16 Dec, 2019

News digest for 12/14-15/2019

Russia was banned from the Olympics and world Championships for four years

According to Sports.ru, sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov received the order of Alexander Nevsky on December 13.

The order of Alexander Nevsky is awarded for special personal merits in state building, strengthening the international authority of Russia, the country’s defense, economy, science, education, culture and other socially useful activities.”

The state Duma of Russia will establish its own medal

The state Duma decided to establish its own medal and award it to Russians for their special contribution to the development of Russian legislation and parliamentarism or to foreigners for strengthening ties with Russia or inter-parliamentary cooperation. The draft resolution on the medal is published in the database of the chamber.

According to the draft resolution, on one side of the medal will be embossed relief image of the modern building of the state Duma, on the other-the image of the Tauride Palace, where the lower house of Parliament met in 1906.

The Kremlin explained the record for 11 years of population decline

The natural population decline, which accelerated by 36% in 2019 and became a record for 11 years, is the result of two “demographic pits” in which the country found itself. About it, commenting on statistics of Rosstat on Friday, the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov declared.

“Indeed, the demographic pit, which has been repeatedly explained by the President and our all leaders of the social field, is now at its climax. The situation is certainly very unpleasant in this regard. The clash between two demographic hole in one” – quoted Peskov “Netfax”.

According to him, the current demographic crisis is “the legacy of the past decades of the history of our country, which we carry now on our shoulders.” This is an induced situation

In which countries are the most victims of natural phenomena

Sanctions and counter-sanctions have reduced income inequality among Russians

Western sanctions imposed on Russia after the annexation of Crimea in 2014 caused many negative effects and one positive — reduced income inequality of Russians. This is the conclusion of the economist of the American University of Armenia Gayane Barseghyan in an article prepared for the Institute of transitional economies of the Bank of Finland (BOFIT).

It is reported that sanctions and counter-sanctions have reduced by 1 percentage point the inequality in Russia measured by the Gini index (varies from 0 to 100% — the higher, the greater the inequality). In other words, the actual value of this index for Russia after the sanctions is an average of 33% (according to the OECD), but if there were no restrictions, it would be about 34%.

The Ministry of justice wants to change the rules of debt collection

The draft Federal law “on activities in the field of collection of overdue debts of individuals” was published on the Federal portal of draft regulations.

This bill provides for mandatory pre-trial repayment of overdue debts of citizens, introduces the concept of “robot collector”, as well as the concept of “professional collection organization”.

The Russian Ambassador offered the DPRK a solution to the problem of poaching

“To some extent (poaching-ed.) was due to the fact that the Koreans did not receive quotas. As the Koreans explained to us in the leadership of the Ministry of fisheries, when they have legal quotas, fishermen do not allow illegal immigrants to fish where the minrybkhoz vessels work, and there the absolute freemen went… We with Koreans speak rigidly: while you will not bring an order with the poaching, about any quotas there can be no speech. We must create with you a serious bilateral structure that will identify every case of poaching and do everything to prevent this from happening again, ” Russian Ambassador to the DPRK Alexander Matsegora said on radio Vladivostok”

Working pensioners can be fined 120 thousand rubles

The tax office plans to check the accounts of pensioners to identify those who have unofficial sources of income. Employment or even part-time work, for which they give a salary “in an envelope”, will be recognized as fraud.

If the tax Inspectorate convicts them of this, it can punish them with a fine of up to 120 thousand rubles for fraud. In the worst case, pensioners who hide their income face correctional labor or even imprisonment for up to two years.

Ukraine has resumed the import of electricity from Russia

The Ukrainian government on December 11 resumed the import of electricity from Russia and Belarus after a week break. This was reported by the Ukrainian analytical company “Exploration & Production Consulting”. According to the company “ExPro”, the supply of electricity from Russia, the Ukrainian authorities stopped on December 5, and from Belarus-on December 2.

Tyumen authorities plan to sell water

According to the Agency “URA.RU” in the village of Vinzili of the Tyumen region, water from wells and wells drilled there is not suitable even for technical needs. According to the press Secretary of the head of the Tyumen region Galina Evseeva, in the village of Vinzili there is a Central water supply system, which covers 73% of residents. To connect a new neighborhood to it, it is necessary to reconstruct the water intake. Project documentation for the object is developed. And while in the village, where mostly live families with children, decided to sell the water

“The cost of one liter will amount to RUB 3.34 a survey of district residents to determine how popular such a service”, — stated in the official letter of administration of the Tyumen region.

Tourists from the US and the EU were invited to spend new year holidays in the Crimea

The head of the Committee of the Crimean Parliament on tourism, resorts and sports Alexey Chernyak invited tourists from Western countries to spend new year holidays in Crimea.

