12 Jan, 2018

Poland can withdraw from the EU …

Head of the European Council Donald Tusk did not rule out that Poland can withdraw from the European Union as soon as it stops receiving money from it. In his opinion, in this case the authorities will immediately decide to ask the Poles whether Poland should stay in the EU, and then make every effort to ensure that the majority of votes are for parting with the political bloc.

“For the ruling party in Poland, membership in the EU is reduced to receiving cash payments, and they are not interested in the other advantages that EU membership gives, such as the common market, the rule of law and guaranteed security,” the newspaper Telegraph quotes Tusk.

The head of the European Council added that while they receive funding, “the game is worth the candle for them.”

Donald Tusk, who himself headed the Polish government for seven years, admitted that his country is currently perceived as a “source of disintegration.”

A month ago, the European Commission (EC) for the first time in the history of the European Union launched a sanctions procedure against Poland for violating the fundamental principle of the independence of the court, which could lead to the deprivation of the country’s voting rights in the EU Council.

In addition, Poland still refuses to accept migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, despite pressure from the EU.

Briefly about the main ….


The US will soon announce the imposition of new sanctions against Russia

The US authorities will soon announce the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions in accordance with a bill signed by President Donald Trump on August 2. This was reported by the Minister of Finance of the United States Stephen Mnuchin during a briefing in the White House.

As we have already said, we are working on them. They will be announced in the near future. This is what we are focused on. – Stephen Mnuchin, American businessman

Trump announced good relations with Kim Jong-Eun

US President Donald Trump admitted that he is on good terms with North Korean leader Kim Jong-no.

I may have a very good relationship with Kim Jong-un. I keep in touch with people. I think you are surprised. – Donald Trump

Trump refused to visit the UK in February

Trump refused to visit the UK in February, according to the information-analytical edition Life.

The Mexican authorities refused to pay for the wall on the border with the US

Earlier, the American leader said that Mexico can pay for the construction of a wall on the border with the US indirectly – through a new NAFTA treaty. “Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto was very clear: Mexico will never pay for this wall,” Guacardo said.

Washington intends to introduce new sanctions against Iran

The US can introduce new sanctions against Iran, Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin said Thursday.

WWF urges Merkel to halt construction of Nord Stream-2

Nature advocates appealed to German politicians to stop the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, CSW Chairman Horst Seehofer and SPD leader Martin Schulz received letters from the WWF and the German Nature Conservation Union.

The head of the US Treasury announced the possible withdrawal of the country from NAFTA

“Ambassador Robert Lightheiser is doing an excellent job revising NAFTA terms, and we expect that they will be revised or we will leave the agreement,” Mnuchin said. NAFTA – North American free trade zone on the continent, which unites the US, Canada and Mexico.

Putin and Erdogan discussed the coordination of the fight against terror in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed over the phone with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intensifying the coordination of efforts of the two countries to fight terrorists in Syria.

Observers from PACE will not be invited to the presidential elections in Russia

Russia will not invite observers from PACE to the presidential elections in Russia, which are scheduled for March. This was stated by the head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky (LDPR)

Poland can hold a referendum on withdrawal from the European Union, Tusk said

Poland can take measures to withdraw from the EU if it stops receiving funding from it, said the head of the European Council Donald Tusk. This is reported by The Telegraph.

The European Union called on the US to maintain a nuclear deal with Iran

According to Bloomberg, Trump’s decision may take on the evening of January 11. Six against one At the talks in Brussels, the foreign ministers of the three countries and the representative of the European Union unanimously called on the US to keep the agreement, Reuters reported.

The head of the General Staff of Serbia was not given a US visa

The Ministry of Defense of Serbia expects from the US explanations why the chief of the General Staff Lyubish Dikovich was not given a visa for a trip to the US

Primorsky Administration is transformed into a government

The administration of Primorye is planning to replace the government in July 2018, said the regional governor Andrei Tarasenko.

