2 Jul, 2018

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According to the resolution of the Russian government, the messengers and social networks will keep a correspondence between users who are in the GPS coordinates of the phones in Russia who used the Russian phone number during registration, who used the Russian passport and / or registered or logged in with their Russian IP addresses . For data storage, it is sufficient to fulfill at least one condition.

Thus, this description falls on all citizens of the Russian Federation, that is, the personal information of absolutely every Russian citizen will be recorded on storage devices from July 1 and stored there for 6 months. According to official data, text messages, voice information, audio files and video files, images, photos, and other types of data will be stored.

Briefly about the main ……


In Russia, there were rallies against the pension reform

In several dozen cities in Russia on July 1 held rallies against raising the retirement age. Most of them were agreed.

One of the most mass rallies was held in Omsk, where, according to the agency “Omsk-Inform”, gathered five thousand people. The organizers of the rally announced about two thousand participants. The rally was coordinated by representatives of the Yabloko and PARNAS parties.

At the rally in Chelyabinsk came about two thousand people, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur – about one and a half thousand. Also, the shares were held in Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Tomsk, Murmansk, Krasnodar, Saratov, Perm and other cities.

In Orenburg, the mayor’s office initially refused to agree on the event, but the court found the refusal illegal. As a result, two events took place in the city: a march organized by the supporters of Navalny, and a meeting of the Communist Party, the LDPR and the “Parent Council of Orenburg”. According to the calculations of “Echo of Moscow in Orenburg”, several hundred people came to the first action.

In Vladivostok, an uncoordinated procession was held, during which participants passed from the station of the city to the building of the Pension Fund with the slogan “No increase in the retirement age”.

The actions were organized by the regional headquarters of supporters of Alexey Navalny, as well as trade unions, the parties of the LDPR, the Communist Party, Yabloko and PARNAS. Supporters of Navalny staged actions in 39 cities.

In Russia, on July 1, the Yarovoy package came into force

In Russia, effective July 1, antiterrorist amendments, known as the Yarovoy package, came into effect, they relate to telecom operators and Internet providers and oblige them to store data about the content of conversations and correspondence of users, including photos and video materials.

The start of growth in utility tariffs

The next annual increase in utility tariffs in Russia from July 1. The average change in the size of the payment in the country will not exceed 4%, although the growth will be different for the entities.

The greatest increase in utility tariffs is expected by St. Petersburg and Yakutia – 6%; Kemerovo Region and Bashkiria – 5.9%; Moscow, Kirov and Novgorod regions – 5.5%. The lowest growth is expected in North Ossetia and the Novosibirsk region – 3%.

The tariff for housing services is also changing once a year, but this can happen both on January 1 and July 1, depending on the decision of the Criminal Code or the municipality.

ROC advised not to marry gentiles

The head of the department for external church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, said that he did not advise creating families with other faiths. These words were said against the backdrop of the world championship taking place in Russia, which gathered fans from all over the world.

We priests do not advise our parishioners to choose their second half from another religious tradition, “said the Metropolitan on the air of the Rossiya 24 television channel.

As reasons for this, Hilarion described the “bitter experience of many such couples, in which frictions, contradictions, disputes on religious grounds arise.” Especially, according to the priest, conflicts intensify after the birth of children and the appearance of doubts about the upbringing of the child.

According to the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, the belonging of both men and women to one religion strengthens the marriage.

If the wife goes to church on Sunday, and her husband on Friday, if her husband has a Sunday holiday and his wife has Sabbath on Saturday, this will create certain, and sometimes very significant, difficulties, “added Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk.

Bulgaria was named the fastest disappearing country in the world

In Bulgaria, the population continues to decline. On the eve, according to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the number of residents in the country fell below the level of 7 million.

The law on voluntary sex entered into force in Sweden

“The new law on sexual offense comes into effect on July 1. The law in brief means that if sex is not voluntary, then it is illegal,” the report said.

In the law there are thus two new types of violations, which for the first time in the history of Swedish law practice pay attention to the need for voluntary participation in sex.

These crimes are formulated as “negligent rape” or “sexual coercion through negligence”, providing for a maximum of four years in prison.

“Vodokanal” will check because of reports of “payment for rain”

On the eve of the head of the department for work with the population of the Vodokanal enterprise of the city of Kungur reported that the new line “ONE for sewage”, which appeared in receipts for payment of utility services in May, is nothing more than “rainwater flowing through hatches in sewage collectors “.

All service organizations and HOAs of the city billed with an additional service worth seven rubles a month for each consumer.

The management of Vodokanal of Perm Kungur fired an employee who disseminated information that communal workers charge city residents for rainwater run-off, told RIA Novosti advisor to the deputy chairman of the Perm Territory government Andrei Krasnikov.

After that, the Inspectorate of the State Housing Inspectorate and the Regional Tariff Service of the Perm Krai began to check whether Vodokanal really charges consumers for rainwater.

The 200th anniversary of Grozny will be met with updated yard sites

The city authorities have already done a tremendous job, in the shortest possible time have chosen yards that will be repaired. And those in a very sorry state the head of the republic took under personal supervision. A total of 464 yards will be landscaped, about 200 of which Ramzan Kadyrov took on himself.

