1 Feb, 2018

On the “secret weapon” of the DPRK …

The underground military facilities of the DPRK can be Pyongyang’s “secret weapon” if an armed conflict begins on the Korean Peninsula. This is reported by the National Interest.

It is noted that the DPRK has at least 84 underground tunnels, due to which the North Korean army is able to overcome the underground South Korean defenses. And there is a large capacity of these tunnels.

In addition to them, according to experts, North Korea has three air base bases, which are difficult to destroy during the war.

Also since 2004, in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, special bunkers have been created near the demilitarized zone to camouflage the infantry. About 800 similar underground facilities and about eight thousand underground shelters for the country’s leadership have already been created.

It is reported and about some artillery guns in the DPRK, which are deployed directly in the tunnels dug in the mountains. Claiming about the presence of underground military facilities of North Korea, experts NI stressed that finding them from satellites is almost impossible.

Briefly about the main …..


CEC Completes Acceptance of Documents for Registration of Candidates for Presidency

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Russia has completed the receipt of signatures of voters required to register candidates for the election of the Russian president. Now within ten days the CEC will check submitted documents and signatures. On February 10, he will decide on the registration of candidates.

All the others, unfortunately, left the race earlier, could not collect the signatures, they informed the Central Election Commission about this. – Ella Pamfilova, public figure

The Canadian parliament made the text of the national anthem “gender neutral”

The Senate of Canada approved the bill in the third reading, according to which “gender neutral” changes will be made to the text of the national anthem, according to the Twitter of the upper house. The draft law on amending the text of the hymn was introduced by the MP from the Liberal Party, Moril Belanger.

Beijing promised to punish attempts to separate Taiwan

China intends to firmly oppose possible attempts to separate Taiwan.

“China will not allow us to separate Taiwan,” said Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Department of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

The Senate of Poland adopted a law banning “Bandera ideology” in the country

The upper house of parliament (Senate) of Poland passed a law on criminal responsibility for propaganda of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalists and statements that expose the Poles as accomplices in the crimes of Nazi Germany.

Glavred “Country.ua” left Ukraine and asked for asylum in Austria

The editor-in-chief of the publication “Country.ua” Igor Guzhva fled to Austria from persecution of the Ukrainian authorities and applied for political asylum. This was announced by his lawyer Andrei Portnov

Schools in the Czech Republic withdrew from the school atlases with the Russian Crimea

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic withdrew the school atlas, on which the Crimea is designated as the territory of Russia, follows from the message of the department

US to allocate $ 350,000 to UN for investigation of crimes in Syria

The United States will allocate $ 350,000 to finance the Mechanism for the Investigation of Crimes in Syria, established in accordance with the UN General Assembly resolution adopted in 2016. This was reported on Wednesday by the US Permanent Mission to the World Organization

The Prime Minister of Denmark was accused of taking bribes

Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen was accused of taking bribes after he accepted a gift from a familiar shipowner. According to the newspaper Jyllands-Posten, a statement on the head of the government filed a former Danish civil servant.

The US extended the permit for the stay of Syrian refugees in the country

The US Department of Homeland Security extended for 1,5 years permission to stay in the country to about 7,000 Syrian refugees.

The United States has included in the sanctions lists of one of the leaders of Hamas

The US Finance Ministry introduced the chairman of the political bureau of the Palestinian Hamas movement, Ismail Haniyeh, to the sanctions list, the ministry said on Wednesday. In addition, under the sanctions were two Egyptian groups and one Palestinian.

Teresa May did not accept the resignation of the late deputy minister

British Prime Minister Teresa May did not accept the resignation of Michael Bates, the Deputy Minister for International Development, who decided to leave his post due to being late for the House of Lords meeting.


SpaceX launches Falcon 9 missile with communication satellite

The American company SpaceX carried out on Wednesday from the cosmodrome at Cape Canaveral (Fla.) The launch of the Falcon 9 booster rocket with the GovSat-1 satellite on board. The translation was conducted on the website SpaceX.

