21 Dec, 2019

News digest for 12/20/2019

The EU has documented the extension of sanctions against Russia

The EU has documented the extension of sanctions against Russia until July 31, 2020. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”. Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that EU leaders at a summit in Brussels unanimously decided to extend sanctions against Russia.

For the first time, the European Union imposed anti-Russian sanctions on July 31, 2014 against the background of the conflict in Donbass. In September this year, the EU extended restrictive measures against Russian individuals and legal entities for six months, the validity of the sanctions package expired on January 31 next year.

The case of the crash of the Tu-154 in the Black sea. The decision to dismiss the case is classified

The criminal case on the fact of the crash of the Tu-154 over the Black sea in 2016 was closed for lack of evidence. The investigation notified the victims, their lawyer Igor Trunov told Interfax. He added that the decision to dismiss the criminal case is a state secret.

The Tu-154 aircraft of the Russian defense Ministry, heading from Moscow to Syria with refueling in Sochi, crashed over the Black sea on December 25, 2016. All 92 people on Board were killed. Among them were the artists of the Alexandrov ensemble and the head of the Fund “Fair help” Elizabeth Glinka, known as Dr. Lisa.


To amend the two presidential terms “in a row” do not need a referendum in 2020, you can start a discussion on this issue – the head of the state Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov


The interior Ministry proposed to allow the police to temporarily withdraw children from the family

The interior Ministry is preparing amendments to the Family code, which will allow the police to temporarily remove the child from the family if he is in danger. This is reported by “RIA Novosti” with reference to the head of the organization of law enforcement in the residential sector in the structure of the Ministry of internal Affairs Stanislav Kolesnik.

Traffic police will have the right to check all drivers for alcohol

Traffic police officers can get the right to check all drivers for alcohol and drugs. The test will offer to pass even those motorists who do not show external signs of intoxication. The Ministry of internal Affairs has prepared a draft of changes to the rules of examination

In the list of trade partners of the United States was a fictional country

In the list of countries that have concluded a free trade agreement with the United States, published on the website of the American Ministry of agriculture, there was a fictional country Wakanda from Marvel comics. This is reported by NBC News. According to him, the fictional Kingdom was discovered in the list by researcher Francis Tseng.

The state Duma equated the burning of garbage to recycling

The state Duma recognized the burning of solid municipal waste for the production of electricity or heat processing. The amendment to the bill passed the second reading. It was supported by 342 (76%) people, 58 (13%) were against, one abstained

12 developers reported problems with Bank loans

Difficulties with obtaining project financing arose from 12 developers, said the Director of the Department of housing policy of the Ministry of construction of the Russian Federation Olga Kornienko.

“All appeals that come to the Ministry of construction of Russia from developers about the impossibility and complexity of project financing in a particular region, submitted to the Commission. So far, the number of such appeals is small. We held two meetings of the Commission, which considered 12 issues, that is, 12 specific organizations that have difficulties, ” she said.

Catalan authorities plan to increase tourist tax

Catalan authorities plan to increase the tourist tax rate from 2020, according to the Association of tour Operators (ATOR). Thus, the payment in the case of an overnight stay in Barcelona in a four-star hotel will grow from 1.10 to 1.70 euros, in a five-star — from 2.25 to 3.5 euros.

The database of Facebook users was in the public domain

The database of more than 267 million users of the social network Facebook was freely available on the Internet, according to a statement by the British research company Comparitech. According to her, the Network got phone numbers, names, account ID.

In Europe CO2 emissions from ships are much higher than from personal transport

Russia has no plans to form a military Alliance with China

As Russian President Vladimir Putin said, other countries are trying to create a military Alliance in East Asia: the United States, Japan and South Korea. According to him, such a decision is “counterproductive” and will not lead to “anything good”.

At the same time, Putin noted that cooperation between Russia and China continues to develop, including in the field of defense technologies. He added that the missile warning system being created by China with the help of Russia is aimed only at defense, but not at attack.

“This is a purely defensive system. Only the United States and Russia have such systems so far, but it does not push for aggression, but is aimed at protecting its own territory»

The fact that Russia is helping China to create a system of SPRn, Putin said in early October at a meeting of the discussion club “Valdai”. He also stressed that Moscow intends to continue military-technical cooperation with Beijing.

Congress approved and sent to the President for signing the us budget for 2020

The upper house of the us Congress approved and sent a package of documents on the us budget for 2020 to President Donald Trump for signing. Two big bills to Fund government programs through September 2020 involve spending of $1.4 trillion. Trump is expected to sign the budget by midnight on December 20.

