1 Apr, 2019

Open Russia eliminated

The Russian public movement “Open Russia”, associated with foreign NGOs, whose activities are recognized as undesirable in the Russian Federation, has decided to liquidate, the chairman of the movement Andrei Pivovarov told RIA Novosti. According to him, this decision was made at the last conference of the organization.

This in no way means that we recognize the claims of the prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Justice. But if for the protection of activists it is necessary to eliminate the legal form, we did it … Everything is just beginning. – Andrei Pivovarov, Russian politician

Recall that in the past two years, several dozens of administrative cases were initiated against activists of the movement under the article on participation in an undesirable organization (20.33 CAO).

Woman for the first time won the presidential elections in Slovakia

Zuzana Chaputova’s lawyer won the presidential election in Slovakia. Reports about it Lidovky. According to the State Election Commission, in the second round of voting, after processing information obtained from 96.8% of the country’s polling stations, 45-year-old Chaputova was able to get 58.3% of the vote.

Russian Airborne Troops held large-scale maneuvers

The Ministry of Defense published cadres of large-scale exercises of the Airborne Forces of Russia. The exercises took place at four test sites located in various parts of Russia, including in the Crimea.

Kiev accused Russia of trying to disrupt the elections in Ukraine

On the eve of the presidential election in Ukraine, the fighting situation in the conflict zone in the Donbass aggravated, said the head of the Ministry of Defense of the country Stepan Poltorak. According to him, this is due to the attempts of the Russian troops to disrupt the vote, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

Ex-Head of VEB to Become General Director of Rosgeology

The government is preparing a directive on the appointment of the former head of VEB Sergey Gorkov as the general director of Rosgeologia, sources told Kommersant. Since the summer of 2018, he has held the position of deputy head of the Ministry of Economy, and before that he headed VEB for two years. Rosgeologia declined to comment. In the office of Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeev, they did not respond to the request of “Kommersant”

An investigation into the President of Ecuador

With regard to President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno, Attorney General Ruth Palacios launched a preliminary investigation on suspicion of having connections with offshore companies. We are talking about several offshore companies registered in Panama.

Turkey struck airstrike against Kurdish positions in Iraq

Turkish aircraft dealt a massive blow to the positions of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party in Iraq, which was banned in the country, the Turkish Defense Ministry reports. The blow was dealt to headquarters, shelters and bunkers in the Kandil region of northern Iraq.

The government refused to install “smart gas meters”

The government decided to abandon the installation of “smart meters” of gas, because it considers this idea too expensive, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak in an interview with the Russia 24 TV channel.

Counted. It turned out to be quite a substantial amount, and taking into account these calculations, since there are no other sources of compensation for the implementation of this task, other than gas tariffs, we will refuse, in principle, have already abandoned this idea – the installation of these meters now. – Dmitry Kozak, Russian politician

The transition to electronic TCP will be held in November 2019

The transition to electronic vehicle passports will take place in November 2019, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexander Morozov said at the conference “Strategic Foresight of the Automotive Industry” at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

Poroshenko recalled the termination of the friendship treaty with Russia

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko reminded citizens of the country that on April 1 the treaty of friendship with Russia loses its force.

“As promised, from April 1, after the completion of all formal procedures, the so-called basic agreement with Moscow ends,” he wrote on Facebook.

In Primorye, a conscript committed suicide

A recruit has reduced his life in one of the military units stationed in Ussuriysk, the press service of the Eastern Military District said on Sunday, March 31.

“According to preliminary data, the death of a serviceman was caused by suicide,” said the source at RIA Novosti.

The most expensive painting in the world disappeared before reaching Abu Dhabi

The world-famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci “The Savior of the World” was lost in the United Arab Emirates, where it was supposed to be exhibited at the branch office of the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. The staff of the art museum canceled the display of the picture without explanation, according to The New York Times.

Banks can raise rates on loans in response to new requirements of the Central Bank

From April 1, the decision of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia to increase the risk factor for unsecured consumer loans by 30 percentage points begins. This is necessary to prevent “excessive growth in the debt burden of the population” and to increase the resilience of banks “to potential systemic risks,” the CBR informs.

