24 Apr, 2018

Plan for a “decisive breakthrough”

President Vladimir Putin plans to allocate 10 trillion rubles for health, education and infrastructure to boost economic growth in the country.

As reported by RIA Novosti with reference to Bloomberg, after the inauguration on May 7, Putin will sign a decree, in which the plan for a “decisive breakthrough” in raising living standards will be drawn up.

According to the sources of the agency, the main expenses are planned for the period after 2020 and will be associated with a reduction in spending, in particular in the defense sector.

Briefly about the main …..


Countries G7 can impose new sanctions against Russia because of Donbass

The G7 countries can toughen sanctions against Russia in the Donbas, “if Moscow’s actions so require,” the statement of the G-7 foreign ministers says following the meeting in Toronto.

Armenian PM Serzh Sargsyan resigns

Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resigned, the press service of the government of the republic reported. The head of the Cabinet of Ministers left his post a week after he was elected by parliament to this post. The first vice-premier of the country Karen Karapetyan was appointed prime-minister of the government.

Nikol Pashinyan was right. I made a mistake. In this situation there are several solutions, but I will not go to any of them. This is not for me. I leave the post of the country’s leader, the post of the Prime Minister of Armenia. Street traffic was against my premiership. I fulfill your demand. – Serzh Sargsyan, Armenian politician

US Senate Committee Approves Pompeo’s Candidate for Head of State Department

The US Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs approved on Monday night the candidacy of Mike Pompeo for the post of Secretary of State. During a vote on the Pompeo committee, which previously served as CIA director and proposed by President Donald Trump, supported most of the 21 senators

The terms of the Iranian nuclear deal are agreed upon

The United States agreed with the European participants of the “six” on Iran (Britain, France and Germany) the conditions on which will stay in the agreement on the Iranian atom, writes the German Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

“Germany, France and Britain, together with the United States, have worked out the conditions under which President Donald Trump will not withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal, European and American negotiators agreed after five rounds that Iran should be threatened with new sanctions because of its missile tests and aggressive regional policies But the nuclear deal will remain intact, although some of its parts will be interpreted in a new way, “the newspaper writes.

Macron arrived on a state visit to the US

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived on a state visit to the United States, the main American television channels broadcasted his arrival. The plane of the French president landed at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington

Klimkin intends to return living Ukrainians in Russia to their homeland

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said that Kiev intends to take the necessary steps to return home to Ukrainians living in Russia. According to him, the Russian side is waging war against Ukraine. At the same time, about three million Ukrainians live in Russia.

It can not continue like this. Now there are certain ideas, and we are working out in such a way that in Russia constantly three million Ukrainians were not, because for me this is a very sad situation. – Pavel Klimkin, Ukrainian diplomat

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia told about the amount of Russian aid to developing countries

The Russian Federation in 2017 assisted developing countries by $ 1.2 billion, said Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin

“The volume of our assistance to promote international development exceeded $ 1.2 billion last year, through bilateral relations and through contributions to international structures, including the UN The circle of countries we help with is the countries in the post-Soviet space and our longstanding strategic partners in Latin America and Asia, “Pankin said.

Ukraine will protect the internal waters from “Russian aggression”

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine proposes to deprive Russian courts of the right to enter the internal Ukrainian waters, according to an official departmental website on April 23. Thus, the ministry decided to take part in a ferocious and ruthless struggle against the “Russian aggressor”.

The US ambassador came to Primorye with a working visit

US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman arrived in Vladivostok on a diplomatic mission. A visit to the Far East is Huntsman’s first trip to the eastern part of our country. In the capital of Primorye, the diplomat plans to get acquainted with the work of the US Consulate General in detail.

The US is ready to consider the request of “Rusal” to abolish sanctions

The application is being considered, the Finance Ministry said in a statement. The agency explains that the company was on the sanctions list in connection with Oleg Deripaska. Sanctions from Rusal can be withdrawn if Oleg Deripaska refuses control over the holding.

Vice-mayor of Linz was banned from entering Ukraine due to visiting the Crimea

The Ukrainian ambassador to Austria, Alexander Scherba, confirmed that Kiev had introduced Vice-Mayor of Linz (Upper Austria federal state) Detlef Wimmer to the list of persons who are prohibited from entering the country, writes the Austrian newspaper Neues Volksblatt.

Trump demanded from Mexico to solve the problem of migration

Earlier, Trump demanded new negotiations on NAFTA’s free trade zone, which also included Canada, arguing that this was a major US trade deficit with respect to partners.