The test of the Aegis missile defense system failed

In the US, training fights were conducted using Aegis antimissile. The tests failed. The anti-missile could not intercept the target, which was launched from the aircraft, RIA Novosti reports with reference to foreign media

The APU said they took control of the village in the neutral zone in the Donbass

The siloviki took control of the village Novoaleksandrovka of the Popasnyansky district of the Lugansk region, located in the neutral zone on the line of demarcation in the Donbas, follows from the plot of the “military television of Ukraine” on the website of the Ministry of Defense of the country.

Canada does not consider Russia an imminent threat to NATO

“During the meeting, Minister Sadzhan confirmed that Canada does not believe that Russia poses an imminent danger to NATO,” the Tass quotes the Canadian defense department. Nevertheless, the Canadian authorities believe that Russia’s military activities need to be “closely monitored”.

Conflict in the Donbass is recognized as one of the most deadly since World War II

The conflict in the Donbass became one of the most bloody in Europe since the end of World War II. This conclusion was reached in the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) of the United Nations.

Great Britain sent a minesweeper to escort ships of the Russian Federation

Journalists in the UK learned that the Ministry of Defense of the country in August 2017 sent a trawler to accompany the submarines and the cruiser of the Russian Federation. It became known that the minesweeper was sent because of a shortage of ships, and this information was classified by the Ministry.

Shoigu told about the implementation of the state defense order in 2017

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the state defense order of 2017 for deliveries of new weapons, military and special equipment (WWT) to the Russian Armed Forces was fulfilled by 98.5%.

In general, the state defense order in 2017 for the supply of new models of military and special equipment was 98.5% complete. For repairs at 96.7%. The achieved results show that industrial enterprises basically fulfill their obligations. – Sergei Shoigu, Russian military leader

For the Russian military will create an invulnerable computer for hackers

In Russia, a computer for the military with domestic “stuffing” will be created. This is stated in the message of the concern Almaz-Antey. As reported at the enterprise, the work on the creation of such a PC is already being completed

The ballistic missile “Sarmat” was tested at the Plesetsk cosmodrome

Throw tests of the liquid intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) RS-28 “Sarmat” could take place in late 2017, RIA Novosti reported. The readiness of the launch complex at the Plesetsk cosmodrome on a single day of acceptance of military products was reported by Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Ivanov.


The mayor of Riga spoke about the new state service “Friend of the language”

Riga Mayor Nil Ushakov commented on the emergence of the mobile application “Friend of the Language” in the country. New mobile service allows you to complain about ignorance or misuse of Latvian language norms

Ministry of Health will strengthen control over the fitness of doctors

The Ministry of Health of Russia offered to re-accredit doctors who violated the recommendations for treatment. This was stated by Veronika Skvortsova, the head of the department.

If we see that the bar is going down, then he will have to undergo further training. In addition, according to the Labor Code, there are also disciplinary violations, if a person fulfills his professional duties in an unqualified manner. – Veronika Skvortsova, Russian statesman

Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation plans to open first-aid posts for the homeless

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation plans to implement a pilot project on the placement of medical assistance to the homeless. Irkutsk will be among the first three cities to launch. January 30 issue discussed in the Ministry of Health at a meeting at which attended by representatives of the ROC and public organizations.

The consumer confidence of Russians has returned to the level of 2013

The consumer index of Ivanov, reflecting the level of consumer confidence of Russians, improved from -12% to -10% in the fourth quarter of 2017, according to the report of Sberbank CIB. As analysts specify, the index finally returned to the level that preceded the fall of the second half of 2013.

Chubais is confident that Russians pay too little for gas and electricity

The head of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais believes that the development of Russia’s economy is hampered by too low prices for gas and electricity. He offered to find the optimal cost of gas, because due to low tariffs, 50-60 billion cubic meters of blue fuel are flown to the pipeline each year.

The ban on the film “The Death of Stalin” is openly censored

Members of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC) consider the withdrawal of the rental certificate from the film “The Death of Stalin” a fact of frank, undisguised censorship, said member of the HRO Ilya Shablinsky at a press conference on Wednesday.


