16 Nov, 2018

Oblige bloggers to pay taxes

Andrei Svintsov, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communications, from the LDPR faction suggested obliging bloggers and owners of popular pages on social networks to form their accounts for a legal entity and thereby to advertise legally and pay taxes on profits from it.

“We need to proceed from the fact that advertising in social networks is distributed on a commercial basis, that is, bloggers pay money for it,” he told the Moscow news agency. “There should be a relationship where at least one of the parties will an individual entrepreneur who maintains his blog on Instagram or another social network. ”

In 2014, the State Duma has already adopted the so-called law on bloggers, the purpose of which was to regulate their activities, reminds RBC. The document obliged the owners of pages with an audience of more than 3,000 visitors per day to register in the so-called register of bloggers and follow a number of prescriptions: disclose real name data, publish e-mail, publish only reliable information, comply with the legislation on extremism, etc.

Briefly about the main thing …


Named the possible date of a big press conference, Putin

Today, the Kremlin is guided precisely by this date, it is the main one, RBC sources close to the presidential administration said. A spokesman for the president, Dmitry Peskov, at the request of RBC to comment on the information, said: “We’ll let you know about the date of the press conference”.

Vladimir Putin’s large press conference for Russian and foreign journalists may take place on December 20, two sources close to the presidential administration told RBC and the source confirmed on the television market.

Golikova called the deadline for the revision of the consumer basket

A review of the composition of the consumer basket is scheduled for 2021. This was told by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta published on Thursday.

Russia will pay the compensation appointed by the ECHR to Navalny on time

The ECtHR ordered Russia to pay the applicant € 50 thousand for moral damage, € 1,025 for material damage and € 12,653 for legal costs. The court’s decision is final and not subject to appeal. For the first time, an opposition politician has achieved recognition by the ECHR that all his arrests were politically motivated.

Minister of Culture called fans of “Civil Defense” marginal

Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky unflatteringly responded about the fans of the Civil Defense group, who created a petition demanding that the name of Omsk Airport be returned to the short-list for voting.

In honor of Black Sabbath want to name the bridge in Birmingham

The bridge on the Broad Street of the British city of Birmingham is wanted to be named after the Black Sabbath group created in this city. In addition, there is planned to open a metal bench, which will depict portraits of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Gizer Butler and Bill Ward.

The State Duma passed a tax law for self-employed

The State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted in final, third reading a package of laws on conducting an experiment in imposing a tax on professional income in four regions of the Russian Federation (the law on self-employed). It will be held in 2019 in Moscow, Moscow, Kaluga region and Tatarstan.

The tax rate is set at 4% of income from working with individuals and 6% – when working with organizations. The experiment will affect the self-employed with an income of up to 2.4 million rubles. Citizens who switch to professional income are exempt from paying personal income tax in respect of income derived from professional activity. Also, they will not pay VAT, except for the situation when goods are imported into Russia.

Children can ride aeroexpress for one ruble

By the New Year, aeroexpress will reduce fares for children under 14 years of age to one ruble. The promotion will be valid for one and a half months from December 1st to January 15th.

Russians are in favor of sex education in schools

The introduction of sex education in schools is supported by 60 percent of Russians. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM). Data publishes on Thursday, November 15, TASS.

According to the survey, 21% of Russians “fully” and 39% “rather” support the introduction of sex education lessons in school. 12% of respondents do not fully support the initiative, another 15% “rather do not support” the emergence of such training courses.

Who can count on pre-retirement benefits

People of pre-retirement age will be able to get benefits for five years before the new age for retirement, according to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR).

For those who retire early, for example, because of harmful and dangerous working conditions, the pre-retirement age will also occur in five years. For men and women, they retire at 50 and 55 years, respectively. And the pre-retirement age will come to them in 45 and 50 years. Also, mothers of many children will become pre-pensioners and will be entitled to benefits in 45 years

But there is an exception – tax breaks. They will be appointed within the boundaries of the current retirement age – upon reaching 55 years for women and 60 years for men. Northerners who retire five years earlier than others retire tax benefits at 50 and 55 years, respectively.

Self-treatment in demand in the Russian outback due to the unavailability of the OMS

Medical reform for the integration of hospitals and the distribution of primary care centers in rural areas, which cost 3-5 billion rubles a year, has not yet had the expected effect, follows from the work of the Higher School of Economics. According to researchers, villagers in Russia are more often forced by citizens to self-medicate because of the low availability of state medicine in the outback – there are not enough doctors, ambulances and medicines.

As a result, the average life expectancy of villagers is two years lower than that of residents of Russian cities due to the poor quality of medical care (70 and 72 years, respectively), experts of the Higher School of Economics found based on data from the Russian Monitoring of Economic Situation and Public Health (RMEZ).

