20 Jul, 2018

Poklonska voted against ….

For passing the bill at the plenary session of the State Duma, 328 deputies voted, against -104, there were no abstentions.

Deputies of the three opposition factions voted against the adoption of the draft law on pension reform, which implies raising the retirement age in the Russian Federation, the correspondent of IA REGNUM

Deputies of the Communist Party faction voted against the adoption of the initiative in full force – of 42 members of the faction, all 42 people took part in the voting. All of them voted against.

Deputies of the faction of “Fair Russia” also voted against – this opinion was expressed by 22 of the 23 members of the faction. The deputy Vadim Belousov did not take part in the voting.

A similar situation in the LDPR – out of 39 deputies 38 voted against the adoption of the bill in the first reading. Deputy Yuri Volkov did not participate in the voting.

When voting on the bill on pension reform, one Duma deputy from United Russia spoke out against the former prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya.

Briefly about the main ……


United Russia will discuss Poklonskaya’s refusal to support pension reform

The initiative was supported only by “United Russia”, “Fair Russia”, the LDPR and the Communist Party voted against. Among the United Russia, Poklonskaia alone spoke out against raising the retirement age. In her opinion, pension reform is needed, but the proposed draft law needs improvement.

We decided on a consolidated vote. We will discuss what options may be available for it within our authority. She is the head of the income committee. She is not an ordinary deputy. – Sergey Neverov, Russian politician

Putin abolished three presidential councils

According to the decree published on the official Internet portal of legal information, three presidential councils are abolished: modernization and innovative development, development of the financial market, and an economic council.

The expert told about the dolphins on the “service” at the Ministry of Defense

According to Andrei Artov, a junior researcher at the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Physiology of Hydrobionts of the Karadag Station, the Ministry of Defense conducted a tender two years ago to catch five dolphins – the Black Sea bottlenose dolphins

Rules for travel to the sea must be the same

According to the governor of the Krasnodar Territory, the problem with levying tolls to the sea remains relevant in some resort areas, in particular in the Bugaz and Yasenskaya spits. Also, the barriers block access to the sea in several villages of the Tuapse region.

“It is necessary to develop an algorithm for transport to the sea. The rules should be the same: if there is a barrier that prevents travel, then it should not open for money under any pretext. There must be general requirements for everyone, “the head of the province said.

The State Duma approved in the first reading an increase in the retirement age

What Topilin said The bill on raising the retirement age was presented by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin in the State Duma. According to him, the reform will allow for the first time in Russia’s history to index pensions more than twice as much as inflation.

We proceed from the fact that as a result of these decisions we will be able to reach the trajectory of raising pensions by an average of 1,000 rubles per year. Thus, thanks to the proposed norms, pension pensions for non-working pensioners are planned to be indexed at a rate twice the planned inflation rate in 2019. – Maxim Topilin

Putin established the honorary title “Honored Journalist of Russia”

Russian leader Vladimir Putin by his decree established the honorary title “Honored Journalist of Russia”. The corresponding document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information

Sailors in Azov announced a hunger strike with a demand to give out their wages

In the port of Azov, several Russian sailors with a Turkish-owned oil tanker Riroyl-5 declared a hunger strike with a demand to pay off their salary debts. About this “RBC-Rostov” said the head of the trade union of sailors of the Rostov region Leonid Glushak

Students at the University of Britain accused Kipling of being racist

Students at Manchester University (Great Britain) painted over the text of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”, which adorned the wall of one of the buildings. They found the author of the Jungle Book to be a racist, reports The Sun

US court denied a lawsuit against oil companies

The US court did not accept New York’s lawsuit against a number of companies. One of the largest cities in the US was going to call for accountability of oil producers for global warming.

The bill on the pilgrimage was submitted to the State Duma

The bill on pilgrimage in Russia was made to the State Duma by deputies headed by Sergei Gavrilov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation), the REGNUM correspondent reported on July 19. It is proposed to establish a special legal status of a pilgrim and pilgrimage.

According to the bill, religious organizations have the exclusive right to carry out pilgrimage activities, both on a paid and unpaid basis.

The demand for a tour of the Golden Ring of Russia continued to fall

Interest in excursions around the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia began to decline as early as last year and continues to decline in this. According to tour operators, the popularity of this route fell by 30% compared with 2016, according to Interfax.

For the first time in Omsk, the road was made with livnevkoj

Road workers change the asphalt-concrete cover for 1.8 kilometers. They not only replaced road clothes, but also equipped storm sewers. This is for our city for the first time, after all, as a rule, funds for arranging stormwater in the cost of the contract do not pawn.

