17 Май, 2021

Old Believers for the service of the Ministry of Defense of Russia

The Russian Defense Ministry has attracted Old Believers living in the taiga to train the northern units of the Special Operations Forces (MTR), said Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu.

“We have opened special centers, centers not only for survival … Because the majority of those who live here, in the taiga, in the steppe, in the mountains, they do not survive — they live a normal full-fledged life. In any case, I know many of them. people who live in such conditions. I tried to attract them to teach our children. They are called Old Believers in the world, «Shoigu said. According to him, we are talking about those of their representatives who «can cut down a house, and sow, and get, and prepare, and ride a horse.»

Belarus deprived of the right to host the stage of the Biathlon World Cup in 2022

The stage of the Biathlon World Cup, which was supposed to take place in Belarus in March 2022, will be held in Finland. This decision was made by the International Biathlon Union, explaining it by the “current situation” in Belarus.

US Consul General in Yekaterinburg left the Urals

«When I get home, I will tell the Americans about the spirit of this region, full of creativity and energy, and how much in common between Americans and Russians. And I will also treat them to dumplings!» — she wrote in Russian at parting.

«I hope that soon we will resume work in Yekaterinburg in full and will again work to strengthen ties between our great countries. Until then, see you, and I wish you all the best!»

Azerbaijan conducts military exercises

Azerbaijan conducts military exercises, which involve up to 15,000 servicemen, up to 300 tanks and other armored vehicles, up to 400 rocket and artillery installations, multiple launch rocket systems, mortars and up to 50 military aircraft, helicopters and drones. The exercises were also started by the troops of the Nakhichevan garrison — in the Azerbaijani exclave to the west of Armenia.

Palestinian-Israeli confrontation

The Palestinian-Israeli confrontation has been going on for a week. During this time, more than 3,000 rockets have been fired at Israel from the Palestinian Gaza Strip. Israel has fired over 1,500 rockets into Gaza.

The Israeli military claims to have intercepted 1.2 thousand missiles — another 450 fell in Gaza itself. In the Palestinian sector, electricity was constantly lost — the Palestinians blame the Israeli strikes for this, in Israel they say that the infrastructure is hit by unsuccessful missile launches by Hamas itself.

On Saturday, the Israeli military struck a 15-story building that housed local and international media offices in the Gaza Strip. They stated that the building housed a Hamas intelligence headquarters.

In Israel, 10 people were killed, about 50 were seriously injured. In Palestine, 192 people died, including 58 children.

Palestinian health care, overwhelmed by the coronavirus even before the exacerbation, cannot cope with the help of the wounded, the Red Cross told RIA Novosti. Palestinians wounded in Gaza have begun to enter Egyptian hospitals.

The Israelis, despite the shelling, celebrated one of the main holidays — Shavuot, the day of the giving of the Torah. A rocket hit Ashdod a couple of hours before the Eid prayer. Sirens in Ashkelon sound every 12 minutes, the Israeli general said.

Diesel fuel leak in Taimyr

Leakage of diesel fuel from a tank with a volume of 20 thousand cubic meters on the territory of the Taimyr Fuel Company, one of Norilsk Nickel’s structures in Dudinka in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, emergency services told RIA Novosti. According to him, the scale is being specified, fuel is flowing into the pit, specialists have already started emergency work, and pumping into reserve tanks is underway.

FBK’s «extremism» case was classified due to personal data of security officials

«Kommersant», citing a source in law enforcement agencies, reports that the materials of the criminal case on the recognition of FBK (recognized in Russia as a «foreign agent») and the headquarters of Alexei Navalny as extremist organizations were classified as extremist because of the personal data of the security forces. Allegedly, law enforcement officers filed claims for damage from participants in protest rallies

A monument to Satan was erected in Kirov.

A sculpture depicting a tempting snake appeared at one of the Pyaterochka stores at the intersection of Volodarsky and Sovetskaya streets, writes Newsler. Local residents differed in their assessments of the work and suggested that the monument was associated with the regional drug dispensary, which is located nearby.

In the Perm Territory, schoolchildren burned down a farm

In the Perm Territory, two schoolgirls burned down a neighbor’s farm while filming a video on TilTok. The girls saw the stacks and decided that setting them on fire and extinguishing them on video would be a great idea. But everything got out of control, and the fire engulfed the entire structure nearby. Parents of tiktokers will have to reimburse the damage for 150 thousand rubles.

Prosecutor General’s Office found violations during construction in Foros Park

In a specially protected area in Crimea, the Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt company cut down the Red Book trees, the damage almost reached 2 million rubles. A criminal case was opened on this fact.

It was also found that this firm received a building permit in violation of the law. Local authorities unlawfully changed the regulations in order not to coordinate the work with the Ministry of Natural Resources. This is stated in a document signed by First Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman. A copy of the letter was at the disposal of «Rise».

A children’s health complex is being built in Foros Park. Local residents complained to the president about the felling of trees and construction. After that, the head of the Crimea came to Foros, he assured that all work in the park was legal.

China’s Tianwen 1 probe with the Zhuzhong rover has successfully landed on Mars

The rover is equipped with multispectral cameras for navigation and topographic surveying, a subsurface sounding radar for studying the geological structure of Mars up to 10 meters depth, an instrument for analyzing the chemical composition of the soil and searching for biomolecules, as well as magnetic field detectors and a weather station. He must look for signs of life on the red planet.

