30 Jul, 2018

Putin called for an alternative to the dollar

The position of the dollar as a universal reserve currency “becomes a problem” for the world economy, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference after the BRICS summit in South Africa.

According to him, in the Kremlin “perfectly aware of what the dollar represents today.” “This is a universal reserve currency, more or less the euro can claim, but not in full,” Putin said.

It is this status of the dollar, which does not have a full-fledged alternative, and is a problem, the president emphasized.

Russia, he said, “does not renounce the dollar”, but “it is necessary to expand the possibilities of world finance and create new reserve currencies.”

Recall, in May, Putin called for “tearing” the Russian economy from the dollar to strengthen “economic sovereignty,” and earlier condemned the “monopoly dollar position,” which allows the US to “parasitize” the world economy and “live beyond its means.”

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The organizers of the rally against the pension reform reported on the detention

July 28, also on the prospectus of Academician Sakharov passed a concerted protest action against pension reform, organized by the Communist Party.

As RBC told the Libertarian Party, after the action on the prospectus of Academician Sakharov, its leader Sergei Boyko, Sota Vision journalist Ivan Egorov, coordinator of the Moscow headquarters of opposition leader Aleksei Navalny Oleg Stepanov and the leading rally Mikhail Chichikov were detained. The detainees were taken to the Krasnoselskoe police station.

“We [were detained] under part 1 of Art. 20.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (violation by the organizer of a public event of the established procedure for organizing or holding a meeting, rally, demonstration, procession or picketing – RBC), “Boyko said, referring to himself and Chichikov. According to him, Yegorov and Stepanov were detained under part 2 of the same article.

By 20:15 all the detainees were released, RBC later told Oleg Stepanov.

Soviet experience in civilian universities

Students expelled from the military departments of civilian universities will not be given the opportunity to recover, and they will have to go to the army on conscription. This is stated in the new order of training students, developed by the Ministry of Defense.

In British schools, the number of students from Russia decreased

In private schools in Britain over the past three years, the number of Russian students studying has significantly decreased, the Telegraph reports referring to a study conducted by the British Council of Independent Schools, which represents 1,300 private British schools.

According to the data obtained in the course of the research, in 2015 the number of students in British private schools of Russian citizens was almost 2.8 thousand people, but by April 2018 it had decreased three times and reached about 1,7 thousand people.

Three sisters killed a tyrant in Moscow

Three sisters 17, 18 and 19 years were detained for killing his father. They confessed to the deed and called the motive of the crime “long-standing hostile attitudes”. This is reported on the site of the main investigative department of the Artsakh for Moscow

Wife of priest called torture a service in the Kremlin

Priests, who took part in the divine service in honor of the 1030th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus on Cathedral Square in the Kremlin, fainted from the heat. Many of them were not allowed to receive communion and did not feed after the event.

Russians spent four hours in line for cheap pizza

Buyers began to line up at the door of the restaurant at about 8:00 local time. In comments to posts in the group “Dodo Pizza Volgograd” in “VKontakte” users noted that they stood in line for about four hours. By 16:00 it was sold more than two thousand boxes of pizza.

Police raided the case of fraud in the film studio “Chechenfilm”

The case against the Chechenfilm film studio was initiated in late May 2018. In early July, law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case against Kinokompaniya KIT LLC, which did not return a subsidy of more than 7 million rubles to the Cinema Foundation.

The lawyer specified the details of the case of the accused in the state treason of the scientist Temirev

The lawyer stressed that the scientist was charged with the transfer of data about the equipment that he created in the design office together with his post-graduate student from Vietnam. In the same country, according to investigators, Temirev forwarded secret information.

Yekaterinburg residents owe almost 100 million rubles for gas

The debt of residents of Yekaterinburg for gas supplies and maintenance of equipment is 97.6 million rubles. This was reported to the correspondent of the REGNUM news agency in the press service of the JSC “Ekaterinburggaz”.

Britons will be provided with products for the case of “hard” Brexit

The UK government has developed a plan to distribute food, medicine and fuel among the population in case the country leaves the European Union without an agreement on further cooperation.


