26 Мар, 2021

Passport data when registering in social networks

Roskomnadzor took the initiative to request from citizens of the Russian Federation their passport data, date of birth, address of residence, as well as phone number and e-mail address when registering on social networks. The draft order of the supervisory authority is posted on the Federal Portal of Draft Normative Legal Acts.

If the information entered by the Russian turns out to be incorrect, registration will be refused. It is noted that the information collected by Roskomnadzor can be transferred to other state bodies in cases determined by federal laws.

State Duma Deputy Anton Gorelkin explained the draft order of Roskomnadzor

He wrote in his Telegram channel that «the bogeyman about the Internet with a passport is as old as the Internet in Russia.»

“We are talking about a unified information system, a confirmed account in which can be used to register on a variety of resources and social networks and manage your personal data,” Gorelkin said.

According to him, at the same time, no one will prohibit social networks or other sites from using their own methods of user verification — for example, by phone number.

The Central Bank gave Russians advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of a scammer

  • Do not give your personal data to anyone, let alone passwords and codes — bank employees do not need them, and fraudsters will be given access to your money
  • do not store map data on a computer or smartphone
  • install antivirus software on all devices and update them
  • do not follow unknown links — even if the link seems to be reliable, check the addresses with the domain names of the official websites of the organizations
  • if a notification comes with a request to confirm the purchase and the code, and then an «absent-minded» person calls, who says that he mistakenly indicated someone else’s number, and asks to dictate the code to him — do not do this
  • if they tell you that you won something or you accidentally debited money from your card and you need to give your data to stop the operation — end the conversation and call the bank at the number on the card or on the official website
  • if they call allegedly from the bank’s security service — hang up and call the bank at the real number
  • if you are told that relatives or friends are in trouble — try to contact them directly
  • do not call back dubious numbers

Imports of oil and petroleum products from Russia to the USA

The average daily imports of oil and petroleum products from Russia to the United States in 2020 amounted to 538 thousand barrels. per day, according to data from the Energy Information Administration of the US Department of Energy. This is the highest figure since 2011, when it reached 624 thousand barrels. per day.

Cache size in Russia

In 2020 alone, the volume of cash in Russia grew by 30%, exceeding 13 trillion rubles. This jump turned out to be the maximum over the past 10 years, Izvestia writes.

New buildings in Russia continue to rise in price

In the first quarter of 2021, the situation on the housing market remains stably unstable: prices for new buildings continue to grow amid high consumer demand and the rise in prices for building materials; in conditions of uncertainty with the further implementation of preferential mortgages, Russians are trying to buy housing in a short time; at the same time the supply on the market is significantly reduced.

Canadian Sanctions List:

Canada has imposed sanctions against 9 Russian officials in connection with the worsening human rights situation. The first seven names repeat the US sanctions list

1.the head of the FSB Bortnikov
2.the head of the FSIN Kalashnikov
3.Prosecutor General Krasnov
4.Deputy Minister of Defense Popov
5.Deputy Minister of Defense Krivoruchko
6.1st Deputy Head of the Kremlin Administration Kiriyenko
7.the head of the Kremlin’s internal policy department Yarin
8.the head of the National Guard Zolotov
9.presidential envoy to Siberia Menyailo

The sanctions imposed by Canada against Russian security officials and officials are illegal, said Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Russian president. When asked whether Moscow would react to them in any way, Peskov answered in the affirmative. “Let’s take it,” he said.

The cost of participation in the St. Petersburg Forum

The organizers disclosed the cost of participation in the first St. Petersburg forum after the start of the pandemic. A premium package that allows you to attend a plenary meeting with Putin’s participation will cost almost a million rubles — more than twice as much as at the previous forum

There are no stray dogs in the Netherlands

As a result of government measures codenamed PSVIR (trapping, neutering, vaccinating, identifying and returning), the Netherlands managed to completely get rid of the phenomenon of street dogs by 2016. Owners were found for all animals, or they were sterilized and placed in nurseries, where they are provided with care and comfort.

Penalty for selling smartphones without Russian software

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law introducing fines of up to 200 thousand rubles for the sale of gadgets without preinstalled software (software) from the Russian Federation.

Delegation of businessmen from China in Crimea

On March 11, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea announced that a «delegation from China» had visited the region. The guests were shown the wineries and resorts of the peninsula, they met with local officials. The visit was supported by Radio Sputnik and Vesti-Krym. However, Meduza found out that the Chinese who arrived in Crimea have been living in Russia for a long time and are engaged in trade in the Moscow and Sadovod wholesale markets, where counterfeit products are often found.

Moscow prepared to lift restrictions on mass events

The Immortal Regiment march is planned to be held on May 9 in full-time format, three sources close to the Russian presidential administration told RBC.

“For now, we proceed from the assumption that [the march] will take place as usual, but the final decisions will be made closer to the case based on the epidemiological situation,” one of the interlocutors of RBC explained.