The dates of the next meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the “Big Seven”

The next meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the G7 will be held in New York in September on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. “We look forward to meeting in New York in September 2018 on the margins of the UN General Assembly,” the statement of the ministers after the meeting in Toronto, which ended on Monday, reads.

Former mayor of New York will pay US $ 4.5 million for the Paris Agreement

Former Mayor of New York, billionaire Michael Bloomberg will pay for the US funds that the country should pay according to the Paris climate agreement. In total, the US has to pay $ 7.5 billion, but the Congress managed to agree on the payment of only $ 3 million of them.


The G7 countries supported the blow to Syria

The Foreign Ministers of the G-7 countries supported the recent attack by the United States, Britain and France on Syria, accusing the authorities of the Arab Republic of using chemical weapons.

The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov will return to the Navy in 2021

The aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov will return to the Russian Navy after repairs in 2021, said Alexei Rakhmanov, President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

US builds new military base in Niger

The US, commissioned by the government of the Niger, is building a new military base in the north of the country that will house fighter jets and shock unmanned aerial vehicles, and the base will be opened in early 2019, the Military Times reported.

C-300 can be transferred to Syria within a month

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has a technical capability to deliver and deploy S-300 air defense systems in Syria within a month, Tass reports.

Russian aircraft became friends with French ships 8 times

Military aircraft of the Russian Federation eight times “over the past eight months” approached the French warships, said the head of the French Navy’s headquarters, Admiral Christophe Praziuk. This statement was made by Praziuk during a speech at the Commission on Foreign Relations and Security of the French Senate.

Iran was told about the purpose of the military presence in Syria

Iran’s forces are in Syria to prevent the country from taking extremists, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said. “We in Syria do not support anyone,” Zarif said, answering the question about the support of President Bashar Assad in Syria

British Defense Ministry will attract 200 military to disinfection in Salisbury

The British Defense Ministry intends to attract nearly 200 troops to the disinfection of the territory in Salisbury, where former employee of the GRU Sergei Skripal was poisoned. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the statement of the head of the British Defense Ministry Gavin Williamson


The investigation stopped the author’s persecution of the verse about atheists

The Investigative Committee of Russia stopped the criminal prosecution of the poet from Krasnodar Mikhail Drozdov. He was suspected of inciting hatred towards adherents of atheism, RBC reports.

Recall that in May 2017, the man published a poem in the social network, which talked about how in ancient times, a teacher who did not believe in God was burned at the stake. In October, a criminal case was opened against the man. The text of the poem allegedly was negatively appraised by a certain group of people because of their religious views.

Russians are less concerned about prices, poverty and unemployment

Russians began to worry less about the problems of rising prices, poverty and unemployment, Levada Center poll showed. But the problem of corruption, on the contrary, began to be perceived by society much more sharply. Experts explain the decrease in the degree of discontent with the improvement of the economic situation in the country.

The Federation Council was proposed to impose fines for public lies

The Council of Federation is developing amendments to the Administrative Code for the dissemination of inaccurate information, for example, for public lies. This is reported by “Izvestia” referring to the author of the initiative, Senator Irina Gekht.

Citizens of the Russian Federation offer to pay the doctor, based on the quality of his work

89% of the population of Russia received medical services under the MHI policy at least once in their life. 52% of citizens applied to him in medical institutions in the last year. Such data was provided by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM).

Rubbish Moscow suburbs will take out the company “Rostecha” and Igor Chaika

Garbage collection in the northeastern direction (Noginsk cluster) will be handled by the company Charter, which belongs to the son of Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika – Igor.

Residents of the Moscow region were left without hot water and heating

In Podolsk and Klimovsk, the boiler-houses of four enterprises were turned off for their debts from gas supplies. However, boiler houses provided the supply of heating and hot water not only to production, but also to residential buildings. Thousands of people who regularly paid for utilities are forced to freeze in their apartments.

The State Traffic Safety Inspectorate plans to unite the site and the city in a single examination for the rights

The traffic police is going to combine the two parts of the practical exam – the site and the city – into a single exam.

Russians told how much money they need to be happy

The average Russian for happiness is 159 thousand rubles a month, reports Superjob.ru. 2,500 Russians took part in the study. According to the respondents, a poor man earns less than 18,000 rubles a month, a rich man earns more than 447,000 rubles a month

The Scot was fined 800 pounds for raising the pug’s leg

The court ordered a Scotland resident to pay a fine of £ 800 (about $ 1,100) for teaching a pug to the Nazi salute, The Telegraph reported.