Poland fears the revival of Nazism in Europe

The Polish Foreign Ministry is extremely concerned about the problem of reviving the ultra-right ideology in Europe, in particular, in Latvia and Ukraine, Izvestia reports. The foreign policy department urged the authorities of other states to involve in the criminal responsibility of people glorifying totalitarian ideologies.

BBC boasted the staffing

British Broadcasting Company BBC disclosed the data of an anonymous survey of its experts on sex. As the director of the organization for diversity Tunde Ogungsbane, almost 11% of the company’s employees turned out to be homosexual, lesbian and bisexual.

Minstroy will oblige management companies to report to residents

Minstroy will require the management company (CC) to submit to the residents annually a detailed report on the implementation of the contract. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to the draft resolution. The Ministry’s document specifies the information that the Criminal Code should provide.

The amendments to the law on drunk driving came into effect

The law, which introduces administrative responsibility for drivers if they discover more than 0.3 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, comes into force on 2 July. The President of the Russian Federation signed it at the beginning of April.

Foreign flights from Russia went up by 14%

Travel experts OneTwoTrip analyzed the prices for flights from abroad from Russia and came to the conclusion that the cost of tickets, on average, went up by 14%.

Employees of Baikonur have been banned from using social networks

Employees of the Baikonur Cosmodrome were forbidden during working hours to use social networks not only from working computers, but also from personal gadgets in order to prevent information leaks, said the director of the cosmodrome Yevgeny Rakovsky, available at RIA Novosti.


Agreement on revaluation of products

The Ministry of Energy proposed that the Ministry of Finance transfer the authority to sell all Kharyaga oil for payment of royalties to the operator of the Zarubezhneft project. The Energy Ministry believes that Russia’s budget is underreceiving royalties from Total and Norwegian Equinor – investors of the Kharyaga PSA project.

Sberbank will continue to invest in Belarus

The head of Sberbank German Gref said that all opportunities are open for investing new resources in Belarus, which the bank will do. Earlier on Wednesday, during a working trip to Belarus, Gref met with President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko.

Poland declared the right to demand from Gazprom a discount

Stockholm arbitration recognized the right of the Polish oil and gas company PGNiG to demand a reduction in the price of Russian gas, the press service of PGNiG said.

In Primorye, the cost of gasoline overcame the mark of 50 rubles

In Primorye, once again rose the cost of gasoline. Now 1 liter of car fuel will cost the local population a minimum of 50 rubles. Residents of Primorsky Krai are dissatisfied with changes in prices for diesel fuel and gasoline

The wholesale gas prices of Gazprom from July 1 will grow by 3.4%

Wholesale prices for Gazprom gas for all categories of consumers will grow by 3.4% from July 1, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of the Russian Federation adopted a corresponding decision. The order of 11 May was registered with the Ministry of Justice on 19 June.

Azerbaijan attracted to the TANAP gas pipeline a loan of $ 750 million

The Azerbaijani company Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) has raised a $ 750 million loan for financing the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline project (TANAP), according to the materials of the South Kazakhstan Region.

In St. Petersburg, raised the Russian flag on the icebreaker “Alexander Sannikov”

In St. Petersburg there was a ceremony of raising the flag of Russia on the head icebreaker of the company Gazprom Neft – Alexandra Sannikov.

The authorities of Bulgaria and Greece agreed to build a gas pipeline

The heads of the governments of Greece and Bulgaria Alexis Tsipras and Boyko Borisov reached an agreement on the construction of a gas pipeline that will connect the two states. The corresponding declaration was signed by the parties during the EU summit in the Belgian capital in the presence of the chairman of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.

The duty on oil exports from Russia is increasing

The duty on oil exports from the Russian Federation increased from July 1 to $ 7.3, to $ 139.1 from $ 131.8 per ton in June, according to the documents of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Uralsib will block Visa and Mastercard salary cards

Bank Uralsib warned its clients from among budget employees and students that the cards of international payment systems Visa and Mastercard, for which they receive salaries and scholarships, will be blocked from July 1. The corresponding message is published on the website of the credit institution.

As noted in the bank, this is done in accordance with the requirements of the law “On the national payment system.” From July 1, 2018, salaries to all employees of the budget should be transferred to the card “Mir”. The same applies to the accrual of student scholarships.

Ministry of Transport: in 2018, Plato will collect 20 billion rubles

Russian Transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich said that in 2018, taking into account the postponement of indexation of the tariff for 2019, the Platon system should earn about 20 billion rubles.

“In general, this year we expect that the fees will give the federal road fund 20 billion and more,” Mr. Dietrich told reporters (quoted by TASS).

In Russia, excises for cigarettes

In Russia, from July 1, 2018, excise taxes on cigarettes and cigarettes increase by 10%, to 1,718 thousand rubles from 1,562 thousand rubles per 1,000 units. Excise on cigarettes consists of a specific (fixed) part and an ad valorem component (a percentage of the maximum retail price).

China from July 1 reduces import duties

Since July 1, the Chinese authorities have significantly reduced import duties on 1.4 thousand consumer goods, as well as on cars and their components, RIA Novosti reported. The State Council of the People’s Republic of China decided that from July 1, duties on cars from 25% and 20% will decrease to 15%

Indebtedness of RSC Energia

The debt of the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia was formed from advances made to the enterprise for the implementation of long-term contracts, Energia will pay them back in 2020, a source in the rocket and space industry told RIA Novosti.

