31 Dec, 2017

Only under the flag of Russia

The new law forbade the transportation of oil along the Northern Sea Route to vessels under foreign flags. The amendments to the Code of Merchant Shipping were signed by President Vladimir Putin, Tass reports. This may affect the work of oil and gas companies that ship oil in the northern ports.

Thanks to the amendments, vessels flying the state flag of Russia receive a number of exclusive rights: pilotage, sanitary, quarantine and other types of control, protection and preservation of the marine environment, icebreaker and ice pilotage in the water area of the Northern Sea Route. It is also indicated that only Russian ships can transport oil, gas and coal produced in Russia. In addition, a Russian ship will be needed to store oil and oil products, natural gas (including liquefied gas), gas condensate and coal.

It is also established that “the vessel acquires the right to navigate under the state flag of Russia from the date of its state registration, and can also be registered in one of the registers of ships subject to classification and certification.”

Russian and world news digest


Xi Jinping expressed readiness to expand cooperation with Russia

Chinese President Xi Jinping, in his New Year’s greetings to Russian President Vladimir Putin, expressed China’s readiness to consolidate political and strategic trust with Moscow in the upcoming 2018, Xinhua news agency reported.

Merkel urged Europe to cohesion in 2018

German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised in the coming year, in cooperation with France, to promote the cohesion of the European Union and work on solving the problems of the community.

Trump accused Obama’s people of leaking information from the White House

Earlier, the US National Security Committee presented a report according to which, 125 days after the inauguration of Trump (from January 20 to May 25), 125 leakages of important information from the central government departments took place

The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the charge of smuggling oil in the DPRK

Russia will strictly observe the sanctions regime for North Korea, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. So in the department commented on the publication of the Reuters agency that Russian tankers in October and November 2017 repeatedly pumped oil to the DPRK vessels.

Puchedemont demands Madrid restore its biased government

Restore the Madrid-displaced government of Catalonia demanded the retired head of the autonomy Carles Puigdemon. He stated this in his New Year’s address to the people of Catalonia on December 31.

The Supreme Court announced the decision on the complaint of Navalny to the CEC

“The Supreme Court of Russia finds no reason to meet these requirements,” the judge read out the decision. Earlier it was reported that the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Maria Zakharova, called the reaction of the State Department to the CEC decision on Alexei Navalny “direct intervention.”

The coalition has won almost 100% of the militants’ territories, Trump said.

The Western coalition, led by the United States, won the terrorist group “Islamic State” (the organization is banned in Russia) from militants in Syria and Iraq almost all the territory they seized, US President Donald Trump said during a weekly address to the citizens of the country.

Japan plans to buy additional from the US fighters F-35A

The Ministry of Defense of Japan has begun to consider the possibility of buying from the US a few dozen fighters of the fifth generation F-35A. This was reported by the publication Mainichi. Earlier, Tokyo had already decided to purchase from Washington 42 multipurpose fighter aircraft.

The Australian Air Force was put on alert because of Tu-95

The air base of the Australian air forces in the city of Darwin is put on high alert because of the appearance of Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS in neutral waters off the coast of Indonesia, reports The Guardian.

APU shelled the western outskirts of Donetsk with incendiary shells

Saturday afternoon, Ukrainian security forces shelled the western outskirts of Donetsk, in the operational command of the self-proclaimed NDP, it was specified that the shelling began at 16:25 on Saturday, RIA Novosti reported.

More than a thousand ceasefire agreements were signed in the ATS in 2017

In the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) in the outgoing year of 2017, more than a thousand agreements were signed on the joining of the opposition forces to the ceasefire regime. According to the “Federal News Agency”, this is reported by the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria.

Israel accused Iran of aiding terrorists

After the investigation, the Israeli government accused Iran of aiding terrorists. Iran, in turn, denies its cooperation with the radicals and asks for detailed information, which will indicate the data on the grouping of the attacker.

Syria: US military assisted militants to flee the city of Rakka

The US Defense Department admitted that the radicals fled the city with the help of US servicemen only after the journalists of the BBC told about it. Shots of the secret operation soldiers of the American coalition and residents of Rakki store on their gadgets for several months.

Foreign Ministry: Japan intends to become an accomplice in violation of the INF Treaty

Sergei Ryabkov recalled that the Russian side considers the deployment of such complexes suitable for the launch of medium-range and short-range missiles as a violation of the INF Treaty.

