23 Dec, 2020

News digest for 12/22/2020

The US Department of Commerce has published a list of 45 Russian and 58 Chinese enterprises (103 in total) associated with the military. They will be subject to export restrictions.

The list includes Russian departments – the Foreign Intelligence Service and the Russian Ministry of Defense, as well as such enterprises as Rosoboronexport, Oboronprom, Rostec, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, Irkut, MiG, Tupolev, RCC “Progress”, one of the oldest shipbuilding enterprises “Admiralty shipyards”, etc.

The US Department of Commerce noted that the end consumer of the products of these companies is the military, and they can pose a threat. To export certain goods, these enterprises will need a license, the end consumer will be checked.

The US Department of Commerce also said that this list is not final and may be supplemented.

Rostec responded to new US sanctions

According to the company, the next restrictions by the US authorities will give Rostec an additional incentive to work even better. It is also noted that these measures are nothing new, and this is just another round of “unfriendly actions”.

FSB calls Navalny’s investigation a provocation

The FSB called the published investigation into the poisoning of an opposition politician “a planned provocation aimed at discrediting the FSB and its employees.” The FSB DSP assures that this would not have been possible without the organizational and technical support of foreign special services.

Turkish hotels banned from holding entertainment events for the New Year

A curfew will be in effect in Turkish hotels on New Year’s holidays, which was previously announced by the authorities (from 21:00 on December 31 to 5:00 on January 4). Entertainment programs will be prohibited, according to the website of the Turkish Interior Ministry.

Key rules:

  • in hotels it is impossible to conduct entertainment programs in honor of the New Year, to arrange balls, etc .;
  • advertising of holiday events in hotels will be prohibited;
  • entertainment programs with music and dancing are prohibited. After 22:00, any musical accompaniment is prohibited in hotels, including in restaurants.

US Navy nuclear submarine and cruisers enter the Persian Gulf

Two American missile cruisers and a US nuclear submarine entered the Persian Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz. The relevant information was reported in the press service of the Fifth Fleet of the United States Navy

China imposed restrictions on electricity consumption in cities

Due to the lack of thermal coal, electricity consumption restrictions have been imposed in more than 10 cities in China. The resource shortage was caused by the trade conflict between China and Australia, which was a coal supplier.

Serbian section of the Turkish Stream branch began to fill with gas

The section of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, which runs through Serbia, began to fill with gas, Interfax writes, citing its own informed source. A full-fledged supply of the resource will begin on January 1, 2021. Previously, the country received gas through a pipeline running through Ukraine.

Shoigu proposed to increase the salary of military personnel

The head of the Russian defense department, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, proposed to increase the monetary allowance fund for the military next year in order to cover the shortage of funds due to a five-year break with the indexation of their salaries

In order to prevent a decrease in payments to servicemen, it is proposed to consider the possibility of increasing the fund of monetary allowances in 2021, – TASS quotes Shoigu. Due to the lack of indexation, the deficit of money for payments of allowances has been formed for 5 years, the head of the department noted.

Loans to Russian defense enterprises

The volume of loans to Russian defense enterprises has reached almost three trillion rubles, more than half of the companies’ debts have been liquidated, said Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov. The cancellation of bad debts and the restructuring of problem loans were achieved after a dialogue with bankers. According to Borisov, this decision of the financial system is “revolutionary”, since earlier banks were sharply opposed

The authorities will reimburse half of the costs of the new owner of “Massandra”

The Crimean authorities decided to compensate the new owner of the Massandra winery for half the cost of planting new vineyards, since his plots remained in state ownership. This was announced by the head of the republic Sergey Aksenov. Massandra vineyards cover approximately 8,800 hectares

Putin exempted Taimyr oil from export duties

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a federal law that, from 2021, exempts oil produced at new fields in Taimyr from export duties. The corresponding document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information

Share of hydrocarbons in the world energy balance

The share of hydrocarbons in the global energy balance will decrease by about 15% in the next twenty years, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak.

The share of hydrocarbons now stands at 85%, but in the next two decades it will decrease by 15 percent in the total energy balance, and the share of renewable energy sources will significantly increase. That is, the world remains to a greater extent hydrocarbon, although the climate agenda will also acquire an increasingly significant role, – the Deputy Prime Minister said during an expert meeting on the topic: “Energy transition and the post-like world”, organized within the framework of a joint project of IMEMO RAS and Interfax “.