It is noted that the Pentagon will receive $738 billion for military spending, which is $22 billion more than last year. The draft budget also contains a number of new initiatives. Among them are the financing of the military space forces, the abolition of some taxes to Finance the health insurance system.

Governor of Kemerovo region awarded his wife the medal” for service to Kuzbass ” 

The Governor of Kuzbass Sergey Tsivilev again distinguished himself and took part in the meeting of the Council on guardianship in the social sphere of the region. He awarded his wife, who heads the Council, the medal “for service to Kuzbass.”

The press service of the administration of the Kemerovo region reported that the Governor’s wife received an award for providing targeted assistance to Kuzbass residents in a difficult life situation, as well as for “preserving spiritual and moral values, strengthening family traditions, raising the status of the family in society and organizational talent.”

334 people detained during operations against the Italian mafia

About 2,500 police officers took part in the largest operation against the Ndrangheta mafia group in 30 years. The last operation of this scale took place in 1986-1987.

Among those detained were high-ranking officials, including a former member of Parliament from the party Silvio Berlusconi, the chief of the municipal police, as well as the mayor of the small provincial town of Pizzo. Some of the suspects were detained in Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria on European arrest warrants. Police confiscated weapons, ammunition and property worth 15 million euros

So far, instead of an economy for people, we are building an economy

The systemic problems of national projects identified in 2018 have not been solved for the most part, said Galina Izotova, Deputy Chairman of the accounts chamber. According to her, the situation is aggravated by the fact that the problems are “projected” to the regional level, which jeopardizes the achievement of the goals of national projects. The most important problem in the implementation of national projects Izotova called inefficient management system.

The level of execution of Federal budget expenditures for the implementation of national projects is estimated by the accounts chamber (as of December 1) at 71.4%. At the same time Izotova said that “the approval of hundreds of indicators and monitoring of their achievement” are not ” the key to a successful result.” This, she said, is due to the fact that indicators very often ” have little to do with the lives of citizens.” “So far, instead of an economy for people, we are building an economy.»

Deputies propose to conduct a census of all SIM cards

Such an initiative was proposed to the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov by state Duma Deputy Boris Chernyshov, RBC reports. The need for the census and the development of the aggregator is explained by the fact that the market of gray SIM cards continues to develop in Russia, despite the measures taken to combat them. Often malefactors make out cards on conscientious subscribers about what they do not know.

“Any law-abiding person today can become a person involved in a serious criminal case in the case of the use of his personal data in the criminal environment,” – said the Deputy.

In the state Duma proposed to tighten control over the production of beer

The Deputy of “United Russia” Ildar Gilmutdinov prepared amendments to the law on regulation of the alcohol market, toughening requirements to control the production and circulation of beer, Vedomosti writes»


Interchangeability of drugs in Russia today is defined only in respect of 16% of drugs. It is planned that by 2022 this figure will increase to 95%, Deputy health Minister Dmitry Kostennikov said on Friday.


Belarus ready to sign visa and readmission agreements with EU

Belarus is ready to sign agreements with the EU on visas and readmission on any day, even on weekends and holidays, starting from January 3-foreign Ministry

“We are fully ready to sign these agreements from September 18, 2019, from the moment of issuing the relevant decrees of the President of Belarus. Ready before the end of this year, today, tomorrow and any other day, including weekends and holidays. We are interested to do it as soon as possible. If speech about January-the ranging with 3 number of. At the same time, at least in Minsk, at least in Brussels. The result is important, not the technical side of the case, ” the Ministry said in a statement.

About the use of the word “Poster”

Rospatent within 2 months will decide on the dispute between Rambler Group and MTS on the use of the word “Billboard” in the name of the mobile operator’s service, the press service of the Ministry told RIA Novosti. Earlier, the publication “Afisha” (part of the Rambler Group) appealed To the chamber for patent disputes, the publication intends to defend its rights to use the trademark “Afisha”.


To break the contract with Bermuda on the registration of aircraft of Russian airlines

In order to transfer the aircraft from foreign registries to the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, according to RBC, proposed to terminate the intergovernmental agreement with Bermuda. The authorities believe that the registration of aircraft in Russia will increase the safety of transportation.

In 2020 in Russia will rise in price of wine

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on increasing the excise rate on wine in 2020, according to the “parliamentary newspaper”. This law equalizes excise taxes for domestic and foreign wines, but at the same time increases their value.

