26 Apr, 2019

News Digest of 04/25/2019

Putin congratulated Kim Jong-un on his re-election

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un personally congratulated him on his re-election as chairman, and also noted that he was pleased with the meeting.

The Russian leader believes that the visit will serve the development of bilateral relations between Moscow and Pyongyang, as well as help a positive resolution of the process of resolving the nuclear issue, RIA Novosti reports. In addition, Vladimir Putin welcomed the efforts of Kim Jong-un to solve this problem, as well as to establish a dialogue with the United States. He also clarified that Russia and the DPRK need to do much to develop relations between states.

Pyongyang called the maneuvers of Seoul and the United States treacherous

Joint maneuvers of the air forces of the United States and South Korea undermine efforts to resolve the situation on the Korean Peninsula and are contrary to the progress that has been made in the pursuit of peace in the region, which causes the DPRK deep regret, the report said.

Russian travel agencies have reported on the cost of trips abroad

Rosturizm received an annual report of Russian outbound tourism operators for 2018 – already the third in a row (they are submitted within the framework of the law “On the Fundamentals of Tourism Activities in the Russian Federation” until April 15 of each following year).

The report indicates the number of served tourists – only those who purchased “full-fledged” tours abroad, as well as the total cost of the vouchers sold, emphasizes RBC.

According to the data on the number of tourists, the amount of deductions that tour operators must pay to insurance funds created to protect the rights of consumers in the event of a travel agency collapse is calculated. In particular, the funds of these funds ensure the return of tourists to their homeland, if the tour operator did not pay for the booked tickets. According to the total cost of the sold tours, the amount of the operator’s payment to the personal liability fund is determined, from which the tourists are compensated for losses – for example, for failure or early return.

At the end of 2018, eight Russian tour operators submitted reports, from which it follows that the average cost of trips abroad they did not exceed 1 thousand rubles.

The current report of tour operators – the third in a row. In the first two, there was also data that suggested an inconsistency in the calculations of reality. For example, in 2016, travel agencies allegedly sold tours abroad at 21 rubles per person, and in 2017 – generally at 2 rubles. Then the lists of operators with the most phenomenally low prices featured mainly companies from the Far East

Ukraine has requested an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council

In Ukraine, they asked to hold an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council because of the decision of the Russian side to simplify the acquisition of citizenship by the residents of the self-proclaimed DNR and LPR, reports TASS, citing a source.

By order of President Poroshenko has already appealed to the UN Security Council. This bold move contradicts the Minsk agreements approved by the Security Council. – Vladimir Yelchenko, diplomat

Putin commented on the decree on passports for residents of the DNI and the LC

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the decision to simplify the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship by residents of Donbass is purely humanitarian in nature.

“They cannot move normally, cannot realize their most elementary needs and realize their elementary rights. This is a matter of (simplifying the issuance of passports of the Russian Federation. – Ed.) Of a purely humanitarian nature, ”the Russian TASS leader quoted.

At the same time, he stressed that by his decision Moscow does not intend to create problems for the new Ukrainian government.

In the State Department condemned the decision of Russia on citizenship for residents of the DPR and LNR

The United States condemns Russia’s decision to simplify citizenship for residents of certain regions of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine. This was reported by the official representative of the Ministry of Morgan Ortagus.

KamAZ signed an agreement on assembling machinery with Kazakhstan

KamAZ has signed an agreement with Kazakhstan on cooperation in the implementation of a project for the production of equipment and its components. The document was signed following the talks that were held in Moscow by the Russian and Kazakh Prime Ministers Dmitry Medvedev and Askar Mamin, in the presence of the heads of government.

Finnish company refused to build a plant near St. Petersburg

The Finnish paint manufacturer Tikkurila will not build a plant in the Greenstate industrial park near St. Petersburg. Demand for oil paints is declining, the company explains. Two years ago, Tikkurila announced plans to invest 30-35 million euros in a plant with a capacity of 30 million liters of paint per year.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia proposed to introduce a tax deduction from the cost of sports

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has proposed to introduce a tax deduction on the costs of physical education and fitness services, Interfax reports, citing the bill.

