7 Feb, 2018

On Russia’s New Attempts to “Intervene” in US Elections

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that Russia would try to intervene in the forthcoming US midterm elections to Congress in November 2018, and warned that this would lead to certain “consequences.” The head of the State Department told this in an interview with Fox News.

I would not say that we are better prepared, because the Russians in any case adapt … The bottom line is that if they intend to intervene, they will find ways to do this. We can take steps that are capable of, but if they are to be solved, it will be very difficult to prevent. – Rex Tillerson, 69th US Secretary of State

Briefly about the main thing …..


Tillerson warned of the detrimental consequences of Polish Holocaust law

According to the President of Poland, the law will be transferred to the Constitutional Court of the republic before signing. Duda noted that during the Second World War, “German occupiers and Russian Communists” killed 6 million Poles.

Businessmen have problems because of the “Kremlin report”

Russian billionaires began to face additional checks of related financial transactions abroad after the publication by the US Treasury of the “Kremlin report”, which includes the names of 210 officials and businessmen. This was reported by Bloomberg.

Russia began to expel DPRK workers

The authorities of the Russian regions began to expel North Korean workers, carrying out the sanctions provided for by the UN Security Council resolution. Information on this extended the Russian ambassador to Pyongyang Alexander Matsegora on Wednesday, February 7.

Japan protested Russia because of military exercises in the Kurils

The teachings of the Russian military on the Kuriles are contrary to the position of Tokyo. This was stated by the Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono. At the same time, he noted that maneuvers should not affect the plans of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to visit Russia in May this year.

Sister Kim Jong-Yin will come to South Korea as part of the DPRK delegation

The younger sister of the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un Kim Ye Jeong joined the high-ranking delegation of North Korea, which on February 9 will arrive in South Korea to participate in the opening of the Olympics in Pyeongchang. This was stated by the representative of the Ministry of South Korea.

The square in front of the Russian Embassy in Washington was named after Boris Nemtsov

The square in front of the Russian embassy in Washington by the decision of the city council was renamed in honor of Boris Nemtsov. This was stated by ex-co-chairman of ParNaS Vladimir Kara-Murza, Jr. in his Twitter.

Placing En + in London caused questions from MI6

British intelligence MI6 was interested in placing shares of Russian En + on the London Stock Exchange, reports The Daily Telegraph with reference to sources. According to the newspaper, intelligence was concerned that the placement took place without consulting with special services.

Trump created a center for the verification and selection of immigrants

The center is planned to be set up on the basis of the Ministry of Internal Security, “Free Press” specifies. Recall, US President Donald Trump has repeatedly stressed the need to establish stricter rules for entering the country for immigrants


Trump wants to hold military parades in Washington, as in Paris

The Pentagon is studying the possibility of military parades at the request of US President Donald Trump, confirmed the White House.

Israel struck a missile strike at a research facility near Damascus

On Wednesday, February 7, the Israeli army struck a missile strike at the research center in the Jemraya area near the Syrian capital. Syrian air defense forces managed to destroy several missiles before they hit the target, TASS reported citing the news portal Suria al-NN.

Military operations in Afghanistan in 2018 will cost the US $ 45 billion

Military operations in Afghanistan in 2018 will cost the US $ 45 billion, said the US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Security in Asia and the Pacific Randall Shriver.

Erdogan accused Trump of failing to fulfill his promises in Manbiju

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused US President Donald Trump of not fulfilling the promise to withdraw Kurdish self-defense forces from Syrian Manbijah.
“Obama deceived Turkey on the issue of Syrian Kurdish militants in Manbije, and Trump follows the same path,” Erdogan said.

The USA postponed tests of a ballistic missile because of the Olympics

The US decided to postpone the test of the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which was planned to be launched from the US Air Force Base Vandenberg, California, in connection with the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. This was announced on Tuesday by CBS.

Russia in 2017 supplied arms worth about $ 15 billion

“Previously, the delivery plan for 2017 was completed and amounted to approximately $ 15 billion, probably even a little more,” RIA Novosti quoted him. Kozhin added that the total portfolio of contracts is $ 45 billion and last year agreements were signed for the supply of arms worth $ 16 billion.

