17 Dec, 2018

One third of Russians’s income goes to food

Residents of Russia spend about 31.2% of their income on food, in Ukraine and in Kazakhstan the share of spending on food is even higher – 50.9% and 46%, respectively, calculated in RIA Novosti.

The leader of the ranking (by the smallest share of food in the cost structure) was Luxembourg. Residents of this country spend on food only 8.7% of their expenses. Next come the United Kingdom with 10% of expenses and the Netherlands with 10.6%. Less than 12% of all expenses are spent in Ireland, Finland, Austria, Norway and Switzerland.

How much they spend on leisure and culture

Also interesting is the indicator of the share of expenditures of family budgets of Europeans for leisure and culture. According to the researchers, this proportion also often depends on the standard of living of the population.

The leaders here are the prosperous Western European countries – Sweden (18.7%), Great Britain (13%) and Austria (11.5%). Moreover, in Sweden and England, the share of spending on leisure and culture even exceeds the share of spending on food.

The lowest share of 1.3% has the people of Moldova. Also, less than 2% of their spending is spent on leisure and family culture in Macedonia (1.8%), Kazakhstan (1.9%) and in Ukraine (1.9%).

In terms of the share of spending on leisure and culture, Russia is in the middle of the list of European countries with a value of 6.9%.

Share the cost of “bad habits”

What part of their budget do European citizens spend on alcohol and tobacco?

Luxembourg, Moldova, Cyprus and Portugal have the lowest share of the cost of these products. Here they spend on alcohol and tobacco no more than 1.6% of their consumer spending.

The highest proportion of spending on “bad habits” is found in Romania (8.2%), Bulgaria (5.1%) and Serbia (4.7%).

Russia is located approximately in the middle of the ranking, ranking 24th out of 40. In the family budget of our compatriots, spending on alcohol and tobacco is 3%, the closest neighbors in this indicator are Belarus, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The richer the country, the more often go to the cafe

The largest share of the cost of catering and hotels in the structure of household spending is observed in Switzerland – 10.8%. In second place is Greece with 10.5%. Also, more than 10% of the costs accounted for by this article among residents of Spain.

Russia in terms of the share of expenditures on restaurants and hotels is located in the lower part of the rating with a share of 3.3%. Similar values are in Serbia and Kazakhstan.

The lowest indicator in Europe for the share of expenditures on cafes and hotels is observed among residents of neighboring Moldova and Romania – by 1.8%. Less than 3% of family budget expenditures are also spent on the considered goals from citizens of Belarus, Croatia, Ukraine and Serbia.

Briefly about the main thing …


In Moscow, cut down the main Christmas spruce Russia

In the Moscow training forestry in the Schelkovsky district near the village of Dubrovo in the Moscow region cut down the main Christmas spruce in Russia. The height of the spruce is 27 m, the diameter is 60 cm. The Minister of Ecology and Environmental Management of the Moscow Region Dmitry Kurakin said that the best spruce was chosen from 30 “challengers” from all around Moscow.

“In the semifinals there were 30 Moscow forest beauties, beautiful slender spruce trees, in the final this century-old beauty turned out to be the most important Christmas tree in the country,” RIA Novosti quotes his words.

On Tuesday, December 18, a spruce on a special road train will be delivered to the Kremlin through the Spassky Gate, which opens only twice a year: May 9, when the Minister of Defense leaves for the parade, and the day when the main New Year tree of Russia is brought to the Cathedral Square.

In the US state banned circus performances with wild animals

The governor of the US state of New Jersey Phil Murphy signed a law banning circus performances with wild and exotic animals, reports CNN.

“For too long, wild animals in the circuses endured cruel training, constant imprisonment and deprivation of everything that is natural to them. We are grateful to Governor Murphy for signing the Nousy Act, which will put an end to this cruelty in our state, ”said Brian Hackett, a spokesman for the United States Animal Welfare Society in New Jersey.

Legendary “Butyrka” close forever

The oldest and most famous Russian prison “Butyrka” will be closed forever. The decision was made after numerous complaints from residents of the area. People are concerned about the neighborhood with the detention facility No. 2. Several hundred applications were received by different instances, said Valery Maksimenko, deputy director of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia.

Siluanov proposed to impose a moratorium on checking the self-employed

Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation – Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov proposed to introduce a moratorium on conducting inspections of the activities of self-employed citizens by the regulatory authorities in order to facilitate their legalization.