Sibiryachka transferred a million to ISIL fighters

A resident of the Tomsk region transferred about a million rubles to the militants of the “Islamic state” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). On this on Thursday, November 15, according to the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

The FAS committed a hacker attack

FAS has undergone a hacker attack, reports RIA Novosti, citing the press service of the department. The virus steals service logins and passwords.

“It began with a mass mailing to the FAS addresses of the virus, which steals service logins and passwords. At the same time, there was an attack on our information resources, possibly with the aim of hacking, ”the department said.

The State Duma approved in the first reading a relaxation of the article on extremism

At its meeting on Thursday, the State Duma adopted in its first reading a package of bills on partial decriminalization of Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Incitement of hatred or hostility, as well as humiliation of human dignity”), which establishes responsibility for extremism.

Our legislation in this area is quite young, it is being improved, including on the basis of its law enforcement practice. The adoption of these amendments is an example for our foreign colleagues who have tougher sanctions for reckless posting on social networks. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

The transition from analogue to digital TV broadcasting will begin in February

Russia will begin the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting in February 2019, said on November 15, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a government meeting.

It will be necessary to determine the stages of transition, the order of those regions where digital television will be launched in full, in test mode. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

In the State Duma offered to oblige bloggers to pay taxes

If the pages of popular bloggers are registered in a legal entity, then this legal entity will be obliged to pay taxes – in connection with the receipt of income from the publication of advertising posts, because any business activity is subject to taxation, said the deputy head of the Duma Committee on Information Policy.

Tickets from the Vostochny Cosmodrome launch much more expensive

A year earlier, in the Amur Region, they could not sell a single tour to launch from a new cosmodrome. Then the cost of the trip was less than 10 thousand rubles. Today travel agencies are trying to recruit groups again. The minimum price for the December launch is 25 thousand rubles. With this money, locals can spend a week on the beaches of the Chinese island of Hainan.

At the East and waiting for foreigners. The cost of their tour even more – from 900 euros.

Meanwhile, along the route, a few dozen kilometers to look at the launch can be completely free. It is such a space tourism has become preferable in the Amur region.

Tatyana Golikova called the number of Russians suffering from obesity

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta that 26% of Russian women and 14% of men suffer from obesity. According to the vice-premier, in Russia “not the worst” indicators on obesity of the population.

Smoking causes 17% of deaths in Russia

Oleg Salagay, Deputy Minister of Health of Russia, told RIA Novosti on the eve of the international day of quitting, that in 17% of cases, tobacco is the cause of premature death in Russia, therefore, additional measures should be taken to toughen legislation in this area, including use of electronic cigarettes.

“Kommersant” found copies of passports in the public domain in the MFC

Each MFC has a shared computer connected to the scanner. And any visitor to the MFC can independently use it, for example, to upload copies of documents to the portal of public services. In some multifunctional centers (MFC) in Moscow, personal data were made publicly available: copies of passports, SNILS, questionnaires indicating mobile phones, and details of bank accounts.

In Chuvashia, the official has written herself 39 awards

According to the ministry, the court sentenced the official to 40 thousand rubles a fine in the case of abuse of office. As noted, the head of the financial department has written herself bonuses worth more than 108 thousand rubles.

In Kuwait, banned “The Brothers Karamazov”

Kuwaiti authorities have added almost 1,000 books to the list of banned literature, including the Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel “The Brothers Karamazov,” according to The Guardian. In total, as the newspaper notes, 948 books were included in the list.

Sberbank will deal with electronic passports of Russians

Russians will be able to get electronic passports in Sberbank branches with the function of public services. The new generation document will replace the usual civil passport, SNILS, TIN and, possibly, a driver’s license.

Ministry of Health in Russia plans to reduce the consumption of alcohol

The Ministry of Health has promised to reduce the level of alcohol consumption in Russia. The volume of alcohol consumed by Russians over five years will decrease by one liter. The Ministry of Health announced a reduction in the craving of Russian citizens for alcoholic beverages.


Japan’s cybersecurity minister says he doesn’t use computers

Japan’s cybersecurity minister, Yoshitaka Sakurada, said during a debate in the lower house of parliament that he was not using a computer. It is reported by The Japan Times. According to him, he does not need to work at the computer, but this does not prevent him from coping with his duties.

British Labor and Pensions Minister Resigns

Esther McVay, the British Minister of Labor and Pensions, resigned after Brexit Minister Dominic Raab. She wrote a corresponding statement on Twitter on Thursday

Non-participation in the Davos forum will not affect the Russian economy

The non-participation of the Russian delegation in the World Economic Forum in Davos will not affect Russia’s prestige in the global economy. This opinion was expressed by Vladimir Putin at a press conference in Singapore. Broadcast led channel “Russia 24”.

