17 Aug, 2018

Only with the approval of the FSB

The Ministry of Communications suggests to oblige communication operators to update the network equipment and switch to new ones – domestic ones – SIM cards. Sim-cards of foreign production can threaten the safety of Russians, the department believes.

This is written by Kommersant referring to the draft order, published on the official portal of legal information.

According to the document, subscribers should be identified by encryption, approved by the FSB. These requirements are provided for by the antiterror package of laws. Now the operators are buying sim cards from foreign manufacturers, and the special services have no confidence that, if necessary, they will be provided with the keys to the systems

According to various estimates such a transition could cost up to 80 billion rubles.

Briefly about the main thing …..


Companies will receive personal data of Russians

Companies will be able to transfer people’s data to other organizations without notifying the client, having received only processing permission from him, Vedomosti reported. At the same time, the company that collected them and received the consent of the citizen for their processing will have to be responsible for the safety of the data.

The authorities of Novoulyanovsk have canceled the previously permitted gay parade

The authorities of Novoulyanovsk did not allow the march, which, according to the organizers, was to be the first gay parade approved by the authorities in Russia, a representative of the city administration told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

There was another option to offer as a place for the gay parade Panskaya Sloboda village with a population of 131 residents, but this would be too progressive for modern Russia. – Nikolay Alekseev

In Moscow, passed a law on the fight against cow-weevil

Mosoblduma at a meeting on Thursday adopted a law on compulsory struggle against hogweed in the Moscow region, fines for owners (legal entities) of land that do not work to remove this dangerous plant, will reach one million rubles.

“Memorial” is evicted from the building in the center of St. Petersburg

The International Human Rights Society “Memorial” in St. Petersburg is being evicted from the building on Razekzhey street. This was reported in Facebook by the deputy of the city legislature Boris Vishnevsky.

Elderly residents of the suburbs received the right of free travel in Moscow

Residents of the Moscow region, who have reached the age of 60 years and older, have been entitled from September 1, 2018 free travel on public transport in Moscow. The corresponding law was adopted by the deputies of Mosobldumy at the meeting on August 16, the correspondent of IA REGNUM


6 million for a 30-second video about the Crimea peninsula

The Ministry of resorts and tourism of Crimea is going to hire for 6.3 million rubles that will be able to stage a “golden” 30-second video about the charms of life and rest on the peninsula, RIA Novosti reports citing a tender placed on the state procurement portal.

Based on the description of the technical assignment, a video aimed at promoting tourism potential will be distributed both on the Internet and in television in two languages – Russian and English.

The Ministry of Health believes that anti-alcohol measures need to be tightened

“The measures that were taken, they allowed to reduce now, significantly reduce alcohol consumption.” Next, we need to limit it a little more. “We will work on this,” Valery Buzin, Director of the Public Health and Communications Department of the Ministry of Health, speaking at a thematic conference on public health in the regions of Russia.

The court left Serebrennikov under house arrest until September

The Moscow City Court extended house arrest to director Cyril Serebrennikov until September 19, the correspondent of RBC reports.

“The investigator’s petition is granted, to extend the measure of restraint in the form of house arrest before September 19 against Serebrennikov,” Judge Andrei Gurov announced.

In the Yalta kindergarten, an autistic girl was kicked out of the holiday

In one of the kindergartens in Yalta, the girl with disabilities was expelled from the holiday, the prosecutor’s office is checking on this fact, RIA Novosti reported.

Decision on the growth of utility tariffs will be taken until early September

The decision on the possibility of growth of tariffs for utilities from January 1, 2019 due to the increase in VAT will be taken within two weeks.

The number of cameras on the roads of Russia will double by 2024

Until 2024, the number of photovideo fixing complexes on Russian roads should double, Izvestia was told in the Ministry of Transport. Also, the agency plans to change the location of the cameras and write a separate methodology on how to do it right.

Sergei Udaltsov conducting a dry hunger strike

Left Front coordinator Sergei Udaltsov, who was arrested on August 15 for repeated violation during the rally, holds a dry hunger strike the second day, his wife, Anastasia Udaltsova, told RIA Novosti.