Therefore, it seems to me that in order to give the opportunity to legalize and the opportunity to maintain the same level of work, status … those checks that exist today should not apply to this kind of business. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

Russians will be able to issue passports with cryptocabins

Cryptocabins for registration of foreign passports will appear in multifunctional centers (MFC). This was stated by the first deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Colonel-General of Police Alexander Gorovoy, transfer “Izvestia”. According to him, the cabins will begin to be installed in the second half of 2019.

Ministry of Health explained what patients should not pay for

The Ministry of Health of Russia has prepared a special memo for patients with explanations on what types of free and paid medical care patients in Russia are entitled to. First of all, it is noted that there are four types of free medical care.

The first is health care. This is the one that turns out to be, for example, paramedics in a hospital or district therapists.

The second type is specialized medical care (it is provided in a hospital).

The third type is high-tech. It helps with the use of complex and unique techniques and technologies.

The fourth type – ambulance. It turns out in all emergency cases.

Free in Russia are made:

  • medical rehabilitation;
  • in vitro fertilization (IVF);
  • different types of dialysis;
  • chemotherapy for malignant diseases;
  • preventive medical examinations, including children;
  • clinical examination and other types of care.

Overseas purchases are more expensive than € 500 will impose duty

As explained to “Izvestia” in the Federal Customs Service (FCS), the excess of norms is subject to a 30% duty on the cost of goods, but not less than € 4 per 1 kg of weight. Failure to pay is subject to administrative and criminal liability.

The decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) to reduce the customs limits comes into force on January 1, 2019.

Russian registry offices are switching to digital technology

Civil registry offices (CSR) have connected to electronic data exchange with notaries.

According to the president of the Federal Chamber of Notaries, Constantin Corsica, the innovation makes it possible to prevent the use of forged documents and prevent the misappropriation of other people’s property.

In Russia, offered to oblige to pay alimony to a non-working parent

In Russia, they offered to oblige to pay alimony for the maintenance of a non-working former spouse, with whom the children were left. This proposal was made by the chairman of the National Parenting Committee Irina Volynets, December 17, RT reports.

More than half of Russians dissatisfied with ecology do not share waste

According to a survey conducted by the NAFI analytical center, the results of which were familiarized by Izvestia, more than half of Russians note the unfavorable environmental situation in their place of residence. Most of all they care about the emissions of cars and businesses, as well as recycling.


Central Bank revised the baseline scenario of economic development for 2019-2021

The Bank of Russia published a regular monetary policy report, in which it revised the baseline scenario of economic development for 2019–2021. The main change is the forecast for oil prices. The Central Bank expects that in 2019 a barrel of oil will cost $ 55 on average per year, not $ 63.

US can overtake Russia in oil exports in 2020

The USA in less than three years can surpass Russia in terms of oil exports, TASS reports, citing the forecast of the international consulting company IHS Markit. The United States can increase oil supplies abroad above the level of 5 million barrels per day (b / s) by September 2020, while Russian exports will remain at this level.

Facebook faces a billionth penalty due to user data leaks

Facebook may receive a billionth penalty due to breaches of user data privacy, CNN reports. As noted, the Irish Data Protection Commission, which monitors compliance with European legislation, launched an investigation into the company.

Pashinyan and Putin have not yet been able to agree on the price of Russian gas

Within the framework of the recent EAEU summit in St. Petersburg, Acting Prime Minister Nikolay Pashinyan and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the issue of the price of Russian gas supplied to Armenia, but did not agree.

Bloomberg celebrates record US debt growth since 2012

According to the publication, the US national debt increased by $ 1.36 trillion, or 6.6% since the beginning of 2018. Since Trump took office, he has increased by $ 1.9 trillion. In the event that such dynamics continue, in percentage terms this will be the highest increase in the US public debt since 2012.

Russians threatened with a shortage of imported alcohol

Importers of alcoholic beverages said that problems with the transition to excise stamps of the new sample could lead to a shortage of foreign alcohol in early 2019. This was reported on December 14 by Kommersant.

Japan’s state budget for 2019 will be a record

The new fiscal year will begin in Japan from April 2019 and end in March 2020. The record size of the state budget of the rising sun will be 101 trillion yen or $ 891 billion at the current exchange rate, with a budget of 97.7 trillion yen for the current fiscal year.

Growth of gross regional product of Tatarstan

The growth of the gross regional product of Tatarstan in 2018 will be 1.5%, the industrial production index – 101.9%, said the President of the Republic Rustam Minnikhanov on Saturday.