Builders will not be able to spend money co-investors before entering the house

The money for the purchased apartments construction organizations will be able to receive only after the delivery of houses. From July 1, amendments to Federal Law No. 214-FZ “On Participation in Shared Construction” are beginning to operate.

In Crimea, because of the drought, nearly 700 thousand tons of the harvest have already died

The loss of grain yield due to the lack of good rains in the Crimea has already amounted to almost 700 thousand tons. This was announced by the head of the republic Sergei Aksenov during a working trip to the Krasnogvardeisky district – one of those where an emergency was declared because of a drought.

AFK Sistema returns to dividend payments

AFK Sistema returns to payments in accordance with dividend policy, there is no question of its cancellation. This was stated during the shareholders’ meeting by the president of the corporation Andrey Dubovskov.

Central Bank of Russia: outflow of capital from Russia in the first quarter

Up to $ 17 billion increased the assessment of the Central Bank of Russia net outflow of capital from the country for January-March this year. Earlier, the regulator estimated the export of capital by the private sector in the indicated period to 13.4 billion in American currency. This is stated in the materials of the Bank of Russia.

EuroChem received a loan of $ 820 million to refinance the debt

In October 2017, EuroChem received a club loan of $ 750 million for a period of five years. The funds were directed to reduce the volumes of refinancing and interest risks. The credit agent was UniCredit Bank AG (London Branch), coordinator – ING.

The Central Bank will save “FC Opening” from bankruptcy

According to Interfax, on June 29 the regulator approved changes in the plan of participation in the implementation of measures to prevent the bankruptcy of the Bank Otkritie. It is noted that the Central Bank will provide the credit organization financing for 42.7 billion rubles, buying its shares.

Citi will return customers $ 335 million overpaid interest on credit cards

The US Bureau of Consumer Protection in the financial sector (the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) ordered Citigroup to return to customers a total of $ 335 million, which they overpaid on their credit cards.

Media learned about the plans of Chinese retailer JD.com to return to Russia

Information on JD.com’s plans to return to the Russian market was also confirmed by the source on the electronic trading market and the managing partner of the 220 Volt Alexei Fedorov. According to the latter, representatives of the retailer “are closely studying the Russian market.”

Russian farmers will be paid for gasoline

From January 1, 2017, agrarians engaged in the production, processing and sale of agricultural products can receive a short-term or investment loan at a rate of not more than 5%. The minister separately thanked the president for resolving the problem of stabilizing prices for fuels and lubricants.


On Google Maps, the Crimean Bridge was signed in Ukrainian

Google Maps signed the Crimean bridge in Ukrainian on the map. The map shows that the bridge was signed on the Taman side in Russian, and the inscription “Krimsky Mist” appears closer to the Crimea itself.

The winner of the presidential elections in Mexico was determined

Andres Manuel López Obrador, leader of the left-wing alliance “Let’s Make History Together” won the presidential election in Mexico after the defeat was recognized by three other candidates for the post of head of state, the Associated Press

Horst Seehofer intends to leave the posts of the head of the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs and the chairman of the CSU

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Germany and the chairman of the Christian Social Union (CSU) Horst Seehofer wants to resign from both posts amid disagreements with Chancellor Angela Merkel on migration policy.

Trump again called for the deportation of illegal migrants without trial

President of the United States Donald Trump, on the background of mass protests, again called for the deportation of illegal migrants without trial and called American laws that require a judicial decision to expel foreigners “the world’s most stupid.”

When people come to our country illegally, we must immediately drive them back without going through many years of legal maneuvering. Our laws are the most stupid anywhere in the world. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Media learned about the US bill to ignore WTO rules

The administration of US President Donald Trump can submit a bill to Congress that allows the United States to refuse to comply with the requirements of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The corresponding document was at the disposal of Axios portal

Trump urges OPEC to stop manipulating oil markets

President of the United States Donald Trump believes that OPEC is manipulating the oil markets and insists on the termination of this practice. He stated this in an interview with Fox News, which aired on Sunday. Trump was asked if he believed that someone was manipulating the oil market.

One hundred percent. These are the OPEC states, they must stop this because we are defending many of these countries. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

In the US and Europe, they are afraid of meeting Trump with Putin

If the presidents of Russia and the US Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump can agree, many in the West will lose the politically convenient image of Moscow as an “eternal enemy”, so it’s no surprise that many in the United States and some European countries actively impede the meeting of the two leaders. Independent Mary Dzhevsky.

London is studying new data on the ties of the sponsor of Brexit with Russia

The British National Agency for Combating Crime is studying new information about possible ties with Russia to one of the most famous sponsors and supporters of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, businessman Arron Banks. This is reported by the British Sunday newspaper Sunday Times.

From China attacked by acoustic attacks, US diplomats

In May, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke about the “acoustic attack” on State Department employees. He noted that the symptoms were similar to those felt by American diplomats in Cuba. The Chinese Foreign Ministry denied the fact of the attack and some of its tracks.

Bolton held a secret meeting with the British Eurosceptics

Adviser to the US President for National Security John Bolton held talks with the Eurosceptics of the British Conservative Party, which support the withdrawal of the kingdom from the European Union. This was learned by The Telegraph

Negotiations on the background of the introduction of duties

President of the United States Donald Trump held telephone talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A spokeswoman for US President Sarah Sanders said that politicians discussed trade and several other economic issues, RIA Novosti reported.

