6 Feb, 2018

Poland-Israel: the law on the Holocaust ….

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett on his page on the social network Facebook announced the refusal of the Polish authorities to take him in Warsaw because of criticism of the law criminalizing statements about the involvement of the Polish people for the crimes of the Second World War.

“The Polish government canceled my planned visit, because I mentioned Poland’s responsibility for the murder of some 200,000 Jews during the Holocaust,” Bennet wrote.

He called this refusal “a great honor” for him and for the entire nation of Israel.

Earlier, after the adoption by the Polish Senate of the “law on the Holocaust”, the visit of the head of the head of the National Security Bureau of Poland Pavel Solokha was canceled.

Briefly about the main ….


The Russian Federation and Japan began negotiations on joint activities in the Kuriles

According to Morgulov, Russia seeks mutually beneficial schemes for economic cooperation with Japan

The Maldives introduced a state of emergency

The last time the state of emergency in the Maldives was announced in 2015, then the government said that it was investigating a conspiracy to assassinate A. Yamin. The Maldives Republic is a small island nation located on an atoll group in the Indian Ocean.

Kiev opened a case because of the visit of German deputies to the Crimea

The Ukrainian prosecutor’s office started a criminal case because of the trip of German deputies to the Crimea, the website of the ministry said. The parliamentarians are accused of violating the order of entry “into the temporarily occupied territory.” They are threatened with restriction or imprisonment for up to three years.

Estonia completed the demarcation of the land border with Russia

Estonia completely finished marking the land border with Russia. This was reported by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Department.

The Netherlands officially withdrew the ambassador from Turkey

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands officially withdrew its ambassador from Turkey, which Ankara did not provide entry since March 2017 after the deterioration of relations between the countries, according to the website of the government of the kingdom.

German authorities are dissatisfied with the visit of German parliamentarians to the Crimea

The German government is critical of the reports about the trip of representatives of several regional parliaments to the Crimea. This was stated on Monday at a briefing in Berlin, the official representative of the government of Germany Steffen Seibert.

Extraordinary presidential elections to be held in Azerbaijan

“Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev signed an order to declare early presidential elections to be held April 11, 2018”, – stated in the text of the order.

Francis and Erdogan called for the preservation of the status of Jerusalem

Pope Francis Francis and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan during the talks in the Vatican condemned the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and spoke in favor of maintaining its current status, Anadolu agency reports with reference to a source in the administration of the Turkish leader.

The head of Samsung was released after receiving a suspended sentence

Vice president and de facto head of the South Korean corporation Samsung Electronics Lee Jae Yong were released after an appeals court gave him a suspended sentence.

The case of vice-president of Samsung Electronics became part of the corruption scandal that unfolded around the ex-president of South Korea Pak Kin He. In December 2016 the parliament announced its impeachment. A friend and speechwriter Pak Kun Hye Chih Sung Sil in late June was sentenced to three years in prison.

Court in Kyiv dismissed Saakashvili’s complaint on refusal to grant him asylum

The Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal dismissed the complaint of the ex-president of Georgia, former governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili, on the decision of the first instance court that refused to recognize as illegal the conclusion of the migration service of Ukraine on refusing to grant the status of a person in need of additional protection, RIA Novosti correspondent reports.


US began withdrawal of troops from Iraq

According to two Iraqi officials, the US-led coalition and the Iraqi government reached an agreement on the withdrawal of troops from Iraq for the first time in three years. It is noted that dozens of American soldiers were transported from Iraq to Afghanistan in the last week.

The State Duma confirmed the placement of the Iskanders near Kaliningrad

Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Shamanov confirmed the deployment of Iskander complexes in the Kaliningrad region. Earlier on Monday, the Lithuanian defense minister said that Russia had permanently stationed Iskander complexes in the Kaliningrad region.

Romanian Navy lost the underwater drone in the Black Sea

“In the course of research conducted in June last year in the Black Sea, the platform has been lost, and her search into the sea together with the specialists of the Navy had no success”, – quotes the representative of the Ministry of TASS. In November, the Argentine submarine “San Juan” disappeared in the Atlantic.

