21 Apr, 2018

North Korea stops nuclear and missile tests

South Korea welcomes Pyongyang’s decision to stop nuclear and missile tests, as well as to close the nuclear test site in the north of the DPRK. This is reported by the Yonhap agency with reference to the statement of the South Korean leader Mun Zhe In.

North Korea agreed to suspend all nuclear tests and close a large test site. This is very good news for the DPRK and the whole world – great progress! We are waiting for our summit. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

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Trump commented on the suit of the US Democratic Party

President of the United States Donald Trump commented on the filing of a lawsuit by the American Democratic Party.

According to Trump, he “heard that a lawsuit was filed against the headquarters by Democrat Obstructionists.”

“This could be good news in the sense that we will now strike back on the issues of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) server that they refused to provide to the FBI, the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz servers, the documents that the secret person from Pakistan and e-mails kept Clinton “, – he wrote in his Twitter.

In the UN, they announced a shortage of money for humanitarian assistance to residents of Ukraine

UN humanitarian agencies have only 3% of the funds needed to help residents of southeastern Ukraine this year. This was stated by UN Neighborhood Policy Coordinator for Ukraine Neil Walker, RIA Novosti reports.

Poroshenko wants to deprive Crimeans of Ukrainian citizenship

Petro Poroshenko came out with an initiative to deprive the citizens of Crimea of Ukrainian citizenship. The bill was posted on the website of the Verkhovna Rada. According to him, obtaining Russian passports is equated with “unlawful actions”.

Russia broke the agreement on information cooperation with Ukraine

The agreement on cooperation in the field of information between Russia and Ukraine is closed. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published on the official Internet portal of legal information. The government of Russia and the Ukrainian Cabinet signed the document in February 1998.

Russia, China, Iran and the DPRK “the forces of instability”

“The governments of China, Russia, Iran and North Korea, for example, daily violate human rights within their borders and as a result are the forces of instability,” reads the report, which analyzed the situation in 17 countries in the past year 2017

Tuleyev plans to complete his political career

The ex-governor of the Kemerovo region, the chairman of the regional council of people’s deputies Aman Tuleyev said on Friday in an interview with the local television and radio company TVM (Belovo) that he is tired of politics, does not plan to participate in the autumn elections to the regional parliament, or become a member of the Federation Council.

I’m tired of this policy, from this dirt, from this lie … To tell the truth, I do not want and it makes no sense to stay in politics. – Aman Tuleyev, politician

Russia will learn everything in the last place

The Russian diplomatic mission in London required the British Foreign Office to confirm or deny the fact of handing over information to private individuals concerning the investigation of the case of the poisoning of the Violins. In this case, we are talking about the statement of Vladimir Uglev, who expressed confidence that the victims were poisoned with substance A-234.

“As we learned yesterday from BBC publications, the former Soviet scientist Uglev, who proclaimed himself the creator of the so-called” Novice, “declared his confidence that the Violins had been poisoned with A-234 substance. based on recent spectral data. “

Such a statement by Vladimir Uglev in the Russian embassy was considered unusual, as it means that access to information that the Russian side can not obtain from London for several weeks has been granted to an individual.

Turkish parliament approves early elections on June 24

The Turkish Grand National Assembly approved a bill to hold early presidential and parliamentary elections on June 24 this year. Voting took place on Friday, the bill was supported by 386 of 450 MPs

Iran threatened Israel with missile attack on airbases

Hussein Salami, deputy commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), threatened a missile strike at Israel’s airbases. “The hands on the trigger and the missiles are ready,” the agency quoted Al-Masdar as saying.

Turkey withdrew its gold reserve from the US

According to the document, at the end of 2016, Turkey kept 28,689 tons of its gold reserve in the US Federal Reserve, whereas at the end of 2017, in the corresponding column there is a dash

Trump again decided to visit Britain

According to the source, the head of the United States, Donald Trump, plans to visit Britain again in mid-July and meet with Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Teresa May, the daily newspaper Daily Mail reports.