President Donald Trump held talks last night with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, discussed trade and other economic issues. – Sarah Sanders, American politician


Hypersonic “Daggers” will test in conjunction with the Tu-22

Hypersonic rockets from the newest complex “Dagger” will be tested on a long-range bomber Tu-22M3. This is on Monday, July 2, Tass reported, citing a source in the Russian defense industrial complex.

In the US believe that the DPRK does not want to abandon the nuclear arsenal

The US intelligence services believe that the DPRK is not going to completely abandon its nuclear arsenal and is looking for ways to hide the presence of a number of weapons and installations, the Washington Post writes.

The DPRK is completing the process of expanding the enterprise for the production of solid-fuel ballistic missiles, with which it is possible to strike at US military facilities, the Wall Street Journal states, citing the results of satellite image research.

In the US, they reported successful tests of a guided nuclear bomb

The US military conducted a qualification test of a controlled nuclear bomb B61-12 using a strategic bomber Northrop B-2 Spirit.

South Korea and North Korea have established a communication channel between the two countries’ navies

The ministry specified that communications between the military seamen of the two countries were interrupted in May 2008: the DPRK’s vessels stopped responding to the challenges of South Korea that were being made through the global communications network of the merchant fleet. The first such contacts were established in 2004.

The Ukrainian military blew up the gas distribution station

In Ukraine, thousands of people were left without gas as a result of undermining the gas distribution station. This was reported to journalists by the representative of the operational command of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

In Ukraine, they announced the imminent creation of the “most powerful” cruise missile

Kiev plans to create a “most powerful” anti-ship cruise missile, said Valentin Badrak, head of the Ukrainian Center for Army Studies, Conversion and Disarmament. According to him, a new type of weapons will be able to hit “any targets” at a distance of 280-300 kilometers

The Pentagon has changed its goals and objectives without publicity

The Pentagon has adjusted the provision on the goals and objectives of the agency on its website without making any formal statement. The change was highlighted by the publication Task & Purpose.

Earlier, the US Department of Defense positioned itself as “a means of providing armed forces to contain war and protect the security of the country.” Such a description is still on the Pentagon website in the “Information on the Office” section. However, on the main page there is another Pentagon mission.

“The mission of the Ministry of Defense is to provide the US with lethal forces to protect the country’s security and maintain American influence abroad,” reads the website.

The Sunday Times reported on the British air force attack on the Syrian military

The Royal British Air Force dropped a bomb on the positions of government troops in Syria near the training base of the British military, a Syrian officer was killed, the newspaper The Sunday Times reports with reference to the received reports.

Iraq built a wall on the border with Syria to protect against terrorists

The Iraqi military built a barbed-wire wall on the western border with Syria to protect them from the terrorist group Islamic State.

The Czech satellite reconnaissance center will be opened in the Czech Republic

On the territory of the Czech Republic, the satellite reconnaissance center of NATO’s military-political bloc will open, the Russian service of Radio Prague reports.

Afghanistan announced the end of the truce with the Taliban

At least 12 militants of the radical movement “Taliban” (the organization is recognized as a terrorist and the territory of Russia is banned) were destroyed by the Afghan military as a result of the air strike in Badghis province. This is reported by Tolo News with reference to the local police.

“I visited the Javand region. The population of this region cooperated fully with the government forces, “Ahmad Fahim Kayem, the head of the Badghis province police, said at the end of the operation.

The US intends to use combat drones to fight the Su-57

US specialists recognized that the Su-57 in many respects exceeds the capabilities of the American analogues. Therefore, the fight against it must be transferred to the next level

Iran announced the arrival in the Persian Gulf of a US ship with chemicals

Shekarchi said that the ship carrying the chemicals was MV Cape Ray, which was escorted by an American destroyer. According to the brigadier general, Iran has “more accurate information about the US ship, the crew size” and the cargo

Drones of unknown origin are found and shot down at the air base of Khmeimim

The servicemen of the air base Khmeim located in Syria destroyed a group of unmanned aircraft. This was reported by the representative of the base

In the southeast of Niger, the militants of “Boko Haram” killed 10 servicemen

As a result of the attack by the militants of the radical group “Boko Haram”, ten soldiers of the army of the Niger were killed, four more people were missing. Terrorists attacked a military post in the south-east of the country near the border with Nigeria, Tass reported.

The United States and Ukraine will hold joint naval exercises

Military exercises Sea Breeze-2018, which will be attended by the Naval Forces (Navy) of Ukraine and the US, will be held next week


In Kemerovo in the temple of the Archangel Michael there was a fire

The fire occurred in the temple of the Archangel Michael in Kemerovo, no one was hurt. This was reported by TASS in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region. The fire broke out on Monday night.

Six children injured in attacking migrant home

In the US, an unknown person with a knife attacked a house where migrants live. The incident occurred in the city of Boise, Idaho, on the evening of July 1. Nine people are wounded, the condition of four is estimated as heavy

A helicopter crashed in Puerto Rico, a man was killed

On Saturday, July 1, a helicopter dropped on the beach in the north-eastern part of the island state of Puerto Rico associated with the United States. As a result of the emergency, one person was killed, three were injured. Such data are reported by the news agency Associated Press

At least 40 people died when a bus crashed into a gorge in India

At least 40 people died as a result of the fall of the bus in the gorge in the state of Uttarakhand in northern India, the NDTV channel reported.

