15 Dec, 2020

News digest for 12/14/2020

In the Tyumen region, scientists have discovered a new type of mushroom.

The press service of the Tobolsk administration reports. The find in one of the swamps was discovered by biologists of the Tobolsk Complex Scientific Station. Unknown to science, lamellar mushrooms were named Volvariella paludosa, which means “Volvariella marsh”.

How edible this mushroom is has not yet been established. However, it is known that its nearest representatives can go for food. They are quite popular, for example, in Southeast Asia.

57 species of new mushrooms found in the Sayano-Shushensky nature reserve

Experts found 57 species that were not noted in previous lists. The total number of mushroom species growing in the reserve is now 364. Research on mushrooms in the Sayano-Shushensky reserve began in 2015.

US removes Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed a document excluding Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, the US Embassy in Khartoum said on Monday.

In October, US President Donald Trump pledged to remove Sudan from the list of sponsoring states of terrorism as soon as that country pays compensation in the amount of $ 335 million to victims of terrorist attacks in the United States and their families.

Sudan is one of four countries in the world along with Syria, Iran and North Korea, which was included by the White House in the list of states – sponsors of terrorism. Khartoum was listed in 1993,

China has stopped the passage of transport across the border with Russia

Before the weekend, on Friday, December 11, Rosgranstroy reported that, on the initiative of the PRC, the passage of transport across the state border at the Dongning checkpoints (the adjacent checkpoint on the Russian side “Poltavka”) and Suyefenhe (the Pogranichny checkpoint) was unilaterally suspended. The Chinese side did not officially specify the reasons for the closure of the checkpoint.

The world’s largest iceberg approaches a deserted island in the South Atlantic

A block of ice the size of the US state of Delaware. The iceberg can cause serious damage to wildlife. The A-68A iceberg was first reported in 2017. A huge portion of the ice has broken away from the Larsen C Ice Shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula.

In the spring of this year, the iceberg began to drift towards the island of South Georgia, which is part of the British overseas territory. The iceberg can swim further or get stuck in shallow water, which will have serious consequences for millions of seals, penguins and other seabirds, according to TV channel “360”.

Clashes between demonstrators and police in Leipzig

Demonstrators threw stones, firecrackers and bottles at police in the German city of Leipzig, a Saxon police press release said Monday. About 150 demonstrators gathered on Sunday evening to rally against right-wing law enforcement officials

Tesla offers a year of free Supercharger charging

Tesla has offered all customers in the US and Canada until the end of the year a bonus of 12 months of free and unlimited access to Supercharger charging stations. The key goal is to increase shipments of electric vehicles in order to achieve the fulfillment of the previously set plan for the sale of 500 thousand cars in 2020

Switzerland opens new railway tunnel through the Alps

In Switzerland, the regular movement of passenger trains began through the new Alpine Cheneri tunnel, which is 15.5 km long. Swiss Federal Railways assessed the opening of the tunnel as “the beginning of a new era for European mobility”

Public access to LHC data is now open

The data obtained during the experiments at the LHC became publicly available, on December 13, the “Hi-Tech” portal reports with reference to the European Organization for Nuclear Research. CERN reportedly decided to make the results of scientific experiments carried out at the LHC publicly available. At the same time, it is noted that only data related to the so-called. level number 3, that is, refer to “calibrated reconstructed data with a level of detail useful for algorithmic, performance and physics research.”

The rise in water levels in the oceans is uneven

A UN group of experts studying the rise in water levels in the world’s oceans notes that water rises by an average of 1.4 millimeters per year. Over the past 20 years, this figure has doubled. From 2005 to 2015, the water level rose by 3.6 millimeters per year

Katie McInnes, Senior Fellow at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Australia, says there are areas on the planet where water levels are decreasing. The resulting water, which is conventionally called excess water, does not spread evenly throughout the world. There are two main factors – thermal expansion and gravitational pull of ice sheets.

Scientist suggests that ancient people went into hibernation

Our distant ancestors, who inhabited the territory of modern Europe about half a million years ago, went into hibernation in order to survive the prolonged cold during the ice age. This assumption was made by anthropologist Antonis Bartsiokas, an employee of the Greek University of Thrace named after Democritus. According to L’anthropologie, Antonis Barziokas and his Spanish colleague Juan Luis Arsuaga suggested that ancient people hibernated when they examined bones in the Sima de los Huesos caves, which are located in northern Spain.

