11 Feb, 2019

Protect the rights of journalists …

The British government plans to hold a two-day conference in London in July with the invitation of foreign ministers to dedicate an event to protecting the rights of journalists around the world. This was reported by The Sunday Times, citing British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

As the newspaper notes, this conference should be a central element of the Hunt campaign, aimed at “attracting universal attention” to the problem of respecting freedom of speech and changing the political culture of governments that seek to intimidate or punish journalists.

 “I want an international taboo on killing or detaining journalists in connection with their work,” Hunt said in the newspaper.

Foreign ministers from various countries, leading journalists, academics and NGOs will be invited to the conference in London.

The Sunday Times published photographs of all 54 media workers who died in 2018, including Russian journalists Kirill Radchenko, Alexander Rastorguev, Orhan Jemal killed in the CAR.

Briefly about the main thing ….

New … “Innovative” …

Individual pension capital (IPC) will replace the state funded pension system in 2020. It is assumed that pension savings will be owned by a person, not by the state, which means that they can be inherited, and they will not remain in state ownership in the event of a person’s death.

The introduction of the IPK is an innovative measure that will improve the efficiency of the Russian pension system, according to the World Bank’s report “Pension systems with automatic connection systems: lessons for developing economies,” Vedomosti reports. Thus, the World Bank approves the next changes in the pension system, which are waiting for the Russians next year.

The IPK system, according to experts, will help to avoid a rapid reduction in the replacement rate of lost earnings for future retirees, while Russia has proposed “innovative” solutions. For example, thanks to a gradual increase in the rate of contributions up to 6%, people will be easier to adapt to the new system. In other countries, such maneuvers were not.

PDVSA transfers bank accounts of its joint ventures to Gazprombank

The state-owned oil company PDVSA transfers bank accounts of joint oil enterprises to the Russian Gazprombank against the background of American sanctions, Reuters reports, citing its sources. According to the agency, the Venezuelan company also requires its foreign business partners to decide whether they will continue to participate in joint ventures in the oil belt of the Orinoco River.

The press service of Gazprombank stressed that the agency information is not true. The bank reports that the Venezuelan company has accounts in many large banks of the world, including Gazprombank. In the Russian bank, accounts were opened several years ago to interact with Russian companies, which are also its clients.

“However, we emphasize that no new accounts were opened and are not planned by the bank for opening,” the release of Gazprombank says.

In Ukraine, complained about the problems with entering Russia

Russian border guards began to unreasonably refuse entry to Ukrainian citizens, said Oleg Slobodyan, assistant to the head of the State Border Service of Ukraine, on the air of the “112” channel.

Abe promised not to leave to descendants the problem of a peace treaty with Russia

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised not to stop negotiations with Russia on a peace treaty and not to leave this problem to future generations.

Unresolved for more than 70 years, the problem should not go to future generations. Determined to put an end to this problem with our hands with President Putin, I want to continue active negotiations on a peace treaty. – Shinzo Abe, Japanese politician

In the “Roscosmos” confirmed the plans of the head of NASA to come to Russia

NASA Administrator Jim Brandenstein plans to arrive in Russia for further negotiations with Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin, but the timing of the visit has not yet been agreed, official representatives of Roscosmos Vladimir Ustimenko told RIA Novosti on Sunday.

British Army soldier gets compensation due to racism

A black soldier of the armed forces of Great Britain, who suffered from racist bullying in the army, received compensation from the Ministry of Defense of the country at 490,000 pounds sterling (634,000 dollars), reports the Daily Mail.

AFP: Colonel of the Army of Venezuela recognized Guaydo as president of the country

Another Venezuelan soldier – Army Colonel Ruben Alberto Paz Jimenez, recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaydo as president of the country. This was reported on Sunday by Agence France-Presse (AFP).

