25 Apr, 2019

News Digest of 04/24/2019

The court for the first time fined the Russians for disrespect for the authorities

For the first time, a Russian court fined a person under a new law of disrespect for the authorities, Pavel Chikov, head of the human rights organization Agora, said in his Telegram channel. According to him, a 34-year-old resident of Malaya Vishera in the Novgorod region on March 31 posted on his social media page an offensive record addressed to President Vladimir Putin, and on April 22 the Chudovsky District Court decided to punish a citizen with a fine of 30,000 rubles. (Part 3 of Art. 20.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). Russia has already applied the law of disrespect for the authorities, but in relation to the media.

Bread salt dear Kim Jong-un

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un was met at the Hassan station in the Primorye Territory by girls in Russian folk costumes and with a loaf. Schoolgirls, who met the head of North Korea, told journalists about this. According to the Interfax news agency, Kim Jong-un did not try the loaf.

The US ambassador pointed Russia to US aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean.

US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman visited American aircraft carriers stationed in the Mediterranean, and said that these ships would help indicate to Russia the need to “stop their destabilizing activities around the world,” according to the website of the 6th US Navy.

Ukraine withdraws from the agreement with Russia on keeping secrets of Soviet developments

On April 24, Ukraine withdrew from the agreement on the mutual security of interstate secrets in the field of the legal protection of inventions. This agreement ensured the safety of secret inventions created in the Soviet Union. Agreement on the protection of Soviet secret inventions was signed in June 1999 in Minsk

Medvedev signed a decree on the revision of tariffs for garbage collection

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree that provides for the ability to change the tariffs for solid municipal waste (MSW). This is reported on the government website.

I have just signed a decree, which laid the possibility of revising the tariff for handling municipal solid waste, which should be reduced by exporting to so-called temporary facilities. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

China received a new nuclear submarine with ballistic missiles

The Navy of the People’s Liberation Army of the People’s Republic of China (PLA Navy) received a new nuclear submarine. The ship is capable of carrying ballistic missiles. SSBN from Project 094B Jin-B began service under tail number 412.

Russia began assembling Su-30SM for delivery to Myanmar

Myanmar is not experiencing sanctions pressure from the United States on the purchase of Russian weapons, because it is intended for defense, there are only some difficulties with payments, Senior General Min Aung Hline told Myanmar Armed Forces told RIA Novosti.

The president of Sri Lanka after the attacks decided to dismiss the heads of all special services

The President of Sri Lanka Maitripala Sirisen said on Tuesday that before the end of the day, he would dismiss the heads of all departments responsible for security in the country. This was stated by the head of state in a televised address to the nation, reports Reuters.

I will completely overhaul the police and security forces in the coming weeks. I expect to change the heads of law enforcement agencies within 24 hours. – Maitripala Sirisena, Sri Lankan politician

FSB reported on the elimination of terrorist cells in Primorye

According to the FSB, the detainees planned to carry out attacks on merchants and go to Syria to participate in the hostilities. Earlier it was reported about the detention of five terrorist members of the Islamic State terrorist organization banned in Russia in Makhachkala and Grozny.

China has protested the US for plans to supply arms to Taiwan

China made a submission to the United States because of the Pentagon’s plans to sell Taiwan a large batch of $ 500 million worth of weapons and ammunition, said Zhen Guoqiang, the official spokesman for the PRC.

In Russia, developed a complex to protect against torpedoes

Konstantin Drobot, Chief Designer of GNPP Region, told Izvestia about the creation of the Package-E / NK complex for destruction and protection from torpedoes. According to him, the complex is universal, since it can destroy submarines attacking the ship, as well as protect the combat vehicle from torpedo attacks. Drobot noted that the system applies automatic torpedo protection. She herself finds the torpedo and makes a launch to destroy it; the commander only needs to give permission for a shot. The designer indicated that the system works on the principle of “shot – forget.”

PRC secretly uses US civilian satellites

China has found a way to use US-made civilian satellites, despite US law, which prohibits the sale of such equipment to Beijing. About this writes The Wall Street Journal.

American “Patriot” could not intercept a ballistic missile

A few days ago it was reported that Yemeni Hussites first used their ballistic missile against Saudi Arabia. It is known that the rocket not only successfully bypassed the Patriot missile defense system, but also killed about 40 Saudi military men.