North Korea called the attack on the embassy in Madrid a terrorist attack

DPRK for the first time officially commented on the attack on the embassy in Madrid. The North Korean Foreign Ministry called the events “a serious terrorist act.” According to the diplomacy, on February 22, an armed group of individuals attacked the embassy in Spain. The Foreign Ministry expects that the authorities are concerned about the incident and will conduct an appropriate investigation. Earlier it was reported that the group “Civil Defense Chollima” claimed responsibility for the attack. Its representatives claim that they acted without violence.

The share of foreign tenants in metropolitan offices decreased

Analysts at Knight Frank estimated that from 2006 to 2016, the average ratio of Russian and foreign tenant companies to the high-quality office real estate market in Moscow was 54%, 46%, respectively. From 2016 to 2018 the ratio has changed significantly in favor of the domestic business – 63%, 37% respectively. In 2006, the share of foreign companies in lease transactions of capital offices exceeded 50%, and by 2018 it decreased to 39%, giving way to Russian companies (while in the structure of demand of Russian companies a large share was taken by state structures).

Russian students will be able to continue their studies in universities in Japan

Russian students who have received a complete secondary education will be able to enroll in Japanese higher education institutions. The decision was made by the Ministry of Education of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Tobolsk housing estates are immersed in huge puddles

The deputy of the local Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Regina Yukhnevich, has published photos on her Vkontakte page indicating that the dirty snow from the microdistricts is not removed in time, it melts and turns into huge dirty pools.

“A sad picture outside the window. Looking at these puddles and dirt, you are not happy about the sun and spring. It is clear that the puddles are constant companions of spring, but if the snow was removed in the courtyards, this would not have happened. I am ashamed … Now I visited the territory District. Specifically – 10 md. There are houses and yards, the situation in which is extremely negative. These are not puddles. These are lakes. I watched the picture of people crossing the road in the yard, climbing into snow heaps, “wrote Regina Yukhnevich.

Migrants are actively buying shares in apartments of St. Petersburg

Visitors from neighboring countries have become the most active buyers of shares in the apartments of the northern capital. As a lawyer told Olga Bezborodova, such a transaction costs an average of 500 thousand rubles.

The 130th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower was celebrated in Paris

The opening of the Eiffel Tower was held March 31, 1889. Its height was repeatedly changed due to the installation of various kinds of antennas at the very top. Currently, the height is 324 meters. For several decades, the Eiffel Tower was considered the tallest structure in the world. The tower built by Gustave Eiffel has taken the second place in the list of the most visited French tourist sites in recent years: about 7.1 million people climb the tower annually. First place – behind the Cathedral of Notre Dame (about 13.6 million people). However, access to the cathedral, in contrast to the tower, is free.

Experts called pasteurized milk dangerous for the heart

Separate samples of cheap pasteurized milk can be dangerous for the cardiovascular system, since they contain a lot of vegetable substitutes for milk fat. According to experts, at the moment there are many cheap vegetable substitutes for milk fat on the market.

“Victory” stops flights from St. Petersburg abroad

Loukoster “Victory” (included in the group “Aeroflot”) from Sunday, March 31, stops international flights from St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport, and on Saturday will perform the last flight from there, according to the representative of the airline.

The government will allocate 2.2 billion rubles. for the production of IL-114

In 2019, the government will capitalize the KLA in order to develop the infrastructure for the production and maintenance of the latest Il-114 aircraft. This is stated in the decision published on the website of the Cabinet.

Yakutia is ready to increase exports of jewelry and agricultural products

The authorities of Yakutia have previously announced plans to increase the export of non-commodity non-energy goods to $ 1 billion by 2024 as part of the achievement of the indicators of the national project “International Cooperation and Export”.

The development of power grids in Russia will cost the budget 250 billion rubles

The Minister of Energy of Russia Alexander Novak said that the government will allocate at least 250 billion rubles for the development of power grid infrastructure by 2024, reports TASS. As noted, he reported this during a speech at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

By 2035, thermal generation will remain the basis of the Russian electric power industry.

The top manager of Inter RAO, the chairman of the supervisory board of SPE, Alexander Panina, said this at the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum, RBC reports.