China reduced oil imports from Russia in March by almost 7%

China in March 2019 reduced oil imports from Russia by 6.8% compared with the previous month – to 5.35 million tons, according to the data of the PRC General Customs Administration. Russia ranked 2nd among the largest oil suppliers in China last month.

Head of the FSB department arrested on suspicion of receiving large bribes

Kirill Cherkalin, head of the department of one of the units of the Federal Security Service of Russia, was detained on suspicion of taking bribes on a particularly large scale. This was reported in the center of public relations departments

Qiwi Launches Self-Employed Platform

Profit income tax payers have created a new service. The platform is launched by Qiwi, RIA Novosti reports. With the help of the service, customers will be able to independently register with the FTS, register their online and offline income.

The trailer for the mini-series “Trick-22”

Hulu channel has released the official trailer for the mini-series Catch-22 (“Trick-22”). This film adaptation of the cult novel of the same name by Joseph Heller, published in 1961. The book has been repeatedly mentioned in the rankings of the best novels in history.

Prime Minister of the Netherlands discussed with the Zelensky case Boeing MH17

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte held a telephone conversation with the winner of the second round of voting in the presidential elections of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, during which the parties discussed the situation with the investigation of the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing in the summer of 2014.

FAS approved a deal to purchase almost 42% of Lenta

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) approved the TPG transaction, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Severgroup for the purchase of almost 42% of Lenta, the mandatory offer to repurchase the company’s shares for minority shareholders is expected no later than May 1

In Russia, extended the period of transition to digital television

“In 21 regions of the country, the analog broadcast will be turned off on October 14,” said Noskov.

What specific regions are we talking about, the minister did not report. As REGNUM news agency reported, the phased transfer of Russian television to digital broadcasting started in Russia in January 2019.

Lithuania urged not to recognize the Russian passports of residents of Donbass

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry condemned the simplified issuance of Russian passports to residents of Donbass.

“Lithuania calls for the non-recognition of illegally issued documents by the Russian Federation and for consistent sanctions against Russia,” the agency’s website says.

Moscow recognized the residents of Donbass de facto residents of Russia

The decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the simplified procedure for granting Russian citizenship to residents of Donbass was commented by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. According to her, this decision is due to the fact that these people have become de facto Russians.

Putin ordered to pay veterans of 10 thousand to Victory Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the annual payment of 10 thousand rubles to veterans of the Great Patriotic War. The head of state made such a decision “paying tribute of deep respect to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War,” the decree says.

Russian and Chinese scientists have developed material for masking military equipment

According to the Chinese press, research on the topic of masking equipment was conducted jointly by specialists from the University of Jilin in the People’s Republic of China and Tomsk Polytechnic University. The work was carried out through the exchange of information and experiments of mixed groups of scientists. As a result, a substance based on iron oxide powders was obtained, from which it is possible to produce a special coating for masking vehicles from enemy radars.

Medvedev instructed to reward doctors for detecting cancer

In the instructions of the head of government, Dmitry Medvedev, published on April 25 on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, the task is to reward medical workers for detecting oncological diseases during medical examination. It is planned that doctors will start paying premiums from 2020.

The head of the DPR instructed to simplify the border crossing with Russia

The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, after the signing by the Russian President Vladimir Putin of a decree on the simplification of obtaining Russian passports, Donbas residents were instructed to simplify crossing the border with Russia.

In this regard, we have large-scale work to properly organize the work of the competent services. Instruct the Ministry of Revenue, the Ministry of State Security to develop a simplified mechanism for crossing the border with the Russian Federation at checkpoints … Deadline – June 1, 2019 – Denis Pushilin

The United States took the Crimea to the “air ring”

Since the beginning of this week, US forces have organized an “air ring” over the peninsula, reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to the Ukrainian militarist portal.