Trump and Merkel in Washington will discuss Russia’s behavior

US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet on April 27 in Washington. Official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert told reporters that Trump and Merkel will discuss the situation that has developed around the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

I can not predict what the chancellor will talk about in Washington. But it is quite certain that among other issues, the international situation will be discussed, in particular, for example, Russia’s behavior will become a topic. I do not want to go into details, it is obvious that I will have this opportunity later. – Steffen Seibert, German statesman

France accused Russia of falsifying statements about the Khimataka in Syria

Russia disseminates contradictory statements about the chemical attack in the Syrian Duma, the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement published on the department’s website. These statements contradict the facts that managed to assemble Paris, say the French diplomats

Ex-Biden adviser attributed to the “quarter of territory” of Syria

The United States currently owns one quarter of the territory of Syria, and Washington’s consent is needed to unite the country, former counselor of former US Vice President Joseph Biden for national security Colin Kahl said during a telephone briefing

India to buy a license to manufacture Kalashnikov assault rifles

The Ministry of Defense of India intends without a tender to acquire a license to manufacture Russian AK-103 assault rifles. Thus, the prolonged intrigue with the choice of small arms for the Indian army was unexpectedly resolved. The army needs 768.5 thousand weapons.

President of Venezuela is ready to settle the conflict with Panama

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro said at a press conference at the international airport of Mayketia that he was ready to settle differences with the government of Panama.

“Venezuela is ready to concede where it is necessary to concede,” Globovision television channel quoted him as saying.

Mr. Maduro said that he will go to settle the conflict, so that both countries can normalize their relations. He also noted that Venezuela “requires respect for its political life and its sovereignty.”

At the end of March, the Panamanian government included Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in the list of persons who may be implicated in money laundering. In response, Venezuela suspended interaction with 46 legal entities and 22 natural persons from Panama.


Ministry of Health accused of failure of import substitution program

The Ministry of Health of Russia inefficiently performed import substitution of medicines – most of the drugs present in the Russian market are still produced abroad. This was stated by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, TASS reported.

We consider it necessary, after the appointment of the Minister of Health, to discuss in the State Duma the matter of medicinal provision and take this topic under control, and also to designate it when agreeing on the candidacy of the future prime minister. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

Twitter has forbidden to place advertising “Kaspersky Lab”

Twitter prevented Kaspersky Lab from publishing ads on the social network.

Rosobrnadzor deprived the license of the Moscow Regional Humanitarian Institute

The Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science (Rosobrnadzor), by decision of the Arbitration Court, has revoked the license for educational activities of the Moscow Regional Humanitarian Institute, and the license of the International Independent Ecological and Political University (MNEPU) has also been suspended, the press service of the ministry reports.

State companies and Russian officials believe in Telegram

State enterprises, banks and authorities announced tenders for the lease of VPN to protect the Internet connection Telegram, writes Znak.com.

Journalists of the resource studied the site of state purchases and drew attention to the increased interest of government agencies in virtual private networks. Service wanted to use Rosgvardia, the Pension Fund of Russia, RusHydro. The MOI of Russia for the Rostov region plans to spend 37 million rubles on renting data channels.

The Rosselkhozbank is also interested in access to VPN, which is headed by the son of the head of the Security Council Dmitry Patrushev. For services on the organization and maintenance of VPN-channels, the Belgorod branch of the bank is ready to pay about 10 million rubles.

Judging by the tenders, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State Corporation for the Organization of Air Traffic in the Russian Federation”, the forest management of the Leningrad Region, the central regional hospitals in several regions of Russia need VPN. Municipal centers for civil defense and emergency situations, as well as St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise “TEK SPb”, are going to rent VPN.

The St. Petersburg metro began equipping with the VPN-channels of the sanatorium “Baltic shore”, notes “Fontanka”. Podzemka has already signed a contract for 246 thousand rubles with a local company. The tender documentation states that a private network is necessary for the exchange of information between subway facilities, as well as for the comfort of travelers in terms of expanding the possibilities of access to the Internet.

Since April 16, Roskomnadzor has blocked millions of IP-addresses in search of channels that allow Telegram’s messenger to remain available in Russia.