The total portfolio does not decrease, in spite of everything, it is about 45 billion dollars. And new contracts for the supply of weapons, military equipment, and the provision of core services in 2017 have been concluded for more than $ 16 billion. – Vladimir Kozhin, Russian statesman

Naval aviation of the Navy will receive 50 modernized Ka-27 helicopters

Naval aviation of the Russian Navy will receive 50 upgraded Ka-27 helicopters until 2020, Captain Igor Dygalo, the representative of the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Defense Ministry, reports.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained the strengthening of Russian military bases in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

Moscow has strengthened the potential of military bases in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in connection with the threats coming from Afghanistan. Within the framework of the CIS, work is also under way on a regional border security system, said Alexander Sternik, director of the Third Department of the CIS Foreign Ministry in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Special services of Afghanistan destroyed the base of terrorists in the gorge of Hishki

The base of terrorists in the gorge of Khishki was completely destroyed as a result of a special operation conducted by the special services and military of Afghanistan, a representative of the national army said on February 7.

The Pacific Fleet will receive four new small missile ships

Four small missile ships project 22800 for the Pacific Fleet will be built at the Amur Shipyard in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The Amur Shipyard will build the Karakurts. The newest small missile ships will replenish the composition of the Pacific Fleet.

The Turks accused the Kurds of using poison gas in Africa

Earlier, US allied opposition groups accused Damascus of using poisonous substances in hostilities. The SSA participates in the “Olive Branch” operation launched in the north of Syria, launched on January 20 by the Turkish army, against the mostly Kurdish detachments and movements declared by Ankara to be terrorist.


In Ingushetia, militants who prepared a series of terrorist acts were convicted

The North Caucasian District Military Court sentenced the members of the gang that was preparing a series of terrorist attacks in Russia, the FSB department for the Republic of Ingushetia reported. Bandits called themselves a structural part of the “Islamic state” * as part of the “Vilayat Galgache”

Earthquake in Taiwan killed four people, 145 were lost

The earthquake in Taiwan, which occurred on Tuesday around midnight in Hualien County, claimed the lives of four people, 225 injured, 145 listed as missing, currently a search and rescue operation is continuing, involving more than 1.3 thousand specialists.

In Ulan-Ude, they rewarded the rescued children with an emergency in a teenager’s school

Senior pupil Davyd Mamonov, who saved children during the time of the attack on school No. 5 in Ulan-Ude, was awarded by Rosgvardia and the Sambo Federation of Buryatia. This was reported on Wednesday, February 7, by the press service of the Office of the Federal Service of Troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation for the region.

Hackers from the US and Canada stole data from 57 million Uber customers

As previously reported BakuToday, in November 2017, the general director of Uber Technologies recognized that the personal data of about 57 million users of the online taxi order service were abducted by unknown hackers.

In Omsk, brought a case after the death of two people under the rubble at home

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal investigation into the death of two men during the fall of the wall of the emergency house along Neibut Street.

According to the investigation, the emergency house on Neibut was settled in the summer of 2017. Department of Road Management and Improvement of the Administration of the City of Omsk and one of the Omsk businessmen concluded an agreement on its demolition. However, proper measures to protect the house was not accepted. Anyone could have entered the abandoned building

Dozens of hotels and restaurants burned on the Thai island of Phi Phi

The incident in Thailand – on the island of Phi Phi, which enjoys quite a high popularity among vacationing citizens, a large-scale fire broke out, completely destroyed the building, which housed a guesthouse and restaurant, as well as spread over two dozen neighboring houses

The second time in winter, snow fell in the Sahara desert

The snow fell again in the Sahara desert. The second snowfall this winter was again recorded in the city of Ain-Cephra in north-west Algeria. According to the Daily Express, snow falls in the desert for the second consecutive year


The Univer star showed pictures of a candid photo shoot

Univer’s star Anastasia Ivanova showed pictures of a candid photo shoot. There she poses in front of the lens in a transparent topic and leather tight legintsami. Users of the network draw a parallel to the actress’s blouse with smooth water.

Actor Jim Carrey deleted his Facebook account because of Russia

I drop my Facebook shares and delete my page, because Facebook made a profit from Russian interference in our elections, and they still do not do enough to stop it. I urge all other investors who care about our future to do the same. – Jim Carrey, Canadian-American actor

Final of the contest of managers “Leaders of Russia” opens in Sochi

The final of the All-Russia competition of managers “Leaders of Russia” begins on Wednesday in the park of science and art “Sirius” in Sochi.

