13 Dec, 2019

News digest for 12/12/2019

Ukraine plans to take control of the border

Ukrainian interior Minister Arsen Avakov was asked whether the parties could reach a compromise on the border, given that Russian President Vladimir Putin “made it clear: first elections, then control of the border.” The Minister stated the possibility of a compromise on this issue. According to him, it is that Ukraine will gain control over the border “not a month before the elections, but two days”.

“Here we have 408 km of the border, we will reduce every day, and the day before the elections — once, and the whole border is under our control,” Avakov said.

Dmitry Medvedev instructed to prepare a new tax from the Russians

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to prepare proposals to reduce the threshold of duty-free importation into Russia of parcels from online stores.

According to the current decision of the Council of the Eurasian economic Commission, the threshold for duty-free import of goods from abroad is set at 500 euros per parcel per month, and from January 1, 2020, it is planned to reduce this threshold to 200 euros per parcel. Later it was reported that the Ministry of Finance proposed a further reduction of the threshold — to 100 euros in 2020, to 50 euros in 2021 and to 20 from 2022.

Fines for business proposed to increase tenfold

Fines for companies that do not comply with the requirements of state control bodies can grow several times, follows from the draft new edition of the Code on administrative and legal violations (Cao). A copy of the document signed by Deputy justice Minister Denis Novak is at the disposal of RBC

The new version of the administrative Code will add fines for individual entrepreneurs (not currently installed), the amount of which will vary from 20 thousand to 40 thousand rubles. the Monetary penalty for legal entities will grow from 10-20 thousand to 200-500 thousand rubles. Penalties for non-compliance with the requirements of regulatory authorities will also significantly increase for both individuals (from 300-500 to 5-7 thousand rubles) and for officials (from 1-2 thousand to 50-70 thousand rubles).

On the investigation of Ivan Golunov: there is nothing New

Echo of Moscow: at the HRC meeting Yesterday, Ms. Vinokurova asked about the investigation of Golunov, and the President did not answer this question. Why? Maybe it slipped my mind? Do you have any new information?

Dmitry Peskov: I do not have any new data that I could share with you. And as for the President, since there were many questions in one at the same time asked, apparently he just omitted this topic. I think, that only on this, any conjures intent here there is no.

Echo of Moscow: but for the Council meeting — the President probably assumed that this question would be raised — no new information was prepared for him?

Dmitry Peskov: he has current information. I don’t know if there are any new elements there. There is also a trial by the Investigative Committee. There is nothing new.

Ivan Golunov filed a statement to the FSB on the police officers who beat him

The special correspondent of “Medusa” Ivan Golunov filed a statement with the FSB that during his detention he was beaten by police officers. As Golunov noted, formally “this fact (beating) is still unknown to law enforcement officers”, and they repeatedly claimed that the corresponding statement on a crime wasn’t registered.

In the statement Golunov asks to register the message on a crime-planting of drugs in his personal belongings and housing, illegal use of violence and special means. The actions of the police, the statement says, fall under paragraph ” a ” of part 3 of article 286 of the criminal code (abuse of power with the use of violence or with the threat of its use).

“Yes, we are human, we made a mistake, but not on purpose»

The General Director of channel one Konstantin Ernst spoke to The New Yorker, journalist Joshua Yaffa. He, in particular, called the fake picture of attack of the Ukrainian fighter on the Malaysian Boeing over Donbass which appeared in 2014 on air a mistake.

At the same time, the former host of the program “However” (where the picture was shown) Mikhail Leontiev disagreed with this assessment. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov also sees no problems in the publication of the picture.

The title of Hero of Russia: Ramzan Kadyrov criticized the film Director Alexander Sokurov

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov criticized the Director Alexander Sokurov for his doubts about the validity of the titles of Heroes of Russia in the head of Chechnya and his father Akhmat Kadyrov.

Thanks to the” wise policy and firm will “of Akhmat Kadyrov, thousands of militants in Chechnya were disarmed, which” reduced the number of coffins sent to all regions of Russia by hundreds of times” and contributed to the restoration of peace in the region.

