18 Dec, 2019

News digest for 12/17/2019

Media reported on the maneuvers of the Russian Navy ship off the coast of Florida

U.S. officials say that the Russian Navy reconnaissance ship “Viktor Leonov” makes unsafe maneuvers in international waters off the coast of South Carolina and Florida. On December 16, CNN reported.

NATO said the increase in the activity of Russian submarines

The activity of Russian submarines in 2019 reached the highest since the Cold war, according to the German media group RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND), citing NATO data

Us companies in January will increase production of shale oil

In the largest oil and gas producing regions of the United States, shale oil production in January 2020 will increase compared to December 2019 by 30 thousand barrels (or 0.33%). The total figure will be 9.135 million barrels per day, RIA Novosti reported. This forecast was made by the energy information Agency (EIA) under the us Department of energy. Total daily production across the country in 2019 is expected to reach 12.29 million barrels.

The Tarim field in Xinjiang of China set a record in gas production

Daily production of natural gas at the Tarim field in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region in Northwest China has exceeded 85 million cubic meters for the first time since its development began, Xinhua reported.

“United Russia” spoke against the ban of snus

The United Russia faction in the state Duma considers the existing anti-tobacco restrictions in the legislation of the Russian Federation sufficient and does not support the initiative to completely ban the trade in nicotine-containing mixtures. On Tuesday told reporters the first Deputy head of the faction Andrei isaye

The Federal forestry Agency named the amount of damage from forest fires in 2019

Damage from forest fires in Russia in 2019 amounted to 14.4 billion rubles. This was announced by Deputy head of the Federal forestry Agency (Rosleskhoz) Nikolai Krotov at the forum ” Clean country»

Putin signed the law on penalties for media-foreign agents

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a Federal law providing for millions of fines for non-compliance with the law on the activities of media recognized as foreign agents. The document is published on the Official Internet portal of legal information

“United Russia” proposes to abandon the mandatory exam in a foreign language

In “United Russia” offer the Ministry of education to cancel the introduction of compulsory state examination in a foreign language in all schools of the country. This was reported by the coordinator of the party project “New school”, a member of the Presidium of the General Council of the party Alena Arshinova.

In 2022, the unified state examination in a foreign language is unacceptable. Initially, the necessary set of measures for its introduction was not implemented. – Alena Arshinova, Russian politician

Us sanctions have deprived the Rothenbergs of access to three mansions

In the United States, the couple Boris and Karina Rotenberg found three abandoned properties in Fulton County, Georgia. The reason for this was the sanctions of the us Treasury Department, which included Rotenberg as a person close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russia has restored the operation of the plant for the production of fertilizers in Syria

Russia has restored the work of Syria’s only plant for the production of chemical fertilizers, said Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov

“As part of the investment contract for the restoration and modernization of the chemical plant in HOMS, designed for 40 years, it is planned to invest $200 million in the work of the enterprise,” Borisov, who is on a working visit to Syria, said.

Debts under the salary in Russia in November increased by more than 10%

Total wage arrears in Russia in November increased by 269.3 million rubles, or 10.2%, and as of December 1 amounted to 2 billion 907.8 million rubles. Such data leads the Federal state statistics service (Rosstat).

High income of top managers of state corporations remains

Experts estimated the income of top managers of Russia for 2019. The amount of payments to members of the Board of state corporations is estimated in billions of rubles. Typically, companies direct at least 50% of net income to dividends, which are distributed among the owners of shares or securities. Senior executives are often their shareholders, too, but they own a small stake. Experts came to the conclusion that bonuses for top managers continue to increase.

For example, in 2019, payments to senior managers from the oil industry increased by an average of 25%, – reports News.ru-Experts attribute this to the growth of cents on black gold in 2018.

Moscow spent …

The capital’s Department of Finance reported on the performance of the budget for 11 months of this year. According to the Department, the city Treasury received more than 2.35 trillion rubles.