Employers who pay employees in Russia will receive benefits

Employers, when determining the tax base for income tax, will be able to take into account their expenses for payment of tours to their employees and their families, in the amount of up to 50 thousand rubles a year per person. The law on this was signed by President Vladimir Putin

On Kolyma, the district hospital was left without hot water because of debts

According to the head physician of the Omsukchan District Hospital Valentina Vorobyova, the hospital could not repay the debts because of the insufficient amount of limits allocated for utility expenses. According to preliminary data, the Ministry of Health of the Magadan region will provide the regional hospital with additional funding only in early May.

The bill on unified treatment protocols was submitted to the State Duma

The Russian government submitted a bill to the State Duma for improving the quality of organization and provision of medical assistance through the unification of treatment protocols, according to the website of the Cabinet.

The purpose of the bill is to improve the quality of the organization and the provision of medical care by regulating and unifying the requirements for clinical recommendations and protocols of treatment that determine the algorithm of actions of medical workers in relation to patients depending on clinical situations. The bill provides for the introduction of the concepts “clinical recommendations” and “protocol of treatment (protocol of patient management).”

New institutions will deal with cadastral assessment in Russia

By 2020, in all regions of Russia must earn special state budget institutions, which will deal with cadastral valuation, reports DEITA.


The police established the identity of a driver who drove on pedestrians in Toronto

It is noted that earlier he did not attract the attention of the police. Earlier it became known that the number of deaths as a result of the van hit a pedestrian in Toronto increased to 10.

In China, 18 people were killed in a fire

The fire broke out on Tuesday night in a karaoke in Qingyuan city of the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, the victims of the incident were 18 people, another five were injured, the city police reported in the official account in the social network Weibo.

FSB detects explosives at the site of the explosion in an apartment building in Chita

The explosive was found at the site of the explosion in a residential building in Chita, it can be associated with a crime in the field of subsoil use, RIA Novosti was told in the press service of the regional FSB department

The chief economist of banking supervision of the Central Bank of Russia was arrested

The chief economist of banking supervision of the Central Bank for the Central Federal District Alexei Yurgelevich was arrested in the case of fraud. This decision was taken by the Moscow Basmanny Court, Tass reported in court. On the arrest Yuregelevich requested an investigation.

Remains of 145 Soviet soldiers found in Latvia when repairing the road

The remains of 145 Soviet soldiers who died during the Second World War were found by workers when repairing a road in the Pampali settlement of the Saldus Region of Latvia.

The liner that flew to St. Petersburg in Moscow because of the smoke in the toilet

The plane flying from Rostov-on-Don to St. Petersburg made an unplanned landing in Moscow. The decision to land at Vnukovo airport was taken by the pilot-in-command because of a passenger who violated the rules of conduct on board.

Two people were killed in the wreck of a military aircraft in Tunisia

The training aircraft of the Tunis Air Force crashed near the town of Sfax in the east of the country. As reported by Reuters, as a result of the disaster at least two people were killed.

The prosecutor requested a lifetime for the owner of the submarine Nautilus

The prosecutor requested a life sentence for the owner of the submarine Nautilus, the Danish inventor Peter Madsen, who is accused of murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall and dismembering her body

In the gymnasium in the south of Moscow, the ceiling collapsed

On the students of the gymnasium No. 1526 on the Road street in Moscow, a false ceiling collapsed. Director Karine Badalyan informed RBC about this.

The area of the fire at the plant in the Krasnoyarsk Territory grew to 2 thousand square meters. m

The area of the fire at a timber processing plant near the town of Kodinsk in the Krasnoyarsk Territory reached 2 thousand square meters. meters. This was reported on Monday by TASS in the single duty-dispatching service (EDDS) Kezhemsky district of the province.

Former head of Fondervisbank placed under house arrest

The Moscow City Court placed under the house arrest the former president of the Fonderservisbank Alexander Volovnik and his former deputy Peter Ladonshchikov, accused of embezzling 1.3 billion rubles. This was reported by the press service of the court.

FSB revealed a group of hackers in Chelyabinsk

“The Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the region suppressed the activities of an international hacker group specializing in the development of malicious software for unauthorized copying of computer information and overcoming the means of protecting credit organizations, social networks, postal services,” the report said.

Putin tightened the punishment for stealing money from bank accounts and bank cards

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill toughening the punishment for theft of funds from bank cards and accounts. The corresponding document is published on the official portal of legal information.