US will supply Finland with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles

The US Department of Defense sent to Congress a notice of its intention to sell anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles to Finland for $ 734.7 million. At the same time, the Pentagon stressed that the State Department did not object to the supply of such weapons to Helsinki.

Turkey Establishes Fourth Observation Point in Idlib

“Within the framework of the agreements reached in Astana on the zones of de-escalation, our military started to work on the fourth observation post in the Sheikh Isa district in Idlib,” the General Staff said, noting that two more similar points are planned to be created.

Iran has established a serial production of UAVs with precision weapons

Iran has set up a serial production of tactical drones “Mohajer-6” with high-precision “smart” bombs, the website of the Iranian Ministry of Defense said.

Croatia will return to Ukraine defective fighters

A loud scandal broke out between Zagreb and Kiev around four MiG-21 fighters in the armament of the Croatian Air Force, which turned out to be faulty after repairs at a Ukrainian company in Odessa.

Military inspectors in Belarus will be checked by inspectors from the USA and Germany

In accordance with the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) in Belarus, a special group of eight military inspectors of the United States and one of the FRG arrived to inspect the military units.

UN Secretary General urged Russia and the US to continue dialogue in the field of strategic offensive arms

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged the Russian Federation and the United States to continue dialogue on a treaty on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms, the UN press service said, citing the statement of the Secretary General

OSCE drone was fired at a warehouse with Ukrainian weapons

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (CMM) in the east of Ukraine recorded a fire in the direction of its drones in the area of the storage of heavy weapons of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the organization’s daily report says on Sunday

Subdivisions of the South Ossetian Armed Forces will be part of the Russian army

In December last year, Putin submitted to the State Duma an agreement between Russia and South Ossetia on the procedure for the entry of separate units of the Armed Forces of the Republic into the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which was signed in Moscow on March 31, 2017. On January 24, 2018, the Duma ratified this document.

Israel to build a wall on the border with Lebanon

Israel will build a separation wall along the border with Lebanon. At present, an infrastructure has been created for the construction of a facility in the eastern and western sectors of the border, RIA Novosti reports.

US aircraft conducted large-scale reconnaissance at the borders of the Russian Federation on the Black Sea

Two US aircraft, which ascended to the sky from an airbase in Sicily, conducted large-scale reconnaissance off the coast of the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory. This is reported by Interfax, referring to the monitoring data of Western aviation resources

In Turkey, more than 500 people were detained for criticizing the operation in Africa

Turkish security forces detained 573 people from January 29 to February 5 on suspicion of criticizing Operation Olive Branch against Kurdish forces in Africa. This is reported by the newspaper Cumhuriyet with reference to the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic


UK has published video of detention of members of the government of Dagestan

The Investigative Committee of Russia published a video of the detention of members of the government of Dagestan, which showed the living conditions of officials and the gold gun seized from Prime Minister Abdusalamid Hamidov.

Looking for a missing Malaysian Boeing ship disappeared from the radar

The vessel Seabed Constructor of the American company Ocean Infinity, which takes part in the search of the Malaysian liner MH370, which disappeared in March 2014, did not transmit data on its geolocation for more than three days. Perhaps for treasure hunting.

To date, data on the geolocation of the vessel again comes normally – it returns to the Australian city of Perth. Where it was and what it was doing in the last few days, it is not known

A businessman who was accused of stealing money from the Russian Defense Ministry died in prison

The director of Novit Pro, Valery Pshenichny, who was arrested in the case of the theft of 100 million rubles in the execution of the state contract for the Defense Ministry, was found dead in SIZO-4 in St. Petersburg.

The verdict on the Khoroshavin case began

The Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City Court began to announce the verdict in the case of the former governor of the Sakhalin region, Alexander Khoroshavin and his subordinates. As the lawyer of one of the accused Igor Yanchuk told Tass, the verdict will take at least two days to announce the verdict.

