15 Jan, 2018

Not a safe walk …

On Sunday, near the Patriarshy Ponds in central Moscow, police detained eight members of the so-called “walk of the opposition.” About this “OVD-Info” reported one of the detained activists Vyacheslav Semiletov. According to him, the detention was preceded by a provocation from the staff of the Center for Combating Extremism of the Russian Interior Ministry.

The portal also publishes a list of detainees. In addition to Semiletov, detained Alexander Teteria, Mikhail Dukhovitsky, Ivan Litvikov, Orest Cherchesov, Dmitry Mezonin, Valery Danilov and Viktor Lukin. The latter – the disability of the second group.

What were the claims of law enforcement officers, the activist did not specify. It should be noted that “opposition walks” are events promoted by the New Opposition movement. As specifies “Mediason”, participants of similar actions are regularly detained in different cities of the country.

Briefly about the main thing … ..


Turkey condemned US plans to establish “security forces” in Syria

US legalizes terrorist organizations in Syria, Turkish Foreign Ministry said

Dragosh saw the interest of Russia’s special services in the victory of Zeman

The rival of the current head of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman, on the second round of the presidential elections, ex-chairman of the Academy of Sciences Jiří Dragos said on Sunday in a speech on the republican radio that Russian special services show interest in Zeman’s re-election to the highest office in the country.

North Korea accused the US of trying to derail the dialogue between Seoul and Pyongyang

The DPRK authorities accused Washington of trying to prevent a dialogue between North and South Korea. This is reported by the newspaper Nodon Synmun, which is the central printing organ of the Korean Workers’ Party.

Iran said about the failure of Trump’s attempts to disrupt the nuclear deal

US President Donald Trump has made every effort to undermine the nuclear agreement with Iran, but his attempts were unsuccessful, Iranian President Hasan Rouhani said.

Palestine will not accept US mediation in negotiations with Israel

Ramallah rejects US mediation in negotiations with Israel and refuses the “mega-deal”, which, in the framework of the Middle East settlement, is prepared by Donald Trump. The leader of the autonomy, Mahmoud Abbas, stated this at an extraordinary meeting of the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

This is our city and our land, we will not leave it. – Mahmoud Abbas, a Palestinian politician

Czech Prime Minister called on Zeman to focus on the EU and NATO

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Andrei Babish, called on the incumbent President Miloš Zeman to loudly declare his commitment to the Euro-Atlantic course of the country ahead of the second round of elections. So he commented on the results of the first round of voting, in which Zeman leads.

In Vienna, about 20 thousand people participate in a rally against the government

On Saturday, January 13, in Vienna, a rally against the activities of the coalition government of Austria. As reported in the microblogging of local police on Twitter, about 20 thousand people take part in the events.

Turkey opposed the privileged partnership with the European Union

Turkish Foreign Minister Omer Celik said that the Turkish side is against a “privileged partnership” with the European Union, Anadolu reports.

The Assistant Secretary of State for Refugees has resigned

Simon Henshaw, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration, will leave office in the coming days. This is reported by Reuters referring to the diplomat’s letter to his colleagues.

Representatives of African countries in the UN demanded from Trump apology

The African Union, representing the interests of the African countries in the United Nations, issued a statement demanding that US President Donald Trump apologize for calling African states “stinking holes,” CNN

Ambassadors of Russia and the US discussed possible improvement of relations between the two countries

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov and United States Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman outlined joint steps designed to help normalize relations between the two countries.

Unfortunately, it was recognized that it is impossible to do this overnight, it will take a lot of effort on the one hand and on the other. We have analyzed all bilateral concerns, all bilateral problems. We outlined joint steps. – Anatoly Antonov, Russian diplomat

Doctors in the US ask to check Trump’s mental health

More than 70 American doctors and medical experts have sent a letter to the chief doctor of the White House, Ronnie Jackson, asking him to verify the mental state of US President Donald Trump. This was reported on Saturday by CNN.