While there are such as Sokurov, against Russia will impose any sanctions. Today, Russia is seeking to be excommunicated for four years from international sport. For what? Because someone from the sportsmen took doping? No! In this case, the specific perpetrators would be punished, but such as you, by the ears drag sanctions to Russia. – Ramzan Kadyrov

The French Parliament will raise the age of retirement

The French Parliament will raise the retirement age from 62 years to 64, according to Bloomberg. This decision is made within the framework of the pension reform, the essence of which is to create a single pension regime, this means, among other things, the abolition of privileges for some professions.

With the help of reform, the French authorities intend to overcome the growing deficit in the pension system, which is projected to exceed seven billion euros by 2025.

Engineers at the University of Bath said they were able to create an ” artificial neuron.”

The main task of the device is to reproduce the electrical activity of real, living cells on the chip. Whether it will be possible to create from such neurons an electronic artificial brain is still unknown. But they can be useful as interfaces between the brain and the computer and “prostheses” for the most basic functions of the body

The head of the human rights Council of Russia against the Amnesty of protesters in Moscow

The head of the HRC Valery Fadeev said that he is against the inclusion of defendants in the “Moscow case” in the lists for Amnesty, which will be announced for the 75th anniversary of the Victory”

“I am against, and spoke publicly, they cite the example of Amnesty in 1993, that a year later all participants were amnestied, those who were in the White house. I am against, because then there were terrible events, in fact there was a civil war, and I think it is wrong to equate those terrible events with these unpleasant ones in Moscow this summer, ” Fadeev said.

He called the situation with the defendants in the Moscow case “difficult”, adding:”it is Clear that if a policeman is beaten, it is a punishment.”

“They say it’s obvious he didn’t do anything, how come? This is a difficult issue, and the position of the security forces has its own. It is clear that human rights activists have another. We need to find a balance that will satisfy society, it will take some time, ” concluded the head of the HRC.

Five employees of the American University were deported from Russia

According to the publication “side View”, by the decision of the court of the city of Ryazan, teachers of the American University of Buffalo were fined, deported and banned from visiting Russia for several years. The court’s website reports that administrative reports on violation of the rules of entry into the Russian Federation were drawn up against the University staff. Employees of the University of Buffalo were accused of illegal teaching activities because they came on tourist visas. The foreigners themselves said that they only talked about their University, but did not speak. In this case, one student and employee of the University of Ryazan, said in court that they had a lecture.

The Americans came to Ryazan at the invitation of the organization “Business Russia”. They spoke to students of the Ryazan Institute (branch) of the Moscow Polytechnic University, after which they were detained.

TNT took off the air the series “Servant of the people” with Vladimir Zelensky

TNT will no longer show the series “Servant of the people”, the main role played by the current President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. At the same time during the broadcast to the Central regions of Russia from the first series cut a joke about Vladimir Putin

According to Vedomosti, there have been changes in TNT’s TV program. Instead of “Servants of the people”, which was planned to show on December 12 and 13, the TV series “Interns” and “Sashatanya”will be released on the channel.


The Russian state Duma adopted a law on the return of Smoking rooms in airport buildings, the document was introduced in 2017 by Deputy Sergei Boyarsky


In St. Petersburg detained the guys who attacked Catherine Bald.

The detainees admitted that they did not like how Catherine and her friend held hands. Three of them were charged with intentionally causing harm to health of average weight. All detainees from 16 to 19 years, one of them studies in the seventh grade. According to Fontanka, they are all ” fans of the nationalist group Firstline Nevograd»

For preserving the unity of the sanctions policy against Russia

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky during a telephone conversation with the head of the European Council Charles Michel expressed hope for the preservation of unity in the European Union in support of the continuation of the sanctions policy against Russia. The conversation took place on the eve of a meeting of the European Council, during which EU leaders are expected to discuss the extension of economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, the press service of Zelensky said.