Relatives of Vostok ship crew will receive 1.5 million rubles each

The company “DV-fleet”, the shipowner of the vessel “Vostok” missing in the Sea of Japan, will help the relatives of the trawler’s crew, paying 1.5 million rubles each. This was reported by TASS, the general director of the company Stanislav Malchevsky.

In St. Petersburg after the pursuit of shooting started a case

The criminal case was initiated after the pursuit of shooting in St. Petersburg, where a robbery occurred in the jewelry salon, the Investigative Committee of Russia said. The case was initiated under articles “robbery” and “encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer”.

The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation opened a case in connection with an attempt on a businessman in Moscow

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal investigation into the attempt on the businessman near the Svyatogor business center in Moscow, said Julia Ivanova, senior assistant to the head of the capital’s head of the Russian SK.

The court arrested the spokesman of Navalny for five days

Simonovsky Court of Moscow arrested for five days the press secretary of the blogger Alexei Navalny Kira Yarmish for calls to participate in the uncoordinated action. Tass was informed about this in the press service of the court

Aeroflot was told about smoke on board the aircraft

In Aeroflot commented on the fire that occurred on board the aircraft A320 after landing at the airport in Volgograd. The company noted that one of the passengers began to smoke a portable battery for the phone. The fire was immediately eliminated by flight attendants.

In the Khabarovsk Territory there was an earthquake

An earthquake of magnitude 4 occurred at a depth of nine kilometers. For Komsomol members it was weakly sensible. The shots were noticed mainly by the inhabitants of the Leninsky district, who also called the Unified Duty and Dispatch Service of the city.

In a fire in a Japanese nursing home, 11 people were killed

Eleven people died in a fire in a nursing home in Japan. This is reported by TASS with reference to the agency Kyodo. A state of emergency occurred in Sapporo in the north of the country.

Prosecutor General’s Office asked to revoke the verdict of the doctor Misurina

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia asked to cancel the court decision, according to which the doctor Elena Misyurina was sentenced to two years in prison. This department wrote on its telegram channel.

Five years ago, Elena Misyurina treated the patient with a trepanobiopsy procedure. Four days later he died in another hospital with other doctors. The cause of death was not established, an autopsy was conducted by an expert who was not licensed. But they accused the death of the patient anyway Elena Nikolaevna.

On the Kuriles, the captain of a Japanese ship was convicted

The captain of the Japanese ship Nikko-Maru was convicted in the Kuriles for violating the license requirements for fishing in Russian waters, the press service of the Russian FSB border control department in the Sakhalin region said on Thursday.

Star of the series “Detectives” detained for work as a detective FSB officers

Employees of the Federal Security Service of the Federal Security Service detained the star of the television series “Detectives” Alexei Nasonov. Ex-policeman, not satisfied with the career of the actor, moonlighting in the former specialty with violations of the law.


The State Duma will consider a bill on a new amnesty of capital

The State Duma on February 7 plans to consider in the first reading a package of bills on holding an amnesty of capital in 2018-2019, follows from the agenda of the lower house of parliament.

The Reserve Fund officially ceased to exist

The Reserve Fund of Russia officially ceased to exist – 10 years after its creation. The fact that on February 1 the fund will cease to exist was reported by the Ministry of Finance on 10 January.

The Fed kept the base rate at 1.25-1.5% per annum

The Federal Reserve System (FRS), which acts as the central bank of the United States, maintained the benchmark interest rate at 1.25-1.5%.

Rosatom will order ships in Finland for LNG export from Yamal

According to the materials, Aker Arctic Technology will have to carry out a conceptual design and carry out model ice tests of a 46-meter-long icebreaker operating on liquefied gas. The scope of these works is to study the effect of the width of the icebreaker on the speed of the Yamal-max gas-carrier wiring.