Sensitive fingers for robots invented in Japan

Japanese scientists conducting scientific work at Ritsumeikan University applied printing on a 3D printer in order to print soft robotic fingers with a built-in sensitivity sensor on it.

Paleontologists found the remains of the ancestors of pterosaurs

In the Americas, a team of paleontologists conducted several excavations. As a result, scientists have found the remains of ancient reptiles, which are the ancestors of pterodactyls. The researchers recalled that flying substances became the rulers of the sky about 160 million years ago

The date of the arrival of the first people on American lands has been announced

After conducting a series of studies, scientists were able to prove that the first people appeared in the United States about 130 thousand years ago. It was possible to prove the assumption after analyzing the bones of mastodons. In the area of ​​the alleged sites, stones were also found that could be used as hammers for processing bones.

The findings from the new study are documented in an official document. It states that the bones of the mastodons were placed on stone anvils and worked with a hammer during the specified period.

A division of Rosatom will be engaged in the modernization of the Sea Launch

One of the structures of the state corporation Rosatom intends to modernize the Sea Launch floating cosmodrome. As part of the planned work, a corresponding examination is already being carried out. Earlier it was reported that Sea Launch requires repair. These works will require from 1.0 to 1.5 billion rubles. Launches from the floating cosmodrome will resume no earlier than 2023–2024.

Let us recall that the Sea Launch project was developed back in the early 1990s. Its essence lies in launching carrier rockets from the equatorial zone, where the Earth’s rotation speed can be used most effectively.

Astronomers have discovered a network of gravitational “tunnels” in the solar system

Astronomers in the study of the solar system were able to find a whole network of gravitational “tunnels”. The work was carried out by an international team of specialists led by the staff of the Serbian Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade.

We are talking about a kind of superhighways through which space objects have the ability to move around the solar system at an impressive speed. It is impossible to distinguish such structures with the naked eye, their existence is due to the gravitational effect

The main secret of the Sun is revealed

Scientists from the University of Colorado, together with NASA’s Space Flight Center, have found an explanation for the sun’s main mystery. Previously, science could not explain the fact that the Sun’s atmosphere is millions of degrees hotter than the Sun’s surface itself.

According to Tech Explorist, heat transfer at the surface of the Sun adds energy to magnetic fields. The magnetic fields, in turn, heat the plasma. During the heating process, the magnetic fields of the plasma filaments are destroyed and radiate the accumulated magnetic energy. The plasma is heated strongly, so the atmosphere overheats

Theater “Sovremennik” will be closed due to death of Valentin Gaft

Russian actor, artistic director of the School of Contemporary Play, Iosif Raikhelgauz, said on his Facebook page that the Sovremennik Theater is closing. After the death of Valentin Gaft, not a single founder remained alive

We Are OFK will tell the story of aspiring musicians

Independent studio Team OFK has timed the announcement of its debut game at The Game Awards. We Are OFK will be an episodic tale of the fate of four musicians who are trying to form a band and record their first album.

The group “Splin” has released a new album

The group “Spleen” has released a new album called “Vira and Mayna”, It has 11 compositions. One of them – “Jin” – was already presented by the team at the beginning of December. The music and lyrics of all the songs of the new album were written by Alexander Vasiliev. He also painted the cover.

The recording of the tracks was attended not only by members of the group, but also by invited musicians: guitarist Yevgeny Baryshnikov and a string quartet consisting of Guli Naumova, Alexey Gusarov, Irina Ezhkova and Natalia Nazarova.

Director of Total released an album about the busiest citizen

Russian musician Director of Everything (real name – Andrey Lee) released the album “The Busiest Citizen”. This was reported in a press release received by the editors of “Lenta.ru”. In total, the artist’s second release, released on the Doing Great Music label, includes eight tracks.

Crimean winery “Massandra” sold

The buyer of 100% of Massandra’s shares was OOO Yuzhny Project, a subsidiary of the bank of Russia. The starting price of the auction was 5.3 billion rubles, in addition to LLC “Yuzhny Project”, LLC “Estate Group” took part in the auction

Part of the money received from the sale of the Massandra winery is planned to be spent on medicine. This is reported by Kryminform. It is noted that the funds will be used to pay the doctors helping patients with coronavirus.