US ambassador urged FRG to increase defense spending because of Russia

US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell called on the German authorities to stop saving on defense, since “Russia is on the threshold.” He stated this in an interview with Welt am Sonntag

More rockets than Russia claims

Russia may have more 9M729 cruise missiles than it claims, the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS) writes, claiming that the Russian army has 64 such missiles. The publication claims that there are missiles not only in the training battalion at the Kapustin Yar testing ground in the Astrakhan Region and in the Kamyshlov of the Sverdlovsk Region, but also in Mozdok (North Ossetia-Alania) and Shuya, Deutsche Welle reports.

“Flying radar” A-100 made the first flight in the course of testing

“During the flight, the flight and navigation characteristics of the base plane, the automatic control system operation were checked, the characteristics of the aeroelastic stability of the airframe were evaluated, and the communication algorithms between the flight crew and the ground control point were tested,” the message said February 9.

It is expected that the newest aircraft will be handed over to Russian troops in 2020-21.

IG terrorists will be withdrawn from the east bank of the Euphrates

The IG terrorists (the group is banned in the Russian Federation) in the coming days will leave the last two districts on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, surrounded by Kurdish troops, in accordance with the agreements reached, reports TASS.

Poland will buy missile systems from the United States

The Polish Defense Ministry has announced plans to purchase the HIMARS salvo rocket system (MLRS) from the US, which is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 300 km. It is noted that, together with installations, Poland will receive means of destruction, as well as a package of logistics and training. The defense ministry called the deal an important element in the implementation of the modernization program for the Polish Armed Forces.

NATO Secretary General called the condition of the failure of the alliance of nuclear weapons

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Alliance is against nuclear weapons, but will not get rid of its arsenals if Russia and China do not.

US missiles can be placed in the Czech Republic

The Czech Ministry of Defense plans to begin negotiations in NATO on the deployment of US missiles in the country, said Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar.

The US Navy intends to limit the actions of Russia in the Black Sea

The Pentagon plans to impose restrictions on the activities of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea water area, said US Navy Chief John Richardson, speaking at a conference at the Atlantic Council, on February 9, reports Business Insider news portal.

More than 50 militants destroyed in Afghanistan

The Afghan army conducted several air operations in different regions of the country against the militants of the radical Taliban movement (prohibited in the Russian Federation). According to The Khaama Press, a total of at least 56 terrorists were killed, most of whom were in the Sangin district of Helmand province (31 people).

“Victory” abandoned the idea to introduce a fee for paper cups

Airline “Victory”, a member of the group “Aeroflot”, abandoned the idea of ​​introducing a fee for paper cups for drinking water. About this TASS reported the representative of the Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor’s Office Ekaterina Korotkova. As the representative of the low-cost airline reported, the company spends at least 1 million rubles a month on cups.

Cadets of the Marine Corps of Peter the Great complained of extortion

Several students of the St. Petersburg Naval Institute told the “Moscow Speaker” correspondent that the squad leaders in the school take money for layoffs, exams, and also “under false pretexts.” According to the cadets, the contract soldiers who came to the university from ships and naval units, and having the rank of sergeants and petty officers, organized a “business” to withdraw money from younger students.

Freshmen and second-year students argue that the fee for the care of dismissal is 1000 rubles, for accepting credits from a foreman – from 2000 rubles, for examinations in military disciplines – from 5000 rubles. The cadets said that many of their comrades were not able to pay for their studies in this way and were forced to write a report on deduction. According to them, the appeal to senior officers and command did not give results.

The motor ship “Prince Vladimir” will begin cruises on the Black Sea from April 28

In the navigation of 2018, the cruise liner made eight flights and carried more than 2.7 thousand passengers, reports TASS. As the Kuban 24 Internet portal wrote, the Prince Vladimir airliner was supposed to reach the Sochi-Crimea line on April 29.

Railways in February, will launch the “Swallow” between Pskov and Veliky Novgorod

Evening trains “Lastochka” No. 811/812 between St. Petersburg and Pskov began to run daily from August 24 with five-car trains in the Premium package.