“We invite foreign tourists from near and far abroad, including from the European Union and the United States. Crimea is always happy for those who come to us for tourist purposes, ” Chernyak told RIA Novosti.

Lukashenko approves $500 million loan from China

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has approved an urgent loan from China worth 3.5 billion yuan (about $501 million) in 2019. The money will be provided by the Shanghai branch of the development Bank of China for five years.

The lawyer called the date of hearings in the case of the extradition of Assange to the United States

The next hearing in the case of extradition to the United States Julian Assange will be held on February 25, 2020, the defense hopes that the request of the American authorities will be rejected, said RIA Novosti lawyer Aitor Martinez, who coordinates the defense of the founder of Wikileaks in Spain on extradition and espionage against him.

U.S. doubles production of missiles for helicopters and drones

The US has signed a new defense contract with Lockheed Martin, which provides for an increase in the Arsenal of the armed forces. The Pentagon has doubled production of missiles for helicopters and drones. The contract provides for increased production of air-to-ground JAGM projectiles

North Korea conducted another “major test” at The sohae test site

The North Korean authorities reported a new successful test conducted at the Western test site Sohae, reports the Central Telegraph Agency of the DPRK. The message calls it, ” another crucial test.”

In Russia there will be cities of labor valor

Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted to The state Duma a bill that proposes to establish in Russia the honorary title of ” City of labor valor.” The document is placed in the Duma electronic database.

The title will be awarded to settlements that have made a significant contribution to achieving Victory in the war of 1941-1945, as well as providing labor feat in the rear. In particular, by ensuring uninterrupted production of military and civilian products at enterprises. And showed thus labor heroism and selflessness, it is specified in the text of the document.

Afghan soldiers shot 25 fellow soldiers and fled to the Taliban

In the province of Ghazni in Afghanistan on Saturday night, several soldiers shot 25 of their colleagues and went to the Taliban (“Taliban” – a banned terrorist organization in Russia) taking with them the weapons and ammunition available at the post, local media reported, citing the head of the district of Qarabag.

Montenegro has extradited to Russia eks-General Director of “Nizhny Novgorod Vodokanal»

Montenegro extradited to Russia the former Director General of Nizhny Novgorod Vodokanal Alexander Popov, said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf. In November 2018, he was wanted by Interpol in connection with allegations of involvement in the theft of more than 600 million rubles.

The United States is on the verge of a new transportation revolution.

Retired U.S. air force Lieutenant General Stephen Quast said the United States has the technology to transport a person anywhere in the world in less than an hour. This revolutionary technology has the potential to render existing aerospace capabilities obsolete, he said.

“This technology can be built today as a technology that is unrelated to the development of pre-existing technologies to take any person from anywhere on Earth to any other place in less than an hour»

The Russians are spending money on expensive smartphones

The demand of Russians for smartphones in 2019 has shifted towards more expensive models, according to statistics based on data from retailers. According to experts, demand for flagship smartphones increased faster than for gadgets of other price categories. In particular, sales of phones worth 50 thousand rubles. in annual terms increased by more than 25% in pieces and 30% in money. At the same time, Russians in General have already lost the opportunity to purchase housing, large appliances, cars and make other expensive purchases.


In the Rostov region the class teacher who is “the teacher of year”, swore at the schoolboy for dispute with the Deputy-United Russia and demanded from the boy to take away documents from school


Financing of films by the Ministry of culture of Russia

In January-November 2019, only eight Russian films out of 68 that received state support recouped the cost of their production at the box office. This is reported by RBC, referring to the data of the information system of information about the screenings of films in cinemas.

To wean Russians to go to Hollywood cinema

According to the head of the Ministry of culture, the Russians neglect their own product. However, we have a lot of pictures that are not inferior in quality to Hollywood projects.

“We have no fees. And often Hollywood collects. It’s a habit of going to Hollywood movies. It is necessary to reverse the situation, ” Medinsky said.

Recall that according to the proposed amendments to the legislation, the number of screenings of foreign films can be reduced to 35% of the total number of sessions in the cinema during the day.

About Moscow’s plans to take out garbage in the regions of Russia

Moscow for 10 years will take out 24 million tons of garbage to landfills in the Kaluga and Vladimir regions, follows from the draft territorial scheme of waste management. Another 11 landfills-waste processing complexes-will work in the Moscow region. In the same region, from 2022, the capital’s garbage will be taken by four incinerators. The plans of the city were reviewed by the newspaper “Kommersant”.