A suspect in espionage for Russia was detained in Poland

The detainee is 43 years old, his name is Marcin K. According to the Polish Internal Security Agency, he was collecting information about the military industry and passed this data to Russian intelligence. The detainee pleaded guilty to all charges. The court appointed him a three-month arrest.

Sharks use the earth’s magnetic field as a GPS system.

For the experiment, they were placed in a round pool, the magnetic fields in which were specially modeled and modified during the experiment.

Residents of Europe and the United States want serious economic reforms and an increase in the level of state support

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 70% of people in France and 50% of people in the United States, Britain and Germany are in favor of serious reforms of the economic system. In France, while 12% say that the economic system must be reformed completely

People are in favor of government regulation of business (more than half of those surveyed in Europe, 46% in the US) and an increase in government support measures

Among the government support measures, vocational training for workers is in the first place — from 61% (in Germany) to 76% (in the UK) of the respondents support it. In second place is the construction of social housing, followed by an increase in payments to the poor, an increase in taxes on the rich and the payment of a universal basic income to all residents of countries. The last (very radical) measure is in favor of half (!) Of the British surveyed and about a third of those surveyed in other countries.

Russia’s economy is in the hands of the super-rich

The aggregate fortune of Russian billionaires in relation to the country’s GDP turned out to be a record in comparison with the same indicator for other countries. This is the conclusion reached by Ruchir Sharma, Head of Emerging Markets and Global Macroeconomics at Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

According to the analyst’s calculations, in Russia the highest level of concentration of the economy is in the hands of the super-rich. The fortune of billionaires from the Forbes list accounts for about 35% of the country’s total GDP. In second place after Russia in this list are Sweden (about 30%), India (about 19%), the USA (about 19%), France (about 17%), France and Taiwan (15% each).

Joe Biden reverses seven executive orders of Donald Trump

In one decree, the President of the United States canceled seven signed by his predecessor, Donald Trump, in 2020 and early 2021. Among the canceled decrees:

A decree that allowed immigration authorities to refuse a residence permit if a person does not have certain health insurance or sufficient financial resources, and there is a fear that it will become a «burden» for the US health care system.

Decree on the Prevention of Online Censorship.

The decree on the protection of American monuments and monuments, which the ex-president signed against the background of protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, during which their participants destroyed the monuments of historical figures who had relations to the slave trade.

The decree on the creation of the National Garden of America’s Heroes, which was to become an analogue of the halls of fame and the decree on the creation of a task force.

Palestine will not return to negotiations with Israel

Palestine will not return to bilateral negotiations with Israel, where the United States is the only mediator, Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Abdel Hafiz Nofal said in an interview with RBK TV channel.

“I would like to remind you that in the last days of the Obama administration, negotiations lasted 9 months, trying to reach an agreement between Israel and Palestine. And in the end it was officially announced that the negotiations had failed. Because Israel continued its settlement policy. And therefore, we will return to negotiations only within the framework of a new international approach, where the Middle East Quartet will act as a mediator, ”the ambassador said.

Roskomnadzor changed its mind about slowing down Twitter.

The department said that 91% of illegal content, which had previously received complaints, was removed from the platform. In this regard, the department decided not to block the social network and weaken its slowdown — it will remain only for mobile devices.

At the same time, Roskomnadzor threatened Facebook and YouTube with similar measures, where they also found «messages with child pornography, narcotic and suicidal content, calls for minors to participate in uncoordinated mass events, as well as extremist and other materials prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.»

Lukashenka allows security officials to shoot at protesters

The militia gets the right to use military and special equipment to suppress riots, as well as the right to prohibit citizens from taking video and photographing for procedural actions, ensuring public order, personal and public safety.

Starunsky was appointed to the scientific council of the Security Council

Vladimir Putin appointed a member of the Scientific Council under the Security Council a GRU employee accused by the United States and Estonia of spreading disinformation

Alexander Starunsky is the hero of several publications in the American media and a report by Estonian intelligence. These texts talk about Starunsky’s connections with the GRU and his involvement in disinformation campaigns, including the spread of conspiracy theories about the coronavirus.

In relation to Mikhail Me, the case was closed

The court dismissed the case of embezzlement of 700 million rubles against the former governor of the Ivanovo region, Mikhail Men. The case was dismissed due to the expiration of the limitation period, which is 10 years under the embezzlement article charged by Menu. The criminal prosecution of other defendants was also terminated. In connection with the termination of the case, the preventive measure in the form of a recognizance not to leave was removed from me.

Moscow metro filed a lawsuit against the grandson of veteran Artemenko

Remember veteran Artyomenko and his granddaughter, whom Navalny slandered? The Moscow metro filed a lawsuit against his grandson, concurrently businessman Igor Kolesnikov, hoping to sue him for several tens of thousands of rubles, found Open Media in the court database.

What is the essence of the metro’s requirements is unknown, but the company wants to collect 83,117 rubles from Kolesnikov. Presumably, the granddaughter-merchant grandfather simply ran into debt to the Moscow Metro for the lease-premises in which its service center for the repair and maintenance of Apple equipment is located.

New head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs

Ksenia Razuvaeva, 30, has become the new head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. At 23, she has already headed the Rospatriotcenter institution with purchases worth hundreds of millions of rubles. Earlier, the media wrote that Ksenia Razuvaeva is the wife of the former Minister of Education Pavlv Zenkovich, but there was never any official confirmation.