Medvedev signed a decree on the establishment of TOR in Dagestan

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree establishing an advanced development territory (TOR) in Dagestan, the decree was published on the website of the Cabinet on Saturday, December 15. TOR will be created in the urban district of Dagestan Fires.

The law on the budget of Ukraine for 2019 has been published

The official publication of the Verkhovna Rada “Voice of Ukraine” published law No. 2629-VIII, which sets the country’s budget for 2019.

The channel “112 Ukraine” notes that the country’s budget for the next year provides revenues in the amount of more than 1.026 trillion hryvnia, and expenses are defined in the amount of more than 1.112 trillion.

Gazprom intends to create facilities for refueling vessels with liquefied gas

Over the next two years, PJSC Gazprom plans to create facilities for refueling vessels with liquefied natural gas (LNG). This was announced by the head of the Board of Directors of PJSC “Gazprom” Viktor Zubkov on Friday.

During the year, 52 million bottles of illegal alcohol were found in Russia

Manufacturers do not pay excise, because the inspectors are not able to control the bottling. At the same time, according to Rosalkogolregulirovaniya, illegal beer production is growing in Russia, Interfax reports.

The Ministry of Finance of Crimea transferred to the Fund for the Protection of Investors more than 555 million rubles

In 2018, the Ministry of Finance of Crimea transferred to the account of the Fund for the Protection of Investors more than 555 million rubles for the payment of compensations of Crimeans for deposits over 700 thousand rubles. This was reported by the Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan Irina Kiviko.

FAS granted the petition of Gazprom Neft and Repsol Exploracion

FAS granted the petition of PJSC Gazprom Neft and Repols Exploration, SA on the conclusion of the contract on the exercise of the rights of the participants (corporate contract) of LLC ASB GEO. This is stated in the service materials.

AO “Repsol Exploration, S.A.” (Spain) is engaged in research, development, production, transportation and sale of hydrocarbons.

LLC ASB GEO (Moscow) is engaged in geological exploration, geophysical and geochemical work in the field of the study of the subsoil.

Demand for Gazprom bonds in Japan exceeded supply

The demand for Gazprom bonds in yen exceeded supply in Japan by more than 15 billion yen. On this on Friday, the first vice-president of Gazprombank Denis Shulakov.

The CBR reported an increase in the international reserves of the Russian Federation for the week

International reserves of Russia for the week increased by 1.5 billion US dollars, according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. According to the estimates of the regulator, as of December 7, they amounted to 463.6 billion US dollars.

UNICEF office will open in Doha

At the 18th Doha Forum, an agreement was signed between Qatar and the UN on the establishment of a UNICEF office in Doha. On Qatar’s side, the document was signed by Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdel Rahman Al-Thani, and from the UN, by the Secretary General of the organization, Antonio Guterres.

VTB development company has planned to delist

VTB-owned development company Gals-Development at an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders will decide on the delisting of shares. This is stated in the materials of the Center for Disclosing Corporate Information.

Gas reserves in underground storage facilities of Ukraine decreased to 49%

The media learned about the reduction of natural gas in underground storage facilities (UGS) of Ukraine. As of December 13, it fell to 15.23 billion cubic meters. meters Over the past day in UGS gas was not pumped and they are filled to 49%.

LNG floating terminal Marshal Vasilevsky entered the Baltic Sea

The floating regasification installation “Marshal Vasilevsky” entered the Baltic Sea. Reports about it “Interfax” with reference to the Marinetraffic portal.

As told RBC on December 14, the representative of the head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller, Sergei Kupriyanov, gas from abroad, which the installation can convert into a household, will be used to start-up and start-up of the company’s terminal in Kaliningrad region. In the future, it will supply gas to residents of the region. In the future, as Kommersant wrote, Gazprom plans to deliver liquefied gas to the region from its plant in Vyborg, which they want to launch in 2019.

Japan Display seeks funding in China

According to the leaks, Japan Display is negotiating with a group of Chinese companies to sell a 33% stake in exchange for an investment of 50 billion yen ($ 440 million).

Uzbekistan launches textile market for the first time

Next week, the launch of the first textile trading platform Uzbtextile.com will take place in Uzbekistan. On Tuesday, a discussion will be held in Tashkent on the theme “Prospects for the development of the textile industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and a presentation of the project.