Joint trips under the control of the state

As explained in the Ministry of Transport, the lack of regulatory legal regulation of this issue, coupled with the widespread use of joint travel services with compensation for a part of the driver’s costs, can lead both to illegal business activities and create prerequisites for violating the security requirements for passenger transportation.

Elderly Russians will be vaccinated against pneumococcal infection

It is expected that the vaccine will be given to Russians over 55 years of age, the vaccine will be free. Experts note that pneumococcal infection is the main cause of pneumonia for the elderly.

Accused of treason

A resident of Kaliningrad Antonina Zimina is accused of high treason (275 CC RF) and is in the remand prison “Lefortovo”, told RIA Novosti a member of the public monitoring commission of Moscow, Alexander Ionov, who visited the isolator the day before.

According to information from open sources, Zimina is a member of the Friends Club of the Gorchakov Foundation, she is called on the Foundation’s website “an independent expert”. In the sphere of its interests, the organization’s website indicates the policies of the Baltic States in relation to the Russian Federation and the identity of Latvia’s political elite.

Vice-premier of Italy sued the famous writer because of criticism

The vice-premier and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy, Matteo Salvini, brought an action against the writer and masquerade of the mafia Roberto Saviano, accusing him of disseminating defamatory information.

Detained after the theft of budget funds

The governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Boris Dubrovsky, is aware of the actions that the security services are taking against the first deputy minister of economic development of the region Anton Bakhaev. This was reported to REGNUM by its press secretary Dmitry Fedechkin.

“I’m very sorry for what happened. I think it proper to refrain from any value judgments on this event, do not rush to conclusions as long as investigative actions are underway. I want to note that only after the court decision it is possible to speak about presence of fault or innocence of this or that person. I am sure law enforcement bodies will professionally and competently deal with this issue, I am tasked with rendering them the maximum possible assistance, “the head of the region stressed.


Nasdaq hosts first marijuana manufacturer’s IPO

Canadian company Tilray, growing marijuana, held on Wednesday first in the history of this industry IPO on the Nasdaq, wrote MarketWatch. The company raised $ 153 million, placing 9 million shares at a price of $ 17 per share, which is higher than the original estimate of $ 14-16.

On the development of medicine and education offered to borrow from Russians

Experts of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) offered the government a new way of financing investments in education and medicine – issuing targeted bonds for the population

Deposit auctions brought the budget 312 billion rubles

The placement of temporarily free money of the Ministry of Finance became an additional item of state treasury revenues. Deposit auctions and REPO transactions over the past six years have helped to raise an additional 312 billion rubles for the state, the head of the Federal Treasury, Roman Artyukhin, told Izvestia.

Russians can give credit to each other on the marketplace

The Bank of Russia’s financial marketplace, which the regulator intends to create, may receive an additional function that allows Russians to lend to each other in a regulated environment. The first working version of the financial marketplace will appear in mid-February.

First lots of liquefied gas delivered to China from Yamal LNG

Two tankers of ice class Arc7 Vladimir Rusanov and Eduard Tolle delivered the first consignments of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Yamal LNG to China. This is reported by TASS with reference to NOVATEK. Each tanker was 172 thousand cubic meters each. m of gas

Topilin: in six years for the indexation of pensions in Russia will be 3 trillion rubles

The amount, which for six years will be used to index pensions to non-working pensioners in Russia, will amount to 3 trillion rubles. This was stated to journalists on Thursday by the head of the Ministry of Labor Maxim Topilin in the State Duma, where the bill on raising the retirement age in the first reading was discussed.

The Central Bank of Russia was concerned about the growth of unsecured loans for mortgage payments

Pozdyshev characterized growth as “explosive.” According to the deputy chairman of the Central Bank, this situation can be considered a potential for the accumulation of significant risks. The risk mortgage scheme is spreading more and more and is a “support for the development of some banks,” Pozdyshev added.

Comcast refused to fight Disney for assets 21st Century Fox

Comcast shares go up during preliminary deals on Thursday by 2.1%, Disney – by 0.7%, while securities of Fox are getting cheaper by 1%. Capitalization of Sky is declining in London by 0.3%.

Burberry destroyed unsold goods for £ 28 million

The luxury brand Burberry in 2017 destroyed its products, which it could not sell, for a total of £ 28 million, so that the goods did not enter the black market at low prices.