The engine of the “first stage” for the Su-57 launched in a series

The engine of the “first stage” for the fifth-generation fighter Su-57 AL-41F-1 passed all the tests and put into mass production. This is stated in the presentation of the Design Bureau named after A. M. Lyulka. The report notes that the transfer of the engine to mass production took place in 2018.

NATO ship group returns to patrol Baltic

Following the Gravely, the British rocket frigate Westminster, also part of the NATO group, also left Gdynia. Recall that on April 18 the destroyer “Gravely” entered the Baltic Sea, as well as the frigates “General Casimir Pulawski” (Poland), “Gekov” (Turkey) and “Juan de Bourbon” (Spain).

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation did not allow to take in kindergartens without registration

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation refused to cancel the order of the Ministry of Education and Science, because of which families without permanent registration in Moscow cannot register their children in kindergartens of the megalopolis. According to representatives of the Ministry of Education, the order of the department is not formally a reason for refusal.

The Federal Tax Service has explained which summer cottages are taxed from

If the country greenhouse has a capital foundation, and its movement without damage to the entire structure is impossible, such a building refers to real estate. This means that it is necessary to formalize the right of ownership to it, that is, to make a compulsory tax in the Unified State Register of Real Estate (USRN). This explanation was given by the Federal Tax Service (FTS), writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Capital construction with an area of ​​less than 50 sq. M. At the same time, such a structure should not be used for entrepreneurial activity, clarify with the department. In addition, the exemption applies only to one object owned by the owner. All other capital households are taxed in a general manner on the basis of information received by the tax authorities on the registered rights of citizens to such objects, the publication says.

The Ministry of Education has proposed the introduction of new posts in Russian schools

According to the draft decree of the Ministry of Education of Russia, Russian schools are offered to introduce the positions of senior teacher and lead teacher. The duties of the former will include, in particular, the design and coordination of the participation of teachers in the development of components of educational programs. In addition, the senior teacher will provide methodological support for the activities of teachers. As for the master teacher, he will be engaged in the integration of colleagues – teachers, psychologists, defectologists – in the work. His tasks will include pedagogical mentoring.

Rostec asked the Ministry of Economic Development to reconsider the position on equipment for the “Spring package”

The state corporation Rostec proposed the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) to reconsider its review of the draft government decree on the use by Internet providers of exclusively Russian equipment to enforce the “Yarovoi law”. This was reported on Wednesday by the Kommersant newspaper referring to a letter from Deputy Director General Rostec Alexander Nazarov, sent on March 27 to Economic Development Minister Maxim Oreshkin.

Earlier, the Ministry of Economic Development gave a negative opinion on the draft decree of the Russian government proposing to oblige Internet providers to use only domestic data storage equipment as part of a package of antiterrorist laws. The ministry is convinced that an additional restriction for telecom operators in the form of the possibility of using equipment only by domestic manufacturers is fraught with the risk of monopolizing the market and, as a result, monopoly high prices for equipment.

Golden Glove trailer released by Fatih Akin

The Fatih Akin Thriller Golden Glove trailer (18+) has been published on YouTube. The world premiere of the film took place on February 9 at the Berlin Film Festival. In Russia, the “Golden Glove” will be released on May 30.

Ministry of Health announced the maximum life expectancy of Russians

“In 2018, life expectancy in Russia reached its historic maximum, increasing by 0.3 years for men, by 0.2 years for women and averaging 72.9 years,” said Ms. Skvortsova at the final board of the Ministry of Health

Rosstat will introduce a new international method of measuring poverty

What poverty measurement methods does Rosstat use? The main poverty measurement method, according to Rosstat, is an absolute approach that assesses poverty as the proportion of the population with cash incomes below the subsistence minimum.

“The indicator of non-monetary poverty is a promising, new direction that we are introducing and we are actively testing,” said Elena Frolova, head of the statistics department of living standards and household surveys at Rosstat

Nonmonetary poverty indices are, for example, the index of material deprivations (deprivations): it shows the share of households that, due to lack of funds, cannot afford to be fed with meat, chicken, fish; keeping the home warm; washing machine, etc.

What do Russians take with them to rest

A survey among Russians from the online hotel reservation service Ostrovok.ru revealed that our tourists bring with them to the hotel rooms.