Google employees opposed the launch of a search engine for China

Several hundred employees of Google Corp. signed a petition against the launch in China of an Internet search engine with built-in censorship of a number of sites


On the shore of the Crimea threw dead dolphins and sturgeons

On the Crimean coast of the Sea of Azov, more than 60 dead individuals of sturgeon breeds and two dolphins have been thrown out, the press service of the regional FSB border service reports. According to the ministry, this happened in July.

Activists of Ecodesant have put the Volga bank in order in Myshkin

Regional deputies took part in the environmental action. In Myshkin, the Ecodesant landed on the Volga bank. Several dozen volunteers, armed with garbage bags and rakes, brought the coastal strip in order.

The floodplain of the Bitza River became one of the ecological trails in Moscow

We are talking about the ecological path “Touch Nature” and the historical and ecological trail in the Bitsev forest beginning at house 1 in Novoasenevsky cul-de-sac, and also about the ecological path “At the sources of rivers” in the landscape reserve “Teply Stan”.

A small ecological path exists in the valley of the Bitza River. It stretches along the left bank of the river and along the territory of the nature monument “Old Fir grove in the estate” Znamenskoe-Sadki “. The length of this trail is 600 meters, and a walk with sightseeing takes about 45 minutes.

Unknown science fish caught in a puddle near the Ob River

Pavel added to the correspondent of VN.ru that unknown young people caught a fish in a puddle on the banks of the Ob in the area of a holiday village on the Cape Verde, and he only took a picture of it.

The area of natural fires is growing in Russia

In Russia, the area of natural fires is growing. During the day it increased by 30 thousand hectares. This is reported by Avialesoohrana.

New fires were recorded in Siberia, the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Irkutsk region. Altogether more than 110 thousand hectares are burning – in Yakutia, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Buryatia and Chukotka. The fire affected the land of some reserves.

Over one and a half thousand people and hundreds of vehicles, including aviation, are trying to cope with the disaster. In some regions, firefighters

In Mexico City – a real natural apocalypse

Due to heavy rains, one of the rivers came out of the banks. Spilled into the streets of powerful streams took a man and a woman who tried to save the drowning boy. He moved at such a speed that even the trucks took them down. Hundreds of people were left without a roof over their heads, their houses flooded. The consequences of emergency are eliminated by firefighters and rescuers.

In Shanghai, the tropical typhoon “Rumbia”

In Shanghai, the authorities evacuated more than 53 thousand people in connection with the typhoon “Rumbia” that hit the city. This is reported by Xinhua.

It is noted that about 2.5 thousand ships returned to the port because of bad weather.

It is expected that heavy rains in the city will last until August 18. Also reported is a strong wind, gusts of which reach 23 m / s.

The city declared an increased level of danger due to the possibility of floods.


Trump promised “cut costs” to Turkey

US President Donald Trump said that nothing will pay Ankara for the release of US pastor Andrew Brunson, and promised to “cut costs” on Turkey.

Turkey used the United States for many years. They are now holding our wonderful Christian pastor, whom I must ask to present our country as a hostage-patriot. We will not pay anything for the liberation of an innocent person, but we will cut back on spending on Turkey. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Prosecution demands 15 years in prison for Yanukovych

“The prosecutor’s office wants to sentence former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, accused of high treason, to 15 years in prison,” said prosecutor Maksim of Crimea. Earlier it was reported that during the meeting there was a fight between lawyers and the police.

The Ukrainian minister announced new restrictions in the communication with Russia

Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan announced new restrictions in communication with Russia. According to him, the restrictions in question are concerned not only with the railway passenger communication.

We are working. Today I signed one historical document. Only bears will go to Moscow, as in the good old days. – Vladimir Omelyan, Ukrainian diplomat

Crimea is marked as the territory of Russia

One of the largest German-language TV channels in the European Union, 3Sat showed the film Sibirien total (“Splash Siberia”) in which the Crimea is painted the same color as the rest of Russia. The 3Sat channel is broadcasting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In Crimea, they announced plans to open a ferry service with Turkey

Crimea plans to resume ferry communication with Turkey. This was stated by the general director of Crimean sea ports Alexei Volkov, RIA Novosti reported. He noted that negotiations with the freight forwarder had already taken place.