Ex-head of the Federal Reserve said two “bubbles” in the US financial market

Former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, believes that two “bubbles” have inflated in the US financial market. He made this statement in an interview with Bloomberg Television.
“There are two bubbles: one – in the stock market, another – in the bond market. – he said. “I think that in the end the bubble in the bond market will become a critical issue.”

The government approved the possibility of registering legal entities without an office

“The third story is a joint program with the SME Corporation to provide soft loans at the level of 6, 5%,” he added, recalling that 15 banks were selected this week, and in February loans will begin at this rate.

We agreed that those businesses that will be registered in electronic format will be registered with a zero fee. This implies the abolition of state duties for the registration of a new business in electronic format. – Maxim Oreshkin, Russian statesman

Rosselkhoznadzor allowed import of tomatoes from five more Turkish enterprises

From February 1, the list of enterprises-suppliers will expand to eight, but the quota remains the same. As you know, Russia banned the import of fruits and vegetables from Turkey on January 1, 2016 after the deterioration of relations between the two countries, but then the restrictions were phased out.

The import of Russian goods to Ukraine grew by 40% in 2017

The growth was due to the supply of energy. “Most of all over the past year, imports of goods from the EU countries grew by 23% due to supplies of natural gas and machinery products, and Russia (by 40%) – due to coal, oil products and fertilizers,” the NBU quotes TASS.

American Hess Corp is planning a capex in 2018 at $ 2.1 billion

The US oil-producing company Hess Corp plans in 2018 to keep investments at the level of $ 2.1 billion, most of which will be directed to the production of shale hydrocarbons in the US and projects in Guyana, the corporation

The Central Bank will allow pension funds to invest in foreign companies

After the project’s entry, the Central Bank’s instructions to non-state pension funds (NPFs) for the first time will be able to place pension reserves independently, without the control of independent management companies, and for the first time can invest in foreign assets.

Venezuela estimated the initial cost of its crypto currency “petro”

The initial cost of the Venezuelan crypto currency will be $ 60 per petro, in total 38.4 million petro will be sold during the preliminary bidding, Globovision reports referring to the approved parameters for the circulation of the new currency.

The law on syndicated loans came into force

The law on syndicated lending, under which several creditors are obliged to provide money to a borrower – a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur – will come into force on February 1.

Such a form of lending allows dividing risks among several participants, which in turn should help attract project financing, which is so rarely used in Russia.

Gasoline in Turkmenistan has risen in price one and a half times

In Turkmenistan, gasoline has risen in price by 50% since February 1: now the 95th liter costs AZN 1.5 (before its cost was AZN 1), and the liter of the 92nd – AZN 1.35 (instead of 0.94).

The duty on oil exports in Russia has increased since February 2018

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation informed that starting from February 1 the duty on oil export from the country will be increased by 8.7 dollars – up to 120.1 dollars per ton. At the same time, the export duty on high-viscosity oil was raised to $ 19.5 from 17.9.

The cost of gasoline in Russia in December 2017 increased by 1.4%

The average price of a liter of gasoline in Russia in December 2017 increased by 1.4% by November – up to 39.04 rubles, according to Rosstat. Since the beginning of 2017 by the end of December, gasoline in the country has risen in price by 5.7%. Consumer prices for diesel fuel in December increased by an average of 2.3% – to 40.24 rubles per liter.

Shell will withdraw from the gas production project in Thailand

The Anglo-Dutch oil and gas concern Shell has agreed to sell a stake in the project for the development of the Bongkot gas field and the adjacent sections on the shelf of Thailand to RTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP), Shell said.


Lawyer Dzhigarkhanyan denied information about the hospitalization of the actor

It became known that the people’s artist Armen Jigarkhanyan is all right. “I say responsibly: there is no attack by Armen Borisovich,” says the words of the lawyer Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Yevgeny Parfenov RT.

