28 Dec, 2019

News digest for 12/27/2019

The mayor of Kherson commented on Putin’s words about native Russian lands

The mayor of Kherson Vladimir Nikolaenko and more than 30 deputies of the city Council criticized the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the South of Ukraine and the black sea region are native Russian territories.

As the mayor of Kherson noted, in Ukraine ” we must remind Putin and all his supporters that the native Russian territories are swamps near Moscow.” “Everything else is the territory that the Muscovites took over thanks to their own animal cruelty and treachery,” he added.

On December 19, Putin, speaking at a large press conference, told about Vladimir Lenin’s decision to transfer the USSR “native Russian territories”, which “never had anything to do with Ukraine at all”. The head of state noted that all the black sea region, Western Russian lands were transferred to Ukraine with a strange wording “to increase the percentage of the proletariat»

Katerina Tikhonova joined the government Council for sports

The alleged daughter of President Vladimir Putin, Katerina Tikhonova, has joined the newly formed government Council for the development of physical education and sports. Resolutions on the creation of the Council and its composition are published on the government’s website. The Russian service of the BBC was the first to draw attention to this.

Rosstat gave a forecast for the change in the population of Russia

The total population in Russia at the beginning of next year will be 146.7 million people, by 2036 it is expected to decrease to 142.9 million people, according to Rosstat.

In Russia, as part of the national project “Demographics” will be allocated 2 billion rubles.

From next year in Russia within the national project “Demographics” will be allocated 2 billion rubles, which will be used to improve the skills and retraining of women on leave to care for a child, announced the Minister of labor and social protection Maxim Topilin. According to him, this amount will be allocated annually until 2024.

“We proceed from the fact that during the leave to care for a child, a woman loses her qualifications — just life goes forward, and skills need to be restored»

Ukraine has collected the first fine for flying over the Crimea

The Kazakh airline has paid almost 6 thousand dollars, the press center of the air force command of the armed forces of Ukraine reported with reference to the state aviation service.  According to the Agency, we are talking about the airline “Euro-Asia Air”, whose aircraft on August 8, 2019 flew over the Crimea.

“East” – Russia’s first civilian spaceport.

Construction of the first stage of the Vostochny cosmodrome in the Amur region has been completed by 30%. This was stated on Friday by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov in an interview with the TV channel “Russia-24”, reports TASS.

“The first stage of construction: only six of the 19 objects were commissioned. About 20 billion rubles have not been spent. They are moving to the second stage and the completion of objects of the first stage, ” he said.

National projects will not lead to the achievement of national goals

In its current form, national projects will not lead to the achievement of national goals enshrined in the decree of the head of state, said at a meeting of the Council for strategic development and national projects, the head of the accounting chamber Alexey Kudrin.

“Now the dynamics of national goals are not always positive. We also have lower values for natural growth, poverty, and economic growth than given in the decree, ” Kudrin said, noting that some goals still do not have methods for calculating and monitoring indicators.

Exercises on “sovereign Runet” caused a large-scale failure in the work of airports

Russian airlines and airports were paralyzed for several hours as a result of a large-scale failure of the Internet. As a result of the “fall” of the network, the systems responsible for booking and buying tickets, check-in for flights, baggage transportation and flight tracking stopped working. reports Ura.ru. according to the source, the failure may be related to the testing of “sovereign Runet”.

In Lithuania, gas prices will be reduced From January 1, 2020.   

For consumers who use it only for cooking, by 16.67%, and for those who use gas for heating-by 21.74%.

Moscow authorities will spend more than 1.7 billion rubles to celebrate the New year

Moscow city hall, district administrations, city parks and other organizations subordinated to the Moscow authorities will spend more than 1.7 billion rubles on new year celebrations. RBC writes about this, referring to the data of the public procurement portal.

In particular, Moscow city parks will spend 825 million rubles on the work of rinks. Spending on the design of Moscow and parks will amount to more than 561 million rubles. This is one and a half times more than in 2018, when 323 million rubles were spent on the corresponding goals. Various city structures will spend 296.3 million rubles on new year’s performances. A third of this amount-108 million rubles-will be spent on the organization of the “mayor’s tree” and new year’s performances in the Gostiny Dvor. The cost of fireworks will amount to 34.8 million rubles.

The number of suicides per 100 thousand people in the world

QIWI connects artificial intelligence to fight fraud.

A new algorithm for detecting and suppressing suspicious transactions based on artificial intelligence technologies has already been introduced. In connection with the launch of the new algorithm, the company warns all its users that there may be minor delays in making payments-this means that they have been marked as suspicious by the system. At the same time, the company stressed that the chance that the blocked transactions will get the operation of law-abiding customers is no more than 1%.

December 31 will be a weekend in the Russian Armed forces

The thirty-first of December will be a weekend in the Russian Armed forces, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Friday.

“We have decided to postpone the working day on December 31 to tomorrow, on Saturday-taking into account that it is quite a busy end of the year, and we need this day in order to successfully complete the year. So, December 31 is a holiday in all the Armed forces, ” the Minister said on a conference call.

The US considers it appropriate to introduce UN peacekeepers in the Donbass

According to the us charge d’affaires in Ukraine, this would be an intermediate step in restoring Kiev’s control over the region.