In connection with the warming of relations between Russia and Turkey, I think we will work. – Alexei Volkov, Russian biathlete

Poroshenko and Merkel discussed the situation in Donbass

“Petro Poroshenko and Angela Merkel discussed the situation in the Donbass and further efforts, including peacekeeping, to ensure progress in a peaceful settlement,” the statement said on the president’s website. Kiev is seeking the introduction of UN peacekeepers in Donbas.

Peskov told about the work on the meeting of the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran

The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov told about the work on the meeting of Vladimir Putin with the leaders of Turkey and Iran. According to him, the possibility of holding such a meeting in the beginning of September is being worked out, there are necessary appropriate notes.

The possibility of holding a regular tripartite meeting in early September, in the first decade, is being worked out. There are appropriate cues. After the schedules of the three presidents are finalized through diplomatic channels, we will inform. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat

The Russian Foreign Ministry called for the investigation of the desecration of the Soviet cemetery in Gdansk

In the Russian diplomatic mission, Poland was reminded of the need to fulfill its international obligations. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia insists on an early investigation into the desecration of the cemetery of Soviet soldiers and prisoners of war in Gdansk and bringing those responsible to justice.

Two large German companies leave the market of Iran because of US sanctions

Two large German companies, the operator of Deutsche Telekom and the Deutsche Bahn railway concern, whose shareholders include the state, reported on the termination of their activities in Iran in connection with US sanctions.

The United States accused Ukraine of betraying its ties with China

Ukraine sold engines for combat aircraft to China, which contradicts the interests of the United States, according to the material of the American newspaper The Washington Times. According to the publication, the Ukrainian company Motor Sich supplied 20 engines for 12 JL-10 combat training aircraft.

In the United States, the conditions for resuming the dialogue with Iran

“If the Iranian regime demonstrates obligations to fundamentally change its behavior, then the president will be ready to conduct a dialogue to find solutions,” US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook

The door to dialogue with Russia is still open

The US State Department reported that the interaction between Washington and Moscow on a wide range of issues continues.

“The current administration made it clear that the door to further dialogue is still open,” Tass told the US Foreign Ministry

The media reported an explosion near the office of the Italian party “League”

Italian media reported on the explosion at the right-wing Italian party “Liga” in the town of Villorba. The incident occurred near the entrance to the building, where the cell of a political organization sits. It is noted that no one was hurt.

Estonia approved the draft border with Russia

The Estonian government approved a project for the construction of a border with Russia worth € 190 million, reports ERR. It is noted that the construction will be completed in 2026.

The border project did not stop for a minute, and we are at full speed to build the eastern border upwards from the point where the borders of Estonia, Latvia and Russia converge. – Andres Anvelt, Estonian politician


The Pentagon moved the military parade in Washington in 2019

As reported by Reuters referring to a source in the Pentagon, US President Donald Trump planned to hold a parade on November 10, but the event for unknown reasons was postponed to the following year. According to the interlocutor of the agency, the parade decided to postpone due to questions to the cost of its conduct

In Kazan, introduced a new Russian bomber Tu-22M3M

In Kazan, a modernized bomber-missile carrier Tu-22M3M was introduced. Today, the ceremony of its rollout, that is, the transfer to ground and flight tests, was held.

The capabilities of this machine are impressive and far superior to all similar foreign cars. This machine has artificial intelligence. – Sergey Kobylash, military leader

The Ukrainian military announced the seizure of new territories in the Donbass

“The equipment of the supply lanes on the Volnovakhsky, Gorlovsky, Severodonetsk and Svetlodarskiy directions allowed us to take about 15 km of Ukrainian territory under the control of settlements,” the Hromadske television channel quotes him.

“Admiral Grigorovich” first launched the “Caliber” in the Black Sea

The Frigate of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) Admiral Grigorovich launched the Caliber rockets for a surface target in the Black Sea.