Zakharchenko announced the elections of the head of the DPR in the autumn of 2018

In the fall of 2018, the election of the head of the proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) will take place. This was stated by the head of education Alexander Zakharchenko on Thursday, January 11. “If the people of the republic believe in me, of course, I will participate in the elections in 2018,” RBC quoted him.


The Pentagon is preparing to reflect the “terabyte of death”

The Pentagon is under constant cyberattacks, but in the future, the computer system of the department is waiting for a “terabyte of death.” This was told by Lieutenant-General Alan Lynn, head of the defense information systems department at the US Department of Defense.

In the US, worried about China’s success in space

Earlier it was reported that China plans to form a global navigation system of 35 Beidou-3 satellites by 2020, which will turn China into the third country after Russia and the US with its own similar system. In 2018, China plans to launch more than ten navigation satellites Bedou-3.

The Pentagon admitted that they were spying for Russia

As military, Americans are trying to think on a global scale, the general said. According to him, the Russian development of strategic forces is under the vigilant attention of the Pentagon. But at the same time, the US is also monitoring for more pressing threats, the US representative stressed.

The State Department announced the continuation of the struggle between the US and the coalition with the IG in Syria

The US and the coalition will continue to fight the terrorist group “Islamic State” * in Syria. This was stated by Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs David Satterfield in the course of hearings in the Senate

Aircraft VKS four times a week flew to the interception at the borders of the Russian Federation

The air defense duty forces quadrupled four times to intercept foreign aircraft. This follows from the infographics of the newspaper “Krasnaya Zvezda”, which is the official publication of the Ministry of Defense.

Air Force exercises involving US bombers take place in Lithuania

On the Lithuanian side, the offensive operations management group is involved in the training, with the American – bombers from the 5th Bomber wing, permanently stationed at the Minot airbase (North Dakota, USA). The exercises are conducted on 11-12 January.

The primitive drones of the militants were equipped with the latest technology

The Russian Defense Ministry noted that the unmanned aerial vehicles used by the militants in attacking the Russian military bases “Khmeimim” and “Tartus” had the most modern technical equipment.

On the border of Turkey and Syria detained militant from Dagestan

In Syria, on the border with Turkey, Kurdish militiamen detained the militant of the “Islamic state”. He was a native of Dagestan. Together with him, his wife and two children were detained.

In the summer of 2018, the US will send a tank brigade to Europe

The NATO mission statement says that the US army will send the first tank brigade to Europe in the summer of 2018, which is part of the first cavalry division deployed in Fort Hood, Texas, as part of the next rotation of the Atlantic Resolve operation forces.

Against the ex-head of Mari El Markelov opened a new criminal case

The Investigative Committee of Russia (SCR) has instituted a new criminal case against former head of the Republic of Mari El Leonid Markelov – under art. 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal storage of ammunition), reports “Interfax”

Leader of the sect “God Kuzi” rejected all charges in court

Presnensky court of Moscow on Thursday began to examine the merits of the case of the leader of the sect “god Kuzi” Andrei Popov, accused of beating adepts and fraud worth more than 7 million rubles. As the TASS correspondent reports, Popov rejected charges in court.

Images from VIP-cameras in “Matrosskaya Tishina” are published

Earlier on January 11, it became known about the dismissal of the deputy head of the Moscow SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina”. Three more employees were brought to disciplinary responsibility on the basis of the inspection, which revealed the presence of VIP cameras in the isolator.

In Ufa demolished an apartment building while the owner was on a business trip

Bashkir investigators find out who demolished an apartment building in Ufa while its owner was on a business trip, according to the regional investigation department of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

The alleged organizer of the murder of Andrei Karlov was arrested in Turkey

Turkish police arrested a man who could play a key role in organizing the murder of Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov, the Sabah newspaper reported. The name of the man is not called, there are only initials – VKA.

The head of the yakuza, hidden for 15 years, was detained thanks to a viral photo

In Thailand, Interpol managed to detain the head of the Japanese group Yakuza Yamaguti-gumi 74-year-old Sinhara Syrai, reports Coconuts Bangkok. Shirai was on the international wanted list since 2003 on suspicion of murder.

