25 Dec, 2019

News digest for 12/24/2019

The su-57 fighter crashed near Khabarovsk during tests.

The crash occurred about 120 kilometers from the airport “Dzemgi”. The fighter belonged to the Gagarin aircraft factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. According to preliminary data, the incident occurred while testing the engine. It was the first serial sample, until the end of 2019 it had to hand over to the military, said “Interfax” informed source. He noted that the transfer of equipment was scheduled for the current week. The pilot ejected, he was not injured

Drivers were banned from driving buses and trucks for more than 10 hours a day.

And you can do it no more than twice a week. The rest of the time you can work no more than 9 hours. This is stated on the official website of the government of the Russian Federation. They will also be required to periodically rest from the ride, and not later than 4.5 hours after the start of the trip

Boris Johnson has said he believes it is impossible to reset relations with Russia.

“I really believed, as I think many other foreign Ministers and Prime Ministers before me, that we can start all over again with Russia. That this is a great country with which we fought against fascism. It’s very, very sad that I was wrong, ” Johnson was quoted as saying by the Spectator magazine.

Belarus may receive support measures from Russia

Belarus may receive support measures from Russia after the implementation of roadmaps on integration between the countries in Belarus, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told reporters.

“All forms of support, additional, in addition to the fact that we already have advanced relations with them: there are almost 8 billion credits Belarus has Russian, additional forms of cooperation are possible only if these roadmaps are executed and embodied in the laws. Then we can talk about the compensation of the tax maneuver, or rather, about the reverse excise tax, when we will have unified tax rules, ” Medvedev said.


Zelensky signed a law granting volunteer combatant status


ByteDance is considering selling a majority stake in TikTok

The Chinese company ByteDance is considering selling a majority stake in the social network TikTok developed by It in light of suspicions of the US authorities that it may collect information about Americans. According to Bloomberg, the value of assets exceeds $10 billion.

The President of Azerbaijan called impossible the accession to the EU

He considers the possibilities of European integration exhausted. Ilham Aliyev also referred to the examples of countries where internal clashes began after the promise of admission to the EU.

Ukraine does not trust Russia on gas transit

In the Ukrainian company “Naftogaz” believe that there is a risk when Russia may refuse to transit gas through Ukraine, and Ukraine has already withdrawn its claims against the Russian “Gazprom”. That is why Ukraine is working on “a system of contracts that minimize or completely remove this risk.”

The second in a week accident on the Troitsk water pipeline

The second in a week accident on the Trinity water pipeline left without water 160 thousand people in Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik and the Crimean region of Kuban-GUMCHS

“At 05.10 MSK on December 24, a message was received from the OED EDDS of the Crimean district that there was a gust on the main water pipeline near the village of Troitskaya. 4 settlements with the population more than 160 thousand people in 4 settlements in the Crimean area, Novorossiysk and Gelendzhik, more than 6400 houses got to a shutdown zone. As of 7.00 Moscow time the place of a rush is found, earthworks are carried out”, – it is told in the message.

The Ministry of emergency situations is preparing changes to the legislation on mandatory evacuation of the population

“During the flood in the Amur region in the summer of this year, we faced with… the problem is the refusal of the local population to evacuate, despite the threat of flooding. As a result, we were forced to keep in such areas special equipment, boats with rescuers, although they were badly needed elsewhere. We appealed to the President, and he instructed to amend the legislation so that in case of emergency there was a possibility of mandatory [forced] evacuation of the population, ” – said in an interview with TASS, the head of the Russian emergencies Ministry Yevgeny Zinichev.


In Russia 200 thousand deceived shareholders, 3 thousand unfinished or abandoned houses-the head Of the Fund for the protection of the rights of shareholders Govorun at a meeting with Medvedev


The investigation, which lasted more than ten months, ended in nothing

The investigation into the case of the founder of the investment Fund Baring Vostok Michael Calvey ended “nothing”, said the representative of Baring Vostok. Previously, the prosecution Calvi and his colleagues were reclassified: now they are charged with embezzlement instead of fraud.