Four-meter python swallowed a deer in front of tourists

Tourists in Sri Lanka filmed a video of a four-meter python, which caught and ate a whole deer. This is reported by the Daily Mail. The movie was made in late January in the Bundala National Park on the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

Military helicopter crashed near school in southern Japan

In the Saga prefecture on the island of Kyushu in Japan, a military helicopter crashed, reports NHK. The helicopter crashed in a residential neighborhood not far from the primary school building. An-64 crashed near residential buildings, after a fall at the crash site, a fire broke out.

In Brussels, the trial of a participant in the Paris terrorist attacks Abdeslam

The only survivor of the Paris terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015, Salah Abdeslam was delivered Monday morning to the Brussels Palace of Justice for his first trial of a shootout with the police in March 2016, when the terrorist was hiding in Brussels.

A powerful explosion thundered in a factory of fireworks in China

A powerful explosion occurred in China at the Jinfeng factory for the production of fireworks. The incident occurred on the morning of Monday, February 5, in Shanli County, Pingxiang County, eastern Jiangxi Province.

The Accounts Chamber found violations in the work of the Ministry of Construction

The Accounting Chamber in the course of the audit found that the Ministry of Construction did not provide the necessary control over the implementation of the projects “The formation of a comfortable urban environment” and “Mortgage and rental housing.” This was reported in the report of the Accounting Chamber (JV), posted on the website of the department.


The bill on the confiscation of cars from the perpetrators of “drunken” road accidents was submitted to the State Duma

The bill, which provides for the confiscation of transport from the perpetrators of “drunken” traffic accidents, was brought to the State Duma by the parliamentarians of the Arkhangelsk regional assembly of deputies, follows from the database of the lower house of parliament.

Rostrud allowed to be late for work because of bad weather

The employer can not bring the employee to disciplinary responsibility for being late for work due to difficult weather conditions, said the deputy head of Rostrud Ivan Shklovets

The Russian political leadership will be re-established in the Russian army

“The new main military-ideological administration,” he said, “should have sufficiently large powers and have a strict vertical structure on the scale of the Armed Forces – from company to species and combat arms and close to the Russian Defense Ministry.”

Putin signed the law on mandatory assignment of “stars” to hotels

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on mandatory assignment of “stars” to Russian hotels. Also, the classification of beaches and ski slopes in our country will be mandatory. The law was published on the official portal of legal information

In Samara, the head of the kindergarten, where the children washed the toilet, was reprimanded

The head of the kindergarten in Samara, in which the tutor forced the children to wash the toilet, was reprimanded, the prosecutor of the Kirov district of the city Denis Avdeev told RIA Novosti. Earlier it was reported that the prosecutor’s office conducts a check on the application of the parents of a pupil of one of the kindergartens of the city.

Roskomnadzor warned the media about counterfeit letters about the removal of data

The unknown send to the editorial office of the media fake letters from Roskomnadzor’s administration in the Central Federal District, in which they demand that “allegedly unlawful information” be deleted. This was announced by Roskomnadzor on its website.

Roman Abramovich has applied for a residence permit in Switzerland

Abramovich appealed to the Swiss authorities with a request to grant him a residence permit in the canton of Valais in July 2016, reported two Swiss publications – Le Matin Dimanche and Sonntags Zeitung

Only 2% of Russians coped with the test from the questions of the school program

For all seven taken from the program of the secondary school test questions, only 2.3% of respondents could correctly answer. The least difficulty for Russians was the question of the drift of the continents of the Earth: 70% of respondents agreed that the continents are moving, as it really is.

In Turkey, Muslims are encouraged not to eat with their left hand

Specialists follow the words of the Prophet Muhammad. According to Diyaneth fatwa, during the establishment of the general principles of drinking and eating, the statement of the Prophet Muhammad was taken, which did not consider the use of the left hand as an enjoyable affair. He taught Muslims to eat with his right hand, since the left eat Shaytans.