The fact that similar complexes can now appear on the eastern borders of Russia, creates for us a new situation, which, of course, we can not ignore in our military planning. – Sergey Ryabkov, Russian diplomat

US drone eliminated 11 IG fighters in Afghanistan

At least 11 militants of the terrorist group “Islamic State” (IG, banned in Russia) were destroyed as a result of several attacks by American drones in Afghanistan. This is reported by the agency Khaama Press.

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned about the consequences of deploying NATO forces near the borders of Russia

The deployment of NATO strike forces and assets in the territories bordering on Russia worsens the situation with regard to their security. This was stated by First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Vladimir Titov.

Published video of the arrival of the Russian system “Solntsepk” in Syria

The video recording of the arrival of the Russian heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A “Solntsepak” in the Syrian province of Idlib is published on the Internet. It is reported that the legendary Russian military equipment will be used by the Syrian army during the offensive in the south of the province.


At the release of hostages in Kharkov, no one was hurt

As a result of the storming of the Ukrposhta branch in Kharkov, where an unknown person held hostages, no one was hurt. This was reported by the head of the National Police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev.

All the hostages in Kharkov were released. The attacker was detained. Thank you for the good work of the National Police and SBU. He instructed local authorities to provide all the necessary assistance to the victims. – Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

The FSB detained the alleged organizer of the explosion at the “Crossroads”

“On December 30, 2017, the FSB of the Russian Federation installed and detained the organizer and the direct executor of the bombing of an improvised explosive device committed on December 27 in the trading floor of the Perekrestok store in St. Petersburg,” the FSB

In the US, vandals destroyed hives and killed 500,000 bees

In the American Sioux City, Iowa, the vandals destroyed about 50 hives, which killed at least 500,000 bees. This is reported by the local branch of CBS. It is noted that the owner of the apiary from the company Wild Hill Honey discovered the destroyed hives when he came to clear them of snow.

Media reported the disappearance of $ 25 million in bitcoins from the WikiLeaks account

The media reported that from the WikiLeaks account, $ 25 million in the bitcoins that the organizations donated were missing. This is reported by The Daily Beast with reference to two sources who independently analyzed transactions bitkoynov WikiLeaks.

Scientists have recognized the non-dangerous tiger, walking around Vladivostok

Observing the tiger that walked through Vladivostok, and then was caught and released into the wild, showed that it is not dangerous, as it eschews people, RIA Novosti reported. The tiger was noticed in Vladivostok in late October 2016.

In Priamurye the wounded policeman managed to detain the intruder

The injured law enforcement officer received medical assistance, at the moment his life is not in danger. On the fact of encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer (Article 317 of the Criminal Code) a criminal case was instituted, the attacker was detained and is in detention.

Shopping center “Capitolium” was evacuated in Moscow because of the threat of explosion

About 700 visitors to the capital’s shopping center “Capitol” were evacuated in the evening on December 30 because of an anonymous message about the threat of an explosion. This is reported by TASS with reference to the source in the emergency services of the city.

The plane returned to Detroit airport because of a bird on board

The plane of the American airline Delta Air Lines made an unplanned landing at the international airport of Detroit (Michigan) due to a bird on board. The information was spread by the news agency Associated Press

Several shopping centers were evacuated in Voronezh

Evacuation of visitors to several shopping centers takes place on Saturday evening in Voronezh, the correspondent of Interfax reports. In particular, shopping centers “Chizhov Gallery”, “Grad” and “Maksimir”, “Moskovsky Prospekt”, “Arena” were evacuated.


The Bank of England plans to issue its own crypto currency

The question of the possible introduction of a counterpart of bitcoin is studied by a special department of the Bank of England. It is not excluded that the United Kingdom will have its own crypto currency already in 2018, according to the daily British newspaper The Daily Telegraph

Gazprom and CNPC signed an agreement on gas supplies from Russia to China

The agreement on the supply of natural gas to China from the Russian Far East was signed by the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller and the chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese National Oil and Gas Corporation (CNPC), Wang Yilin.

Britain can remain without Russian gas

Arrived in the UK, Russian gas can be sent back on another ship. According to The Guardian, the work of the pipeline, which supplied Britain with Russian gas, has been restored, and therefore, blue fuel can be sent to Asia or India, where it will be offered a high price.

