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23 Сен, 2022

Proportion of people living in own housing

Least of all people living in their own housing turned out to be in Switzerland! Only 43% of the inhabitants of this country live in houses or apartments that they own. A very low rate was recorded in both Germany (52%) and Austria (55%)

In Russia, by contrast, the figures are much higher than in most European countries: 89% of Russians live in their own homes. And if we adhere to the point of view, widespread in some circles, that «Germans / Swiss / … are poor and therefore rent apartments all their lives», then the richest in Europe were the inhabitants of Romania: as many as 96% of the inhabitants of this country live in their own housing!

But in fact, in many countries where people have fairly high incomes, and the rights of tenants are well protected, living in rented housing is simply more convenient than buying real estate.