“The investigation, which lasted more than ten months, ended in nothing, and we demand the immediate release from custody of our innocent colleagues»

According to the representative of the Fund, the criminal case, which “casts a shadow on all Russian justice” and negatively affects the investment climate of the country, should be closed. Resolving commercial disputes in this way is unacceptable and resembles “the arbitrariness of the 1990s,” he added.

The outgoing year 2019 was more difficult for Russia than the previous one

As follows from the survey Levada center, 35% of respondents said that 2019 was more difficult than the previous year specifically for them and their families. For 51% of those surveyed, it was the same as 2018. In General, the outgoing year was successful for 61% of Russians and unsuccessful for 29%, 11% of respondents could not answer this question.

According to 43% of Russians, the standard of living of the main part of the population of the country for the year has changed for the worse. The same number (43%) believe that the situation has not changed. The majority of Russians called 2019 an average year (66%), it is considered good by 17%, bad-12%, very bad-3%, very good-1%. Another 1% of respondents found it difficult to answer.

The distribution of wealth has become less equitable, said 41% of respondents. 45% do not see changes.

Mark Zuckerberg declined to be interviewed by The Guardian

Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg used to dislike talking to journalists, but after the Cambridge Analytica story and the user data leak, he stepped out of his comfort zone. Over the past year and a half, Zuckerberg has appeared before Congress and given interviews to many American publications. But he did not speak to the British newspaper The Guardian.

Tesla shares rose to $ 420.

The share price of electric car maker Tesla has reached a record $ 420 apiece. It is at this price that Tesla founder Elon Musk promised to buy back shares of the company a year and a half ago, notes CNBC — and lost because of this $ 20 million in the post of head of the Board of Directors of Tesla

Solid sound delivered to the interior Ministry personnel, mental anguish

The person involved in the” Moscow case ” Samariddin Rajabov is accused that in the summer at a rally in Moscow, he threw a plastic bottle in the direction of the police. Did not get, but delivered to employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs moral suffering. Here is the dialogue of Radzhabov’s lawyer with one of the injured policemen:
— I thought it was a stone wrapped in a bag.”
— Was there a rustle?”
— Yeah.
“How’s the package?” the lawyer continues.
“No, like a bottle. A hard rustle.

Samariddin Rajabov was found guilty of violence against police officers and sentenced to a fine. The judge of Meshchansky court of Moscow Tatyana Barakovskaya decided that “moral harm to health” caused by a sound of the fallen empty bottle, doesn’t pull for real term, but Samariddin was released in a court hall. The prosecution asked for 3.5 years in prison for Samariddin Rajabov. He spent almost 5 months in jail..

Five of Jamal Khashoggi’s killers have been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia.

A total of 11 people have appeared in court on charges of involvement in Khashoggi’s murder. Their names are not given.

“The investigation showed that the murder was unintentional,” – said the representatives of the Prosecutor General of the Kingdom.

The EU condemned the launch of a railway link on the Crimean bridge.

This was called” another violation ” of Russia’s sovereignty and territory of Ukraine.

“The EU does not recognize and does not recognize the illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia,” – said the representative of the European Union.

Which countries are driving science the most

The main problem here is of course the method of counting. But if you count just by the number of articles in peer-reviewed journals-then China! More than half a million articles for 2018. On 100 thousand articles behind the USA, and somewhere far already catch up with India, Germany, Japan, great Britain and Russia (with quite good 7 place).

Students told about the injuries received during the exercises of the Ministry of internal Affairs to disperse the rallies

Students of Novotroitskaya high school in Tatarstan (https://www.znak.com/2019-12-23/shkolniki_rasskazali_o_travmah_poluchennyh_vo_vremya_ucheniy_po_razgonu_mitingov), where last Friday the interior Ministry conducted exercises to disperse rallies, told about the injuries. According to one of the students, during the exercise, the police officers “very hard put [him on the ground], poked his face in the snow,” other guys security forces ” threw through the thigh.” In the Ministry of internal Affairs deny this information, assuring that in a role of protesters there were only police officers.