Expenses reached almost 2.1 trillion rubles. The city spent the most on the development of the transport system — 483.2, social support for Muscovites — 412.3 and education — 279.2 billion rubles, respectively. 256.4 billion rubles were spent on health care, and in total, taking into account the budget of the Moscow city Fund of compulsory medical insurance, the cost of protecting the health of Muscovites for 11 months of this year amounted to 431 billion rubles.

Turkish President Erdogan sent troops and equipment to Libya

Earlier, Erdogan said that Ankara agreed to provide comprehensive assistance to the government of national accord of Libya. Since November 2019, an agreement on military cooperation and cooperation at sea has been in force between Turkey and Libya.

China once again acted against the cryptocurrency

The administration of Weihai, a port city in China, has warned locals not to invest in cryptocurrencies. According to the Department’s appeal, unscrupulous companies declare developments in the field of blockchain, while they have nothing to do with this technology, reports CoinDesk.

“As the country advances blockchain technology, attackers have again begun to advertise virtual currencies that could be linked to illegal transactions,” the city authorities said.

Turkey arrests more than 170 people suspected of links to FETO

Turkish law enforcement authorities arrested 171 people suspected of links with FETO, Anadolu Ajansi reported on December 17. According to journalists, the arrests were made on the basis of warrants issued by the Ankara Prosecutor’s office. A total of 260 arrest warrants were received.

Ukraine announced new sanctions against Russia

The Ukrainian authorities have launched the process of imposing sanctions against enterprises in the territories beyond the control of Kiev, which cooperate with the military-industrial complex of Russia, according to a government decree dated November 27.

China’s first aircraft carrier commissioned

The first Chinese aircraft carrier of its own production, called “Shandong”, was commissioned in the port of Sanya. According to Xinhua, the ceremony was held at 16.00 local time (11.00 GMT), it was attended by Chinese President XI Jinping, reports TASS. “Shandong” became the first aircraft carrier of China’s own production.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia proposed to Finance benefits for oil workers from the NWF

We are talking about tax benefits for the Priobskoye field, which is being developed by Rosneft and Gazprom Neft. According to” Kommersant ” Alexey Sazanov, head of the Department of tax and customs policy of the Ministry, the Cabinet of Ministers proposed a new scheme to provide a tax deduction on mineral extraction tax for the Priobskoye field. According to Sazanov, the Ministry of Finance may refuse to introduce mineral extraction tax on associated petroleum gas at a price of 385 rubles per 1 thousand cubic meters as compensation for lost revenues, but the Agency proposes to limit the effect of the tax deduction.

Turkmenistan agreed to insure TAPI gas pipeline at Pakistan’s request

Turkmen authorities agreed with Pakistan’s demand for insurance of gas supplies in case of loss of transit of natural gas due to the undermining of the Afghan part of the TAPI gas pipeline, writes The News.

Denmark raises pigs without antibiotics

Raising livestock, poultry, fish using antibiotics leads to the growth of deadly super-bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Agricultural producers say that without this all livestock will die, but Danish pig farmers prove that this is not the case

Sberbank has registered an international commodity trader in Switzerland

Sberbank registered in Switzerland “daughter”, which will be engaged in international commodity financing and operations with physical goods, follows from the message of the Bank. Sber Trading Swiss AG (STS) is registered in the Canton of Zug. Sberbank plans to open an office and conduct the first transactions in the first half of 2020.

Former Pakistani President Musharraf sentenced to death

Pakistan’s special court has sentenced former President and military leader Pervez Musharraf to death. On Tuesday, the newspaper Dawn. The verdict was delivered by a three-judge judicial panel chaired by the head of the Peshawar High court, Waqar Ahmad Seth.

Putin banned ex – FSB employees from traveling abroad

FSB officers who have been dismissed from military service in the FSB bodies will not be able to travel abroad temporarily. The relevant law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The document is published on the Internet portal of legal information. It prohibits ex-FSB employees from traveling abroad for five years. The law does not mean an automatic travel ban for all ex-officers. The Agency itself will decide who not to give permission.