The Governor of St. Petersburg fell asleep at the state Council with Putin

The final state Council with the participation of President Putin was devoted to agriculture. It turned out that the income from the export of agricultural products exceeded the income from the sale of weapons. Among other things, Putin thanked Minister Patrushev for the snails, the Governor of St. Petersburg Beglov fell asleep, and Zhirinovsky found out from the audience whether they had tried watermelons — and woke Beglov.

Recognize new year traditions of Russians as UNESCO heritage

Olivier salad, the film “irony of fate” and a visit to the bath on December 31 can become a UNESCO heritage-state Duma Deputy Viktor Zubarev proposed to make the Russian tradition of celebrating the New year in the list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

A tourist from Japan was outraged by the greeting of the inhabitants of the island of Iturup

The Japanese tourist was outraged by the words of the inhabitants of the island of Iturup, who met guests from Japan with the words “welcome to our island”, writes the newspaper Yomiuri. According to the author of the article, this greeting of the Russians “unpleasantly struck” 80-year-old Aiko Yasuda, who lived on Iturup as a child and considers the island “his homeland”.

“Every time Yasuda-San heard the Japanese say,’ Beautiful!”, “Here you are surrounded by wonderful people live!”, in her heart again and again began to boil an unpleasant feeling, ” – the author writes.

In Yakutia found a diamond weighing more than 190 carats

According to ALROSA, a diamond weighing more than 190.7 carats was found on December 25, 2019 on the Botuobinskaya kimberlite pipe. The Experts have previously estimated the age of the stone 2 billion years, the exact data will be known after mineralogical research. In the near future, it will be sent to the Unified sales organization “ALROSA” for a detailed assessment.

Physical activity has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer

Scientists at the national Institute of Oncology found that people with moderate physical activity are less likely to develop cancer, Medic MedicalXpress

On salaries Debts due to VAT

The Governor of Kuzbass Sergey Tsivilev gathered a working meeting with the heads of companies that owe salaries to employees, and the heads of cities where the enterprises are located. During the meeting, he contacted the tax Inspectorate and asked to return VAT to debtor organizations – this is the only way to solve the problem

“All companies are private and should solve such problems themselves, but they have reached the point where our people are sitting without a salary. The most serious situation is at the Zarechnaya mine. They have accumulated salary debts in the amount of more than 220 million rubles. Therefore, I connected to the situation and manually help people get their earned money, ” the Governor wrote on his page on the social network.

In Russia liquidate GUP and Mupy until 2025

The state Duma adopted a law according to which some municipal and unitary enterprises are subject to liquidation or reorganization by 2025. According to the document, the right to form new unitary enterprises now remains with the state.

Drivers in Russia were allowed not to print an electronic CTP

The situation will be exhausted on January 2, when the requirement to have a printout of an electronic policy will finally disappear from the text of the traffic police, and drivers will be able to present it to traffic police inspectors directly from their smartphone.

In Russia have learned to sell alcohol on the Internet

Despite the activity of Roskomnadzor, which blocks sites with remote sale of alcohol, traders have learned to sell alcohol on the Internet. In the IB group this year estimated the turnover of the “shadow” market at 2.5 billion rubles, which is 19 percent more than a year ago.

KamAZ updated its development plan until 2025

KamAZ is going to increase its share of sales in foreign markets to 19 percent in 5 years, and its total revenue should reach a value of 340 billion rubles. It is noted that last month in the Russian market, the company was able to sell 2,400 new trucks, which is 3.3 percent more than in the same period of time in 2018.

In India, removed from service MiG-27 fighters

A group of 7 such aircraft made a farewell flight over the Jodhpur air base in the state of Rajasthan in the West of the country. This is reported by The Times of India. These aircraft were removed from service as part of the military aviation modernization program.

The MiG-27 entered service with the Indian air force in 1981 and became the main fighter-bomber. These aircraft took part in all major air force operations.

In Cyprus, conducted operations on the map ” World»

Cyprus Bank RKB Bank Ltd was the first in the European Union to conduct operations on cards of the Russian payment system “Mir”, the press service of the National payment card system (nspk) reported.

In Italy, the court decided not to consider it a crime to grow marijuana at home

The Supreme court of cassation of Italy decided not to consider the crime of domestic cultivation of marijuana in small quantities, AGI said. The December 19 ruling of the criminal courts of the highest court was called “epoch-making”.

China has installed the basic elements of the beidu navigation system

China has fully completed the installation of the main elements of the global navigation system “Beidou”, said on Friday the head of the satellite navigation systems Administration of China Zhan Chenqi.

There was a video of a prototype Tesla Model Y with two engines

A prototype Tesla model Y with two engines was filmed in San Luis Obispo County (California) during road tests. The video of the electric car is published on the stevenmconroy channel on YouTube.

The fate of the characters is decided by the audience

In the Ufa state Tatar theater “Nur” presented a lyrical Comedy by Damir Salimzyanov ” Hello, is this happiness?”(Min Kotam sin). The story of the heroines of the play is written according to real destinies and lives. This is a conversation about women’s happiness, loneliness and friendship. The performance is original in that the audience is given the opportunity to decide the fate of the characters