The authorities of New York will prohibit the movement of cars in the Central Park

It is expected that the ban on the movement of cars in the Central Park of New York will begin in June 2018. The decision to ban cars in the Central Park de Blasio announced as early as 2015. Central Park was founded in 1859, its area is 325 hectares.

The court banned the sale in Mexico of Barbie dolls in the image of Frida Kahlo

The Mexican court did not allow the sale of Barbie dolls in the country in the form of the world-famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo because of the protests of her relatives, according to Financiero.

“Victory” can purchase “standing” armchairs for its aircraft

Russian loukoster “Victory” can purchase seats for aircraft, in which the passenger flies practically standing. This is reported by RIA Novosti and TASS with reference to sources familiar with the airline’s plans.

Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation named 20 regions with a tense situation in the labor market

A tense situation in the labor market is observed in 20 Russian regions. This is stated in the draft document of the Ministry of Labor, published on the portal of draft normative legal acts. In the explanatory note to the document it is noted that the list is formed annually on the basis of Rosstat data.

Payment for capital repairs in Omsk with residents collected scammers

The call center of the Overhaul Fund began to contact Omsk citizens, who received reports of arrears of contributions. They listed the account where the money should be transferred. The press service of the regional Ministry of Construction warned: this is a new scheme of fraud.

The capital repair fund reports the following: the regulator does not send telephone messages, including reports of the need to pay contributions. The regional operator notifies about the debts on contributions for capital repairs on the payment documents (receipts), the department informed.

Residents are reminded that it is possible to monitor payments and monitor the formation of debt in the “Personal Account” on the official website of the regional operator.

Housing certificates will be used to purchase new buildings

In Russia they can allow the use of state housing certificates (SHS) for participation in shared construction. This was told by the head of the Ministry of Construction of Russia Mikhail Men, the ministry said in a press release that was received by the editorial office.

We plan to allow the use of the GLM from 2019 in equity contracts, in shared construction. – Mikhail Men, the Russian statesman


In the RZD named the possible cause of emergency with the door torn off the train

The possible cause of the accident with a suburban train on the Kazan direction of the MOR, resulting in injuring three teenagers, may be an act of vandalism, the RZD said on Friday

The Investigative Committee of Russia began checking on the collapse of part of the building in Vladivostok

The investigators began checking on the collapse of part of the building in 1918 in Vladivostok. This information is reported by the press service of the SC SK in the Primorsky Territory. It is noted that none of the people were injured.

The US authorities ordered an emergency check on the engines of Boeing 737

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) initiated an emergency check of engines on Boeing 737 aircraft. The agency notes that in 20 days it is necessary to check the turbofan engines CFM56-7B

The Oslo police found a suspicious object from a Russian and detained him

As the agency reports, one of the apartments in Oslo was called to the police after reports that inside there is a certain victim who needs help. During the search, the police found a suspicious object in the apartment. After that, a Russian who was there was detained.

Colonel SKR Maksimenko was sentenced to 13 years in prison

Mikhail Maksimenko, former Colonel of the Department of Homeland Security of the Russian Federation, was sentenced on Friday by the Moscow City Court to 13 years in a strict security colony and a fine of 165 million rubles.

Detained in Latvia, the defender of Russian schools Gaponenko went on a hunger strike

Detained by the Latvian security police on suspicion of activity against the state, a member of the Headquarters for the Protection of Russian Schools, Alexander Gaponenko, went on a hunger strike in protest, his friend, public figure Vladimir Linderman told RIA Novosti

The Investigative Committee of Russia started the case against the head of the North Ossetia Employment Committee

The investigators opened a criminal case against the acting head of the North Ossetia Employment Committee, she is suspected of abuse of office and placed under house arrest, according to the website of the republican administration of the UK.

From the bank in Lefortovo in Moscow, the robbers kidnapped 10 million rubles

“Unknown in masks broke into the premises of the bank in the building at Lefortovskiy Val, 16 and stole 10 million rubles,” the source said.

According to him, criminals are wanted.