In the Chinese port city of Qingdao, a maritime parade took place, during which the PRC was shown the next generation destroyer, designed by the 055 “Nanchang” project. The new ship is intended mainly to accompany aircraft carriers. In length it reaches 183 meters, and in width – 20 meters.

Most Russians consider themselves happy

A poll by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) showed that the majority of Russians (86%) consider themselves happy. In the data published by VTsIOM, it is indicated that the Russian happiness index rose to 75 p. (Versus 73 p. In March 2018)

In the Kama region, a pensioner was fined for repairing a broken road

In the Perm Territory in the village of Pruddor, Kudymkarsky District, the pensioner was fined 5,000 rubles for unauthorized road repairs, the newspaper Parma Novosti reports. During the spring thaw, deep ruts appeared on the road. A local resident pensioner, Vasily Yarkov, brought a slab and filled them with ruts. The neighbor didn’t like this idea and complained to the traffic police. Allegedly boards can catch fire and fire spread to his house. The guards made an administrative protocol for “interfering with traffic by polluting the road surface and creating a threat to traffic safety”.

120 million budget funds have been allocated to the Belevsky Monastery

“Already, more than 120 million budget funds have been attracted to the Belevsky Monastery. They are aimed at restoring the Holy Transfiguration Church and the original work in the Church of the Transition. Also, as part of the list of events, additional funds were allocated to put in order the entire ensemble of the monastery, ”Tatiana Rybkina, Minister of Culture of Tula Region, noted.

Russian tourists are given plastic bags

It turned out that the most common items that Russian tourists take with them are cigarettes, food film and kettle. You can also find sausage, buckwheat, bread, biscuits and seeds in a Russian suitcase. By the way, tourists from Russia love to carry with them a huge number of packages.

Ministry of Environment proposed to heat the Far North garbage

Plasma waste incineration is the best waste management technology in the High North. The heat generated by this can be directed to the heating of houses, said the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Dmitry Kobylkin. According to him, there are relevant developments in Russia, but they are not widely used.

The share of unprofitable organizations in Russia rose to 34.4%

The share of unprofitable organizations in Russia in January-February 2019 increased by 0.7% in annual terms and amounted to 34.4%. Such data are cited by the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat)

Annual loss of the Central Bank again amounted to 435 billion rubles

The size of the Central Bank’s losses in 2017 amounted to approximately the same amount – 435.3 billion rubles – due to a decrease in interest income amid lower interest rates, as well as due to rising interest expenses against the backdrop of a structural liquidity surplus.

Net profit of Enel Russia in accordance with IFRS in the first quarter grew by 29%

The net profit of Enel Russia in accordance with IFRS in the first quarter of this year increased by 29% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 3 billion rubles, follows from the company’s materials. At the same time, the company’s EBITDA for the first quarter increased by 15.1%, to 5.3 billion rubles.

Shareholders of ALROSA will receive almost 74 billion rubles of dividends for 2018

As a result, the total amount of payments to shareholders will amount to 73.9 billion rubles for the whole year, and this is a record in the entire history of the company, a REGNUM correspondent was told in the ALROSA press service. The payment for one share of the company as a result amounted to 4.11 rubles in the first half of the year, and 10.04 rubles for the whole year.

Russian debts to banks for the first time exceeded 15 trillion rubles

Today, April 24, 2019, it became known that the debt of individuals to credit organizations in Russia for the first time exceeded 15 trillion rubles. This is evidenced by the data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. For April 1, 2019, the debt of the Russians was estimated at 15.266 trillion rubles

Russia will invest in the expansion of the port of Tartus more than $ 500 million

According to the Minister of Transport of Syria, Ali Hamoud Hamoud, the depth of the sea in the port is small – 4-13 m, and the maximum weight of the vessel received by the port is 30-35 thousand tons. For successful work, it is necessary to deepen the bottom of the port in order to receive vessels weighing up to 100 thousand tons. The expansion of the port requires a lot of money.

