22 Jun, 2018

Preparations for a meeting between the US and Russia

Adviser to the US President for National Security John Bolton Bolton will visit Moscow between June 25-27, official representative of the US National Security Council Garrett Markis told Twitter.

“On June 25-27, US National Security Adviser John Bolton will meet with his American allies in London and Rome to discuss national security issues and also visit Moscow to discuss a possible meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin,” the report said.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin confirmed that Bolton will come to the capital to prepare for a meeting between Trump and Putin, Interfax reported.

“As far as we know, such a trip really will take place, that’s all we can say,” said Dmitry Peskov, the presidential press secretary.

Briefly about the main …..


Trump announced the beginning of the denuclearization of the DPRK

North Korea has already begun denuclearization, said the head of the US state, Donald Trump.

The authorities of the DPRK stopped launching missiles, including ballistic missiles. They are in the process of eliminating the testing range of the engines, they are exploding it. They have already destroyed one of their large test sites, in fact, were destroyed four of their large test sites. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Poroshenko imposed sanctions against United Russia and Rothenberg

Ukraine imposed sanctions against Russian parties, the head of the Central Election Commission, as well as the Rothenberg family. The decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the introduction of the sanction is published on his website, an expanded sanctions list is also available there.

Trump is considering meeting with Putin in July

US President Donald Trump said that he was considering meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in July.

EU response measures on US duties have come into force

“The response trade measures against the United States come into force at 00:00 hours on Central European Time (01:00 Moscow time) on June 22,” the European Commission said.

The list included steel, aluminum and agricultural products, as well as symbolic goods for the USA: bourbon, jeans Levi’s and motorcycles Harley-Davidson.

The European Commission noted that the measures taken against the United States correspond to the norms of the World Trade Organization. In addition, further trade rebalancing with Washington is planned for another € 3.6 billion.

The Minister of Internal Affairs who got under sanctions received a US visa

The head of the Russian Interior Ministry Vladimir Kolokoltsev said that he received a US visa for participation in the UN forum.

Everything was done qualitatively, with dignity and we see no special problems here. – Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Russian statesman

Turkey introduced reciprocal duties on goods from the US

Minister of Economy of the Republic of Turkey Nihat Zeibecchi said on Thursday, June 21 that official Ankara imposed additional customs duties on a whole list of 22 goods from the United States, from cars to sunscreen, in response to US duties on steel and aluminum. NTV.

The US imposed additional duties on steel and aluminum. We are exporting steel to the US for $ 1.18 billion, and importing goods from this country for $ 1.3 billion. We tried to solve this problem with them in the negotiations, but it did not work out. – Nihat Zeibecchi, Turkish politician

The US may refuse to work with Human Rights Watch

US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley said that Washington can refuse to work with the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch. This is due to the refusal of the structure to support the reform of the UN Human Rights Council, Hayley said in a letter.

The French Embassy explained the delay in issuing visas to Russians

The French Embassy in Russia has increased the period for processing applications for a visa for several days due to technical difficulties. “Since June 21, due to technical problems, the period for processing applications for a visa will increase by several days,” the French diplomatic mission said on Facebook.

Media reported on the impact of the US coalition on Syria

A coalition led by the United States attacked the Syrian province of Deir ez Zor, the Syrian national agency SANA reports referring to the source. According to the agency, the attack killed about eight people. As it is marked, at an airstrike houses of peace inhabitants have been destroyed

President of South Korea said in the State Duma that he had ended enmity with the DPRK

South Korean President Mun Zhe Ying said that hostile relations between Seoul and Pyongyang had come to an end. He said this during his speech in the State Duma.

Ukraine announced the disclosure of the Russian agent network in Mykolayiv

“The attackers on the instructions of the Russian military intelligence created an extensive network of agents from local residents who, in particular, collected intelligence information about the political situation in Mykolayiv, the deployment and relocation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and military equipment,” the SBU says.


A single picket on the rights of a rally

Organizers of single pickets, which are held simultaneously and with a common goal, and their participants “territorially gravitate toward each other”, may bear administrative responsibility for violation of the established order of the organization of the rally (Article 20.2 of the Administrative Code).

“The First Channel” explained the cancellation of the interview of Pozner with Limonov

The “Posner” program, whose guest was the writer and founder of the “Other Russia” party, Eduard Limonov, did not go on air at the scheduled time due to changes in the “First Channel” broadcast network caused by the World Cup. This was reported to RBC in the press service of the channel.

