20 Dec, 2019

News digest for 12/19/2019

Runet isolation exercises will be held on December 23

The Ministry of communications sent organizational instructions to Telecom operators and agencies in connection with the exercises provided for by the law on isolation of Runet. The document signed by the Minister of communications Konstantin Noskov was published by the telegram channel “Za Telekom”.

During the exercise, in particular, they plan to check “the possibility of interception of subscriber traffic and disclosure of information about the subscriber, blocking communication services for subscribers.”  Among other tasks- “check of the organization of repair and restoration works on the unified telecommunication network of the Russian Federation”.

The exercises will involve the communications Ministry, interior Ministry, defense Ministry, energy Ministry, Federal security service, guard ROS, Rostelecom, VimpelCom, MTS, MegaFon, “Kaspersky Lab” and others.

In the center of Moscow from December 31 to January 5 will introduce a special regime of access of citizens

In the Central part of Moscow from December 31 to January 5 will introduce a special regime of access of citizens, the press service of the Moscow Department of Rugby security and anti-corruption. A single space will be formed within the boundaries of Tverskaya, Mokhovaya, Okhotny Ryad, Manezhnaya square, Teatralny proezd, Revolution square and red square, but it will be possible to get to the places of festive events only through checkpoints.

Rosstat specified data on real incomes of the population of the Russian Federation for 2018

According to new data:

  • in the fourth quarter of last year, the fall in real income was 0.8% (instead of the previous 2%),
  • growth in the third quarter was zero (instead of 0.2%),
  • in the second quarter-0.2% (instead of 1.1%),
  • in the first quarter – 1% (instead of 1.4%).

Russian new buildings have risen since the beginning of the year by 9%

Russian new buildings have risen in price since the beginning of the year by 9% – on average to 59.3 thousand rubles per square meter, experts estimate the portal “World of apartments”, tracking the dynamics of housing prices in the 70 largest cities of the country with a population of more than 300 thousand people.

Donbass and Kiev did not agree on the exchange of detained persons

This “Kommersant” said the representative of the LC in the humanitarian subgroup of the TCG Olga Kobtseva. According to her, the exchange will not be due to the fact that the Ukrainian side has not carried out the so-called procedural cleaning of people who should be exchanged. She specified that LNR and DNR for their part completed all preparatory procedures.

Microsoft CEO was “person of the year” according to the Financial Times

The international business newspaper Financial Times named the CEO of the American IT giant Microsoft Corp. Satya Nadella “person of the year” for his services to the company and “a special place among the tycoons in the field of technology,” according to the publication’s website.

Doctors of the Magadan regional hospital complain about the lack of artificial nutrition

Doctors of the Magadan regional hospital complain about the lack of artificial nutrition for patients of the intensive care unit, some forms of insulin and bed linen. Now all this has to be purchased by relatives of patients, said Thursday TASS representative of the medical institution.

“Relatives of patients have to find and bring artificial food to the intensive care unit. They say that the necessary drugs have been purchased and are on the way. The situation is critical. Other than that, there is not enough bed linen. It’s winter, ice, many people come with injuries, and we even have bed linen, ” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Construction of the Crimean bridge is officially completed

Rostekhnadzor confirmed the technological readiness of the railway part of the Crimean bridge, the construction is officially completed. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the Department. Construction of this section of the overpass has been officially completed.

According to the Federal service, in December, the last field inspections of works took place. After that the customer of fku uprdor “Taman” received the conclusion on completion of construction of object and its compliance to design documentation.

The volume of criminal proceeds reaches 220 billion rubles annually.

Russia should expand the list of assets of deputies, senators, Federal and regional officials, heads of state-owned companies and judges, which can be confiscated as illegal wealth. This recommendation was made by the international financial action task Force on money laundering (FATF). The FATF field mission in Moscow took place from 11 to 29 March 2019 and was the fourth test, the previous one took place ten years ago — in 2008.

It is noted that Russia is not a major center of laundering, but mainly acts as a source of criminal proceeds, a significant part of which is laundered abroad. Most of the criminal proceeds are brought by embezzlement from the budget, tax evasion, corruption, fraud in the financial sector and drug trafficking.

