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7 Дек, 2022

Oxford Dictionaries name word of the year

The Oxford English Dictionary has chosen its word of the year for the first time in a public vote — the slang expression «goblin mode» has become the word of the year.

The Oxford Dictionary defines goblin mode as «behavior based on unceremonious self-indulgence, laziness, slovenliness and greed, usually associated with a refusal to conform to social norms and expectations.»

Here is a quote from The Guardian as an example:

«Goblin mode is like waking up at 2 a.m. and shuffling into the kitchen in one long T-shirt to make weird snacks like melted cheese on salted bread.»

This expression first appeared on Twitter in 2009, but it became popular in 2022, after many coronavirus restrictions were lifted and people had to return to normal life.

In 2021, vax was chosen as the word of the year. It can be translated into Russian as «vaccine», «vaccination», «vaccinate».

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Tesla began delivering the first Semi electric trucks to customers. The official start was given by the head of the company Elon Musk. He introduced a new car, calling it «the future of trucking.» Semi prices start at $150,000. The first batch (100 cars) will be received by Pepsi, which placed an order back in 2017.


From February, Starlink will introduce a limit on the amount of data provided to customers for downloading: no more than 1TB per person. Once this limit is exceeded, the download speed will drop significantly. So Starlink is going to reduce the load on the infrastructure, that is, so that «a small number of users consuming unusually large amounts of data do not have a negative impact on all network customers.»


Demand for fuel in the EU fell to 24% last month compared to the average value over the past five years, writes the Financial Times newspaper, citing data from the analytical company ICIS.


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