And if someone on the sites of this kind imposes restrictions, they work against themselves, they destroy the basis of their activities. This is what we must bear in mind. – Vladimir Putin

Putin commented on the elections in the Donbass

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to all those who criticized the elections held in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DNR and LNR). The head of state noted that the first step is to condemn the killings in these territories, and not the electoral process.

We have not heard anything about the condemnation of the killings that are taking place in the territories of the unrecognized republics, that is the whole point. First, it was necessary to condemn the murders that occur there, politically motivated. – Vladimir Putin

Putin has declared his readiness to work with Japan on controversial issues.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow is ready to work with Tokyo on resolving controversial issues. “We resumed the dialogue with our Japanese partners precisely on the basis of the declaration of 1956, our Japanese partners asked us about this,” Putin said after a visit to Singapore.

Since all this has long been stretched … The Soviet Union also refused to continue execution. Then the Japanese asked us to return to the discussion of these problems in the framework of this declaration, but during the discussion the center of gravity shifted and moved away, in essence, from the 1956 declaration. – Vladimir Putin

Fashion designer handbags will be the US ambassador to South Africa

US President Donald Trump intends to appoint Lana Marx, designer of bags and the resident of his private club in Mar-a-lago, ambassador to South Africa. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal. The White House announced the rumor of the past few weeks.

Putin’s meetings with Netanyahu not planning

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he does not plan to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the near future.

“We haven’t planned yet,” Putin said, answering the question whether his full-format bilateral meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister could take place in the coming months.

Ukraine detained 15 ships for calls to the ports of Crimea

The State Border Service of Ukraine has detained 15 vessels for “illegal” calls to the Crimean ports. This was stated in the press service of the Ministry.

“In general, 15 ships were detained and are in the ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol. Some of them have been arrested, in the other part the relevant courts are continuing, ”the UNN reports.

As noted, “in the field of view of the border guards” is about 940 “ships-offenders.”

The Council of Federation of Russia allowed the possibility of overlap of the Sea of Azov

Frants Klintsevich, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, commented on the detention of 15 vessels by Ukraine for calling at the ports of Crimea.

He said that Russia could in a few minutes block the Sea of Azov for any swimming facilities of Ukraine.

“We are literally being pushed into harsh retaliatory actions,” RIA Novosti quotes Klintsevich.

He stressed that it does not matter whether Russian ships or other states were detained, since both of them legally entered the ports of Crimea.

Abe promised not to let the US on the Kurils, if they depart Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that in the event of a possible transfer of part of the southern Kuril Islands to the Japanese side, US military bases will not be located there. About this reports TASS with reference to the Japanese edition of Asahi Shimbun.

UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on Crimea

The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly, which is responsible for humanitarian, social and cultural issues, again adopted a resolution on the violation of human rights in the Crimea, RIA Novosti reports. As the agency notes, the committee adopted the resolution for the third year in a row.

The United States imposed sanctions because of the killing of Jamal Hashoji

The United States imposed the promised sanctions against 17 citizens of Saudi Arabia because of the murder of journalist Jamal Hasshoji, according to the country’s Ministry of Finance website.

Saudi officials, for whom we have imposed sanctions today, were involved in the heinous murder of Jamal Hashukji. These people, who purposefully brutally murdered a journalist who lived and worked in the United States, must face the serious consequences of their actions. – Stephen Mnuchin, American entrepreneur

May ruled out a referendum on Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May categorically ruled out a repeat Brexit referendum.

The US has not yet made a final decision on the exit from the INF.

Washington is considering economic and military measures that include “an analysis of military concepts and possible options for action, including the development of medium-range and shorter-range ground-based missile systems, which will allow the United States to defend itself and its allies if the Russian Federation does not comply with the terms of the treaty” , then explained the US Foreign Office.

We are in the midst of an interdepartmental process. I do not want to run ahead. Know: everyone is involved in this and provides the president with all the data necessary to make the next decision. – Andrea Thompson, American actress

US Justice Department is preparing to indict Julian Assange

The US Department of Justice is preparing to indict the founder of the WikiLeaks publisher, without disclosing sources, to Australian Julian Assange. This was reported on Thursday by The Wall Street Journal.

Florida will hold a manual recount in the elections to the US Senate

The separation of Scott from the current Democratic senator Nelson is 12,562 votes, with more than 4 million ballots cast for each. At the same time, the election of governors in Florida, it seems, will do without recounting the ballots manually.

In Spain, supported the idea of Macron to create a pan-European army

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles supported the idea of French President Emmanuel Macron, who suggested that the European Union create its own “pan-European” army to defend against the United States, Russia and China.