North Korea urged all Koreans to realize the “infamous interior” of the United States

The Korean nation must realize the “vile inside and aggressive nature of the US,” which “build up armed forces against the North,” such a statement was made on Saturday by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTC). The agency notes that the US is building up armed forces around the Korean peninsula.

Informer WikiLeaks Chelsea Manning is running for the US Senate

Informer WikiLeaks Chelsea Manning is running for the US Senate. Manning filed relevant documents with the Federal Electoral Commission and wants to represent the state of Maryland. This is reported by RT with reference to the Associated Press

Ex-CIA analyst: US special services interfered in presidential elections

The US intelligence services, and not the Russian authorities, intervened in the US elections in 2016. This, according to TASS, said a former CIA analyst, and now human rights activist Raymond McGovern. So he commented on the correspondence of ex-counterintelligence FBI Peter Strzhok with his colleague Lisa Page.


12 fighters of the US Air Force arrived in Estonia

The aircraft of the 112th Squadron of the National Guard of the US Air Force arrived to the north of Estonia. 12 F-16 fighters flying from Ohio are stationed at the Emary airfield, the command of the Estonian Air Force reported.

German media: Russian “Zircon” is dangerous for US aircraft carriers

The article talks about the modernization of the Russian battle cruisers Admiral Nakhimov and Peter the Great. Similar ships, according to the author of the article, were considered obsolete, but now they are planned to be equipped with modern anti-aircraft systems S-500 and cruise missiles Caliber.

President of Afghanistan: without US support, the government will not last six months

Afghanistan will not last half a year without the support of the Americans. This statement was made by the country’s president, Ashraf Ghani, in an interview with CBS. “We will not be able to support our army for six months without US support and capacity,” the Afghan leader said.

Tanks near Syria: Turkey sent military equipment to the border

Ankara sent a column of military equipment, including tanks, to the border with Syria – to the southern province of Hatay, the Turkish news agency Anadolu reports. A source in the Turkish armed forces told the agency that the tanks were sent to strengthen the border units.

Israel destroyed a tunnel of militants under the checkpoint on the border with the Gaza Strip

The Israeli military discovered and destroyed the third in two months secret tunnel that Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip had dug into the territory of the Jewish state, the army press service reported. According to the military, the underground passage belonged to the ruling Hamas movement in the enclave.

In the UK, a volunteer who helped a Ukrainian military

Lithuanian volunteer Mikus Alps, who fought in the Ukrainian Volunteer Army, and then helped her, was killed on the British island of Guernsey. This was reported by colleagues Alps on the page in Facebook.

Canada holds the first rotation of its contingent in the NATO battalion in Latvia

The Ministry of National Defense of Canada announced the rotation of its military contingent as part of the NATO International Battalion in Latvia. “After several months of training, approximately 450 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Canada are now traveling to Latvia,” the ministry said.

VCS of Russia destroyed a large convoy of Al Qaeda in Idlib

VIC Russia in the east Idlib destroyed the convoy of Al-Qaeda, which, in particular, were packed with explosives, suicide bombers. According to the Arab media, the powerful raids in the eastern part of the Syrian province of Idlib led to the liquidation of a large number of jihadists.

The US amphibious assault ship entered the Japanese port

US universal landing ship “Wasp” (Wasp-class) entered the US base of Sasebo port in the Japanese prefecture of Nagasaki, NHK television reported. The ship is able to accommodate the newest F-35B fighters, as well as Osprey freight converters.


Fatalities in Khakassia, tourists fell under the avalanche, riding a snowmobile

The tourists who died in Khakassia fell under the avalanche when they were riding a snowmobile, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the Investigation Department of the Russian Federation for the region Tatyana Oschepkova.

More than 12 million cans of dangerous baby food will be withdrawn in 83 countries

In 83 countries, Lactalis-infected baby food contaminated with salmonella will be recalled. In total, they plan to remove more than 12 million cans. This was reported by the head of the company Emmanuel Bénier.