Unfortunately, I can not tell you the reason. It has nothing to do with Limonov himself. It has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with content. Maybe some time later I’ll say more. – Vladimir Pozner, journalist

Seven cities have coordinated Navalnom actions against pension reform

At least seven Russian cities, the authorities agreed to the shares of Alexei Navalny against raising the retirement age by offering alternative sites. According to the opposition, in two cities the authorities refused without offering alternatives. For the rest of the applications there is no answer

Inaccessible governor of the Moscow region

Journalist Yevgeny Kurakin was charged with beatings under Article 6.1.1. CAO. The journalist said that this way – before the meeting with the governor of the Moscow region – he was detained for the third time. In 2016, after his arrest, he was put in a police car, carried around the city and kept in the police station.

According to the journalist, the new detention may be due to his work as an observer at the presidential elections of 2018. Kurakin then reported that he had identified “systemic suppression of telephone and Internet communications in the polling stations of the city in order to prevent observation.” He said that the equipment for jamming the signal was hidden in boxes.

“When you try to remove the box from the cabinet, one of the members of the PEC 2639 attacked Yevgeny and wrote a statement to him,” said an activist’s facebook page.

In the US, for the first time in history, the country’s white population has declined

In 2016 in the United States for the first time in the history of the country, the death rate among white Americans not of Spanish or Hispanic origin was higher than the birth rate. This is written by “Kommersant” referring to the National Bureau of Statistics in the field of health.

In the US, migrant children will be sent to military bases

The US Department of Defense agreed to deploy 20,000 children on the territory of the military bases, who were detained while trying to illegally cross the border with Mexico. According to the AP, the corresponding agreement has already been reached. Presumably, we are talking about bases in the states of Texas and Arkansas.

The media found a common photo of MP Shamanov and the leader of the Solntsevo OPG

According to the information, the picture was found in the phone of businessman Arnold Spivakovsky (Tamm), who is under arrest in Spain since the autumn of 2017. On the same photo, coach “Locomotive” Yuri Semin and another alleged head of the OPG Viktor Averin.

The most influential politician of Romania was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison

The leader of the ruling Social Democratic Party of Romania, chairman of the lower house of parliament Liviu Dragna, was sentenced on June 21 to three years and six months in prison for corruption and abuse of power.

Latvia’s Seimas Passes Ban on Teaching Russian in Private Institutions

The Latvian legislation determined the language of instruction in state institutions of higher education, private institutions did not fall under its influence. According to the agency, in 2017 about a third of students from private Latvian universities studied in Russian

Ex-governor of Sakhalin was charged in 20 more bribes

Svetlana Petrenko, the spokeswoman for Russia’s SC, said that the former governor of the Sakhalin region, Alexander Khoroshavin, was charged with almost 20 bribes, each amounting to almost 10 million rubles. Information about this is available on the website of the department.

The Ministry of Justice will expand the category of self-employed citizens

In the category of self-employed people can get citizens who themselves produce and sell goods. This follows from the definition of the Ministry of Justice, developed on behalf of the government, which Izvestia got acquainted with.

Not only nannies, tutors and housekeepers will be able to enter the category of self-employed, but also citizens who themselves produce goods and sell them, an additional bonus – they want to be completely freed from planned inspections of control bodies.

The court allowed the adoption of children to people with HIV infection and hepatitis C

The Constitutional Court of Russia has found that the norms of the Family Code of the Russian Federation and the list of diseases that prevent people with HIV infection and hepatitis C from adopting the children they are raising follow from the materials of the court.

Wife of Benjamin Netanyahu charged with fraud

Non-targeted catering Sara Netanyahu’s charges were filed Thursday, June 21, for alleged “systematic fraud” for hundreds of thousands of shekels and the undermining of public confidence, the Haaretz newspaper reported citing the Ministry of Justice.

The indexation of pensions in 2019 will be 7%

Next year, pensions in Russia will be indexed by 7%, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov said at the meeting of the State Duma. He noted that the task for 2019 is to increase the monthly pension by a thousand rubles.

