22 Dec, 2020

News digest for 12/21/2020

About a third – 32% – of Russians announced a decrease in income in 2020, RBC reported, citing a study by the international recruiting company Hays. For comparison: at the end of 2019, only 7% of study participants reported a decrease in their income.

According to the survey, the income of 15% of employees fell by more than 21%. For 8% of respondents, income fell by 11-20%, for 9% of employees – by 5-10%.

For 38% of employees in Russia, income in 2020 remained at the same level. Income increased for 30% of respondents – in 2019 their share was 58%.

Electric cars from China lose charge at low temperatures

Owners of electric cars that have cobalt-free electric batteries complain that in the cold these batteries lose 70% of the available charge. The batteries, as it turned out, were made in China.

As you know, Tesla made in China and many other Chinese electric vehicles use lithium-iron-phosphate batteries instead of nickel-cobalt-manganese lithium batteries in the equipment. These batteries are much cheaper and more reliable at cost, but, unfortunately, have a reduced power reserve.

US economy will receive aid

In the US Congress, agreements have been reached on a new package of measures to support the US economy in an epidemic, Senator Mitch McConnell said. He said that almost $ 900 billion will be allocated to support the US economy.

New rules for cash payments will apply in Russia

The Russian government has established new rules for cash payments to combat money laundering. For this, the requirements for transfers and cash withdrawal at ATMs will be tightened. They will take control over postal orders from 100 thousand rubles, including in foreign currency.

The regulatory authorities will also pay attention to the withdrawal of cash from the balance of a mobile phone if the amount of money withdrawn exceeds 100 thousand rubles.

Real estate transactions worth three million rubles or more will also be under close scrutiny. Any such operations will have to confirm the legality of the origin of funds.

Any cash movements over 600 thousand rubles can now raise questions. For various companies, lists of material transactions have been created, about which Rosfinmonitoring must be warned.

Small and medium enterprises turned out to be dependent on the ruble exchange rate

The financial performance of 76% of Russian small and medium-sized businesses depends on the dynamics of exchange rates, according to a nationwide survey conducted by the research agency Magram Market Research in conjunction with Opora Rossii and Promsvyazbank (PSB). Its results are cited by RBC.

Putin announced the need to increase customs duties on export

In Russia, in the next couple of weeks, customs duties on the export of domestic products will be increased. President Vladimir Putin spoke about his plans at a large press conference on December 17. Putin considers it reasonable to increase prices for certain categories of goods.

VTB increased the volume of retail loans in November

VTB Bank provided retail loans for 175 billion rubles in November, which is 55% more than in November 2019. In this regard, Anatoly Pechatnikov, Deputy President and Chairman of the VTB Management Board, noted that the population demonstrates a traditional peak of consumer activity.

Far Eastern airline will be created by February 1, 2021

The Far Eastern airline will be created on the basis of Aurora by February 1, 2021. This was announced on Monday by the head of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, Alexei Chekunkov.

Every fifth Russian has no home of his own

Every fifth citizen of Russia does not have his own home and is forced to rent an apartment or room. 80.5 percent of citizens have their own housing, according to the results of a study conducted by Rosgosstrakh Life and Otkritie Bank. The material is at the disposal of “Lenta.ru”.

According to analysts, almost half of Russian citizens (about 48 percent) bought housing themselves, and a quarter (24 percent) inherited it. The share of those who bought real estate on a mortgage is 8 percent. The relative majority of Russians (almost 45 percent) assess their living conditions as average, over a third (39 percent) as good, 8 percent as very good, 5.7 percent as bad, and 2.9 percent as very bad.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus created a single database of protesters

After the events of August 9, the Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to create a unified database throughout the republic, which would allow us to take into account information about persons who were detained or identified during unauthorized mass events, ”the head of the security department said on the air of the Belarus 1 channel law and order and prevention of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Kupchenya.

The administrator of the security officials who published the data was detained in Belarus

Employees of the Belarusian law enforcement agencies detained the 18-year-old administrator of the Telegram channel “Punishers Molodechno”, which published the personal data of the security forces. This was reported by the press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Olga Chemodanova.

Cars for officials of the Novokuznetsk mayor’s office

An electronic auction for 22,142,840 rubles has appeared on the public procurement portal. The Novokuznetsk administration is ready to pay this money to a company that will provide the mayor, his deputies and other officials with cars.