The doctors had little choice

In Komi, a woman with a massive stroke was sent to the hospital by doctors on a commuter train. All the way (it’s 2 hours) she lay on a thin stretcher on the ice floor.

“For two hours my mother lay on the floor in the car. On a thin stretcher, in front of the entrance. People entering the car, stepped over the person, hands and feet of my mother were cold, the pressure was impossible to measure. Accompanying clinics every time before stopping the train stood up and warned people entering the car, so they do not step on a person.”

Doctors had little choice — the woman needed to be rushed to the hospital, but the ice crossing over the river was still not working, and the only ambulance was busy.

Peskov: Russia is an “island of stability” in a time of change

According to the press Secretary of the Russian President Peskov, Russia remains an “island of stability” in the ocean of turbulence of the modern world, writes RIA Novosti. Also, according to him, in recent years there are various events in the world that could not have been predicted a decade ago. The press Secretary of the Russian leader noted that now there are transformations in diplomacy and international law. In addition, some organizations are beginning to depreciate on the world stage.

“Russia 1” drowned out the word “protests” in the song of the group ” Bi-2»

TV channel “Russia 1” drowned out the word “protests” in the song of the group “Bi-2 “”People on escalators”, which the musicians played at the presentation of the music award “Victoria”. Attention on this drew ” Rain.” In the original, the song features the words “If slightly lighter avenues / and gentler protests /Young men in pullovers”.

The owner of Nginx considered claims to the web server senseless

Claims against the Russian company Nginx are meaningless, said the owner of the startup, the American F5 Networks, received in the editorial office of “Medusa”. In a search of Nginx on December 12, security officials “apparently sought evidence related to an intellectual property dispute in which F5 is not currently involved,” the company said.

“After these events, we took measures to secure the main assemblies for Nginx, Nginx Plus, Nginx WAF and Nginx Unit-all of them are stored on servers outside of Russia. Other products are not being developed in Russia, ” F5 said, adding that none of the employees of Nginx’s Moscow office are detained or under arrest.

The case of bankruptcy of the Ministry of defense of Russia

The arbitration court of Moscow at the request of Alfa-Bank dismissed the bankruptcy case of the company ” General Directorate of arrangement of troops “(GUOV), specializing in the construction of objects of the Ministry of defense of Russia.

“The total amount of debt HUOW to alpha Bank — 5.3 billion rubles, the Entire amount is repaid,” said a source familiar with terms of transaction. In June, the press service of the Bank reported that the debt of the BANKS is 6.3 billion rubles.

Thus, two facts were unclear: where did 1 billion rubles go and where did the defense Ministry suddenly get the money to settle debts.

Alpha Bank has submitted the claim about bankruptcy GWAV in June of this year. The Bank said that before going to court with the company negotiations were conducted, but they did not lead to anything.

Facebook will launch a program on the territory of Ukraine to counter disinformation

The American company Facebook plans to launch in 2020 in the same social network in Ukraine program to counter disinformation, said the company’s Manager for public policy Ekaterina Kruk. According to crook, the company cooperates with 46 global partners in the field of verification of information, but so far the company has no partners in Ukraine. The program involves a system of counteraction Third-party fact-checker.

“We have potential cooperation, but the contract has not yet been signed, and, accordingly, we are preparing for 2020 to launch this program in Ukraine»

Turkey ready to buy us patriot missile systems

“Turkey believes that the United States is still our ally, and we are their allies. No one can cancel the deal with Russia to buy the S-400, it is already a done deal. Russia’s offer was more profitable. Now we are ready to buy the American Patriot system and are waiting for a response»

The top Turkish diplomat also warned the US that Turkey would retaliate against any sanctions that might be imposed because of the deal with Russia.

Promised a podium in the loan

90 young people and girls are trying to get their money from the capital’s model Agency “Iconik”. Ladies and gentlemen took out loans for training, but no training was ever seen. 150 thousand rubles-most of them took them on credit.

The Agency itself helped to arrange loans. Representatives of the organization, according to victims, forged documents on employment then sent questionnaires of all wishing to banks. Having received the coveted money, “Iconica” to his students instantly cooled.

Putin expanded the tax on the self-employed to 19 regions of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has amended the Federal law on the experiment to establish a tax on professional income in Moscow, Moscow region, Kaluga region and Tatarstan.

In the state Duma proposed to criminally punish drug addicts

In Russia, there may be criminal liability for drug users who refuse compulsory treatment. The corresponding amendments to the criminal code are being prepared by state Duma Deputy Oleg Nilov.

The Deputy hopes that in the Wake of the new fight against drug addiction, the instructions for which gave Russian President Vladimir Putin, his bill will still be considered. In late October, the state Duma introduced a bill on criminal liability for drug propaganda, including on the Internet.