Russia will plan to regulate food prices

The Ministry of Economic Development proposes to give the Cabinet of Ministers the right to set the price fluctuation bar for socially important goods at 10 percent instead of the current 30 percent, said the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov. On December 14, RIA Novosti reports.

“It is proposed to seriously lower the bar – for this we propose to come up with an amendment to the legislation and give the Government the right to set this bar and, in parallel, as soon as such a right is granted, set the bar at 10 percent of fluctuations per month, excluding seasonal price fluctuations,” he said. Reshetnikov at a meeting of the prime minister with his deputies.

Mishustin appointed responsible for the situation with food prices in the country

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that each of the relevant ministers is personally responsible for the situation with food prices in Russia

Experts predicted empty shelves in Russian stores

Manual adjustment of supply and demand can cause a real shortage in stores, writes Data with reference to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Yakov Mirkin, Head of the International Capital Markets Department at IMEMO RAN, said that government control of food prices is a risky step.

“Goods for which prices will be frozen may disappear from sale if the freeze is extended for more than three months,” the expert said. This will happen due to suppliers’ refusal to cooperate with retailers. As a result, only low-quality goods will remain on store shelves. Freezing prices can lead to a shortage of goods, – said economist and financial analyst Vitaly Kalugin in an interview with Ura.ru

Peskov did not associate the rise in food prices with the depreciation of the ruble

The Kremlin believes that the fall in the ruble cannot explain the rise in prices for domestic products. “Mostly, they are not connected,” Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president, told reporters, answering the question whether the Kremlin links the fall in the ruble exchange rate and the rise in food prices

Government measures to contain food prices:

  • The government intends to obtain the right to directly regulate prices for social products when they grow by 10% in a month (instead of the current 30%)
  • Agreements to stabilize prices will be concluded with sugar and sunflower oil producers until December 20, they will be valid until the end of the first quarter under the control of the Federal Tax Service
  • On sugar, the authorities are ready to stimulate imports from abroad, if the prices of Russian producers do not decrease – the abolition of the import duty on cane sugar is being discussed
  • Grain exports will be limited – from February 15 to June 30, they will introduce a grain export quota (17.5 million tons) and wheat export duties (within the quota – 25 euros per ton, outside the quota – 50%, but not less than 100 euros)
  • The export of sunflower oil can also be limited – if the agreement on prices is not fulfilled, the authorities are ready to impose duties on it
  • At the same time, sugar and bread producers and flour processors will receive state support in 2021
  • These measures will reduce the price of sugar in stores to 46 rubles per kilogram, for sunflower oil – to 110 rubles, the Ministry of Agriculture expects (a week ago it was 53 and 125 rubles)

No need to interfere with federal channels

The head of the Belgorod State TV and Radio Company explained why he allowed his operators to push other journalists. Earlier, the correspondents of Telegram channels complained about the rudeness of the employees of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. Yuri Pomelnikov told the “Rise” publication that he was ready to give instructions. But not for the operators, but for “these chorus girls.”

“There is no need to interfere with federal channels. Those chorus girls running around in front of the cameras are very bad. I already told the administration: “Gather them all in my conference room, I will instruct you how to behave.” When the balance is built, and they start running in front of the nose … The operator will grab the skirt and put it aside, then something else. We don’t shoot on tablets. You should see a huge camera for 2 million rubles if it is on a tripod, if the microphone is “Russia”. But they don’t understand anything, these people who do not have education yet. What should the operator do? Indicate the first time, and use the power the second time. “

Net loss of Ural Airlines for nine months

Ural Airlines received a net loss of 4.3 billion rubles according to Russian accounting standards (RAS) in January-September 2020.

Iran does not intend to ask permission from OPEC to increase oil production

Tehran does not intend to ask any permission from OPEC in order to increase oil production next year, Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangane said on Monday.

A permit is not needed, this is our right, but there are no problems, we will not ask anyone for permission to increase oil production. Of course, you have to wait, – the minister said, answering the question of how Iran will get permission to increase oil production when OPEC countries are trying to reduce their production.

