26 Dec, 2020

News digest for 12/25/2020

Russians are satisfied with the life they lead, according to the VTsIOM poll.

14% consider their financial position to be good, 60% – average and 25% – bad.

The main problems for the country, Russians say, are healthcare – 29%, the state of the economy – 21%, problems in education – 19%, social policy – 18% and unemployment – 17%.

The rise in prices in the last two months is regarded by 65% ​​of Russians as very high inflation, 21% consider the growth to be moderate inflation and 9% consider the rise in prices to be insignificant inflation.

The increase in prices affected the budget of 40% of Russians, they have to significantly limit themselves in spending on food, 34% feel the influence, but the growth is not reflected in nutrition, 17% believe that growth does not significantly affect the budget, for 5% it does not matter.

Among the reasons for the rise in prices, respondents named the policy of the authorities (30%), economic factors (19%), the pandemic (11%), unjustified overpricing (8%).

Speaking about the emotional state, 33% of all respondents said that they feel despondency, optimism – 59%, feel anxiety – 52% and calmness – 53%, confusion – 36% and confidence – 63%, a feeling of instability will be experienced by 63%, stability – 32%.

Help does not always reach the poor

Every fifth needy family in Russia did not receive any social benefits from the state for the period from 2014 to 2018, according to the report of the Accounts Chamber based on the analysis of state policy aimed at reducing poverty. This conclusion was made by the auditors on the basis of data from a sample survey of population incomes and participation in Rosstat’s social programs carried out during the specified period.

Russian poor households, that is, families with a per capita income below the subsistence level, accounted for only 22-26% of the total volume of social payments from the state, and 19-20% of low-income households for all these years did not receive any social payments at all, follows from the conclusions control agency

European Union and UK authorities reach agreement

“The agreement has been reached. This will avoid interrupting key links [between the UK and the EU]. It will ensure fair access to the common market and balanced conditions for fisheries, ”said the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen

Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator on Brexit, said that the agreement includes several points, including the preservation of free trade, visa-free travel, balanced access to markets and marine resources, as well as the possibility of coordinating sanctions.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation responded to the proposals of the Ministry of Finance to reduce spending on the army

The proposal to reduce the army staff by 10%, according to Deputy Minister Tatyana Shevtsova, does not have an economic effect, since funds for monetary allowances are allocated based on the actual number. The Treasury Department also proposed to increase the length of service sufficient for eligibility for a “military mortgage” and retirement

In 2021, military personnel intend to increase salaries and pensions

Deputy head of the Russian military department Tatyana Shevtsova spoke about the indexation of pensions and salaries of military personnel in 2021. She noted that an increase in the size of wages by about 4.7-4.9 percent will need to wait until October.

Police officers who were convicted of raping girls canceled the sentence

A court in Yekaterinburg overturned the conviction of three former police officers in a rape case. They were accused of detaining a 22-year-old girl in August 2019 and rape her in a police car. According to the new data, they did not use violence against the girl, and she herself offered them sex as a bribe. They were released from custody, the court appointed a preventive measure to prohibit certain actions (to communicate with each other and with the victim).

A criminal case was opened against Lyubov Sobol

A criminal case was opened against Lyubov Sobol after a visit to an FSB officer from Navalny’s investigation. Her house was searched, her Twitter reported that her husband and daughter were allowed to leave the apartment, and then the equipment was seized from there.

According to the lawyer Sobol, the case was initiated under the article on violation of the inviolability of the home. The statement was written by one of the owners of the apartment where Konstantin Kudryavtsev lives.

On December 21, Lyubov Sobol came to his home to discuss his conversation with Navalny, during which a security officer spoke about the details of the poisoning of the oppositionist. On that day, the police took her to the police station, but released her without drawing up a report.

Leadership of an educational platform for journalists detained in Minsk

The Press Club organization conducts professional trainings and lectures, and monitors the media for signs of propaganda and adherence to journalistic standards. The founder of the Press Club, Yulia Slutskaya, was detained at the airport when she was returning from vacation. Searches took place at her house, at the Press Club office and at the apartments of its other employees. After the searches, at least six people stopped communicating.

Russia and Uzbekistan will simplify paperwork for migrants

The ministries of Uzbekistan and Russia signed documents to simplify the procedures for the organized departure of Uzbek labor migrants to the Russian Federation, the Dune news agency at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic reported on Friday.