At school in Florida there was shooting

On the territory of the school in the city of Ocala, Florida, there was shooting, which affected at least one person. This is reported by the press office of Sheriff County Marion in Facebook. Arriving at the scene of law enforcement officers detained the suspect in the shooting.

Petersburger stole the clock for 900 thousand rubles and gave it to his wife

Transport police officers detained a resident of St. Petersburg suspected of stealing Swiss watches for 900 thousand rubles, which he then gave to his wife, the press service of the Interior Ministry Department for the North-West Federal District informs.

The American has received lifelong for attempt of act of terrorism in Canada

The Canadian court sentenced a US citizen to life imprisonment for attempting to organize a terrorist attack in one of Halifax’s shopping centers in 2015. About this on Friday, April 20, reports the channel Global News.

Court in Britain sent a hairdresser to prison for a haircut

According to the court’s decision, a 21-year-old man will spend eight months in prison for “inflicting bodily injuries” and “deliberately humiliating a child”.

Star of the series “Smallville’s Secrets” was arrested on charges of slave trade

The actress of the “Smallville Mystery” series, 35-year-old Allison Mack, was arrested on charges of involvement in the company Nxivm, which, according to the US police, recruited women and sold them into sexual slavery

Berlusconi in the involvement in the negotiations with the “Cosa Nostra”

The famous Sicilian investigator Nino Di Matteo accused the leader of the “Forward, Italy” party of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of involvement in the scandalous case of secret negotiations between high-ranking representatives of the state and the leaders of “Cosa Nostra” in the early 1990s.


50-year-old Daniel Craig and 48-year-old Rachel Weiss will soon become parents

Unexpected news told reporters 50-year-old Daniel Craig and 48-year-old Rachel Weiss: the couple will soon become parents. The actress personally confirmed this information to the New York Times.

Nastya Kamenskih showed absolutely “naked” photo

The star continues to share with fans photos from hot countries. Only if before the singer still posed in swimsuits or a sporty uniform, though very frank, now she decided to show the world everything that is hidden. She published a photo in her personal blog, which is completely undressed.

Spouse of Igor Nikolaev complains about his magnificent forms

Today, many girls dream of lush feminine forms. Those are the wife of Igor Nikolaev, Julia Proskuryakova, however, the features of the figure sometimes give Yulia a lot of trouble. After the birth of his daughter, Julia Proskuryakova diligently put herself in shape.

Svetlana Zeynalova told about a protracted conflict with Dmitry Nagiyev

TV presenter once jokingly called the actor an old horse, not having in mind something bad. It was understood that the experienced Nagiyev could not be surprised at all in the television industry. After that, he did not talk to her anymore.

Nastya Smirnova stated that her former “left to another peasant”

Star “Bach” Nastia Smirnova said that her former “left for another peasant,” while the young man himself did not comment on this information, calling it foolishness. Anastasia Smirnova, known for the show “Bachelor”, spoke about her impressions about another project – “Vacations in Mexico”.

The Ministry of Culture is asked to finance a film about Donbass

A group of producers led by Alexei Gavrilov published an open letter addressed to the Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Aristarkhov, in which he asked the department to allocate funding for the shooting of the film about the events in the Donbass. According to the producers, the shooting of the film requires 67 million rubles.

The candid photos of Serebro’s soloist got into the net

On the shots published in Instagram, 23-year-old Ekaterina Kishchuk is posing in a small flesh-colored bathing suit

In St. Petersburg will show “The Little Prince” in the production of Sergei Bezrukov

Sergey Bezrukov will present his production of the musical tale “The Little Prince” in St. Petersburg. The audience will be able to see the performance today, April 21, at the Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theater

Vera Sotnikova made a scandal at the airport

The actress told about an unpleasant incident. Vera Sotnikova was outraged that she was forced to measure a ladies’ bag, although this thing is not considered a hand bag. She urged the general director to change the rules

The actors of “Ice” and “Crimea” were awarded at the Moscow International Film Festival

The jury of the Moscow International Film Festival awarded the “Avans” prize to Aglaya Tarasova, who played the main role in the film “Ice”, and Roman Kurtsyn, who played in the film “Crimea”, noting the talent of young actors. More about the award ceremony told RIA Novosti.