The US Consulate General in Yekaterinburg will reduce the issuance of visas

The US Consulate General in Yekaterinburg in 2018 will be forced to reduce the issuance of visas due to a significant reduction in staff, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Consul General, Dr. Paul M. Carter

Putin signed a law on the currency salary of overseas Russians

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law authorizing Russian workers working abroad to receive salaries in foreign currency. The document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia did not reject the idea of abolishing the tax on movable property

The Ministry of Finance of Russia does not renounce the idea of marking a tax on movable property or making it minimal. This was announced by Deputy Finance Minister Ilya Trunin, speaking at the Russian Business Week

The Ministry of Health will allow the use of defibrillators not only for doctors

Defibrillators will be allowed to use for first aid. This innovation is prepared by the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia refuted the introduction of a tax for the population on the exchange of currencies

As reported by RIA Novosti, this statement was made by Deputy Finance Minister Ilya Trunin. He noted that it is impossible to determine the income when performing a currency exchange operation, for the subsequent calculation of the required tax burden.

Tenants are offered to return some of the taxes

The Federal Ministry of Construction prepared a draft law according to which tenants of apartments will be able to regain some of their taxes. The fact is that in Russia, most people who rent housing do it illegally: they do not pay taxes and do not register contracts with Rosreestr, as they should.

In France, drivers were forbidden to use the phone in a standing car

The French authorities have forbidden drivers to use a mobile phone in a standing car, reports The Local. The prohibition also extends to situations where the car is on the roadside or emergency lights are on

In Turkey, more than 500 people were detained for criticizing the operation in Africa

Turkish security forces detained 573 people from January 29 to February 5 on suspicion of criticizing Operation Olive Branch against Kurdish forces in Africa. This is reported by the newspaper Cumhuriyet with reference to the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic


The head of “LUKoil” spoke about the investments in the MCC in the Caspian

The head of LUKoil Vagit Alekperov said that the company had made an investment decision to build a gas chemical complex in the Caspian.

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in February will buy the currency by almost 300 billion rubles

The Ministry of Finance of Russia in the period from February 7 to March 6 will send additional oil and gas revenues to purchase 298.1 billion rubles. This is reported on the agency’s website. It is noted that the daily volume of buying foreign currency will be about 15.7 billion rubles.

NMG became a co-owner of Russian TV channels Sony Pictures in Russia

As a result of a non-cash transaction, the National Media Group received 80% of Russian business Discovery Communications. Later this joint venture became the owner of the Russian business Turner Broadcasting System, which distributed in Russia the television channels Cartoon Networks, Boomerang, CNN International.

Enterprises of Udmurtia owe 1.2 billion rubles for gas

As of January 1, 2018, the debts of Udmurtia’s enterprises for gas consumption amounted to 1.24 billion rubles. This was announced on February 5 by OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Izhevsk. Compared to the same period last year, the debt decreased by 2%.

Iran spoke about negotiations with Rosneft on joint oil production

Rosneft and the Iranian state oil company NIOC have approved a roadmap for the implementation of joint strategic projects in the field of oil and gas production in Iran in November 2017.

A quarter of the volume of fuel for the agro-industrial complex does not meet the standards

Over the past year, poor quality was found in 23.4 percent of fuel samples, said the head of the plant production department (part of the Ministry of Agriculture) Petr Chekmarev at the All-Russian meeting of agroengineering services. This is twice as much as in 2012 and by more than two percent than in 2016

The boom in the property market in Portugal continues

In its report, DBRS notes that in most European housing markets, there has been a recent upward trend in prices, indicating a good recovery after a sharp collapse in 2007-2008. Spain, for example, showed an increase of 7%. The only country that is still in decline is Italy, where the real estate market declined by 1% year-on-year

Rosneft plans to place bonds for 15 billion rubles

Rosneft plans to place 002R-04 series bonds with a total value of 15 billion rubles with a maturity of ten years, Bloomberg reports. The issue includes 15 million securities with a nominal value of 1 thousand rubles each.

China was going to block the sites connected with crypto-currencies

The bitokoyn rate fell by 10% on Monday, to the lowest level since November, on news that Chinese regulators are planning to block websites related to the trade in crypto-currencies

Novak and Syrian Oil Minister discussed cooperation prospects

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak held a meeting with Syrian Syrian Minister of Oil Ali Suleiman Ganem, within the framework of which the prospects for bilateral cooperation in the oil and gas sphere were discussed, the ministry said.