VEB subsidiary will invest in digitalization of industry

VEB Ventures, investment subsidiary of VEB.RF, will invest 990 million rubles. to the Tsifra group, a developer of digital technologies and robotic equipment for industrial production in the mining, oil and gas, chemical and engineering industries. This is stated in the company’s message received by RBC.

Mishustin approved a project to provide a loan to Belarus

The Russian government approved a draft agreement on the provision of a $ 1 billion loan to Belarus in 2020-2021. The corresponding order was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

State Duma ratified tax agreement with Cyprus

The State Duma at a plenary meeting ratified an agreement with Cyprus, according to which the tax on dividends and interest increases to 15%. Russia and Cyprus signed a protocol on amendments to the intergovernmental agreement on the avoidance of double taxation on September 8.

The government will leave the responsibility for the disposal of packaging to manufacturers

Responsibility for the disposal of packaging will remain with the manufacturers, according to the press service of Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko following a meeting of the working group on the development of a new concept of extended producer responsibility (EPR).

The ROP operated for more than four years and showed complete ecological and economic stagnation: the country did not have massive waste processing capacities, the population actually pays for waste disposal in full, enterprises are not interested in using more environmentally friendly materials, – said Victoria Abramchenko

Tax-free income from bank deposits

The Bank of Russia has decided to keep the key rate at 4.5% for now, reports RG. This decision allows you not to pay a new tax on interest income from deposits in 2021 from the amount of 42.5 thousand rubles. But on income in excess of this amount, you will have to pay tax at a rate of 13%.

Plants have circadian rhythms similar to humans

Scientists from the UK have found that plants are divided into “owls” and “larks”. The results of their work were published in the journal Plant, Cell & Environment. Plants from Sweden were selected for the study, as this country experiences extreme fluctuations in daily temperatures. Now scientists want to analyze the biorhythms of wheat and other crops in order to control their flowering time. Thanks to the discovery, agronomists can get much higher yields than now.

Penguin protection igloo

Iranian architect Sajjad Navidi has developed an innovative system to protect emperor penguins. It consists of two parts, according to the Designboom portal.

It is known that in recent years ice in Antarctica is melting faster and faster. This poses a great danger to flightless birds, because they lay eggs and hatch offspring on ice floes. Navidi suggested building a series of igloos at the South Pole. In these “dwellings” the penguins will be able to gather for protection from bad weather. A cooling device will be located under them, strengthening the base of the ice floe.

Chemists have described a new form of ice

Scientists from the United States, China and Russia have described the structure and properties of a new hydrogen hydrate formed at relatively low pressure and room temperature. Hydrogen hydrate – ice with hydrogen molecules in structural cavities – is interesting as a potential cost-effective way of storing and transporting the most environmentally friendly fuel – hydrogen. The research results are published in the journal Physical Review Letters

Biologists have discovered that octopuses “spank” fish

Octopuses are able to use stinging jellyfish as a weapon and attract fish to joint hunting. A temporary union allows you to benefit from the anatomy, locomotion and prey fishing methods that are shared by both sides. However, the cephalopods, which distribute sensitive pokes to the ward fish, if they behave in an inappropriate manner, remain the “leading” side in it. This is reported in a new article published in the journal Ecology.

The signal from space comes from Proxima Centauri

A mysterious signal from space, which arrived at Earth and was recorded by a radio telescope in Australia, came from the side of the closest star system to us – Proxima Centauri. This star system is located just 4.2 light years from Earth, according to The Guardian.

Apple is about to release a self-driving car

According to Reuters, several people with knowledge of Apple’s plans said that the car will be released in 2024. However, they noted that there may be delays associated with the pandemic, which could push the date to 2025. Reuters also claims that Apple is working on a new battery that could “radically” reduce its cost and increase battery life.

