconsistencies between the objectives and the technical capabilities of the mission.

The report is an overarching blueprint for Artemis, which requires a balance between research including lunar sample delivery, surface fieldwork and instrument placement, ”said Renee Weber, lead scientist at the Marshall Space Center and head of the research team.

The only launch in 2020 postponed at the Vostochny cosmodrome

This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to its own sources in the rocket and space industry. The Soyuz-2 launch vehicle with 36 British OneWeb satellites was supposed to launch from the cosmodrome on December 17

US House of Representatives approves military budget for 2021

The US House of Representatives approved a $ 740.5 billion military budget for next year, despite the threat of a veto from President Donald Trump, Defense News reported on December 9. The document was supported by 355 deputies, another 78 voted against.

According to Bloomberg, the new defense budget, passed under the Defense Bill (defense bill), provides for the introduction of restrictions on companies that provide the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with insurance and certification support necessary to complete the project.

EU sanctions will not have a serious impact on Turkey

European Union sanctions against Turkey will not have a serious impact on Turkey. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said this on Wednesday at a press conference in Ankara before flying to Azerbaijan.

The EU’s proposed sanctions against Turkey will not be a serious problem for us. The EU has been imposing sanctions on Turkey from time to time for many years now, the President stressed

The United States will allocate funds for the construction of facilities at an airbase in Poland

The US Department of Defense plans to allocate up to $ 100 million for the arrangement of an “ammunition storage area” at the Powidz airbase in Poland, RT reports. This is stated in a document published by the US Army Corps of Engineers in Europe.

China starts cleaning up the Internet

Chinese authorities have removed 105 apps, including the US travel agency TripAdvisor Inc, from app stores as part of a new campaign to cleanse the Internet of content related to pornography, prostitution, gambling and violence.

The PRC Cyberspace Administration reported that the apps violated one or more of the three laws. However, there are no details of what these violations were. Chinese authorities said they launched the campaign on November 5 in response to the country’s public backlash about content deemed offensive. They said they will continue to regulate apps and remove those that break the law.

China and Nepal agree on new official Everest altitude

The new official height of Everest (Chomolungma) is 8,848 meters and 86 centimeters. China and Nepal came to this conclusion after each country sent an expedition of surveyors. As the agency notes, the previous measurements of countries were slightly smaller.

Earlier, Nepal relied on data from India for 1954 and believed that the height of Everest was 8,848 meters. China measured the summit in 2005 and decided that its height is 8,844 meters and 43 centimeters. At the same time, many Western climbers use the measurements of the National Geographic Society and the Boston Museum of Science in 1999, believing that the peak reaches 8,850 meters, Reuters notes.

World Warming Records at North Pole

Specialists from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States have registered record-breaking warming at the North Pole. This is stated in the Arctic Report Card 2020. According to it, the temperature at the North Pole for the first time since 2012 broke the record of the critical point, and the pole itself was heating up twice as fast as the rest of the planet

Iraq negotiates with China on oil supplies

Iraqi oil companies are planning to sign a long-term contract with China’s China ZhenHua Oil for oil supplies. Bloomberg writes about this on Tuesday, December 8, citing several of its sources. The publication reports that the final decision on the delivery schedule to China has not yet been made.

US Treasury Stimulus Plan

According to the joint plan of the Treasury and the US President, the amount of support for the economy will amount to $ 916 billion, despite the fact that America has previously spent $ 3 trillion for this purpose. It is specified that part of the money will be allocated from the funds of the Ministry of Finance.

Greek Foreign Minister calls Turkey travel agent for jihadists

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias called Turkey a troublemaker in the region and a “travel agent for jihadists.” He stated this during a trilateral meeting of the foreign ministers of Greece, Cyprus and Jordan, the Ekathimerini portal reports.

According to the head of the department, Ankara acts outside the framework of international law and threatens to use force. Thus, Turkey threatened Greece with war if it acts in accordance with its sovereign right and expands its territorial waters up to 12 nautical miles, he recalled.

Water traded on the US exchange

The American stock exchange on Wall Street (New York) began to trade water for the first time. Bloomberg reports. It is noted that plans to trade water futures became known in September this year.

Belarus counts on financial support

The government of Belarus expects to increase funding from the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB). This issue was discussed at the meeting by First Deputy Prime Minister of the country Nikolai Snopkov and Chairman of the Board of the Bank Nikolai Podguzov, MIR 24 reports.

Placement of NWF funds in precious metals

The State Duma adopted in the third and final reading the norm allowing part of the funds of the National Wealth Fund (NWF) to be placed on deposits and balances on bank accounts with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in precious metals.

A ban on the import of tomatoes and peppers from Uzbekistan into the Russian Federation

Rosselkhoznadzor from December 11, 2020 introduces a ban on the supply of tomatoes and peppers from the Kashkadarya region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This was reported on the website of the department

Restaurant protests in St. Petersburg are disrespectful to people

The authorities in the region are doing everything they can to cope with this huge wave of the epidemic. And against this background, of course, restaurant protests are just disrespect for people, – said the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

Stopped work due to pandemic

In the Saratov region, during the coronavirus pandemic, 32 thousand small businesses were forced to temporarily stop their activities, which is 40% of the total. On December 9 at a press conference in “KP” said and. about. Minister of Economic Development Andrey Razborov

Increase penalties for small bribes

The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov proposed to stop imposing a court fine on petty bribe-takers. According to him, this punishment has lost its effectiveness. Instead, a different measure should be taken. Now the punishment for a small bribe (up to 10 thousand rubles) involves up to a year in prison.

The release of corrupt officials who have committed crimes of small and medium severity from punishment with the imposition of a court fine does not entail a conviction for them, does not form a relapse, which in the future enables such persons to apply for positions of state and municipal service, the Prosecutor General’s words RIA Novosti “.

Roaming tariffs between Russia and Belarus

Telecommunications operators in Russia and Belarus since November 1, in test mode, switched to a new tariffication in roaming: the interconnect rate dropped to 1.5 cents per minute from 30, which made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of communication for customers of Russian operators in Belarus and vice versa.

Rosneft opens another oil-bearing province – in the Kara Sea

The reserves there, according to her, may turn out to be more than in the Gulf of Mexico (24.86 billion barrels of oil and 5.5 trillion cubic meters of gas).

Prohibition on the dissemination of information about privacy

A bill has been submitted to the State Duma of Russia that prohibits the dissemination of any information about the private life and property of the following persons: Judges, investigators, police officers, customs officers, employees of the FSB, FSIN, FSSP, SVR, Rosfinmonitoring, employees of the control bodies of the presidential administration, the Accounts Chamber and some officials persons of subjects and municipalities. The authors of the bill were deputies from United Russia, Vasily Piskarev, Dmitry Vyatkin, and a deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Dmitry Savelyev.