This year we expect inflation of about 3%, next year inflation will be about 4-4.5%. Considering that we index the previous year’s inflation pension, then, accordingly, the index growth will be more than twice as high as the expected pension of the current year. – Anton Siluanov, Russian statesman


Former soloist of “Ranetok” performed an operation to correct the nose

Elena Tretyakova shocked fans with a picture with a bandage on her face. The ex-participant of the female team “Ranetki” decided on a serious operation. The girl wanted to fix a nose defect

Russian rapper Face announced his retirement

Rapper Ivan Dremin, known as Face, announced that he was leaving to serve in the army. “I’m going to the army, I’ll see you in a year,” – wrote a 21-year-old singer on Twitter

Spider invited Buzov to become his wife and sing in “Corrosion of metal”

The singing lead Olga Buzova was picked up by the groom. After some persuasion, the man agreed to contact the brunette in marriage. Leader of the group “Corrosion of metal” Sergei Pauk Troitsky first invited Olga to become a soloist of his group

The struggle of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for children has moved to a new stage

The fight between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for the children continues. A week after the actress was forced through court to give the former spouse the opportunity to see them, Brad Pitt went on the offensive. He intends to do everything to stay in their lives.

Christina Aguilera bare her breast for the sake of PR

In the pictures, the star poses with a bare chest, sometimes covered with transparent clothing.

Megan Markle and Prince Harry will become twin parents

In the royal family at once there will be twins. The fact that Markle is in an interesting position, the newly minted spouse found out after returning from the honeymoon, which they spent in East Africa. Such data leads Hollywood Life with reference to the insider.

Selena Gomez found a way to avenge Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez suffered briefly alone after she was abandoned by Justin Bieber again. The other day Italian reporters managed to “catch” it in Rome in the company of the new gentleman. He was very impressive 30-year-old actor and producer Andrea Yervolino.

British Prince Charles will visit the site of the poisoning of the Violins

The British Prince of Wales Charles, together with the wife of the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, will visit the site of the Violence of the Violins in Salisbury. In the official statement of the residence of the prince it is reported that the visit will be held on June 22.

Decollete to the waist: Kim Kardashian in the next frank image

The other day reality star appeared on a fashionable summit in a shirt with a very deep neckline. During the fashion summit, where Kim came along with her mother Chris Jenner, she announced the launch of a new business project: pop-up corners, where the personal cosmetics KKW Beauty will be sold.

MTV is preparing to restart popular animated series and shows

The work is planned to begin with the series “Daria” and the TV program “The Real World”. As Chris McCarthy, President of MTV, assured, the main task is not to expand the platforms, but to return to the brand, which is primarily aimed at young people.

Suspended work on the spin-offs of the “Star Wars”

Studio Lucasfilm froze work on the film about Obi-Wan Kenobi and other spin-offs of “Star Wars”.

Kobe Bryant was not admitted to the American Film Academy

Former NBA player Kobe Bryant could not become a member of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, reports The Score. Film Academy is known around the world for its annual Oscar film award.

Paramount will remove the third film about the turtle-ninja

Paramount Studios announced the filming of the third full-length tape about the ninja turtle. The creation of the script will be Andrew Dodge, who previously worked on the comedy “Bad Words”. One of the producers is the director of the movie “Transformers” Michael Bay.

Red Bull Music Festival will be held in Moscow for the first time

The Red Bull Music Festival will be held in Moscow for the first time. This is reported in a press release, received by the editorial office of “Lentee.ru”. The event will be held from 14 to 16 September


The Brazilian fans will be punished for a dirty trick over the Russian woman

Against fans from Brazil, who allowed themselves a dirty joke about the Russian woman at the World Cup – 2018, a criminal case was opened.

Avian influenza was found at the poultry farm of the Cherkizovo group

Highly pathogenic avian influenza is found in the poultry farm “Vasilievskaya” (part of the Cherkizovo group), follows from the resolution of the governor of the Penza region, which Interfax has familiarized with. According to the document, the virus was detected in the center of the parent herd “Vertunovsky”

In Guatemala, the bus with students fell into the abyss

Eight people were killed as a result of the fall of the bus with students into the abyss in Guatemala. According to preliminary data, the driver lost control of the control and the bus collapsed from a 70-meter height.

Victims of shooting in the night club of Bodrum were two people

In the Turkish city of Bodrum, unknown intruders opened fire at one of the nightclubs. Two people became victims and four others were injured.

About 600 people were evacuated in Yaroslavl because of smoke in the shopping mall

Over 560 people were evacuated from the shopping and entertainment center “Aura” in Yaroslavl after a short circuit in the electrical equipment followed by smoke, people were not injured, told RIA Novosti source in the emergency services of the region.

In Lviv, vandals desecrated the grave of the Hero of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov

Vandals on the night of Thursday painted the grave of Hero of the USSR Nikolai Kuznetsov on the Hill of Glory in Lviv, the online edition of Zaxid.net reported on Thursday. Hill of Glory in Lviv is a memorial in honor of the soldiers who died in the First World War, and soldiers of the Soviet army who died in the Second World War.