In Moscow, detained a native of Chelyabinsk, trying to sell the child

According to investigators, two natives of Chelyabinsk on January 10 in a Moscow restaurant sold the man a girl born in 2004 “for sexual exploitation.” However, this man was a man who acted in the operative-search activities. After receiving the money, the malefactors were detained


Turnover between the Russian Federation and China in 2017 increased by 20.8%

The trade turnover between Russia and China in 2017 increased by 20.8% in annual terms, to $ 84.07 billion. Such data are contained in the report of the main customs administration of China published on Friday. For the year, the volume of exports from China to Russia increased by 14.8% and amounted to $ 42.88 billion

The Ministry of Agriculture will offer to increase the prices for cognac

This year, the minimum retail price for cognac in Russia may increase by more than a third. This will happen if the relevant proposals of the Ministry of Agriculture are approved. From the current level of 371 rubles per 0.5 liters the minimum retail price is proposed to raise up to 500 rubles.

Ministry of Justice of South Korea is preparing a law on the prohibition of trade in crypto currency

The Ministry of Justice of South Korea is going to ban the trade in crypto-currencies on special exchanges. This is stated in the message of the head of the department Pak San Ki, published on Thursday, January 11. “There are big concerns about virtual currencies”

The Ministry of Finance from January to February will buy the currency for 257 billion rubles

Due to the change in the procedure for determining the volume of additional (under-received) oil and gas revenues of the federal budget, the deviation of the actual oil and gas revenues of the previous month from their valuation is not included in the calculation of the purchase of foreign currency in January 2018.

The amount of external debt of Moldova exceeded 6.7 billion dollars

The amount of external debt of Moldova exceeded 6.7 billion dollars. In the first nine months of 2017, it grew by 8.1%. The head of the National Bank of Moldova reported that by the end of 2017 the country’s foreign debt amounted to 6.74 billion dollars.

The international reserves of the Russian Federation from December 29 to January 5 grew by $ 0.5 billion

Russia’s international reserves as of January 5, 2018 amounted to $ 432.6 billion, the Bank of Russia said. As of December 29, 2017, international reserves amounted to $ 432.1 billion. Thus, in a week they increased by $ 0.5 billion.

The EU intends to invest a billion euros in the creation of supercomputers

The European Commission (EC) announced its intention to invest about one billion euros to 2020 in the creation of supercomputers and the necessary infrastructure for them, including artificial intelligence, the statement said on the commission’s website.

“Rostekh” liquidated the corporation “Oboronprom”

It is noted that the subsidiaries of Oboronprom – the holding company Helicopters of Russia and United Engine-Building Corporation – will be transferred to the direct management of Rostekha. Corporation “Oboronprom” was founded in 2002 and was engaged in the consolidation of helicopter and engine-building assets of Rostecha.

The media learned of the first purchase of a power plant in Russia for the purpose of mining

In Russia, for the first time, a purchase of a power plant was made for the purpose of mining, Kommersant writes, citing sources. For the extraction of the crypto currency, one of the two TPPs in the Perm Territory and Udmurtia can be used, which the entrepreneur Alexey Kolesnik bought from Viktor T. Plyus Vekselberg.

The Vanino-Sakhalin Bridge is planned to be made part of the way to Japan

The project of a railway transition to Sakhalin from the mainland of Russia with a further extension to Japan is formatted, reconciled and will be submitted in January.

In Primorye there will be an oil refinery

In the area of Ussuriysk, an oil refinery plant will be built, which will allow providing regional heat-supply enterprises with cheap fuel. This was announced by the provisional Governor of Primorye, Andrei Tarasenko, at a meeting with journalists.