Peruvian Indians lynched Canadian, accusing him of killing shaman

In Peru, Canadian citizen Sebastian Woodroff was lynched, who was suspected of killing shaman Olivia Arevalo.


Rusal shares rose almost 30% on the Hong Kong stock exchange

Rusal’s shares rose nearly 30% on Tuesday’s opening of trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In the first minutes of operations, they went up by 29.61%, to 1.97 Hong Kong dollars for paper,

The Bank of Russia forecasted the growth of the economy

The Ministry of Economic Development in its Economy Picture for April believes that the impact of the ruble devaluation on the Russian economy is possible in the case of its duration: to short shocks the real sector has become stable

Rosselkhoznadzor allowed the supply of tomatoes from five Turkish enterprises

Rosselkhoznadzor allowed the importation of tomatoes from five Turkish enterprises into Russia. This was reported in the press service of the department. The corresponding decision was made following the results of the visit of the Rosselkhoznadzor delegation to the Republic of Turkey.

Putin signed a law on the rehabilitation of insurance companies

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the rehabilitation of insurance companies. This is reported on the Kremlin website. The law prescribes the creation of a Fund for the consolidation of the insurance sector, which will be formed from the finances of the Bank of Russia, isolated from other assets of the Central Bank.

Medvedev approved a comprehensive plan to increase energy efficiency

As reported, on April 10 the State Duma adopted in the third reading a draft law that gives the government the right to develop uniform requirements for energy efficiency and energy efficiency programs of organizations with the participation of the state.

Another document. It concerns the energy efficiency of the economy. I approved a comprehensive plan of measures to increase energy efficiency … As you know, we are far behind in this area from leadership positions. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian statesman

BP closed the deal to buy 49% of Kharampurneftegaz from Rosneft

BP completed the acquisition of 49% of the joint venture with Rosneft LLC Kharampurneftegaz, according to the data of the SPARK-Interfax system. The owner of the remaining 51% of shares is the specialized holding company of OOO RN-Gaz.

Kudrin does not expect the early recovery of the ruble

Ex-Finance Minister, head of the Center for Strategic Research (CSR) Alexei Kudrin said that the ruble rate in the next two to three months will not recover to the beginning of April.

And since this revaluation has occurred, it is unlikely that we will have to return to the previous positions in the next few days or even 2-3 months … Estimates for Russia on investments and, accordingly, the ruble will not be fully restored. – Alexei Kudrin, Russian statesman

The Finance Ministry may increase domestic borrowings in 2018 by 200 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance planned to increase domestic borrowings in 2018 by 200 billion rubles. This was stated by the Director of the Department of State Debt and State Financial Assets of the Ministry of Finance Konstantin Vyshkovsky.

Iranian banks banned the use of digital currency

The Central Bank of Iran has banned the country’s financial institutions from making transactions using digital currencies or crypto-currencies. According to Mehr, Iranian banks were notified of this a few days ago, TASS reported.

Money transfers to Europe increased by more than 20 percent

The volume of remittances from Russia to the countries of Europe and Central Asia grew by 21 percent, the World Bank report says. In 2017, it amounted to 48 billion dollars. It happened for the first time in three years.

The dollar rises in favor of the budget

In the current situation, the budget can be replenished in 2018 with additional oil revenues worth 1, 5 – 1.8 trillion rubles. On Monday, the ruble price of Russian oil Urals updated the historical record

Wholesale price for gasoline-95 approached 50 thousand rubles per tonne

Wholesale prices for motor fuel in the RF from April 16 to 20 continued to grow, it follows from the data of the agency “Prime”. Gasoline 95 Class 5 went up by 508 rubles per ton, reaching 49.964 thousand rubles per ton.

Investments in gasification in Russia will amount to 85 billion rubles

In total, the program of “Gazprom” for the current year includes 66 regions. Molodtsov explained that today in the country of 155 thousand settlements gasified about 45 thousand natural gas, liquefied hydrocarbon gas – about 56 thousand.

American oil shale has become profitable

Only in 2017 oilmen from the US issued debt securities for $ 60 billion. For the first time the production of hydrocarbons in America in the shale deposits began to bring a stable income. Experts believed that the business will be able to profit from the price of a barrel of oil above $ 53.