16% of our tourists come on vacation with their own food. 67% of respondents always take their medicine to the hotel. 21% of Russian tourists do not forget about slippers. 16% brought a towel from home, 15% a hairdryer, 14% tea and coffee, a corkscrew on rest needed 7% of Russians, a kettle – 6%. Two percent afraid of being left without bed linen and taking it with you.

Two Orthodox churches will be built in New Moscow

In the Trinity and Novomoskovsk districts are planning to build two Orthodox temple complex, the press service of Moskomstroyinvest reported. The decision on the construction was made by the town planning and land commission of the capital, which is headed by the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin.

In Russia, proposed to increase the speed of movement on federal highways

Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov proposed to increase the maximum allowable speed on federal highways from 90 to 110 km / h. On the sidelines of the IV conference “Safe Road” Akimov said that he had already instructed the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to analyze this possibility, reports TASS.

By the end of 2019, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will conduct an audit of the federal road network for a possible speed increase to 110 km / h. First of all, it concerns new highways and roads after major repairs. – Maxim Akimov, Russian politician

The government will increase subsidies for fuel at the expense of oil and NWF

First Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, after a month of fierce discussions, agreed on the expense of which to increase subsidies to oil companies to curb the price of gasoline and diesel. This follows from the minutes of the meeting at the two vice-premiers, which took place on April 8.

Compensation to Russian oil companies in the completion of the tax maneuver in the oil industry and the agreement to stabilize the fuel market in Russia in 2019 from the National Welfare Fund (NWF) will amount to 400-450 billion rubles, the press service of the Ministry of Finance reported

Rosstat found the Russians 1.75 trillion rubles. excess income

Rosstat published data on the income of Russians, recalculated according to a new method. According to revised data, the total income of the population in 2016 was 330 billion rubles. more than calculated by the old method. In 2017, another 710 billion rubles were “found”, in 2018 – 707 billion rubles. Thus, in 2016–2018, Russian income was almost 1.75 trillion rubles. higher than with the old counting method.

Recall that the new methodology for calculating cash incomes and expenditures of the population was approved in November 2018 and increases the share of wages in the income structure, but will reduce the share of income from business and property. Also in the assessment added wage rates without registration of contracts, employees in physical persons and individual entrepreneurs, as well as wages in foreign currency and wages of foreign workers. It will also take into account the costs of Russians associated with cross-border online commerce, transactions in the primary market and the purchase of real estate owned by legal entities.

Groysman called on Naftogaz to look for cheap gas all over the world

According to the statement of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, Naftogaz should look for cheap gas all over the world in order to reduce the financial burden on the population, RIA Novosti reports referring to the Espreso TV channel. Groysman proposed the company to increase the production of Ukrainian gas.

Banks began to take commissions for fast transfers through the system of the Central Bank

Bank transfers by mobile phone number become paid before the scheduled time: some banks have already entered the relevant fees, others are preparing to charge them from June 1.

Severstal will pay record dividends for Q1

Severstal has updated its own dividend record. The board of directors recommended paying 35.43 rubles per ordinary share. In the previous quarter, dividends amounted to 32.08 rubles.

VTB to buy grain terminal in Taman from the Ukrainian agroholding

VTB Group is negotiating the purchase of 50% of the grain terminal Taman from the Ukrainian agricultural holding Kernel, told RBC a source in the market and confirmed a source close to the owners of the terminal.

The share of illegal cigarettes in Russia

In Russia, in the first quarter of 2019, the share of illegal cigarettes reached 10.3% of the entire Russian tobacco market against 7.7% a year earlier, Kommersant reports, citing data from the analytical agency Kantar TNS.

Two thirds of Russians do not want to be businessmen

Monitoring SMEs The number of Russians who want to start a business remains low. As shown by the survey results (1 thousand people) conducted by the NAFI analytical center commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, 29% of respondents want to become entrepreneurs, and 67% do not express such a desire.

Bank Uralsib reported a profit growth of 45%

At the end of 2018, the net profit of the Uralsib Bank under IFRS amounted to 6.1 billion rubles. Compared with the previous year, an increase of 45.2%. “The net profit of the bank in 2018 amounted to 6.1 billion rubles compared to 4.2 billion in 2017,” the credit institution said in a statement.

VTB will send 15% of profits on dividends

The VTB Supervisory Board decided that the bank will send 50% of dividends for 2018 instead of 50% of IFRS net income, the rest of the profit will increase the bank’s capital adequacy due to increased requirements of the Central Bank, told VTB Supervisory Board Chairman Anton Siluanov.