EBRD will give Kiev a loan of € 150 million for the modernization of the railway

“The EBRD is providing a loan of € 150 million for the construction of the second track, electrification and modernization of signaling and communication systems along the Dolinskaya-Nikolaev-Kolosovka route,” the report said. As the press service added, the total cost of the project is approximately € 300 million.

Tatarstan received the maximum harvest for 7 years

The grain harvest this year in Tatarstan has become a record for the past seven years. 5.2 million tons were collected, and the yield was 34.2 centner / ha.

“Abrau-Durso” sold a record number of bottles of champagne

The group of companies “Abrau-Durso” for this year sold a record high amount of sparkling wine – more than 30 million bottles, the company said. It is expected that by the end of 2017, sales will grow by 14%. The proceeds of the campaign for 9 months amounted to 3.31 billion rubles.

The Sverdlovsk government will borrow 12.5 billion rubles from banks

In 2018, the government of the Sverdlovsk region will attract 12.5 billion rubles in the financial market to partially cover the regional budget deficit. The relevant decree was signed by Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev.

FAS approved the purchase of “Kuzbassenergo” 100% “Sibeco” with a number of regulations

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia has granted Kuzbassenergo’s request for the purchase of 100% of the voting shares of Siberian Energy Company (Sibeko), but subject to compliance with the requirements, the FAS materials follow.

A gas processing plant will be built at the Urengoy field

The project of construction of a gas processing unit at the Samburgskoye license area of the Urengoi field was reviewed by Glavgosexpertiza, the portal of the Purovsky District

Gazprom increased gas production by 12% in 2017

In 2016 – 179.3 billion cubic meters. In 2017, it extracted 470 billion cubic meters. m of gas, which is 12 percent more than in 2016.

Azerbaijan published forecasts for oil production on the ACG block in 2018

The oil production within the Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli (ACG) oil and gas field development project in the Azerbaijani sector of the Caspian Sea in 2018 is projected at 28 million tons, the conclusion of the Accounting Chamber of Azerbaijan on the budget of the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) for 2018 year.

Syria: Minister talked about stabilization of oil and gas production in the country

Syrian Oil Minister Ali Ghanem said that the country has stabilized the volume of oil and gas production. According to him, the Syrian authorities are actively restoring oil and gas objects freed from terrorists.


Understanding the work of the media has reduced the propensity for conspiracy theories

In democratic societies, citizens are required to make informed decisions, but this task is becoming increasingly complex due to the abundance of false information in the press, the tendency of people to believe in conspiracy theories, and the tendency of social networks to show only information that matches the beliefs of users.

In Moscow on New Year’s Eve fireworks will be launched from 38 points

Festive fireworks in the Russian capital will be launched on New Year’s Eve from 38 points, pyrotechnic show will be available in all metropolitan districts, RIA Novosti reported to the organizing committee of the cycle of street city events “Moscow Seasons” on Saturday.

Military awaits indexation of pensions and salaries

The first indexing will take place on January 1, 2018, then October 1, 2019 and October 1, 2020, Interfax reports. “In the budget expenses of 18 billion rubles, 22.6 billion and 41.2 billion are provided, all regulatory documents have been developed,” said Tatyana Shevtsova.

Putin signed 64 federal laws in one day

On December 29, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed 64 federal laws. Most of the laws are amending the current legislation, according to a bank of documents on the Kremlin website.

ROC is confident that St. Isaac’s Cathedral will be her property

“There is no occasion for discussion, sooner or later” Isaak will cross the ROC, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, Head of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, said on the air of the program “Church and Peace”.

FAS revealed a tenfold increase in the price of pain medication

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) revealed an overestimation of the price of Nexium by more than 10 times. This is stated in the message of the department.

The Novosibirsk City Administration presented the forecast of growth of tariffs for water and heat

Hot water by the next year will go up by 7.94 rubles, amounting to 108.4 rubles per cubic meter. By 2030 the tariff “hints” almost twice – 199.09 rubles. Also, city authorities predicted an increase in tariffs for heating – from 1231.75 rubles. For the gigacalorie in 2017 to 1329.43 rubles in 2018.

Bashneft filling station raises fuel prices for the 5th time in December

Bashneft raised fuel prices for the fifth time in December. Such an unpleasant gift was made to car enthusiasts. According to ToDay News Ufa, in Bashkiria at the filling station “Bashneft” for the New Year there was an increase in gasoline prices by 30 kopecks.