“I hope that the leaders of the EU member States will remain United in support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as in the continuation of the sanctions pressure on the Russian Federation,” the Ukrainian President said in a conversation with Michel. Zelensky added that sanctions should be maintained until the Minsk agreements are implemented and Ukraine’s territorial integrity is restored.

How much money do clients of Russian brokers keep on their accounts?

At the end of September, Russian professional partners served 3.4 million customers who held 10.6 trillion rubles in accounts. Since the end of 2018, the number of clients on brokerage services has increased by 53%. 12.6% of clients are active, while banks have fewer active clients (11%), non — Bank brokers-more (16%).

The absolute leader in the number of open brokerage accounts and the volume of assets on them was Moscow: residents and companies opened in banks more than 368 thousand brokerage accounts totaling 3.17 trillion rubles, non-Bank brokers-more than 181 thousand accounts totaling 2.6 trillion rubles.

In second place — the Moscow region: its companies and residents opened more than 164 thousand brokerage accounts totaling 239.2 billion rubles in banks and 71.3 thousand accounts for more than 1.17 trillion rubles – from non-Bank brokers. Together, Moscow and the Moscow region account for 23% of customers (785.8 thousand persons) and 68% of assets (7177.1 billion rubles), the Central Bank estimated.

The US approved a bill that obliges to impose sanctions against Turkey

The us Senate Committee on foreign Affairs has approved a bill that would impose sanctions against Turkey. According to Committee member Robert Menendez, a democratic Senator from new Jersey, “the bill clarifies to Turkey that its behavior towards Syria is unacceptable, and the purchase of S-400 systems is unacceptable.”

The document also implies a restriction on the sale of American weapons to Turkey and obliges to impose sanctions against the country’s top officials-the Minister of defense, chief of the General staff and Minister of Finance. Sanctions are proposed to be imposed on foreign citizens who supply the Turkish army with weapons that can be used in operations in Syria.

The US Federal reserve left the benchmark interest rate unchanged

The Federal reserve system (FRS) of the United States, acting as the Central Bank of the country, left the base interest rate at the same level — 1.5-1.75%, follows from the published materials of the Department. All 97 analysts surveyed by Bloomberg were waiting for such a decision on the eve of the meeting.

“The FOMC (Federal open market Committee) intends to keep rates at the current level: after three consecutive declines, the adjustment cycle is complete,” Bob Miller, managing Director of investment firm BlackRock, said in a statement.

How are US residents looking for work?

For the most part – on the Internet, but the notorious “connection” and “acquaintance” occupy an honorable second and third place, both – with a slight lag. Close friends and relatives are still a little more popular than colleagues, but not much.

About criminal punishment of officials for insult of Russians

The Federation Council supported the bill on the criminal punishment of officials for insulting Russians, said the Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on transport and construction, LDPR Deputy and author of the document Alexander Starovoitov. Such an idea came as a “mirror norm” to the bill on citizens insulting government officials — to balance the rights of Russians, Starovoitov said.

The sequel to the Matrix will be released in may 2021

Studio Warner Bros. announced the premiere date of the fourth part of the film “the Matrix”. It is scheduled for may 21, 2021, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Russia is ready to receive citizens of Ukraine and Belarus

For citizens of Ukraine and Belarus who are fluent in the Russian language, can simplify the procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship. This was stated by Deputy interior Minister Igor Zubov at a meeting of the state Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots. According to him, the authorities are preparing a bill that will cancel the interview for Russian-speaking Ukrainians and Belarusians. The level of knowledge of the language in the migration services will be fixed by a Commission act and by means of audio control when accepting a personal application.

The adoption of the bill will simplify the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for more than 172 thousand Ukrainians and about 32 thousand Belarusians who are now in Russia with a residence permit.

New us sanctions will hit the sovereignty of the European Union.

New us sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” will hit the sovereignty of the European Union. This was stated by the Chairman of the Eastern Committee of the German economy (OAOEV) Oliver Hermes.