Russia increased gasoline supplies by 56%

At the end of last year, the gasoline surplus in Russia grew 1.5 times due to the FAS policy to contain export capacities. After lifting restrictions on sales abroad in January, Russian gasoline supplies to other countries increased sharply.


18-year-old son David Beckham was mocked because of the female makeup

The 18-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham Brooklyn appeared on the 21st birthday of her lover – actress Chloe Moritz with her eyes down. Photo from the birthday girl laid out in his Instagram. As the journalists write the actress looked magical, however, from her distracted attention Brooklyn with the make-up of a fig-ice

Brother star “Sex and the City” found dead in Canada

The brother of the Anglo-Canadian actress Kim Cattrall, who gained fame thanks to the series “Sex and the City”, was found dead. His body was discovered on the territory of Canada, in one of the abandoned houses.

NTV shoots the Russian version of the American TV series “A Good Wife”

Recall, the series “Good wife” was created in the US by Scott Free Productions for CBS. The painting was awarded many authoritative film awards.

Ekaterina Barnabas has published a new semi-nude photo with a wig

Recently, the famous TV presenter Catherine Barnabas has published a photo from the photo session. In this picture the actress appeared naked and with a wig on her head.

Olga Buzova and Timur Batrutdinov presented the clothing line to the World Cup 2018

The line was created by the Russian designer Bella Potemkin. The designer noted that the concept of the collection is “patriotic, kind and friendly message with the wishes to find everyone their love.” Olga Buzova and Timur Batrutdinov took part in the advertising campaign of the new line.

Lost in the casino Alla Pugacheva did not let Natasha Queen on stage

Boris Krasnov, a scenery artist, talked about the gambling of Alla Pugacheva, who, after losing, was upset and did not allow Natasha Korolev to enter the stage. The prima donna got angry that the singer did not greet her behind the scenes.

In Belarus they allowed the hire of the “Death of Stalin”

The Ministry of Culture of Belarus authorized the rolling of the comedy “The Death of Stalin” in the cinemas of the country. The head of the cinematography department of the Ministry of Culture, Alexander Rydvan, informed TUT.BY about this.

Writer Vladimir Sorokin became a laureate of the literary award “NOS”

The writer of the literary award “NOS” (“New Literature”) was the writer Vladimir Sorokin with the book “Manaraga”

“Without money and work”: Borisova sells out things

Borisova does not want to return to the past life, which she led before the rehabilitation. She lives in an apartment that her friends take pictures of, and now she says goodbye to things that remind her of the past.

XVII Moscow Easter Festival will begin on April 8, 2018

XVII Moscow Easter Festival will be held for 32 days starting from April 8 in different cities of Russia, said Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets at a press conference of the festival.

Because of a loud scandal, the shooting of Shepelev’s program was canceled

Shooting the last broadcast “In fact” with the leading Dmitry Shepelev was canceled because of the scandal. Television expert Alexandra Roshal accused the transfer of a dirty lie, because because of the refusal of Marinika Smirnova, its creators did not allow her loud exposure of the model

“The First Channel” will be repeated by the film “Putin” by Oliver Stone

The “First Channel” will again feature a documentary by American filmmaker Oliver Stone about Russian President Vladimir Putin. The audience will be able to see the four-part film “Putin” again.

Akunin became an applicant for the European literary prize

Writers Boris Akunin and Orhan Pamuk entered the shortlist of applicants for the first time awarded this year the literary prize of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Festival “Golden Mask” opens in Moscow

The festival of performances-nominees of the Russian National Theater Award “Golden Mask” for the 24th time will start on Tuesday in Moscow

Unsuccessful operation led to the disappearance of the nose in the model

The fashion for plastic surgery and constant improvement of one’s body exists constantly. The British model Chloe Khan decided to perform rhinoplasty to give her face a more refined look. The operation of the British model was unsuccessful and it remained without the tip of the nose.

The Song and Dance Ensemble of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation has packed out on tour in Europe

The Song and Dance Ensemble of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation returned to Sevastopol from tours in Spain and Portugal, where they collected sold out at the performances, the head of the information department of the Black Sea Fleet, Vyacheslav Truhachev, said on Monday.

