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28 Ноя, 2022

News you might have missed

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz supported the idea of ​​​​a simplified acquisition of German citizenship after five residences in the country.


Heavy rain floods the island of Ischia in Italy. One person has been confirmed dead and at least ten are missing.


More than 200 flights will start flying from Spanish Seville on biofuel from olive pits. The use of such fuel will prevent the release of more than 200 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


The UK government is considering options for measures to limit the influx of migrants. Earlier it became known that the country recorded an unprecedented high level of net migration.

Every third refugee from Ukraine arriving in Finland wants to stay here to live. Such data was announced by the Minister of the Interior of Finland Krista Mikkonen.


France and Germany will help each other in the field of energy supply. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born signed an agreement on support for the provision of electricity and gas, Le Figaro newspaper reports.


Cryptographers spent half a year to read the 500-year-old cipher of King Charles V of Spain about a conspiracy against him. Most likely, there was no conspiracy.


The US has banned the sale and import of Huawei and ZTE devices. The equipment of these Chinese companies poses unacceptable risks to the national security of the country, the Federal Communications Commission noted. Permits already granted for Huawei and ZTE devices may also be revoked


The first reusable stage of the American Falcon 9 heavy launch vehicle, which launched on Saturday into orbit with the cargo spacecraft Cargo Dragon, which went to the International Space Station (ISS), made a successful landing on an offshore platform in the Atlantic, said the development company SpaceX.


Turkish armed forces have resumed strikes on the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan, according to the information portal SHAFAQ News. According to the publication, on the night of November 27, shelling of areas located near the city of Al-Amadia in the Iraqi province of Dahuk was carried out.


Rare Scotch whiskey has risen in price by 20% in 2022 due to strong demand from investors. Strong drink has become one of the “havens” where people invest money during times of instability in the financial market. Whiskey is mostly invested in by younger market participants who prefer commodities over financial instruments.


The US Treasury has allowed American Chevron and its subsidiaries to produce oil in Venezuela. According to the ministry, this «will alleviate the suffering of the Venezuelan people and support the restoration of democracy.» The United States is seeking to increase oil supplies to the world market in order to reduce fuel prices. In October, Washington failed to convince OPEC + to increase production

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