Users reported blocking of Telegram channels in Iran

The telegram has blocked two Iranian channels. This was reported by Twitter user Nariman Namazov. As noted, the channel was blocked amadnews, numbering about 1.3 million subscribers, for allegedly “instructions to the Molotov cocktail.”


Nepal authorities banned climbers single climbing Everest

In addition to the ban on single assaults, the Nepalese authorities decided in the spring of 2018 not to allow the blind alpinists and the disabled with two amputations to reach the highest peaks

In the US, tourists come to see the “frozen” Niagara Falls

Record low temperatures in North America led to the illusion of freezing Niagara Falls in the US, reports The Buffalo News. According to the publication, photographs of the “frozen waterfall” appear in the media around the world.

In Karelia the national park “Ladoga skerries” is created

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the creation of the “Ladoga Skerries” national park in Karelia. This Saturday on his page in the social network Facebook said the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Sergei Donskoy.

A single system of electronic permits will not have time to launch on time

Since January 1, 2018 in Russia it was planned to put into operation the information system “Electronic tour”, in which tour operators and travel agents will make data on booking and payment by customers of tours.

Park “Patriot” is preparing to meet guests for New Year’s holidays

For lovers of outdoor activities, horseback riding and fire shooting will be arranged. By the New Year, the partisan village was completely transformed. For the youngest guests, they are preparing a New Year’s performance and master classes.

Clubs, bars, movies and get-togethers: a map appeared at night in Kazan

In Kazan, a map of the nightlife of the city appeared Night City Hall of Kazan and Internet magazine Enter released a large map of the night city. The creators report that it will help Kazan residents and guests of the capital at the moment when they want to look at Kazan from the point of view of the night get-together.

New Year offered to meet with prostitutes and drugs

The company Sex Island invited tourists to go on a four-day New Year’s tour to one of the Caribbean islands in the company of 60 prostitutes. The advertising campaign mentions that vacationers will not be restricted in alcohol and drugs, reports The Sun.


Figure skater Totmyanina injured on New Year’s show

Olympic champion in figure skating Tatyana Totmyanina broke her leg during a performance at the New Year’s show, according to “Dni.ru.” As noted, Totmianina was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors performed the operation.

Polina Gagarina sang a New Year song on her plane

Videos and photos were posted on social networks. Polina Gagarina decided to congratulate her fellow travelers on the Rimsky-Korsakov plane of Aeroflot company in an original way with congratulations on New Year holidays.

Shurygin achieved her goal and spread her legs

In the photo, the girl sits in a cross-twine, insuring herself with her hands. In front of her is a rug-reminder with exercises. Shurygin said that in early December, set a goal – to learn to sit on a string

Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya bragged of the New Year tree for 300 thousand rubles

Vitalina decorated her with fresh flowers, toys in the form of musical instruments, tinsel and garland. Video with a Christmas tree standing at the fireplace, the ex-spouse of the national artist posted on his Facebook page. The pictures were taken in a posh apartment in Krasnogorsk.

Doctors urgently hospitalized TV presenter Olga Shelest

Doctors urgently hospitalized well-known TV presenter Olga Shelest. She was diagnosed with tendon damage in her hand. Because of this, it was necessary to include surgical intervention.

Ronaldo wants to give his son a “royal education”

Cristiano Ronaldo wants his 7-year-old son to receive an education worthy of royalty, according to the publication Mirror. The star of “Real Madrid” intends to attach his child to his native school of Prince George in England.

“I’m a bastard from these movements”: Buzova showed “male sexual organ”

“Olya, at least you yourself realized what you did, you automatically compared your future with the male sexual organ,” wrote one of Buzovaya’s subscribers.

Medinsky praised the “Move Up”

Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky left a complementary comment after watching the new Russian sports drama.

From Ernst demanded to remove pensioners from New Year’s air

Users of the Network have created a petition in which they offer the head of Channel One Konstantin Ernst to remove the main stars of the Russian stage from the New Year’s “Blue Light”. According to some users, Russian television (and New Year in particular) was flooded with “pensioners”.

Galkin published a photo of a young Pugacheva with her daughter Liza

TV presenter Maxim Galkin boasted to fans of his rejuvenated wife Alla Pugacheva. Shoumanen published a snapshot of his wife in the company of Lisa’s daughter. Galkina’s page’s signers in Instagram noted that the girl is very similar to Pugacheva.

