23 Dec, 2019

News digest for 12/21-22/2019

Russian Railways will build a new office for 100 billion rubles

The project was commissioned by the Japanese architectural Bureau Nikken Sekkei.Its area will be larger than the two Federation towers in Moscow city. The cost of the new office complex “Russian Railways”, which is planned to be built on the territory of the Riga freight yard, can be from 50 to 100 billion rubles, the funds will be provided by private investors and some from the budget. According to the results of the competition for the architectural solution for the project, Andrei Starkov, Deputy General Director of Russian Railways, told reporters.

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev approved the long-term development program of Russian Railways. It is expected to lay off about 100 thousand people, the number of employees of the holding will be reduced by 8%.

New proposal to replenish the budget of Russia

Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov announced the elaboration of the initiative to increase fines for speeding on the roads. He said this after a meeting of the Commission on road safety.

According to Akimov, the cost of the fine has not changed for a long time and now many drivers perceive 250-500 rubles. as a ” fee for high-speed travel.” To prevent this practice, the government is considering linking the size of the fine to the frequency of violations.

Akimov, however, made a reservation that it is too early to talk about the final decision to increase fines, but today there is some certainty about reducing the threshold of speeding from 20 to 10 km/h.

Reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences: research institutions will lose touch with the Academy

The reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) has dealt a serious blow to fundamental science, research institutes are losing touch with the Academy, said academician Alexander Nekipelov. He said it in integration club at the speaker of Federation Council Valentina Matvienko who agreed that during reform “broke firewood”.

According to him, the connection of the institutes with the RAS is maintained only by inertia, since the Academy is no longer the founder of these organizations. They were transferred to the Ministry of education.

“And Deputy Prime Minister (Tatyana) Golikova at the opening of the last General meeting directly said: you are there engaged in expert activities, but the institutions have their own state tasks, they let them do, and you are not very much involve them in this case,” he added.

Russia’s desire to return to the Group of seven ” disappeared completely»

According to Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, Russia has not been asked whether it seeks to rejoin the G7. He noted that this desire began to blunt long before Russia was excluded from the G8 after the annexation of Crimea, “and then it disappeared completely.”

“And we have absolutely no desire, not just to return there, but even, by and large, to delve into what kind of preconditions for Russia’s return to the “seven” this group of countries or at least some of them formulate»

Gazprom’s contractor has suspended work on Nord stream 2.

Gazprom’s contractor Swiss company Allseas has suspended work on the construction of the Nord stream — 2 gas pipeline. The company’s statement was released hours before President Donald trump signed the new defense budget. It includes sanctions against Russian gas pipelines. Russia does not have the technology of laying pipelines on the seabed.

New leadership position, under house arrest

Deputy of the People’s Assembly of Dagestan Fikret Rajabov sits under house arrest for fraud with land in Makhachkala and now is accused in a criminal case. That did not prevent the deputies at the December 41st session to appoint Rajabov Deputy head of the health Committee!
Rajabov was detained in may and released in August, but on the threshold of the jail he was arrested again until February 15, 2020, but was soon transferred to house arrest and promoted!

India has been gripped by protests of a scale not seen in a long time

The protesters ‘ anger was sparked by a new law that allows refugees from neighboring countries to obtain an Indian passport under a simplified procedure-all except Muslims. Meanwhile, 200 million Muslims live in India.

Residents of the Eastern States near Bangladesh are protesting, fearing an influx of migrants. Residents of the Central States around Delhi, where tens of millions of Muslims live, are protesting, considering the law discriminatory.

The authorities restricted the Internet, including in the capital, and closed several universities. Protesters threw stones at homes, torched cars and blocked roads. The Russian foreign Ministry recommends caution.

Gazprom to pay $3 billion to Naftogaz

At the talks on gas transit held in Minsk, the Russian side agreed to pay Naftogaz $ 3 billion, awarded by the Stockholm arbitration court. This was reported by the TV channel “Gromadske” assistant to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky Andrei Ermak, RIA Novosti reported.