Turkey intends to sell debt

Turkey’s treasury is looking for buyers for debt obligations in the amount of 3.7 billion euros (4.2 billion dollars) to support state banks.

FAS refused to index tariffs of “Gazprom”

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) will not index tariffs for Gazprom until the company begins to provide the regulator with full data on its activities, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the head of the service, Igor Artemyev.

Poor oil from Russia has already fallen through Belarus to Poland

Belarus has suspended the supply of gasoline and diesel to Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries. In Minsk, this was explained by a sharp deterioration in the quality of oil coming from Russia via the Druzhba pipeline.

“Foreign partners of the enterprise are informed about the current situation immediately after receiving a complete analysis of the state of oil. Claims to the Belarusian side will not be made, importers will deal with the supplier, ”a representative of the Belarusian section of the Druzhba pipeline said to the Oil and Capital publication.

About deliveries through the Power of Siberia gas pipeline “commercial secret”

The Russian ambassador to China, Andrei Denisov, said that negotiations on the supply of Russian gas through the Power of Siberia gas pipeline are “at an advanced stage.”

“The discrepancies remained only about the price.” And he reassured, they say, it is normal when the seller wants to sell the goods more expensive, and the buyer is cheaper. It turns out that the issue of the price of supplies between the parties has so far either not been resolved or not made public. In any case, all the talk on this topic from the Russian gas holding company so far boils down to the wording – “commercial secret”.

China has decided to arrest the ex-head of Interpol

In China, the Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office decided to detain the former head of Interpol, Men Hongvey. Recall he is suspected of bribery.

Ifo business climate index in Germany fell in April

The index of business climate in Germany in April fell to 99.2 points from the March figure of 99.6 points, according to a report from the Ifo Research Institute. Reuters interviewed by Reuters, on the contrary, expected the index to grow to 99.9 points.

Erdogan responded to the accusations of the Armenian Genocide

The countries accusing Turkey of genocide and ignoring democracy, are themselves behind all the known facts of massacres and torture, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. Anadolu reports on Twitter.

“No country making provocative statements about the so-called Armenian genocide seeks to defend the truth,” said the head of state.

US signed a contract to build an icebreaker for the Coast Guard

The total amount of the contract may be more than 1.9 billion dollars. The construction of the first icebreaker will be carried out with funds from the budget of the US Navy, although the Coast Guard submits to the Department of Homeland Security, not the Department of Defense.

Church parish in Helsinki began meeting with parishioners in a bar

The arrival of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kallio, one of the districts of Helsinki, began to arrange meetings with parishioners in a bar, where it turned out to be easier for many people to talk about their problems. This was reported online edition of Apu. The idea of ​​holding such meetings came from the pastor Visa William.

Putin signed a law to toughen punishment for escaping from the scene of an accident

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a federal law on increased responsibility for drivers who fled from the scene of an accident in which people were injured or killed. On this April 24 reports RIA Novosti.

Tolkien’s family has come out against a film about his life.

The writer’s family did not participate in the making of the film and did not give permission to make it. His relatives do not claim to court, but decided to express their position in relation to the film. They are also against the actor in the title role – Nicholas Holt, known to the world from the X-Men films.

The creator of “Gravity Falls” will make a cartoon for Netflix for adults

The place of action will be the shadow government, in which all possible conspiracy theories become reality. At the same time, there is a woman who fights to conceal the chaos occurring there. Earlier it was reported that the author of “Gravity Falls” will draw cartoons for Netflix.

More than 5 million people became participants of the “Library Night” event in Russia

More than 5 million people became participants in the social and cultural event “Library Night”, which was held in all regions of Russia from April 20 to April 21, the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation reported on Tuesday

In Europe, a film and a book about hackers from the Urals.

In France, a book and a TV program about Russian hackers and modern cyberwar are being prepared for release. About this “URA.RU” said the author of the investigation – French journalist Etienne Hyuver. One of his heroes was a hacker from Yekaterinburg Konstantin Kozlovsky (Lurk), who admitted that he influenced the results of the presidential elections in the United States. An hour and a half television investigation is called “New Russian Mercenaries”.