Putin gave the Cabinet the right to urgently raise the duty on the export of gasoline

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed amendments to the law “On Customs Tariff”, which, in particular, give the government the authority to urgently introduce a protective export duty on light oil products. The document is published on the official portal of disclosure of legal information.

Canada sent a tanker to China with the largest oil consignment from 2015

The Aframax class tanker will deliver the largest oil shipment from Canada’s Vancouver to China in 2015, Reuters reported.

“Gazprom” stops searching for oil and gas in Tajikistan

The Russian corporation “Gazprom” ceases geological exploration of oil and gas in Tajikistan, said deputy head of the main department of geology under the government of the republic Rakhmonbek Bahtdavlatov.

The price of gas engine fuel in Novy Urengoy increased by 53%

In Novy Urengoy, prices for gas stations have risen sharply, according to nur24.ru. As journalists write, the growth was 53%. Novy Urengoy drivers, who run their cars with gas, complain that this increase hurt painfully on the pocket.

Central Bank: annual inflation in Russia in July will accelerate to 2.4-2.6%

Inflation in Russia in July will accelerate to 2.4-2.6% in annual terms from 2.3% in June, according to the CBR’s comments “Consumer Price Dynamics”

The court rejected the claim of the Rostekh organization to collect damages from Siemens

The Moscow Arbitration Court dismissed the lawsuit filed by Technopromexport (part of Rostek) on recovery of about 46.8 million rubles from the German concern Siemens AG and its two Russian subsidiaries. and more than € 1.4 million, reports RIA Novosti.

Almost $ 50 billion will be paid by the Central Bank on state debt in the second half of the year

$ 49.4 billion will be paid by the Bank of Russia as part of servicing the external debt of Russian non-financial organizations in the second half of 2018.

The international reserves of Russia for the week increased by $ 700 million

The international reserves of the RF for July 13 amounted to $ 460.3 billion, which is $ 700 million higher than the level of the previous week, the Bank of Russia said. As noted by the regulator, the increase in reserves by 0.2% was due to the acquisition of currency under the budget rule

Ministry of Finance specified the forecast for budget revenues from tax maneuver

Additional revenues of the federal budget from the completion of tax maneuver for six years will amount to at least 1 trillion rubles. This was reported to the head of the tax and customs policy department of the Ministry of Finance Alexei Sazanov.

Google will appeal the decision of the EC on a fine of 4.34 billion euros

Google plans to appeal the decision of the European Commission on a fine of 4.34 billion euros for violation of antitrust laws

Novak: in the Far Eastern Federal District before the end of this year, about 730 km of power lines

The power system of the Far East before the end of this year will receive about 730 km of power transmission lines and 640 MW of transformer capacity. This was on Friday at a meeting in the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, said Minister of Energy Alexander Novak.


Israel adopted a law on the Jewish character of the state

Representatives of the Arab population expressed their indignation at the law, calling it racist. On the night of Thursday, July 19, the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) in the second and third readings approved the constitutional law “Israel – the national state of the Jewish people”.

Trump said he was looking forward to a new meeting with Putin

US President Donald Trump announced his readiness to hold a second meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin after the Helsinki summit.

I look forward to our second meeting so that we can start implementing some of the things we discussed, including the fight against terrorism, the security of Israel, the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, cyberattacks, trade, Ukraine, peace in the Middle East, North Korea, etc. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Trump instructed to invite Putin in the fall to visit Washington

US President Donald Trump instructed his national security aide John Bolton to invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Washington this fall. This was reported on Twitter by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

President Trump asked counselor John Bolton to invite President Putin to Washington in the fall, we are already negotiating for a second meeting. – Sarah Sanders, American politician

Supreme Court of Spain withdrew the European warrant for the arrest of Puigdemona

The Spanish Supreme Court has withdrawn international arrest warrants and requests for the extradition of six Catalan politicians who support the independence of this autonomy from Madrid, including the former president of the Catalan nationality, Carles Puigdemona, reports the Associated Press

Browder said he was afraid of extradition to Russia

The founder of the Hermitage Capital William Browder, who was convicted in absentia in Russia for fraud, expressed fears for his life in the case of extradition to Russia. Browder said this in an interview with CNN. Bradouer said that his extradition to Russia threatens him with death.