“White swans” live in Chukotka

Crews of strategic missile carriers in the flight-tactical doctrine of the Long-Range Aviation flew non-stop flight from the airfield of the dislocation and overcoming about seven thousand kilometers, made a landing on the Chukchi Peninsula.

Several fighters boarded the track in the Khabarovsk Territory

Overlapping was planned – in the Khabarovsk Territory exercises of combat aviation began, during which pilots Su-30SM, Su-35S and MiG-31 will perform aerobatics, intercept the enemy, escape from the fire and put the fighters on a shortened strip, that is on the same route

“Sprut-SDM1” will enter the world market

Rosoboronexport (RoE) is launching the lightweight floating tank “Sprut-SDM1” on the world market, some South-East Asian countries have already become interested in it, told the general director of the RoE Alexander Mikheev on Thursday.

The “Army-2018” will show the drone of Syrian terrorists

The exposition of the weapons used by terrorists in Syria will be organized at the international forum “Army-2018”, the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, told journalists on Thursday.

Ukraine is preparing a radioactive sabotage against Donbass

According to the hacker group “CyberBerkut”, the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces are preparing a series of diversions against the people’s republics of Donbass, during which it is planned to poison the drinking water with radioactive substances. This August 16, RIA Novosti reports

Kurganmashzavod will present new items on the “Army-2018”

The company will exhibit in its exposition prototypes of infantry and landing combat vehicles. Pilot models of the infantry fighting vehicle on the unified platform “Kurganets-25” and the combat vehicle BMD-4M2 “Sinitsa” will be presented by Kurganmashzavod at the International Military Technical Forum “Army-2018”.

The Pentagon suspected China of working out a military strike against the United States

In the United States, it is believed that China’s military are trained to strike at American military bases and armed forces in the Pacific, including on the island of Guam

Ukraine is ready to present facts about Russian EW systems in Donbass

Ukraine has promised to present to international partners the facts of the presence in the Donbass of the four latest Russian electronic warfare systems discovered earlier by the OSCE. This was reported on Twitter by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

Iraqi Air Force destroyed operative headquarters of terrorists of IG in Syria

According to the TV channel, the air force of Iraq struck at the operational headquarters of the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic State” 1 (IG1, banned in Russia) in the border areas of Syria. As a result of the operation, the headquarters of the terrorists, as well as several IG fighters, were destroyed.


In whose hands is Russia’s national debt

As it turned out, if you do not take into account the Russians (they are the holders of 66% of the national debt), then the leaders of the original rating are the United States. Residents of the United States own a share of 8% – 719 billion rubles. This is followed by Luxembourg (7%, 606 billion) and the EU countries (at all – 4.6%, or 382.9 billion). They are followed by Norway, Switzerland, Canada and Japan.

In addition, according to holders of 13% of public debt there is no open information, RIA Novosti reports citing ACRA experts Dmitry Kulikov and Natalia Porokhova

Peskov commented on the idea of eliminating the super-profits of a number of industries

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman of the Russian president, said that the proposal to seize the “super profits” of metallurgical and chemical companies is not a veiled attempt to impose a tax on these industries.

The President is always very sensitive to such issues and stands for careful consideration of all possible consequences, possible effects for the market and for the industry before making a decision. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian diplomat

In Turkey, a ship with a Russian crew was arrested

The Russian crew of the dry cargo ship Streamline, consisting of 11 sailors, has been arrested for two months for debts in Istanbul, where the vessel went to repair, said Alexander Rubtsov, representative of the Azov-Don territorial organization of the Russian Sailors’ Union.

After the ship embarked on a raid in Istanbul, he was arrested for debts of the previous owner about $ 500 thousand, RIA Novosti reports.

Company Deripaska decided to register in the Russian offshore

“The group was one of the first to support progressive Russian legislation that made it possible to optimize our ownership structure and plans to become one of the first large international Russian companies to take advantage of the new provisions on ATS,” said Lord Gregory Barker, Chairman of the Board of En +. are given in the message of the company).