70-year-old Rotaru in a bright bra in the Maldives caused delight

On her official page in the social network Instagram (if anyone does not know, yes, she is registered there) Sofia Rotaru has published several photos from the vacation. The celebrated performer chose a truly heavenly place – the Maldives

Serebrennikov mounted a film about Tsoi, being under house arrest

The script for the painting was written by Mikhail and Lily Idov. Recall, the director and artistic director of Gogol Center Kirill Serebrennikov is accused of organizing theft of 68 million rubles and since August 23, 2017 is under house arrest.


“Yandex” began to filter “the most annoying advertising formats”

The browser from “Yandex,” according to the company, has already begun to filter Internet advertising, which people find most annoying. This, for example, pop-ups or full-screen banners, which can be closed only after a countdown.

Virtual power station from Ilona Mask

The Australian Government has announced a partnership with Tesla. This time the American company will build the world’s first distributed virtual power station.

HP printers will start communicating with voice assistants

Users will be able to give voice printers to such printers, say, through a smart speaker installed at home. It is a question of support of systems Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. In other words, compatibility with all popular voice assistants is ensured.

New Trojan Encryption Threatens Windows Users

“Doctor Web” warns about the appearance of a new malicious program that extorts money from its victims: malicious received the designation Trojan.Encoder.24384, but the creators call it “GandCrab!”. Trojan attacks users of personal computers running Windows operating systems.

Kaspersky called the programs-miners a threat to the users of YouTube

Cybercriminals have come up with a new scheme by which they can make your computer drop its crypto currency for them, said the main owner and general director of Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky.

“Cryptoschenki” came to replace “cryptocotics”

In the Internet space, a new service “Cryptoschenki” has appeared. The service is based on blocking technology and belongs to the Baidu search engine. Users have already managed to compare it with the beloved “cryptocotics”

Facebook learns how much you earn from your selfies

According to the description, the social network will implement an algorithm that will collect and analyze a variety of user data – from its age and sex to photos and selfies. With the help of the received information “Facebook” will be able to determine how much a certain user earns.

The developer of software for state structures has a new shareholder

In the company “New cloud technologies” (NOT), developing a Russian competitor Microsoft Office – a suite of office applications “My office”, a new shareholder.

As follows from the SPARK data, the main shareholder of the ITU and the former vice-president of Rostelecom, Andrei Cheglakov, sold 5% of the company to Alexander Timchenko, who previously held the post of general director of the Russian Railways structure – “Branch Center for the Introduction of New Equipment and Technologies”.

IPhone X has a defect in receiving incoming calls

Users of iPhone X talked about the device’s defect when receiving incoming calls. This is reported by Digital Trends. The owners of the smartphone noticed that during the incoming call the display is not activated, and the standby mode does not stop.

Nokia 7 Plus will receive a 6-inch display and a dual camera Carl Zeiss

In late February, will be officially introduced smartphone Nokia 7 Plus. Recently, information has appeared that the device will enter the market with a 6-inch screen and a dual camera Carl Zeiss. The aspect ratio of the screen of the novelty was 18: 9, by the way, it occupies almost the entire place on the front of the device.

Y.Market will add chats with support to personal cabinets

In the private office will start a chat room for express consultations with Yandex experts. It will be useful if users need to urgently something to clarify or solve a problem – for example, deal with the settings of the service or find errors in the price list.

Instagram announced the launch of advertising format “carousel” in Stories

In the social network Instagram will appear advertising format “carousel” in Stories, which will allow in one video to post several materials at once (not more than three) about the promoted product. Recall that previously the developers of the platform installed a restriction in the form of a single video and images.

On sale in Russia there was a new smartphone Jinga Start

The Chinese developer of smartphones Jinga announced the sale of a new device called Jinga Start. The smartphone has the best technical characteristics and costs only 3590 rubles

Intel prepares smart points Vaunt

The Verge journalists tested Intel Vaunt smart glasses equipped with a built-in projector. According to the manufacturer, they use a low-power laser, which is placed on the right-hand arch and produces a red color image at a resolution of 400×150 pixels.