“My friend was scratched, he cut himself on the shields, I was left with a graze on his arm, a graze on his knee, plus a big bump on his head,” said one of the students of Novotroitskaya high school, who took part in the exercises of the Ministry of internal Affairs. According to the teenager, the fact that the students will have to be extras for the police exercises, they were not warned

RT TV channel registers the brand ” Foreign agent»

Margarita Simonyan decided to privatize the brand “foreign agent”, discovered “Open media”. The RT channel headed by her registers a trademark with this name for the sale of mugs, t-shirts and other merch (which, however, he already sells). When our correspondent tried to ask Marguerite why she did all this, she only suggested that we “go over to the side of good.”

Yandex has started to transfer personal data of its users to third companies.

Yandex and two of the largest Russian credit bureaus have launched a new project to assess borrowers-individuals: their scoring score can be assessed, including using data collected by Yandex. The information was confirmed by representatives of the United credit Bureau (OKB), which cooperates with the IT company, and Yandex. A similar project in “Yandex” have the KJV is “Equifax”.

Among the products of “Yandex” — search service, browser, online maps, services for money transfer, purchase of goods, search for air and railway tickets, job search, selection of real estate, ordering services and taxis, etc. IT-company does not disclose what data is used to build a scoring model.

To visit the Governor’s Christmas tree asked to pass a medical examination and took tests

In Krasnoyarsk, students were forced to undergo a medical examination and pass tests to get to the annual Governor’s Christmas tree. The event was attended by the head of the region Alexander USS with children, as well as family members of local officials, according to the publication “Siberia.Realities». (https://www.sibreal.org/a/30339721.html)

“We went to the doctors a lot. We visited the phthisiologist, were consulted by the pediatrician. I needed a flu shot, a certificate of epidemiological status. The day before the Christmas tree went to pick up a certificate, and there was an examination of the child, ” – told the publication the mother of one of the invited to the event.

The Kremlin reacted to the idea of abolishing personal income tax for the poor

The Kremlin has no position on the idea of abolishing the tax on personal income for low-income citizens, said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. On the reaction of the administration of the head of state reports TASS on Tuesday, December 24.

No, there’s no position yet. This issue has been repeatedly mentioned during expert discussions, but there is no position in the Kremlin. Apparently, this will require interdepartmental coordination and study at the expert level. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

In Siberia, a businessman put up for sale a village with residents

The village of Vasilyevka of the Idrinsky district of Krasnoyarsk Krai, together with the residents, was put up for sale. The owner of a small village is a local Siberian businessman, writes NTV. The businessman wants to get 20 million rubles from the sale of the village.

“Gazprom energy holding” has bought the manufacturer of gas turbines

Gazprom energoholding bought 100% of the manufacturer of power equipment “REP holding” (80% belonged to Gazprombank), said on Monday the representative of “Gazprom energoholding”.

Toll bridge over the Ob river in Novosibirsk will be built in 2020

In early 2020, it is planned to start work on the preparation of the arrangement of future interchanges on both sides of the future bridge. By the end of the year, the contractor will begin the construction of the bridge itself.

Ratio of loans to population to GDP

And in Switzerland the people (humans only, no companies! we owe banks more than the whole country earns in a year! And in Australia, by the way, too, and even in Denmark, the Netherlands and Canada!

Poland declared gas independence from Russia

More recently, Poland has been diversifying its gas suppliers, in particular by refocusing on liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States, Qatar and other countries. In addition, Warsaw is building a pipeline to receive natural gas from Norway. This so reduced the country’s dependence on Russia, which has historically been the main supplier of gas to Poland, that Warsaw decided not to renew the long-term contract with Gazprom

Analysts have calculated how much for the year increased taxes in Russia

The average payment of individuals in favor of the Federal tax service is 1415 rubles. The smallest amounts of users go to pay property taxes-the average payment in the country is 760 rubles. At the same time, for the year it increased by 16%. The average payment of transport taxes increased for the year by 12% and amounted to 3966 rubles. The average payment of Russians on land taxes increased for the year by 10% – up to 827 rubles.