China intends to return money invested in Ukraine through court

China’s investments in the Ukrainian economy have turned into losses, Beijing wants to demand money from Kiev through an international court. The corresponding application has already been submitted to the authority. Beijing has suffered billions of dollars in losses by investing in the Motor Sich plant.

Belarus hopes for help from China

Minsk counts on China’s support in the implementation of the financial stability project. This was announced today, December 14, by the First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Nikolai Snopkov at a meeting of the Belarusian-Chinese Intergovernmental Committee for Cooperation

Rosgvardia has requested funds for digitalization

Rosgvardia has requested 10.8 billion rubles from the budget of the Digital Economy national project for digitalization in 2021-2023, Kommersant reports with reference to the department’s digital transformation plan. Its authenticity was confirmed by a federal official.

EU leaders approve future restrictions on oil and gas imports

Oil consumption by 2030 is scheduled to be reduced by a third, gas – by a quarter, and the total cost of imports of hydrocarbons will fall by 100 billion euros. Fossil fuels are expected to be phased out by 2050. Hydrogen will be replaced, as well as environmentally friendly renewable energy – wind and solar

Ban on “Victory” to sum up the weight of the luggage of passengers flying together canceled

The Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor’s Office has achieved the abolition of the Pobeda airline’s rule, according to which it was forbidden to sum up the weight of the luggage of passengers flying together, the press service of the department reports.

The number of officials of Rosprirodnadzor needs to be increased

This is stated in a letter from the President of the Association “Business Russia” Pavel Titov, which he sent to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, reports RBC. According to Titov, the staff of the department will need to be increased 21 times – from 4 thousand to almost 85 thousand people for the annual verification of 12 million reports from manufacturers of goods obliged to pay eco-tax under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) law.

Fines for bonfires near private houses will begin

On January 1, 2021, new fire regulations will come into force. Bonfires will be outside the law on the territory of private houses, it will not be possible to use open fire for cooking (except in specially equipped places), TASS reports.

The Ministry of Construction proposed to simplify the entry of migrants to work at construction sites

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Utilities has prepared proposals for the simplified entry of labor migrants to Russia to work at construction sites. They are sent for consideration to the government, reports TASS with reference to the press service of the department

Foreigners can enter with a negative COVID-19 test. Organizations attracting workers should place them, put them on migration registration, and issue patents for labor activities.

Thailand resumes visa-free travel for tourists

According to the Thai embassy, ​​the country’s authorities have allowed citizens of 62 states, including Russia, to stay on their territory for 30 days without a visa. All foreigners must have a special certificate of entry, a hotel reservation, the result of a PCR test for COVID-19, as well as insurance covering the treatment of coronavirus in the amount of at least $ 100,000.

Russia extends food embargo until the end of 2021

The government extended the food embargo until the end of next year, adding the UK to the blacklist of countries. The document was published on the official portal of legal information.

Introduce until December 31, 2021, a ban on the import into the Russian Federation of agricultural products, raw materials and food, the country of origin of which is the United States of America, the countries of the European Union, Canada, Australia, the Kingdom of Norway, Ukraine, the Republic of Albania, Montenegro, the Republic of Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as listed in the appendix, it says.

Development of the doctrine “Russian Donbass” began in Donetsk

The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin announced the beginning of the development of a doctrine called “Russian Donbass”, which should become a “platform for the ideological structure of the republic”, reflecting the historical ties of Donbass with Russia

The Verkhovna Rada has extended the law on the special status of Donbass

The Ukrainian parliament has once again, for the fifth time, extended the law on the special status of Donbass. This is reported by the telegram channel “Chergovy OOS”

Zelensky announced Ukraine’s intention to abandon coal

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the country’s intention to abandon the use of coal over time. According to “STRANA.ua”, he said this during an online speech at the International Summit of Climate Ambitions.

According to him, greenhouse gas emissions from Ukraine should be reduced by almost 40% by 2030 and the Ukrainian government is already working to replace fossil fuels such as coal.

Iranian President named the purpose of the assassination of a scientist

Hassan Rouhani said during a press conference that Israel was going to launch military operations in the Middle East, eliminating Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. The head of the republic again promised to avenge the assassination attempt on the country’s leading nuclear physicist. He died on November 27

“Shrek” was included in the list of US national treasure

The most significant films were selected to be stored in the Library of Congress. Among them were the 2008 “Dark Knight” and “A Clockwork Orange” 1971. The list is updated every year by 25 films. At the moment, there are 800 paintings in it.