“Exclusive meetings with Russian hackers who keep the West at bay,” the announcement says. “A thorough and concrete investigation revealing the real picture behind the fantasies.”

“The book will be published in France, and the film will be shown on the European channel Arte in the first week of May,” a French journalist told the agency.

In the Ryazan Kremlin will be a festival of bell ringing

For the first time, the festival of the bell ringing took place in the Ryazan region in 2014 on the territory of the St. John the Theological Monastery in the village of Poschupovo, Rybnovsky district.

Oscars-2019 award ceremony to be held on February 9

The next Oscar film awards ceremony will be held February 9, 2020 in Los Angeles (California). This was announced on Tuesday by the American Academy of Film.

Leonardo DiCaprio starred in Guillermo Del Toro’s Nightmare Alley

Leonardo DiCaprio is negotiating to participate in the new film Guillermo Del Toro “Nightmare Alley” (“Nightmare Alley”). According to Variety, Del Toro is the director and producer of the project, as well as the screenwriter with Kim Morgan.

Netflix has published a trailer for the TV series with Renee Zellweger

The show entitled “What / if” will be released on the Netflix platform on May 24 and will be a neo-voir genre anthology, all of which are linked to each other exclusively through the Zelweger heroine

Pianists in Chita were not allowed to play the piano

Vyacheslav Zubkov and Mikhail Kazinik were not allowed to sit at the piano, but instead they put a synthesizer on the stage. According to the audience, there was an absolutely intact musical instrument behind the stage, but they were not allowed to play it due to the fact that the organizers did not sign any document in time.

“It was a surprise for me, because everything is the first time in my life … What I experienced is never comparable to anything,” said musician Mikhail Kazinik.

The concert, despite everything, the musicians played from the first to the last piece.

Glory of the CPSU gathered their alter-ego in one clip

Glory of the CPSU has released a new video for the track “We are from Antihipe”. In it, he appears in several images at once and reads rap on behalf of his different alter-ego: Valentina Uncle, Sonya Marmeladova and Vorovskaya Paws – who sit and play poker at the round table.
“This is a video about a dream”: the premiere of the video “Sansary” “Miami”

The group “Sansara” showed the video for the song “Miami” from its new album “We will be better.” The video director, filmed in Yekaterinburg and the village of Teriberka of the Murmansk region, was directed by the permanent music video director Ivan Sosnin.

Gina from BTS is a new nickname.

Surely fans of the Korean BTS group give the participants a nickname. Sometimes even they become generally accepted. For example, after the Billboard Music Awards 2017, Jin (Jin) was called “third from the left.”

Russia has tested the world’s first floating nuclear power unit

Comprehensive tests of a nuclear power plant at the world’s first floating nuclear power unit, Akademik Lomonosov, were successfully completed in Russia. It is reported by the press service of the concern “Rosenergoatom”. As noted, both reactor installations were brought to full capacity.

Intel introduced the 9th generation Core processors for laptops

The new lineup of Intel Core processors of the 9th generation is represented by i5, i7 and i9 chips. According to Intel, the new processors are the most productive mobile platform for both games and work.

Alibaba Group wants to sell smart column Tmall Genie in Russia

The device is still only on the Chinese market; Russia may become the second country where Tmall Genie will be sold. The Tmall Russian marketplace site (part of the Alibaba Group) has a promotion site for the Tmall Genie smart speaker, RBC reports.

In the United States granted permission for the delivery of parcels by drones

In the United States of America, for the first time, permission has been granted for the use in the airspace of unmanned technology, with the help of which cargo will be delivered. Such permission has been obtained by Wing and it will deliver various packages in the country using drones.

Invitro and Mail.ru launched a client face recognition system

The network of laboratories Invitro together with Mail.ru company in pilot mode launched a project to identify the client by face. This was stated by Vladimir Fedin, Director for IT-division “Invitro”.

Samsung plans to release its own cryptocurrency

Samsung is developing its own blockchain, which will be released its own cryptocurrency South Korean corporation, writes CoinDesk, citing anonymous sources. According to their information, Ethereum technology is the basis of altcoin.

VTB launches free top-up of any banks at ATMs

On April 22, 2019, it became known that PJSC “VTB” launches free top-up of the cards of any banks in its ATMs. This was announced by the deputy chairman of the bank Anatoly Pechatnikov. According to him, it is beneficial for both Russians and VTB.