The actors of “The Irony of Fate” are enmity for many years

On December 29, a new release of the broadcast of host Andrey Malakhov “Live” was released. The theme of the program was the fate of the heroes of the film “The Irony of Fate” by Eldar Ryazanov. Viewing this picture in the New Year has become a tradition for the inhabitants of Russia.

Lera Kudryavtseva about her dad: “I so much want him to protect me”

Lera Kudryavtseva said that she was very close to her dad, who passed away about ten years ago. The man tried to protect his daughter, and now Lera realizes that she needs his protection. And once Kudryavtseva was almost killed in her life she had to pay her own car.

Indian authorities demanded to cut 26 episodes from the film, which angered the Hindus

The picture “Padmavati” is based on the legend of the 16th century, according to which a beautiful queen burned herself, so as not to fall into the hands of a Muslim ruler who conquered the Hindu principality. The film has not yet come out, but because of rumors that there are allegedly love scenes between the tsarina and the Muslim khan, mass protests arose. Radical groups threatened to kill the actress, who starred and directed

In Paris, the Russian ballet “The Nutcracker” was enthusiastically welcomed

Parisian spectators enthusiastically welcomed the premiere of the ballet “The Nutcracker” by Peter Tchaikovsky performed by artists of the Rostov State Musical Theater. The first ballet show was held at the Palais des Congrès at the Champs Elysees. As reported by TASS, the audience standing for several minutes applauded the actors.

Duet “Bonya and Kuzmich” filmed New Year’s movie in Perm forest

Perm duet “Bonya and Kuzmich” filmed a video called “New Year’s Eve Miracle – Yudo.” Artists appear in the image of the heroes of the famous fairy tale “Morozko”: Kuzmich plays Morozko, and Bonya – stepmother’s daughter.

Altai viewers will be able to watch theatrical productions at home

The service of retrospective shows is developed by the Altaic drama theater named after Vasily Shukshin. It will be available on the site www.altdrama.ru and will work in full force in the first months of the new 2018. The bottom line is that viewers will be able to watch performances on the Internet at any time convenient for them.

The Oscar winner will make a film about Eduard Limonov

Polish director Pavel Pavlikovsky is going to make a film about the Russian political activist and writer Eduard Limonov

Little daughter of Anna Khilkevich becomes a copy of the famous mother

Famous Russian actress Anna Khilkevich unveiled a new photo with her daughter Arianna. Subscribers of the artist immediately noticed that the baby becomes a copy of her stellar mother. The star of the TV series “Univer” decided to show a picture with the participation of her own daughter in Instagram.

The ballet theater of Boris Eifman will show the “Brothers Karamazov” in Beijing

The Beijing audience will first see the ballet “Beyond Sin” – a choreographic interpretation of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov.

Timofey Kopylov took second place on the show “The Voice”

“Time of the last romantics” in a duet with mentor Leonid Agutin, the famous rock hit Highway to Hell AC / DC and the song of Alexander Rosenbaum “Evening table” brought the Vladimir vocalist of the group “Record Orchestra” the second place in the show “The Voice”.

Basque prepared a serious marriage contract for Lopyreva

Nikolay Baskov became one of the invited leading programs “The Secret of a Million”. He asked some tricky questions to Lera Kudryavtseva, including whether the young woman had entered into a marriage contract with her husband Igor Makarov.

Yevgeny Mironov presented to the actress of the Michurinsky Theater the “Recognition” award

The Artistic Foundation prize is awarded to actors, theater and film workers from various regions of Russia for their many years of contribution to the development of the country’s culture. Each of the laureates has more than 40 years of experience and all of them still serve in the theater or are engaged in teaching activities.

Star “Doma-2” will personally congratulate the fan with the New Year

Star of the project “Dom-2” Sergei Kucherov in a personal microblogging launched a contest. Subscribers will decide who will receive a congratulation on the New Year from Kucherov. On the page of Sergei Kucherov in the social network Instagram a new publication appeared.