Eight people died in a fire at a card tournament in Portugal

The incident occurred on the evening of January 13 during a card tournament, which took place in the building of a local recreation center. According to the mayor of the city, Jose Antonio de Jesus, more than 60 people watched the game. As reported by firefighters, the probable cause of the fire was an explosion in the boiler room.

In Podolsk, two died after the explosion of a grenade in the apartment

Two people died in Podolsk near Moscow in the fire that occurred in the apartment after the explosion of a grenade. Victims of the explosion, which occurred on Saturday, January 13, became the owner of the apartment and her roommate

Pavlensky explained the reason for the arson of the Bank of France

Artist Peter Pavlensky, arrested for setting fire to the Bank of France last October, called the organization “one of the main symbols of the occupation of Paris and the extermination of its inhabitants.” The letter of the actionist from prison was published in his Facebook gallery owner Marat Guelman.

In Poland, stoned with a car with Russian numbers

In Poland, stoned with a car with Russian numbers. The incident, as the owner of the car, a resident of the Kaliningrad region Ekaterina Molodtsova, reported in Facebook, occurred in the center of Gdansk.

At least 85 people were poisoned in a cafe in Ulan-Ude

The number of victims of poisoning in the cafe “ShulenDo” in Ulan-Ude has grown to 85 people, told the Interfax news agency the head physician of the Territorial Disaster Medicine Center for the Republic of Buryatia (TNMC for Belarus) Vyacheslav Timkin

Diario de Nuevo Laredo journalist killed in Mexico

Journalist Carlos Dominguez was killed by unknown people on Saturday in Mexico. He worked in the Diario de Nuevo Laredo in the state of Tamaulipas. As reported by RIA Novosti, he was killed in his own car in the center of Nuevo Laredo, next to the journalist was his daughter.

Not enough for five rubles: in Tyumen, the schoolgirl was dropped on the frost

The incident was told by the grandmother of a 15-year-old schoolgirl. According to her, the conductor of one of the buses dropped the girl to almost 20-degree frost. The reason was that she did not have enough money to travel, at a ticket price of 25 rubles there was only 20.

Scammers in Telegram started selling non-existent crypto currency

In Telegram scammers appeared who send fake invitations to the launch of the Telegram Open Network (TON) blocking system to the users of the messenger, which does not exist. The newsletter says that the launch of the Telegram crypto currency called Gram will take place on February 1, 2018.

In South Africa, smashed stores H & M because of the scandal with a racist t-shirt

Protesters in South Africa defeated H & M stores amid scandal with racism, the eNCA television channel reported. According to the channel, it is a shop in the area of Sandton in Johannesburg and the shopping center Menlyn mall in Pretoria.


Raiders will stop allowing for auctions to develop deposits

In 2018, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia will form black lists of subsoil users. They will include companies that win auctions for the development of deposits, but then refuse to pay the terms of the competition. This is reported by the newspaper Izvestia.

In Rostov again, gasoline prices rose AI-92 and AI-95

A liter of AI-95 gasoline in Rostov in October cost 41.78 rubles, and now it’s 42.56 rubles. The most expensive gasoline, as before, in Simferopol: here for a liter ask 44.07 rubles. The cheapest is AI-95 gasoline in Astrakhan – 41.66 rubles.

Greece will be engaged in industrial production of cannabis

Greece intends to engage in the industrial production of cannabis. At the opening of the exhibition of marijuana Athens Cannabis Expo 2018, Deputy Agriculture Minister Yannis Cironis said. The exhibition takes place in Greece for the first time.

The largest in Russia goat farm was opened in Mari El

The goat farm of the Lukoil agricultural holding opened on Saturday in the Sernursky district of Mari El, it is the largest in Russia, Tass learned from the press service of the government of the republic

Bank URALSIB in 2017 issued consumer loans in the amount of 36 billion rubles

As a result of 2017, the volume of issued consumer loans in the Bank URALSIB increased by 2 times compared to the indicators of 2016 and reached 36 billion rubles. The loan portfolio increased by 32%, amounting to 51.3 billion rubles, the press service of the credit institution said.