Before the next elections United Russia will clean the ranks of its deputies

The political party “United Russia” has monitored the efficiency of the deputies of its faction in the state Duma. The aim is to draw up preliminary lists of candidates who will be nominated for participation in the elections-2021

“According to the results of the assessment, more than half of the current deputies-United Russia (today the EP faction consists of 341 deputies-approx. ed.) may become candidates for deputies of the new convocation”, – writes with reference to its own source in the presidential administration newspaper “Kommersant”.

The cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” will be released for factory testing in 2020

Heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Admiral Nakhimov” will be released for factory testing in 2020, said December 16, the first Deputy head of the plant “Sevmash” Sergei Voronko TV channel “Zvezda”.

France to fine Bloomberg news Agency

French authorities have decided to fine Bloomberg news Agency for €5 million for spreading false information on the Paris stock exchange, which led to a fall in the share price of the largest French construction Corporation Vinci.

The incident occurred on November 22, 2016. Then the staff of the Paris Bureau Bloomberg spread a fake press release about the financial audit in Vinci. It said in part that the company had begun reviewing its accounts after “very serious” breaches. This information was quoted by other media, which led to a fall in Vinci shares by 18.28%.

Camp of opponents of construction of incinerator plant is liquidated

Near Kazan, riot police dispersed the camp of opponents of the construction of an incinerator, activist Vera Kerpel told Novaya Gazeta. According to The” apology protest”, security forces detained more than ten protesters.

In Ivanovo, firefighters hold single pickets because of the low wages of emergency workers. The average salary of a firefighter in the city is about 4000-5300 rubles

Russia and China for lifting sanctions against North Korea

Russia and China have circulated to the UN Security Council a draft that says it is necessary to ease sanctions against Pyongyang “in order to improve the living standards of the civilian population.” The second paragraph of the document notes that the security Council “must adapt the sanctions measures applied to the DPRK in view of the fact that the country fulfills its obligations under the relevant UN security Council resolutions.”

As noted, Russia and China have proposed to lift the ban on exports of seafood, textiles and statues, to exempt inter-Korean rail and road projects from US sanctions, as well as to lift the ban on the work of North Koreans abroad.

Boeing to stop production of 737 MAX

Boeing has announced it will halt commercial production of the 737 MAX in January, Reuters reported. This is due to the fact that the ban on the flights of these aircraft, introduced after two disasters, is likely not to be lifted. And this will affect supplies around the world. Boeing won’t lay off employees during production shutdown

The decision was made by the Boeing Board after a two-day meeting in Chicago. Before that, it became known that the Federal aviation administration of the United States is not going to allow the operation of the 737 MAX until 2020.

The constitutional court of Ukraine recognized the powers of the President

The constitutional court of Ukraine declared illegal the amendments expanding powers of the President of the country Vladimir Zelensky. The proposed bill allows Zelensky to appoint the heads of the State Bureau of investigation (GBI) and the National anti-corruption Bureau (NABU).

It is reported that the KSU also recognized constitutional, but with warnings amendments to the Basic law on transition to proportional system of elections and reduction of number of deputies from 450 to 300 people: to submit the bill to court again, it will be necessary to eliminate the specified remarks.

The French government has canceled a pension reform, the announcement of which caused mass strikes in the country — Le Monde. The high Commissioner on the pension reform Jean-Paul Delevoe also resigned

Yegor Zhukov appealed the verdict

The verdict of Yegor Zhukov appealed, said in the telegram channel, the head of the human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov. Zhukov’s interests are represented by the lawyer of “Agora” Leonid Solovyov. Protection Zhukov asks to cancel the sentence, the criminal case to stop. No date has been set for the complaint.

HSE student Yegor Zhukov, accused of publicly calling for extremist activity, was sentenced to three years probation on December 6. Also, the court banned Zhukov for two years to engage in activities related to the administration of sites, and similar to it. Zhukov pleaded not guilty.

The Moscow Helsinki group announced a fundraiser.

The Moscow Helsinki group (MHG) has announced the collection of money in order to continue working. This was on the air of “Echo of Moscow” told the Executive Director of the organization Svetlana Astrakhantseva. According to her, MHG “has no confidence” that the organization will continue to receive grants from the state. They remained the only source of funding after the adoption of the “foreign agents” law in 2012.