Sobchak criticized for an indecently expensive ring

Ksenia Sobchak published in a social network photo from London: her spectacles reflect a diamond ring, which caused resentment from subscribers. Journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak published in Instagram photo, which showed subscribers expensive jewelry.

In Russia, on Saturday, the festival “Biblioch”

The annual reading festival “Bibliophile” will be held throughout Russia for the seventh time, it will open in Moscow in the library-reading room named after IS Turgenev at 18:00. This year all regions of Russia will take part in it for the first time; bookstores, libraries, literary museums – more than 1,5 thousand sites.

Theron Edgerton will play Elton John in the film “Man Rocket”

Theron Edgerton will play the main character in the movie “Man-Rocket”, which will be removed from the life of Elton John. Directed by “Eddie Orla” Dexter Fletcher again work with this actor and will be the director of a new work. The script of the tape was written by Lee Hall, who participated in the work on the project “Billy Elliot”

The series “Ash against the sinister dead” decided to close after the third season

The channel Starz decided to close the series “Ash against the sinister dead” after the third season

Member of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival Ava Duverney will receive a LGBT Award

Ava Duverney together with the Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev the day before became a member of the jury of the main competition of the Cannes Film Festival. Previously, the GLAAD award at a similar ceremony in Los Angeles was presented to Britney Spears

On pitching MIFF won the project of the film “Side Effect”

The draft of the short film “Side Effect” won the X Moscow debutant pitching. The project was presented by producer Ekaterina Todorovskaya. “It was all very difficult, that’s why I’m very happy about this victory,” Tass told the daughter of the director Valery Todorovsky.

Kanye West announced the release of two new albums at once

The popular American hip-hop artist Kanye West announced the imminent release of two new albums. A solo album will be released on June 1 this year, and a collaboration with rapper Kid Cudi will appear a week later.

The world’s best jazz pianist Chick Corea will perform at the Philharmonic

The 22-time Grammy winner (and the 63-fold nominee!), The legendary pianist and composer does not have a professional musical education – he was taught by the father, also a jazzman, to play keyboards and drums in his childhood.

Participants in the Beijing Film Festival signed contracts for 38 projects

The participants of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival concluded agreements on 38 cooperation projects for a record sum of 26.05 billion yuan (about 4.2 billion dollars) during the ceremony on Friday.


Gazprom began the procedure for the termination of contracts with Naftogaz

Gazprom sent documents to the Stockholm arbitration for the termination of contracts with Naftogaz of Ukraine for the supply and transit of gas. The Russian concern was informed that negotiations on this score did not lead to the result.

The net profit of Schlumberger in I quarter grew almost 2 times

The net profit of the American Schlumberger, the world’s largest service company in the field of oil and gas production, in the first quarter of 2018 was $ 525 million, which is 1.9 times more than in the same period last year, the company said in a press release.

The government does not consider buying aluminum to support Rusal

The Russian government does not consider the purchase of aluminum in the state fund in support of “Rusal”, told reporters the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov

Siluanov: Ministry of Finance does not plan to reduce the volume of purchases of currency

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Spring Meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that despite the temporary suspension of interventions, the RF Ministry of Finance does not plan to reduce the volume of currency purchases for oil additional revenues in April of this year

The US Ministry of Finance accused China of issuing “non-transparent” loans

The head of the US Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, called on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to play a more active role in regulating the debt burden of debtor countries, as such “non-transparent creditors”, like China, destabilize the borrowing market.

The monetary base in Russia grew by 205.8 billion rubles in a week

On April 6, the monetary base in Russia amounted to 9 trillion 636.1 billion rubles. Thus, for the period it grew by 2.14%, or by 205.8 billion rubles.

In March, the “borscht harvest” of vegetables increased by 15.7%

The growth rate of prices for other food products in March, taking into account the adjustment for seasonality, remained at the level of January-February 2018, and annual growth rates continued to decline, the Central Bank notes.