Russia has created a technology to combat money laundering

Large Russian companies in the field of cybersecurity have created technology that will allow to detect the fact of money laundering, as well as to fight the financing of terrorism. The new scheme is already used by dozens of Russian credit institutions.

Russia has created a technology to combat money laundering

Large Russian companies in the field of cybersecurity have created technology that will allow to detect the fact of money laundering, as well as to fight the financing of terrorism. The new scheme is already used by dozens of Russian credit institutions.

Sberbank acquired 36% in the co-owner Mail.ru Group

Sberbank closed the deal to acquire from Gazprombank and Rostec 36% in the co-owner Mail.ru Group-MF Technologies (owns 58.8% of votes in Mail.ru Group). This is stated in the message of the Bank.

The greatest empires in human history

In the first place (and by a large margin) – the British Empire of 1920. The Russian Empire of 1895 was only half a million square miles short of the Mongol Empire of 1270. The oldest empires in the top 10 are the 8th century caliphates.

In Russia decreased the debt on the consumer credits

In Russia, there was a decrease in the volume of debt for more than 90 days on consumer loans. For the current year, the figure decreased by 7%. This was told by the press service of the credit history Bureau “Equifax”.

The Central Bank of Russia will limit the admission of foreign securities to Russian trading

In particular, Russia will be allowed to trade only those foreign securities that will be included in the stock indices chosen by the regulator, RBC reports. At present, the Central Bank sets a list of foreign exchanges, whose securities can be traded on the Russian market. The new order is more stringent, experts pay attention. At the same time, it will increase the liquidity of the foreign securities market, “as index securities are more liquid.” The investor qualification bill is due to come into force on July 1, 2021.

Rosstat four times increased the estimate of real income growth

According to new data in the fourth quarter of last year, the fall in real income was 0.8% (previously, this figure was 2%). In the third quarter, growth was zero (before — 0.2%), in the second growth was 0.2% (instead of 1.1%), in the first-1% (instead of 1.4%).

The fact that the assessment of the growth of real disposable income for the nine months of this year has been revised, the day before reported the Ministry of economic development.

Japanese government approves record military budget

The Japanese Cabinet approved a record military budget for 2020, which amounted to $48.6 billion, which is 1.1% more than the budget for 2019. The Associated Press reports. It is noted that the budget has yet to be approved by the Parliament.

US to equip f-16 fighters with latest radar

In the United States, 372 f-16 Fighting Falcon fighters will be equipped with the latest radar stations with an active phased array antenna, the press service of the US defense Ministry reported.
“Northrop Grumman has been awarded a $1.008 billion contract to produce 372 active phased array radars for F-16 fighters,” the report said.

Israel reported intercepting a rocket from the Gaza strip

It is noted that the rocket was launched at peaceful neighborhoods in Israel. As reported by IA REGNUM, on December 8, the Israeli air force attacked the positions of the Palestinian movement Hamas in the Gaza strip. It was noted that the strikes were carried out exclusively on military targets in response to rocket fire on Israel.

US to supply new Apache helicopters to Britain, Netherlands and UAE

The newest version of the us Apache helicopter, the AH-64E Apache Guardian will be delivered to the UK, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Netherlands. On December 19, the press service of the us military.

Facebook is preparing an operating system to replace Android

Facebook has a lot of services and individual devices under its command. All of them work on the basis of a modified version of Android. However, the company felt that Google can strongly influence them, so they began to develop their own operating system, reports the Verge with reference to The Information. It is known that the creation of the operating system in Facebook is headed by mark Lukowski. He is one of the co authors of Windows NT

Russia will spend 200 billion dollars on defense in 2020

Due to the unstable situation in the world, Russia will enormously increase the cost of defense of its borders and national interests – in 2020, they will amount to about 200 billion dollars, which is much higher than China spends on defense, but almost four times less than the United States spends.
According to the publication “Military review”, such an impressive cost associated with the “Russian program of modernization of the armed forces”, and, such amounts are expected to spend not only in 2020, but also over the next five years.