That there was an alternative, we pass on gazomotornoe fuel. A signed agreement with gasmen on the construction of a plant that will allow liquefied gas to be used in cars. We will try to transfer to the bus service in order to reduce the cost. There will be an alternative for motorists. – Andrey Tarasenko, hockey player

Sberbank opened a block-laboratory

Sberbank of Russia has opened its own block-laboratory, where specialists will explore the technology of blockades, carry out pilot projects, create prototypes of products, and provide applied business solutions. This was reported in the press service of the bank.

Rostech and Siemens will create a network of medical laboratories in Russia

State Corporation Rostek and the German concern Siemens are implementing a project in the regions of Russia to create a network of centralized clinical diagnostic laboratories, investments at the first stage will amount to about 4 billion rubles

Rostekha subsidiary bought 99.9% of Timer Bank shares

Bank “Russian Financial Corporation” (RFK-Bank) bought 99.9% of the shares of “Timer Bank”. This is stated in the message of the credit organization on the portal of disclosure of corporate information.


Putin said the need for the development of distance education in Russia

President Vladimir Putin believes that in Russia it is necessary to develop distance education. The head of state said this at a meeting with schoolchildren-authors of the best works in the nomination “Russia, looking to the future”, held in the park “Zariadye”

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Tatarstan was banned from dipping into the font before the consecration of the ROC’s water

MES on RT issued a message with measures of caution for the period of traditional Epiphany bathing. The Tatarstan government says that it is possible or impossible during bathing, which is dangerous or safe.

“According to ancient belief, on this day all the water becomes holy and heals any ailments. The sanctified Epiphany water is the greatest shrine, “the report says.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RT warns that it is forbidden to dip into a font before being illuminated by representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. This is the first point of the prohibitive recommendations.

“… bathing in the font until the consecration of her representative of the Russian Orthodox Church,” – said in a statement.

Most Russian school children consider themselves patriots

According to a poll conducted by the All-Russian People’s Front (ONF), 72% of Russian school children consider themselves patriots. Patriotism, according to most students, is manifested in the love of their country, pride in it (75%).

Racist mistakes. Google Photo has stopped showing images on request “gorilla”

When trying to upload photos of chimpanzees or gorillas into the service, the results were shown at the request of “forest”, “jungle”, “zoo”. For another study, 10,000 images were downloaded, which are used in face recognition programs. By the word “African American”, the search service produced an image of the antelope.

Banks will be able to block cards without the consent of the owner

If the bank suspects that the funds were debited from the account without the client’s knowledge, then it blocks the transaction and promptly requests the confirmation of the operation from the account holder. The client-individual from the bank will call, and legal entities send letters by e-mail.

Head of the Ministry of Education and Science instructed to check the work of his deputies for plagiarism

The Minister of Education and Science, Olga Vasilieva, instructed the Director of the Department of Attestation of Scientific and Scientific-Pedagogical Workers of the Ministry of Education and Science Sergey Pakhomov to check for plagiarism of the thesis of all heads of the department – deputy ministers and heads of departments, told RBC two sources in the ministry.

Upcoming changes in the Facebook news feed

Facebook intends to lower the priority of publications from brands and the media and pay more attention to posts from relatives and friends of the user.

“Once we submit [these changes], you will see fewer … posts from businesses, brands and media. And the public content that you will see more often, must comply with the same standard – it should encourage a significant interaction between people, “- wrote Zuckerberg.

Putin approved the fundamentals of state policy in the field of protection from emergencies until 2030

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree approving the Fundamentals of State Policy in the field of protection from emergency situations until 2030, the relevant document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Doctors of the cardiac dispensary in Ryazan were fired for a feast in the workplace

Two doctors of the cardiac center in Ryazan were fired after Twitter and later in the mass media on January 11 published a record of the doctors ‘feast at the workplace during the hours of patients’ admission. This is reported by the press service of the regional Ministry of Health.

The share of homosexuals condemning Russians for the first time exceeded 80%

The share of Russians, unequivocally or “almost always” condemning same-sex sexual relations between two adults, was 80% higher at the end of 2017, according to the data of the Levada Center, reaching 83% (in 1998 it was 68%).