Government requires state-owned companies to switch to Russian software

“After approval, the board of directors of a state-owned company must prepare and approve a plan for the transition until 2021 mainly to Russian software, the directive reads: concrete actions and deadlines for import substitution, budgets, KPI responsible for the transition,” write Vedomosti ”

The media found out the cost of building two nuclear icebreakers LC-60

It is noted that the project to create icebreakers was approved at a meeting chaired by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg on November 28. At the same time, 45 billion rubles will be allocated from the federal budget, another 91 billion rubles will be allocated by Rosatom.

In France, will reduce the income tax

The French Prime Minister stressed that by 2022 the income tax for enterprises whose turnover does not exceed € 250 million per year will be reduced from the current 33 to 25%.

In Germany, intend to tighten the rules for foreign investors

The German authorities intend to tighten the rules for the acquisition of German companies by investors from countries outside the European Union, writes Handelsblatt.

According to the newspaper, currently in Germany they check deals, when foreign investors buy more than 25% of the company, while according to the new rules, 10% will be discussed. In this case, verification of transactions will go in terms of national security.

Yandex.Market has expanded ties with Turkey

The conjuncture of the Boundly Cross-Border Marketplace, launched in November by Yandex and Sberbank, has signed a contract with Morhipo, a large Turkish online retailer, told a spokesman for Yandex.Market, Polina Upitis.

Duma wants to limit investment in crowdfunding projects

In Russia, restrictions may be imposed on private investment in crowdfunding. Citizens will be able to invest no more than 100 thousand rubles in one project, while the annual investment limit will be 600 thousand rubles.

Qatar intends to invest US $ 20 billion in energy projects

Qatar Petroleum, the state-owned oil company of Qatar, announced plans to invest at least $ 20 billion in energy projects in the United States, reports Al Jazeera television channel referring to the Minister of Energy of Qatar Saad Bin Sharid al-Kaabi

British BP announces plans for work in Azerbaijan for 2019

BP plans to drill four new wells in Azerbaijan’s oil and gas fields next year, Bakhtiyar Aslanbeyli, vice president of BP Azerbaijan, said.

Depending on the results obtained in the course of work on these wells, a strategy will be built for the following years, Aslanbeyli said.


How Windows 10 monitors users

Around the Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft scandal flares up again. A Reddit user has discovered that a dozen are merging the Activity History, also known as a system log, onto the cloud server. It records absolutely all actions occurring in the system. The most interesting thing is that the OS does it, even if it is explicitly prohibited.

Apple sues iPhone X over performance

Apple was accused of overstating the iPhone X. The American corporation Apple was accused of overstating the display of the iPhone X. The corresponding lawsuit was filed in the District Court of Northern California.

Honor designs smart watches on MediaTek platform

The device is codenamed ELF-G10. Information about the technical equipment of “smart” chronometer, unfortunately, not too much. But one of the key characteristics is known: a MediaTek chip will serve as a hardware platform. In addition, it is noted that the watch will receive support for wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. Obviously, there will be a Wi-Fi controller.

Cydia store founder announced the closure of the project

Cydia store founder Jay Firman announced the imminent closure of his project. In addition, he recommended that users unlink their payment cards from their Cydia account.

At Indiegogo presented “smart” MemoNote notebook

A smart Memonote notebook appeared on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site. The new one has a 10.4-inch screen, where you can take notes with the stylus, which are sent to a smartphone

Instantly review your favorite scenes will be able to users in the series

Representatives of the company have confirmed that they have really introduced a new function in the test mode, which will allow them to review their favorite scenes of the series with just a click of a button. As the management has told, it is not yet clear whether this function will be widely used.

Another Tesla employee went to Google

Huawei Mate 20 Pro has become the best smartphone with the most stable battery

The Samsung Galaxy S9 + battery lasted 6.34 hours, despite the fact that its battery was considered one of the most resistant. Next came the Google Pixel 3XL – 7.2 hours. Smartphones iPhone XS and OnePlus 6T were able to work 7.36 hours

Asus denied the dark rumors about the ZenFone lineup

The official statement says that the company will continue to release new smartphones from the ZenFone line, while also expanding the range of products for players and demanding users.

The 28-core Intel Xeon W-3175X can already be pre-ordered

The processor operates at frequencies of 3.1-4.3 GHz, is characterized by a TDP of 255 W and boasts an unlocked multiplier. At the time of the announcement, the cost of this monster Intel did not name. Now the novelty is registered on the sites of a number of online stores. In most cases, prices are within 3900-4300 dollars, although there are offers for 5000 dollars. Recall, the top-end Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX with 32 cores and a frequency of 3.0-4.2 GHz costs “only” $ 1,800. And if we add the cost of motherboards and other components, we get that in fact these processes do not compete with each other.