All schools in Angarsk closed for quarantine due to SARS until February 15

Irkutsk schools were quarantined from January 30 to February 13 due to the incidence of influenza. Also to quarantine, until February 12, schools of the Irkutsk region are closed, and until February 11 – schools in the Taishet area. Pupils of schools in the city of Usolye-Sibirsky February 7 to study after a three-day quarantine.

In the Omsk region, all hospital patients were evacuated due to gas problems

As it became known to “Novy Omsk”, all patients were evacuated from the Znamenskaya Central District Hospital to the Tarskaya Central District Hospital. This happened because of problems with the heating of the medical facility. The regional ministry of health confirmed this information.

Skvortsova called Russia “the most prepared” country for epidemics

Many questioned the words of the minister. An excerpt from an interview with Skvortsova on his Twitter page was published by TV anchor Vladimir Soloviev. “Russia is now the most prepared in the world for any epidemics,” says the head of the Ministry of Health in the frames of the video.

Almost all meat in Russian supermarkets is stuffed

Experts note that about 20% of the weight of chicken sold in supermarkets is water. Experts say that in some samples, the proportion reaches 50%.

Solutions that add extra weight are pumped into the product using injectors. In special drums, the meat is rolled in so that the liquid is evenly distributed. It is almost impossible to fry such meat – it is boiled, stewed, but not fried. Producers in a similar way keep the prices for the goods.

On the “march of maternal rage” were detained

The demonstration against the persecution of women for political reasons, was held in the Alexander Garden, dispersed the riot police, reports ZAKS.Ru. Several men pulled out of the crowd and forwarded them to the paddy wagon. Protesters chanted “The freedom of Anastasia Shevchenko” and “Tell Putin no.” The action was attended by the deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Boris Vishnevsky and Maxim Reznik.

Prince Philip decided to give up his driver’s license after the accident

Philip Duke Edinburgh made the decision to voluntarily surrender his driver’s license after “careful thought” over the accident, which he fell in January. It is reported by NBC with reference to Buckingham Palace.

Famous radio host shot in Mexico

Radio host Jesus Ramos Rodriguez was killed on the morning of February 9 in the municipality of Emiliano Zapata of the Mexican state of Tabasco. This was announced by the portal Exelsior. According to the investigation, Rodriguez had breakfast in one of the cafes with friends when a car pulled up to the building. Three unknown persons came out of it and shot the journalist.

The guards of the Russian shopping center broke the vertebra teenage girl

The guards of one of the shopping centers of Novorossiysk broke the vertebra of a teenage girl and hit her sister in the face. Reports about it “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. The video of the incident was also published in the Instagram account of “Novorossiysk PE”.

Hundreds of thousands of Italians took to the mass protest in Rome

Hundreds of thousands of Italians took part in the manifestation of the largest Italian trade union associations in Rome on Saturday, February 9th. The action took place from the Republic Square to the San Giovanni Square, reports RIA Novosti. Protesters protest against the policies of the current government and demand reforms that promote economic growth.

“Our goal is to unite trade unions in Europe in the name of a society based on man and labor,” said the head of the General Italian Confederation of Labor (Cgil) Maurizio Landini in his speech.

Demonstrators criticized including new pension reform, as well as the introduction of civilian income for the unemployed and the poor. In their opinion, such innovations do not contribute to the real development of the economy, hinder the fight against unemployment and poverty.

In Kuban, the case of a military judge who shot down a young athlete died out

The mother of a young athlete injured in a traffic accident with a Krasnodar military judge, said that the high-profile case had in fact stalled. According to Marina Zvereva, the alleged perpetrator of the accident did not pay any compensation and continues to “live in his pleasure.”

Every sixth Novgorodian evades paying taxes

The head of the Federal bailiff service for the Novgorod region, Tatyana Bezizvestny, added that if we take taxpayers for all types of taxes into account, every sixth Novgorodian evades from paying.