“If these sanctions come into force, it will be a direct blow to the sovereignty of the European Union and a fatal signal for the peace efforts of Paris»

The Chairman of OAOEV said that if the us imposes restrictions against Russia, energy prices for European consumers will gradually rise. He also noted that the sanctions would “undermine transatlantic unity” on the issue of restrictions and damage American projects in Europe.

UN finds no evidence that Iran is behind attack on Saudi Aramco facilities

The United Nations has been unable to find evidence that Iran is behind the attack on Saudi Aramco’s oil facilities. This is stated in the report of the Secretary-General, antónio Guterres.

The report was prepared for the UN Security Council. According to Guterres, the organization “cannot independently confirm that the cruise missiles and drones used in these attacks are of Iranian origin and were transferred in a manner contrary to UN resolutions.”

The attack on the facilities of the Saudi Aramco oil company occurred on the night of September 14. It used drones and cruise missiles. As a result, Saudi Arabia’s oil production has declined significantly. Yemeni Houthi rebels from Ansar Allah claimed responsibility for the attack.

In Switzerland, chose the President and Vice-President

Switzerland’s Minister of environment, transport, energy and communications, Simonetta Sommaruga, representing the Social democratic party in the government, has been elected President for 2020.

The representative of the Swiss people’s party, Minister of economy, education and research guy Parmelin was elected Vice-President of the country for 2020 at the meeting of the Federal Assembly.

The elections were held at a joint meeting of the two chambers of the Federal Assembly (Parliament).


In Hong Kong came up with a special robot that looks after and entertains Pets.


Vladimir Putin on the resolution of the European Parliament, which blamed the USSR for the beginning of the Second world war

“Attempts to distort the historical truth do not stop. Not only did the heirs of Nazi collaborators join them, but now it has come to some quite respectable international institutions and European structures.”..> Almost accuse the USSR, along with Nazi Germany, in the outbreak of the Second world war. As if they had forgotten who attacked Poland on September 1, 1939, and the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941.”

Matvienko believes that Russia can hold independent from WADA Olympics

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko called illegal the decision of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) to ban Russia from participating in major international competitions for four years. According to Ms. Matvienko, Russia could hold its Olympic games, which would not be affected by THE WADA decision. As said the speaker, Russia has the experience of conducting Competitions and sports events.

“This decision (of WADA.- “Kommersant”) testifies to the obvious crisis of the institutions of world sport. I believe that Russia can host its Games, ” MS Matvienko told reporters (quoted by RIA Novosti).

Poland is ready to stop the transit of Russian gas to the EU gas through Ukraine

From January 1, 2020, there is a risk of disconnecting the transit of Russian gas to the EU through Ukraine due to the end of the transit contract for the transportation of gas and the non-signing of a new one, ” the oil and gas company PGNIG said in a statement. – In such a situation, national production, stocks in warehouses, as well as the possibility of imports-including through Belarus, give a total of 25.6 billion cubic meters of gas per year, with a consumption of 19 billion.

A quarter of Russians reported the threat of dismissal

26% of Russians positively answered the question of whether there is a threat of dismissal for them by the employer. This is evidenced by the results of a survey of the recruiting platform HeadHunter, which were reviewed by Izvestia. The survey was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2019 among 20.5 thousand people.

Dangerous security system

A resident of Moscow shared on social networks the problem faced by her 80-year-old mother. The fact that the pensioner installed a pacemaker, which does not allow you to go through the framework of the metal detector. This can lead to a failure of the device settings, which is dangerous for the life and health of women.

According to the Muscovite, the management of shops is not capable to help her mother as it has no right to include or switch off a framework of a metal detector. In addition, they are installed so that they can not be bypassed. It is noted that such a security system began to appear everywhere in all areas of Moscow, so the number of stores that a pensioner can visit is rapidly declining.

The interior Ministry plans to confiscate cars from drunk drivers

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia has made proposals to the draft new Code of administrative offences, providing for the confiscation of cars from re-caught drunk driving motorists. This is reported by “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, referring to the Deputy head of the traffic police Vladimir Kuzin.