Rosneft warned about the loss of 15 billion rubles. per year due to a new fee

RBC has a copy of the letter, its authenticity was confirmed by two employees of specialized departments. The Ministry of Industry and Trade began to work on amendments to the law “On Production and Consumption Wastes”, which presuppose the expansion of the list of products subject to recycling in 2016.

Russia will present Cuba with a gold dome for 642 million rubles

Matvienko explained that the Cuban parliamentarians asked for help in restoring Russia. In May 2017 it became known that the Foremen had announced a competition for the design of the restoration of the dome, then it was reported that the maximum contract price for the creation of the project would be 20 million rubles

Russia ceased to reduce the share in the US national debt

Russia in June ceased to reduce its share in US government bonds, according to reports published on the website of the US Ministry of Finance. According to these data, in June the amount of treasury securities that Russia possessed amounted to $ 14.9 billion, the same as in May.

Butchers ask for help

The National Union of meat processors (NSM) appealed to Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev with a request to influence the retail chains, so that they could quickly consider new and higher prices for meat processing products (sausages, semi-finished products, etc.) and agreed with them. Ask the butchers and adjust the pricing of raw meat – the way they write, restoring the competitive environment.

Trump: money flows the river into our precious dollar

This was rarely the case in the past, said US President Donald Trump in his Twitter. The US economy is better than ever, and the profits of companies are higher than ever. The President of the United States added that in his country low inflation and businessmen are optimistic.

Turkey lost the status of the largest holder of US public debt

The Justice Department of the United States released information according to which the Republic of Turkey lost the status of the largest holders of America’s public debt by cutting its investments in US treasury securities to $ 28.8 billion in June.

Megafon disclosed the value of its stake in Svyaznoy

The fair value of Megafon’s share in the Svyaznoy group (includes Svyaznoy and Evroset) is 15.4 billion rubles. This follows from the operator’s report for the II quarter of 2018. Thus, the entire Svyaznoy, in which MegaFon owns 25% and one share, the operator estimates about 62 billion rubles.

Rosturizm: The rise in price of aviation kerosene will not ruin tour operators

In Rosturizm believe that the increase in prices for aviation fuel will not lead to bankruptcy of Russian tour operators. In addition, a number of large companies have even their own “home” charter carriers. Perhaps, tour operators will find funds.

Increase in prices for heating oil

During the conference call on the preparation of housing and utilities enterprises and power engineering for the autumn-winter period, Yakushev said that the Ministry of Construction noted a 30% increase in fuel oil prices, which creates problems for the regions in the formation of fuel reserves for the winter.

“This applies to those regions where boiler houses mainly operate on heating oil – about 20 regions, of which 5-6 more than 50% (fuel structure) use heating oil, for which such a price increase is quite critical,” Yakushev said.

The production of liquid hydrocarbons in Norway in July increased by 3.5%

The volume of liquid hydrocarbon production in the Norwegian oil and gas fields in July, according to preliminary data, increased by 64,000 barrels per day, or 3.5%, compared with the final data for June, amounting to 1.911 million barrels a day, according to a report by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, NPD).

The cost of Lakhta Center construction is disclosed

Gazprom Neft estimated Lakhta Center in St. Petersburg, which is to become the headquarters of the Gazprom group, at least 155.6 billion rubles, the company said.


The actress “Svatov” told about threats to her address

The actress of the Lenkom Theater and the TV series Swat Tatyana Kravchenko are threatened with reprisals. As reported by TASS with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies, the artist began receiving messages from a fan who, moreover, asks him to transfer money to him

Soloist of the band “Brothers Grim” married a young fan

Kostya from “Brothers Grim” has issued a marriage with a young fan. Musician Konstantin Burdaev married for the third time. Soloist of the band “Brothers Grim” Konstantin Burdaev married for the third time.

May Abrikosov exposed the overestimated ratings of “Doma-2”

As the former participant of the teleproject told in his blog in Instagram, he got the rating of the hundred most popular TV programs in Russia. In this rating, “Dom-2” is only on the 83rd place, while employees of the scandalous TV station claim that it is watched by up to fifty million fans.