The main drilling contractor of Gazprom left offshore

Gazprom Drilling LLC, Gazprom’s main drilling contractor and one of the largest drilling contractors in Russia, completed the procedure for de-fogging and officially named its owners.

SOCAR named terms of gas production beginning within Shah Deniz-2

Azerbaijan intends to start gas production within the second stage of development of a large gas condensate field “Shahdeniz” (Shahdeniz-2) in the autumn of this year. This was reported to Natural Gas World (NGW) in the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR).

Analysts predicted a rapid rise in prices for smartphones

Due to a sharp increase in the price of cobalt, used in the manufacture of batteries, the production of smartphones, electric cars and computers may be at risk. Over the past year, its cost has increased from $ 33,200 per tonne to $ 75,000.

Sverdlovsk region entered in 2018 with a debt of 75.6 billion rubles

The Sverdlovsk region entered the year 2018 with an official debt of 75.6 billion rubles. Information about the state of affairs in the region appeared from the Ministry of Finance. As of September 1 last year, the debt of the Sverdlovsk region amounted to 53.9 billion rubles

JV Rosnano and Renova can start exporting solar panels in 2018

Joint venture (SP) “Rosnano” and “Renova” company “Hevel”, working in the field of solar energy, can start exporting solar panels. About this “RIA Novosti” said the head of “Rosnano” Anatoly Chubais.


Putin compared communism to Christianity, and the mausoleum to the repository of relics

Comparison of President Vladimir Putin’s mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin with reverence for the relics of saints “smooth out the sharp edges” around this topic, told RIA Novosti First Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Ivan Melnikov.

Look, Lenin was put in a mausoleum. How is this different from the relics of saints for the Orthodox, and just for Christians? When they say that no, in Christianity there is no such tradition, well, how not, go to Athos, look, there are relics of saints, and we have here also holy relics. – Vladimir Putin

Penalties for beatings are proposed to be replaced by arrest

For fighters are offered to leave administrative arrest and compulsory work. According to experts, this is more effective educational measures than a fine.

Ministry of Labor published a document on bringing the minimum wage to the subsistence level

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection on Saturday, January 13, published a bill on raising the minimum wage to minimum subsistence level a year ago, the database of the federal portal of draft normative legal acts says.

Egyptian men are increasingly victims of domestic violence

Egyptian men become victims of domestic violence more often, according to a report submitted by the National Research Center. Sociologists conducted a study of the environment of thousands of married couples in all regions of the country.

In Russia, an experiment began on the labeling of tobacco products

In Russia, starting January 15, an experiment will begin on labeling tobacco products, which will last until the end of the year. The terms of the pilot project were approved by a government decree in December last year.

Russians spent on new cars about two trillion rubles

In 2017, in Russia, the proceeds from the sale of new cars amounted to about two trillion rubles. This figure is 15% more than in 2016.

Mortgage rate will be reduced to 6% for large families in Primorye

Russian families, in which the second or third child will appear within the next five years, will be able to count on the support of the state in paying the mortgage. The loan rate for them will be reduced to 6%. The relevant government decree came into force


Russian business tourists turned away from Sochi

“The number of flights to Georgia and Armenia allows us to carry groups, including charter flights, to get there the best service at a fairly low price or comparable to Sochi, but the quality of services is much higher,” said Vadim Zelensky, business tourism

Tourist route on snowmobiles to weathering posts will be launched in Komi

In the Pechoro-Ilychsky Biosphere Reserve (Komi), a new 300 km route will be launched to the Manpupuner Plateau, where the famous weathering posts are located.

As reported in the reserve, the hiking route is planned to open in February-March this year. Tourists will be able to call in from the village of Komsomolsk-on-Pechora.

“The trips along the new route are planned once a week for groups of ten people.The people on personal snowmobiles will be accompanied by a reserve officer.The trip will take 3-4 days for which tourists can spend the night in a hotel on the cordon of Shemi-Pechora and on the plateau of Manpupuner” – the interlocutor of the agency noted.