Turning me over to Putin will ultimately mean condemning me to death. – William Browder, American businessman

The US Senate passed a resolution on protection from interrogations of foreigners

The US Senate passed a resolution that calls on the White House to protect the country’s officials from interrogations by foreigners. This is reported by RIA Novosti. According to the agency, the resolution was adopted in response to the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin on interrogation of Russian and US citizens on a reciprocal basis

Putin warned against the inclusion of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO

Speaking at a meeting with ambassadors and permanent representatives of Russia, Putin touched upon the issue of Georgia and Ukraine joining NATO, RBC correspondent reports. According to the president, those who want to do this, “should consider the consequences of such an irresponsible policy.”

We will respond to similar aggressive steps that pose a direct threat to Russia in proportion. Our colleagues, who play for aggravation, are trying to include Ukraine or Georgia in the military orbit of the alliance, one should think about the consequences of such irresponsible policies. – Vladimir Putin

Russia demanded to name the names of suspects in the poisoning of the Violins

Russia wants to hear from official British persons the names of suspects in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripaly, said Russian Ambassador to Britain Alexander Yakovenko.

This is a message in the media, official statements of the British side, unfortunately, no. I want to hear from Scotland Yard, from the Foreign Office. Many versions in the newspapers are not confirmed at the official level. – Alexander Yakovenko, Russian diplomat

The President of Croatia called the Albanians “brothers in arms”

During the visit to Albania, the President of Croatia, Colinda Grabar-Kitarovich, stated that the Albanians are “brothers in arms” of the Croats since the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

In Turkey, detained the daughter of a Chechen official

Five people were detained in Istanbul during the antiterrorist raid, including the daughter of the former head of Chechnya’s Chechnya Chechnya, Sedu Dudurkaeva.

The Japanese opposition introduced a draft resolution on mistrust of the government

Six opposition parties in Japan have submitted a draft resolution to Parliament on mistrust of the government, NHK reported. The reason is the “arrogant and irresponsible” behavior of the government.


Russia has published a video with the latest weapons

The Ministry of Defense first published videos of the latest Russian weapons systems, which President Vladimir Putin spoke about in the March message to the Federal Assembly. The military department also acquainted the journalists with the progress of their development, testing and delivery terms to the troops.

Kazakhstan successfully launched a new missile of the Russian missile defense system

“At the Sary-Shagan training ground (the Republic of Kazakhstan), a new test missile of the Russian missile defense system (ABM) was successfully tested by the combat crew of the air and air defense forces of the Air and Space Forces,” the message says.

Hunter “Hunter” will be the prototype of the sixth generation fighter

The new Russian fighter of the sixth generation will be created on the basis of the shock unmanned aerial vehicle “Hunter”, reports “TASS”. So, according to a source in the defense industry complex, a new fighter can perform combat missions without a pilot on board.

Israeli military struck air strike on Gaza Strip

The Israeli military attacked a group of Hamas people in the southern Gaza Strip, a blow was struck in response to the launch of balloons with a combustible mixture towards Israeli territory.

Syria began a dialogue on the acquisition of Russian arms

Russian Ambassador to the Syrian Arab Republic Alexander Knishak said on Thursday, July 19, that official Damascus is interested in acquiring many types of Russian weapons. According to him, Syria’s dialogue with Russia is conducted at the level of relevant departments and companies.

Israeli tank attacked Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli tank attacked the post of Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip in response to the released projectile. This is reported by the army press service in his Twitter

Two cruisers came to Kronstadt: “Marshal Ustinov” and “Eagle”

The Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser and the Oryol submarine cruiser came to the port of Kronstadt. Ships are preparing to participate in the Main Naval Parade, which is scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg.

The UK will test an unmanned paraglider for the military

Unmanned paraglider Stork is a device on 3-4 wheels, accelerating with a propeller. After that, he releases his wings into the air in the form of a parachute. This makes it possible to lift the paraglider into the sky, where he freely plans.

In the Crimea, one more battalion of the “Pantsir-S1” ZRPK will be transferred

In 2018, the next division of the “Pantsir-S1” anti-aircraft missile system will enter combat alert duty to protect the air space of the Crimean peninsula, Dvornikov said. In addition, in the current year in the territory of Crimea, rearmament of one division of the S-300 air defense system with a more modern S-400 system will be completed.

Kurds shot down Apache helicopter US Air Force in Syria

According to RIA FAN, which refers to its source in the Syrian Arab Army, the aircraft that fell near the village of Al-Mashuh is an American helicopter Apache, which belongs to the US Air Force.

Moldova: Russian troops in Transdniestria a threat to national security

The Moldovan parliament at a meeting on Thursday adopted a national defense strategy for 2018-2021, in which the presence of Russian troops on the territory of unrecognized Transnistria is a threat to the country’s national security, the press service of the parliament said.