Dana Borisova suspects Buzov of using drugs

Dana Borisova suspected Olga Buzova of drug use. Dana recently underwent rehabilitation and treatment in the center for drug addicts in Thailand. And now with a sharp look he looks around in search of the same

The winner of the rap-battle Gufa and Ptah became famous

Users of social networks “merged” information about the victory of rapper Guf on Versus Battle. Yesterday in St. Petersburg, a rap battle took place between former members of the group Centr Guf (Alexei Dolmatov) and Ptakha (David Nuriev)

The daughter of Dana Borisova pulled her hair

After returning home, Dana can not communicate with her own child. The former husband had so set up against her daughter Dasha, that she treated her mother with hatred, and recently and completely grabbed her by the hair while tearing out a large clap.

Star of the “Sixth Sense” made a scandal at the airport in Las Vegas

Star of the “Sixth Sense” Haley Joel Osment made a scandal at the airport in Las Vegas. As reported by Gazeta.ru, the actor failed to get on his American Airlines flight on Sunday, February 4. He was offered to try to fly away on Monday morning, February 5, but there were no places there either.

The Ministry of Culture denied Nicholas Noskov the title of “Honored Artist”

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation denied the famous singer Nikolai Noskov the title of Honored Artist of Russia. The agency explained that this decision was taken by an expert council, which includes professionals from the cultural community.

French director replaced herself with cardboard at the Oscar ceremony

The French director Agnes Varda, whose documentary “Faces, Villages” was nominated for an Oscar, sent a full-length cardboard copy for the nominees’ meeting.

Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya faces up to 10 years in prison for fraud

Lawyers Armen Dzhigarkhanyan informed his former wife Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya that she faces punishment of up to 10 years in prison.

Chekhov insulted the poor and fat Russians

Anfisa Chekhova, known as a TV presenter, insulted the poor and overweight Russians. Those received unpleasant reports concerning the course of losing weight she started. The new supersystem from Chekhov was widely publicized.

Dakota Johnson uses BDSM and in life

Star “50 shades of gray” Dakota Johnson, who played the role of Anastacia Steel, in a candid interview admitted that on the set of the film first learned about the sexual culture of BDSM. Now the girl successfully practices the received skills on shootings and in a real life

Gluck’oZa showed a photo of a bold decollete at a resort in Mexico

Singer Gluck’oZa is on vacation in the mansion of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. Natalia Ionova, who is also known as the singer GluckoZa, spends an exotic vacation in Mexico. She stopped at the resort of Tulum, who adores Hollywood stars.

Son of Senchukova and Rybin fans called a copy of Johnny Depp

The son of the famous parents Senchukova and Rybin can easily compete with Johnny Depp. According to many, the 19-year-old guy has a super model appearance and can beat all the records of the world’s handsome men. Natalia Senchukova herself supports the opinion of the fans about her 19-year-old son Vasiliy.

Our son is now resting after a session in warm countries. And we both sit together and miss him – Natalia Senchukova, singer

From Venice to Moscow: in the capital there is a festival of Italian cinema

Franz Kafka on the big screen and Cinderella sponsoring the mafia – in the capital there is a festival of Italian cinema “From Venice to Moscow”. Not only modern films and classical paintings await guests, but also meetings with directors

Leonid Agutin boasted of an adult and talented daughter

Well-known Russian singer Leonid Agutin boasted to his subscribers on the web with his grown-up and talented daughter. Lisa Varum, according to users, is not only talented, but also very sexy. The daughter of the star couple Lisa Varum is the vocalist of the musical band Without Gravity.


The most popular words for depressed people

It turned out that depressed people very often use such adjectives with a negative emotional load, like, for example, “sad”, “lonely” and “pathetic,” and also tend to use the words “I” and “me” too often. The latter suggests that people who are depressed are confined to themselves and their experiences, thus losing contact with the world.

Another interesting fact – those who suffer from depression often use the words “always”, “nothing” and “absolutely”, that is, they show a tendency to categorical judgments. This, as experts say, is logical – depression really erases from the consciousness of “halftone”.

In the State Duma introduced a bill on the return of summer time

State Duma deputy Andrei Baryshev (“United Russia”) introduced a bill to the lower house of parliament, which is proposed to return to Russia in summer time, follows from the electronic database of the State Duma.

The hunger called the income of Russians an obstacle to economic growth

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Olga Golodets said that low incomes of Russian citizens are the main obstacle to the economic growth of the country.