The United States postponed the introduction of new duties against China

The White House earlier promised that the duties imposed in September on goods from China in January will increase from 10% to 25%. In addition, in Washington threatened with new duties, if the transaction will not be. On the eve of the Chinese authorities reported that the parties resumed negotiations, which were interrupted in September.


Shoigu spoke about the popularity of the brand “Army of Russia” abroad

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the popularity of the brand “Army of Russia” not only in Russia, but also abroad. In his opinion, the brand has become a new face of military trade, reports TASS

In the DPRK have tested the latest weapons

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un attended the tests of “high-tech weapons,” said Yenhap, referring to North Korean media. It is noted that this is a new development of a tactical nature.

Caspian flotilla will be strengthened

The Rear Admiral noted that the base of the Caspian Flotilla in Dagestan will be strengthened through the creation of new aircraft and ships, as well as the formation of a regiment of marines, including two small amphibious assault ships and two missile boats.

Austria refused to participate in the European army

In the Austrian Ministry of Defense stated that the country in connection with its neutrality refuses to take part in the army of the European Union.

The cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov” will be repaired by 2020

The issue of repairing the cruiser-museum “Mikhail Kutuzov” has been resolved – it will be repaired in Novorossiysk (Krasnodar Territory) by 2020.

In the 21st century, the United States spent almost $ 6 trillion on wars.

By 2023, according to the professors’ forecasts, expenses will increase to almost 7 trillion dollars, not counting interest on the debt. By the way, in March 2018, the Pentagon published data according to which since 2001 in the USA they spent about 1.5 trillion dollars on waging wars.

Zakharova: US applied white phosphorus when striking Syria

An international military coalition led by the United States launched a missile airstrike on the village of Shaaf in the Syrian province of Deir-ez-Zor using forbidden weapons with white phosphorus. As a result of the attack, 60 civilians were killed, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

The Americans resumed intensive air strikes against terrorist-held settlements on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, including according to local residents, using phosphorus ammunition. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat

Kalashnikov assault rifle included in the list of the most deadly weapons

The American Interest magazine has compiled a list of the most deadly automatic rifles on the planet, where, in addition to the American M27 and M4, the British SA80A2, the French FAMAS, and the German H & K416, the AK-74M Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The Pentagon spoke about the upcoming expenses for the creation of the US Space Forces

The United States Department of Defense said that the creation of the country’s space forces, which Donald Trump insists on, could cost between five and ten billion dollars. The creation of such troops, the US president announced in June.

The cruiser “Peter the Great” worked the fight against submarines in the Barents Sea

During the exercises in the Barents Sea, the heavy nuclear missile cruiser Peter the Great launched a missile-torpedo missile against an underwater target. The head of the press service of the Northern Fleet, Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga, announced this on Thursday.

The Northern Fleet will receive the first division of the Arctic Tor-M2DT air defense missile systems

The first division of the Arctic anti-aircraft missile systems “Tor-M2DT” will be available to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation next week, according to the website of the Ministry of Defense.

Seven UN peacekeepers killed in Congo

Seven UN peacekeepers were killed during an operation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. According to the official representative of the UN Secretary-General Stefan Duzarrik, another 10 people were injured, one was missing.


Russian banks earned 1.5 trillion rubles in 10 months

The profit of Russian banks for 10 months of 2018 amounted to 1.2 trillion rubles, said Olga Polyakova, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, during a meeting of bankers with the management of the regulator.

“The financial result, with which banks finish their work in 10 months, is more than 1 trillion rubles, almost 1.2 trillion rubles. Of course, this indicator is influenced by those credit organizations that are now being reorganized. Without taking into account the financial result these credit organizations financial result would have amounted to 1.5 trillion rubles. “, – She said and added:” Credit organizations complete the work for 10 months of this year with a financial result, profit, 1.2 trillion rubles. “

Shareholders of NOVATEK at the request of Total will discuss the change of the board of directors

The Board of Directors of NOVATEK decided to convene an extraordinary meeting of shareholders, including on its agenda the question of early termination of the powers of the current board of directors and the election of a new board. This is stated in the message of the Center for the disclosure of corporate information.

Investment in Russian real estate for 9 months fell by 7%

The total investment in real estate in Russia for the first 9 months of this year has decreased by 6.6% – to 104.7 billion rubles, according to a press release from Knight Frank.

Yandeks.Kassa will serve Chinese tourists

The merchants working with Yandex.Cash will be able to accept payments by scanning the QR code from the messenger on the client’s device. Innovation will help shops working with Chinese tourists, according to the company.

Uber Technologies’ quarterly loss grew by 20%

Financial statements for the third quarter Uber published on Wednesday late in the evening – since last year the service publishes reports every quarter, although it is not obliged to do this, since it is not a public company.