Volkov spoke about the deteriorating health of Navalny in the colony

Opposition politician Alexei Navalny, who is serving a sentence in the Yves Rocher case, has health problems in the colony, said the coordinator of the regional headquarters of the opposition leader Leonid Volkov

He has severe back pain; conveyed that the leg was taken away, he could not step on the leg, while for the entire time he received two ibuprofen tablets. Under all the circumstances known to us, a sharp deterioration in his health cannot but cause extreme concern.

FSIN announced the satisfactory state of health of Navalny

The state of health of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is serving a sentence in the Yves Rocher case in a colony in the Vladimir region, is assessed as stable and satisfactory, the regional department of the FSIN reports to Interfax.

The Kremlin does not monitor Navalny’s health

“No, they are not, and we did not ask for any information. The state of health of convicts and those serving sentences in correctional institutions is monitored by the administration of correctional institutions, this is their function, ”said Peskov.

The USA started a mental war against Russia

«If in classical wars the goal is to destroy the enemy’s manpower, in modern cyber wars — to destroy the enemy’s infrastructure, then the goal of a new war is to destroy self-consciousness, change the mental — civilizational — basis of the enemy’s society. I would call this type of war mental,» said the adviser to the minister Defense of the Russian Federation Ilnitsky.

Strengthen government control over user data collected by IT giants

The Chinese authorities intend to tighten state control over user data collected by IT giants such as Alibaba, Tencent and ByteDance, Bloomberg reports. According to him, among the options is the creation of a data management company — a joint venture with the participation of the government and the largest platforms

Sovcombank buys Vostochny Bank.

Agreements were signed to purchase over 90% of shares from Baring Vostok and Finvision funds of Artem Avetisyan and his partner Sherzod Yusupov. The current owners have long argued in arbitration courts, and the founder of Baring Vostok, American Michael Calvey, is still a defendant in a criminal case on the embezzlement of Vostochny funds.

Foreign companies refuse to service the supplied equipment

General Director of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Alexei Rakhmanov said that foreign companies are systematically refusing to service the equipment already supplied. According to him, such refusals were rare before, but now — almost every month.

“If earlier this happened once a year, now we almost every month are faced with the refusal of foreign companies to come to commissioning, or to service the equipment already supplied, or to supply spare parts,” said Mr. Rakhmanov in an interview with the Russian Public Television channel (quote according to «Interfax»).

The Ministry of Economy proposed to take the resort tax from tourists in all regions

Taking into account the positive intermediate results of the experiment, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia considers it expedient, after the completion of restrictive and other measures related to the spread of COVID-19 in the territory of the Russian Federation, to consider the issue of granting all constituent entities of the Russian Federation the right to introduce resort tax on their territory, — reports the RIA department News.

The State Duma rejected projects on the indexation of pensions for working pensioners

The Russian State Duma at a plenary session on Wednesday rejected three bills from opposition parties, which proposed returning the indexation of pensions to working pensioners.

Migration to and from Russia by educational level

According to Rosstat figures, in 2019, 33.1 thousand women and 29.3 thousand men with higher education left Russia, in total more than 60 thousand people. There were 23.3 thousand women and 18.7 thousand men with higher education. And this despite the fact that migration to the country was more than 2 times higher than migration from the country.

In fact, in almost all levels of education, migration from the country exceeded migration to the country, except for one — «the level of education is not indicated»: 108 thousand people who did not indicate the level of education left Russia, 491 thousand — arrived. It is clear that some of them may have higher education, but are they going to use it in their work?

Number of combat aircraft by countries of the world

The largest air force is now in the United States: there are more than 13 thousand combat aircraft in service there. Russia is in second place, with more than 3 times less: 4143 aircraft. More than 3 thousand aircraft are in service in China, 2 thousand — in India, one and a half thousand — in South Korea and Japan. Of the European countries, France is in the lead in terms of the number of combat aircraft: 1057 units are in service there.

First trailer for Stowaway Netflix movie starring Anna Kendrick.

Taneevsky festival will be held in Vladimir

The IV Taneyev Festival will be held in April in Vladimir. The event will be dedicated to the 165th birthday of the composer. The playbill includes symphony and chamber concerts, master classes, as well as the educational program «People’s Conservatory». Its name is associated with the People’s Conservatory, which Sergei Taneyev founded in 1906. The purpose of the institution was «to spread musical culture among the broad democratic masses.»

LG announces pricing for its 2021 4K OLED TVs

LG has announced the recommended prices for its 2021 4K OLED TVs. The older G1 series is built on the new LG OLED evo platform and is designed for a client who wants a home theater.

According to 3dnews, the G1 series starts at $ 2,199 for the 55-inch model. The 65-inch version is already priced at $ 2999, while the 77-inch version is already asking for $ 4449.

Next on the list is the C1 series. The most budgetary 48-inch version is estimated by the manufacturer at $ 1499. The most expensive 83-inch panel costs $ 5,999.

The younger A1 series starts at $ 1,299 for the 48-inch version. The most expensive here is the 77-inch panel — $ 3199.

Samsung announced DDR5 memory modules

Samsung has presented its new development — modules of its new DDR5 RAM format with a maximum capacity of up to 512 GB. This solution will be primarily focused on use in various supercomputers and data centers.