The most popular tourist destination of the country



From Germany came to Russia for the second train of radioactive waste

The German company Urenco sent another train with 600 tons of uranium enrichment waste to Russia from its plant in Gronau. “Uranium tails” are to be delivered to Novouralsk, where 600 tons of radioactive waste have already arrived at the end of November.

“Uranium tails” will be delivered by train to Amsterdam, and from there by ship will be brought to St. Petersburg. From the Northern capital of Russia, the cargo will be delivered to Novouralsk, Karpovka reports, citing the environmental organization Greenpeace.

The most expensive Christmas trees purchased from the budget in the period from 2016 to 2019. The total amount is 154.1 million rubles.

Belarusian oligarch began to supply Russian coal to Ukraine

The structure of the Belarusian oligarch Nikolai Vorobyov in December 2019 received quotas for the supply of more than 600 thousand tons of Russian coal to Ukraine. This writes owned by Grigory Berezkin edition RBC with reference to sources. It is a company NT Marine, registered in Estonia.

Freelance instructors will begin to raise the morale of Russian soldiers

The morale and mood of colleagues in the Russian army will be monitored by specially selected contractors, soldiers and sergeants. The official name of the new position-a freelance instructor in military and political work, according to “Izvestia” with reference to the Ministry of defense.

According to representatives of the Department, the new category of military personnel will be an important link between the soldier’s team and officers. The tasks of the representatives of the new position will include the same as the tasks of the officers-political workers-team building. In addition, they will be responsible for the soldiers ‘ understanding of the military-political situation in the world and readiness to perform tasks. They will also survey personnel, issue a combat leaflet and wall Newspapers, be responsible for the organization of cultural and leisure activities, sports holidays, congratulations.

BlaBlaCar began to sell bus tickets in Russia

The service to search for carpoolers now sells bus tickets in Russia, Kommersant reported. The French company has signed a deal with the online booking service Busfor intercity flights.

Putin’s former envoy offered to pay for living in Russia

Former presidential envoy to the Urals Federal District, Chairman of the movement “in defense of human labor” Igor Kholmanskikh proposed to introduce in Russia unconditional basic income. This is a payment that is due to all residents of the country, regardless of their employment and income level

According to statistics, the average salary in Russia is 47.5 thousand rubles. However, according to Igor Kholmanskikh, that’s an annoying fact, because people often do not see that kind of money.

We found ourselves in a situation where the average wage is a factor of social instability, — summed up Igor Kholmanskikh

The cost of holidays in Belarus increases

According to the Director Of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze, over the past few years, rest in sanatoriums and resorts in Belarus has risen in price almost twice. At the same time, she said that Belarus continues to lead among the CIS countries in the number of vouchers sold to Russian citizens.

Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug will get a new Palace

The government of the Vologda region launched a special development program of the Ded Moroz estate, according to which the territory of the complex will increase from 34 to 150 hectares next to the Palace of father Frost will be a new theme parks, attractions, hotels, expand the branch of the Moscow zoo. It is also planned to build a new Palace of Santa Claus, as the old house, built in 2003, does not allow to accommodate everyone. This was announced by the Governor of the Vologda region Oleg Kuvshinnikov.The construction of the new residence is planned for 2021 and will cost about 350 million rubles. The capacity of the new Palace of Santa Claus will increase three times.

About construction of objects of tourist industry in the forest zone

The state Duma in the first reading adopted a bill that will allow to place in the forest areas of the objects of the tourism industry, as well as sports and recreation facilities, sports facilities and other facilities designed for recreation, tourism, sports. The bill was initiated by the government of the Russian Federation.

In accordance with the law, recreational facilities will not be able to occupy an area exceeding 20% of the total area of the provided forest area. Placement of objects is allowed only on those forest sites which are included in the special zone defined in the forest plan of the subject of the Russian Federation, after carrying out procedure of public discussion. The area of such zone shall not exceed 3% of the area of the corresponding forest area.