To the violinist for a note: In Russia they created a rapid test for chemical weapons

It is noted that the development of the rapid test for chemical weapons was conducted in close cooperation with the specialists of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. The technology developed at Moscow State University will provide invaluable assistance in the operational investigation of the use of chemical weapons.

Dron-kamikaze was tested in Israel

In Israel, tested a new drone. After detecting the target and transmitting information to the operator, the UAV is able to self-destruct.


The car hit pedestrians in Spain, there are injured

In Spain, the city of Jaen, the autonomous community of Andalusia, at least five people were injured because of the collision of a car with people crossing the road to the other side of the street. The victims are mostly elderly women 65-80 years old, they are all taken to the hospital.

The suspect in Denis Tena’s murder pleaded guilty

The prosecutor of Alma-Ata Berik Royriktaev said that the suspect in the murder of the bronze medalist of the 2014 Olympic Games in figure skating Denis Tena admitted guilt.

In Missouri, the shipwreck victims were 8 people

The hunter’s boat overturned at Lake Tayble-Rock in Missouri, killing at least eight people, the WFLA television channel reported citing local authorities. Previously, the sheriff of Stone County reported that there were 31 people aboard the boat, including children.

13 children were hospitalized with intestinal infection

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Jewish Autonomous Region is conducting a check on the mass poisoning of children in the “Pearl” camp, located on the territory of the Birobidzhan district. Today, 13 resting children and one adult were hospitalized in the regional infectious diseases hospital with signs of acute intestinal infection.

In Japan, estimated damage from the effects of torrential rains

Earlier, the damage was estimated at almost $ 389 million. The victims of the rainstorm rains in Japan were 216 people. Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences over the large number of flood victims and landslides in the country.


Natalia Rudova has twisted the affair with the 19-year-old son of the billionaire

35-year-old Natalia Rudova prefers to lead a closed way of life. The star of the TV series “Tatyana’s Day” shares with the fans news in social networks, but he usually keeps silent about his novels. Previously, she attributed relationships with many famous men

Zemfira called the voice of singer Monetochka disgusting

It turned out that a lot of listeners Zemfira are fans of Grech and Monetochka, such a sharp polemic caused them a negative reaction. Buckwheat – very bad. horrible voice and appearance. to perceive it is difficult – to sing it does not know, texts do not convince, well and very ugly.

On Kim Kardashian sued because of the packaging of her new perfume

Recently, three summer fragrances have appeared on sale, their bottles are made in the form of emoji (emoticons on the iPhone). Marketing company Vibes Media from Chicago sued Kim for copying one of the designs. As reported by Western media, the shape, color of the perfume packaging of Kimoji Vibes and the inscription repeat the shape of the signboard in their office.

Vaikule told about the egoism of her colleagues

The famous Russian singer Laima Vaikule told about self-interested actors, whose characters she began to notice during the independent organization of concerts. According to Vaikule, artists are often interested only in a prestigious car and the presence of a separate dressing room before the performance.

Fans condemned Dibrov’s wife for bare chest on the beach

The young spouse of the famous showman Dmitry Dibrov shocked the fans with a snapshot, which she published in her Instagram. Now beautiful Polina – this week she turned 29 years old, resting in a foreign resort. In social networks, she actively shares her everyday life.

Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov canceled concerts because of a serious illness

The other day it became known that Netrebko and Eyvazov could not perform at the music festival in Baden-Baden on July 20 and 23. As it turned out, the opera stars overtook a viral disease. To cope with the disease, artists need to keep bed rest and a lot of rest.

Volochkova with a bouquet of flowers showed a new lover

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova published on her page in the social network “Instagram” a photo with a man. As the fans suggested, the picture captures her new fan.

“I do not want to give birth”: The wedding of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth under threat

As it turned out, Liam Hemsworth canceled the wedding with Miley Cyrus because of her reluctance to have children. When the couple broke up, the singer changed her avatar, putting a black circle, surprising her multi-million army of fans.

44-year-old Xenia Alferova boasted a slim figure in a bikini

Xenia Alferova on her own example proves that age is just a figure. Today, the 44-year-old star published a photo in a bikini, showing a taut body. In the description for the photo, Ksenia told that she enjoys a break at sea.

Alain Kravets spends a million rubles a day

In a recent interview, the model said that sometimes its daily spending could reach one million rubles.