“We turned to a number of companies. It is our duty to first think about the friendly countries that stood side by side with Syria during all the war years. We turned to Russian friends on expanding the port of Tartus and pouring more than $ 500 million into the creation of a new port”, – The Syrian Minister said to Ikhbariya.

Nord Stream-2 can become unprofitable, German media write

The actions of the Government of Denmark lead to a significant increase in the cost of building the Russian Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. This writes the German newspaper Junge Welt.

The United States has expanded the list of restrictive measures in Cuba

According to the memorandum of the American President of June 2017, the United States banned direct financial transactions with persons involved in the list of companies associated with the Armed Forces, intelligence and security services of Cuba. With the introduction of restrictive measures the United States refers to the allegations of violation of human rights by the Cuban authorities.

Netflix has published a trailer for the TV series with Renee Zellweger

The first teaser for Netflix’s TV series featuring the Diary of Bridget Jones star Rene Zellweger appeared on the Web.

Britain accused Russia of lying about the work of “White Helmets” in Syria

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the White Helmets an element of the information campaign to denigrate the Syrian authorities and, in particular, blamed them for the provocation that caused the West to accuse Damascus of using chemical weapons and strike at government targets.

Poland halted oil transit via the Druzhba pipeline

Poland notified Belarus about stopping oil transit through the Druzhba pipeline, sending a telephone message from PERN, which is the operator of the Polish section of the pipeline

ORLEN sees no threats to the production at the refinery due to the shutdown of oil pumping from the Russian Federation

The Polish fuel concern ORLEN does not see a threat to restrict production at its refinery due to the interruption of the pumping of Russian oil through the Druzhba pipeline, the company said.

UN: Afghan soldiers kill more civilians than terrorists

According to the report of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, more civilians than militants die in the country at the hands of security officials, Al Arabia reported April 24. Most civilians are killed during air raids: in the first three months of 2019, 1,773 people were killed or injured.

Tourist from Kemerovo faces a fine for importing coral from Thailand

Regarding the tourist from Kemerovo, administrative cases were filed for not declaring the goods and not complying with restrictions on the importation of goods in Russia. An administrative investigation is underway, a man faces an administrative fine with or without confiscation of coral.

Riyadh accused Hussites of unwillingness to resolve the conflict peacefully

The Deputy Minister of Defense of Saudi Arabia, Prince Khalid bin Salman, accused the Yemeni Hussites of reluctance to peacefully resolve the conflict, reports Reuters

The United States said that “will fly and swim everywhere,” without fear of threats from Iran

The US military will continue to fly and move wherever international law allows them to “ensure the safety of commercial and non-commercial transportation,” said US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook in response to the threat of Iran blocking the Strait of Hormuz.

All participants in the negotiations on Syria arrived in Nur Sultan

An international meeting to resolve the situation in Syria with the participation of representatives of Russia, Iran, Turkey, the government of Syria and the Syrian opposition is held in Nur-Sultan on April 25-26.

The General Staff of Russia estimated the number of militants in Idlib

The number of militant groups operating in the Syrian province of Idlib is up to 50,000, the deputy chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Stanislav Gadzhimagomedov, said on the sidelines of the Moscow International Security Conference.

Ukraine has accused Russia of closing the Kerch Strait

The head of the border service of Ukraine, Peter Tsigikal, accused Russia of preventing the passage of ships to the Ukrainian ports through the Kerch Strait. According to him, Russian border guards “constantly inspect” merchant ships.

The second trailer for “People in Black: International”: more aliens!

Sony released the second trailer for the upcoming Spin-off “People in Black” with the subtitle “International” (and left it in our box office).

Peskov said the position on the Kerch Strait was unchanged.