The QR-code printed in the medicine will record the patient’s data

Engineers learned how to create tablets with QR code, which contains information on their dosage, patient name and other data. Interestingly, the QR-code is printed directly by the medicine itself on the ink-jet printer, and the substrate consists of edible material.

Scientists have come up with a way to defeat cancer, the experience in mice is recognized as successful

Specialists have already conducted experiments in mice, patients with breast cancer. The medicine not only successfully destroyed the tumor, but also protected the animals from the re-emergence of new foci of breast cancer. This allowed to significantly increase the life expectancy of the experimental rodents.

In England, found a mass burial of the great army of the Vikings

The huge mass grave, which was discovered in the north of England about 40 years ago, is the last refuge of soldiers from the legendary Great Pagan Army. This was told by archaeologists in the journal Antiquity.

Scientists with the help of DNA-origami have shaped nanoparticles from metal

Iron nanoparticles took shape using DNA origami. The scientific project involved experts from Denmark, Finland and the United States. Already, scientists are now able to use the DNA origami method to provide a form to certain structures such as nanoparticles made of metal and semiconductor.

Archaeologists have discovered a “draft” of Stonehenge

A team of archaeologists from Wessex Archaeology discovered an ancient structure in the small English town of Larkhill, which is 2.5 kilometers from Stonehenge. The found pit pits copy the location of the stone pillars of the ancient monument.

Physicists have constructed temperature maps of two-dimensional crystals

Physicists led by Robert F. Klie from the University of Illinois have developed a new method for constructing temperature maps and measuring the coefficient of thermal expansion of two-dimensional materials of various classes based on electron microscopy

Physicists have learned to stop a beam of light at any point

Scientists plan to assemble a plant that stops light: such a device is useful for creating light computers.

Small doses of alcohol were useful for the brain

“Prolonged intake of ethanol in the body leads to serious damage to the central nervous system, but in our study for the first time shows evidence that small doses of alcohol can be useful for the brain, they are able to help him remove the processed products,” explains the study’s head Maiken Nedergard Nedergaard).

Mobile phones have increased the risk of cancer in laboratory rats

Representatives of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the United States reported the completion of two large-scale studies of the effects of mobile phone radiation on the animal organism. Scientists came to the conclusion that this radiation can increase the risk of developing heart tumors in male rats

Scientists: 13 thousand years ago, the Earth experienced a fiery apocalypse

Scientists believe that about 13 thousand years ago, the Earth had experienced a powerful fiery apocalypse. According to the researchers, it also caused the extinction of many species of animals, and also contributed to the disappearance of Indian settlements in North America.

Arctic lakes were a new source of greenhouse gases

Scientists have not yet measured the amount of carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere as a result of these processes. With the help of a radiocarbon analysis, scientists dated part of the soluble organic matter that recently entered the water of Arctic lakes; her age was equal in some cases to five thousand years.

Archaeologists: Neanderthal wood tools were treated with fire

After studying the find, the scientists determined that the tools were made of boxwood, which is the hardest tree in the world.

In the United States will develop psychologists for military robots

In the US, psychologists will be developed for robots that will be able to detect, analyze and correct all errors in the work of the “electronic brain”.

Woodpeckers suffer from concussion

Specialists of Boston University have established that in fact, woodpeckers are subject to concussion, destruction of the beak, retinal bundle and other injuries. Scientists have explained that when a brain concussion or other serious injury around the nerve endings begins to accumulate tau-protein.

The American received a bionic hand worth $ 120 million

An American from the city of Port Richey Johnny Matheny will experience an advanced bionic hand that costs more than $ 120 million, according to Quartz. Specialists of applied physics Johns Hopkins spent ten years working on the MPL project. It was financed by the US Department of Defense.

Psychologists questioned the usefulness of meditation for the character of a person

An international group of psychologists has studied how meditation practices affect prosocial behavior-a behavior that is oriented toward the benefit of other people and society as a whole. It turned out that meditation can enhance the ability to empathize, but does not help to reduce the level of aggression, as well as the level of prejudice towards certain social groups. In addition, it turned out that many authors of studies on meditation can unconsciously distort the results of experiments.