Attacks on the teacher of Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman

The criminal case under the article “Deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm” was instituted after an attack with a knife on the teacher of the MSTU. Bauman in Moscow, the suspect was detained, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Moscow administration of the Interior Ministry.

The son of the former ambassador of Moldova in Russia was shot in Chisinau

The son of the former ambassador of Moldova to Russia Anatol Tseranu Teodor was shot in Chisinau, informs Unimedia. As the newspaper notes, the crime occurred on the night of Saturday in an apartment building in the Buiucani sector. The police were approached by neighbors who heard shots.

The plane without the chassis has urgently sat at the airport of Las Vegas

In the US Las Vegas, a turboprop aircraft landed with a retracted landing gear. This was reported by the representative of the McCarran airport Christine Cruise. On board Beechcraft E-90 King Air were three people, none of them as a result of the accident did not suffer

180 thousand euros in the old chest of drawers

A French Cannes resident forgot his own savings of 180 thousand euros in a sold-out chest of drawers, refused to return the amount, buyers will be brought to court for theft, French media reported.

Under the Krasnoyarsk burnt reserve “Tunguska”

Almost 50 firefighters were additionally involved in extinguishing forest fires in the Tungussky Reserve of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the press service of the federal Avialesokhrana informs.

In France, they found a kangaroo, who escaped from the zoo two months ago

The kangaroo wallaby, who escaped from the Saint-Martin-la-Plaine Zoo in France, was found only two months later, the animal was taken back to the reserve, soon the veterinarian will see it, a local edition of Progres

Four people injured while shooting in Sweden

Unknown people staged a mass execution of people near the church in the Swedish city of Helsingborg, four people were injured. On this Saturday, June 30, the local edition of SVT Nyheter reported. The incident is classified as “attempted murder,” the television channel Zvezda reports.

Smoke Dawg rapper was shot in Canada

As a result of shooting in Toronto rapper Smoke Dawg died, two more people with numerous injuries are in the hospital, reports The Independent.

At least 20 people were killed in a major road accident in Tanzania

At an accident, at least 20 people were killed, 45 more were injured, the victim is assisted in local clinics. The police are looking for a truck driver who escaped right after the incident.

The Moscow-Petersburg route was blocked due to a burning gasoline tanker

In the Novgorod region on the highway M-11 Moscow-St. Petersburg fuel truck caught fire. This is reported on the official website of the EMERCOM of Russia for the Novgorod region.

French military were attacked in Mali

According to the source, as a result of the attack, six French soldiers were killed, two more civilians were injured. As previously reported BakuToday, the operation of the French armed forces “Barhan” was a continuation of “Serval”, which was completed in 2014.

The robber-recidivist fled from a French prison by helicopter

Robber-recidivist Reduan Faid escaped from prison, located in the French department of the Seine and Marne, by helicopter, reports BFMTV.

More than 200 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean Sea in three days

More than 200 migrants who tried to reach European countries drowned in the Mediterranean Sea from June 29 to July 1. The total number of dead at sea since the beginning of the year is more than 1,000 people, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Sunday evening in Geneva.

Three prisoners escaped from the Krasnoyarsk colony-settlement

Three prisoners escaped from the colony-settlement IC-16 of the village of Menderla of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, for the information about the fugitives a reward was announced, the press service of the regional department of the Federal Penitentiary Service informs.

Special equipment disappeared in Vladivostok

The loss of equipment means for the city district the loss of property for a total of more than nine million rubles. The inspection materials were sent to the investigative department of the Primorsky district of Vladivostok, the SS of the Russian Federation for Primorye Territory.

In the north of Germany, an ambulance and a bus with children

Not far from the city of Lübeck in northern Germany, a tourist bus collided with an ambulance. As a result, injured 46 people, mostly children and adolescents, who were on the bus.


In the north of Kamchatka, a humpback whale died, entangled in networks

A young humpback whale died in the north of Kamchatka, allegedly entangled in scraps of fishing nets, Kronotsky Nature Reserve reported.

Beaches of Baikal turn into cemeteries

Beautiful views, fine sand and a small distance from Ulan-Ude make the village very attractive for tourists and residents of the republic. And it is here, on the territory of the entire beach, villagers are increasingly finding corpses of Baikal seals

In Kostroma forbidden to swim because of dirty water and sand

On the Volga in Kostroma forbidden to swim. In water and sand biological indicators are exceeded, warned in Rospotrebnadzor

Municipality of Lipetsk will track down those who unload construction debris

If you see how someone unloads garbage in the wrong place, you need to take a photo with the number of the car discharging waste, specify the date, time and place, and send it all to e-mail: ecology@cominfo.lipetsk.ru

St. Petersburg and Leningrad region want to link the “green network”

St. Petersburg and Leningrad region want to link the “green network”. So, today, June 30, it became known that in the framework of conservation of forest territories of the “green belt” of the northern capital, ecologists consider the option of “unification” of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region by the “green network”.


Milana Kerzhakova confessed to drug addiction and slander against her husband

Wife of the former football player, ex-Zenit Alexander Kerzhakov 24-year-old Milan wrote on the social network that she was treated for drug addiction. She admitted that she was broken by the death of her father, Senator Vadim Tulipov.