The volume of criminal proceeds reaches 220 billion rubles annually for the period 2014-2018. At the same time, only 318.5 billion rubles were seized during the same period.

The construction of the cruise port was stopped due to theft

In the Kaliningrad region, because of the theft of 1.6 billion rubles, the construction of a cruise port in Pionerskoye was frozen. It will be completed in 2021, Governor Anton Alikhanov told reporters.

“Now it’s all frozen for the winter, they are looking for a contractor who will help to survive January, February, March and then make a decision on the project Committee of Maxim Akimov that the Federation continues this construction and will finish it. Let’s be realistic, in 2021, ” he said.

Russia was unable to equip the domestic aircraft with the latest domestic engine

Owned by the Magadan region, the company “aviation Kolyma” received in early December, the aircraft TVs-2MS, an upgraded version of the “corn” An-2. From the classic version, it differs in that this aircraft is not put the domestic engine ASH-62IR, and TPE-331-12, created by the American Honeywell.

In SibNIA recognized the advantage of the American engine: according to experts, the old “corn” flew on aviation gasoline, and the new-on jet fuel, which is twice cheaper.

Join the ” Normandy format»

The intention to join the “Normandy format” is expressed by the United States, great Britain, Canada and Poland. This was stated by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko. Representatives of the European Commission are also interested, the Ukrainian foreign Minister added.

Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot have agreed to merge

American-Italian car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler and French auto giant Groupe PSA (Peugeot Societe Anonyme, joint stock company “Peugeot”) have reached an agreement on the merger, said representatives of Paris.

25 million Russians can be safely dismissed.

This” Komsomolskaya Pravda “on condition of anonymity said the person involved in the Russian list of “Forbes”. According to the businessman, there are about 25 million of them in the country out of 70 million of all working citizens. The country’s economy will not suffer, on the contrary-will give a noticeable growth. The entrepreneur is guided by the same principle in his own company. Over the 15 years of its existence, 80% of employees were reduced. As a result, financial indicators have increased significantly

The Central Bank of Sweden refused negative rates

Sweden’s Central Bank, as expected, raised its benchmark REPO rate by a quarter point to 0%, according to Reuters. Thus, the Central Bank put an end to almost five years of experiment with negative rates, despite the slowdown in the economy.

Number of fixed cameras of photo-video fixation in Russia

About 3.43 thousand stationary cameras of photo-video recording of traffic violations were installed on Russian roads in 2019, in total, their number reached almost 12.5 thousand pieces. This was announced by Deputy head of Rosavtodor Igor Kostyuchenko during a press conference in TASS, dedicated to the implementation of the national project “Safe and quality roads” (BCAD).

“As for the cameras of photo and video recording, we have the basic figures that we recorded at the beginning of the implementation when forming the passport of the national project (BCAD — approx. TASS), there were 9049 pieces, as of the end of this year there will be 12485, ” he said.

Admiral Kuznetsov’s damage Amount

The amount of damage that was caused to the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” as a result of the fire is almost equal to the current value of the ship. This is reported by the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to a source in the headquarters of the Northern fleet.

According to the interlocutor, according to preliminary calculations, the damage from the fire is estimated at 95 billion rubles. this amount includes damage to the structures of the aircraft carrier, damaged repair equipment, as well as”military and civilian specialists who failed due to injuries”.

The head of the USC Alexei Rakhmanov said that “Admiral Kuznetsov” after the fire will be repaired and will return to the fleet.

German pastor Helmu Beringer left Russia

The Sverdlovsk regional court annulled the residence permit in Russia 58 – year-old German citizen Helmut Beringer, a farmer and pastor of the Baptist community of the small Ural city of Tavda. In the case of deprivation of residence permit Beringer said that the police received materials from the FSB that he “stands for the violent change of the constitutional order of the Russian Federation” and ” calls for opposition to the ROC.” At the same time, the security forces do not disclose what exactly the “speeches” and “appeals” were expressed in — “state secret”.