Non-fulfillment of budget expenditures of the Russian Federation in 2019 will amount to 1 trillion rubles

The head of the accounts chamber of Russia Alexei Kudrin reported to President Vladimir Putin that the non-fulfillment of Federal budget expenditures this year will amount to a trillion rubles. About it on December 11 reports TASS.

Zvezda will receive 22 billion rubles from the budget for gas carriers

As found “Kommersant”, the government approved the rules of budget subsidies for the shipyard “Zvezda”, which in the next three years will amount to 22 billion rubles. For the money the Builder needs to supply for projects of NOVATEK’s LNG price in South Korea and gradually increase their localization in Russia

Rostec and vis have created a consortium to build a bridge across the Lena river

The structure of the state Corporation “rostec” and the group ” vis ” created a consortium to implement the concession on the bridge over the Lena river in Yakutia, RIA Novosti reported in the press service of the group. They specified that the structure of “Rostec” will be 33.4% in the joint venture, the vis-66.6%.

“Today, binding documents have been signed to establish a joint venture between RT-business Development LLC (a subsidiary of rostec state Corporation) and vis group. The consortium “national infrastructure company” was created to implement the project of construction and operation of the bridge over the Lena river in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and other infrastructure projects,” the press service reported.

Cashing through notaries increased by 2.5 times

The volume of laundering and withdrawal of funds in Russia has decreased significantly, but criminals are inventing new schemes of “shadow economy”, said the head of Rosfinmonitoring Yuri Chikhanchin in the Federation Council. Cashing through notaries increased by 2.5 times. According to credit institutions, only for 10 months of 2019, the volume of such transactions amounted to about 5 billion rubles.

“It is not yet possible to reduce the risks of cashing by creating a fictitious debt and further transfer of money from the debtor to the creditor through the notary’s Deposit account or by presenting the notary’s Executive inscription,” Chikhanchin stressed.

Polish company demanded compensation from Russia for “dirty” oil

The head of the Polish oil refining company Orlen Daniel Obaytek wrote on his Twitter page that he would seek compensation from the Russian authorities for low-quality oil that was supplied through the Druzhba pipeline.

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” in December reduced the price of gas for the population by 13%

The company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” lowered the price of gas for the population in December by 13% – to 4,277 thousand hryvnia (about 180 dollars) per thousand cubic meters, said on Tuesday the press service of the company.

Germany denies that Russia requested the extradition of Zelimkhan khangoshvili

German authorities have denied reports that Moscow has asked for the extradition of a Georgian citizen who is believed to be an associate of Chechen militants and was killed in Berlin. This was reported by the representative of the Ministry of justice of Germany, reports TASS.

“The government is not aware of any request from Russia for extradition, — he said. Chairman of the Bundestag Committee on foreign policy Norbert Roettgen also said that state agencies are not aware of such requests.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow had repeatedly asked Berlin to extradite the militant.

The foreign Ministry summoned the German Ambassador because of the expulsion of Russian diplomats

On December 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed the opinion that the incident, because of which the diplomats were expelled, would not spoil Russian-German relations, despite Russia’s mirror measures. In early December, the German foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of two employees of the Russian Embassy.

Finland imposes a ban on the import of fruits and vegetables from Russia

New phytosanitary legislation is coming into force in Finland, restricting the import of plants and plant products from outside the European Union. Now a trip to the “neighbours” will not be able to take even one Apple or pear.

In Milan opened ” New galleries Leonardo»

The permanent exhibition “Leonardo’s New galleries” opened at the Museum of science and technology in Milan. This is the world’s largest exhibition, which is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci as an engineer and researcher of nature, reports Artribune.com.

Poland told about its plans after the complete rejection of Russian gas

Warsaw has announced that it will buy gas in Norway, the European Union, as well as in the US and Qatar. In Poland, this is explained by “the desire to ensure the security of energy supplies, “writes” Interfax»

The U.S. military in Syria asked for instructions in case of a Russian attack

The US military in Syria believes that possible attacks from Russia, Syria, Iran or Turkey are potentially more dangerous than the threat from the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (a terrorist organization is banned in Russia).