Today, it is the income of the population that is the most basic constraint in the development of demand and, consequently, sustained economic growth. – Olga Golodets, Russian statesman

Consumption of alcohol in Russia decreased by 40% in 10 years

Consumption of alcohol in Russia has been declining for 10 years, and last year it fell to 10 liters per person, in 2007 this figure was 16.4 liters. This information was reported to Izvestiya by the Ministry of Health. It is noted that the decline affected all ages and especially men from 20 to 40 years.

Moscow became the second in the world in terms of traffic congestion in 2017

In 2017, Moscow took the second place in the world in the ranking of the level of traffic congestion. This is stated in a study conducted by INRIX. The leader of the list was the American city of Los Angeles, whose residents spend in traffic jams about 102 hours per year

Rosgvardia proposes to tighten the requirements for the selection of security in schools

Rosgvardia proposed to select protection in schools on new criteria. The necessary conditions for working in educational institutions will be the absence of violations over the past year and the availability of similar work experience, said Alexander Khinshtein, Adviser to the Director of Rosgvardia

The Central Bank will check employees on the lie detector

The regulator has been testing the use of psychophysiological research methods for several months as one of the tools for an integrated assessment of employees along with professional and analytical testing, confirmed results of work, assessment of managers, etc., the representative of the Central Bank confirmed to Vedomosti

In Sochi, the director of the school was dismissed, in which they shot a scandalous video

Director of School No. 4, in which a scandalous clip was filmed, was dismissed at his own request, according to the website of the city administration for education.
Recall, a biology teacher posted a video about broken furniture in the offices in social networks. Later, she was fired for systematic violation of the charter of the educational institution

The cost of moving Smolny to Nevsky Ratusha increased by 6 billion rubles

The move of the St. Petersburg government to the business district Nevskaya Ratusha will cost 20.3 billion rubles, Nevsky Novosti reports. Earlier, the amount was called about one and a half times less – 14 billion rubles. This is due to the terms of the purchase.

Regions have laid almost 27 billion rubles for an increase in the minimum wage in 2018

The subjects of the RF laid in the budgets of regional and municipal levels almost 27 billion rubles out of 32 necessary to bring the minimum wage (minimum wage) to the subsistence level


Gazprom achieved a record share in the gas market in Europe

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom Alexander Medvedev said that the company has reached a record share in the European market in the history of the Soviet and Russian gas industry. This is reported by the newspaper Izvestia. It is specified that in 2017 the share of the Russian concern in Europe increased to 34.7%.

“Gazprom” spoke of the readiness of two thirds of the pipeline “Power of Siberia”

Today, on February 6, during a meeting with the correspondents of the TASS news agency in New York, the head of the Gazprom corporation, Kirill Polus, spoke about the situation surrounding the construction of the Siberia Power pipeline.

IMF: Russia almost caught up with Africa in terms of shadow economy

It is specified that the similar level of the shadow economy is in the relatively developed countries of Africa, Pakistan, in the EU, only Romania and Bulgaria have a similar level of “shadow”. Earlier it was reported that the amount of hidden wages and incomes in Russia in five years increased almost by half.

CB: the volume of mortgage issued in 2017 grew in the Russian Federation by 37.2%, to 2 trillion rubles

The volume of loans issued in the sphere of mortgage housing loans (IHC) in 2017 grew in Russia by 37.2% compared to 2016 and reached 2 trillion rubles, the Bank of Russia

VTB decided to invest 30 billion rubles. in the logistics centers of the “Post of Russia”

VTB is considering investing 30 billion rubles. in the creation of 40 logistics centers “Post of Russia”. This is the head of VTB Andrei Kostin said during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the Kremlin website.

Sberbank received in January 2018 profit of 65.33 billion rubles

The main increase in commission income was provided by operations with bank cards (+ 35.9%), settlement operations (+ 23.1%) and commission from sale of insurance products (+ 31%).

The Ministry of Finance will hold auctions on OFZ two issues for 35 billion rubles

According to the materials of the department, on February 7, the Ministry of Finance will offer OFZ-PD investors 26212 with redemption on January 19, 2028 for the amount of 20 billion rubles at face value and OFZ-PD of 25083 issue with redemption on December 15, 2021 for 15 billion rubles at face value.