“We, of course, applied for participation in the new presidential grant competition, – quotes the words of the Astrakhan website of the Moscow art Museum. — But we are not completely sure that the support that was during the life of [the head of the Moscow art gallery] Lyudmila Mikhailovna [Alekseeva], the human rights activities of the Moscow art gallery will continue in the future.”

92% of Americans believe their fundamental rights are at risk.

Americans are most concerned that their freedom of speech (48%), the right to bear arms (47%) and the right to equal justice (41%) are under threat — according to the results of a recent Harris Poll.

Australian scientists have created a new biodegradable plastic!

Banana cultivation is considered extremely wasteful in agriculture: only 12% of the plant is used for its intended purpose, and the rest is thrown away. Now the stem, of which most of the banana plant consists, has learned to process. It is first dried in the oven, then ground into a powder and treated with mild chemicals to separate the nanocellulose. Banana plastic will endure without loss of quality three processing, and when it gets into the ground, it will be destroyed organically. Now scientists are looking for partners to launch it into production.

Exoskeletons will allow you to work in retirement

Japan’s population is aging rapidly: almost a third (28 %) of all residents are over 65 years old, a world record for the number of elderly people. This situation has led to a shortage of workers, especially in industries where manual labor is needed: in construction, manufacturing and agriculture.

To encourage older people to stay at work or move into these industries, Innophys has developed exoskeletons that make it easier for people to lift weights (up to 24 kg) by taking the load off their spine, legs and arms. The device in the form of a backpack is non-volatile: the device does not need batteries or recharging from the outlet, it is powered by muscle power, and works on compressed air. The device costs about 80 thousand rubles.

During the report, the mayor will discuss only the issues agreed with the mayor’s office.

At the annual speech in the Moscow city Duma on December 18, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin will present to deputies a report on the work of the government over the past year. The draft agenda, approved by the deputies, involves three questions from each faction about the results of the city hall.

On Monday, the mayor’s questions were considered by the Commission on the organization of the Duma, which is headed by the speaker of the Parliament of United Russia Alexei Shaposhnikov. As told” Open media “Deputy from the faction” Yabloko ” Daria Besedina, her question from the list decided to exclude.

According to the draft of the special statement of fraction (is at the disposal of “Open media”), the Deputy was going to ask the mayor, whether he feels responsibility for destinies of participants of summer protests who were persecuted. And also about whether Sobyanin wants to apologize for words about “mass riots” – so the mayor called peaceful actions of Muscovites. According to the Deputy, the majority of members of the Shaposhnikov Commission voted for the exclusion of this issue from the list.

Scientists have solved the mystery of stone statues from Easter island

A group of archaeologists and soil scientists from the United States, New Zealand and Chile found that the ancient Polynesians installed on Easter island stone statues-moai, because they believed that the statues help to preserve the fertility of the earth. The corresponding press release is published on the website Phys.org

Russia has occupied 81-e a place in a rating of gender equality

Russia in 2019 worsened its position in the global Gender Gap Index (gender gap index), which has been published by the world economic forum (WEF) since 2006.

Overall, Russia ranked 81st this year compared to 75th last year. According to the report, the country has almost perfect indicators in education and medicine, while on the political criterion of gender equality, it ranks only 122nd in the world, including the number of women in Parliament – 112th.

The index is calculated for 153 States in four main areas: education, health and life expectancy, economy and career, and political rights.

The project of the highway through the radioactive burial ground has passed the examination

In Moscow, the construction of a highway through a radioactive burial ground near the Park “Kolomenskoye”, found”Open media”. Construction is conducted by Arkady Rotenberg. Work began without a tender and a construction permit

Radioactive waste on the banks of the Moscow river appeared in Soviet times, they were stored by the Moscow Polymetal plant (MZP). The infected area stretches from the fence of the Park “Kolomenskoye” to the railway Kursk direction, almost a kilometer. The main argument of the Moscow officials: the burial ground really exists, but on that segment where the highway will pass, there are no radioactive burials, they are located 100-150 meters to the West.