Oligarch Potanin called the reform of the 90s medicine

Vladimir Potanin, CEO and major shareholder Of Norilsk Nickel, believes that economic reforms in Russia in the 1990s were necessary to prevent the country from disintegrating. He said this in an interview with Bloomberg.

In Moscow, opened the first McDonald’s in the branch of Sberbank

In Moscow, at the metro station “Novoslobodskaya” opened the first branch of Sberbank, combined with McDonald’s. Passing through the area with ATMs, the client finds himself in a spacious hall, in the far corner of which is a zone Mccafe, consisting, however, of only one coffee machine

In Russia will begin to pay pensions to migrants

The leaders of the Eurasian economic Union (EAEU) signed an agreement concerning the pension provision of workers in the countries of the Association. This was announced by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

“We have signed an agreement on pensions for workers of the EAEU member States,” Pashinyan was quoted as saying by TASS. According to the politician, the signing of the document will help to create a single labor market within the Union.

Earlier it was reported that the new rules should come into force in 2020. According to the document, Russia and other EAEU States will begin to pay pensions to labor migrants who came from the member States of the Union.

The Cuban Parliament was appointed Prime Minister of the country

The national Assembly of the people’s power of Cuba appointed Manuel Marrero Cruz as Prime Minister. This was reported in the tweet of the Cuban Parliament. Cruz served as Cuba’s tourism Minister for 16 years, according to the Associated Press. He was nominated as Prime Minister by President Miguel Diaz-canel. Cruz became Cuba’s first Prime Minister in 43 years. His predecessor was Fidel Castro.

In 1976, Castro changed the Cuban Constitution. He abolished the office of Premier and became Chairman of The state Council. This position combined the powers of the chief Executive and the legislature. In 2019, Cuba adopted a new Constitution that returned the posts of President and Prime Minister.

Russia and Ukraine have resolved long-standing gas disputes.

Main points of the signed Protocol:

  • Gazprom will pay Naftogaz $2.9 billion according to the decision of the Stockholm arbitration;
  • Ukraine will abandon antitrust claims to Gazprom for $7.4 billion;
  • the parties will withdraw all other claims and will not file new ones under the existing contracts until the end of 2019;
  • starting in 2020, transit will be carried out according to EU rules, through capacity reservations;
  • Gazprom” to reduce risk would be to book through an agent, which will be delivered to “Naftogaz»;
  • subject to a competitive tariff transit will be 65 billion cubic meters in 2020 and 40 billion cubic meters in 2021-2024;
  • further, the parties will consider the possibility of extending the transit;
  • if all agreements on transit and settlement of claims are fulfilled, direct deliveries of Russian gas are possible;
  • their price will be as on the European hub (NCG), but at a discount depending on the volume.

Institute of national memory of Poland on the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

The Institute of national memory of Poland called falsification of history “attempts of Russia” to rehabilitate the non-aggression Treaty (Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) concluded between the USSR and Germany in 1939.

“Under the pretext of a ‘non-aggression Pact’, Germany and the Soviet Union outlined their spheres of influence in a secret Protocol, dividing the territories of other independent States among themselves.” According to him, both States thus “prepared for the policy of Imperial conquests of free Nations — with the aim of enslaving them and subordinating them to the totalitarian regimes of Moscow and Berlin.” “This Pact became a prerequisite for world war II,” the Institute points out.

The statement came after Russian President Vladimir Putin explained at a press conference on December 19 that Soviet troops appeared in Poland after the country’s government “lost control of its armed forces and what is happening on the territory.”

The US took a “Pro-European position” by imposing sanctions ” Nord stream-2

The United States has taken a “Pro-European position” by imposing sanctions on the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, laid down in the defense budget of the state, which was signed the day before by President Donald trump, said the American Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell. It is noted that 15 European countries, the European Commission and the European Parliament shared their concerns about the gas pipeline project.