The Ministry of health will change the rules of visiting patients in hospitals

The Ministry of health has submitted for public discussion the new rules for visiting patients in hospitals. In the last edition made a condition that the patient at the same time can visit no more than two relatives. The hospital management will determine the places for the meeting: it can be a ward, a hall, a hall, a corridor.

Russian demand for Turkish real estate increased by 46% over the year

Russians have become more interested in real estate in Turkey — over the past year, the demand for it in different regions of the country has increased by 46%. This is stated in the materials of the analytical center Prian.ru, which studied the preferences of Russians-buyers of foreign real estate.

Crimea can not offer a variety of ideas for winter holidays

“Of course, the movement of trains on the Crimean bridge is a positive fact, we expect an increase in tourist traffic, but only in the summer season. It is clear that Crimea does not belong to the priority new year’s directions. Russians at this time go to Sochi, where one of the best ski clusters in Europe, to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Veliky Ustyug, along the Golden ring and abroad. Therefore, we did not have any special expectations for the winter holidays, ” Boris Zelinsky, President of Kandahar group of companies, said in a conversation with RATA-news.

Uralmashzavod will hold an additional issue of shares for 17 billion rubles

At the extraordinary meeting of shareholders of PJSC “Uralmashzavod” (UZTM) it was decided to conduct an additional issue of shares in the amount of 17 billion rubles. in Total, it is planned to place about 34.1 billion ordinary shares at a price of 50 kopecks.

The main purpose of the securities issue is to reduce the debt burden of the enterprise, ” the company said in a statement.

Oil reserves near the Vasyugan swamp are being depleted

According to the Director of the exploration company TOMKO and corresponding member of the RAEN Valery Rostovtsev, the volume of extracted “black gold” rapidly falling in the Tomsk region as a whole. If in 1994 for the year in the region produced 14 million tons of oil, in 2017 this number was 8.9 million tons.

Industry of Kyrgyzstan produced products worth 221.3 billion rubles

For 11 months of 2019, industrial enterprises of Kyrgyzstan produced products worth 249.7 billion soms (223.1 billion rubles), which is 9.6% more than in January-November 2018. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of economy

In the United States began an investigation against the company BMW

Western publications, citing a representative of the company reported that the securities and exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) has launched an investigation against the German company BMW. It is planned to find out whether the BMW brand could artificially inflate the data on sales of cars in the United States.

Released the second trailer for the film “Gentlemen” guy Ritchie

Film company STX Entertainment has released the second trailer for “Gentlemen” – a new crime Comedy guy Ritchie (“Big Jackpot”, “Cards, money, two barrels”, “Sherlock Holmes”), which will be released in the Russian hire in February 2020.

The people’s Bank of China said it was ready to test the digital yuan

China is ready to start testing the digital yuan, said Mu Changchun, head of the payment and settlement solutions division of the People’s Bank of China. He noted that the payment system has already passed the functional research and debugging stage, and now it is necessary to launch pilot programs, the portal reports Bitcoin.com. the Department noted that the state virtual currency will not be as speculative as Bitcoin and the payment system Facebook Libra

Lukashenka warned Russia against attacking Belarus

Western countries and NATO will certainly react if Russia tries to violate the sovereignty of Belarus. This was stated by the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with the radio station “Echo of Moscow”.

In the port of Odessa came the American missile destroyer Ross

Alliance ships quite often visit the Black sea, and NATO intends to strengthen its presence in the waters. The American missile destroyer USS Ross (DDG71) entered the Odessa seaport in the morning on December 24, writes the local edition “Duma”.

Kyiv will facilitate the crossing of the border with the Crimea

The government of Ukraine has decided to simplify the crossing of the border of Kherson region with the Crimea for children from 14 to 16 years. This was reported in the Telegram-channel Prime Minister of Ukraine Goncharuk.

Japan is committed to signing a peace Treaty with Russia

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he intends to settle the issue of a peace Treaty with Russia and intensify ties with China.