Police detained the alleged killer rapper Xxxtentacion

US police detained a suspect in the murder of rapper XXXTentacion, who was shot June 21. This was reported by the police of Broward County (Florida). The detainee is a 22-year-old African American, Dedric Williams.

In Japan, the eruption of the volcano Simmoe

Around the volcano there is a forbidden zone with a radius of three kilometers. The agency does not exclude the expansion of the scale of the eruption, lava is likely to be released. The previous time Simmoe (its height over 1420 meters) erupted in April of this year

In Makhachkala in a fight with shooting one person died

One person was killed, another was injured as a result of a fight with shooting in Makhachkala, a source in law enforcement agencies of the republic told RIA Novosti.


Eurogroup agreed on the completion of the program of financial aid to Greece

The Council of Ministers of Finance of the countries of the eurozone (Eurogroup) at the meeting on June 21 agreed on the completion of the last macro-financial assistance program to Greece, the press service of the European Council reported.

The OPEC + Committee recommended increasing production

The OPEC + Monitoring Committee recommended that the organization and non-member countries increase oil production by 1 million barrels per day. The head of the Russian Energy Ministry Alexander Novak told journalists in Vienna.

“Yamal LNG” delivered the first batch of liquefied gas to Spain

“Yamal LNG” shipped the first tanker lot of liquefied natural gas (LNG) under the long-term contract of the Spanish company Gas Natural Fenosa

Capitalization of Rosneft exceeded 4 trillion rubles

Today, Rosneft is the country’s largest oil and gas company by market capitalization, which exceeds 4 trillion rubles (64.0 billion US dollars). As the head of the company Igor Sechin noted at the annual shareholders’ meeting, over the past year the company’s capitalization grew by 21%.

From July 1 in the Saratov region gas will rise in price

In accordance with the order of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the wholesale price of gas for the population of the Saratov region will amount to 3,706 rubles per 1,000 cubic meters (excluding VAT).

Kozak told Putin about the suffering oil industry workers

Because of the freezing of fuel prices in the retail segment, oil companies are losing up to 1 billion rubles a day. Such an assessment of the situation was given by the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, who is in charge of energy issues, at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the government.

From July 1, Tatarstan will increase gas tariffs

The relevant decision was taken by the State Committee on Tariffs. The text of the decree is published on the Official Portal of the Republic’s legal information.

It follows from the document that the price for natural gas will be set at 5.57 rubles per 1 cubic meter. Now the cubic meter of gas costs residents of Tatarstan 5.48 rubles (this tariff began to operate almost a year ago, July 1, 2017).

North-West Sberbank increased the commission for housing and communal services by 20%

The North-West Bank of Sberbank increased the commission for transferring funds to pay for housing and communal services by 20%, the materials of the website of the St. Petersburg OFAS Russia say.

Sberbank will add to the “Thank you” “Many thanks” and “Many thanks”

The loyalty program will have four levels of privileges: “Thank you”, “Many thanks”, “Thank you” and “More than thank you”. For each of them, a set of tasks will be provided, the monthly implementation of which will allow participants to move to a new level of the program.

Guild of bakers warned of the risk of rising prices for bread

According to the president of ROSPIC, Yuri Katznelson, the share of imported machinery in the industry reaches 80-100%, and the increase in duties by 5% may affect the selling prices and the pace of technical re-equipment.

The international reserves of the Russian Federation for the week increased by $ 1.4 billion

The international reserves of the Russian Federation on June 15 amounted to $ 462.4 billion, which is $ 1.4 billion (+ 0.3%) higher than the level of the previous week, the Bank of Russia said. As noted by the regulator, the increase in reserves was mainly due to the acquisition of currency under the budget rule

Recorded percentage of refinancing loans recorded in Russia

The share of new loans aimed at repayment taken earlier in the I quarter of 2018 reached a record 53.9%. This is evidenced by the results of the calculations of the Joint Credit Bureau, which Izvestia got acquainted with.

Germany earned a debt crisis in Greece 2.9 billion euros

Germany earned, thanks to the debt crisis in Greece, 2.9 billion euros in the federal budget, buying Greek government bonds under the securities market program from the European Central Bank.

The Euroset brand will not be given to anyone

“MegaFon” and “VimpelCom” will “deep freeze” the brand “Euroset”. This decision was made due to the fact that the company could not “unequivocally split” it.