Reached the first breakthrough in negotiations on the export of meat to Turkey

Russian meat products will be allowed on the Turkish market, Russian Ambassador to Turkey Alexei Yerkhov said, February 10 TASS reports. According to the ambassador, meat products will be delivered without duties, but in accordance with the allocated quotas.

KAMAZ resumed accepting applications for the state program “Preferential leasing”

The state program “Preferential Leasing”, first adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation in 2015, provides for subsidizing an advance payment in the amount of 10% of the cost of automotive equipment

Petersburgers did not receive wages by almost 130 million rubles.

On Sunday, February 10, it became known that, according to Petrostat, as of January 1, 2019, wage arrears in St. Petersburg amounted to 129.1 million rubles. The largest amount of debt from transport companies is 48.3 million rubles.

Rosneft supplies oil products to PDVSA in exchange for oil

Rosneft agreed to provide the Venezuelan state oil and gas company Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) “life-saving oil products” in exchange for oil. This decision was made after the introduction of the American leader Donald Trump sanctions against the oil industry of Venezuela.

Singer Mahmoud became the winner of the Italian competition “San Remo”

At the 69th Italian Sanremo music contest, singer Mahmud won with the song “Money” (Soldi). In the finals, the singer managed to bypass the favorites of the voting artist Ultimo and the pop opera trio Il Volo.

An exhibition of Emil Kapeliush opened in Pskov

The All-Russian Pushkin Theater Festival began in Pskov. The first event was the opening of the Free Elements exhibition by the famous Petersburg theater artist Emil Kapelyush, the winner of the Golden Mask, Golden Sophit awards (he designed about 300 performances!).

Russian Museum will study the hidden images of paintings by Petrov-Vodkin

Pictures of Petrov-Vodkin are additionally investigated by employees of the technological research department of the Russian Museum. It is assumed that under the paintings are hidden earlier works of the artist.

Warner will remove the Aquaman spin-off called Trench

Scriptwriters Warner Bros. came up with a spin-off comic book series “Aquaman” called “Hollow”. It is assumed that this work will be filmed a new film.

Turkish opera “Troy” will open the year of culture and tourism in Russia and Turkey

The Cross Year of Culture and Tourism of Russia and Turkey, will be solemnly opened at the Bolshoi Theater with a gala performance of Troy, said Russian Ambassador in Ankara Alexei Yerkhov. The event will be held on April 8 in Moscow. It is expected to presidents of both countries.

Dresden Opera Ball will be held in St. Petersburg for the first time on August 31

The Dresden Opera Ball – one of the main secular musical events in Europe – will be held for the first time in St. Petersburg this year.

James Cameron announced the name of the new “Terminator”

Entertainment creator of the famous fantasy franchise announced that the picture is called “Terminator: A Dark Destiny.”

Exhibition of Lithographs of Salvador Dali in Tula

In Tula, the exposition of lithographs by Spanish artist Salvador Dali to the “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri finishes

Monster Hunter release date announced with Milla Jovovich and Tony Jah

Sony Pictures have set a date for the premiere of the fantasy action movie “Monster Hunter” – the film version of the Monster Hunter series of games with Milla Jovovich will play a wide role on September 4, 2020. The director and screenwriter of the blockbuster was the spouse of Jovovich Paul US Anderson.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play in the Kingsman prequel

Director Matthew Vaughn continues to collect the cast for the Kingsman: The Big Game film comics, a prequel to the spy franchise, which will unfold during the First World War.

Opening of the program of the Centenary Year of Daniel Granin

The music of Prokofiev and Beethoven, favorite composers of the writer Daniil Granin, sounded at a concert in honor of his century, which was held in the Great Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society.

The concert officially opened the program of the Year of the Century of Granin. Memorial plaque to the honorary citizen of St. Petersburg, writer Daniel Granin was opened on the house in Malaya Posadskaya, where the writer lived more than 60 years.

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