PR-manager of “Glucose” reported on the singer’s illness

Russian pop singer Natalia Chistyakova, known under the stage name Gluk’oZa, fell ill on the eve of the New Year holidays. About this channel “360” told her PR manager Maria

In the Moscow Zoo for the first time will show “The Nutcracker”

Today the fairy tale “The Nutcracker” for the first time in history will be shown at the Moscow Zoo. This work is a symbol of the New Year for the last 125 years, but this has not happened yet. On the eve of the “Zoodepo” stage, the dress rehearsal took place.

“You want me, but you will get ***”

Buzova eroticly congratulated the country on the New Year. A festive movie was made on a song that the singer dedicated to her ex-husband. Dancing at the Christmas tree and showing ambiguous movements, spoiling the word excluded from the text, but all understandable, the singer congratulated the country on the upcoming holidays.

Bashkir Ballet is ready to perform for Ufimtsev

The ballet troupe of the Bashkir Opera and Ballet Theater returned from a tour of Europe. With the performances of “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker” by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, the theater’s artists performed on the stages of 29 German cities, each time with a full hall. Performances of Ufimtsev had good press.

Urgant, Nikolaev and Dud took a parody of “Rose wine”

On the question of Urgant, who will blow, in the frame appears the fifth hero – a popular blogger Yuri Dud. When Nikolaev comes to himself, he asks the rap musician to “sing something spiritual.” The clip ends with the performance by all participants of the clip of Nikolayev’s song “Raspberry wine”.

New Year Vakhtangov received an unusual gift

Thanks to the money earned (the main line of the budget is, as you understand, the performances played), the theater paid its employees bonuses totaling 83 million rubles for the New Year.

Kirkorov was offered a paternity test

The father of two children, Philip Kirkorov, was asked to undergo a DNA test for paternity. The singer appeared in the studio of Andrey Malakhov to take part in the next issue of the program “Hello, Andrew!” This time the host and his guests discussed the music festival “Song of the Year” at the show.

From Gangnam Style to “Hangover”. What does the Korean rapper PSY

In 2012, the clip of the South Korean performer for the song “Gangnam Style” “broke” the YouTube counter, gaining the maximum number of views provided by the service.

Group LUMEN will perform songs selected by fans on the “Vagonka”

In 2018, the group LUMEN will celebrate its 20th anniversary. As part of the tour “XX years” Ufa rock band will perform in Kaliningrad on April 22 in the club “Vagonka”. The question that torments all the fans – what songs will sound at the concert.

Hamlet and emptiness: Shakespeare’s tragedy was staged in the Lensoviet Theater

Assigning the actor and actress, Fyodor Pshenichny and Justin Vonshchik to the role of Ophelia at the same time, Butusov develops travesty flip-flops inspired not only by Shakespeare’s time scene, but also by Kabuki and Takaradzuk’s theater (the “virgin theater” where only girls play all roles).


The network showed a video with working flagships Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +

The web has a video with the flagships Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +, which are preparing to present at the exhibition MWC 2018 in the capital of Catalonia. On the shots, the instruments are presented from all sides. Noticeable is a dual camera with an optical zoom and a fingerprint scanner located just below it.

Ulefone Power 3 was hardier than the iPhone X

Experts compared the endurance of Ulefone Power 3 and iPhone X. During special tests, the Chinese smartphone lasted 4 hours longer than the device of the “apple” manufacturer.

Smartphone Sony Xperia XZ Pro may be the most advanced in the market

The web has some technical information on the new smartphone Sony Xperia XZ Pro. The Japanese novelty has every chance to become the most advanced in the market. Currently, Sony is not the most prestigious position among the leaders of the mobile device market

The new iPhone in 2018 will receive 512 GB of permanent flash memory

As the experts of Nomura Securities learned, the new flagships of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus in the TOP version will receive 512 GB of permanent flash memory.

DeepCool Baronkase Liquid will receive a liquid cooling system

Recently, DeepCool Corporation showed the public a new building Baronkase Liquid. This innovation has a number of differences from the rest of the previously manufactured cases. The most important feature of this device is that it has a liquid cooling system Captain 12EX.

LG patents its versions of sliding and flexible displays

LG has applied for patents on new technologies. The manufacturer of the technology has developed the technology of sliding and flexible displays, allowing to lay out gadgets to larger sizes.

The most profitable mobile game in China was Honor of Kings

According to local portals, the most profitable and popular game among Chinese users of mobile applications is Honor of Kings, which occupies a leading position in both stores.