RusHydro increased electricity production by 7.2%

Excluding the Boguchanskaya HPP, RusHydro’s power plants increased output by 9.3% in Q1 to 31.8 billion kWh. The generation of electricity by the hydroelectric power plants of the RusHydro Group in the first quarter of 2018 increased by 8.3% and reached 22.1 billion kWh.


Google is developing a messenger to replace SMS

On the Android operating system will be a new messenger, designed to replace the standard technology SMS. Support and development of the Chat program is handled by Google. Chat will work on Rich Communications Services platform.

Google has released a free application for teaching programming

Google introduced a free application designed to learn the basics of programming.

More than 20 million users of Google Chrome were victims of scammers

The Internet browser Google Chrome has gained wide popularity in the world due to a number of factors, one of which became a software store – extensions that allow performing any tasks.

The US Justice Department is investigating the case of collusion of the country’s major cellular operators

The US Department of Justice is investigating the alleged collusion between the four major cellular operators. This is reported by the CNBC television channel referring to its own informed sources.

In Tatarstan they created an application that blocks music from the railway

The application blocks any media content played on the phone as it approaches the railroad tracks in less than 790 meters

The second telegram blocking line Telegram

Roskomnadzor created an additional hotline to verify information about possible blocking of external resources as a result of restricting access to Telegram due to DDoS attacks this week, Tass learned from the press service of the agency.

Found a way to steal all data from the iPhone

It is noted that through the technology of synchronization iTunes Wi-Fi sync, which allows you to transfer data without direct connection to the computer, attackers can get remote access to the gadget. This becomes possible if the user allows to “trust” an unfamiliar connection.

IPhone 5s will be able to upgrade to iOS 12

IPhone 5s users will be able to upgrade their smartphone to iOS 12 when this mobile platform is released by Apple. Confirmations to this have been published by the profile resource MacGeneration with reference to the testing logs of the WebKit engine. In particular, there were found references to the simulator iPhone 5s.

Apple has created a robot that can parse up to 200 iPhones per hour

American company Apple continues to literally stamp unique gadgets. This time, the Kupertinovs demonstrated a new robot, dubbed Daisy, which can parse up to 200 smartphones per hour.

In May, the iPhone SE 2 may appear

The debut of the next generation of smartphone iPhone SE from Apple can take place already in May this year. This information is shared by the Japanese online portal MacOtakara. Insiders say that afterwards the iPhone SE 2 can lose the traditional 3.5-mm headphone jack

Apple CEO denies rumors about the merger of macOS and iOS

Apple CEO Tim Cook has denied rumors about a possible merger of macOS and iOS. He told journalists after the official Apple event.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 + mini received an alternative name

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 + from the Korean developer has received an alternative name. At this step, the manufacturer went to popularize the device in the Chinese market
Alternatively, the device will simply receive the original name Galaxy Dream-Lite. With this name, the gadget passed the Bluetooth certification

“Memorial” announced problems with the site due to locks of Roskomnadzor

On Friday, the human rights center Memorial announced the problems with access to its site and linked it with the work of Roskomnadzor to block the Telegram instant messenger

The price of a new 8K-TV from Sharp with a diagonal of 70 inches

Sharp sells a new model of 8K-TV. It has a diagonal size of 70 inches. Its name is Sharp LV-70X500E, the device is already available in retail networks of other countries

The price of new products in the EU countries is 11,200 euros, respectively, this is 850 thousand rubles. On the plans for sales in Russia has not yet been reported. According to experts, then its cost will be at least 1 million rubles.


A new microscope showed the work of cells inside the body in 3D

A group of scientists from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (USA) has combined previous developments in the field of microscopes to create a new one that showed the work of a living cell in 3D, the National Geographic

Mole-tattoo will help diagnose cancer in the early stages

Swiss genetic engineers have created a birthmark tattoo for detecting cancer at an early stage, according to Science Translational Medicine. Scientists used darkening cells with an elevated calcium content in the blood, which is characteristic of some cancers.