“Unfortunately, statistics show the opposite … The audience does not like the project,” – said Tertishny. His appeal to subscribers, he accompanied the screenshots of the TV rating, notes the site “Dni.ru.”

Solntsev frankly about sex with an elderly wife

The showman Gauguin Solntsev continues to tell his subscribers about his elderly wife Ekaterina Tereshkovich. The last time he wrote about sex with no longer a young wife, than almost brought to nausea with the fouls. The couple is very active in free time.

Sergei Shnurov noted the divorce at the wedding, and Matilda – in the restaurant

Sergey Shnurov has been vacationing in the Mediterranean Sea with his friends for several days. The first “bachelor” evening, ironically, the leader of the group “Leningrad” held a “porcelain” wedding of the designer Natasha Zinko and her influential spouse.

Matveyev and Boyarskaya boasted of a family idyll

Matveyev boasted that he had prepared the breakfast himself this morning and managed in only 40 minutes. And the actor noted that for each member of the family he created a separate dish, focusing on the preferences of the wife and son.

The film “Alpha” is asked to block zoozaschitniki

The American animal welfare organization PETA called for a boycott of Albert Hughes’ Alfa. The cause was the corpses of bison, shown in the frame. Activists are sure that the animals were killed specifically for the filming.

Anastasia Volochkova published a photo with a bare breast

Anastasia Volochkova loves to attract the attention of the public with shocking acts. At one time she with an enviable frequency pleased the audience with longitudinal twines in a tiny bikini, and today she decided to show her bust

Stepanenko claims even to Petrosian’s personal belongings

According to Zhorin, Elena Stepanenko claims not only for cultural values, but also for her husband’s personal belongings. In particular, she wants to take Petrosian’s expensive watches.

Nastya Kamensky showed her breasts in a photo in a negligee

The singer Nastya Kamensky has published a fairly frank photo in her dressing gown. On it, she lit her breast. The corresponding picture appeared in the profile of the artist in the social network Instagram.

The court allowed Brad Pitt to see children more and more often

The court allowed Brad Pitt to see the children more often and longer The actor is getting closer to achieving equal treatment with Angelina Jolie. Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have not been able to divorce for two years now.


James Gunn will not return to the post of director of “Guardians of the Galaxy – 3”

The network has information that the Disney and Marvel studios do not plan to restore James Gunn to the position of the director of the film “The Guardians of the Galaxy – 3”. This decision was made after a meeting between Gunn and Disney President Alan Horn.

Documentary film Serebrennikova will open the Festival Center

A documentary by Kirill Serebrennikov “After the Summer” on September 5 will open a festival about urban culture and the life of the modern society Center Festival. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the event.

Daniel Radcliffe recorded a video message for fans from Yakutia

Daniel Radcliffe recorded a video message to the fans, in which he invited them to visit the festival of popular culture Ykt Geek Fest, which will be held in Yakutsk

Trailer of the criminal thriller “Widow”

In the network appeared the trailer of the criminal detective “Widow”, which directed director Steve McQueen. The video was published on August 15 at the official YouTube channel of the film company 20th Century Fox

Netflix accused of distributing child pornography

The film “Desire” Diego Kaplan is required to be removed from the streaming service. The American Parents Council on Television wrote an open letter addressed to the general director of the Netflix video service, demanding the removal of the Diego Kalpana film “Desire”

American director made a film about the evil Altaic spirit

In America, they shot a film about the evil spirit from Altai. The film of the beginning American director Thomas Dann will be shown today, August 16, in cinemas, including in Barnaul. According to the story, a group of American students came to the Altai village to visit relatives of the deceased groupmate.

Paul Walker’s brothers want to play his roles in “Fast and Furious”

Cody and Caleb Walkers, who are brothers Paul Walker, who played in the first parts of “Fast and the Furious”, said they were ready to be involved in a new episode of the franchise. Relevant information is divided edition Associated Press.

YouTube blocked “too scary” horror movie trailer

The YouTube moderators blocked the trailer of the horror film “The Nun’s Curse” (The Nun), considering it too scary for users, writes NME. A video with a duration of six seconds begins with a picture of the volume scale of the sound.