Explosives missing from Russian defense plant

We are talking about 276 tons of explosive waste obtained during the disposal of shells under a military contract, which were not handed over to the Ministry of defense. It turned out that the theft was committed for a year and a half — from November 2017 to March 2019.

“The Moscow business”. The trial of Sergei Surovtsev

In the Tver district court of Moscow began consideration of the case of 30-year-old IT-specialist Sergei Surovtsev, accused of violence against the national guard at the rally on July 27. According to investigators, he hit an ensign of the national guard with a section of metal fencing. Surovtsev is charged with part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code (use of violence against a representative of the authorities), he does not admit guilt

Protests erupted again in Lebanon.

The reason for the largest unrest in recent decades was the dissatisfaction of the country’s residents with the actions of the government, the severe economic crisis and the introduction of new taxes.

Russia will process hazardous waste.

The establishment of hazardous waste processing enterprises began in Russia at the facilities of former chemical weapons destruction plants. This was stated at the forum “Clean country” by the Director for the implementation of state and industry programs in the field of ecology of the state Corporation “Rosatom” Andrey Lebedev.

“In 2019, the legislative basis for the implementation of the Federal project and the creation of the system was created, the first objects within the property complexes for the destruction of chemical weapons were adopted — there are now surveys conducted, work has begun directly on the creation of such infrastructure,” Lebedev was quoted by TASS.

Pickets were held in Yekaterinburg and Novouralsk against the import of uranium ” tails»

In Yekaterinburg and Novouralsk on Sunday, December 15, single pickets against import to the region of uranium “tails” — depleted uranium from Germany took place. As the correspondent reports Znak.com, the pickets were attended by six people, including artists from the Post Art Association.

Computers manage a large number of stocks than people

At least in the United States. 35% of the $ 31 trillion (that’s more than $ 10 trillion) is managed by computers, only 24% is managed by people (the rest is simply owned by companies or other organizations).

Vyacheslav Volodin criticized the data of the Ministry of health on the salary of doctors

In most regions, doctors do not receive an average salary of 79 thousand rubles per month, which says the Ministry of health. According to Vyacheslav Volodin, this is due to the fact that statistics take into account the salaries of the chief doctor and his deputies, which sometimes exceeds the incomes of other employees several times, TASS writes.

For the purity of the relationship: you gave a figure of the average salary of physicians 79 thousand rubles? This is exactly what the average salary in the country. Here our colleagues are present from different regions: in the Kostroma region, what is the average salary of doctors? In the Pskov region? We do not have such average salaries. It is not close, and 70 no, no and 60, ” – said Volodin, commenting on the speech of the head of the Ministry of health Veronika Skvortsova at a meeting of the Council of legislators.

In the state Duma of Russia proposed the replacement of the death penalty

The state Duma introduced a draft law on amendments to the criminal and Criminal procedure codes, providing for the replacement of the death penalty for life imprisonment with solitary confinement

The Russian criminal code provides for the death penalty for five types of crimes, but it is abolished in peacetime (in accordance with Protocol No. 6 to the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms). In fact, the death penalty is not carried out.

“The application to persons sentenced to death of a softer punishment in the form of life imprisonment contradicts the principle of justice established in paragraph 1 of article 6 of the criminal code,” – said the author of the initiative MP from LDPR Sergei Ivanov.

Italy will begin to give the Russians a five-year Schengen visa

After the entry into force of the new rules for the issuance of Schengen visas, Italy will begin to issue travel documents to Russian citizens, designed for five years. This was told by the Consul General of Italy in Moscow Francesco Forte, RIA Novosti reported.

Children can be obliged to pay debts of parents because of expensive gifts

The Federal tax service (FTS) and other creditors may get new opportunities to attract children to pay off the debts of parents, Vedomosti writes. This conclusion was made by the newspaper after the Supreme court panel on December 16 sent for review the bankruptcy case of the company “Alliance”, overturning the decisions of three lower instances. This trial could change judicial practice, the publication believes.