Case SilentiumPC Gladius GD8 TG ARGB decorated with two RGB-stripes

SilentiumPC introduced the Gladius GD8 TG ARGB computer case for a gaming desktop system. The novelty, made in black color, is equipped with a side wall of tempered glass. There are two multi-color LED strips that cross the front and top panels.

Instagram has the ability to send voice recordings.

To check whether the possibility of sending voice messages to Instagram, the user should find out if the application has been updated to the latest version. After downloading this update, users can see the new microphone icon in the dialog box. To record a message, you need to click on the symbol, and after sending, the voice memo will become the chat history.

Opera received support for a cryptocurrency wallet

The company Opera Software has announced the addition to its own mobile browser support for Web 3 and the built-in crypto wallet Opera Crypto.

Access to the Ethereum blockchain browser will get through the infrastructure platform Infura. Declared support for ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, as well as support for decentralized cryptocurrency applications.

Windows 10: how to permanently remove the PIN

If you need to remove the PIN-code and password, press the key combination Windows-R, in the appeared window enter the command “netplwiz” and press the enter key. The “User Accounts” window will open. Select the desired user, and then uncheck the box next to the function “Require a username and password”. Save the settings by clicking on the “Apply” button.

After that, the “Automatic Login” window will appear. In this window, the username will be already indicated, you will only need to enter the password (if it was) and click on the “OK” button. Now, after each reboot, you will be logged in automatically.

Note that when you exit from hibernation, Windows 10 will still request a PIN. To disable this setting, go to the “Options” menu. To do this, open the “Start” button and then find the button in the form of a gear in it. From the “Settings” menu, go to “Accounts – Login Options”. Here at the very top of the window you will see a drop-down list called “Login Required”. Open it and select the option “Never”. After that, the PIN code will be disabled even when resuming from sleep mode.

“Classmates” launched a smart video tape

In the autorun mode, users will be able to watch a playlist compiled by artificial intelligence, as well as start watching videos or broadcasts of the desired channel or group on their smartphone. The change has become part of a massive social video platform update.

Ex-employee of “VKontakte” created an anonymous social network FaceCat

The former developer of VKontakte, the creator of Snapster and Vinci, Oleg Illarionov, launched the anonymous social network FaceCat. It can not link the account and a real person. The application does not store any real information about its users.

Artificial intelligence based hummingbird

Microsoft has introduced the application Hummingbird. As stated on his official page, these are “stories for you”. Hummingbird is a news application based on an artificial intelligence system.

Gamer has invented an innovative arm for relieving muscle fatigue.

The device was named Flashe Gaming Glove, it is a compression sleeve for the right hand, capable of ensuring good blood circulation and reducing muscle fatigue, on which the Teflon lining is attached to the part of the limb that touches the surface of the table where the monitor and keyboard are located. The author of the invention is a gamer Dodde, injured four years ago when playing a shooter. Wristlet he created himself, and recently received a patent for his project

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ZAAP Aqua

ZAAP has strengthened its music line with the waterproof ZAAP Aqua Bluetooth speakers. The gadget has a rubberized case with a removable suction cup for use in the shower.

Presented new Xiaomi wireless headphones with integrated karaoke

It is noted that the new karaoke headphones are designed for one user, but in the future, “social” functions, for example, parameters for competing with friends, can also be introduced. The cost and date of start of sales of wireless headphones Xiaomi is not reported.


France to build aircraft of bamboo composite

New eco-friendly material plan to replace fiberglass. This became known resource AviationWeek. The BAMCO consortium in France has already begun to produce parts from a composite based on bamboo fibers.

Neanderthal genes influenced Homo sapiens brain development

Scientists have identified genes inherited by modern humans from Neanderthals and affecting brain development. The study was conducted by a team from the Max Planck Institute, reports Current Biology.

It turned out that the Neanderthal DNA fragments in the first and eighteenth chromosomes are clearly associated with a more extended brain. Neanderthal DNA influences the activity of the UBR4 and PHLPP1 genes, which are known to play a large role in brain development. The Neanderthal effect is felt most strongly by the cerebellum and a structure called the shell, which belongs to the basal nuclei. The shell, like the cerebellum, participates in the planning and coordination and memorization of movements (and in general, the basal nuclei are involved in higher cognitive functions, from memory to linguistic abilities).