The action of Wes Anderson’s new film will unfold in France in the 1940s

According to the French edition Charente Libre, the next feature film by Wes Anderson is a musical, the events of which take place in France in the period after the end of World War II.

In the suburbs began to shoot a film about the exploit Podolsk cadets

A feature film about the feat of Podolsk cadets during the Great Patriotic War “Ilyinsky boundary” began to shoot in the Moscow region. The governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyev, visited the film set in Podolsk on Thursday, TASS

In Montreal, the world premiere of the film “Without Me” by Pletnev

As reported in the press service of the film company “Mars Media”, the film will be shown in the framework of the Montreal International Film Festival Focus on World Cinema. Pletnev said that he was glad that his film was included in the contest program.

Tom Cruise refused to play the Green Lantern

It is alleged that the cause of disagreement Cruz was not offered to him a fee, but the script of the picture, according to which the Green Lantern in the final perishes.

In the Russian hire comes the musical “Mamma Mia! 2 »

The continuation of the popular film, based on the songs of the ABBA group, successfully performed in the home box office, collecting $ 106 million, and now it’s the turn of the Russian hire. After the release of the first musical ten years passed (in the film itself, however, only five).


How the Madonna Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

Madonna – the most commercially successful performer in the history of the version of the Guinness Book of Records. And the most unusual, constantly changing, tirelessly improving their lives. She also decided to celebrate her birthday on August 16, as no one has yet thought of! Waiting for congratulations from fans from all over the world, she herself wrote to them an appeal that seemed unexpected to someone: “Support the country of Malawi in honor of the birthday of the Madonna”. And she asked that instead of gifts to herself, the fans made at least small money transfers to the children of this small African country or to the schools that she oversees in her own way, providing everything necessary …

Mireille Mathieu will again perform at the festival “Spasskaya Tower”

French singer Mireille Mathieu for the tenth time will take part in the International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower”, the organizers said. Dozens of the best military and creative teams from all over the world will perform in Red Square.

Selena Gomez recorded the first album in three years

Selena Gomez finally answered the numerous questions of fans about when her next studio recording will be released. As the publication Billboard writes, in the next live broadcast with her subscribers in Instagram Selena said that she had already recorded the next album after the release of 2015 Revival.

British band Suede filmed a video in Chernobyl

The video director Mike Christie explained the idea of the clip: “It’s not just a tragedy and a catastrophe that happened many years ago, it’s a matter of the irresistible power of life that has absorbed the landscape left by people.” The track will enter the 8th studio album of the band Suede “The Blue Hour”, the album will be released on September 21.

Paul McCartney showed a “rude song” on the video

The producer of the song “Fuh You” was Ryan Tedder, and McCartney called her “a song about love, but a little rough.”

“Radio Record” apologized for ignorance of Tsoi’s work

Representatives of “Radio Record” apologized to the fans of Viktor Tsoi and the “Kino” group for their leading Artem Skorobogaty. It was also promised to see that the radio broadcaster began to develop his horizons and study the work of Russian legends.

“Lace lace show” in Moscow is planned to be made international

This year, the performance, which will take part masters from all over Russia, will be held for the third time. Opening of the show will be held on August 18. In 2019, according to Elena Titova, it is planned to attract representatives of the CIS countries to participate, and already on the anniversary, the fifth festival will come and masters from Europe.

At the festival in honor of the anniversary of Park Gorky will perform Luna, Musya Totibadze and Nene Cherry

From August 25 to September 2, Gorky Park will celebrate its 90th anniversary with a large-scale festival. The opening ceremony will take place at Golitsynsky Pond, where they will show a multimedia show dedicated to the history of the park. Especially for this purpose, a pontoon will be erected here in the form of a number “90” with a total area of 1680 square meters. m.

In September, Moscow will host a festival of avant-garde music Fields

In the Gorky Park on September 9 will be a music festival Fields, timed to the day of the city. About this “Afisha Daily” was told by the representatives of the event.