In the Magadan region, the “diesel” has risen in price for 2 weeks by 3.4 rubles

According to the Magadan OFAS, the price of diesel fuel in the Magadan region increased by 3.4 rubles and now stands at 51.5 rubles per liter. Since April 11, the price has risen from 48.10 rubles to 49.8, and from the 21st day the minimum cost per liter is 51.5 rubles.

Private companies in Russia will have access to the Arctic shelf

State companies will be able to attract private partners to implement projects for production in the Arctic continental shelf of Russia. This was in an interview with the magazine “Oil and Gas Vertical”, said Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Kirill Molodtsov.


Became famous for the title of the newborn son Kate Middleton and Prince William

While the whole public is looking forward to the day when Prince William and Kate Middleton announce the name of their third child, the journalists learned what royal title the kid got.

Lolita Milyavskaya was mistaken for a man on the border with China

Chinese border guards could not determine the sex of Lolita Milyavskaya

The translator said to me: “Are you a man or a woman?”, To which I said that it seems to me that I am a woman, but I have eggs. After that, they could not translate everything I said, and detained me for another five minutes. That’s how fun I crossed the Chinese border. – Lolita Milyavskaya, singer

Buzova opens a restaurant in the center of Moscow

The presenter of “Doma-2” for a short period of time managed to make a stunning career: she became a designer of the clothing line, sang, created her own crypto currency. And now she announced the opening of the restaurant in the center of the capital.

Dwayne “Rock” Johnson became a father for the third time

Actress Dwayne “Rocks” Johnson had a third daughter. This he wrote in his “Instagram”, laying out the photo with the baby. The girl was named Tiana Gia Johnson

Навка has told about updating in a family

Fans figure skater immediately began to congratulate Navka. At the same time, some of them noticed that Tatyana “can become one more time mom”. Navka and Peskov have a common daughter, Nadia.

Irina Ponarovskaya returned to Russia, radically changing the image

The singer spent many years in Estonia, preferring a quiet, secluded way of life to the capital’s tusovka. But some time ago Irina Ponarovskaya moved to St. Petersburg.

“Last year her mother died, Nina Nikolaevna, and Ira returned,” says StarHitu girlfriend of the celebrity Marina

Dubtsova and her son fled the country because of allergies

Two days ago, the graduate of the Star Factory, 36-year-old Irina Dubtsova, informed her subscribers in Instagram that she had flown on vacation to the Maldives with her 12-year-old son Artem

In a recent interview, the singer confessed that every year, usually at the end of April, as soon as the flowering season begins, she and her heir have the strongest allergy

Zhenovach congratulated Mashkov and Medinsky in the Moscow Art Theater

The new artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater was represented by the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, as well as Vladimir Mashkov, who himself recently headed “Tabakerka”. It is planned that the Studio of Theater Arts will become a branch of the Moscow Art Theater.

“The Commonwealth of Taganka Actors” celebrates its 25th anniversary

“The Commonwealth of Taganka Actors” turned 25. “Content, emotionality and relevance” – so the artistic director of the theater Nikolai Gubenko defines his main principles. On the anniversary evening, one of the best performances of the repertoire was given.

The date of the Oscar awarding ceremony in 2019 is named

The next Oscar Awards will be held in Los Angeles on February 24, 2019. This was announced by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts

Nicolas Cage plans to complete his acting career

Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage informed the audience about his desire to complete an acting career and do directing. Currently, Cage is involved in the implementation of seven projects, including five major roles in the cinema. About the celebrity plans told the journal NME.

Ballet “Exciton” took “gold” XVII Delphic Games in Vladivostok

Recall: the Ulyanovsk region team represents our region at the XVII youth Delphic Games, which are held from April 20 to 25 in the capital of the Primorsky Territory. More than 2,000 participants from all over the country compete in stage skills, singing, dancing, circus art.

Uspensky appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the UK because of the release of the sequel “Prostokvashino”

The writer Eduard Uspensky appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Investigative Committee and the Accounts Chamber because of the release of the new series of the cartoon “Prostokvashino” by the Soyuzmultfilm studio, RNS lawyer Konstantin Leontyev, Uspensky’s lawyer

“The new series released by the Russian TVE Soyuzmultfilm is a rough revision of my works, contains borrowings of scenes, texts (in a revised form) and the characters I created. The contract for the use of my works for creating new films with me was not, I did not give permission for this adaptation, “- noted in the statement to the General Prosecutor’s Office Uspensky

Museums of the Moscow Kremlin tell about the Chinese Ming dynasty

The alternation of cultures, peoples, civilizations in the Moscow Kremlin Museums continued with the “brilliance of learning” of the Chinese Ming dynasty. This is a new exhibition that sheds light on the art of China XV-XVII centuries. It was during this period that the famous colored glazes appeared and the technique of the overglaze painting.