Gazprom Neft in 2017 increased net profit by 26.5%

Gazprom Neft published preliminary IFRS financials for 12 months of 2017. According to a press release on the company’s website, net profit increased by 26.5% compared to the indicator of 2016 and amounted to 253 billion rubles

Europe complains of a sharp drop in the quality of Russian oil

European companies complain of a sharp drop in the quality of Urals oil from Russia. They threaten to demand that Russia reduce the price of this brand’s oil and limit the purchase of raw materials, several sources told Reuters.


China was the first in the world to successfully experience a passenger drones

In the south of China in Guangdong province, the world’s first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) EHang 184 was successfully tested, Xinhua reports. It is reported that a passenger of such a drone for movement through the air should only sit in a chair and fasten the seat belt

Ice-resistant sea platform was developed in FEFU

Master of Engineering School Far Eastern Federal University Vladislav Baryshev developed a project of ice-resistant offshore platform for production facilities on the Arctic shelf. The platform can accommodate exploration equipment.

The Product Hunt created the Revenge Spam site for spamming the mail with spam

The site of Revenge Spam, created by the experts of the company Product Hunt, allows you to literally fill up an electronic mailbox with unwanted correspondence.

Presentation of a new smartphone Infinix Hot S3

In India, officially presented a democratic version of the smartphone Infinix Hot S3. Analysts say that the new device will be a real “killer” of popular versions of Xiaomi Redmi Y1, as well as Honor 9 Lite.

The media learned how the FBI watched Levashov

Law enforcement authorities in the United States since May 2016 followed the Russian programmer Peter Levashov in the cloud service company Apple. This is reported with reference to the court documents informs Verge.

WhatsApp added a voice feature with five people at once

Developers have added to the messenger WhatsApp a new feature that allows the user to include voice communication and communicate with five people at once. Advanced functionality is available in the beta version, released on February 6 for smartphones on Android.

ZTE introduced modems CPE with a profile of 35b

ZTE Corporation introduced the ZXHN H186 modem – the first subscriber unit (CPE) that supports a connection using a 35b profile. Using the ZXHN H186 modem allows operators, with less investment, to increase throughput for the end user.

Kapcha, who misses the site only robots

The creators of the Do Something Good project made a special captcha, which only the robot can decrypt. In contrast to the usual captcha, which is used for recognition of bots, the site Humans Not Invited captcha is designed for the reverse purpose of not allowing a person to go to the resource.

Google Lighthouse will conduct an SEO-audit of the pages of your site

Using the extension, you can check the status:

Anchors, Title and Description Fields, HTTP Status Code, hreflang and rel = canonical Attributes

Also, the extension checks whether the font is readable on the page and whether it is available for indexing.

The Lighthouse report displays the current data for the above parameters and recommendations to further improve the optimization.

Smartphone with a diamond screen will be released in 2019

In 2019, the first unbreakable smartphone with a diamond screen will be released. The device will be the most resistant to physical damage. The company Corning produces a unique protection called Gorilla Glass.

In notebooks there will be a new processor Snapdragon 850 with 5G

Representatives of the manufacturer of processors Qualcomm said that in notebooks there will be a new Snapdragon 850 with 5G. Presumably, it will debut in the second quarter of 2018. Specialists Qualcomm announced the creation of a mobile chip Snapdragon 850.


Scientists have found extinct species of caudate spiders

Scientists have discovered an unknown extinct species of spiders – four representatives of arachnids were found in samples of amber from Myanmar. This is told in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Rolls-Royce will start producing “smart” aircraft engines

The Singapore airshow, owned by Rolls-Royce, presented a new development in the form of artificial intelligence for aircraft engines. Thanks to the developed system, the engines will be able to communicate with each other and with ground services

French fries cure baldness

Scientists at the University of Yokohama have come up with a new way to combat hair loss. This is reported by the Internet publication “Free Press”. To grow hair follicles, scientists decided to use a chemical called polydimethylsiloxane. It is added during the frying of potatoes, so that the oil does not foam too much

Scientists: Stimulation of temporal lobes improves memory

Deep stimulation of the middle part of the temporal lobes helps to memorize textual information. This is reported by scientists from the United States, who stimulated the cerebral cortex of patients who had epileptic seizures. Details were published in Nature Communications.

Ozone layer over large cities collapses

Researchers from the United States reported that the ozone layer over large cities continues to collapse. According to experts, this process is not hampered even by the ban on the release of relevant substances into the atmosphere.