SSJ-100 could not take off from Chelyabinsk due to engine failure

Sukhoi Superjet 100 “Aeroflot” could not fly from Chelyabinsk to Moscow on the morning of December 20, because he twice did not start the engine, the press service of the airport of Chelyabinsk

The first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s “the Argument” has appeared

Warner Bros. published the first trailer for the film “the Argument” by British Director Christopher Nolan. The plot of the film is not disclosed, but it is known that in the center of the story-the world of international espionage, reports ” Kinopoisk»



The competition named after Andrei Stenin is now accepting applications

According to tradition, on December 22, the birthday of Andrei Stenin, a photojournalist of MIA “Russia today”, the reception of works for the competition bearing his name and established by the media group in memory of his colleague in 2014 starts. To participate in the competition are allowed the work of professionals aged 18 to 33 years, the reception of applications is open until February 29, 2020. Series and single photos can be submitted on the portal stenincontest.ru in Russian, English and Chinese. For prizes applicants 2020 will compete in 4 categories – “Main news”, “Sport”, “My planet”, ” Portrait. A hero of our time.” In each of the nominations you can submit one single work and one series.

The prize Fund of the contest in 2020 will be 125, 100 and 75 thousand rubles for the first, second and third place in each category. The winner of the highest award of the competition named after Stenin-Grand Prix-will receive 700 thousand rubles.

In the New Tretyakov exhibition ” City of tomorrow”

The exhibition “City of tomorrow”is dedicated to the architecture of Soviet modernism. His heyday came during the Khrushchev thaw and the following years. But at some point these buildings began to be demolished, accusing them of ugliness. The Goethe Institute presents an exhibition that aims to show the beauty of this architecture. The geography is wide: from Moscow to Tyumen, from Yerevan to Alma-ATA.

“Brunow. Journey to Byzantium ” in the State Museum of architecture. Schuseva

Exhibition Of “Bruno. Journey to Byzantium ” is dedicated to the study of monuments of Byzantine art by a famous architectural historian. The exhibition features books and articles by Brunov, created in the Wake of a trip to Constantinople, as well as several letters by Alpatov, written from Istanbul.

A new trailer for the film “1917” about the First world war



American violinist Joshua bell will give the only concert in Moscow

Grammy award-winning American violinist Joshua bell will perform the only concert in Moscow. The event will be held in the great hall of the Conservatory

Rolls-Royce unveils electric plane for speed record

If all goes according to plans, the device, presented by Rolls-Royce, will try to set a speed record for electric aircraft in the spring of 2020.

OnePlus pays $ 50 to $ 7,000 for bugs found

To strengthen security measures, OnePlus partnered with HackerOne, a well-known security platform, and announced a Bug Bounty program. The OnePlus Bug Bounty program awards a reward of between 50 and 7,000 depending on the potential threat detected

Microsoft will continue to support Windows 7

No one is going to completely stop support. This was stated by IT specialist M. Brinkman, who said that updates will come, but only for special versions of the system with paid support. We are talking about versions of Microsoft Security Essentials and security patches for them.

Ultrasonic chip makes any surface touch sensitive

The ultrasonic chip developed by UltraSense Systems is a sound wave detector that recognizes the press of a finger and works with material of almost any thickness. His work does not interfere with any moisture, no dirt, no greasy film on the surface, and the touch will be fixed, even if you put a glove on your hand or cover the gadget with paper, writes New Atlas.

Lupus medicine will be on sale soon

The researchers presented the final results of the third phase of a three – year clinical trial involving 362 patients aged 18 to 70 years with systemic lupus erythematosus, an incurable severe autoimmune disease. When lupus develops, the immune system attacks its own healthy tissues. The cause of lupus and many other autoimmune diseases has not yet been determined. Recently, scientists from the United States discovered a possible cause of overactivity of the autoimmune system — a mistake in the stimulation of interferon.

Oldest fossil forest found

Found by a group of scientists from the UK and the US fossil forest of the middle Devon can serve as evidence that the emergence of the forest in its modern form began earlier than expected. A paper on this is published in the journal Current Biology. The site is located just 40 km from the fossil forest in Gilboa, until this point was considered the oldest (about 380 million years ago).

The history of vaccinations will be introduced into tattoos

Scientists want to record the history of vaccinations with quantum dots. The medical record looks like a small patch with microneedles that retain information about the vaccines introduced over the past five years. Over time, the patch dissolves and everything looks like a small tattoo.

People react to trolling even if it comes from a robot

It turned out that people take the robot’s words to heart: happy to hear kind words, and upset by negative comments. And the reaction was such, even when the player realized that the robot is programmed for negative statements.

Cube robots with collective intelligence have been developed

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology have developed robots-cubes with a collective mind. The creators gave the name to the project M-Block. According to experts, the robot cubes can perform a variety of actions: move horizontally, vertically, jump and take off with the performance of acrobatic tricks in the air.