80 regions will take part in the festival “Russian student’s spring”

The 26th All-Russian Festival “Russian Student Spring” will be held in Stavropol from May 15 to 19. About 6 thousand people will take part in it.

The image of Verne Troyer humiliated all dwarfs on Earth

Deceased on the eve of the actor with an abnormally small increase was accused of harming the whole community of dwarfs. About this in his column in the newspaper The Guardian wrote a publicist Eugene Grant

The trailer of the series with Amy Adams “Sharp Objects” is published

The HBO channel has released a new trailer, “Sharp Objects”. The video is published on Youtube-hosting channel. The series was based on the novel of the same name Gillian Flynn, the author of “Disappeared”, screened earlier by David Fincher.

Parfenov published on YouTube the first film from the series “Russian Jews”

TV journalist Leonid Parfenov on Monday, April 23, published on his YouTube channel “The Parthenon” the first series of the documentary film “Russian Jews”, which previously appeared in theaters. The first film tells about “Russified” Jews who lived before the 1917 revolution.

James Cameron lifted the veil of secrecy over the new “Terminator”

Producer of the new film from the series “Terminator” James Cameron lifted the veil of secrecy over the coming picture. According to Cameron, the film will present a new look at the problem of artificial intelligence.

“Madly Rich Asians”: Money rules the world

Economy teacher Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) is a Chinese woman born in America. Together with her boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding), she goes to Singapore for the wedding of his best friend. Already during the trip, Rachel finds out that her companion is actually from an insanely wealthy family and all the local women want to marry him to death.

In Irkutsk, due to US sanctions, the book festival was canceled

The second international book festival was canceled in Irkutsk, said one of the organizers of the event Boris Kupriyanov on the Facebook page. The festival was to take place from 18 to 20 May.

“According to the Volnoe Delo Foundation (Oleg Deripaska’s private foundation), it is not worth pursuing it now. This is a completely rational explanation, the companies of the “Basic Element” group suffered significant losses, “writes Boris Kupriyanov.

In St. Petersburg for 300 million rubles reconstruct Musical Comedy Theater

According to the media, the very restoration of the theater can cost the budget of Petersburg about 300 million rubles, the work is scheduled to begin no earlier than 2020. The last repair in the Musical Comedy Theater was done under the 300th anniversary of the Northern Capital in 2003

Hi-Fi group reunited after ten years

On the wave of general nostalgia for the 90th and early 2000s, in addition to the main participants in the event, the spectators were entertained by “The Scammed Scammers”, Eva Polna and for the first time in 10 years the golden Hi-Fi composition went on the stage together. This year on August 2 the collective will celebrate its 20th anniversary.


Russian users reported new failures in Google’s work

Internet users from Russia report a failure in the work of Google and its services. This follows from the data of the downdetector portal, which tracks failures and disconnects in the work of popular Internet resources.

Google experts discovered a dangerous vulnerability in Windows 10

Security experts from Google’s Project Zero found a “medium-heavy” vulnerability in the Windows 10 S operating system. In their official blog, experts write that because of this breach, attackers can run arbitrary code to break into the OS

Roskomnadzor will never be able to block Telegram

In despair, Roscomnadzor has already blocked more than 18 million IP-addresses, but there are tens of billions of IP and circumvention systems in the world. Therefore, the Russian government will never manage to block Telegram

A participant in the scandal with Cambridge Analytica told of his naivety

Kogan stressed that “tens of thousands” of applications are being collected by users of social networks. The scandal around Facebook broke out in March of this year after it became known about the access of Cambridge Analytica to the data of users of the social network.

At the moment it is extremely advantageous to put the situation in such a way, as if it is some special case, that this was something like a fraudulent application, and that this is an extraordinary situation. – Alexander Kogan

Roskomnadzor came up with the grounds for combating blockade bypasses

Roskomnadzor published a new version of the order, which regulates the bypass of locks. New grounds for entering the site in the black list will allow legalizing the blocking of IP-addresses in the fight against the messenger Telegram, experts believe, interviewed by the publication Kommersant.

The document says that the grounds for entering sites in the register of prohibited resources for blocking may be “judgments and decisions on cases of administrative violations that have entered into force”.