About Boehringer “Novaya Gazeta” was told in the beginning of November: he arrived in Russia from Germany in 1994 on a humanitarian mission, which was carried on Ural medicines and clothing. Remained. Married. Four children were born.

State Duma deputies proposed to give the FSO the right to use military equipment

As explained by one of the authors of the initiative Alexander Khinshtein, the bill also provides for the possibility to give the Agency the right to determine the routes of movement of objects of state protection.

Players of the Russian national team will receive a new set of playing uniforms from Adidas

This was stated by the President of The Russian football Union Alexander Dyukov at a press conference after the Board of Trustees of the organization.

“We will have an individual, unique form that we will get next year,” Dukov said.

Adidas is the technical sponsor of the team, ahead of the 2020 European football championship. Recall, the previous set did not suit either players or fans.

Pension growth in 2019 will be about 3%

The pension Fund of Russia (FIU) predicts real growth of pensions in 2019 at the level of about 3%. This was stated on Wednesday by the head of the Fund Andrey Drozdov in an interview with the TV channel “Russia-24”.

“If we take the current year, we have a forecast of 3.8%, but now it is clear that there will be less, and the indexation [of pensions] will be 6.6%. That is, I really want to say that the indexation of pensions is almost twice higher than inflation. he said. – Thus, the real growth of pensions of about 3% is obvious”.

The Prosecutor’s office of Bolivia has issued a warrant for the arrest of ex-President Evo Morales

Bolivian prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for former President Evo Morales. A photo of the document was posted by Bolivian interior Minister Arturo Murillo on Twitter. It follows that the decision was made as part of an investigation into sedition, terrorism and terrorist financing

The investigative Committee seized 500 million rubles from the modest priest!

Nikolai Stremsky, accused of raping adopted children, the Investigative Committee arrested accounts totaling 500 million rubles. Seized financial documents, personal belongings, valuables, Museum weapons, cash, all computers, video archives, etc. Arrested all accounts.

The majority in the house of representatives voted for the impeachment of the us President

230 legislators voted for impeachment under the article “abuse of power”, 197 opposed it. Three people (one Democrat and two Republicans) did not participate in the vote.

After that, lawmakers supported the second point of charges against the us President under the article “obstruction of Congress”. “For” voted 229 people, “against” – 198. This time, three Democrats voted against impeachment.

Medvedev approved the new rules of marking the car

When checking the car traffic police officer may require to change the factory identification numbers of the car, if they can not be read. For the application of special police markings will need to apply to the certification body, in an accredited testing laboratory or to the manufacturer of vehicles.

Floating nuclear power plant “Akademik Lomonosov” started its work in Chukotka»

A historic event for not only the Russian but also the world’s nuclear power industry took place on Thursday: the world’s first floating nuclear thermal power plant “Akademik Lomonosov” began work in Chukotka and issued the first current, the press service of the Rosenergoatom concern reported.

NOVATEK wants to build gas carriers abroad

The company explains the need to appeal to foreign shipyards by the fact that in 2023 it plans to introduce Ob LNG with a capacity of 5 million tons per year, and Zvezda, which NOVATEK is already ready to load until 2030, simply will not have time to build gas carriers.

Ex-wife of Pavel Grudinin found support from Deputy Sablin

The former wife of presidential candidate Pavel Grudinin Irina was a business partner of state Duma Deputy Dmitry Sablin. She became the owner of 19.3% in one of the structures of the group “Rota”, controlled by the parliamentarian

Putin banned the seizure of housing from bona fide buyers

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that excludes the possibility of claims from bona fide purchasers of housing by public authorities if buyers relied on information from the Unified state register of real estate

Official unemployed will be 20% more

The number of Russians registered on the labor exchange may grow to 900 thousand people by 2021. This is 20% higher than in 2019. Such data are presented in the forecast of the Ministry of labor, which was reviewed by ” Izvestia»

Innovations are waiting for motorists in 2020.

From January 1, 2020, it will be impossible to Park commercial vehicles in the yards of residential buildings. This applies to taxis, trucks, various “Gazelles” and others. The ban is connected with the fact that such transport often occupies (already loaded) Parking of apartment buildings and in every possible way interferes with residents, RIA VladNews reports with reference to “AUTOSTAT”.