The Ministry of Natural Resources does not exclude the refusal of garbage disposal in high-rise buildings

Tracking the collection of waste is proposed using CCTV cameras. In addition, the official did not rule out the option that in order to fulfill the norms, the garbage chutes in the houses will simply have to be brewed

In Switzerland, they will defend the rights of lobsters to a painless death

The Swiss government banned cooking live lobster in boiling water

Crustaceans include not only lobsters, but also crabs, crawfish, shrimp and other arthropods with five pairs of legs.

Onishchenko proposed to reduce the New Year holidays in Russia to 1.5 days

New Year holidays in Russia should be reduced in order to avoid the growth of mortality. This was the former chief sanitary doctor, State Duma deputy Gennady Onishchenko said on Thursday on the TV channel “Russia-1.”

I have always been a supporter of the fact that these holidays need to be introduced into that Soviet everyday system, when you and I, on the 31st in the middle of the day, left work, met New Year at night, fell asleep on January 1, and went to work on January 1. – Gennady Onishchenko, a Russian doctor

In Russia, the number of opponents of abortion has increased almost 3 times

In Russia, over 20 years, the proportion of citizens condemning abortion has almost tripled. So, in 2017 61% of citizens spoke against abortions, in 1998 only 25% declared this. These are the data of the survey conducted by the Levada Center.


Saudi Arabia will accept women over 25 without men

The ban on entering without a family member remains in force for girls under 25 years of age. It is expected that the authorities of Saudi Arabia will promulgate new rules for issuing tourist visas in the first months of 2018. Relief for women is aimed at increasing the tourist interest in the kingdom.

On the plateau Lagonaki opened a new tourist route

The new ecological and tourist route “Winter Abadzhesh” is open on the plateau of Lagonaki. He started working on December 30, but so far partially. As the IA “Kubanskiye Novosti” clarifies, it is possible to pass along the route from the Lago-Naki checkpoint to the observation deck and further to the Abadzhesh pass.

A direct line of air communication will connect Chinese Chengdu with St. Petersburg

Sichuan Airlines intends to open a direct air communication line between Chengdu (the administrative center of Sichuan province) and St. Petersburg (Russia). This was announced on Thursday this Chinese airline.

Russian insurance policies operate in Egypt

Arriving in the country of the pyramids through the airport of Cairo, can buy in the usual standard insurance policy, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia reported. The insurance companies specified that the territory of the insurance coverage in the policy is extended not to the city, but to the country of arrival.

The direct flight from Khabarovsk to Weihai will resume this summer

Direct flights from Khabarovsk to Weihai stopped in 2014 due to the difficult economic situation in Russia. To visit the resorts of Bohai Bay, Khabarovsk tourists had to fly through Beijing or Harbin.


Ilon Mask accidentally visited a sex party and talked about technologies

Representative Mask indicated that he spent several hours at the party and left the house of Jurvetson at one in the morning after talking with several entrepreneurs about the technologies and management of the companies.

70-year-old Ibragimov is preparing to become a father for the ninth time

The audience was delighted, but no less attention was drawn to the obviously rounded stomach of the wife of the artist Svetlana Minnekhanova. Is it a joke: Ibragimov, who celebrated his 70th birthday last year, will become his father for the ninth time, and in this marriage the child will be the fifth.

Emma Watson called herself a victim of a “full spectrum” of harassment

The actress noted that she is not the only victim of this and her colleagues and friends were also harassed. Watson noted that this problem is systematic, especially for show business.

At one time, I experienced a complete set of sexual harassment. It surprises me, however, that my experience is absolutely not unique. Many my colleagues and friends have come across this, which is absolutely not normal and requires a reaction. – Emma Watson, British actress

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got married

It became known that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth officially registered their marriage. They tried to hide their wedding from prying eyes, but they were given rings on their hands

Former porn actress Tila Tequila prayed for the death of her ex-colleagues

The singer and former porn star Tila Tequila explained the series of deaths of young actresses of adult films by the fact that God finally heard her prayers. So, the American commented on the news that in Las Vegas, 20-year-old Olivia Nova, who worked in this industry, was found dead.