“We have long heard from our European partners that the US should support their efforts. That’s why these sanctions are a Pro-European solution, ” Grenell said.

He added that the restrictions imposed on Nord stream 2 are a long-term us strategy aimed at ” energy diversity in Europe.” The sanctions affect the project only partially, but the us authorities are pleased that the companies they concern have begun to take action.

How many people die from environmental problems?

More than 8 million people a year. This is slightly more than from tobacco, and significantly more than from alcohol and drugs (3.5 million in total), malnutrition, infections and from armed conflict.

More than 4 million deaths are air pollution, about one and a half million are water pollution. Actually, quite frightening numbers. And to die from tobacco, alcohol or drugs is largely a personal choice of everyone, and to die from the fact that the plant next to your house saves on cleaning equipment is somehow so-so…

Number of deaths from environmental problems by country

According to the recently released report Pollution and Health Metrics 2019, in first place – India, more than 2 million people; in China-just under 2 million, the third place in Nigeria-280 thousand. In 8th place – Russia, 118 thousand people died from problems associated with poor ecology. Small town. Of these, 99 thousand died from problems with the air, 9 thousand from lead poisoning and pollution in the workplace and a little less than a thousand people-from water pollution.


In the kindergarten of Chelyabinsk children were given expired gifts

The leadership of the kindergarten in the Leninsky district of Chelyabinsk issued gifts to children with expired expiration date for the New year. This was reported by the TV station cheltv Sunday, December 22. It is noted that the mother of one of the children published in the family chat a photo with a mold-covered candy
In Tatarstan, Regardie fulfilled actions to disperse the riots in the students

The record was posted by the Chairman of the branch of the trade Union “Alliance of teachers” in Tatarstan Raushan Valiullin. According to Valiullin, the purpose of the exercise was to practice actions in case of mass riots involving teenagers. Security forces had to twist them and “neutralize”, “fighting off” attacks.

Russians began to travel less

Analysts service Biletix found that over the past five years, Russians have become less travel. It is noted that the duration of travel was reduced from 11 to 8 days.

In Colombia was not allowed to work for Uber

The Department of industry and trade of the government (SIC) of Colombia has decided to stop the work of Uber in the country, it is reported on the website of the Department. The text of the document States that the carrier simultaneously used the mobile application and provided transportation services, which violates the rules governing the Colombian market.

Why in Russia only oligarchs are rapidly getting rich

The economic policy implemented in Russia leads to the fact that due to the rise in oil prices, only billionaires increase their incomes, while other citizens do not receive anything and continue to grow poor. This was stated by state Duma Deputy from “Fair Russia” Oleg Shein.

“Under the current system, everything goes only to the oligarchs — to a hundred people from the Forbes list. People see that the situation will not change in a year or two or three, and even the increase in the cost of oil does not really affect their wages. Of course, people say that there is no coincidence between their interests and the interests of the government, which really provides for the interests of the ruling class exclusively, that is, a very narrow layer of dollar billionaires and dollar millionaires. This is about a hundred thousand families in our entire huge country, ” the people’s Deputy said in an interview with Pravda.Ru».

Putin announced the continuation of work on the growth of incomes of Russians

The state will continue to work on the growth of real incomes, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the annual final press conference.

For Russians will simplify the bankruptcy procedure

For those citizens who do not have funds for the bankruptcy procedure, a simplified procedure will be introduced. The bill was prepared by the Ministry of economic development.

“Creating a simplified bankruptcy procedures aimed at ensuring the availability of bankruptcy for conscientious citizens who do not have the opportunity to use the process in its current design, explained,” – writes “Russian newspaper” with reference to a source in the Ministry.

GDP growth in Latvia in 2020 will be up to 2.4% – experts

Analysts of the largest banks in Latvia say about the “braking” of economic growth in 2020. In General, experts from the banking industry call the figures of GDP growth in the corridor from 1.9 to 2.4%. About it writes portal Nra.lv.