Penalty for not keeping the distance between cars

In Europe, cameras appeared that also monitor the observance of the distance between cars. A distance tracking camera is tested in Northamptonshire, UK. On the M1 highway, it detects an average of 419 offenders per day. Until they are fined: the police only send out warnings.

High precision quantum teleportation achieved

Scientists from the National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy’s Science Office have announced a significant step towards the creation of the quantum Internet. They were able to demonstrate for the first time stable teleportation over a distance of 44 kilometers of photon filaments with an accuracy of over 90 percent.

A material that will make a quantum computer immune to interference

An ultrafine material that allows you to reproduce quasiparticles, on the basis of which you can build a quantum computer resistant to interference, was developed by an international group of scientists based on the Aalto University (Finland), the HPCwire portal specializing in supercomputers reported on December 18

The brain distinguishes noise from speech

Neuroscience professor Michael Burger and colleagues at Northeastern Ohigo University have conducted a study on how the human brain distinguishes noise from speech? Investigating this feature, scientists discovered a new neural circuit and were able to provide the first evidence that the center of the brain is capable of processing any sound and identifying it. And this process involves a unique and mysterious neural connection. The neuromodulator acetylcholine helped distinguish speech from noise.

The way to change genes with the help of medicines is discovered

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago conducted scientific experiments, during which they discovered the ability to change the gene of living things with medication. American scientists conducted an experiment on mice, during which they changed the gene that transmits aniridia (a disease of the eye iris).

Astronomers announced the disappearance of the largest black hole in the universe

Astronomers have confirmed the mysterious disappearance of a supermassive black hole in the galaxy Abell 2261, located 2.7 billion light-years from Earth. It is assumed that in the center of Abell 2261 there should have been a black hole with a mass of 3-100 billion Suns, but it has not yet been discovered. This is reported in the preprint of the article published in the arxiv.org repository.

New album “Gaza Strip” released

A new album “Gaza Strip: Tribute” has been published online. The collection consists of 25 major hits of the legendary Voronezh rock group. The groups “DDT”, “7B”, “SerGa”, “Murakami” and others took part in the recording of the album. They performed the compositions “The Night Before Christmas”, “Fog”, “Collective Farm Punk” and others.

In addition, the eldest daughter of the leader of the “Gaza Strip” Yuri Klinskikh (Khoy) Irina took part in the recording of the collection. She sang the song “Your Call”. In addition, Irina acted as one of the album’s producers.

Movie trailer with Tyson in the lead role released

Eric Clapton and Van Morrison recorded protest song

Van Morrison and Eric Clapton have released a joint single “Stand And Deliver”. According to Billboard, the song is part of Morrison’s Save Live Music charity campaign, which goes to his fund to help musicians, but also part of Wang’s protest against epidemiological restrictions.

US senator refused to consider Russia a country and called it a gas station

US senator and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney called Russia “a gas station pretending to be a country,” noting that China is a much more significant threat to the United States. He made such a statement on the air of CNN.

Biden is preparing new sanctions against Russia

Joe Biden, who won the presidential elections in the United States, may impose sanctions against Russia because of the massive hacking campaign that has taken place. This was announced by the new head of the White House administration, Ron Klein.

These are not just sanctions. These are the steps and things we could do to reduce the ability of foreign players to participate in these attacks, – quoted by Klein Reuters

How people around the world relate to Russia

In 2007, 37% of Italians had a positive attitude towards Russia, now their number is 48%. In the US, the share of those who have a positive attitude towards Russia decreased from 44% to 18%, in the UK – from 47% to 24%, in Canada from 52% to 30% … ..

Require social networks to independently censor content.

The State Duma has amended the law on the regulation of social networks. Sergei Boyarsky, one of the co-authors of the United Russia initiative, told Open Media about this.

The owners of social networks will have to independently monitor whether this or that information violates Russian law. Including, as follows from the text of the document, which OM got acquainted with, Facebook administrators will have to detect fake news and messages about undesirable organizations themselves and restrict access to such posts. And then annually report on the work done. Officials will come to the aid of the owners of social networks.

“If some site doubts whether to restrict access to this or that content, it turns to the regulator in the person of Roskomnadzor and within a few days should receive a motivated answer,” Boyarsky said.