The network is surprised by the appearance of the actor Alexander Domogarov

January 30 Katya Lel laid out in Instagram a joint shot with Alexander Domogarov. Users were surprised by the appearance of the actor, in particular, rumors spread that he was seriously ill

The winner of the Strzhelchik Prize was the actress BDT Marina Ignatova

The names of the laureates remain secret until the last moment and the decision is taken collectively by Alisa Freindlich, Oleg Basilashvili and the widow of Strzhelchik, Lyudmila Shuvalova. This year, congratulations were awarded to only one laureate – actress BDT Marina Ignatova

Britney Spears was laughed at for a fur coat and advised to address to the stylist

Britney Spears was made fun of for a fur coat and advised to find a stylist. At the same time, a couple of commentators recommend the singer to change her image, which would correspond to the present. Also over her grinned for the abundant use of shadows.

Days of Russian spiritual culture open in Italy

Days of Russian spiritual culture, which are part of the “Russian Seasons” festival, begin on Thursday in Italy

Kovalev wants to adopt a child Kalashnikova

Businessman Andrei Kovalev decided to adopt his godfather Daniel, born of singer Anna Kalashnikova. The news was reported by Kalashnikova’s friend Olga Kazachenko

Paris Hilton appeared in the image of Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton has often surprised her fans, but this time she was able to attract the attention not only of them, but also of ordinary users on the Web. The reason was her updated image, which exactly copies Kim Kardashian. The reason for this transformation remains unknown

E-channel became the winner of the “Big figure” award

The program grid of the channel includes more than 20 different genre projects. In November 2016, the channel became the winner of the national award “Country” in the nomination “Discovery of the Year”, and in February 2017 was awarded the national prize in the field of multi-channel digital television “Big Digit”

Panin arranged chaos on the roads of Moscow

The artist at high speed took his hands off the steering wheel and photographed himself from the side, sticking out the phone from the car window. “We have ahead of Gagarin Square, take off!” Panin shouted joyfully. On the shots you can see that the roads are wet after the last snowfall, and the artist is not fastened with a seat belt.

Jennifer Lopez struck with a choice of attire

48-year-old Jennifer Lopez does not cease to amaze with stylish and frank images. This time the star appeared at the press conference of the American program “World of Dance” (World of Dance) in a short white dress and won photographers and journalists

Rose McGowan accused Ben Affleck of covering Weinstein

Rose McGowan, who wrote a book about the harassment of Harvey Weinstein, accused Ben Affleck of inaction. The actor denies that he knew about the tricks of the scandalous producer. Actress Rose McGowan claims that Ben Affleck was then an assistant producer and knew for sure his unacceptable behavior.

In Yekaterinburg will celebrate the birthday of the first president

In the evening, director and producer Irena Lesnevskaya will present films about Yeltsin “One Day in the President’s Family” and “The Man’s Talk 2”. These are films made during the most difficult periods of the country’s life

American rapper Sean Combs “removed” unnecessary people from the picture

The world-famous hip-hopper Sean Combs was convicted of using photoshop on his pictures in social networks. The executor already once again “erases” people from photographs

Vodonaeva frankly told about the “adjustment” of her body

The native of Tyumen, the former star of the television show “Dom-2” Alain Vodonaeva decided to speak frankly with her subscribers. The model and TV presenter described what parts of the body she “made herself”.

Alexei Panin praised the words of Pavel Maykov on the series “Brigade”

Panin believes that this is the problem of the Russian “semi-criminal homophobic society”. In the West, where absolutely different values, such a movie can not do harm, and in Russia, even those who did not sit on the zone can talk “by the hair dryer,” says the actor.

This is the problem of our semi-criminal homophobic society. In Europe, such a movie can not be harmful. Their values are different, not gangster-gopnicheskie. At us even those who did not sit, try to speak on the hair drier. In any other country, this would be an insult, and we have – a matter of pride. – Alexei Panin, Russian actor


Samsung said when will release secret folding smartphones

According to the information contained in the final report, before the end of the current calendar year Samsung will launch its own folding gadgets with OLED-screen. It is reported that a closed presentation of “secret” devices was held within the framework of CES.