The protruding ribs of Polina Gagarina shocked the fans

In the photo, Polina Gagarina “embellished” her thinness with her embroidered belly and chocolate-colored tan. At some admirers of the singer such picture has caused disgust, as hands-strings and sticking out edges are looked absolutely несексуально.

Actress Vanessa Parady was married for 45 years

Vanessa Paradis, a famous French actress, was married for 45 years. At the same time, she tried to keep this event a secret. Vanessa did not philosophize slyly and chose a life partner from the world she was used to.

Rumors about the pregnancy of Xenia Sobchak confirmed

At the event, the TV presenter came in a dress that emphasized her belly. In the comments to the publication, one of the subscribers asked if the TV presenter was pregnant, and the designer answered “Yes.” Rumors of a possible pregnancy Sobchak went back in May, but confirmation to them has not yet been.

Natasha Koroleva found herself a “young boyfriend” instead of Tarzan

At the end of the song, the couple tenderly kissed each other. After one of the last published videos in the social network, many began to assume that Natasha Koroleva found herself a “young boyfriend” instead of Tarzan (Sergei Glushko).

Fans fear for the health of his pregnant wife Dmitry Tarasov

The wife of football player Dmitry Tarasov said that being 8 months pregnant, weighs just over 56 kilograms. Fans believe that Anastasia Kostenko lacks weight and is concerned about her health.

Irina Sheik excited the fans with elastic buttocks

Famous model and beloved Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper Irina Sheik published a new snapshot from the beach in Instagram, stirring up fans. The pose taken by the celebrity for the shooting allowed the fans to consider the elastic buttocks.

Singer Glukozu in the trash was compared with Anastasia Volochkova

Some paid attention to the pose of the singer, who lies on garbage bags, widely spreading her legs. The most innocent was the comparison of the girl with Anastasia Volochkova, known for her public acrobatic figures.

Drunk Buzova publicly confessed in love to Kirkorov

Olga added an entry in Stories in Instagram, where she publicly confessed to love Philip Kirkorov, whom the star noted in the publication. Drunk Buzova drank more than one glass of champagne, as the subscribers noticed, on one of the social parties.

Folk masters competed in shooting from the Yakut onion

For the first time, competitions on shooting from traditional Yakut onions were held last year in Vilyuisk on XI Ysyakh Olonkho

Ukrainian singer Alekseev spoke to Komi graduates

The concert was held on June 30 at Stefanovskaya Square in Syktyvkar.

Youth festival of street culture was held in Bryansk

In Bryansk, there was a festival of street culture, which was called Lifestreet. It was timed to coincide with the International Day Against Drugs and the Day of Youth. On the Mound of Immortality they played football, showed acrobatic performances.

Jim Carrey will be a villain in the picture on the game Sonic the Hedgehog

In addition to the comedian, James Mardsen and Tika Sampter will appear in the film. The director of the picture was “Oscar” Jeff Fowler, who received a statuette for the animation work “Thug”. As reported by the media, the picture of the blue hedgehog from the video game will be a mixture of animation and acting

Andrei Cherkasov said that he was offered a role in a Hollywood movie

As Andrew said, he was offered the role of Russian intelligence officer, whom the main character “Agent 007” kills at the end of the picture. Cherkasov said that he refused such a generous offer, since, in his words, only in American films “they” win the Russians.

Chulpan Khamatova and her husband got into a scandal

Male actress Chulpan Khamatova – producer and director Alexander Shein – fell ill Mayakovsky. And I decided to make a film about the great Soviet poet.

Khamatova all the thresholds, begging for public money to shoot. The couple gave the film many years of life: 10 years left for archival work, another six years was spent directly on the film. Due to lack of funding, everything went very slowly. Finally, in 2015 the Cinema Fund took pity and gave “Vmayakovskomu” money “on conditions of absolute return.”

The year 2018 has come. The couple were removed and the money was never returned. Now the Film Foundation accused Shane, who acted as a guarantor in the allocation of subsidies, in stealing 20 million rubles. Law enforcers to deceived investors listened and brought to the director a criminal case on fraud in a particularly large amount.

In New Holland will show a scandalous film with Mick Jagger

On the island of New Holland, they plan to show the picture “Presentation”. This tape about London in the late 60’s, the city of bohemia and crime, found glory scandalous. One of the main roles in the film Nicholas Rouge was performed by the leader of the group The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger

Roman Gritsenko said that he wants to become a colleague of Olga Buzovoy

The popular participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Roman Gritsenko in his microblog created a post in which he told his subscribers that he wants to become a full-fledged telecasting leader.

“Friends I sat here, thought and understood that I want to be the host of the teleproject house 2, and I believe that I have all the data for this,” Roma wrote.

The star of The Big Bang Theory Keilie Kuoko married Carl Cook

The greatest popularity of 32-year-old Keely Kuoko was brought by her role as Penny in the television series The Big Bang Theory. The actress’s groom was Karl Cook, who is a professional jockey, and far from acting.

Figure skater Evgeny Medvedev fell in love with the Eurovision finalist

Zhenya and Christian do not advertise, but do not hide their relationship. They have already appeared together in public. The couple visited the party in Gorky Park in Moscow

The bride of Danila Kozlovsky Olga Zueva poses topless

The bride of the famous Russian actor and director Danila Kozlovsky model Olga Zueva poses topless. The corresponding picture appeared in the Instagram star, under the photo she announced that she was now shooting herself.