TamTam launched calls from the computer and desktop application

In the instant messenger TamTam, you can now make voice and video calls from your computer, the company’s press service reports.

The user was able to crack the ATM of “Sberbank” with a few clicks

Representatives of “Sberbank” recognized the existence of the problem. So, the user “Habrahabra” registered under the nickname Namikiri, being in the branch of “Sberbank”, approached the terminal equipped with the Windows operating system and five times pressed the Shift key.


In the game Survarium added a festive battle with icicles and snowballs

In the game Survarium there will be a festive battle, in which it will be possible to fight with icicles and snowballs. Studio-developer Vostok Games reported on the added update. In addition, all players are given the opportunity to become participants of the pre-New Year promotional offer.

Developers have published a new trailer for Iron Harvest

The company KING Art Games, which develops computer games, has published a new trailer of the game project of time Iron Harvest. The video introduces gamers to the system of dynamic destruction of the environment.

In the network appeared movie forest adventure Fe

The bright forest adventure Fe is one of the first game projects in the EA Originals series. Zoink employees are working on the game, and a small fragment of the gameplay with the authors’ comments is available on the IGN channel. The creators intend to demonstrate an interesting story without words.

Developers have published a new trailer for Iron Harvest

The company KING Art Games, which develops computer games, has published a new trailer of the game project of time Iron Harvest. The video introduces gamers to the system of dynamic destruction of the environment.

Perhaps the appearance of versions of Hello Neighbor for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

There was information that tinyBuild, which publishes computer games, can release game versions for consoles PS4 and Nintendo Switch. This hints at the rating of Hello Neighbor for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, which appeared on the PEGI website.

The authors of Asura’s Wrath and the series of Naruto promised to look into the future

Presumably, the announced innovations will become a strategy for the development of the studio for the next decade. Studio CyberConnect2 is known for the series of games Naruto and “meat” thriller Asura’s Wrath.

Former developer BioShock Infinite is working on a new part of the series?

Former key level designer at Irrational Games, Sean Elliot, who worked on BioShock Infinite, rejoined 2K Games. This became known thanks to his page on LinkedIn. Recall that the last place of work of the developer was Arkane Studios, where he participated in the creation of ekshena Prey.


Scientists have found an internal control system for excess weight in the body

Employees of the University of Goteborg said that the body has an internal system for controlling weight, controlled by the brain. Scientists conducted an experiment during which the experimental mice were implanted with heavy capsules.

Scientists have printed on the 3D printer arbitrary forms of living cells

Arbitrary forms of connective tissue, consisting of living cells and collagen gel, were printed on a 3D printer by Californian scientists. Information about this spread portals Engadget and Futurism.

Quadrocopters can fly in packs without GPS

For a coherent flight, only one camera and a measuring unit were used. Usually large groups of quadrocopters fly heap-wise only using GPS. However, these locations are not always available, so scientists came to the conclusion that it is extremely necessary to teach schools to move without such support.

The method of 3D printing was used by specialists for energy materials

Specialists of Purdue University (USA) developed a method for three-dimensional printing of safe energy materials, representing pyrotechnics and explosive compounds of substances. The use of energy materials is not limited to explosions or the organization of fireworks

Israel found the ashes of an ancient Roman legionary in a kitchen pot

In Israel, discovered the remains of an ancient Roman legionary, housed in a kitchen pot. The find was made during a new excavation season at the site of the VI Roman Legion camp in the Megiddo Valley

Scientists have noticed in the Tasman Sea counter-directional double eddies

Scientists for the first time witnessed a unique phenomenon. Thus, in the Tasman Sea, counter-directed double eddies were seen.

Scientists: Blood test will show the effectiveness of treatment with antidepressants

A blood test will testify to the effectiveness of treatment with antidepressants, say scientists from Germany and the United States after a series of recent studies. The test was conducted with the study of plasma mice.

The twisted photons were sorted by the radial quantum number

A team of physicists from the USA, China and Canada, led by Mohammad Mirhosseini of the University of Rochester, proposed a method that allows to sort photons of swirling light and radial quantum number by means of a scheme of a set of lenses and wave plates that uses two Fourier transducers photons with different phase velocities.

Symmetron gravity was similar to electrostatics

Why Mach’s principle turned out to be so important for physicists in constructing the theory, you can read more in this article. In this case, all alternative theories of gravitation in one or another limit must pass into the General Theory of Relativity.