“I am aimed at resolving the issue of a peace Treaty with Russia. We will sign it by resolving the territorial issue, which is our duty, ” he said during a press conference in Chengdu, where he held talks with President moon Jae-In of the Republic of Korea and Premier Li Keqiang Of the state Council of China.

Kiev and Donbass confirmed the exchange of prisoners until the end of the year

The people’s republics of Donbass and Moscow blamed Kiev for the fact that the lists were not agreed. The difficulty in coordinating the lists is that for each of the participants in the exchange you need to find out where and for what he sits, and then find grounds for termination of the case.

The discussion took place, and this time there are concrete results. Representatives of Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk, with the participation of mediators — Russia and the OSCE, managed to agree on the necessary conditions for the release and exchange of detainees before the end of the year. — Boris Gryzlov, the Russian politician

Trump’s lawyer called the us ambassadors in Ukraine proteges Soros

Us President Donald trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said in an interview with New York magazine that billionaire George Soros was behind the appointment of four us ambassadors to Ukraine, including Marie Jovanovic.

Minnikhanov answered the question about participation in the 2020 elections

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov has not ruled out his participation in the election of the head of the region, which will be held in 2020.

“I can agree, disagree, but I can not put myself forward for President, I do not have such powers… This year is not yet completed, my term is still nine months. To finish this term well, then it will be visible. But it is not excluded, if there is such a possibility, ” Minnikhanov told reporters.

Shoigu announced the implementation of NATO’s new anti-Russian military initiative

On Tuesday, December 24, at an expanded meeting of the Board of the Ministry of defense said the head of the Department Sergei Shoigu. According to him, it is a question of the anti-Russian initiative of the USA “four on thirty”, transfers “Interfax”. It is assumed 30-day readiness for use to have 30 mechanized battalions, 30 aircraft squadrons and 30 warships. Shoigu said that as of December 1 this year, NATO has achieved full completeness of the land component. The air part of the concept is 76% complete and the sea part is 93% complete.

Putin called the “anti-Semitic bastard and a pig,” the Ambassador of Poland in Germany

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called Poland’s Ambassador to Nazi Germany a “bastard and anti-Semitic pig” after a diplomat promised to erect a monument to Hitler for the idea of expelling Jews to Africa. So the President commented on the diary entry of the Polish Ambassador to Germany 40-ies.

Bastard, pig anti-Semitic, on different say cannot be. He fully sympathized with Hitler in his anti-Semitic sentiments and, moreover, for the mockery of the Jewish people promised to put a monument in Warsaw. — Vladimir Putin

Putin visited the exhibition of modern weapons in the defense Ministry

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited an exhibition of modern weapons and equipment at the National defense control center in Moscow. The head of state was accompanied by defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. He periodically interrupted the speakers and told the President about the samples presented.

China will create its own nuclear aircraft carrier with the help of Russia

In the famous American edition of The National Interest published a material about the military ambitions of China. It says that, apparently, China intends to use the Russian experience in the nuclear direction to create its own nuclear aircraft carrier

The defense Ministry plans to build a second branch of the BAM

The Russian defense Ministry, together with the presidential Administration, plans to create five railway brigades outside the Russian armed forces for the construction of the second branch of the Baikal-Amur mainline (BAM).

Us aircraft carrier went to the shores of Syria to “monitor” Russia

American TV channel NBC reported on the intention of the United States to observe the Russian-Syrian exercises in the Mediterranean sea. To do this, the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman (“Harry Truman”) was sent to the shores of Syria. The Americans thus declared that they would not tolerate Russia’s “bad behavior.”

The US has proposed to strengthen the military potential of the Baltic States

Members of the us congressional research service called on the us Parliament to strengthen the capacity of the Armed forces of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Experts suggest that the Baltic republics in the future will continue to see the United States as a leader in matters of foreign policy and security.

“Of interest to the Congress may be efforts to strengthen the capacity of the Armed forces of the Baltic States, including through the sale of American weapons to these countries and providing them with security assistance,” the document says.