Movement without state registration signs on public roads will also fall under the ban. From January 1, these numbers will be available directly in the showroom. Registration numbers will be issued not only by the traffic police, but also by accredited companies. This will be done based on the region in which the owner is registered.

When registering a car from next year in the technical passport will make an additional line that informs about the class of the car in accordance with the rules of the Customs Union. If the design changes, you will need to show a certificate.

Payments of insurers on accidents with harm to health will grow from 500 thousand to two million rubles. The penalty for driving without a policy will remain the same-800 rubles, but now it will also be issued by the camera, where it will allow the equipment.

Sberbank acquired 36% in the co-owner Mail.ru Group

Sberbank closed the deal to acquire from Gazprombank and Rostec 36% in the co-owner Mail.ru Group-MF Technologies (owns 58.8% of votes in Mail.ru Group). This is stated in the message of the Bank.

Share of “phantom” foreign investments in Russia

According to the Bank of Russia, $441.1 billion of foreign direct investment was accumulated in Russia at the end of 2017. About $255 billion of these investments were made by shell companies from “transshipment” jurisdictions, and the real investor was in some other country, according to IMF data.

In London, looking for assets of the ex-owner of Vneshprombank

The court of London allowed the ex-owner of Vneshprombank more personal spending For “any valuable information related to assets directly or indirectly owned by Georgy Bedzhamov and Larisa Marcus”, investment campaign A1, part of the “alpha Group” Mikhail Fridman promises a monetary reward.

VEB creates the third largest freight car operator in Russia

The state Corporation bought from “TransFin-M” 25% of the company “Atlant”, which remained 75%. VEB. RF plans to transfer “Atlanta” in leasing or ownership “on market terms” its entire fleet of freight cars-about 40 000 PCs. transfer Agreements have already been signed in respect of 17 000.

Mironov proposed to give the Russians 1 trillion rubles

The leader of the faction “Fair Russia” state Duma Deputy Sergei Mironov proposed to pay the Russians “13th salary” of the unspent one trillion rubles from the Federal budget

Medvedev approved the volume of placement of government securities

The Ministry of Finance was instructed to issue debt obligations denominated in rubles in the amount not exceeding 2.39 trillion rubles. For securities denominated in foreign currency, the limit is set at the equivalent of $ 3 billion.

Pension Fund ceases to depend on the Federal budget

The pension Fund of Russia in connection with the rapid growth of insurance premiums has become less dependent on the Federal budget of the country, said the Chairman of the FIU Anton Drozdov. According to him, now insurance premiums account for more than 2/3 of all income of the Pension Fund.

Refinery modernization dates postponed

The head of Rostekhnadzor, Alexey Aleshin, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta that oil companies and relevant agencies agreed to postpone the modernization of oil refining capacities to 2022.

Next year, the Chinese artificial sun will start functioning

In March, Chinese researchers said they would complete construction of the HL-2M, an artificial Sun device designed to replicate nuclear fusion, by the end of 2019. The name of the device is due to the fact that it is able to produce energy identical to that in the center of the Sun.

Runet isolation exercises will be held on December 23

The Ministry of communications sent organizational instructions to Telecom operators and agencies in connection with the exercises provided for by the law on isolation of Runet. A document signed by the Minister of communications Konstantin Noskov, published telegram-channel “Tattelekom”.

Chubais ‘ role in Putin’s choice of Yeltsin’s successor

The son-in-law of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin Valentin Yumashev, who headed the presidential administration in 1997-1998, spoke about the role of Alexei Kudrin and Anatoly Chubais in the appointment of Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister.

“Putin was not found by me, Putin was found by Anatoly Chubais and at that moment the head of the Main control Department of the presidential administration Alexei Kudrin, “Yumashev said in an interview with Dozhd TV channel.