Telegram became inaccessible to Russian users of Apple

The popular Telegram messenger suddenly disappeared from the Russian version of Apple’s online app store, Appstore.

Samsung became the largest chip manufacturer, ahead of Intel

Statistics show that the South Korean company received record profits from the sales of processors and became their main producer in the world, ahead of Intel. Sales of Samsung chipsets in 2017 brought $ 69 billion, while the profit from Intel’s chipsets for the same period was $ 62.8 billion.

Alexa from Amazon has learned to send SMS to other subscribers

Each message that will be delivered to the subscriber will contain not only text, but also a user-dictated entry. In the new function, however, there are some flaws. In particular, it is known that Alexa has not yet learned to write to group chat rooms and rescue services.

HTC patented a “magnetic” headset and sports sensors for VR

It is still unknown what kind of materials the headset can be made of. The second patent from HTC – sensors, which are designed for sports. Usually their setting takes a certain amount of time, but the company has simplified this process

Budget smartphone LEAGOO S9 will receive a Notch-Packing display

LEAGOO S9 will receive a unique Notch-Packing display. According to information from Western experts, the device will become one of the main competitors for the new generation of iPhone. LEAGOO S9, which will be presented in the middle of this year, received the operating system Android 8.1 Oreo.

Apple will allow to run on Mac applications for iPhone and iPad

Apple plans by the end of 2018 to introduce the ability to run on Mac computers applications written for iPhone’s smartphones and iPad tablets. About this reported almost simultaneously two resources – Bloomberg and Axios.

Lenovo is preparing to release a budget laptop-transformer Yoga 330

The company Lenovo is preparing to release a budget laptop-transformer, which was called Yoga 330. It is noted that the laptop will be classified as a budget.

Toshiba introduced a new generation of laptops Portege

The new family of Toshiba Portege notebooks is entering the market. So devices X20W and X30 will work on the basis of the operating system Windows 10 Pro. The hardware was based on the 8th generation Intel Core processors.

Smartphone Ulefone T2 Pro first to receive a chipset MediaTek Helio P70

The first smartphone, created on the basis of MediaTek Helio P70, Ulefone company will show at the exhibition MWC 2018. The new model of the gadget called T2 Pro buyers expect with great impatience

Smartphone OnePlus 5T began to update to Android 8.0 Oreo

OnePlus began distributing the firmware update OxygenOS 5.0.2 with the latest version of the Android 8.0 operating system Oreo for the smartphone OnePlus 5T, which debuted in the fall of 2017.

Experts: iOS 12 may be released this year before the premiere of the next iPhone

Insiders in the brand state that the new iPhone will be able to work in the active mode up to 36 hours depending on the load. Software Development Manager Craig Federigi said that the next iPhone model will not be much different from the iPhone X in performance

Telegram tests a new function for grouping channels

Messenger Telegram is testing a feature that will allow users to group the channels to which they are subscribed to a separate “news feed.”

The successor to WannaCry, the WannaMine virus, secretly mines the crypto currency

The successor to the dangerous program WannaCry the WannaMine virus secretly mines the crypto currency. Unexpected is that it gets into the OS absolutely imperceptibly and disables the PC in the shortest time. During such attacks, thefts of crypto-currencies occur.

In Instagram, users can post photos on the timer

Developers of the social network Instagram announced a new feature in the application. Now the user can publish photos in automatic mode, setting a timer for publication. This information was made public in the edition of theverge

TrueConf announced integration with Skype for Business

TrueConf announced the integration with Skype for Business. Updating TrueConf Server 4.3.9 will allow TrueConf and Skype for Business users to participate in joint video conferences, make calls and exchange messages in the chat.

The largest messenger of Japan will launch trade in crypto-currencies

Along with the launch of the crypto currency trade, Line opens a new company, Line Financial, which will also provide financial services to the messenger users.

Google Voice Assistant will soon speak in Russian

In any case, Google Russified the assistant rather than Apple. Since that time, almost 2 years have passed. With the help of Actions on Google, you can develop your own applications (actions) for the helper and – so – to expand its functionality and, consequently, make it even more useful for users.