Ukraine announced the volume of Russian gas transit under the new contract

Russia and Ukraine have agreed on a new contract for gas transit. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said that the parties will sign the document by the end of 2019, it will be designed for five years.

The volume of Russian gas transit to the European Union through the territory of Ukraine under the new contract will be 65 billion cubic meters in 2020 and 40 billion cubic meters – in 2021-2024. Such data were announced to “Ukrainian news” by a source familiar with the results of bilateral talks in Minsk.

Why combine two of the hospital of Barnaul

Minister of health of the Altai territory Dmitry Popov explained what caused the need to combine the city hospitals number 11 and number 12 in Barnaul, reports “Bankfax”.

According to him, earlier on the neighboring sites there were two medical institutions, which largely duplicated each other. Now, on their basis, a multidisciplinary emergency hospital will be created, which will allow unloading the City hospital No. 1, which so far remains the only object of General health care.

Patriarch Kirill called for the reduction of accountability for the priests

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia at the diocesan meeting of Moscow spoke in favor of reducing accountability for priests and cited as a positive example the bill that regulates the workload of teachers.

Direct flights to China will be launched from Sochi

The emergence of direct flights will contribute to the influx of tourists from China and neighboring countries to Sochi. Flights are organized once a week, with high demand from March 2020 is expected to increase to four.

For groups of citizens of both countries there are visa exemptions. The main initiator of this project was the gambling zone “Krasnaya Polyana”, as one of the priority directions of its development is to attract foreign tourists, – the press service of the gambling zone”Krasnaya Polyana” reported. The first Charter flight will be made by ifly Airlines. The flights will be operated by aircraft with a capacity of 345 people.

Prices for vodka and cognac in Russia will rise from January 1

The Ministry of Finance has published a document on the official portal of legal information, according to which from January 1, 2020 in Russia will increase the minimum purchase and retail prices for cognac, brandy, vodka and alcoholic beverages strength of more than 28 percent.

“Gazprom Neft” placed exchange bonds for 20 billion rubles

Gazprom Neft placed 20 billion rubles worth of exchange-traded bonds at par value, the company said in a statement. The company sold 20 million bonds of the 003P-02R series with a nominal value of 1000 rubles each by open subscription. The term of circulation of securities-10 years, the offer is not exposed.

“Rosneft” will be engaged in the construction of ” far Eastern LNG»

The construction of the plant will take place within the framework of the Sakhalin-1 project, which is operated by Rosneft. The consortium, which will deal with the construction, will include companies such as Marubeni, Itochu, Japan Petroleum Exploration and the Ministry of economy, trade and industry of Japan

French public debt has become larger than GDP

French public debt in the third quarter of 2019 exceeded GDP, which last happened in 2017. Now it is 100.4%. According to Agence France-Presse, citing the national Institute of statistics and economic research, the forecast of the authorities remains at 98.8% of GDP by the end of 2019.

China’s Central Bank has poured $40 billion into the country’s financial system

China’s Central Bank has poured 280 billion yuan (about $40 billion) into the country’s financial system, Xinhua reported on December 19. The people’s Bank of China poured 30 billion yuan into the market through a seven-day reverse REPO at a rate of 2.5% and another 250 billion on a fourteen-day reverse REPO deal at a rate of 2.65%.

Kuzbassrazrezugol will become a supplier of coal for the Ministry of defense in 2020-2021

The duties of JSC “Coal company” Kuzbassrazrezugol ” will include providing coal structures of the Ministry of defense in Siberia, the far East and the Arctic zone. During deliveries, KRU will also be obliged to ” reduce the price of the state contract in the event of a corresponding reduction in market prices for solid boiler fuel (coal).” The volume of supply of coal at the disposal of KRU is not called.