“Russian energy has a number of structural and serious features. First, we have more severe climatic conditions. This means that the share of district heating is the highest in the world. We have the largest gas reserves in the world, with large non-gasified territories, ”said Panina.

“We also see the containment of gas prices growth for domestic consumers. A large territory with a low population density entails such a factor as high network costs for the maintenance of networks. We got a good structure of energy, generation, we have a high proportion of nuclear generation, a high proportion of hydropower generation, but nevertheless, the basis of the Russian energy sector at the moment is thermal energy, ”the top manager notes.

Rosseti offered to introduce a fee for reserve capacity from 2020

Rosseti proposes to introduce a fee for consumers for the reserved capacity from 2020 in the amount of 5% with a gradual increase to 100% from 2025, said company head Pavel Livinsky during an expanded meeting of the government commission on the development of the electric power industry as part of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum .

“The fee for the power reserve is the norm, which is valid in many developing countries of the world <…> The mechanism involves the phased introduction of fees for the power reserve of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% per year, then 60% and in 2025 year -100%, “he said.

Livinsky noted that “the end user has no responsibility for the use of network capacity.” “The task is not to add additional payments to consumers, the task is to distribute the load fairly,” said the head of Rosseti.

Revenue “Rossety” for the first time exceeded a trillion rubles.

The company reported an increase in annual revenue under IFRS by 7.7% to 1.02 trillion. rub. Compared to 2017, net profit increased by 2.9% and amounted to 124.7 billion rubles.

Electricity transmission brought the company 81% of revenue or $ 826.2 billion. Sale of electricity and power – 12% or $ 119.9 billion. The services for technological connection to power grids accounted for 5% of revenue or $ 52.6 billion. The share of other revenue Which includes income from construction services, rent, repair and maintenance services, accounted for 2%

French banks called for “yellow vests” to stop acts of vandalism

With a call for the termination of acts of vandalism in respect of bank branches, the heads of the six largest banks in France spoke on March 30, Le Monde reports.

Financial reserves of Surgutneftegaz in 2018 exceeded 3 trillion rubles

The piggy bank of PJSC “Surgutneftegaz” increased by 32% at the end of last year. As follows from the report of the oil company under RAS, the amount of cash in accounts and financial investments exceeded 3 trillion rubles. In the company box for 900 billion rubles. less than in the National Welfare Fund of Russia.

Krasnoyarsk metro will complete the Chinese contractor

They plan to entrust the construction of the Krasnoyarsk metro to a Chinese company, which will have to implement the project until 2023, the TV channel “360” reports.

The cost of renting a one-room apartment in Russia has increased again

Compared to March last year, the rent of an average one-room apartment jumped by 4.6%. So in Moscow for this month they asked for 35.8 thousand rubles, which is 10% more expensive than in March 2018. In St. Petersburg, you can rent a one-room apartment for 23.74 thousand rubles, which is 9.4% more expensive than a year ago. In Krasnoyarsk, the annual increase was 8.4%. Odnushki surrender here for 13.97 thousand rubles a month.

US will suspend support of the “northern triangle”

US President Donald Trump ordered to suspend the provision of direct support to the countries of the so-called Northern Triangle – Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, reported in the US Department of State.

The court overturned Trump’s decree on oil production on the Alaska shelf

The Federal District Court of Alaska canceled the decree of US President Donald Trump on the lifting of the ban on oil production on the shelves in the coastal waters of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, according to media.

The business index of the manufacturing sector of China rose to 50.5

The business activity index (PMI) of the manufacturing sector of the Chinese economy for March rose immediately by 1.3 percentage points and amounted to 50.5. Such estimates are given by the TASS agency with reference to the Chinese State Statistical Office.

Kirill Serebrennikov became the best director of the 32nd “Nika” award

Kirill Serebrennikov became the best director for the film “Summer” according to the version of the National Cinema Award “Nika”. Award for the director received the producer of the film Ilya Stuart. The Grand Prix of the award was given to the film “The War of Anna” by Alexey Fedorchenko.