The US tested a hypersonic missile tactical

The American company Lockheed Martin conducted the first tests of a promising tactical hypersonic missile, the development of which is carried out in the framework of the project PrSM (Precision Strike Missile, precision missile).

On the aircraft carrier cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” there was a fire

This was reported by RBC in the press service of the plant “Zvezdochka”, with which the Ministry of Defense signed a contract for the repair of the cruiser. The fire occurred in the hold of the first energy section, noted in the “Asterisk”. TASS reports of the five victims.

Baz Luhrmann adapts ” the Master and Margarita»

Hollywood Director Baz Luhrmann, Creator of the films “the Great Gatsby” and “Moulin Rouge”, adapts the cult work of writer Mikhail Bulgakov “the Master and Margarita”. According to Deadline, the Director signed an agreement with the owners of the rights to the film adaptation, producers Svetlana Migunova-Dali and grace Lo.

Exhibition “Secrets: digging in the Soviet underground” in the Museum ” Garage”

The exhibition “Secrets: digging in the Soviet underground” will be open until mid-may. The basis of the exhibition consists of materials From the archive of the Garage Museum: works of art, objects of unknown purpose and diaries, photo albums, samizdat, United in a common semantic network.

“Secrets” – children’s fun of the Soviet era-the creation of compositions of valuable little things, covered with a piece of glass and a layer of earth.

Festival “Different people-new Museum” in Moscow

The opening date of the festival “Different people-new Museum” was not chosen by chance. The fact is that December 12 is the international day of people with disabilities. From this day begins a series of events that will be held until April 19 at the Polytechnic Museum, the Museum of Gulag history, the Multimedia Art Museum, the documentary film Center and other venues in the capital. The purpose of the forum is to establish a dialogue between museums, theaters, libraries and people with different mental and physical characteristics.

Klimt’s painting was found in the gallery wall

Stolen painting by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt “Portrait of a woman” found in the wall of the gallery of modern art Ricci Oddi in Piacenza, RIA “Novosti”. Workers were clearing the gallery building of ivy and found the painting in a black bag in the partition between the outer walls of the gallery.

“This bag may have remained in the same place since 1997,” police suggest. According to the Director of the gallery, there is every reason to believe in the authenticity of the picture.

The center for contemporary art “Winery” presented the project “Cultural code”.

The project is aimed at promoting contemporary art, supporting young street art artists and developing the urban environment. The project was based on a successful art campaign: this summer street art artists from Russia and other countries painted the same type of high-rise buildings in Odintsovo. Now it is decided to repeat this experience in other cities of the country. Until the end of February, any region can apply for the right to host a 20-day festival.

List of Arctic open pitching winners

The Chairman of the pitching jury was actor and producer Alexander Tyutryumov . A special prize from the National Fund for the support of rights holders in the amount of 100 thousand rubles was received by Mila Kudryashova for the documentary “My personal dragon”.

Offspring headlined the final day of Park Live

The organizers of the festival Park Live 2020 announced in social networks the headliner of the third, final day of the festival-it was the Californian punk rock band The Offspring. The band will perform on July 19, 2020. Ticket sales for the concert will begin on December 17.

Samsung will give smartphone screens a protective coating Ultra Thin Glass

Samsung, according to the resource LetsGoDigital, registers trademarks for a new protective coating for displays of various electronic devices. Three names are proposed-Samsung Ultra Thin Glass, Samsung UTG and UTG.

In the US presented the first serial exoskeleton Guardian XO

In the United States presented the first serial exoskeleton for heavy work. The company Sarcos Robotics presented its own development called Guardian XO, which allows a person to easily lift a load weighing 90 kilograms, while feeling the load at the level of 4.5 kilograms.

Sales of smart TVs Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro started

Xiaomi has started selling smart TVs Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Pro, which were announced a month ago. At the moment, models with a diagonal of 55 and 65 inches appeared in China. They are offered at $ 525 and $ 710 respectively.