A spokesman for the Russian leader, Dmitry Peskov, commented on the statement by the Ukrainian side that Moscow had “radically changed the tone” in negotiations with Kiev on the case of the Ukrainian Navy sailors detained by Russia.

We did not call the sailors otherwise than as trespassers. Changes did not happen. This is a statement of facts. The investigation is underway, and as a result there will be a court that will determine the guilt of these sailors. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

International Tribunal will hold hearings on the case of Ukrainian sailors

The deputy head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Elena Zerkal, said that the UN International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea would hold hearings on the case of detained Ukrainian sailors, reports TASS.

Maduro urged the Portuguese in Venezuela to write about the return of stolen money

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on the Portuguese who live in the country to write to their homeland so that the Portuguese authorities would return the money stolen from the republic. The speech, according to Maduro, is about 1,726 billion dollars. He had previously demanded that the Portuguese authorities remove the block from this amount

Russians may be banned from importing parmesan and jamon

In 2014, Russia banned imports of meat, dairy and other products from the EU, the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries in response to sanctions against Russian politicians, businessmen and companies.

The National Meat Association suggested to Vice-Premier Aleksey Gordeev to ban import of meat and dairy products for personal use by individuals from abroad, to strengthen control over luggage and hand luggage at the border and to increase responsibility for the illegal import of animal products. An exception is proposed to be made only for milk formulas for children and baby food. The association, which includes the largest producers of meat, poultry and products from them, including Miratorg, Cherkizovo, Remit and Velkom, sent a corresponding proposal on March 20. Vedomosti read a copy of the letter. Its authenticity was confirmed by the head of the association Sergey Yushin

Charters between Russia and Egypt gathered to resume in the fall

Flights from Russia to the Egyptian resorts of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh may resume in October. This was announced by the Vice-President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT), Yuri Barzykin, in an interview with Izvestia.

Russians will be able to make free phone calls from street payphones across the country.

Payphones were built as part of the provision of a universal telecommunications service in the territory of the Russian Federation, Rostelecom is the only service operator. In total, there are 148 thousand payphones in the country.

In Japan, compensate victims of forced sterilization

The Japanese parliament decided to pay compensation to citizens subject to forced sterilization in the 1948-1996 years of the last century. The procedure affected people with serious illnesses and mental disabilities, the newspaper Izvestia reported on April 24.

Sverdlovsk enterprises have reduced environmental costs

Sverdlovskstat published data on the costs of enterprises, organizations and individual entrepreneurs in the region to protect the environment. Compared with 2017, in 2018 there was a decline of almost 3%.

How many fish are allowed to catch on the Don and in the Volga

In a day, a fisherman can catch in the Volga basin (Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, Volgograd reservoir, Volga, Akhtuba, Eruslan rivers, etc.) no more than 10 kg of fish and 50 crayfish. Sturgeon fish species, white-faced fish, herring, and Volga herring are prohibited to catch, they are Red Book species.

On the territory of the Azov-Black Sea basin (Tsimlyanskoe reservoir, Don, Ilovlya, Khoper, Medveditsa, etc.) – no more than 5 kg and 30 crayfish. In addition, per day, fishermen in the waters of this pool can catch no more than three carp, two pike perch, silver carp, white cupids, catfish, as well as three asp and five trout.

Mail.ru Group for the first time revealed the revenue of the Yula service

By December 2017, the service earned about 2 million rubles. in a day. Mail.ru Group has never disclosed more detailed details about the financial performance of Yula. The number of active users of the service increased by 30% to 33 million people in March 2019.

Facebook faces a $ 5 billion fine

The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) may impose a fine of $ 5 billion on Facebook social network due to leakage of users’ personal data. This was reported by CNBC with reference to the submitted report of the company.