Scientists forced flies to enjoy red light

Israeli scientists have learned from what can enjoy the males of the thrush. Thus, masturbate males enjoy ejaculation, and if they do not experience sexual satisfaction, then ethanol is used to seek pleasure.

Russian physicists tightened the energy of a nuclear battery tenfold

Physicists optimized the thickness of the layers of the nuclear battery, which uses beta decay of the nickel-63 isotope for the production of electrical energy.

In the extinction of large land mammals, people were accused

Scientists believe that Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and other ancient human relatives are involved in the possible disappearance of large mammals. As a result, they disappeared 90,000 years before the expected date.

Scientists first noticed the dolphins of the southern seas off the coast of Canada

In July 2017, experts noticed a group of two hundred bottlenose dolphins, previously inhabiting the southern seas. The dolphins were a thousand kilometers from their habitat. Often, bottlenose dolphins live off the coast of California, so their finding in the northern waters of Canada was a surprise for scientists.

In the US, birds are found killing their own chicks

American ornithologists for the first time managed to capture a video on the case of infanticide in birds of the species American spiz (Spiza americana). The incident occurred in 2016: a female spizy pulled a newborn chick from its nest at the foot. The article is published in The Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

Physicists squeezed out of solar batteries additional energy

In materials whose crystal structure lacks central symmetry (for example, piezoelectric or ferroelectrics), it was also possible to convert additional light energy into electric current due to an anomalous photovoltaic effect, in which photoexcited electrons in the material have different mobilities in different directions.

Scientists have explained the “Braxit” cognitive inflexibility of the right

The lack of cognitive flexibility inherent in adherents of right-wing nationalist ideology and conservatives has influenced the results of the referendum on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, psychologists who investigated the connection between the beliefs of the British and how they solve standard cognitive tasks

Rare mutations of the people of Baggio allow them to stay longer under water

Experts have found that the increased size of the spleen in the people of Baggio allows them to stay for long periods under water without additional portions of oxygen, because during diving the spleen contracts, releasing oxygenated red blood cells that help the body stay longer without air

Japanese scientists have developed solar batteries for clothing

Developers Riken-Tjrey Industries Inc in Japan invented unique solar batteries that have such properties as conventional ones, but with huge compactness. Such thin batteries can be worn in clothes.

Gold nanoparticles spontaneously formed in aerosol microdroplets

A method based on the spontaneous reduction of hydrochloric acid inside the aerosol droplets can be used to develop environmentally safe technologies for obtaining gold nanoparticles, scientists write in Nature Communications.

NASA will launch for the first time two tiny CubeSat satellites in deep space

Two tiny Mars Cube One satellites (abbreviated to “MarCO”) are not meant for anything too unusual. NASA wants to determine whether such small probes can survive in this space travel, so the agency compared the launch with a more useful flight Mars InSight Lander (NASA)


Mercedes recalls almost 25 thousand cars in Russia

The Russian Mercedes-Benz dealer Mercedes-Benz RUS announces 24.7 thousand cars of classes A, B, C, CLA, GLA and GLC in Russia. “The reason for recalling cars is the possible activation of the driver’s airbag due to electrostatic discharge,” Rosstandart said in a statement.

The new generation Toyota Camry sedan went on sale in Russia

Company Toyota has begun sales on the Russian car market of a new generation of its sedan Camry. The new Toyota Camry in the 70th body for our country produces a plant of Japanese in St. Petersburg. In the car market, the new Camry V70 is available with three petrol engines.

Audi e-tron can charge faster than Tesla

It is alleged that the batteries can be charged with a special “quick” charging, and this procedure should take less time than the cars brand Tesla. The serial version of the Audi e-Tron Quattro will be shown to the public before the end of this year.

The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS drove over the Nordschleife faster than seven minutes

The press service of the German premium automaker Porsche reported that the new generation of the sports car Porsche 911 GT3 RS installed on the legendary track “Nordschleife” in the Nurburgring a record lap time.

Land Rover will release a pickup Defender – competitor of Mercedes-Benz X-Class

The company plans to launch a new pickup already in 2020. According to preliminary data, the novelty will be based platform off-road vehicle Defender with an increased wheelbase.