Facebook has decided to create its own voice assistant

Facebook started developing its own voice assistant. This has been done since the beginning of the year by the unit that developed the Oculus virtual reality helmet.

Injection bracelet will save the life of allergies

If the bracelet goes into mass production, it will make life easier for many people with allergies. Thanks to him, they will never have to worry about the injection pen at home.
The program for searching Wi-Fi revealed several millions of passwords.

The mobile application allows its users to register passwords from public Wi-Fi networks into a special database, the use of which is also possible for others. The software product has been downloaded and used several thousand times.

Google and Odnoklassniki launched a project on Internet security

“Classmates” together with Google launched a game test on the knowledge of the rules of safety on the Internet. This is reported in the blog of the social network. By order of Google, analysts from YouGov international organization checked how secure the Russian Internet is.

Windows update broke popular antiviruses

The reason for all the trouble lies in at least two service packs – KB4493446 for Windows 8.1 and KB4493472 for Windows 7. McAfee and Avast have already established that they make certain changes to the Windows Client Server Runtime Subsystem service (CRSS.exe), which conflict with third-party antivirus.

Google Maps will display car charging stations

Google Maps can now display on the map in real time the nearest charging station of electric vehicles. This feature is available in the US and the UK. Any driver will be able to track not only the presence of stations near him, but also to find out if there is a place for charging there.

In the “Explorer” tabs may still appear.

One of the most awaited features in Windows 10 has been and remains the support for tabs in Explorer. And so, after many years of ignoring user requests for this, Microsoft seems to have decided to add this feature to the operating system.

Vape found traces of bacterial and fungal toxins

Approximately 30% of popular brands of cartridges and liquids for electronic cigarettes contain traces of bacterial, and 80% of fungal toxins.

Due to turbulent waves in the core, the magnetic poles of the Earth change dramatically

The main reason for the abnormal migration of the magnetic pole of our planet was announced, according to the information news portal evo-rus.com. Specialists from the University of Physics of the Earth in Paris reported the existence of anomalous and rapid changes in the magnetic field, known as geomagnetic jerks, or geomagnetic jerks. The mechanisms underlying this phenomenon have long remained a mystery. Reports the edition about it Phys.org.

The fangs of the ancient predator simbakubvy were the size of a banana

Simbakubva belongs to the completely extinct squad of Creodonts (Creodonta) – the more primitive predatory mammals that inhabited the Earth in the tertiary period.

Vibrant heart printed on a 3D printer

The world’s first heart from a 3D printer resembles a berry: its size is about 2.5 cm, although it took more than three hours to print. However, now the achievement of Israeli scientists is called a medical breakthrough. Made of human heart fat and connective tissue

The hypothesis about the possibility of improving memory without drugs is confirmed

It turned out that such problems can be eliminated without the use of pharmaceutical preparations, which, by themselves, have contraindications and multiple side effects.

Lost in the course of evolution, the bone was found in the human body

Researchers from London said that they found a bone in a modern person that for many years was considered lost. The bone was located on the back of the knee in the calf muscle.

Scientists have learned who built Stonehenge

An international team of scientists from the United States and Great Britain analyzed the DNA of 47 neolithic human remains that were found in Britain and other parts of Europe, and found out who built Stonehenge. The results of the work published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

It turned out that one of the oldest buildings on our planet was erected by descendants of farmers. These people arrived on the British Isles about 4,000 years ago from modern Turkey and Greece. They supplanted hunter-gatherers living in this territory. However, the purpose for which Stonehenge was erected is still unknown.

Japanese art inspired engineers to skin a snake robot

The new snake-like robot, thanks to a combination of accurate mathematical calculations and Japanese art by kirigs, creeps faster and more cleverly than its predecessors

Colonies of mucus were too smart: intelligence without the nervous system

Slicker is probably one of the strangest forms of life on earth. These are neither multicellular animals, nor plants, nor even mushrooms – they are colonies of the simplest amoebas that can not only grow and move, but even demonstrate a very strange type of intelligence.

Biologists have compiled the most detailed coral reef atlas

Marine biologists have compiled the most detailed atlas of coral reefs, located on a territory of 65 thousand square kilometers, according to an article published in the Coral Reefs. The resolution of the maps is about two meters, many of the reefs on maps have never been studied before

Lack of sun leads to softening of the bones in humans.