The share of non-residents in the Russian OFZ on April 1 rose to 26.7%

The share of non-residents on the Russian market for federal loan bonds (OFZ) as of April 1 rose to 26.7% versus 25.9% as of March 1, the Central Bank of Russia reported. The last time the share of non-residents in the OZF was higher than this mark in July 2018, when it was 27.9%.

Prime Minister instructed to monitor the prices of building materials in the interests of national projects

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry of Construction and the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) to monitor the prices of construction materials for facilities being built as part of national projects.

Tesla suffered a loss of $ 702 million in the first quarter

Tesla’s American entrepreneur Ilona Musk suffered a loss of $ 702 million in the first three months of 2019, the company said in a quarterly report released on Wednesday.

Russians overdue loans by almost 1.6 trillion rubles

The total amount of bad debts of Russians to banks in the first quarter of this year amounted to almost 1.6 trillion rubles. According to Izvestia, citing data from the United Credit Bureau (OKB), over the same period in 2018, Russians overdue loans of 1.52 trillion rubles.

A girl searches for her father and destroys houses in the Abigail trailer.

The premiere of the trailer for the film “Abigail” was held April 24, 2019. In the story, a young girl, Abigail, lives in a city whose borders were closed many years ago due to an epidemic of mysterious disease. One of the infected was her father, who was taken away in an unknown direction.

Nissan predicts a decrease in profits by 45%

The Japanese automaker Nissan expects that in the current fiscal year, profits from the sale of the company’s cars will fall by 45% compared with 2018. On this April 24 reports Reuters.

Most of the funds matkapitala went to housing in 2018

The most popular way of spending money was improving housing conditions, for which most of the funds were allocated – 289.037 billion rubles.

Bank of Japan decided not to change the interest rate

Bank of Japan (Central Bank of the country) at the end of the meeting on Thursday kept the key interest rate at a negative level of minus 0.1%, follows from the statement of the regulator.

Sberbank’s share in the mortgage market in 2018 exceeded 56%

Last year, Sberbank increased its share in the Russian mortgage market by 0.7 percentage points to 56.3%, according to the annual report of the largest Russian bank.

Ministry of Finance opposes raising the size of compensation for deposits

In its recall, the agency recalls that the current amount of compensation for deposits is more than 32 times the average salary, while the International Association of Deposit Insurers recommends setting the amount of compensation at least 20 average salaries.

To the Vostochny cosmodrome stretched gas pipeline

In the Amur region, a start has been given to the construction of a gas pipeline to the Vostochny cosmodrome. This question was raised at a meeting of Gazprom’s Chairman of the Board Alexey Miller and the head of the region Vasily Orlov, which took place in Moscow. At present, the pipeline design has been completed.

Shell announced the discovery of large oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico

A subsidiary of the Anglo-Dutch Shell discovered large reserves of oil on the Blacktip block in the Gulf of Mexico (USA). This is the press service of the company.

Ukraine has found a replacement for the Belarusian fuel

The Shebelinsky gas processing plant (GPP, Kharkiv region), operated by JSC “Ukrgazvydobuvannya” (GWG), against the backdrop of the suspension of oil products export to Ukraine by Belarus, is ready in April-May to offer the Ukrainian market from 15 thousand tons to 20 thousand tons of light oil products . This was announced by the commercial director of the GWU Fedorenko on Facebook.

Recall that on the eve of Belarus announced the termination of the supply of fuel to Ukraine. Earlier, on April 18, the head of the Russian government, Dmitry Medvedev, signed a decree according to which Russia will ban the supply of petroleum products and coal to Ukraine from June 1.

Belarus is looking for an alternative to Russian oil

According to Grib, “we are talking about import volumes of about 200-300 thousand tons per month,” which will resolve the issue of replacing oil imports from Russia. As Grib explained, the purchase of terminals “will depend on the conditions offered by the partners of the company from the Baltic countries

Prisoner “Matrosskaya Silence” died of a drug overdose

Three prisoners of the detention facility “Matrosskaya Silence” were poisoned due to a drug overdose. One of them died, two more were hospitalized, reported Tass in the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN). The names of the victims are not disclosed.