Instagram will add the video call feature

On all devices running on iOS and Android operating systems, it will soon be possible to make video calls using the client of the popular Instagram program

Renewable sources of electricity for the first time overtook coal

In total, last year in the EU, for the first time in history, the amount of electricity from renewable sources (wind, solar and biofuel) exceeded the amount of electricity received from coal and brown coal.


Scientists have identified close friends on brain activity

American scientists from Dartmouth College under the direction of Talia Wheatley found that for two people who consider each other friends, there are similar patterns of brain activity. The study was published by Nature Communications.

Scientists: Beetles decrease due to global warming

Scientists from the University of British Columbia, after conducting research, said that global warming is the reason for the reduction of beetles. The authors of the project analyzed archival data on the effect of temperature on the size of coleoptera.

Scientists have taught killer whales to imitate human speech

The international group of biologists taught the killer whale to imitate human speech. A marine mammal named Wickey can pronounce individual short phrases in English. To simulate sounds, the animal uses the outer nostrils.

The ears grown in the laboratory were transplanted to children in China

Chinese scientists have grown and transplanted ears for five children with an undeveloped ear from their own cells. As reported by “Gazeta.ru”, the participants in the experiment were children 6-9 years old, born with abnormalities of the auricle.

Archaeologists have found unusually advanced tools of ancient people in India

The oldest people learned to make stone tools about three million years ago, but scientists believe that approximately 400,000 years ago the method of manufacture remained very laborious, which made it impossible to make finds that scientists discovered on the Indian Peninsula.

The level of education of men affects the reproductive health of women

First of all, scientists looked at whether women use contraceptives, whether they often visit a gynecologist, whether they use obstetricians during childbirth and so on. It turned out that the higher the level of knowledge among the stronger sex, the more carefully women monitor their reproductive health.

LEGO was transformed into a modular microfluidic platform

Crystal Owens and John Hart of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have learned how to create inexpensive modular microfluidic devices from standard LEGO parts.

Scientists have read the human genome with the MinION sequencer

Scientists from the US and Canada using the sequencer MinION read the human DNA and set a record for decoding the longest chain. Information about the details of the research appeared in the profile edition. Sequencer looks like a normal smartphone.

Scientists from Korea have created a flexible battery of stretchable electrodes

The researchers note that the hybrid composite material can be used as conductive elements and electrodes in stretchable lithium-ion batteries.

Scientists: Love for sugar leads to the development of dementia

It is reported that diabetes is associated with the appearance of dementia. The results of the research are published in the Diabetologia magazine. Scientists believe that monitoring the content of blood sugar levels will help patients prevent deterioration of the brain.

Scientists were able to overcome super bacteria with an “obsolete” drug

Many bacteria acquire immunity to the action of modern medicines. In search of a solution to this problem, scientists drew attention to the “obsolete” drug “Octapeptine”, which was created about half a century ago

Scientists have found a protein that affects life expectancy

Experts tried to artificially increase the productivity of this protein, as a result of which the duration of the existence of flies increased by 20%. Thus, the main component of the elixir of longevity is found. Now it remains to develop a drug based on Sirt4, experts say.


The Soyuz-2.1a rocket was launched from the Vostochny cosmodrome

The rocket was launched in accordance with the schedule at 05:07 Moscow time. The launch was the third in the history of the cosmodrome. The rocket brought into orbit Russian satellites for remote sensing of the Earth and monitoring of emergency situations “Canopus-B” No. 3 and No. 4 and small space vehicles of the associated load.

Systems for the return of astronauts from the moon will be tested in Russia

Testing of the systems of returning astronauts from the Moon will begin in Russia in 2018. Tests of parachutes for the new domestic apparatus “Federation”, on which the cosmonauts will fly to near-earth orbit and the Moon, will pass under Feodosiya

NASA showed a panorama of Mars during the landing of Curiosity in 2012

NASA specialists showed a panoramic photograph of Mars during the landing of the device Curiosity in 2012. The picture shows a mountain range, as well as other objects on the planet.