During the week of blocking Telegram lost only 3% of users

As it turned out, during the week of blocking the audience of the messenger decreased by only 3%. This was stated by Fedor Skuratov, who is the founder of the service for analytics and promotion in instant messengers. According to the expert, the audience of Telegtram is 15 million users of Russia.

In the instant messengers started to give out “free tickets” from “Aeroflot”

Users of the WhatsApp messenger received notifications on behalf of Aeroflot with the offer to receive two air tickets simply by clicking on a link that is disguised as a coupon distribution. Fake mailing – the sale was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the company.

As reported by the department of public relations of Aeroflot, information about two free tickets that the airline allegedly gives in honor of its 95th anniversary, is an absolute lie and fraud.

KDL announced the beginning of telemedicine consultations

For carrying out the service “Online Doctor” is used. KDL arranged the first consultations on April 23. Now doctors of diagnostic laboratories can assign and decipher the results of analyzes at a distance.

Gmail users received spam from themselves

According to users, spam came and was displayed in the “Sent” section, even after they included two-factor authentication and changed passwords of accounts. According to representatives of Google, there was no break-in.

The new tablet Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 will soon be introduced and launched

Soon, Xiaomi will unveil its new tablet called Mi Pad 4, a well-known insider said. Presentation of the tablet will take place in the near future and most likely it will happen in early summer.

Meizu is preparing a cheap smartphone for Android Go for 3,000 rubles

As we found out today, this manufacturer is preparing a cheap smartphone for Android Go, which will cost 3,000 rubles

Russian military allowed phones Alcatel, Nokia and Samsung

The network has a list of mobile phones allowed for use in the ranks of the Russian armed forces. According to the source, this list was approved by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The complete list is as follows:

  • Alcatel: OT-1009X, OT-1016D, OT-1020D, OT 208
  • Nokia: 105, 105 Dual Sim, 105 (2017), 105 Dual Sim (2017), 1280, 3310 (original version)
  • Samsung: GT-E1080i, GT-E1200M, GT-E1272, GT-E1100T, GT-E1200
  • Philips Xenium 9 @ 9z
  • Digma A105
  • Beeline A105
  • Hummer H2

Start of sales of “smart” acoustics Facebook transferred to October

The start of sales of “smart” acoustics from the company Facebook was postponed to October 2018 due to leakage of personal data of 50 million users. Mass production of systems will begin in June. Facebook reduced the volume of the first batch by 20%.


Grafen made concrete stronger by 146 percent

Researchers from the UK were able to make concrete much stronger by adding graphene. The composite thus obtained was 146 percent stronger for compression, and its heat capacity was 88 percent higher, according to an article published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.

Physicists have modeled the process of expanding the universe

Physicists from the University of College Park (USA) observed the cold sodium-23 atoms trapped by the laser trap. It was found that when a cloud of atoms was trapped, it increased its radius several times, and this happened with supersonic speed.

The modern gait of man arose before the appearance of the genus Homo

The ancestors of people walked on straight legs before the appearance of a modern man of the genus Homo. Such results of the study of traces of hominins from Africa led scientists from New York and Arizona.

The triboelectric nanogenerator made a rubber duck smart

Korean engineers built triboelectric nanogenerators that generate frictional current in children’s toys – the resulting biocompatible “smart” duck and rattle do not require batteries and receive energy by pressing or swinging, according to an article published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.

The mutation helped the Indians survive the Ice Age

Researchers led by Leslie Hlusko from the University of California at Berkeley suggested that the ancient people who lived in Beringia could adapt to the lack of ultraviolet radiation by increasing the amount of vitamin D in breast milk, and for this they purchased a V370A mutation in the EDAR protein.

Scientists accused of sugar substitutes in the development of diabetes

Scientists from the Medical College of Wisconsin have proven that sugar substitutes can cause the development of type 2 diabetes. Materials of the study were read at the Experimental Biology-2018 conference in California (USA).


Scientists have discovered in space a light absorbing planet

Scientists have discovered in space a light absorbing planet, the information-analytical publication evo-rus reports.

The world’s largest aircraft will make trial runs before the flight

In March 2018, the aircraft had already made a similar run, accelerating to 74 kilometers per hour. During the second run the plane will have to gain speed of 128 km / h, and during the third run – 222 km / h. Recall, this aircraft is designed to launch carrier rockets Pegasus XL

In China, the selection of the third generation of cosmonauts

Recall that the first selection of Chinese cosmonauts was held in 1995, then out of 1,500 pilots were selected 14 people. The second selection was held only 14 years later – in 2009. The second generation of secretaries was formed by a group of seven people.