In childhood, vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets, that is, bone deformities. In adults, due to lack of sunlight, osteomalacia may appear, that is, softening of the bones. In addition, a reduced level of vitamin D soldier risk of developing diseases of the autoimmune system.

Egyptologists discovered a secret passage under the paws of the Sphinx

Scientists have reported that under the paws of the Egyptian Sphinx discovered a secret passage. According to the researcher Matt Growling, the hidden doors were marked on the ancient figure, it was found during the excavations, but experts were faced with the prohibition of further work by the authorities.

Roscosmos will cooperate with the Belarusian Academy of Sciences

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Roscosmos Corporation have agreed to develop cooperation, the press service of the republic’s embassy in the Russian Federation reported.

Renault announced the start of sales of the updated Kaptur in Russia

Sales of the 2018 model Renault Kaptur crossover started in Russia. The car received improvements in all trim levels, while the cost of the car remained the same.

Nissan recalls Terrano crossovers in Russia

Nissan recalls 771 Nissan Terrano crossovers in Russia due to a defect in the brake system. Repairs are subject to cars manufactured from July 2017 to January 2018. Reports about it “Rosstandart”.

Information appeared on the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300

According to Japanese media, the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 SUV will debut on October 24, 2019 at the Tokyo International Auto Show. The novelty will keep the frame structure, but it will become, at the same time, much easier, safer and more modern than its predecessor.

Aston Martin introduced the fastest convertible

The British automaker finally introduced its new model – the DBS Superleggera Volante convertible. Debuting as the fastest convertible Aston Martin ever made, the DBS Superleggera Volante is equipped with a 5.2-liter turbocharged V12 with 715 horsepower. and with a torque of 900 Nm.

Yandex.Drive will launch the first car sharing service in Kazan

Yandex.Drive will launch the first car sharing service in Kazan. This was on Wednesday, April 24, reported the press service of the company. It is noted that now open registration for users.

Geely company is preparing to present a crossover VF12

The Chinese company Geely is preparing to release a new full-size crossover with an index of VF12. The first official photos of new items without camouflage on the eve appeared in the database of the local Ministry of Industry. Characteristics of the car have not yet revealed
Mitsubishi will stop selling Pajero SUVs

The Japanese company Mitsubishi plans to curtail sales in the domestic market of its legendary SUV Mitsubishi Pajero, which was first born in 1982, reports ENV, citing the broadcasting corporation NHK. The company will continue to produce this model for export, but in Japan, the era of the famous SUV is coming to an end.

Sales in Russia updated Mercedes GLE postponed until autumn

It was expected that deliveries of cars of the American assembly would begin in Russia, and even the official price tag was announced in January 2019. At the same time, the expected start of supply. Later, sales were postponed to May of this year, and only now it became known that the output of the model was postponed until the autumn of 2019.

Toyota introduced the pickup Hilux Special Edition

The novelty debuted at an exhibition in Birmingham. The Japanese company showed an updated version of its Toyota Hilux pickup. The car received a different frame grille, as well as lining the bumpers and on the sides, 18-inch wheels and black body side mirrors

VAZ engine 1.8 called the error of evolution

The journalist “Behind the Wheel” opposed the crown of the creation of the domestic auto industry, the 1.8-liter VAZ-21179 petrol unit from Tolyatti, the massive modern Chinese JLE-4G18TD engine of a similar volume (known by the Geely Emgrand GT model) and explained why the best domestic engine is technically and morally old

Lamborghini showed off-road capabilities Urus on video

A video appeared on the Web, in which the Italian automaker supercars show a drift of its 650-strong crossover on the beach. Lamborghini company has published a video demonstrating the capabilities of the Urus crossover off-road

Renault introduced the new Kangoo electric van

Recall that for the performance of the current generation Kangoo Z.E. 33 meets the new economical engine with a torque of 225 Nm and a battery of increased capacity of 33 kW / h, thanks to which the van has an autonomy of 270 km. It is likely that the next generation Kangoo will come from the MCA plant in Maubeuge (north of France).

The first images of the “Russian Prado” from UAZ

On April 1, the head of Sollers Vadim Shvetsov confirmed the release of the new UAZ SUV, which will gradually replace the Patriot. Then it became known that the “Russian Prado” will become a deeply reworked version of the “Patriot” on a new platform, with a revised suspension and a gasoline turbo engine.

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