Ron Weasley from “Harry Potter” has changed beyond recognition

The “Harry Potter” star has matured and changed beyond recognition. Now Rupert Grint is more like a British singer Ed Sheeran than Ron Weasley. Rupert Grint, who embodied on the big screen the image of Harry Potter’s best friend Ron Weasley, is no longer like his hero.

Participant of “House-2” Stepan Menshchikov officially divorced his wife

Ex-member of the scandalous teleproject “Dom-2” Stepan Menshchikov officially issued a divorce with his wife Eugenia Shamaeva. This is now the ex-wife of the showman reported in her microblog in Instagram.

Kerzhakov sent his wife to be treated for drug addiction in Thailand

The anti-fascists say that Kerzhakov sent his wife to Thailand just to “float” and not to see his son. However, the greatest number of bad comments was that Milan did nothing to deserve rest, because she was not tired, she did not work in mines.

Russian villain will appear in the new film about Bond for the first time in 20 years

In the new movie about the agent 007 James Bond for the first time in 20 years will be a Russian villain. Producers of the new film about Bond have announced their demands to the actors who claim the main roles. So it became known that in the next picture the enemy of 007 agent will be Russian.

Warner Bros. and DC released the first trailer of the TV series “Titans”

The TV series “Titans” will show only on the new streaming service DC Universe, which will launch in the fall. Access to the service will be opened by subscription, for $ 8 per month or $ 75 per year. In addition to viewing the channel, subscribers will be able to read the latest DC comics.

The date of the release of the film “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix

Studio Warner Bros. announced the official date of the premiere of the kinokomiksa “Joker”, in which Joaquin Phoenix will play the eternal enemy of Batman. The picture will be released on screens in October 2019. The budget of the film will be $ 55 million. The director’s chair of the “Joker” was taken by Todd Phillips, known to many by the movie “The Hangover in Vegas”.

“Man on the Moon” by Damien Shazell will open the Venice Festival

Officially, the program of the Venice Film Festival will be announced next week on July 25. The day before this, the program of the Toronto Film Festival will become known. The 75th Venice Festival will be held from August 29 to September 8.

Trailer of the comedy “Marven’s Awesome World” was released

Universal Pictures Russia has published in YouTube trailer of the comedy “The Amazing World of Marven” Robert Zemeckis. The film will premiere in Russia on January 10.

Hitler-reptiloid appeared in the teaser of the sequel to the “Iron Sky”

The Hitler-Reptiloid appeared in the second teaser of the sequel to the “Iron Sky”, published in open access. The first part of the “Iron Sky” was shown in Russia in the summer of 2012, it talked about how the Nazis were trying to conquer the world’s population from space.

In London, a statue of Jeff Goldblum from the “Jurassic Park”

The statue, established on the southern bank of the Thames, is not permanent – it will remain on this place until July 26. Despite this, the fans of the film still enthusiastically accepted the news of its opening. And some even called it the best attraction in London.

In the network appeared the first trailer of the sequel “Godzilla”

On the Net appeared the first teaser of the highly anticipated film “Godzilla 2”, in which the star of the television series “Very Weird Business” starred Milli Bobby Brown.

“Lenfilm” will show its picture at the Pyongyang Film Festival in the DPRK

Over the past two years films of director Oleg Strom “Rock Climber and the Last of the Seventh Cradle”, Oleg Asadulin “Green Carriage”, Janik Fayziev “August of the Eighth”, Sergei Makhovikov “Silent Outpost” have been shown on Pyongyang territory.

Super Beavers administer justice in the trailer of the “People’s Avengers”

Film company Novoekino unveiled the first trailer of the film “Super Beavers: People’s Avengers” directed by Dmitry Dyachenko.

Dave Franco will shoot with Ryan Reynolds in the action movie Six Underground

Dave Franco (“The Illusion of Deception”) has started talks with the film company Skydance about taking part in the shooting of the painting Six Underground, according to Collider, citing sources. Representatives of the actor has not commented on the information. Ryan Reynolds will play the main role in the action movie.


MasterCard in autumn will test the payment for a wink

The payment system Master Card plans to begin testing the technology of selfie pay (or ID check mobile) with partner banks, with which you can pay for purchases or services with a wink at the end of this year.

Google threatened to make the Android OS paid

The head of Google Sundar Pichai published a text explaining the corporation’s position regarding the fine of the European Commission.

According to Pichai, Google has never forced smartphone manufacturers to install the Android OS and other company software.