State Duma suspended compensation of Soviet deposits

The State Duma adopted in the third and final reading a bill extending until the end of 2021 the suspension of compensation in full of savings placed on deposits with Sberbank during the USSR.

Sumitomo Mitsui increased net profit in financial district 2 by 37%

The net profit of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMFG), the second largest market capitalization of the bank in Japan, in financial fiscal quarter 2, ended in September 2018, grew by 37% yoy and reached 245.56 billion yen.

The budget deficit Izhevsk by the end of the year will reach 532 million rubles

Deputies of the City Duma of Izhevsk approved the city’s budget deficit in the amount of 532 million rubles in 2018. Previously, the deficit was 367 million rubles.

The state debt of the Novosibirsk region for the month increased by almost 4 billion rubles

The public debt of the Novosibirsk region increased from October to November by 3.75 billion rubles. Such figures are given in the debt book of the region.

Skyscraper “Lakhta Center” cost Gazprom 120 billion rubles

The amount of receivables of IFC Lakhta Center to Gazprom Neft for the construction of Europe’s largest skyscraper Lakhta Center reached 120.7 billion rubles, according to RAS for the third quarter, a report from Gazprom Neft said a year ago. A year ago, the debt was 86 , 29 billion rubles, thereby for the year it increased by almost 40%.

Since October 8, 2007, Gazprom Neft owns 100% of MFC Lakhta Center JSC.

Chelyabinsk authorities will help municipalities pay off gas debt

The municipalities of the Chelyabinsk region, owing the company Novatek 1.6 billion rubles for gas, will receive about 600 million rubles from the regional budget to cover this debt.

The load on electricity consumers will grow

Additional burden on consumers of electricity by 2020 due to the growth of tariffs and the increase in VAT may increase by 90 billion rubles, according to calculations by the Institute for the Economy to Growth. Stolypin, with whom I got acquainted with TASS.

The State Duma has expanded the list of subsoil plots for the application of additional tax

It is assumed that the NDD (tax on additional income from the extraction of hydrocarbons) will apply to four groups of fields. The first group – new fields in Eastern Siberia with a depletion of less than 5%; the second is deposits enjoying exemption on export duty; the third – operating fields in Western Siberia with a depletion of from 10% to 80% (the quota is no more than 15 million tons per year according to the actual requests of the companies); fourth, new fields in Western Siberia with less than 5% depletion and total reserves (for the time being) not more than 51 million tons per year.

The government allocated Primorye and a half billion for social needs

At a meeting with Oleg Kozhemyako, the governor of Primorsky Krai, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the government allocated 660 million rubles to Primorsky Krai for the purchase of medical equipment and other social needs, as well as 850 million more from the reserve fund to solve social and economic problems.

Russian Railways may invest 100 billion rubles in a new transport hub

The press service of Russian Railways OJSC announced that the organization plans to invest more than 100 billion rubles in the development of the Moscow Transport Hub (MTU) in 2019.

Sheremetyevo Airport doubles fares for taking off and landing

Capital Airport Sheremetyevo from January 1, 2019 will double the cost for airlines to take off and land in order to recoup investments in infrastructure. It is reported by Kommersant with reference to the President of the Association of Air Transport Operators (AEVT) Vladimir Tasun.

Sberbank became the main owner of Concept Club clothing network

Sberbank since October 15, gained control over the Cyprus company Rangecroft Limited, which owns the clothing retailers Concept Club and Acoola, RBC reports referring to the Cyprus registry. Sistema’s Vladimir Yevtushenkov AFC has reduced its share to 42.88%.

Anywayanyday co-founder is bankrupt

Co-founder of online travel agency Anywayanyday and general director of the Smartseeds IT platform, Kirill Podolsky, has been declared bankrupt. This follows from the filing of the Arbitration Court of the Rostov Region.

Hong Kong and Australia signed free trade agreement

The governments of Hong Kong and Australia have completed negotiations on a free trade regime for goods and services that lasted for 18 months and signed a corresponding basic agreement.

Lenfilm is trying to sell its property on Tambasova

In addition to a plot of 9.7 hectares, the film studio sells buildings with film processing shops, warehouses and auxiliary buildings. Film Studio “Lenfilm” put up for auction the set for 1.6 billion rubles. This information has become available through the Unified Electronic Trading Platform.

International reserves of the Russian Federation were replenished in the week by almost $ 2 billion

Over the week, Russia’s international reserves grew by $ 1.8 billion and as of November 9 totaled $ 461.5 billion against $ 459.7 billion as of November 2. This is reported on the website of the Bank of Russia.

Russia increased LNG supplies to South Korea 1.5 times in H1

Russia increased the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to South Korea in January-June 2018 by 1.5 times compared with the figure for the same period last year – up to 1.5 million tons, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation reported.