“Hubble” photographed one of the most lonely galaxies in the universe

Orbital observatory “Hubble” received photos of the galaxy NGC 1559 in the constellation Grids, one of the closest to us and the most “lonely” galaxies in the foreseeable universe, the website of the space telescope reports.

SpaceX will try to land all the accelerators of the rocket Falcon Heavy

The company SpaceX, who told about plans to land all three accelerators of the rocket Falcon Heavy a year ago, is going to realize its intention during the next launch.

Astronomers have identified a young galaxy with no signs of star formation

An international group of astronomers, using the method of gravitational lensing, revealed a distant “quiet” galaxy, in which star formation processes prematurely ended. The study of such objects will shed light on the laws governing the evolution of the universe.

Russia is being ousted from the space market

State-owned enterprises are losing the race with private firms and departments like the Roskosmos do not keep pace with their competitors. In 2017, SpaceX Corporation was responsible for almost half of all the launches of the world – this is three times more than that of the same Roskosmos

The seaside astronomer has discovered a new star

The young scientist specified that the variable star is in the constellation Table Mountain and is a variable type RR Lira

Mysterious particles of three different types come from a single black hole

Mysterious high-energy particles of three different types originate from one black hole in a cluster of galaxies

The most energetic cosmic rays leave the stream and immediately fall into the sea of magnetized gas inside the cluster of galaxies. Some of these rays leave the same way and gas and rush to the Earth. But the less energetic rays get stuck in the cluster for billions of years.

Scientists have discovered water and air on the planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system

Later it turned out that two planets have similarities to the Earth: TRAPPIST-1g and TRAPPIST-1f. It is noted that for a detailed study of the system it is planned to send to it the James Webb telescope.

South Korea intends to land on the moon by 2030

According to Yonhap agency, the Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technologies of the Republic of Korea distributed a plan for the successful landing of the spacecraft to the Moon by 2030.


In Russia appeared the crossover Volkswagen Tiguan in the version of City

The Russian market started accepting orders for a new version of the crossover Volkswagen Tiguan, which received the name City. The city modification of the model received an expanded list of equipment and a new body color – White Silver.

Announced all Russian prices for Kia Stinger

The company Kia named the Russian prices for all the complete sets of the model Stinger. The most affordable version of the model will cost 1,899,900 rubles, and the top one will cost 3,229,900 rubles. “Stinger” will be available in five versions

Hatchback Ford Ka + received update and all-road version of Ka + Active

The American automaker has updated its smallest car Ford Ka +, so for the model will be available and a new all-road version. An updated model was introduced for the European market, but a model for India was presented a few days ago.

Nissan will present the Armada SUV in the version of Snow Patrol

The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is going to show Armada in a special variation of Snow Patrol in a couple of weeks as part of a car dealership in Chicago. Note that in Russia this model is sold under the name Nissan Patrol

Hyundai will create a budget electric car based on Solaris

South Korean company Hyundai will produce electric cars based on Solaris. As it became known, the novelty will be adapted specifically for the Indian market, and its dimensions will be similar to the model Xcent, which is very popular with local residents.

Updated Mitsubishi Pajero received the jubilee version

Special modification Pajero differs stickers on the body with the symbols of a limited series, trimmed interior Nappa leather, as well as inserts of natural wood in the cabin. The price of the jubilee Mitsubishi Pajero in China is 379,800 yuan (3,389,000 rubles).

Hydrogen Hyundai turned into a drones with karaoke

Several Hyundai unmanned vehicles on hydrogen fuel cells traveled from Seoul to Pyeongchang, the distance between them is 190 kilometers. In total, five Hyundai cars participated in the trip, three of which are based on the Nexo car park, and two more – the Genesis G80.

In Beijing, bring a new German-Chinese SUV Borgward BX6

In April, at the auto show in Beijing, the manufacturer Borgward will demonstrate the serial version of the BX6 cross-coupe, the conceptual model of which was presented in 2016 in Geneva. It is assumed that the exterior of the commodity version of the crossover will almost completely coincide with the design of the prototype

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