The US has signed a contract for work at Incirlik air base

The US has signed a contract for work on Incirlik for the period until the end of 2024. At the moment, the 39th air force wing of the United States air force is deployed at the air base. The agreements were signed by the American defense Ministry with 8 Turkish companies.

Instead of a parade in honor of the blockade officials fly to Israel

“At the suggestion of public organizations of veterans, blockade prepared a plan of events dedicated to the anniversary of the breakthrough and the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi blockade <…> decided not to hold a parade on January 27 at the Palace square, and make an interactive program, “— quoted Beglov “RIA Novosti”.

Recall the feat of the blockade instead of St. Petersburg officials will be in Israel, found “Open media”. The Committee on foreign relations of St. Petersburg on December 20 announced a competition for “holding an event on the occasion of the opening of the monument in Jerusalem dedicated to the heroic defenders and residents of the besieged Leningrad “Candle of Memory””.

The structure of the St. Petersburg government intends to spend 10.6 million rubles on this. For this money, the contractor will have to book flights and hotel seats for the official delegation, organize six business Lunches or dinners, provide transportation and an interpreter. For lunch or dinner should be served cold meat and fish snacks, a hot dish of meat or fish, wine, vodka or cognac.

The concert dedicated to the opening of the monument will be attended by soloists of the Mariinsky theatre. The contractor will have to pay for their business class flights and accommodation in Jerusalem. The ceremony will be attended by 20 veterans of the great Patriotic war and blockade runners living in Jerusalem. They will be presented with “products of the Imperial porcelain factory with a blockade theme,” according to the description of the public procurement.

At the moment of this act I experienced a physical pain in my hands.

Z0-year-old IT specialist Sergey Surovtsev was found guilty and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. The Prosecutor’s office asked for 4 years.

The accusation is based on the testimony of an ensign of the national guard ostroverkhov associates. According to him, during the action on July 27, Surovtsev allegedly wanted to throw a metal fence at the guards, which separated them from the protesters. The ensign tried to stop him, but got a blow on the fingers.

“At the time of this act, I experienced physical pain in my hands. At this moment I didn’t pay special attention to it as the situation was heated”, – the national guardsman at the first court session declared. He didn’t even come to the second one.

The share of counterfeit goods in the objects of island trade

The share of counterfeit goods in the island trade in the TTS reaches 60% and the total annual turnover of illegal goods in these outlets exceed 25 billion rubles. it is Noted that basically we are talking about fake children’s toys, accessories, electronics, bags and backpacks, which sell on the shelves that shopping Mall owners to fill vacant space.

Based on Stephen king’s novel “Carrie” will remove the series

According to Deadline, Stephen king’s debut novel “Carrie” will receive another film adaptation — this time in the form of a mini-series. The development of the film is engaged in cable TV channel FX, but at the moment the project is at an early stage of production and has not yet got a screenwriter.

The long list of prizes The Art Newspaper Russia

The editorial Board of the art Newspaper Russia has announced the long list of its traditional annual award. It includes the most significant events in the field of art in five categories, which correspond to the headings of the newspaper: “Museum of the year”, “Exhibition of the year”, “Book of the year”, “Restoration of the year” and “Personal contribution”.

According to the rules of the award, there are seven nominees in each category of the long list. Among the criteria for their selection – public response and high professional level of achievements of applicants. It is also important for the newspaper to note what makes Russian art a part of the world artistic process and promotes international cultural exchange.

Grand opening of the exhibition ” Year of Theater. The curtain!”

December 24 in the exhibition hall of the media Center opened the exhibition ” Year of Theater. The curtain!”no.” This is a large-scale project “Russian theater in one shot” of the production center “Galaxy”, implemented with the support of the Ministry of culture and dedicated To the year of theater in Russia. The exhibition will open to the General public on December 25 and will last until February 24, 2020.

The project brought together 85 heroes of the modern stage: Directors, actors, critics, artists and producers, theater managers and rectors of theatrical universities. The hall will feature portraits of the project participants and videos about how the shooting took place.