Fadeev commented on rumors about the engagement with Nargiz Zakirova

Famous Russian producer Maxim Fadeev spoke about the recent rumors that he had made a proposal to the singer Nargiz Zakirova on New Year’s Eve. By the way, the cause for such conjectures was given by the figure of show business.

I really gave her the ring, but it’s not engagement. We give these rings to all our artists, whom we consider to be our family. It is made of pure gold and it is marked with certain signs, symbols that mean something. They are not secret, we can show and tell about them. – Maxim Fadeev, Russian music producer

Actor Shek accused of harassing the 94-year-old director Zeffirelli

American actor Jonathon Shek (TV series “Ray Donovan”) accused of harassing the Italian director 94-year-old Franco Zeffirelli (Romeo and Juliet, Traviata, Hamlet). According to the victim, this happened in 1992, when he was 22 years old

The “secret materials” were left without Dana Scully

American actress Gillian Anderson said that she no longer plans to return to the role of Dana Scully’s agent in the series “X-Files”.
It’s time for Scully to retire. I’m done with it, and that’s it. – Gillian Anderson, American actress

“Old New Rock” in Yeltsin Center will gather 3 thousand people

Another important and pleasant fact for all fans was that the Yeltsin Center’s institutions were licensed to sell during the alcohol festival.

“Dunkirk” and “Off” are nominated for the Guild of Directors Award

In the category “Best Director” are Guillermo del Toro (“Form of Water”), Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird), Martin McDona (“Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”), Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk)

Arshavin’s wife accused Aeroflot of her child’s illness

The wife of the ex-captain of the Russian national football team Andrei Arshavin Alis Kazmina believes that the airline “Aeroflot” has damaged the health of her child. The incident happened on a flight to Alma-Ata. The crew of the plane landed a woman with a child when the ship was preparing to take off.

The series “The Story of a Servant” was awarded to the film critics of the USA

Hulu series “The Story of a Maid” based on the novel of the same name Margaret Atwood was awarded the critics ‘critics’ Choice Award in the category “Best Dramatic Series”, RIA Novosti reports. The award ceremony is broadcast on CW.

The Mariinsky Theater will open the “Russian Seasons” in Italy with the opera “Iolanta”

In the first three evenings, Tchaikovsky’s Iolanta opera will be performed in concert with the participation of the orchestra and choir of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia. In the main roles will perform soloists of the Mariinsky Theater Irina Churilova, Nazhmiddin Mavlyanov, Alexei Markov, Stanislav Trofimov, Roman Burdenko.

The dates of the “Slavonic Bazaar-2018” in Vitebsk are named

The XXVII International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” will be held from 12 to 16 July. Additional activities will traditionally be held before the opening and after the closing of the festival

The film “All the money in the world” by Ridley Scott again scoffed

Directed by Ridley Scott after a scandalous series of accusations against one of the key actors of the film, Kevin Spacey, along with the project supervising studio Sony, took a rather complex decision – to immediately reshoot the film. More precisely – those episodes where the disillusioned public actor disappeared

In Krasnodar, there will be a festival called “The Sacred Chime”

On the square at the Palace of Arts “Premiere” within the framework of the festival there will be a concert of amateur collectives, an exhibition of decorative and applied arts of Orthodox subjects. The results of the festival will be summed up at the final concert, which will be held at the Palace of Arts “Premiere”

Panin collected fines for a quarter of a million rubles

Actor Alexei Panin met the New Year with a lot of unpaid fines. He managed to plug even rider Mara Baghdasaryan for the belt. For violations of traffic rules, the actor must pay almost 250 thousand rubles.

Megan Markle criticized because of too luxurious life

52-year-old half-sister of the bride of Prince Harry Megan Markl Samantha Grant said that the actress does not care about her poor father Thomas. At a time when the celebrity’s father is in a financial trap, his daughter Megan buys dresses for 75 thousand dollars and can not help her parent.