In Moscow, intend to launch an unmanned subway in five years

In Moscow, they intend to launch an unmanned subway within five years, according to m24. This was announced by the deputy mayor for transport and development of road and transport infrastructure Maxim Liksutov on the IT committee of the International Union of Public Transport.

Now we are at a fork in the search for technological solutions. Our idea is this: we have the Koltsevaya metro line, which carries 650 thousand passengers a day, our plan for five years is to consider the possibility of introducing unmanned cars in this area. – Maxim Liksutov, a Russian official

Scientists have discovered a giant crater under the glaciers of Greenland

An international team of scientists discovered a meteorite crater with a diameter of 31 kilometers under the ice sheet in northern Greenland. Article researchers published in the journal Science Advances. A crater larger than Paris was found under an almost kilometer-thick layer of ice.

China will build a 100-kilometer collider

China is planning to create a cyclic electron-positron collider (CEPC) with the main accelerator ring 100 kilometers long. It is reported by the Xinhua News Agency, referring to the project report.

Poor nutrition in childhood prevents floaters from learning difficult songs

As it turned out, poor nutrition in large families led to obvious shortcomings in the field of singing. Lean males learned 1.6 times fewer syllables. Probably prevented from poor physical fitness.

A nearby star discovered a super-earth planet.

An article has been published in Nature, the authors of which report the discovery of an exoplanet at the star Barnard – the super-earths GJ 699 b. Its mass is estimated at 3.2 Earth masses, and it makes a full annual orbital rotation in 230 days. The planet is located on the far border of the “habitability zone” of the red dwarf, and its surface is most likely covered with ice.

China has created material for a space elevator cable

Employees of Tsinghua University (China) announced the creation of heavy-duty material that can be used to create a space elevator cable, reports VistaNews on November 14. The material is durable and can withstand loads up to 80 hPa in tension.

Found “impossible” modifications of silica

Physicists have discovered the “impossible” modifications of silica, coesite-IV and coesite-V, from the point of view of science. Their structure is an exception to the generally accepted rules for the formation of chemical bonds for inorganic materials, which were formulated by Linus Pauling.

Graphene helped create a light conductive composite.

Compared to other composite materials with the addition of nickel or carbon fiber capable of conducting electricity, the graphene-based composite has greater rigidity, better conductive properties and low mass.

Scientists reveal the geological secrets of the bottom of the Mariana Trench

The study of the structure of the bottom of the Mariana Trench helped geologists to calculate the approximate amount of water in the bowels of the Earth and to find out that it is about three times more than previously thought. Their findings were presented in the journal Nature.

PET scans can detect tumors before lung cancer begins

The team implanted malignant human lung cancer cells into mice and performed a PET scan to monitor the effect of SGLT2 inhibitors on treatment. The experiment showed that in the early and even pre-cancerous stages of the tumor, it was SGLT2 that was used to transport glucose.

Researchers have deciphered the internal structure of kerogen

In a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, employees of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) received three-dimensional images of the internal structure of kerogen, the accuracy of the details on which 50 times exceeded the most accurate past results

Scientists have figured out how a solar eclipse affects birds and insects

The study was conducted by scientists at Oxford University. A team of ornithologists discovered that in 50 minutes of the beginning of a solar eclipse, which could be observed last year, many flying animals began to show increased activity and return to the ground or other surfaces.


Zuckerberg bans iPhone at Facebook office

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has banned its employees from using any Apple products. Now the company only allows gadgets on the Android operating system.

Sharp has given a new smartphone a display with two notches

The company Sharp introduced a compact smartphone Aquos R2 Compact, which stands out for its design. The device received a round neckline for the front camera and a second neckline for the home button with a fingerprint scanner.

The design of Xiaomi Mi Note 4 will be different from other flagships of the brand.

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note 4 will receive differences in design from other flagships of the manufacturer, the device will be presented at the end of this year. The device will be deprived of the characteristic “monobrovi” at the top of the display. The front camera will perform the function of a scanner to determine the face of the owner of the gadget.

The network has images of a bending smartphone Samsung Galaxy F

Foldable smartphone Samsung, equipped with a flexible display was shown on the 3D-renderer. Last week, at the SDC developers conference, the South Korean company showed a prototype of its own first flexible device, which should appear on the shelves of hardware stores in March. The cost of new items will be about $ 1.77 thousand, initially there will be no more than 1 million devices.

Introduced Colorful P100 500GB Portable SSD Hard Drive

In November, the Colorful P100 portable SSD with a capacity of 500 GB will be on sale. This portable blue-colored storage device received 3D TLC NAND and USB Type-C memory.

Google is preparing augmented reality glasses Glass Enterprise Edition 2

After all, its version of AR-glasses is prepared in Huawei, Facebook and Apple. Analysts believe that in the coming years, the number of devices of this year will increase dramatically. True, the popularity of points depends primarily on the content and the number of programs.