Chinese giant Baidu first tested unmanned vehicles on the highway

The section of the Tangshan-Lanfang main line, 33 km long, where the tests were conducted, is planned to be put into operation later in the summer. Recall that the Chinese technology giant Baidu is becoming one of the key new players in the development of technologies for autopilot

Keys for cars from 2019 can become digital

It is expected that the ready technological solution, allowing to create a digital key for all brands of cars, will appear in the first quarter of 2019.

Bose released the first headphones for a sound sleep

The headphones are equipped with functions that make the user fall asleep more quickly, and his sleep is stronger than usual. Through the headphones SleepBuds in the human brain receive special sounds that suppress foreign noise

Vivo Y81 smartphone is endowed with a Helio P22 chip and a screen with a cutout

The chip includes the graphics accelerator IMG PowerVR GE8320 and LTE-modem. The smartphone carries on board 3 GB of RAM and a flash module with a capacity of 32 GB. In addition, you can install a microSD card

Meizu is preparing to release a smartphone X8 with SoC Snapdragon 710

As you know, Meizu will soon introduce smartphones line Meizu 16. It turned out that this is not the only novelty of the near future. CEO Meizu said that the company will soon release a smartphone X8 (not on the photo) based on the single-chip system Snapdragon 710.

Smartphone LG Stylo 4 with a stylus went on sale at a price of $ 179

In the US, sales of the smartphone LG Stylo 4, which received a stylus. The cost of the device is 179 dollars. The manufacturer offers users typical parameters typical of the budget class devices.

A Panasonic Toughbook FZ-T1 handheld computer is introduced

Panasonic has expanded the range of pocket personal computers model Toughbook FZ-T1, which boasts a protected performance and built-in barcode scanner.

Monoblock ASUS Zen AiO ZN242GDK received GeForce GTX 1050

Company ASUS presented a monoblock Zen AiO ZN242GDK, built on the platform of Intel Coffee Lake and the operating system Windows 10

Apacer releases new memory modules Phanter Rage DDR4 RGB

Apacer releases new game slots for RAM, which are equipped with inserts with RGB backlight Phanter Rage DDR4 RGB. Now they are cooperating with ASUSTeK Computer, they have created a new design of radiators for their modules.

Cougar Trofeo looks very stylish

Officially presented a new computer case Cougar Trofeo. This is a rather interesting model, which is fundamentally different from all that the company showed earlier.

New details about the secret smartphone from Microsoft are known

The smartphone is attributed to the Snapdragon 850 processor with Adreno 630 graphics and X20 LTE modem. It should be noted that this processor was created specifically for devices on Windows 10. The smartphone Andromeda will be the first to receive this chip.

Levitating home accessories

Glass Levitating Cup Designer Joel Paglione has developed a levitating glass in two versions: with a wired and wireless platform. The wireless platform can work 8-10 hours without recharging.

Ford began testing an unmanned vehicle for delivery

Ford began testing the automatic delivery with the help of an unmanned commercial vehicle Transit Connect. This was reported to the company on Thursday. The pilot project has already been launched in Miami and Miami Beach.


Facebook began to test the paid content program in groups

The social network Facebook has started testing a project that allows administrators of groups to charge users for access to exclusive content According to the CNET portal, the price for using the service will vary from 4.99 to 29.99 dollars per month.

The Trojan manages the infected devices via Telegram

Trojan HeroRat uses the Telegram messenger to steal data and manage infected Android devices. Information was provided by experts from ESET. The creators of the virus rent HeroRat.

Instagram will increase the allowed duration of video up to an hour

As the publication TechCrunch, the Instagram manual tries to adopt the popular format of ten-minute YouTube-videos, but if desired, the user can upload a video, the duration of which reaches an hour.

Google made it easier to manage your Android account

Google has announced the launch of a new Google Account interface (Google Account). From today, functions will be available on all Android devices, in the near future they will also appear on iOS devices and PC.

The creators of the video will receive three new tools for working on Youtube

Youtube has developed three new tools that will allow you to work with the audience and advertising elements. With Video Experiments, the creators will have the opportunity to explore how creativity affects brand awareness, viewers’ interest and other factors of Brand Lift analysis

Google Assistant has a new feature to continue the conversation

A new function for continuing the conversation can already be used by US residents with the help of Home, Home Mini and Home Max. An optional setting is for a more natural dialog, so users do not need to repeat “Hey, Google” every time they need to call a virtual assistant.