HIV vaccine created for non-human primates

Scripps Research, a research institute in San Diego, Calif., Has created an effective experimental HIV vaccine for non-human primates. On its development, scientists took about 20 years.

In Egypt, they found an untouched tomb over 4 thousand years old

Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient tomb in the Saqqara necropolis, which is located a few kilometers south of Cairo. The tomb’s age is about 4.4 thousand years.

In Switzerland, created a narrow quadrocopter

Engineers from the University of Zurich and the Zurich Swiss Higher Technical School have created a unique quadcopter that can change shape in flight and overcome narrow passages in buildings. The development of scientists reported the journal IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters.

Human growth hormone causes Alzheimer’s disease

Scientists injected mice with “contaminated” growth hormone isolated from the human pituitary gland. After the introduction of beta-amyloid in animals, plaques appeared in the brain – these neoplasms cause Alzheimer’s disease. This study was reported by the journal Nature.

Scientists have developed a copper catalyst for hydrogen production

A new method of producing hydrogen was presented almost simultaneously by teams of scientists from the United States and Canada. The principle of their methods is the same, but the cost of mass production of a new catalyst will be different.

Scientists have improved the social behavior of mice using miRNA

Scientists conducted an experiment and were able to achieve important results. They improved the social behavior of mice using miRNAs, making rodents more friendly. Various researchers continue to study miRNAs, discovered in 1993.

Huge deposits of iron were under the bottom of the ancient sea.

Experts refute the widespread theory that iron in deposits has come into the sea from the eroded mountainous areas of the ancient continents. According to them, the source of iron could be emissions of solutions containing iron, breaking through the seabed.

The ship Virgin Galactic almost reached space

Virgin Galactic space plan (company of Richard Branson) almost flew to space. A message appeared on the personal Twitter page, indicating that the ship had risen to a height of 82 kilometers. VSS Unity launched in California’s Mojave Desert

You can fly to Alpha Centauri with the help of a laser sail in 100 years.

It has already been calculated that in order for Alpha Centauri to be achieved in one hundred years, lasers are needed, the total power of which is 100 GW. In this case, a spacecraft with the usual dimensions may well get up to speed, which will be up to 5% of the speed of light.


Salome Zurabishvili took office as President of Georgia

Salome Zurabishvili took office as President of Georgia. The inauguration ceremony was held at the Palace of Heraclius II in Telavi. The event was attended by about two thousand guests.

“BBC” is trying to prove the “intervention of the Russian Federation” in the protests in France

The editors of the Russian service “Bi-bi-si” demand to find evidence of Russia’s involvement in the protests of “yellow vests” in France. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”, publishing the correspondence of the journalist edition Olga Ivshina with her stringer in France.

The media learned about the secret meeting with Lukashenko on independence

The media learned about a secret meeting with the President of Belarus on the country’s independence. A resonant statement by Lukashenko about Russia’s desire to “incorporate Belarus” was preceded by a closed event of the country’s top leadership. About this newspaper Nasha Niva, citing two sources.

In Japan, conducted a survey on the return of the Kurils

More than 53% of Japanese believe that the government, headed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, should focus on negotiations with Russia on returning two of the four disputed islands first, and determine the status of those remaining during further consultations, according to a study conducted by Kyodo.

The United States refused obligations under the Paris Agreement

“The United States does not undertake any obligations, including financial ones, in support of the Paris Agreement and will not allow the use of climate change agreements as a means for the redistribution of wealth,” TASS quoted the message.

In the US, called the number of migrants who died while trying to get into the country

About 260 illegal migrants died trying to enter the US in 2018, reports ABC News. It is noted that approximately 117 dead were from Mexico, and the origin of another 116 people is currently unknown

Turkish Foreign Ministry: Khashoggi’s assassination planned in advance

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt авavusoglu believes that the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was planned in advance.

“I listened to audio recordings, they are very well heard and understandable that they had planned to kill Khasoggi in advance,” Chavushoglu said at a press conference at the Doha forum.

According to the representative of the Turkish Ministry, the secret services of the “interested countries” could also listen to the audio recording of the murder and put forward their assumptions.

Cavusoglu assured that Turkey is ready to fully investigate this case, but the Saudi authorities are conducting their own investigation and do not disclose details.

In the US, check all organizations that are associated with Trump

In the United States, investigations have been launched into virtually all organizations that have been led by the current US President Donald Trump over the past 10 years, The Washington Post reports.