Leonid Yakubovich admitted that he lives separately from his wife

Leonid Yakubovich became a guest of Yury Nikolaev’s broadcast “Honest Word”, in which he told about his life. The TV host confessed that in connection with his work at the “Field of Miracles” for most of the year he lives separately from his wife and forbids her to watch the show.

Irina Amanti blackmails Olga Kazachenko with her “indecent pictures”

The ex-wife of the singer admitted that the current lady of her husband resorted to a very subversive method of clarifying the relationship. However, Olga did not specify for what reasons this is happening and what they want from her. Irina Amanti blackmails Olga Kazachenko with her “indecent pictures”.

Russian equivalent of Met Gala ….

In the Winter Palace, the 13th charity reception of the State Hermitage took place with a cocktail in the Hanging Garden, individual excursions to the ceremonial halls, a gala dinner at the Jordan Gallery and a traditional ball in the Field Marshal’s Hall. Every year, the event is visited by mastodons of world art, fashion, theater and cinema – we show which of the invited people has become the most stylish.

The Hermitage is trying to emulate the Met Gala – the famous ball of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum and Vogue magazine.

The unique edition of “Harry Potter” went under the hammer for $ 74 thousand

A rare copy of the first edition of the book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was sold at auction Bonhams. The buyer purchased a lot for £ 56 thousand (about $ 74 thousand).

In Khakassia, an exhibition of art works by Sergei Shoigu

In all, about 50 works of a high-ranking official are exhibited. It is noted that the opening of the exhibition is timed to the centenary of the Workers ‘and Peasants’ Red Army

Tomer and Jigan sang in Rostov “DNA”

At the very beginning of his stay in Russia, Tomer Savoy unexpectedly became famous for his furious temperament as a fan and the phrase he shouted on the way to Rostov Arena. Tomer immediately got friends in the southern capital and with the Rostovites recorded a track-parody for the song “DNA”

Leps told about the drunken performance and the fall right on the stage

In an interview that appeared on the Basta TO Gazgolder channel, the famous Russian singer and musician Grigory Leps told about not the most pleasant moments of his creative life. At one of the performances, which took place in Rostov-on-Don, Leps was so drunk that he fell directly on the stage

Belarus for the first time puts its film on the “Oscar”

Belarus for the first time will put forward its film “The Crystal Swan” on receiving the Oscar. The film nominates for the award in the nomination “Best foreign film”. At the film festival in Karlovy Vary, the premiere of the film “The Crystal Swan” directed by Daria Zhuk took place.


In WhatsApp appeared the function of creating channels

The WhatsApp messenger has a new feature that will allow users to create channels, as in Telegram

“Yandex.Dzn” received new functions

If desired, authors can buy additional coverage and disable commenting posts. It is noted that the company introduced automatic moderation of spam and insults.

Scammers started stealing money through WhatsApp: how not to become a victim

Scammers have found a new way to get money from the public. Now they use WhatsApp. Users of the application fraudulently sign for paid services worth $ 50 per month.

Telegram doubled voice and video messages

Added two-time acceleration of voice and video messages, so you can listen / view them faster. There was an opportunity to mark chats as read and not read – svayp to the right for iOS, keeping the finger on the chat in the general list for Android.

Twitter will reveal data about customers of political advertising

After the election in 2016 in the United States, the social network Facebook found that for two years, linked, according to her information, with Russia, the accounts bought advertisements in the social network, which was political and “disconnected”. Advertising was bought, including in the election year of the US president.

Light Company presented a prototype of a smartphone with nine cameras

It is noted that several prototypes of the new smartphone have been developed – from five to nine modules with cameras. According to the idea of specialists, the resolution of the photos from the last device will be 64 Mp, the Washington Post writes.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be equipped with an incredible “mega-singularity”

According to reports, the new model in the Galaxy 10 line will receive an unusual feature that will appeal to users. It is noted that the new device will be able to easily replace a personal computer – this is the main mega-feature of the mobile phone that is about to be released.

A full release of Android P is scheduled for August

One can not but rejoice that even the most budgetary devices of the Finnish company will be updated. This is on the market today is very rare.

In Russia, global smartphone disconnection is expected

The government of the Russian Federation is going to create a single IMEI base for absolutely all telephones with the aim of blocking illegal products. Devices that have not been authenticated will not be able to connect to Russian mobile operators.

Xiaomi will release a universal waterproof gadget cover

Chinese firm Xiaomi will issue its own branded waterproof cover for only $ 5. It is perfect not only for branded phones, but also for other valuable things. In Xiaomi decided to slightly expand the number of accessories for phones and therefore created a waterproof case.

Budgetary Nokia 1 received technology in 2011

The new smartphone will fully satisfy fans of simple and budget gadgets. To the new smartphone Nokia 1 corresponded to the budget category, the company decided to simplify it as much as possible. For this it was necessary to make a mix from the old hardware of 2011 and the new “operating system”.

Developers of the FindFace service in VKontakte close the project

Step-by-step disconnection of the service will start from July 1, said in the company N-Tech.Lab

Facebook is working on a panoramic virtual reality camera

The leak from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) says that the engineers of the American IT giant are actively engaged in creating a device for working in virtual reality. The company is working on its own panoramic camera.