The arbitration court of Moscow decided that “Alliance” used controlled companies in the execution of state contracts to save on taxes and withdraw money. As a result, “Alliance” was declared bankrupt and remained owed creditors 311.7 million rubles. The Moscow Department of the Federal tax service asked to bring to vicarious liability the former co-owner and current CEO of the company Vadim samylovsky, his wife Natalia Kiriyenko (she owned companies controlled by the “Alliance”) and their two sons — Dmitry and Daniel. Claims to children tax justified by the fact that they are after the bankruptcy of the company received from parents as a gift expensive property.

Russia increased investments in US government bonds

Russia increased investments in US government bonds in October 2019. They reached $10.697 billion, according to data from the us Treasury. Short — term bonds account for $8.127 billion and long-term bonds for $2.57 billion.

“Beeline” warned about price increases on a number of tariffs

Mobile operator ” VimpelCom “(brand” Beeline”) informed subscribers about the change of archive tariffs from January 16, 2020. The corresponding announcement is published on the company’s website. It does not explain what tariff plans are in question and how the terms of service of subscribers will change.

Goldman Sachs will stop financing oil and coal production in the Arctic

Us Bank Goldman Sachs said it would no longer Finance projects for oil production in the Arctic, as well as for the production of thermal coal. At the same time, the company plans to allocate $750 billion in the next decade to Finance projects to combat climate change and balanced economic growth.

Deposit guarantee will increase to 10 million rubles

But this will not affect everyone. Now, if the Bank collapses, then depositors are paid an insurance amount of no more than 1.4 million rubles. But since 2018, the possibility of increasing this threshold to 10 million is discussed, however, Not for everyone and not for the entire period of the Deposit, but for 3 months. For example, a person sold an apartment, put his 9.5 million rubles in the Bank, and he went bankrupt in 2 months. In this case, the Deposit insurance Agency, proposed in the bill, will pay the victim the entire amount. Recently, the government of the Russian Federation gave a positive opinion on the innovation.

This will affect those who sold real estate, received a large inheritance, state subsidies and social payments, – said for” KP ” Chairman of the state Duma Committee on the financial market Anatoly Aksakov.

Belarus wants to increase the tariff for pumping Russian

OJSC “Gomeltransneft Druzhba” plans to increase by 16.6% the tariff for services for transportation of Russian oil through main oil pipelines located in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. This was reported to TASS in the press service of the Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation

Putin has simplified the identification of postal orders to 15 thousand rubles

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the law on granting the organizations of “Mail of Russia” the right to carry out the simplified identification of citizens at sending and receiving by them postal transfers within 15 thousand rubles, the corresponding document is published on the official portal of legal information

SUEK buys Krasnoyarsk GRES-2

The value of the deal with Gazprom energoholding is 10 billion rubles. According to “Kommersant”, the deal may take place before the end of the year.

Krasnoyarsk GRES-2 is the only asset of OGK-2 of Gazprom energoholding in the second price zone (Siberia). The station accounts for up to 2.14% of power generation in the Siberian ECO and 2.43% – in capacity. In 2018, Krasnoyarsk GRES coal consumption amounted to 3.15 million tons. The main supplier of fuel is SUEK.

Trailer of the movie “Top gun 2: Maverick»

The main role in the tape is played by Tom cruise. Directed by Joseph Kosinski. Peter Craig, Justin marks, Christopher Mcquarrie worked on the script. At the box office, the film is expected from July 16, 2020.



Announced the music program of the new year’s Red Market

On December 21-22, the Red Market festival will be held in Perm, at the “Shpagin Factory”. According to the group of the festival “Vkontakte”, on December 21 at the festival will perform Kapusha, Klassen & Fifty and Lisa Gromova, who will present a new record. On December 22, Perm rock band ROCKY II Music Band will take the stage. The cost of a ticket for both days of the festival is 200 rubles. Children under 12 years and pensioners will visit the festival for free.