Also in the reserve they want to open helicopter tours to the weathering posts already at the beginning of the year. Before such flights operated only in the summer.

From Ufa new flights will open in the resort areas

Since April 29, daily charter flights to Antalya on the Airbus A320 will open. Since May 5, planes will fly to Dalaman. Scheduled three flights a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


Irina Dubtsova suggested discussing her breasts, and her son

On the page of the famous Volgograd, the talented singer Irina Dubtsova, a provocative shot of a girl in a swimsuit appeared, in the foreground – her breasts. In the signature for the photo Irina wrote: “Let’s discuss / condemn the boobs, not my son / his hair / and my income with expenses.”

The erotic novel of the authorship of Emmanuel Macron is discussed in France

French media are discussing rumors that the incumbent French president Emmanuel Macron in his youth wrote an erotic novel about the beginning of his relationship with the teacher and now wife Brigitte, writes The Local.

The photographer who shot Princess Diana was accused of harassment

The photographer Michael Testino, who filmed the royal family of Britain, was accused of sexual harassment, The New York Times reports. It is reported that the charges against Testino were put forward by 13 men who worked with the photographer as models or assistants

Ex-girlfriend Guf Lesya Fauc confessed to drug addiction

Lesya Fak, former girl Aleksey Dolmatov, known in the world of show business as rapper Guf, admitted that while she met with him, she used narcotic substances. The girl said that the addiction to drugs almost destroyed her life.

In Krasnoyarsk, the doctor quit because of the video from the corporate with belly dancing

Previously, local media published a video, where doctors celebrate the New Year at the hospital in late December 2017. On the record, women dance belly dancing to music. In БСМП have explained, that thereby the prohibition of the main doctor on carrying out of similar actions has been broken.

Aziza Ansari, the Golden Globe winner, is accused of harassment

Today, January 14, it became known that the American comedian actor of Indian descent Aziz Ansari, who is the winner of the Golden Globe, was charged with sexual harassment.

Billionaire threw the bride for the sake of his former wife Abramovich

Dasha Zhukova, who was previously the wife of Roman Abramovich, has now become a divorcee of the billionaire’s bride. He is a citizen of Greece. In his account, an entrepreneur from Greece Stavros Niarchos said, having got acquainted with Zhukova, he found true love.

“Nudity” from Victoria Lopyreva flooded social networks

Victoria Lopyreva, Ambassador of the World Cup 2018 and popular Russian model, hackers prevail. Her page in social network Инстраграм has appeared again has been cracked, and, as it turns out, by the same people that have already exposed porn with stars of Russian show business.

A resident of Britain learned about pregnancy 45 minutes before the birth

A British citizen found out that she was pregnant 45 minutes before the birth. Before that she had a stomachache all day. A resident of the Kingdom is a married woman, but she has not yet planned her children with her husband

The Great Russian Ball in Rome was dedicated to the Romanov Imperial House

The Grand Russian Ball, which was held in Rome for the sixth time, was dedicated to the Romanov Imperial House. The ball took place at the Hotel Westin Excelsior in Veneto.

Korchevnikov said that his past disgusted him

Well-known Russian actor and TV presenter Boris Korchevnikov said that his life is divided into two parts – before he knew God, and after. According to the actor, his past life is against him.

Star “House-2” Nelli Ermolaeva refused to give birth in Russia

Star “House-2” Nelly Ermolaeva refused to give birth in Russia. This is the famous participant of the scandalous show said in the page in Instagram. Nelli Ermolaeva from the television show “Dom-2” intends to fly to the United States of America.

Prigogine blames his ex-wife in a conflict with his daughter Danae

The producer himself, the conflict with his daughter, Danai, considers as far-fetched by her mother-housewife. As noted Prigozhin, his previous wife wanted to help out of the scandal material benefit.