France will not give the painting “the Mockery of Christ” to its owner

The painting by the representative of the protorenessans, Cenni di Pepo, better known as Cimabue, was sold in October at auction for a record twenty – four and a little million euros. But when the moment came for the owner to take out the painting, the French Ministry of culture decided to refuse to issue an export certificate, declaring the “Mockery of Christ” a national treasure. This means that in the next 2.5 years, the state will have to find the means to buy the painting and transfer it to one of the national collections.

According to experts, written on the Board “Ridicule of Christ” is part of the diptych “Passion of Christ”, which consisted of eight elements. Prior to this, it was known about the “Scourging of Christ”, located in new York, and about “the virgin enthroned with a baby and two angels” from the London national gallery. The owner of the third work did not even know about its importance and value, and accidentally learned that she had a masterpiece at home, put it up for sale. After the auction, the painting took seventh place in the world ranking of the most expensive works written before 1500.

In the Museum. A. A. Bakhrushina exhibition “Roman” – my life!”

December 24 in The exhibition hall “carriage house” Theater Museum. A. A. Bakhrushina the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Roman” – my life!”dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the artistic Director of the theater “Roman”, people’s artist of the USSR Nikolai Slichenko.

The Tretyakov Museum will appear in Moscow in 2020

The Tretyakov gallery plans to open the house-Museum of patrons Pavel and Sergey Tretyakov at the end of 2020. This was announced by the General Director of the Museum Zelfira Tregulova at a meeting with journalists.

“For us, an important moment was the purchase of the Botkin archive in the UK. There are more than two and a half thousand units of storage: photos, documents – all that we can now actively use, ” she said.

Russian Railways employees will be transferred to smartphones with domestic OS

For RZD, software solutions will be finalized, and it is already known that the company has ordered several thousand MiG C55 smartphones with the Aurora OS installed on them. Through MiG C55 smartphones, employees of the Russian Railways infrastructure will be able to enter data about objects during the bypass.

Huawei is actively developing its own analogues of Google applications

Network sources report that Huawei is currently actively cooperating with Indian software developers, creating their own analogues of the most popular Google applications.

MTS has developed a platform for managing apartment buildings

Russian telecommunications operator and digital service provider MTS has announced the launch of a comprehensive solution for digital management of apartment buildings, which includes software for management companies and mobile applications for tenants and masters serving apartments.

Twitter banned in posts animation because of attacks on epileptics

Twitter has banned the upload of animated images format APNG, because they can cause dangerous to health and human life attacks. As it turned out, due to a software error of the Twitter platform, a potential victim will not be able to avoid viewing such content, even if they have correctly configured their account.

Explained how a whale sneaks up on a sprat

Stanford biologists tried to solve this mystery. It turned out that approaching the shoal of potential prey whale opens his mouth impressive size at the last moment, when the target is already right in front of him and can be easily swallowed. When hunting for krill whale such behavior was not noticed, there the whale opened his mouth clearly in advance, apparently in order not to lose the prey. You can read the details in the article published in PNAS/

Birds of prey have super fast vision

Birds of prey distinguish flickering light with a fairly high frequency-in the range of about 80 to 130 Hertz. This was found by Swedish scientists who taught representatives of three species of birds of prey to respond to unblinking light, and then turned on their bulbs, increasing the frequency of flickering. The fastest was the vision of the peregrine Falcon-it could distinguish the flicker with a frequency of up to 129 Hertz, and the threshold of perceived flicker, apparently, is associated with what prey — fast or slow — moving birds prefer to hunt, scientists write in the Journal of Experimental Biology.

Scientists have developed a viral vaccine for cancer immunotherapy

Scientists from the University of Helsinki have developed a new cancer vaccine. It consists of an oncolytic adenovirus that is wrapped in an artificial membrane of cancer membrane. The drug is called ExtraCRAd.

According to scientists, it has become universal and advanced in the treatment of cancer. This is the next generation of cancer vaccines to help fight cancer. ExtraCRAd can control the growth of skin cancer and lung tumors. Development of artificial membranes from the membrane of cancer tumors with a completely new method in the treatment of cancer.