Weinstein agreed with his wife on the conditions for the division of finances in case of divorce

It is reported that the new agreements are partially different from the agreement on the division of property, which Weinstein and Chapman signed before the wedding. In both cases, the producer’s wife remains in the winning position


Hackers have learned to get into someone else’s correspondence in WhatsApp

The bug allows you to add new users to the public chats without confirmation of the moderator. That is, the server automatically transfers the secret keys to the new participant, giving him full access to the messages that appear in this correspondence.

Apple will open Beijing access to data of Chinese users iCloud

The American company Apple has promised to open the Chinese state organization Guizhou on the Cloud Big Data (GCBD) access to information of Chinese users in the service iCloud. This was reported by the Cupertino team at one of the press conferences.

The world’s CES technology exhibition has been left without electricity due to heavy rainfall

The exhibition of electronics CES 2018 in Las Vegas was left without light for two hours because of a malfunction in the transformer. As TechCrunch reports, on Wednesday, January 10, electricity was turned off at the international exhibition of consumer equipment CES due to a malfunction in the operation of one of the transformers.

In macOS High Sierra, found a bug that allows you to change the password of the App Store

Users of the network found in MacOS 10.13.2 (and earlier versions of the OP) another bug, thanks to which in the input field in the AppS tore settings you can enter absolutely any set of characters that the system will accept for the correct password.

Apple introduced “smart glasses”

The American IT giant presented its new development to the world. She turned out to be smart glasses, which the company developed in conjunction with a well-known brand that produces optics, Carl Zeiss. It is pointed out that the new development in size is much larger than the classical points

Russian meteocomputers hopelessly “lagged behind” foreign analogues

Russian meteorological computers for weather forecasting are significantly inferior to advanced foreign analogues. This was reported by the head of Roshydromet Maxim Yakovenko. According to him, the computing power of domestic machines is several times lower

At CES 2018 AKG presented headphones N5005 for $ 1000

The company AKG presented in the CES 2018 headphones N5005, the gadget is estimated by the manufacturer in 1 thousand dollars. Intra-channel device has joined the Studio on-the-go Series, the product has studio sound quality of phonograms.

The first small word for Android, written in the language Kotlin

Experts at Trend Micro found in the Google Play apps directory a small language written in Kotlin. Experts believe that this is the first such kind of malware. While the threat does not have a beautiful name and received from researchers only the ID ANDROIDOS_BKOTKLIND.HRX.

Study: smartphones have a negative impact on student performance

Belgian students who constantly use smartphones, learn worse than those who do not depend on the mobile phone. This is reported by the local VRT television channel referring to the study of the universities of Antwerp and Ghent

In the Netherlands, launched an application for consent to sex

The Dutch blocking company LegalThings announced the creation of a new application LegalFling, through which it will be possible to formalize legal consent for sex, reports Gizmodo.


In France, invented the aircraft with “bird’s” wings

French designers have developed a conceptually new kind of aircraft wings that can simulate the movements of birds’ wings during the flight. According to the developers, such a system at times increases the aerodynamic properties and allows reducing fuel consumption.

Scientists forced GM bacteria to dye their jeans

Biotechnologists created a dye for jeans with the help of bacteria. To do this, scientists generated a special gene-modified specimen of Escherichia coli, which is the basis of the blue dye.

Scientists have created a capsule for the diagnosis of intestinal diseases

Scientists from Australia have created an intelligent “pill”, in which you can diagnose diseases in the intestines, and he will pass all the information to the smartphone, they write “Vesti”. In addition, this invention will allow to abandon the painful procedure of colonoscopy.

Scientists presented a map to the world of reach of cities in the world

An international team of researchers has developed a world map showing the time that will be spent on the road from a certain point to the nearest village. It is noted that only cities with a population of more than fifty thousand people were included in the map.