Ukrainians banned from traveling to Russia on an internal passport

Ukrainians were forbidden to travel to Russia on an internal passport. This was announced by Prime Minister Alexei Goncharuk in his Telegram channel. The ban will come into force on March 1, 2020

The United States kidnapped the frequency of s-400 in Syria

According to the publication Free News, the crew of the reconnaissance aircraft P-8 Poseidon, flying over the Russian base Hmeymim in SAR, managed to intercept the frequencies of the S-400. If us experts decipher the signals, then the pilots of the us air force will be able to get away from Russian missiles and” pollute ” the air with anti-aircraft guns

The General staff of Ukraine announced the loss of the APU in the Donbass from the beginning of 2019

According to the Ukrainian command, since the beginning of 2019, Ukraine has lost 97 military in the Donbass. This was reported by the press service of the General staff of Ukraine.

Several US warplanes have left a base in Turkey amid Erdogan’s threats

Although at the moment there is no comment from the Pentagon, it is known that the first military transport aircraft of the US air force have already begun to take out the equipment and property of the us army. According to unconfirmed reports also evacuated nuclear weapons, which will be placed in one of the Baltic countries, according to Free News.

In October, the new York Times, citing informed sources in power structures, reported that the American authorities are considering plans to export from Turkey 50 nuclear bombs B61, which are stored at the Incirlik air base.

Fighter F-35 will be able to destroy SAM “Armor” and ” Thor»

It is noted that the latest f-35 Lightning II fighters of the US air force were able to teach the transfer of self-propelled artillery m109a6 Paladin full instructions. Thus, the weapon will be able to carry out the elimination of the marked target.

Serial production of strategic Tu-160M began in Kazan

At the Kazan aviation plant named after S. p. Gorbunov launched mass production of upgraded strategic missile Tu-160M. this writes “Red star” with reference to the chief of the General staff Valery Gerasimov.

The potential of the aviation strategic nuclear forces is supported by the modernization of the Tu-160 and Tu-95MS missile carriers. Serial production of strategic missile carriers Tu-160M has been launched, which in the coming years will begin to enter service with long-range aviation. – Valery Gerasimov, military commander

“Rostelecom” will not take Chinese plates for the census

The government will oblige Rostelecom to cancel the results of the tender for the supply of tablets for the all-Russian population census and buy Russian-made tablets, a source in the financial and economic bloc of the government told Interfax. According to him, this decision was made at a meeting with the first Deputy Prime Minister-Finance Minister Anton Siluanov in early December.

In total, Rosstat will spend more than 33 billion rubles on the first digital census.it is planned to spend a quarter of this amount on digital technologies. In total, 360 thousand tablets are used for the census, on which the domestic operating system will be installed

Released teaser “quiet place 2” with Emily blunt

The Network has the first teaser of the continuation of the fantastic horror film “a Quiet place” with Emily blunt in the title role. The film tells the story of a world where earthlings were attacked by deadly predators from space, which are guided by sound.

The film Fund of Russia has identified projects that will receive state support

In total, 21 projects of organizations that are not among the film companies-leaders of film production were selected. The projects were evaluated by the scenario working group, the expert Council of the film Foundation. State support will be received including the films ” save Kolya!”, “Rabies”, “Hansel and Gretel”, “city Day”. Partially recurrent and partially non-repayable funding received by the project “Belgrade Hotel”, “my Happiness”, “Pilot”. The paintings “Amanat”, “Mistresses 2”, “Ice 2”, “Eleven silent men” will be financed subject to a full refund. The full-time defense of the projects was held on November 19, 2019.

In the Center of them. brothers Lumiere photo exhibition ” Faces of labor”

The exhibition “Faces of labor” combines three events at once and includes the best works from one and a half thousand who took part in the eponymous all-Russian photo contest; paintings Of the festival of positive industrial art ” Time forward! and the models sent to the competition “Monument to the lost enterprises”. Entrance to the exhibition, which will be open only a few days until December 22, is free.

Museum of Russian impressionism in Moscow will show exhibitions Annenkov and Carriere

Russian Russian impressionism Museum will present in 2020 the exhibition of works by portrait painter, Illustrator of the poem “Twelve” Yuri Annenkov, painter Sergei Vinogradov and French artist Eugene Carriere, as well as the project ” Russian impressionism from regional museums.”