In 2019, a new channel of personal data leaks appeared

In 2019, personal information of Russians began to leak through IT-specialists: while the number of incidents is small (less than 2%), but the volume of stolen information on this channel may account for 25-30%.

The Yoshkar-Ola can take installments for payment of utility services

According to official information, residents of the capital should 563.5 million rubles for housing. Citizens can arrange installments and pay the debt in parts. There are three types of concessions on payment for housing and communal services.

Mari El residents receive mandatory installments when the price for the service in the current settlement period exceeds the cost for the same period last year by 25 percent. Installments are available for a year, but will have to pay interest.

Installment contract is an agreement between the apartment owner and the management company or the supplier and the organization. It is necessary to make an application, specify the reasons and the period of granting installments.

The consumer receives the court installment in the course of debt collection proceedings initiated by the management company.

Russian government to expand privatization program in Russia

The government has decided to include additional assets in the state privatization program. This was reported by TASS with reference to the press Secretary of the first Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov Natalia Fomenko.

“Privatization is seen as a structural measure to reduce the share of state participation in the economy,” she explained.

Switzerland refused to issue a digital franc

The Swiss government has abandoned plans to issue a digital version of the franc because of the high risk of destabilizing the financial system.

In Ukraine began drilling wells of ” national importance»

In the Kharkiv region, they began drilling an ultra-deep well at the shebelinsky gas field. This is reported by the press service of “Naftogaz”. According to preliminary forecasts, well 888 will allow gas production from deep horizons. It is expected that the initial flow rate will be about 100 thousand cubic meters per day with subsequent growth.

“Subject to the successful completion of drilling in June next year, the exploration well can confirm the presence of gas deposits that can provide an increase in the balance reserves of up to 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas,” the company said.

Construction of “Nord stream-2” was extended for the winter and spring of 2020

Nord Stream 2, the operator of the Nord stream 2 gas pipeline, has submitted an application to the relevant Department of Germany to continue construction in the winter and spring of next year. This is reported by Deutsche Welle, citing the Agency DPA.

Lead turned into a heavy-duty material

New properties of lead showed during experiments, the results of which are published in the publication Physical Review Letters. To study how the strength of lead changes under pressure, the researchers quickly compressed the sample using lasers at Lawrence Livermore national laboratory, located in California. The pressure inside the sample reached about 400 gigapascals — the same pressure is experienced in the core of the Earth.

Scotland demanded a new referendum on independence from Britain

The Prime Minister earlier ruled out the possibility of a new referendum, expressing confidence that the issue has already been closed. Recall, Sturgeon is seeking a referendum on Scottish independence in 2020 and a second vote on Brexit at the regional level.

The Russian military has ordered a bathyscaphe for work in the Mariana trench

The head of “Admiralty shipyards” Alexander Buzakov at a round table in Moscow said that the construction of a bathyscaphe for work in the Mariana trench — the deepest point of The world ocean – his company ordered the Ministry of defense, according to the TASS news Agency.

“I can only answer with a General phrase — the Ministry of defense,” Buzakov said, without going into details.

He found it difficult to name the dates of construction, because the contract for the construction of the bathyscaphe has not yet been signed. Now the project is at the design and development stage.

In the United States conducted a test of ” doomsday aircraft»

Observers noticed the suspicious flight path of the e-6B control and communications aircraft during a recent U.S. Navy (Navy) exercise. It turned out that the military was testing a communication system with submarines that transmits commands to launch nuclear missiles. To operate the system, the aircraft produces an eight-kilometer VLF antenna from the fuselage.

Czech Republic bought us helicopters “to counter Russia»

The Czech Republic will buy 12 military helicopters in the United States for a total of $ 650 million. The Secretary of defense mark Esper stated that they needed “to counter Russia”.

Online cinema Premier removed part of the series ” Epidemic

Online cinema PREMIER has removed the fifth episode of the first season of Pavel Kostomarov’s series “Epidemic”. This series shows the post-apocalyptic riots in Russia, in which the plot of the security forces shoot civilians. Also, the show was suspended until February 2020. This is reported by the TV channel “Rain” with reference to the press service of the platform.

Paramount Pictures will arrange a restart of the ” Power Rangers»

Studio Paramount Pictures is preparing a new film in the franchise “Power Rangers”, which will be its next restart. This is reported by Deadline. It is noted that the project can be headed by the author of the series “the End of the world” Jonathan Entwhistle

“Soyuzmultfilm” presented the continuation of the legendary ” Umki”

Film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” presented to the 50th anniversary of the cartoon “Umka” continuation of the famous story of the white bear and his companion.