Rolling Stones postponed tour due to Mick Jagger’s ill health

The Rolling Stones group announced the cancellation of their North American tour “No Filters”. The reason was the health of Mick Jagger: the doctors recommended that he undergo treatment and was not allowed to speak. Jagger himself apologized to fans on his twitter and instagram and added that he was looking forward to returning to the stage and would try to return as soon as possible.

Baretsky will release the cartoon “Brother-3” with the voices of Buzova and Nagiyev

On his page on the social network VKontakte, Baretsky announced the cartoon “Brother-3” with the same script as the film. According to him, the characters will be voiced by Sergei Shnurov, Pavel Volya, Ksenia Sobchak, Dmitry Nagiyev, Olga Buzova and other famous personalities.

Guests of the Green Noise Festival are starting to come to Surgut

At 19.00 “Green Noise” will be opened by the PI. Tchaikovsky immortal ballet “The Nutcracker” performed by students of the Academy of Russian Ballet. A. Ya. Vaganova. Recall, the Youth Art Festival “Green Noise” is a creative brand of Surgut, a project of the Surgut Philharmonic Society, founded in 2013.

In Surgutneftegaz chose the “Oil Queen”

Twelve finalists of the contest “Oil Queen – 2019” took to the stage of the concert and theater hall JI “Oilman” on March 24. Spectacular, stately women in red clothes drowned in applause. Each has an elegant masquerade mask that takes the viewer to a special world of reincarnations and games. This mysterious beginning is understandable: this time the competition is dedicated to the Year of Theater in Russia.

In Kazan, they will shoot a horror film about Ivan the Terrible

In the domestic film industry started work on a new horror movie. Filming of the epic horror about Ivan the Terrible will take place, including in Kazan. As reported by Central Partnership, the idea of ​​this film belongs to Svyatoslav Podgaevsky and Ivan Kapitonov, who became famous thanks to the films “Mermaid. Lake of the Dead ”,“ Bride ”,“ Yaga. Nightmare of the Dark Forest ”, as well as“ The Widow ”.

Zuckerberg urged the authorities to more actively regulate the Internet

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called for more active regulation of the Internet by the authorities. His statement is published on the page on the social network.

By updating the rules for the Web, we can save the best that is in it: for people – the freedom to express themselves, and for entrepreneurs – to create new things, and also to protect society from more global harm. – Mark Zuckerberg, American programmer

Facebook has tightened the rules for broadcasting after the New Zealand terrorist attacks

After the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, Sharil Sanburg, Facebook’s operating director, wrote a letter to the New Zealand Herald newspaper, where she told what social network did after the tragedy. This is due to the fact. that the attacker conducted a live broadcast on Facebook.

Google Photos will begin to edit and crop photos

The company Google said that the innovation has already begun to spread on mobile devices around the world. The application carries out a thorough analysis of the edited photo and neatly cuts off unnecessary surplus. Of course, all this is done with the permission of the user.

Headphones Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth will be available April 4

Headphones Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth will hit the market on April 4th. The manufacturer through collective funding raised funds for the serial production of the device, and also prepared cables with USB, microUSB and Type-C connectors. Headphones are promoted at a cost of about $ 20.

Americans have shown the universal robot Grizzly

The delivery of the robot in part will begin in 2020. Earlier, the US Army tested similar news. In general, the military was satisfied with the new experience, but it is not known how the Grizzly will behave in real harsh conditions.

In New Zealand, the apple picker robot has appeared.

The American company for the development of robots for picking fruit Abundant Robotics has created and introduced a robot vacuum cleaner sucking apples into the service of New Zealand farmers. This is reported by the portal MIT Technology Review.

In April, HP will release a series of laptops with AMOLED-display

In April, HP will release a series of convertible laptops with AMOLED-display. The display screen is made rotating through 360 °. While it is precisely known, with the AMOLED-display two gadgets will be released in the line. They will be the model Envy x360 15 and Specter x360 15. With these indicators, the monitor shows a picture in 4K format. The manufacturer does not name the main parameters of portable computers yet, but their basis will be Intel Whiskey Lake platform, and the accelerators from NVIDIA will be responsible for the video. In addition, the device will receive a high-speed SSD drive and a high-quality audio system, as well as USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports.

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