“Free distribution of Android and Google applications is beneficial to manufacturers, operators, developers and consumers,” the company’s CEO said.

Pichai clarified that Google never took money for using Android, moreover, the corporation spent billions of dollars on the development of the ecosystem.

Windows 10 permanently lost support for Google services and applications

Microsoft was forced to remove all services and other applications developed by 11K Studios. Thus, now Windows 10 forever lost support for Google services and applications.

New glass Gorilla Glass will protect your smartphone from 15 drops

The experiments showed that Gorilla Glass 6 experiences 15 drops from a meter height: this figure is twice as good as that of Gorilla Glass 5. “This is a completely new composite glass, with chemically enhanced compression, which gives greater resistance to damage,” in company

Samsung in 2019 will release a smartphone with a bendable screen

The creators named their creation Winner (“Winner”). According to preliminary data, the smartphone will cost about 1500 dollars. As noted in the company, the development of the device was conducted since 2011.

SoC Kirin 980 will receive a proprietary GPU and a neural processor

The novelty will receive a new Cambrian neural AI-processor Cambricon Technologies, as well as a company graphics accelerator. Other specifications mention the ARM Cortex-A75 processor cores.

Plastic BlackBerry KEY2 Lite will be shown on IFA 2018

Famous insider Evan Blass in his Twitter announced the appearance of the new smartphone BlackBerry KEY2 Lite. The new smartphone has so far received the unofficial name Luna. Later he said that this model will cost cheaper than the flagship due to the plastic housing and reduced characteristics.

Apple left the last of the creators of Siri

Kittlaus and Cheyer left the company in 2011 and 2012 respectively, starting the development of a new personal assistant Viv, which was bought by Samsung in 2016 and used to create Bixby. After Apple left Gruber, the company did not have any of the creators of Siri.

Smartphones listen to their owners with the help of trigger words

Cyber security specialist Peter Hannay said that smartphones are listening to their users

The new laptop MacBook Pro with Core i9 found critical flaws

Well-known blogger Dave Lee spoke about the shortcomings of the new MacBook Pro. It turns out that the laptop can not cope with the heating of the processor. In the top-end configuration, the heart is the Intel Core i9-8950HK.

Hackers distributed gift cards and stole personal data of users

In return, users are provided with a fake code from a gift card. Stolen personal data scammers use for personal gain.

In Instagram test the function of unnoticed removal of subscribers

It is reported that in Instagram test insignificant removal of subscribers, and this is still only available for closed accounts. Now this function will be available for other Instagram users

Google will build a transatlantic cable Dunant

Google will build its own cable along the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, Business Insider reports. The project was named Dunant, in honor of Henri Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross and the first Nobel laureate in the nomination “Peace Prize”.

Walmart and Microsoft have teamed up to confront the Amazon stores

Microsoft will provide Walmart with its cloud technologies and systems with artificial intelligence (AI). The partnership agreement of the companies is designed for five years and during this period Walmart will create retail stores in which there will be no sellers and cashiers.

Google Chrome will begin to warn about “heavy” sites

The browser will begin to warn about “heavy” sites. Algorithm Heavy Page Capping in advance calculates the maximum size of the web page and if it exceeds the predefined volume, the program will notify you with a proposal to stop the download. Functionality is already being actively implemented and tested on all popular platforms except iOS. For this system, the innovation will appear later.

GPD Pocket 2 – compact competitor MacBook and Surface Pro

According to the characteristics of the novelty is comparable to the MacBook and Microsoft Surface Pro. GPD Pocket 2 is made in a thin compact case made of aluminum


Airbus showed the flight of a new cargo airplane Beluga XL

The French aircraft company Airbus demonstrated the first flight of the new cargo airplane Beluga XL. The name of the aircraft speaks for itself – the airplane is made in the form of a whale-whale.

Egyptian scientists discovered in the black sarcophagus three mummies

Egyptian scientists discovered three damaged mummies in a black Alexandrian sarcophagus, reports the news portal “Yoom7” with reference to the head of the department on monuments of antiquity Mustafa al-Waziri. According to him, the found mummies do not belong to any royal family.

The company Akka Techonologies introduced a hybrid train and aircraft

It is known that a vehicle, called Link & Fly, is a hybrid of a train and an airplane. It accommodates 160 passengers. Link & Fly can fly, and when landing, fold the wings and continue to move around like a train.

Neanderthals were able to obtain fire with the help of flint

The results of the work are published in Nature. At the sites Cro-Magnon, who lived for a while at the same time as the Neanderthals, researchers occasionally find silicon instruments, through which people extracted a treasured spark to ignite a fire, striking them with pyrite.