Mobile browser Opera Touch has got a private viewing mode

One of the most important innovations was the ability to privately browse the pages, in which the browser does not send data to the server and does not keep the browsing history.

Ulefone Power 5S smartphone with a powerful 13000 mAh battery is on sale

Starting today, sales of the new Ulefone Power 5S smartphone begin. This model has received a 6-inch high-resolution display, as well as a battery with a capacity of 13,000 mAh. This indicator of the battery will allow for a long time to actively use the device without connecting to the charger.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700U Processor Specifications Revealed

The technical characteristics of the AMD Ryzen 7 3700U processor have become known. Despite the similarity of the specifications with the previous version of the new items should increase performance and durability. Experts point out that the new AMD Ryzen 7 3700U processor is very similar to the Ryzen 7 2700U.

Xiaomi released a graphics tablet Xiaomi Bamboo Slate

Synchronization of the graphic tablet with smartphones is performed using a Bluetooth wireless adapter, allowing online tracking of the process of digitizing any records. The approximate cost of the new Xiaomi Bamboo Slate is about 115 dollars.

WannaCry attacks computers around the world again.

WannaCry, which attacked computers around the world in 2017, has become the most common extortion virus, Kaspersky Lab experts said. Now WannaCry ranks first in the number of attacks on the computers of the company’s clients (almost 29% of the total).

New Google Messenger will allow you to chat in maps

Google has introduced a new messenger that will allow you to communicate with companies marked in the Google Maps service. The company reports that the chat will be available only to those who have registered a business account in the cards.

WhatsApp will provide a convenient way to add contacts

WhatsApp is testing a way to add contacts using a QR code. This is reported by WABetaInfo. This feature is being tested on iOS, but Android users will also receive it. With it, every messenger user will receive a QR code of his profile. At a meeting, you can add it by scanning the sign from its device.

Xtremepush opens its first office in Russia

“Thanks to a wide range of features and ease of use, the Xtremepush platform opens up new opportunities for companies that are not aimed at selling their product once, but at creating a unique experience and long-term interaction with each of their clients,” said Tatyana Kozyreva, regional director of Xtremepush in Russia , CIS countries and Georgia.

Social networks started searching for drug dealers using artificial intelligence

Facebook and Instagram are starting to use AI to identify drug dealers who work with their customers through social networks. Technology “proactive detection” allows you to delete photos that depict drugs, even before they complain about users, writes Telegraph.

The function of deleting messages appeared in Facebook Messenger

Facebook has added the ability to delete messages to its own Messenger. The first to receive a new feature is iOS and Android users from Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania.

Samsung Smart TVs got the updated Yandex application

The updated Yandex application has appeared on Samsung Smart TV smartphones of 2016-2018, subject to temporary exclusivity. On other TVs, the application will be released only in a few months.

Huawei will present its first foldable 5G smartphone on the MWC 2019

The third quarter of 2019 is called the preliminary release date for the new product. So far there are no details about the new model.


The teacher will shoot a mythological film about Choi

The director of the future film about the rock musician Viktor Tsoy, Alexei Uchitel, spoke in detail about the film in a new interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The teacher said that the casting and the choice of nature are now taking place, and the shooting will take place in Lithuania and Latvia.

A new video of the creator of “Twin Peaks” David Lynch has appeared in the network.

Director David Lynch has posted on the network his new creation. The video, lasting about 13 minutes, was named Ant Head. It was posted on November 14 on the indie-label Sacred Bones Records YouTube channel

“Fantastic Beasts” now live in London

During the exciting adventures of Green de Wald was captured, but the creatures are not all caught. In the second part, the action is transferred to London and Paris. Newt arrives in the English capital, continuing studies of magical animals, and then his personal interest draws him to France.

The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon’s crossover will be released in December

According to published information, in the new episode of The Big Bang Theory, which is scheduled to premiere in December, actors from “Young Sheldon” – Ian Armitage (Sheldon), Lance Barber (Sheldon’s father) and Montana Jordan (Sheldon’s older brother) will appear in the cameo story series not disclosed

Released the first trailer for the film Tim Burton about the flying baby elephant Dumbo

Burton’s film is based on the Disney cartoon of 1941 about the flying baby elephant Dumbo, who can fly with the help of his ears.

Dan Aykroyd told about the continuation of “Ghostbusters”

The third part of the Ghostbusters may well take place. The encouraging news was shared by Dan Aykroyd, a performer of one of the central roles in the original dilogy, in the release of the television show The Big Interview with Dan Rather

Star “Elementary” will play in the film adaptation of the story of Ursula Le Guin

Star of the series “Elementary” Johnny Lee Miller will play a key role in the film adaptation of the story “Nine Lives” by famous writer Ursula Le Guin

In the Russian rental film came out Faith Glagoleva “Not strangers”

On November 15, the dramatic film “No Strangers” by Vera Glagoleva was released in Russia. Unfortunately, this picture was the last work of a talented actress and director.