In Ufa, the ex-policeman seized property for 34 million rubles

In Ufa, a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus seized property worth 34 million rubles. Earlier, the prosecutor’s office found that the expenses of the law enforcement officer do not coincide with the income. It turned out that from 2012 to 2017 he bought 6 elite apartments and 4 parking spaces, a cottage, a land plot and an SUV.

Florida Senate will allow teachers to carry weapons

The Florida Senate has passed a school safety law, under which teachers will be allowed to carry weapons. This is reported by the American business newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

The trailer for the series on DC comics “Swamp Creature”

The YouTube channel “The Swamp Creature” has been published on YouTube on the DC channel. The world premiere of the project will take place on stream-service DC Universe on May 31. The series will tell the story of an employee of the Center for Disease Control Abby Arcane

The Fifth International Fireworks Festival will be held in Moscow

On August 17 and 18, the Fifth International Fireworks Festival will take place in Brateevsky Park. Pyrotechnic shows will be presented to the spectators by eight teams from Russia, Asia, Europe and North America.

Madonna released the first music video in four years

American singer Madonna released a music video for the song Medellin, which she performs together with the Colombian rapper Maluma. The video posted on YouTube’s performer’s page was her first music video in four years.

Scandalous rock opera about Jesus Christ will be shown in Yekaterinburg

In June, the Perm Theater-Theater will show the rock opera “Jesus Christ – Superstar” (16+) in Yekaterinburg. This opera was tried to be banned in 2012 and 2015, but it was only possible to do this in 2016 – then the Petersburg theater “Rock Opera” wanted to show it.

International festival of Muslim cinema opened in Kazan

The International Festival of Muslim Cinema opened in Kazan for the 15th time, TASS correspondent reports. 55 paintings from 44 countries of the world participate in the competition program of the festival.

Kate Beckinsale will play a major role in the first female action

The director will be Tanya Wexler (“Without Tantrum!”), And one of the producers will be Cheryl Clark (“Monster”). Filming starts in July this year in the UK. For the studio, this will be the first project in which women act as the director, producer and performer of the leading role.
Video of the Georgian advertisers “Zombies in Kakheti” won an “Internet Oscar”

Video of the Tbilisi creative company Leavingstone called “Zombies in Kakheti” won the “Internet Oscar” – Webby Awards (Webby Awards). Webby Award is an international professional Internet award.

Apple will equip the headphones AirPods 3 noise reduction function

The source claims that Apple AirPods 3 will be released before the end of 2019 and they will already have a noise reduction system. The assembly of AirPods 3 is organized at the enterprise of the Taiwanese company Inventec. Another part of the orders will receive a Chinese company Luxshare Precision

The Mir system has become interested in paying for purchases using a face scan

The Mir payment system is considering launching a service to pay for purchases using a face recognition system. About this RBC told two sources in the banking market and two representatives of companies specializing in the development of biometric and payment solutions.

Equinix bought a data center in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a key interconnection point for Europe, as the leading companies and cloud service providers make this city the main center of IT infrastructure, says Eugene Bergen, President of Equinix Representative Office at EMEA.

Novosibirsk scientists will create a solar-powered heating system

According to the official publication of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Science in Siberia”, the technology will allow solar heat to be accumulated in summer in order to heat small houses in the winter with energy reserves. Consumers of such a system can become residents of Europe, including its northern part.

Google released Google Fit for iOS

Since Apple Health already tracks physical activity iOS owners, it’s hard to imagine that many of them will switch to Google Fit. However, it’s nice to see that Google provides its service on a competing platform.

Asus will release inexpensive gaming laptops ROG Strix G

ROG Strix G G531 received a 15.6-inch display with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. This laptop will get the Intel Core i9-9880H, Core i7-9750H or Core i5-9300H processors. As for the video card, it can also vary, depending on the choice of the client: it can be NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, GTX 1650, GTX 1660 Ti, RTX 2060 or RTX 2070.

