28 Dec, 2020

News digest for 12/26-27/2020

The Russian Constitutional Court clarified that the provisions of international treaties, according to which disputes between Russia and foreign investors working in the country should be considered in international arbitration, cannot be applied until they are ratified by parliament.

The head of the profile committee of the Federation Council, Klishas, ​​told RIA Novosti that the determination of the Constitutional Court will affect any international treaty that has not yet been ratified.

The first deputy head of the relevant Duma committee, Yemelyanov, told RIA Novosti that Russia now may not comply with the decisions of the Hague arbitration, which oblige it to pay $ 57 billion to the ex-shareholders of Yukos.

As REGNUM previously reported, the former foreign shareholders of YUKOS, which went bankrupt on August 1, 2006, and whose shares were put up for sale and acquired by Rosneft through bankruptcy management, are trying to sue Russia for compensation, because they do not agree with the bankruptcy procedure