Scientists have tested a manipulator for catching deep-sea animals

For reliable operation under enormous pressure, the number of parts in the manipulator is minimized, many of them are printed on an ordinary 3D printer.

The modern era was officially named

Geologists have approved a new official name for the modern era of the Earth, which includes the last 4200 years. Now this period of the Holocene epoch is called “Meigalian”

Biologists have discovered a new kind of sharks, they are similar to the anime characters

In the US, biologists have discovered a new species of sharks, they are very similar to the anime characters because of their huge eyes, reports Live Science. They were found in the Gulf of Mexico, near the coast of Florida.

Nanoparticles of titanium oxide whiten teeth without damaging the enamel

Chinese chemists have proposed a new method for the safe whitening of tooth enamel, according to ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering. It’s all about titanium dioxide nanoparticles that are coated with a layer of polydofamin, and then applied to the tooth surface and irradiated in blue.

Origami-capture will catch sea animals without harm to them

A group of engineers led by Robert Wood from Harvard University has developed a new grip that allows you to quickly catch an interesting body without damage.

Scientists have created an anesthetic of the main component of Botox

As it turned out, this component of Botox can also be used as an anesthetic, when they are capable of causing addiction. An anesthetic based on botulinum toxin was created by scientists at Sheffield University, and as noted, it will be a strong painkiller.

Created a robot arm for gentle catching brittle jellyfish

In the US, scientists at Harvard University have created a special robot for catching jellyfish and other fragile ocean dwellers. Animals with the latest development can be caught without causing harm, then studied and released, according to the scientific publication Science Robotics.


BMW launched in Seattle rival service Uber

The Bavarian automotive giant BMW has entered into direct competition with the companies Lyft and Uber after the launch in Seattle of the service of ordering a joint trip by car. The coordination of the service is handled by ReachNow, a division of BMW, already providing the services of the Seattle carseeing.

Renault presented the most “hard” version of the hatch Megane RS

The company Renault officially introduced the fastest, most extreme version of the “charged” hatchback Renault Megane RS, which received the Trophy prefix in the title. Many experts already predict the novelty of the future record of the speed of passage of the “North Loop” of the Nurburgring.

Introduced a new “sporty” hatchback Hyundai i30 N Line

Koreans presented the European version of the Hyundai i30 N Line. The management of the brand is confident that the car market of the EU will warmly welcome the novelty, because in the region cars sold in the spirit of “heated” models are sold well. The hatchback Hyundai i30 N Line is a pseudo-sport car.

The video has a new hatchback Lada Granta

AvtoVAZ is preparing the latest preparations for the launch of the new Lada Granta family. In particular, shooting of promorolls with restyling cars is already underway. The web has a video recording on which the moment of work of the crew with the hatchback Lada Granta is captured.

Nissan Leaf Nismo sports electric car became serial

The car positions itself as a more powerful, “charged” version of the city electric car Nissan Leaf. Naturally, like all cars of this kind, the standard Nissan Leaf Nismo received a truly aggressive exterior design, reflecting the sporting character and status of the model.

Chinese dealers began selling new generation Haima S5 crossover

The Chinese automaker Haima has started sales in the home market of the new generation of the Haima S5 crossover at a price of 69,800 to 109,800 yuan. The world premiere of the serial version of the novelty was held this spring at the Auto Show in Beijing

Flying car Terrafugia will start selling in 2019

Terrafugia, founded by graduates of the Aeronautics and Management faculties of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2006, had previously planned to start selling its first Transition aerial cars in 2015 at a price of about 280 thousand dollars.

Declassified crossover from Nissan and Dongfeng

A joint venture between Nissan and Dongfeng plans to introduce a new crossover under the brand Venucia. The network already had pictures of the interior and exterior design of the car. The Venucia brand was created by Nissan and Dongfeng in 2010

Subaru will release a limited series of WRX STI Type RA-R sedans

Japanese automotive company Subaru on the occasion of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of its sports division STI will release a limited series of WRX STI Type RA-R sedans. Machines limited edition, the circulation of which will be 500 vehicles, will be built on the basis of the serial model WRX STI.

The new KIA Soul was seen during the tests

In the objectives of photo spyware, the novelty hit during the tests. Recall that for the first time about the new generation of Kia Soul started talking in February this year. Now the crossover was seen during the test by high temperatures under the hot California sun

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