In the new year, the Museum includes an exhibition “Impressionism and Spanish art”. It promises to be the most visited project of the Museum. More than 60 paintings, sculptures and graphics from 14 leading museums in Spain and 14 private collections are available to visitors until January 26

It became known when till Lindemann will perform in Russia

Lindemann and Tagtgren (second member of Lindemann, – Approx.ed.) will perform in Russia in March 2020 in several Russian cities, including Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Novosibirsk. In St. Petersburg the concert will take place on March 2 at SIBUR Arena, in Moscow-on March 15 at VTB Arena.

The Russian company has made the phone for military

The INOI 244Z structurally does not have a camera and a voice recorder, there is no Bluetoth and Internet access, which allows it to be used in the Russian army. The phone is equipped with a 2.4-inch screen with a resolution of 320×240 pixels.

Cameras Leica M10-P White will be released only 350 pieces

Leica has introduced a new version of the camera M10-p Cameras, Leica M10–P White will be released in just 350 pieces. As it is easy to understand by the name, the design of this option is dominated by white.

Started selling monitor Asus ProArt PQ22UC

ASUS has prepared for the release of a new monitor family TUF Gaming-model VG279QM, built on an IPS matrix size of 27 inches diagonally. The panel has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, which corresponds to the format of Full HD. Viewing angles horizontally and vertically reach 178 degrees. Contrast-1000:1.

For new items stated refresh rate of 280 Hz. It says about DisplayHDR 400 certification; brightness is 400 CD / m2. The response time of the matrix is 1 MS (GtG). Provides 99 percent coverage of the sRGB color space.

Apple, Google and Amazon will create a standard for “smart home” devices»

The goal of the Connected Home over IP project is to simplify development for manufacturers and improve compatibility for consumers. Based on the Internet Protocol (IP), the project aims to provide communication between smart home devices, mobile applications and cloud services.

The project also aims to make it easier for manufacturers to create devices compatible with the “smart home” and voice services such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant and others.

IBM has invented new batteries based on seawater

The new batteries use three new materials that have never been used in batteries before. Their search and extraction is not very expensive, as they can be extracted from ordinary seawater

Rarity black cats explained difficulties in rubbing shoulders

The number of melanists (individuals with dark body color close to black) among cats is limited not only by genetic factors and the daily period of activity, but also by how dark hair affects communication with other individuals, according to PLoS ONE. At the melanistic feline no white spots on the ears, which allow you to tell other cats about the intentions — hence melanism limits the ability of the cat to communicate in the dark.

Scientists have attracted AI to create perovskite solar cells

So-called “perovskite solar cells” (PSE) can convert sunlight into energy, just like conventional silicon solar cells. Scientists put forward this idea more than a decade ago, but until now they have struggled to develop an economical and energy-efficient recipe. But, using the latest neural network of their own development in research, they plan to find out what materials can be best suited.

“Our results show that artificial intelligence can be used to study the physics of materials and their subsequent fabrication. By obtaining the components with the right properties, we will finally be able to create the material underlying the highly efficient perovskite solar cells, ” says lead author Jayan Thomas.

Scientists have managed to increase the time of preservation of organs for transplantation

“The point is to reverse the metabolic processes in the tissue. To do this, first a solution of a special composition is used, then the organ is placed in a sealed chamber, where a multicomponent gas mixture is injected under pressure. Parallel cooling is carried out to +2 — +4 this is how the organ is stored before transplantation, ” said Alexander Sushkov, head of the laboratory of new surgical technologies of the surgery and transplantation Center of the Federal medical biophysical center named after A. I. Burnazyan of the FMBA of Russia

Antioxidant from salmon protects heart cells.

During the study, experts conducted experiments on laboratory rats, which were given food with the addition of astaxanthin. After two week, the experts noticed that the mitochondria were significantly better able to fight free radicals and other molecules. Thus, the researchers came to the conclusion that due to astaxanthin mitochondria in cardiac cells become much more resistant in front of the calcium-dependent stress. As the scientists said, with the help of antioxidants, you can slow or stop the process of cell destruction.