In Cuba, a monument to Paul McCartney was opened

The statue of former member of the legendary British band The Beatles Paul McCartney was opened on January 13 in Santiago de Cuba, the second largest city in the Caribbean country.

Maxim Galkin showed his subscribers a new hairstyle

Maxim Galkin decided to please his subscribers with a new publication. Alla Pugacheva’s husband posted a publication on his personal page in Instagram, on which he captured his new hairstyle. For a long time Maxim Galkin walked with rather long hair, the bangs of which covered his forehead

Emilie Ratakovski appeared before the fans completely naked

British model Emilia Ratakovski showed the fans photos, which are completely nude. A picture from a candid photo shoot she placed in Instagram. As the publication VistaNews, the work is done in the genre of recreating the plot of the painting “The Birth of Venus.”

Irina Bezrukova admitted that she struck the director in the face

The well-known actress Irina Bezrukova frankly told that she once encountered inadmissible behavior on the part of a man for her acting career. According to the artist, the director allowed himself inappropriate hints in her address. In response, the celebrity took drastic measures.

Svetlana Loboda in sexy body showed slender legs

Fans of the artist appreciated not only the slender waist of the singer, but also long legs. Svetlana Loboda in her microblogging showed an unusual video, where she showed her body in a frank black body, while there was nothing more weary on the actress.

Wahlberg will donate $ 1.5 million after the scandal with fees

Earlier, it became known that Wahlberg received $ 1.5 million for re-recording Ridley Scott’s “All the World’s Money”, while his partner, Michelle Williams, was only about $ 1,000. Both artists are represented by one agency, but favorable terms were negotiated only for Mark.

Victoria Boni was caught at a dinner with a football player Marwan Fellaini

Bony did not confirm the guesses of the fans about Marouane Fellaini, however, on Halloween, she chose to wear the football form in which he plays. And now the first joint photo appeared on the web, where Vika and the football player talk about something in the restaurant with enthusiasm.

Photo exhibition “Windows of Irkutsk. The doors of Venice “opened January 12 in Rome

Photo exhibition – the Russian-Italian project is dedicated to the preservation of the architectural and artistic heritage of modern cities. The exhibition in Rome will work until January 18. In Irkutsk, the exhibition was held in July 2017.

Natalia Sturm blew up the Network with pictures of henna drawings on her naked body

Natalia Sturm is not afraid to flaunt her body. Moreover, a woman considers her actions to be correct. This time, she painted her nude body with henna.


The mobile version of YouTube will be added incognito mode

In the mobile version of YouTube are preparing to introduce incognito mode, corresponding information shared by Google. It is specified that all the innovations will take effect after the update version 13.01. Experts say that YouTube will also have a dark theme, which can already be installed on a PC.

Vinci launches innovative headphones for sale

American start-up Vinci launched the second generation of its innovative headphones, which became a true mini-computer around the neck. The novelty can play music, receive calls, respond to voice commands.

The first concepts of Smartwatch Bezels from Huawei appeared on the web

The first concept of a new smart-clock from the company Huawei called Smartwatch Bezels appeared on the web. According to preliminary information, the brand decided to completely abandon the physical buttons, replacing them with sensory ones.

Motorola revived the vintage smartphones

Reanimated models are equipped with a QWERTY-keyboard in the form of a slider. Motorola launched the old but crazily popular smartphone models

Created a “smart” toilet, able to send analysis of faeces on a smartphone

At the CES-2018, in addition to many innovative developments, a “smart” toilet was introduced. He begins to quietly wash off the feces according to their weight and show the person how healthy he is in the analysis of urine and excrement.

Smartphone Sharp Aquos S3 became an analog iPhone X

The new Sharp Aquos S3 phone will be analogue to the Iphone X. One of the main advantages of this gadget will be a fingerprint scanner located on the back cover. More recent and detailed data about the smartphone will be stated during its official display

ZTE intends to release a 5G-smartphone this year

The company ZTE intends to release this year its first 5G-smartphone. The report was made by Lixin Cheng, who is the executive director of this firm

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