The date of launching the rocket “Rokot” with the Sentinel-3V satellite became known

The rocket “Rokot” and the upper stage “Breeze-KM” will lead the European scientific apparatus to the orbit of the Earth. It is noted that the satellite will operate within the framework of the European environmental monitoring program Copernicus (Copernicus).

NASA will begin the construction of the inhabited near-moon station in a year

NASA will begin construction of the inhabited near-moon station in 2019. In 2025, it is planned to send the station to Earth’s orbit.

A mysterious object in the constellation of Centauri puzzled scientists

The mysterious cosmic object in the constellation of the Centaurus, 434 light-years distant from the Earth, greatly puzzled scientists. Specialists discovered in the constellation Centauri a mysterious cosmic body, which can not be attributed to either the stars or the planets.

The Chinese showed an underwater space suit for space training

The Chinese Space Center for the first time demonstrated a spacesuit designed to prepare future cosmonauts for a mission to the Chinese space station. As the publication GBTimes, the suit will be used during underwater training, where the conditions of weightlessness are simulated.


Volvo introduced the new sedan Volvo S90 Ambience

Swedish automaker Volvo announced the premiere of the innovative sedan Volvo S90 Ambience with a built-in projector in the cabin. The world debut of the unique car will take place in the coming days at the Beijing motor show.

BMW named the Russian prices for the 460-strong coupe BMW M4 CS

The Russian office of the Bavarian automaker BMW called the ruble prices for the new BMW M4 CS sports coupe. According to official data, the cost of new items in Russia will be from 7,130,000 rubles, depending on the equipment. Reception of preliminary orders for the car has already begun.

Presented the cheapest crossover Skoda

Czech company Skoda introduced a new budget crossover Kamiq.

At the heart of the Kamiq is the old architecture with a semi-independent rear suspension, and the engine will offer only one – a 1.5-liter MPI, which produces 110 horsepower and 150 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a five-speed mechanics or a six-speed automatic. The drive is front only.

Kamik does not have climate control (maximum air conditioning), LED optics, cruise control and other modern options, except for rain and light sensors and a multimedia system with a touch screen.

Skoda Kamiq assembly will be established in China at the joint venture Skoda SAIC, sales of the crossover will begin in June, the basic version will cost about 90,000 yuan (approximately 886,000 rubles).

Ford will introduce the Focus ST with a new engine

Ford has revealed the technical characteristics of the new generation of the “charged” hatchback Ford Focus ST. According to the publication of Autocar, the American automaker will equip the car with an engine from the old Ford Focus RS.

Lada Vesta Cross goes on sale in summer

AvtoVAZ will begin selling off-road sedans called Lada Vesta Cross this summer. This is reported by Vedomosti with reference to the top manager of one of the major dealer companies. As he said, most likely the car becomes accessible for purchase and June.

“GAZel” will collect in Azerbaijan

Gorky Automobile Plant and Azermash Company signed an agreement on cooperation, according to which GAZ commercial vehicles will be assembled in Azerbaijan.

General Motors introduced the updated wagon Baojun 310 Wagon

Automotive concern General Motors in partnership with the company SAIC introduced an updated wagon Baojun 310 Wagon for the Chinese market. Note that this is the first model restyling since its launch in 2016. Sales of new items in China will begin in the near future.

Ferrari has already started testing electric vehicles

According to the agency Bloomberg, the Italian manufacturer of supercars Ferrari began road tests of the first cars with hybrid gasoline-electric motors. As previously stated by the company, from 2019, hybrid engines will be offered with all new models of Ferrari

Toyota announced the price tag for the updated model Avalon

The other day, Toyota representatives announced prices for the Avalon model. The basic version will cost $ 35,500, and the top version will cost $ 42,200. Last week in California, an official presentation of the updated sedan was held.

UAZ “Patriot” received a new version with a turbocharger

For owners of “Patriots” who dream of “pumping” their car, the company TD-Motors has prepared two turbo sets. Basic involves flashing the engine control unit and installing the GT28 compressor. Of course, the cooling, lubrication, inlet and exhaust systems are also being modernized.

Pick-up Toyota Hilux received a special version of the Special Edition

The novelty will be called Hilux Special Edition. The exit of the special version is timed to the 50th anniversary of the company. The car will have a different from the standard version of the grille, other bumpers and optics, and the body will receive a unique orange color.

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