Peter Jackson edited a video from the frames of the future tape about The Beatles

The Sobering-Up System Restoration Act

The State Duma of Russia adopted a law on the restoration of the system of sobering-up centers in Russia. In the first reading, the document was approved in November last year. It says that local authorities will have the authority to “provide assistance to people in public places in a state of intoxication,” including the regions will have to organize the activities of special institutions

Chronic exhaustion of Russian teachers

More than 75% of teachers experience symptoms of professional burnout – such conclusions are contained in the study of the teacher development program “I am a Teacher” and the program “Yandex Education Initiative”. The acute phase of burnout was found in 38% of the respondents.

Picket participants detained at Lubyanka for investigating Navalny’s poisoning

In Moscow, the coordinator of the Vesna movement Lev Gyammer and activist Madina Avsetova were detained near the FSB building on Lubyanka. Young people came out with single pickets demanding to investigate the alleged poisoning of politician Alexei Navalny.

Norilsk Nickel to pay compensation to indigenous peoples

The Norilsk-Taimyr Energy Company, a subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel, is beginning to pay 174 million rubles to indigenous peoples affected by the fuel spill at the TPP-3 in Norilsk. On December 21, RIA Novosti reported this with reference to Norilsk Nickel.

In total, 699 people, representatives of tribal communities and individuals engaged in fishing in the area of ​​Lake Pyasino and the Pyasina River will receive compensation. The list has been agreed with representatives of the communities and the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation.

The US Senate adopted the Belarus Democracy Act.

  • The Coordination Council is recognized as a legitimate institution for participation in the dialogue on the peaceful transfer of power and does not recognize Alexander Lukashenko as “the legally elected leader of Belarus”;
  • Calls for new presidential and parliamentary elections;
  • Calls for the release of all political prisoners without any preconditions;
  • supports the aspirations of the people of Belarus in freedom;
  • The USA does not recognize the inclusion of Belarus in the Union State with Russia;
  • The act requires the United States to have a strategy to promote broadcasting, Internet freedom and access to information;
  • Provides support to the Belarusian media and representatives of the IT sector.

In Belarus, opened cases against the Coordination Council

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Belarus has opened criminal cases against members of the Belarusian opposition on the facts of creating an extremist group and its leadership, financing its activities in order to seize state power in an unconstitutional way. This is stated in the official telegram channel of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

New sanitary requirements for stores and markets in Russia

  • bread cannot touch walls or floors
  • food products in packaging cannot “meet” with unpackaged
  • you cannot weigh products without packaging, as well as sell eggs in departments where they sell ready-to-eat products not packaged by the manufacturer
  • you cannot sell deformed canned food, green potatoes, homemade products, duck and goose eggs, melons or with cuts
  • food products should not touch water supply pipes, sewers and batteries, and the sewage system must be designed to eliminate the risk of food contamination
    ancillary workers and cleaners cannot prepare food for sale
  • ice for cooking and cooling food products – only from drinking water
  • obligatory periodic medical examinations of employees associated with the storage, transportation and sale of products
  • heating, ventilation and (or) air conditioning are required in shops

The State Duma adopted in the second reading a new draft law on individuals – foreign agents:

  • Individuals who receive foreign funding for political activities are recognized as foreign agents.
  • Science, culture, art, healthcare, protection of mothers and children, social support for disabled people, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, protection of flora and fauna and charity will not be considered political activities.
  • Unregistered foreign-funded political NPOs are recognized as foreign agents.
  • Foreign agents are prohibited from holding public office, but members of non-profit-making foreign agents will be able to serve on public councils under federal agencies.
  • The media will be required to label the materials of foreign agents.

The State Duma adopted a package of amendments on rallies in the second reading:

  • ban on rallies near emergency services buildings
  • a ban on financing rallies and demonstrations from abroad, from foreign agents or anonymously
  • the possibility of canceling rallies due to the threat of emergency
  • a ban on journalists covering rallies from directly participating in them
  • the court will be able to recognize as a rally several single pickets united by a common idea, and mass simultaneous presence or movement of citizens in public places, designed to express or form opinions and put forward demands

Expired sweet kits for the best

The administration of Yugorsk presented the best students with 300 sweet sets with a shelf life of 15 Feb. 2020 Supplier from Tyumen Sibprodax LLC has already apologized and will replace the entire batch, but the prosecutor’s office insisted on checking. The head of Yugorsk, Andrei Borodkin, informed about the curiosity, diplomatically admitting that a mistake simply crept into the marking.