Kinks revealed an unreleased song about the end of the old British Empire

The track was recorded after that and had to get on the record “Preservation Act I”, but this did not happen. According to the leader of the group, Ray Davies, the composition was dedicated to the accession of Britain to the Common Market and should serve as a reminder that the old empire will soon end.

An Approaching Thunderstorm in the May Wave Clip “Probably Forever”

Artist of the association Booking Machine May Wave $ published on its YouTube channel a clip for the track “Probably forever” from the album “Care 2: probably forever”


Scientists have established the age of ancient Egyptian embalming technology

Canadian scientists from York University (York University) have established the age of ancient Egyptian embalming technology based on the results of the study of the Turin Mummy. The Egyptians began to create mummies 5,6 thousand years ago, for 1,5 thousand years before the appearance of the pharaohs

In the Egyptian tomb discovered the oldest cheese in the world

The tomb of Ptamsa was first discovered in 1885, but then it was again covered with sand. Once again it was opened only in 2010. This time, archaeologists have carefully approached the finds and uncovered a few found inside the vessels.

Scientists: Waste brewing will be useful for building houses on Mars

In airgel, the cavity volume reaches 90%. The main element for the creation of a frame is cellulose, a large number of which is in beer wort. Usually this raw material goes for recycling, so building materials for houses on Mars can be obtained at a very low cost.

Engineers created glasses with a focus in the direction of sight

The glasses are equipped with distance and eye movement sensors. The product uses a lens with a variable focal length. As a result, glasses constantly monitor the direction of view and adjust the focal length in accordance with the distance to the subject to which the view is directed.

Points of development of American engineers have time to calculate the direction of view and focus the lens in just 150 milliseconds

Helmet for stroke and white fever

The essence of the technology, according to the head of the project “Cryo-technical” Oleg, is simple enough – thanks to the helmet, controlled cooling of the scalp, which lowers the temperature of the brain. Cooling, which is important, is achieved through the use of anthropometric (that is – repeating the shape of the head) cryoapplicators.

In addition to strokes and head injury, the device, according to the developers, helps with white fever, as well as in the state of affect, migraine, and some other diseases.

Scientists have published the most detailed genome of wheat

An international consortium of scientists from 20 countries presented the first fully annotated wheat genome with information on 107,8 thousand plant genes. The work is published in the journal Science

Vollebak created the world’s first graphene jacket

The British company Vollebak, known for its bold experiments with clothing materials, created the world’s first graphene jacket. The advanced material was used earlier when creating transistors, sensitive sensors, in optics, electronics, but never in making things for everyday wear.

Phonons can have a mass and, possibly, even anti-gravity

Nobody previously thought that phonons are really particles (that is, they have mass). Now researchers believe that phonons can have a negative mass – this, in turn, implies the presence of antigravity properties.


At the Baikonur Cosmodrome, staff reductions are expected

As RIA “Novosti” reports referring to a source in Baikonur, in the divisions of the CENSCI since August 15, “the next stage of” optimization “began, which implies a reduction in the number of personnel.

“As part of the tasks of diversifying the rocket and space industry and preparing for the privatization of the Center for Economic Cooperation in the Baikonur region, measures are being taken to increase the efficiency of activities,” the press service said.

The son of Rogozin found, than to answer Ilona Mask

“Ilyushin” gave “Roscosmos” work on the creation of the returned carrier rocket, said the company’s general director Alexei Rogozin. According to him, the Russian analogue of the American rockets of the company SpaceX will differ from them according to its technological solution, “Interfax” reports.

The oldest galaxies of the universe found near the Milky Way

Four small galaxies that revolve around the Milky Way can be the oldest in the universe. According to scientists, they were formed about 13 billion years ago – soon after the Big Bang, reports The Astrophysical Journal.

NASA is developing a device for weighing asteroids

NASA is considering the creation of a new apparatus that will deal with the weighing of asteroids. This study was planned for a long time, but no real progress was made in this matter.

Two satellites will be created for the Russian orbital fleet

The two new spacecraft Express-AMU3 and Express-AMU7, designed to update the national orbital constellation of communication and broadcasting satellites, entered into force

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