On trial for the flag on the balcony

In Minsk, 87-year-old Yelizaveta Brusova was put on trial for a white-red-white flag, which was hung on a glassed-in balcony. The pensioner faces a fine for an offense under Article 23.34 of the Republican Code of Administrative Violations.

McLaren will sell a stake in its racing division

McLaren has agreed to sell up to 33% of its racing division to a consortium of American investors led by MSP Sports Capital, as the automaker aims to raise funds to improve its financial situation, while focusing on its automotive division, Bloomberg writes.

MSP Sports Capital is investing £ 185m ($ 245m) in McLaren Racing to acquire an initial 15% stake, which will grow to 33% by the end of 2022, McLaren said in a statement. The deal is valued at £ 560 million.

German government to buy shares in defense company Hensoldt AG

The German government will buy from KKR & Co. 25.1% of the shares of the defense supplier Hensoldt AG for 464 million euros. The purchase is intended to prevent a foreign buyer from taking control of Hensoldt, it said. KKR retained over 60% of the company’s shares after its IPO in September.

The German government has the power to block unwanted takeovers that pose potential interference and security risks. The state had the opportunity to buy Hensoldt’s stake from KKR at a maximum price of 600 million euros.

Amazon startup has demonstrated its new robotic taxi

Zoox Inc, a self-driving startup owned by Amazon com Inc., has unveiled a fully autonomous electric vehicle without a steering wheel that can drive for almost a day on a single charge. A robotic taxi car can carry up to four passengers. With an engine at each wheel, it moves in any direction and reaches speeds of up to 75 mph.

To commercialize the technology, Zoox plans to launch an autonomous taxi service in cities such as San Francisco and Las Vegas. Company executives said the services will be affordable and competitive with those provided by Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc.

In Oryol, garbage trucks began to unload waste within the city

In Oryol, Ecologistik garbage trucks began to unload waste within the city. For this, the site “Spetsavtobaza” on the Zalegoshchenskoye highway was chosen. The situation was noticed in the public movement “Citizens of the Eagle”. In their official group on the social network, the activists posted several videos filmed directly at the scene. “The site is not intended for this, it is not even equipped with a fence

Russian Military Historical Society will receive funds from the budget

The Russian Military Historical Society of Vladimir Medinsky will receive a record 2.2 billion rubles from the budget, Open Media found. The increase is due to the implementation of “additional significant patriotic projects”, said the press service of the Ministry of Culture. True, what kind of projects these are, they do not even know in the most patriotic society: according to the director for project activities of the RVIO, the organization has not yet drawn up an action plan for the next year

March against gender-based violence and judicial arbitrariness was held in Bishkek

The march was the culmination of a 16-day campaign against gender-based violence in Kyrgyzstan. The reason was the case of the rape of a 13-year-old girl: the day before, the court acquitted the second of the two accused. The victim has been in a crisis center for several months now; doctors cannot return her to normal life. The girl also had to have an abortion – she became pregnant from one of the rapists.

The most spoken languages ​​in the world

16% of the world’s population speaks Chinese – 1.3 billion people, the most spoken language in the world. In second place is Spanish (hello to Latin America) – almost half a billion people. 379 million speak English as their mother tongue, 341 million speak Hindi and 319 million Arabic.

Note, by the way, that the main language of the second most populous country in the world – India – takes only 4th place. Because there are 447 languages ​​in India, of which 22 have official status and can be used by government agencies.

Russian took 8th place in the list of the most spoken languages ​​in the world: 154 million native speakers.

French court gave two Russians 3 and 10 years in prison

A French court sentenced Russian football fans Mikhail Ivkin and Pavel Kosov to three and ten years in prison, respectively, in the case of the June 2016 European Football Championship riots.

The Russians were found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm to a 55-year-old English fan during a match between the teams of Russia and England in Marseille.

According to the video surveillance records, Mikhail Ivkin threw a chair at the Englishman, Pavel Kosov hit the Englishman on the head, after which he lost consciousness. After the incident, the fan received a disability.