Acronis bought the first company after an investment from Goldman Sachs

Acronis, a cybersecurity company, has bought a 100% stake in 5nine, which develops solutions for managing and protecting cloud platforms. This “Vedomosti” said the representative of Acronis. The deal was confirmed by 5nine CEO Karen armour.

BMW cars will get Android Auto in 2020

BMW Group from July 2020 will begin to install on their cars the function of wireless connection using Android Auto. The new technology will be available on vehicles with the 7.0 operating system. The updated models will also arrive on the Russian market.

Twitter is funding the development of a new standard for social networks

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently announced that his company has begun funding work to create a new standard for social media. He said that we are talking about creating a qualitatively new social network based on decentralized technologies.

Doctor Index: 65% of doctors are in online contact with patients

44% of respondents use laptops. 49% of respondents use a laptop and a personal computer during the patient’s appointment, 27% use smartphones and tablets. The vast majority (65%) are ready to communicate with their patient online, and with the help of several channels at the same time

In Russia will launch an application for the safe resale of electronic tickets

In Russia will launch the application TicketsWallet, where you can save, give and safely sell e-tickets. This “Billboard Daily” reported in the ticketing system Ticketscloud, which developed the application. TicketsWallet uses smart ticket technology.

Sales of Xiaomi’s new laser projector start

Chinese company Xiaomi has decided to enter the market of projectors of the middle class with a new “smart” device Mijia, capable of stretching the image quality Full HD up to 150 inches and has better performance and energy efficiency compared to the previous model.

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo plans to produce cars

Analysts have only suggested that it will be a high-tech car that will get “smart” assistants and interesting electronics. Experts make such conclusions on the basis of smartphones released by Oppo.

In Indonesia found the oldest image of hunting age 43900 years

Australian paleontologists have discovered the oldest known figurative drawings today. It shows what appears to be a hunting scene: bulls and pigs running at armed men. However, have some hunters scientists noticed bestial traits. This may mean that the scene is at least partially invented by the artist — and then we have the oldest evidence of creativity, reflecting the human imagination. The report is published in the journal Nature.

“DNA of things” will help to store information in everyday objects

Each particle of a living organism contains its entire “scheme” in the form of DNA. Swiss researchers did the same for an inanimate object: they wrote down instructions for creating a 3D rabbit and placed it in the material from which it is printed. This is a step towards creating self-copying robots.

The rate of melting of the Greenland glacier has increased 7 times

Scientists have found that at the moment the Greenland glacier is melting seven times faster than 30 years ago. During this period, 3.8 trillion tons of ice melted. This can raise the level Of the world ocean by 10 centimeters. According to experts, by 2100 the water level will be higher by 50-60 cm, it is a threat to the lives of millions of people.

Scientists have created a 3D model of the nervous system based on stem cells

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign created three-dimensional structures from individual nerve cells immersed in a hydrogel or fibrin. According to Eurek Alert, they can be used to study brain development and test drugs.

Thousands of mysterious holes in ocean floor found off California coast

Not far from the California coast of big sur, about 15 thousand mysterious round-shaped holes were found on the seabed. It is specified that the average diameter of such a hole is 11 meters, the depth is about a meter

One of the assumptions — the holes appeared during the emission of methane, but it is noted that in this area for at least 50 thousand years such emissions have not been observed. According to another version, initially the formations were much smaller, but eventually washed away by water and in contact with various debris or objects

Unknown to science dinosaur species discovered in Thailand

Excavations at Nong Bualamphu in recent years have led to the discovery of 11 previously unknown dinosaur species. So far, scientists continue to study the remains, so more complete characteristics of the discovered lizard promise to provide later.

Microcapsules have been created to deliver drugs to cancer cells

Experts have developed microcapsules to deliver chemotherapy drugs to cancer cells. For best results, the nanoparticles with the drug were enriched with folic acid: cancer cells absorb this acid a thousand times more actively than normal