Windows users found an undelete virus

Users of the Windows operating system found an uninstallable virus that is in the program All-Radio 4.27 Portable. As Bleepingcomputer reports, Malwarebytes forum users found malware

AMD will release video cards on the new GPU Polaris 30

Experts believe that AMD will soon release video cards on the new GPU Polaris 30, which will be produced on a 12-nanometer process technology.

Huawei Nova 3 will receive a new screen format 19: 9

As it became known from the media, the expected model Nova 3 will receive a screen of a new format 19: 9. Another surprise for potential buyers is that the gadget will work on a fresh Kirin 710 processor. This chipset is planned to be produced at the TSMC plant using 12-nanometer technology.

Set Top Box Xiaomi Mi Box 4 will soon go on sale in Russia

Announcement Xiaomi Mi Box 4 happened in China almost at the beginning of this year. Buy this device in black and white colors. The basis of the whole device is a 4-core Amlogic S905L processor with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz, which is supplemented with Mali-450 graphics and 2 GB of RAM.

Blackview has released a new budget smartphone A20 Pro

The company Blackview has released its new budget smartphone A20 Pro. It is known that it will be possible to buy in cases of gold, blue and gray. Experts noted that the technical capabilities of the A20 Pro are not too large, which is not surprising, since it is a budget smartphone


Scientists: the cry of a man determines the magnitude of his strength

A group of British scientists established a direct link between the physical strength of a person and his voice. Conclusions, the researchers published in the journal iScience

During the experiment, volunteers were asked to say a certain phrase, and then it was necessary to demonstrate an aggressive cry. This was recorded on audio, which was demonstrated by another “experimental”. They needed to determine the strength of the screamers, not seeing the one whose voice was on the tape.

As a result, 94% of the cases volunteers gave the right result, pointing to stronger individuals

Researchers were able to reprogram the brain

Experimenters at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to reprogram brain neurons in experimental mice. The results of the study American neuroscientists published in the journal Science

Ancient necropolis archaeologists found at the construction site of the route “Tavrida”

The Crimean new-building expedition of the Institute of Archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences excavated on the future “Tavrida” highway found an untouched Late Scythian burial ground of the 2nd-4th centuries AD. This was reported by the press service of the Institute of Archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The find was made in the area of Sevastopol, on the left bank of the Belbek river.

In Disney showed a humanoid robot stuntman

The work of the humanoid Stuntronics stuntman, Walt Disney Imagineering, clearly showed in the video. The robot stuntman can perform various tricks, while he is very similar to a human and can replace all stunt people, eliminating the shooting of films from risks and dangers.

Lemurs can recognize the weak enemy by smell

It turned out they really feel the presence of the smell of danger. One of the experiments consisted in testing the theory, about the possibility of recognizing by lemurs the smell of weaker rivals. Researchers have put the secrets of already injured and healthy individuals on wooden sticks.

Scientists have trained the robot NAO to recognize emotions

Scientists have trained the robot NAO to recognize emotions on the human face. It is expected that the machine in the future will be able to help specialists in the treatment of children suffering from autism. Scientists hope that soon such robots will be able to read emotions on the face of an autistic child, transferring them to doctors.

The Japanese created a flying robot “dragon” from independent parts

The “body” of the dragon has several small drones that can move, allowing the robot to transform. In addition, such a flying robot can be increased in size, adding to its “body” a few more drones. The robot is able to transform into a square, or into a curved line.

Mass sacrifices in the “German Stonehenge”

Archaeologists managed to find traces in the “German Stonehenge” that testify to mass sacrifices. According to foreign media reports, we are talking about broken turtles and ribs located in drinking vessels and cores. The location of the above-mentioned object is the village of Pemmelt (Germany).

Risks to the health of excessive leanness and obesity

The specialist singled out 5 health risks in both pathological cases and compared the degree of their negative impact on the human body. So, the deficit of weight is fraught with: dementia, infertility, problems with the psyche, osteoporosis (brittle bones), decreased immunity. Obesity is dangerous: oncology, diabetes, joint diseases, heart attacks / strokes, apnea (stopping breathing in a dream).

Scientists also recalled that the indicator of the well-being of the body is not only correct, but also stable body weight, as frequent “jumps” of weight undermine the strength of the body.

The total area of rivers on the planet is 44% larger than previously thought

Scientists from the American University of North Carolina said that the total area of river sites on the planet was one and a half times more than previously thought. New information was obtained through the use of data obtained from the satellite Landsat NASA.

Canadian scientists have created an invisibility cloak

Specialists of the Montreal National Institute managed to invent an invisibility cloak, which functions in bright light. The principle of his work is based on the fact that the human eye does not perceive all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Radiation Friction Paradoxically Accelerates Electrons in Plasma

Scientists have proposed a new method for generating superstrong quasistatic electric fields, which accelerate ions in a laser plasma

Neurons sacrifice old compounds for the sake of new

When the brain learns something, new neural circuits appear in it, that is, neurons form new interneuronal connections – synapses. But each neuron is associated with many others. And if the nerve cell will equally perceive the impulses coming through all its synapses, it will simply “overheat” from such a flow of information.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, the universities of Kyoto and Tokyo write in their article in Science that in fact, when a neuron starts to receive a lot of information through a single synapse, it simultaneously weakens others that are next to it

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