The created DNA vaccine will help to defeat all strains of the influenza virus

Specialists of the University of Washington have created a unique DNA vaccine that will help to defeat all the known virus strains. It is expected that in about 10 years the drug will already appear in pharmacies.

In 2018 will be tested amphibian amphibian Nautilus

Before launching the production of drones capable of crossing the Pacific Ocean, Nautilus plans to complete the development of a small drones by 2020. A drone capable of carrying up to 2 tons of cargo will be serviced at regional airports

2017: The Genetic Year

Although the development of tools that would help people to correct hereditary diseases or change the genome of individual cells to combat malignant changes in the body has been conducted since the 90s of the XX century, it was in 2017 that we heard about patients who were really cured with the help of DNA editing tools


Mitsubishi ceased production of Lancer sedan in Japan

Japanese company Mitsubishi has decided to stop the production of Lancer sedans. The latest copies of the model came off the assembly line of the Japanese enterprise MMC in December this year. The current generation of the Mitsubishi Lancer sedan took the conveyer ten years ago.

Named cars with a shockingly expensive repair

In 2017, in the category “We counted the tears,” the first place in the shock-price was taken by Mercedes-Benz G 500 4x4x4, whose replacement of bridges and work will come out at 11 024 062 rubles and this is actually priced at two new Mercedes-Benz G -Class.

The list includes popular Lada Xray, Hyundai Solaris, Kia Rio and the recently introduced Kia Rio X-Line …

The date of the premiere of the hatchback Ford Focus of the new generation is named

In an interview with journalists representatives of the American brand accidentally let slip about the date of the presentation of the new generation of hatchback Focus. The popular car in the world will be shown in March 2018, such data leads the car portal “Your Auto”.

Mercedes-AMG GT Sedan appeared in the photos

Looking at the published photos of the car you can see that the brand-new Mercedes-AMG GT Sedan does not have “chopped” faces, due to which, low aerodynamic resistance is achieved – with fast movement, the car practically does not encounter air noise.

Zotye dealers began selling the “New Year” version of the Zotye T700

Motor range of the “New Year” modification is represented by a turbocharged engine with a cylinder capacity of 1.8 liters.

Tuning studio Posaidon presented 1 000-strong Mercedes-AMG E63 S

The pair of the engine will be a seven-speed gearbox with a double clutch. In addition, the car is offered sport suspension, carbon elements, as well as some new nameplates and inscriptions and camouflage film

The premiere of the new Nissan Juke will take place in the spring of 2018

The image Japanese crossover Nissan Juke will be presented in the spring of 2018. This was reported by a representative of the management of the automaker in an interview with Western journalists. The car will be built on the modular architecture of CMF-B, which means the use of new turbo engines.

Named rare “ZIL” and “Volga” with price tags more expensive than elite apartments

Collector cars have always been very expensive, but often we are used to that high price tag for rare imported cars, but when for a “penny” they ask how it does not fit into the apartment anymore.
So, recently sold VAZ-2101 for which they asked for 1.5 million rubles and this price, like a good new crossover or a used premium sedan.

But in fact, “Kopeyka” is not a record holder and in 2017 many surprised the price tag for “Volga” 31029, which was estimated at 1 million rubles. Its mileage is only 53 kilometers and according to the author of the announcement the car has kept the smell of a new one.

Also, “Avtomambler” allocated bus 118 “Youth”, created in the USSR on the basis of the ZIL-111 limousine. The price for this copy is 35 million rubles.

As far back as in 2017, a custom GAZ-21 was put up for sale, from which practically nothing remained. This is actually Mercedes-Benz with a 5.5-liter 500-horsepower engine, but with the appearance of GAZ-21 and for this car asked for 21 million rubles.

Still on sale there was ZIL-117 for 54 million rubles and ZIL-4112 R for 70 million rubles.

Volkswagen doubles the production of electric car E-Golf

As told in the company, earlier in the factory for the production of an electric car from the conveyor 35 cars came off, and now every day 70 electric cars were produced. E-Golf is assembled at the production site of the Transparent Factory in Dresden.

The flagship SUV Brilliance will be presented at the motor show in Beijing

Company Brilliance officially will present a serial version of the new flagship SUV V7 in April next year at the international motor show in Beijing. The novelty will receive an original corporate design in the style of the younger brothers V3 and V6.

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