Ethiopia’s first satellite launched into earth orbit

The earth remote sensing satellite ETRSS-1 was developed by the Chinese Academy of space technology as part of an agreement between China and Ethiopia signed in October 2016. The 65-kilogram spacecraft became Ethiopia’s first satellite in low-earth orbit.

Erdogan has threatened to deal with Russian mercenaries in Libya

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Russia of helping Libyan national army commander Khalifa Haftar. He said that on his side are mercenaries from Russia

The fourth part of “Major” will be released in 2021

The fourth part of the popular project “Major” will be released in 2021, according to media reports. Filming of this part began on June 6, 2019. As it became known to the press, two formats are being prepared at once: a full meter and eight series.

The first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s “the Argument” has been released

Warner Bros. published the first trailer for the film “the Argument” by British Director Christopher Nolan. The plot of the film is not disclosed, but it is known that in the center of the story-the world of international espionage, reports “Kinopoisk”.



The Museum of underwater architecture

Moscow diggers have already organized an initiative group that has developed a design project of the Museum. They propose to create it on the site of the Neglinka collector under Tsvetnoy Boulevard with a total length of 600 meters. There remained a brick vault of white stone.

The Moscow Museum was nominated for the title of “European Museum of the year”.

This is the first time that a private Russian Museum has become a nominee. The international jury evaluates the applicants according to several criteria: the presence of a unique concept and exposition solutions, atmosphere, creative approach to the educational program. The winner will be named on may 2 at a ceremony at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff. In 2020, the AZ Museum will celebrate its fifth anniversary.

Moscow will decorate the new year with rockets and astronauts

The Central streets of Moscow in the framework of the festival “Journey to Christmas” in 2019 will decorate themed installations dedicated to space. Installation of all objects will begin at night on December 28, the press service of the organizing Committee of the cycle of urban street events “Moscow seasons”told TASS.

Apple has created a secret team to develop satellites

Bloomberg was able to learn that Apple has created a secret Department in which they develop their own satellite technology. Foreign journalists were able to learn that the company already has specialists for the development of antennas and devices used in data transmission

D-Fly Group has introduced a new luxury electric scooter Dragonfly.

Dragonfly is equipped with a double engine, which allows you to reach speeds of up to 60 km / h. the Scooter turned out to be quite heavy-15 kg. in the production of the Dragonfly frame, the carbon material was used-lightweight, and at the same time, durable. Control trasnsport is carried out using a 4.5-inch display located on the steering wheel. According to the manufacturer, Dragonfly will be able to travel up to 45 km on a single charge. However, this distance can be increased by using replaceable batteries. They, in turn, can be placed in the trunk of the scooter.

The scooter will be available in two versions: three-wheeled and four-wheeled. The novelty is estimated at $5000 and $6000, respectively. The premium electric scooter will go on sale in the summer of 2020. First-time buyers will receive a gift branded helmet Lumos Matrix

Zero Zero Robotics introduced a bicopter with a V-shaped design.

According to the developers, the flight time of the device is 50 minutes. In addition, it can take video and track obstacles in front of it. The company has launched a pre-order for $ 699 and plans to begin deliveries of drones in February 2020.

The ship “eagle” was capable of three flights to the moon instead of ten

The new manned spacecraft “eagle” being developed in Russia does not meet the technical task issued by Roscosmos on the number of possible flights to the moon – instead of 10, it will be able to make no more than three flights. This is stated in the materials of The rocket and space Corporation “Energy” (the developer of “eagle”), available to RIA Novosti.

Astronomers have reported the loss of almost a hundred stars

Comparing the catalogues of stars of the mid-XX century with modern data sets, astronomers confirmed the absence of about a hundred previously marked on the maps of the luminaries. Their disappearance has not yet found a definitive explanation, and versions are considered from the flash activity of red dwarfs and direct transformation into black holes to alien megastructures. A complete list of objects with coordinates is published in the astronomical Journal