Audi and Airbus will conduct the first tests of a flying taxi

Audi and Airbus began developing a flying taxi Urban Air Mobility. The German government signed a protocol on the creation of a mobility system in the suburb of Ingolstadt.


Steam started the summer sale. A mini-game was added to the store

Valve added a mini-game at the time of the sale – “The war with the sadyloid”, it will be available until July 4. For participating in the “War of Unsyloids” you can get games from the Steam store. The game starts with choosing a planet – on each of them you can win one of four games, the games depend on the planets.

Microsoft does not prepare virtual reality games for Xbox consoles

As commented Mike Nichols, who is the head of Microsoft’s marketing department, the company is not going to release the games of virtual and mixed reality. Xbox consoles have all the necessary hardware software for high accuracy VR. In addition, shooters will be launched in 4K-format.

To the Total War: Arena joined the commander Ambioriks

Creative Assembly prepared a major update for the online strategy of Total War: Arena. Players can now send a new hero into battle. Patch 3.1.5 added the commander of the barbarians Ambioriksa, who specializes in long-range combat and strengthens archers.

The creators of Burnout have announced two new racing games

Not surprisingly, after the controversial first games, Dangerous Golf and Lethal VR, the developers decided to return to the basics. First they released the Danger Zone, an arcade car puzzle based on the Crash mode from Burnout 3: Takedown.

In Warface appeared the mode “Royal Battle 2.0”

In Warface has long had its own mode of the royal battle, but the game developers decided to finalize it – they announced the “Royal Battle 2.0” mode, in which not 16 but 32 players will fight for survival.

Shadowrun Returns Deluxe give away for free

Step-by-step role-playing strategy Shadowrun Returns can be picked up for free, and in the Deluxe version. In addition to the basic game, Deluxe includes the soundtrack and Shadowrun Returns Anthology: an art book with a selection of stories about the characters of the Dead Man’s Switch.

Microgaming launches independent gaming studio

The company Microgaming on Tuesday announced the launch of Stormcraft Studios, a new independent game studio. Stormcraft will now supply exclusive content for Microgaming and its network of gaming operators

Scrolls is back, and now her name is Caller’s Bane

Studio Mojang three years ago closed its card strategy Scrolls, to focus on work on Minecraft. But now the developers decided to resurrect the game. Familiar to many, the strategy received the new name Caller’s Bane: most likely, due to the expiration of the contract with Bethesda.

Developers of one of the main games Xbox One decided to conquer PC-gamers

That’s why it’s doubly interesting to learn that a sci-fi shooter, which has all the chances to become a loud event for the Xbox One, was created not with an eye on the console. Wired portal published detailed material on the history of the development of a new part of the popular action movie.

PUBG will have its own Battle Pass

In PUBG there will be an Event Pass – a pass that will open special quests with awards. Event Pass will appear in the games on June 22, in the update will also add a new map of Sanok. The developer said that the Event pass was coined as a new way of distributing things in the game and an alternative to boxes and keys.


Periodic fasting can reduce weight and blood pressure

As a result, scientists have established that this approach to nutrition allows a person to lower blood pressure. In addition, the participants in the experiment managed to lose 2.6% of body weight. However, such fasting did not affect the fat mass.

Engineers created a “skin” that transmits pain to the prosthesis

American engineers have developed a unique artificial skin for prostheses, which will return the patient’s sense of touch. People with dentures can feel the pain, like a real limb. This is reported by the thematic magazine “Science Robotics”.

The chemical elements discovered in Russia split the scientific community

As a result of the conflict, it was decided to change the rules by which the elements can appear in the periodic table.

Black silicon helps detect dangerous substances

As a result, it was possible to obtain a non-distorted molecular signal, which is useful in reliably detecting toxic, explosive, polluting and other dangerous substances, even at the minimum concentration.

Scientists have reported that polar bears will not die out due to clubfoot

According to the researchers, polar bears are dying out because of the melting of ice, as predators find food on the surface of the ice. In the absence of ice, the bear becomes noticeable and can not sneak up and catch the seal, and subsequently has to starve for a long time

Thermodynamics explained the desire of people to assemble into large and complex groups

Physicists have developed a model that describes the constant desire of a person in the development process to form larger and more complex groups in their structure. It turned out that the movement towards groups with complex hierarchical architecture directly follows from the desire to evenly distribute natural and anthropogenic resources between people and minimize the energy spent on their transportation, the scientists write in the International Journal of Energy Research.

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