FAW declassified the new big crossover FAW Senia R9

The Chinese automobile concern FAW declassified the new big crossover FAW Senia R9. It is reported that he will become the flagship of the entire model range of the Chinese brand.

Two models of BMW 8 Series are seen at Nürburging

On the Internet were published spy photos of the coupe and cabriolet BMW 8 Series, which were seen during test races at the Nurburgring. The above pictures were published by foreign specialized media on April 20

The first photos of the new sedan Chery Arrizo 6 appeared on the web

Chinese automotive media published the first spy photos of the new sedan Chery Arrizo 6 on the web. The official world premiere of the long-awaited novelty is expected April 25-26 at the international auto show in Beijing.

Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup should appear on the market in 2020

The conceptual pickup Hyundai Santa Cruz was presented in 2015, and its production was to start in 2017. However, now the manufacturer reports that sales of the model will begin in 2020. The road version of Santa Cruz was delayed as well as its competitor

The first photos of the new crossover GMC Acadia appeared on the web

The American company GMC is preparing for the premiere a new full-size crossover GMC Acadia. The first spy photos of new items appeared on the web today. Our American colleagues from the portal Motor1.com filmed a new model of the American auto giant during the passage of road tests. From Honda.


Release of the demonic game Agony will be held on May 29

Debut of the demonic game project Agony for Xbox One, PS4 and computers will be held on May 29. This became clear from the preview trailer, which was presented by the developers of the game.

“The Dog of War” – a new commercial God of War

From what they saw, the Sony management was in great confusion and they did not even know how to react to it. As it turned out later, the advertising agent was misheard when ordering, and it seemed to him that the game is called Dog of War, not God of War.

The authors of Kingdom Come: “We wanted to make Red Dead Redemption with swords”

Vavra remembers that he tried to “sell” the historical RPG to publishers and other investors, comparing it with the classic western Rockstar. I wanted to make a human game. In fact, we said that we want to make Red Dead Redemption with swords.

Futuristic adventure of State of Mind will be released in August

The company Daedalic Entertainment announced that the futuristic thriller in the spirit of transhumanism State of Mind will be released on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in August 2018. Owners of PC can already make an advance order on Steam or in the store GOG.com.

VR-game based on Psychonauts got to the PC

On the PC came VR-game from the legendary Tim Shafer: now in Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin can play not only the owners of PS VR, but also owners of HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is a VR project developed exclusively for the PlayStation VR.

In PUBG began a “metallic rain” of armored UAZ

While in Fortnite is meteor shower, fans of PUBG can watch the “metal rain”: in the new temporarily available game mode from the sky fall armored UAZ.

Developers of Hearthstone told about the mode “Hunting for monsters”

Players have to go deep into the Witch Forest in the wake of the witch Hagata and fight with a group of bosses. With each victory, the effectiveness of the deck will grow due to the treasures found. The mode “Hunt for monsters” will appear in the game Hearthstone on Thursday, April 26, at 20:00 Moscow time

Darwin Project became free on Steam

Pay PUBG bet on realism, and people – quite suddenly – give cartoonishness, and (which is quite expected) free access. It is on these two factors that Darwin Project is trying to bet now

Fortnite may be in China next week

Judging by the unambiguous hint in the official Fortnite account, the most popular “royal battle” can come out in China as early as next week

Sony showed an early prototype of the new God of War

During the pre-election broadcast on the new God of War, the authors showed one of the early demos of the game, dated 2015. Many elements from it reached the final version, but not all.

The authors of Punch Club showed the gameplay of Graveyard Keeper

Studio Lazy Bear Games, which we remembered after a successful simulator of a street fighter Punch Club, last year announced another unusual game. But only now the developers have shown the gameplay of “the most inaccurate simulation simulator of the medieval cemetery.”

Khandzo of Overwatch lost one old ability and received two new

In addition to Khandzo, the PTR was subjected to changes in the Rat (he was slightly ponerfil), Tracer and Gendzi, who were also slightly weakened, and Lucio, too, were strengthened by improving his ability to run around the walls.

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