In the series of books by George Martin two more TV series will be shot

The works of American writer George Martin will form the basis of two new series that will remove the services of Hulu and Universal Cable Productions. The showrner and executive producer of the projects will be Andrew Miller, screenwriter for The Secret Circle and Backstrom.

Apple will begin to produce their own movies

American corporation Apple from next year intends to engage in the production of feature films jointly with the company A24. American corporation Apple has signed a cooperation agreement with the company in the field of film A24.


Hozier released the new clip Movement with Sergey Polunin in the lead role

Irish musician Hozier has released a video for the new single “Movement”, released on the eve of the upcoming second album and tour of the UK and Ireland, which starts in December.

The Admiralty Military Band will give a concert at the Conservatory

The winners of the international contests Uliana Aleksandrova (oboe), Anastasia Danilenko (clarinet), Gleb Ivanov (trombone) will take part in the concert entitled “Fleet and Children”. The repertoire of the concert will include works by Rimsky-Korsakov, written specifically for the naval orchestra.

Gleb Samoilov will tell about the “Dark Side” of “Agatha Christie”

As the press conference organizers told InterMedia, Gleb Samoilov will talk about the “dark side” of Agatha Christie and reveal the secrets of the upcoming anniversary concert to be held at Izvestia Hall on December 2.

Eric Clapton received a plasticine guitar as a gift

Eric Clapton released the clip on his own version of the famous Christmas hit “White Christmas”. The main character of the video is a plasticine boy, similar to Clapton himself, who dreams of playing music and dreams of playing the guitar, seeing it in everything: in the Christmas tree, in the enchanted baby, and in cocoa marshmallows

“AuktsYon” will devote a concert to the “Kettle of Wine”

Group “AuktsYon” will speak in the “Glavklubbe Green Concert” December 9, 2018. On this day, the team, led by Leonid Fedorov, is going to celebrate the birthday of the album “Wine Maker”, released in 1992. The album was created by “AuktsYon” together with the poet Alexei “Tail” Khvostenko.

Italian rock and roll will be performed in Tolyatti Philharmonic

Italian rock’n’roll will present in Togliatti Philharmonic on November 17th pianist Matthew Lee. The performer will perform as part of his quartet, which also includes guitarist Francesco Oriti, bassist Alessandro Infusini and drummer Matthew Pierpaoli.


Electric Ford Mustang will launch in the series

Charge Automotive will release a limited edition classic Ford Mustang with electric propulsion; cars will be presented in licensed fastback or convertible bodies; The total circulation of the series will be 499 copies.

In South Africa, built the most powerful sedan Subaru WRX STI

Subaru WRX STi Diamond Edition will be sold only in South Africa. The number of cars, in total, will not exceed 30 pieces.

Jaguar Land Rover taught cars to communicate with traffic lights

According to the press service of the brand, this system, for example, allows the car to exchange data with traffic lights. Thus, the technology will help drivers avoid traffic jams and relieve urban roads.

Mitsubishi plans to return to creating Lancer and Mirage sedans.

The Japanese company Mitsubishi had previously refused to build Lancer sedans, as well as Mirage, trying to focus on crossovers and SUVs. Now the brand plans to return to the creation of these models. Already started their production.

New Porsche 911

The model with the index 992 debuts at the end of the month at the Los Angeles Auto Show. According to foreign journalists, the new Porsche 911 will be slightly longer, the car will increase the front overhang. The main differences from the current generation of the sports car are the engine compartment lid with longitudinal ribs, taillights combined with an LED strip, as on the new Cayenne and updated Macan, as well as an additional brake light in the form of two strips.

A new front panel with a digital “tidy” will appear in the 911 cabin, and an electronic selector of the eight-speed PDK robot will be installed on the central tunnel. Three-liter six-cylinder turbo engine finalized, increasing returns. A coupe with a 450 horsepower engine will be able to gain a hundred in less than four seconds. Thruster rear wheels will appear in the list of standard equipment.

Chevrolet FNR-Carry was introduced at the showroom

As part of the auto show in Guangzhou, China, the Chevrolet brand introduced the concept of an SUV with a Camaro design. Note that the new crossover has become the second model of the brand after the new generation Blazer with the design in the spirit of the Camaro.

FCA declassified new Jeep Gladiator

The updated model Jeep Gladiator will be presented by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles manufacturing company at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The main difference of the new model is that the car will be presented with two roof options, standard and soft.

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