Prequel “the Nutcracker” will be shown at the Bolshoi theater

The premiere of the new version of” the Nutcracker ” staged by Natalia Kasatkina will be shown at the Bolshoi theatre on January 11 and 12. The music for the new version of” the Nutcracker ” was written by Eduard Artemyev, but in the ballet it is intertwined with Tchaikovsky’s works. The 5th Symphony, excerpts from the ballets “the Nutcracker” and “Sleeping beauty” will be performed in an innovative arrangement.

In Papua New Guinea opened the Cabinet of the Russian language

In the capital of Papua New Guinea opened a study of the Russian language. There will be Russian courses in Port Moresby. Everyone will also be introduced to the culture and folklore of Russia, including Russian films.

In Samara is returning “Rock over Volga»

The festival “Rock over the Volga” will return to the region on June 27, 2020. On this day, the best performers of Russia and Europe will perform in front of the audience at the Samara arena stadium. “The festival” Rock over the Volga ” returns to set new records!”,- said the organizers of the event.

Mac Pro has the cheapest memory modules

According to Quinn Nelson, the author of his YouTube channel, Apple has chosen for the Mac Pro type of memory at the lowest cost. As you know, the upgrade subsystem officially has a fairly high cost.

The first commercial flight of a railless train took place in China

A futuristic Chinese train plying virtual railway tracks has opened its doors to passengers in Sichuan for the first time — two years after the announcement of the project. Recall that the main feature of the train is the fact that it does not go on the usual rails on all, and on the road markings, which serves as a substitute for Railways.

It is important to note that the project is quite expensive. Thus, the construction of a virtual railway with a length of 17.7 km cost developers about 10 billion rubles, if translated into Russian money.

Smartphone camera allowed to” touch ” virtual objects

Experts from the United States and China have created a technology for smartphones that provides interaction with a virtual object, allowing you to “touch” the object. When rendering, the screen and the main camera of the gadget are used. The new development was presented during the international conference UIST 2019.

The company “Aquarius” released a tablet on the Russian OS ” Aurora»

Released tablet running the Russian mobile OS company “Aquarius” and “Open mobile platform” (OMP) announced the completion of porting the Russian mobile operating system “Aurora” on tablets model Aquarius Cmp NS208.

Apple releases iOS update for older iPhones

Apple unexpectedly released the iOS 12.4.4 update for older devices, including the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and the first-generation iPad Air, iPad mini 2, and mini 3 tablets.

Under the influence of fear fish become smarter

According to today News Ufa, scientists conducted the following experiment. Placed identical groups of fish in different conditions of existence. Some were created comfortable conditions, and others had to survive in constant stress, because of the neighborhood with predators. And the second group had more brain cells. Brain cells include neurons (cells that generate and transmit nerve impulses) and glial cells that perform important additional functions. It can be considered that neurons are the parenchyma of the brain, and glial cells-stroma. There are afferent neurons (sensory neurons), efferent neurons (some of them are called motor neurons, sometimes this is not a very accurate name applies to the entire group of efferents) and interneurons (insertion neurons).

Compressed light improved the properties of gravitational antennas

Physicists have summed up the use of the compressed state of light to reduce noise in the search for mergers of black holes and neutron stars. The improvement has been used almost all the time since the beginning of the third observation phase (from April 1, 2019), which has increased the rate of registrations by about 40 and 50 percent for American LIGO installations and 20 percent for European Virgo, according to a pair of articles in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Scientists have found out how many people will live without medicine

Australian experts from the national Institute have learned a unique way to estimate how long a vertebrate species lives based on its shared DNA. Natural human life, according to their conclusions, is not a long time, only 38 years, but has increased about twice over the centuries due to changes in lifestyle and advances in medicine around the world. The first findings are published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports

“Using information on the lifespan of 262 different vertebrate species, we were able to accurately predict it based on the methylation processes (changes in molecules) of DNA occurring in 42 different genes. These genes are likely to be a good incentive to study the aging process, which has huge biomedical and environmental implications, ” said the head of the research team, Dr. Benjamin main of the CSIRO.

It is difficult to change personal qualities, but it is possible.

Until recently, it was believed that a person can not change his personality, because it is inherited and stable. But recent scientific studies have debunked this common myth: under the influence of major life events and with constant intervention, the personality can still be changed.

As it turned out, traits such as neuroticism, extroversion, openness to experience, self-esteem and conscientiousness can lead to great results, in particular, to good earnings, happiness and health. As reported UfacityNews.ru with reference to Medical Xpress, it is difficult to change personal qualities, but it is possible. You need to make a huge effort, motivate yourself and be in the right place at the right time, the researchers write