Surrounding the melting glaciers underwater wall suggested geoengineering

Glaciers, standing entirely on land, melt much more slowly than those that are located on the border with the oceans. A stone wall should block access to warm water to the glacier and reduce the rate of its melting.

Scientists have developed electronic “tattoos” for products

Scientists from the Italian Institute of Technology, after conducting research, created electronic “tattoos” for products. The edible contours placed by specialists can follow the ripeness of the fruit.

Biologists measured “viral rain” in the atmosphere

Canadian virologists for the first time managed to quantitatively examine the entire mass of virus particles that wind up from the surface into the troposphere and can be carried thousands of kilometers, showering the Earth with a “virus rain”

Scientists have proved that dim light and work without illumination are “stupefied”

It became known that American scientists have determined the negative effect of dim light on brain function.


Ilon Mask successfully launched Tesla Roadster into space

The founder of Tesla company Ilon Mask successfully launched the electric sports car Tesla Roadster into space. The car became a useful load in the test launch of the heavy Falcon Heavy missile, launched on February 6 from the Cape Canaveral in Florida by SpaceX, also owned by Mr. Mask.

Image from the SpaceX Flight Control Center. It is obvious that the car is in orbit around the Earth. – Ilon Mask, an American engineer

Scientists have determined the origin of the Chelyabinsk meteorite

The scientists found out that the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite flew to Earth from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Samara scientists have developed a satellite project for 3D-mapping of the Earth

Specialists of the Rocket and Space Center (RCC) “Progress” and the Samara National Research University named after S.P. Korolev developed a project of the spacecraft “Aist-2M”. This is reported on February 7 by Izvestiya.

UAE is the first in the Arab world to launch a satellite of its own production

Engineers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) were the first in the Arab world to develop and assemble a satellite without resorting to foreign specialists.

Israel to conduct an experiment to simulate life on Mars

It is planned that six people will take part in the mission to imitate life on Mars. During the test use of the station, researchers were supposed to conduct several experiments. Note that the participants of the experiment will be isolated from the surrounding world.

By the middle of the century, the Sun will enter the “grand minimum” period

Experts assessed the possible consequences of the “grand minimum” on the Sun for the Earth’s climate. The sun passes from time to time through periods of “grand minimums”. Then the intensity of its magnetic fields decreases, and spots appear extremely rarely

Researcher Dan Lubin argues that the intensity of UV radiation during the “grand minimum” can be seven percent below the usual values. This can lead to a chain of events in the atmosphere and climate of the Earth. The formation of ozone and the temperature gradient of the stratosphere will slow down. This directly affect the terrestrial climate. Probably, in some regions it will become noticeably colder, while in others, on the contrary, there will be unusually high temperatures

NASA with the help of “Kepler” found the heavenly bodies fit for life

The system KIC3542116 is located at a distance of 11 billion kilometers from our planet. Previously, scientists found 12 objects, similar to today’s discovery, which amazed with their giant size. This exocet is different from celestial bodies with a mass that is 200 times smaller than that of the Moon.


Kia in India introduced a new compact crossover Kia SP

The prototype model is a harbinger of a new serial crossover that will be created primarily for the Indian market. Now the company does not offer its cars in India, so the crossover will be the first from Kia, which will be on sale.

Mercedes-Benz introduced the new generation of Sprinter

The company Mercedes-Benz presented at a special event in the German town of Duisburg a new generation of its van Sprinter. Commercial car was designed in the style of the latest models Stuttgart brand

Mclaren in 2019 will launch hybrid supercars with autopilot

British company McLaren in the future completely abandon the traditional ICE, as a new platform for future novelties is developed taking into account only hybrid power plants

Pininfarina to show in Geneva 800-strong electric car

The Hybrid Kinetic Group together with the Italian design studio Pininfarina will bring to Geneva a new electric vehicle. It is reported that the model called HK GT will be shown at the upcoming motor show. According to available data, the public will see only the concept of the vehicle.

In Chicago, the new Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

At the auto show in Chicago, the South Korean company Hyundai Motor will bring the upgraded four-door Sonata Hybrid. The sedan outwardly almost does not differ from its predecessor, which was shown to the general public at the motor show in New York last year

Jaguar will release 25 sports cars D-Type 1956 year

Company Jaguar will release 25 sports cars D-Type of 1956 – cars will gather forces of experts Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Warwickshire. In 1955, Jaguar planned to release 100 copies of the D-Type, but only 75 cars were made. The last car was released in 1956.

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