Europeans will experience a wobbling deformable wing

As Aviation Week writes, the researchers suggested that the back edge of the wing be waved like feathers of some species of birds of prey. For example, elastic feathers on the trailing edge of the owls’ wings, due to fluctuations, reduce the noise of the bird and smooth its flight.

Inventor Frank Zapata introduced jet jet

The new jet jet is a continuation of the FlyBoard concept. The new platform is more secure and convenient. It is able to soar into the air on jet propulsion and rotate around its own axis

Scientists: The first butterflies appeared on Earth before the appearance of flowers

Scientists have proved that the first butterflies appeared on Earth 220 million years ago, in an era in which there were no flowers yet. Research materials appeared on the pages of the profile edition. Until now, paleontologists attributed flowers and butterflies to one time of appearance, but the hypothesis was refuted.

Scientists continue to invent GMO plants

The invented method is called “high-speed dilution”. Thanks to it, the crop rises several times. The method is not to introduce alien genes into the plant, but in the very method of cultivation.

Scientists: After the first cigarette, a person already becomes a smoker

British scientists have found out that after the first cigarette a person is already becoming a smoker. In the course of the study it was noted that 60% of the inhabitants of the country suffer from nicotine addiction and are forced to use tobacco daily

Light pollution contributes to the spread of dangerous viruses

The virus infected not only people, but also birds – zarinok and crows. As the authors of the new study, which was presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Comparative Biology, found that not only wild animals but also light pollution contribute to its spread.

Scientists have discovered sources of life in two meteorites collapsed to Earth

Researchers at the Lawrence National Laboratory in Berkeley discovered signs of life in two meteorites that fell on our planet 20 years ago. According to paleontologists, this proves that the celestial bodies could play a major role in the birth of life on Earth.

Scientists have proposed to illuminate the Polar region by satellites-reflectors

Scientists of the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia offered to cover the Polar regions of Russia with the help of special reflector satellites, follows from a report that scientists are going to present at the Korolev Readings in Moscow.


From Tesla Model S made the fastest armored car

The American company Armormax has presented the fastest armored car in the world on the basis of the electric car Tesla Model S. The body of the vehicle is reinforced with a special fiber. Thanks to this, he can withstand bullets fired from a large-caliber firearm.

BMW registered a subsidiary in Kaliningrad

The Russian division of BMW registered in Kaliningrad a subsidiary of BMW Rusland Automotive. This is reported with reference to the data of the SPARK system is reported by RBC.

Honda introduced a new generation of Insight hybrid

The company Honda has introduced a new generation of the Insight hybrid, which debuts at the Auto Show in Detroit. The car received a body sedan with a completely new design, and also became larger in comparison with its predecessor. Positioned Honda Insight will be between the models Honda Civic and Honda Accord.

“Avtotor” launched the release of a new fastbike KIA Stinger

On the production site, “Avtotor” began the release of fast food KIA Stinger, which was officially announced in the company, noting that the plant is carrying out the assembly of the model. To buy a new fastback will be available in March 2018.

Ford Edge 2019 received a new design and a “charged” ST-version

The restyling Ford Edge received a new radiator grille, narrower headlights, other fog lights, modified taillights without a plastic lintel and a redesigned fifth door.

UAZ patented “Patriot” in the limousine

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant officially patented a new modification of the Patriot model in the limousine body.

Updated Hyundai Tucson in 2019 brought to road tests

Despite the tight camouflage in which the Hyundai Tucson 2019 model year was tested, on the crossover you can consider other headlights, LED DRLs and modified rear lights

Mclaren made sports version of the coupe 570gt

The car company McLaren Automotive has created a package of improvements Sport Pack for the car 570GT. The manufacturer notes that such a package will be able to bring the model closer to the 570S. The novelty is positioned by the company as a comfortable variant of the 570S.

575-strong Jaguar F-Type SVR is available for rent for 17 thousand rubles a day

It is noted that one day of using the car will cost $ 299, which is equivalent to 17,000 rubles. The Jaguar F-Type SVR is the most powerful F-Type car the British brand offers on the world market.

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