Poroshenko spoke about the timing of the martial law in Ukraine

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a press conference in Kiev, spoke about the terms of the martial law in the country.

If large-scale aggression does not begin, the invasion of the troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine outside the confrontation line and the administrative border of the Crimea, martial law will not be extended. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

Riyadh responded to US Senate accusations against Saudi prince

According to the agency, the charges of the US Senate in the case of the murder of Saudi opposition journalist Jamal Hashukji are unfounded. The Saudi Foreign Ministry also noted that such actions of the US Senate are “blatant interference” in the internal affairs of Riyadh

WP: in the United States prepared a new report on the “interference of Russia”

A new report on “Russian interference” in the US presidential election has been prepared for the US Senate Intelligence Committee. It is reported by The Washington Post. According to the publication, the results of this document are based on the “most detailed analysis” of millions of publications in social networks. As noted, the report states that Russia “used” all the major social media platforms to promote the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

300 migrants tried to break into the Paris theater

About 300 undocumented migrants attempted to break into the Comedie Francaise Theater in Paris demanding to give them permission to work, residence permit and other documents, reports Le Figaro.

WP learned about the White House’s preparations for suspending the government’s work

The White House and a number of US federal agencies have begun to prepare ahead of time for suspending the federal government against the backdrop of the struggle of US President Donald Trump and the Democrats in Congress to build a wall on the southern border of the country, The Washington Times reported, citing sources in the administration.

US special envoy to discuss North Korea’s denuclearization in Seoul

It is noted that Bigan will arrive in Seoul “at the end of the week” and will hold a meeting with his colleague – South Korea’s special envoy for the DPRK Lee Du Hoon. According to the agency, the goal of Bigan’s visit is to “find ways to save the negotiations on denuclearization with the DPRK.”


In Turkey, announced the intention of Trump to withdraw troops from Syria

US President Donald Trump is considering the possibility of withdrawing troops from Syria, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt авavuşoлуlu said at a conference in Doha. This was reported on Sunday, December 16, “Gazeta.ru,” with reference to Turkiye.

The United States called the price of the sixth generation fighter

The next generation airborne American aircraft is called the PCA (Penetrating Counter Air). Fifteen years later, he will replace all the current fighters in the US Air Force, except for the F-35, and will cost about $ 300 million apiece.

Designer of Ukrainian armored cars complained about the lack of missiles

The chief designer of the Kuznitsa at Rybalsky shipyard, Sergei Belozubenko, on the air of the Ukrainian Channel Five, spoke about the shortcomings that armored bats like Gyurza-M have.

Israel found the fourth Hezbollah tunnel near the Lebanese border

The Israeli military found another, fourth tunnel in the area of the border with Lebanon, dug into the territory of a Jewish state by militants of the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah. This was announced on Sunday by the press service of the Israel Defense Forces.

In Sevastopol, opened the exhibition area of the park “Patriot”

In Sevastopol, on the territory of a military unit in the Yukharina gully area, an exhibition platform was opened for weapons and special military equipment of the air defense forces, which is part of the Patriot Cultural Recreation Park, the RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

“We set up anti-aircraft missile equipment, radio engineering troops (S-300, ZU-23-2 radar, radar, command post) – the entire fleet, which was before the latest S-400 Triumph systems. In the future we will build the park with the C-125 system, the C-200 system that need to be delivered here from Feodosia “, – said the commander of the 31 air defense division stationed in Crimea, Major General Nikolai Vurepakh.

The events were attended by cadets of the class of the Emergency Ministry of school number 60

AF VSU called the name of the pilot who died during the crash of the Su-27 in Ukraine

The crash of the Ukrainian Su-27 fighter, which crashed on December 15 near the village of Ozernoye in the Zhytomyr region, killed the major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Fomenko, born in 1975.

The first RTO “Mytishchi” will give the Russian Navy

The small rocket ship (MRK) “Mytishchi” on December 17 will become part of the Russian Navy, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense reports.

53 International Military Scientific Conference

The Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy hosted the 53rd International Military Scientific Conference on the topic: “The main directions of development of the missile forces and artillery, theory and practice of their combat use,” which was attended by the operators of the scientific company of the Military Academy of Communications.

DPRK media criticized South Korea for raising the defense budget

DPRK media attacked the Republic of Korea because of the increase in defense spending in the budget for 2019. In the North, such a move was considered a violation of the inter-Korean agreements reached and a provocation leading to an increase in tension on the peninsula.