The new theatre of Crimean Tatars is already touring

Crimean Tatar theater “Altyn beshik” performed on the stage of the Tatar state academic theater named after Kamal. The artists showed the premiere performance of “Legends of love”. The government of Tatarstan assisted in the organization of the tour. Now they will perform in the theaters of Buguruslan and Orenburg

New exhibitions of the Tretyakov gallery

The Tretyakov gallery will show in 2020 the exhibition ” Russian fairy tale. From Vasnetsov until now.” It will be held from February 22 to may 11. The exhibition will include works by Bilibin, Vasnetsov, Mikhail Vrubel, Goncharova, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, the group “Blue soup”.

In April, the exhibition-research “It was forever”will open. This is the second part of a trilogy devoted to post-war Soviet art and an exhibition about three historical periods: thaw, stagnation and perestroika. It will present more than 400 works of painting, sculpture and graphics from Russian and foreign collections. From may 28 to November 15, the gallery will show the works of “Luminaries of Russian graphics”. The exhibition will include drawings Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Repin, Serov.

Theatre program of the festival ” Journey to Christmas”

More than 110 puppet shows will be shown at the district venues in Moscow as part of the festival “Journey to Christmas”. This was reported by the Deputy mayor of the capital Natalia Sergunina. She noted that in 2019 at the festival, the theater again enters the city’s public spaces.

The audience will see performances from seven cities, including St. Petersburg, Kostroma, Kirov, Petrozavodsk, Cheboksary. European street theatres are scheduled to perform on Manezh square, interactive performances and theatrical readings will be held on Novy Arbat. And on Tverskaya Boulevard during the festival recreated the world of fairy tales ” the Nutcracker and the Mouse king.”

In Russia, will introduce payment by bluetooth in the system of fast payments

The national payment card system (nspk) reports that currently Russia is discussing a way to introduce the ability to pay for goods and services via bluetooth into the fast payment system. Recall that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation launched a system of rapid payments in the country at the end of January 2019.

Google Chrome update destroyed user data

Google canceled the update of the Chrome 79 browser for mobile platforms. Users complained that the system update can destroy user data, reports Android Police.

Intel buys Israel’s Habana Labs for $2 billion

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer components, Intel has acquired Israeli technology company Habana Labs for $ 2 billion, Intel said in a release.

Google refused to support new Android smartphones in Turkey

Google in Turkey will no longer support new smartphones running on the Android operating system. The American company informed its Turkish partners about this.

In September 2018, Google in Turkey was fined $17.4 million by the Search giant accused of violating the competition law in software trading. Turkey wanted users to be able to choose the default search engine in Android smartphones. In Turkey, in addition to search engines Google there is “Yandex”.

Google began to consider popular Linux-browsers unsafe

Google denies access to its Internet services to users of certain browsers for operating systems based on the Linux kernel. This was reported by Bleepingcomputer.

Comcast is going to spend about $2 billion on the streaming service

American pay-TV and cable provider Comcast Corp. will spend $2 billion on content and marketing for the new streaming service Peacock. The company plans to spend this amount within two years.

Vietnamese smart TVs will soon appear on the Russian market

The Vietnamese company Vsmart presented a line of so-called “smart” TVs for the Russian market. It is reported portal IXBT.In the near future in Russia there will be five models from Vsmart lines KD and KE from 43 to 55 inches

Transfusion of frozen blood is as effective as fresh blood

The doctors came to this conclusion after analyzing the results of treatment of one and a half thousand children from 50 clinics: blood type did not affect the course of the disease or the mortality rate. This, however, does not mean that both fresh and frozen blood are the same in properties: they may differ, but the pros and cons balance each other, the scientists write in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The curves of the mollusk shell were explained by the rapid growth of the mantle

The complex shape of the shell of bivalves and brachiopods is the result of mechanical interactions of parts of the mantle with each other and the shell. This with the help mathematical model growth sinks have shown British physics. The results of the model were then confirmed on data obtained from samples of shells of several species of brachiopods and bivalves. The paper is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Hot pepper will help prolong life

Chili peppers reduce the risk of death from heart attack and stroke, scientists from the Mediterranean neurological Institute in Italy have found. The study included data on the health of 22,811 people, according to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

“Some may follow a healthy Mediterranean diet, and some may eat less healthy foods, but for all of them, chili peppers have a protective effect,” the authors of the scientific work stressed