ROG Strix G G731 has a 17.3-inch display, and can also be equipped with a processor Core i7-9750H and Core i5-9300H. It can work with GeForce GTX 1650, GTX 1660 Ti, RTX 2060 and RTX 2070 video cards.

The amount of RAM in laptops can be up to 32 gigabytes, and physical – up to a terabyte.

Brave Browser will start paying cryptocurrency for viewing ads

The Brave web browser has launched an option that allows users to receive rewards for viewing advertisements in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency. Initially, the blockchain browser blocks ads and trackers, but when Brave Ads are connected, users can earn 70% of ad revenue

New Chrome received security update

Google has released an update of Chrome, the new version has updated the security policy, and also added support for “dark design.” It is noteworthy that in the browser there is no switch topics.

Evolution of crustacean age 500 million years

Researchers first traced the roots of crabs, lobsters and shrimps to create a family tree of crustaceans. The family tree shows the 450 millionth evolution of these decapod decapods.

Neural networks were able to convert brain signals into human speech

American experts were able to develop neurochip and an algorithm that allows you to directly read thoughts from the center of a person’s speech, and then voice them with the help of a virtual analogue of the vocal cords. Created by researchers, the system is able to return the gift of speech to many dumb people with disabilities, according to an article published by scientists in the journal Nature.

Because of the seasonal memory of the ocean, the Russian Arctic is melting in winter and summer

The researchers were able to find out why, in our time, the ice in the Eurasian Arctic is melting faster than in the US, said one of the authors, Mikhail Varentsov. The study of the issue involved a group of scientists, in particular, employees of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Four expeditions to the Arctic were organized specifically for this purpose – in 2003, 2005, 2013 and 2015. A study published in the journal Atmosphere, allowed to describe the mechanism of seasonal memory of the ocean.

Melting of ice in Greenland has accelerated six times in the last 50 years

Such a conclusion is contained in the research materials conducted by several experts from Denmark, the Netherlands, America and France. The results of their research were published on Monday in the bulletin of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). Experts analyzed the extent of the reduction in the mass of ice in Greenland in the years 1972-2018. According to expert estimates, the loss of this island-owned island of Denmark over 46 years led to a 13.7 mm rise in global sea level (plus / minus 1.1 mm). Moreover, half of this growth in world ocean level occurred in the last eight years of the time span covered by scientists.

Found neurons that promote overeating

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducted experiments on mice and showed that inhibition of one protein can reduce overeating. The work was published in the journal Neuron.

Found the first organism, whose mitochondria work without DNA

It is believed that mitochondria is a former bacterium that has entered into symbiosis with a future eukaryotic cell. During their joint life, the mitochondria has lost not only the capacity for independent existence, but also many of its genes. Separate organisms are known that have got rid of mitochondria as a whole, but at the same time they also lost the ability to breathe oxygen. Now, American researchers have found a new amazing creature. This is a unicellular dinoflagellate Amoebophyra ceratii, whose mitochondria do not contain DNA, but continue to work fully.
Scientists have developed a self-inflating obesity capsule

Scientists from Nanyang University of Technology have developed a self-inflating weight management capsule that can be used to treat obese patients. According to experts, the method removes many of the limitations associated with similar devices.

Loss of vision is compensated by hearing loss.

The brain of a blind person quickly adapts to increased hearing, as research has shown. For dozens of years, scientists have been trying to get an answer to the question of whether the brain compensates for the loss of one of the five external senses by strengthening the other — for example, whether blind people are beginning to hear better.

Found stones that turn light into electricity

Scientists in inorganic elements were able to detect the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process of converting solar energy into a chemical bond. Such a process is observed in living organisms, but as it turned out, it is in inorganic elements – stones.