In the Strategic Missile Forces announced the start of flight tests ICBM “Sarmat”

Flight tests of the rocket will be held at the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the near future, where infrastructure is needed for this, he added. The first production models of the Sarmat mine-based missile system from 2021 will begin to enter service with the Uzhur missile division.

Russia and Abkhazia held joint tactical exercises

The Russian military from the base of the Southern Military District and the servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of Abkhazia took part in joint comprehensive tactical exercises, said the head of the press service of the Southern Military District Vadim Astafyev.


The film “Cold War” received a European Oscar

In addition to the European Film Awards, Pavlikovsky was awarded the title of the best European director and screenwriter, and thanks to this film, won the title “Cold War” by John Kulig in the nomination “Best Actress,” reports TASS.

Broczit movie trailer released with Benedict Cumberbatch

The network published a trailer for the film Brexit, which will be released in 2019. This was reported on HBO. According to the data received, the main role will be played by the famous British actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Russian Film Week ends in New York

The Russian Cinema Week was held in New York, and its program, thanks to the support of the Russian Embassy in the USA, the Russian Consulate General in New York, and the Cherry Orchard Foundation, included works produced domestically.

Transverse starred in the film, and Coin made a soundtrack for him

The trailer of the new Russian film “Comfort Zone” was released, in which the main character was the popular blogger and trend-up comedian Danila Cross. In the film, in which the blogger starred, you can hear the song of the singer Coin “Trump ace”

Konchalovsky urged to allocate money for the development of children’s cinema

During the meeting in the Council for Culture and Art, film director Andrei Konchalovsky called on the government and the Federal Fund for Social and Economic Support for Russian Cinematography to allocate funds for the development of children’s cinema in Russia.

In Tyumen, avant-garde theater studio will show performance

Studio avant-garde theater “Ladder” appeared in Tyumen only in September of this year. For 4 months, the participants managed to work together and create a full-fledged performance and several theater etudes at student events

In the Sverdlovsk region are looking for heroes for a film about strong people with features

A film about Sverdlovsk people with disabilities who have achieved success will soon be shot in the Sverdlovsk region. The creators announced the casting for the role of the main characters – they are looking for unusual and exemplary people with health characteristics.

Kate Winslet will play the same-sex love drama

Actresses Kate Winslet and Sirsha Ronan will play mistresses in the lesbian drama Ammonite. The film will be directed by Francis Lee, the shooting should start in March 2019. As noted, the film tells the story of the paleontologist Mary Anning, who is forced to become a carer for a rich London resident. In this case, the action of the picture will take place at the beginning of the 19th century.

Chubais’s wife wants to make a lift-up series about the 90s

Dunya Smirnova, who is married to Chubais, promises to remove the spirit-lifting series. About how good it was in the 90s and how the best people of the country laid, we will not be afraid of this word, the foundation of prosperity.


Audi has prepared a limited edition of the black A4 series Allroad “Absolute”

The German company has released a novelty. Audi introduced a limited edition version of the A4 Allroad model, which received a prefix in the name “Absolute”. The novelty is available for purchase only in the Japanese market, and its circulation is 125 copies.

The network posted render “Niva-Smart”

The network posted photos of “Niva-Smart”. This snapshot amused users. This is a reduced version of the Lada 4 x 4 “Niva”, which has disproportionate wheels.

There are images of a new car from Bugatti

Apparently, the designer tried to show the image of the Bugatti Chyron, but in a completely new body. At the front, only the horseshoe-shaped grille was preserved, with the carbon splitter, the DRL in the shape of the letter “B”, as well as a large number of air intakes.

Nio will launch an aluminum electric two-motor electrocross

In the new movement will be driven by two electric units, the total performance of which will be 536 horsepower (215 and 322 hp).

The first engine, which has less power, is the main unit at low speeds, and the second will turn on when the all-wheel drive system is connected and the load increases. The power reserve of the car should be 510 kilometers.

Atelier Manhart modified BMW 8-Series Coupe

Waiting for the presentation of new items, tuners presented their car. Experts studio Manhart presented modified BMW M8 coupe, which was called the MH8 600. The basis lay model M850i, which is equipped with a 4.4-liter power unit V8

California will transfer all buses to electricity by 2040

California’s new ruling is, of course, a great boon for electric bus companies like Proterra (a 14-year-old Californian company from Burlingheim), which raised about half a billion dollars from investors to build their zero-emission cars.

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