Scientists received a clear image of the dark Wolf nebula

Astronomers said that in the dark nebula of the Wolf, new celestial bodies are created, formed from masses of dust and gas of colossal proportions. Note that Lupus 3 looks like a snake of irregular shape, clearly visible due to the bright light of the numerous stars surrounding the dark nebula

NASA found in the nearby galaxy complex organic compounds

Thanks to the powerful ALMA telescope, which is based in Chile, astronomers were able to detect methanol, as well as dimethyl ether and methyl formate. Observations will help shed light on the riddle of the formation of the most complex organic compounds in the earliest stages of the development of the universe.

In China, presented the project of a reusable launch vehicle

Private startup Link Space from China recently presented its own development – the project of a reusable liquid space launch vehicle. The company has already expressed its readiness to cooperate both with the local government and with international research funds

The cooling wind of black holes gave rise to complex molecules

Astronomers have explained, where from in the streams of the galactic wind emanating from active black holes, molecules are taken. According to scientists, they are born when the streams of matter that have been thrown away for a long time slow down their movement and cool down

Media: Earth is threatened by cataclysms due to the rapid change of magnetic poles

The North and South magnetic poles of the Earth turned over every 200 thousand or 300 thousand years, but the last time it happened 780 thousand years ago. Now the magnetic field of the planet again shows signs of a shift.


The UAZ spring will release an anniversary version of the UAZ “Bukhanka”

This year, the legendary “Buchanka” celebrates its 60th anniversary, in honor of which UAZ announced its jubilee version. UAZ will release a jubilee version of UAZ “Bukhanka”, which will be presented this spring.

In Russia, sales of the updated Cadillac Escalade

The novelty received under the hood 426-horsepower engine V8, which is combined with a new 8-band “automatic”. According to media reports, sales of the renewed premium SUV Cadillac Escalade 2018 model year began in Russia.

Toyota withdrew 600 thousand cars because of problems with airbags

Japanese company Toyota recalls about 645 thousand cars around the world because of problems with airbags.

The premiere of the new hatchback Ford Focus is postponed for a month

As it became known, the official presentation of the new generation of the model will be held in April as part of a special event, although the premiere was planned in Geneva in March. Thus, the premiere of the new hatchback Ford Focus was moved to a month.

675-strong supercar Thunder based on Jaguar F-Type released Lister

British brand Lister declassified its supercar Thunder, based on the model Jaguar F-Type. The presented supercar of the revived brand, known for its racing cars, received a five-liter engine that produces 675 horsepower of power.

Seat singled Cupra into a separate subbrand for sports cars

Representatives of Seat confirmed the information about the creation of a new brand Cupra, under which the Spanish company will begin to offer “charged” versions of its models. The official presentation of the brand will be held on February 22.

Hatchback Kia cee’d new generation is seen on the tests in the production body

The hatchback of the new generation will receive stylistics from the new Cerato. In the exterior, unlike its predecessor, there will be a new radiator grille, optics, as well as front and bumper buildings. Some design solutions are made in the style of the conceptual Proceed.

FAW launches the Volkswagen Jetta clone

Dealers of the Chinese auto giant FAW began accepting orders for the new Junpai A50 sedan. Commercial vehicles will be on sale in March this year. The car is available in four versions at a price ranging from 60,000 yuan (532,000 rubles) to 68,000 yuan (600,000 rubles).

Electric Harley Livewire will hit the roads as early as 2019

The electric version of the legendary Harley will hit the roads in 2019. The company Harley-Davidson voiced plans to create a novelty. The new direction of the company will be the creation of environmentally friendly two-wheeled transport.

The electric crossover I-Pace Jaguar showed on video

The new I-Pace was tested at a test site in Sweden, where the temperature drops to minus 40 degrees. For the crossover will offer a fast charging system, due to which it will be possible to charge the crossover to 80% in 45 minutes.

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