A drunk man from the window opened fire at policemen in Irkutsk

In Irkutsk, a drunken man from the window of the apartment opened fire on policemen, “Interfax” reports.

The death toll in the fire in Sochi increased to eight people

Eight people were killed in the fire of a private apartment building in Sochi. Tass was informed about this in emergency services. “In the course of extinguishing a fire in an apartment building, finding the body of the eighth dead,” said the source

Due to heavy rains in the Chelyabinsk region, Miass flooded

The city of Miass in the Chelyabinsk region flooded because of the heavy rains that took place on July 29. As the website of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” informs, roads and sidewalks were flooded, traffic of cars is complicated. The most difficult for pedestrians, who were forced to move literally to the waist in the water.

Rescuers found 23 more dead after the descent of a landslide in Myanmar

The death toll at the descent of a landslide in a jade mine in Myanmar increased to 23 people, another four are missing.

More than 500 people are blocked on Mount Rinjani in Indonesia

More than 500 mountaineers and tourists are blocked on Mount Rinjani in Indonesia after the earthquake.

On the French beach found a bomb during the war

In the French city of Torrey because of the bomb of the Second World War, the beach was closed. This is reported by Le Independant. According to the publication, the bomb was found near the bathing area.

In Kamchatka, the volcano Karymsky threw a column of ash at a height of 2 km

Volcano Karymsky in Kamchatka threw a column of ash at an altitude of 2 km above sea level. This was reported in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the region.

In the Novosibirsk region, two focuses of measles

In the Central and Kalininsky areas of Novosibirsk new foci of measles are revealed. This was stated by the Minister of Health of the region Oleg Ivaninsky on Monday, July 30. “At present, there are 27 people in hospitals – 23 children and four adults,” Interfax quotes him.

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory for six months, animals bitten more than 3 thousand people

According to the information of the regional Rospotrebnadzor, 36 people were injured from biting wild animals, 3 090 from domestic animals. Also 10 bites were recorded by animals from the inhabitants of the region on vacation abroad.

Emergency mode in the Amur region was removed after the normalization of the flood situation

The regime of the emergency situation in the Amur Region since July 20 has been lifted. According to the press service of the regional government, the flood situation in the Amur region is normalized.

In Italy, the city was evacuated because of a 250 kilogram bomb of the war

In Italy, the city was evacuated because of a 250 kilogram bomb of the war. An unexploded bomb was found on a construction site. July 29 in the Italian city of Tenri at a construction site near the railway station was found an American bomb from the Second World War.

Because of the incident with the passenger at the airport in Munich canceled 330 flights

July 28, one of the passengers made their way to the airport security zone without proper control. Because of this incident, we had to close and search two departure halls in the air harbor.

As a result, the work of Terminal 2 stopped for seven hours, which was the reason for the failure in the schedule, cancellation and delay of flights

The metro station “Pionerskaya” was checked 50 minutes

Earlier it became known that the metro station “Pionerskaya” was closed because of the discovered orphaned object. Passengers were asked to leave the metro and use land transport.

The level of Cupid in Khabarovsk reached a mark of 396 centimeters

The water level on the Amur River near Khabarovsk continues to increase daily. Over the past day, he climbed to 17 centimeters and was 3.96 meters, according to the “Open City”.


The government extended the program of preferential car loans in Russia

The Russian government has extended the program of preferential car loans. The relevant resolution is published on the website of the Cabinet. “The program of preferential car loans has been extended for 2018-2020,” the document says.

The Darasun mine suspends operations due to financial problems

The head of the Darasunsky mine in Transbaikalia, Evgeny Rogalev, said that the enterprise has suspended work for two months since August 1 because of financial problems.

Airlines warned of rising ticket prices due to higher VAT

The Russian Association of Air Transport Operators (AEVT) estimated that an increase in VAT on domestic routes during flights through Moscow from the current 10% to 20% will lead to a rise in the price of tickets in all directions to 10%, the Kommersant newspaper writes.

The number of black creditors doubled in a year

In January-June, the regulator initiated the blocking of 1104 sites, of which 182 are sites of pseudo-banks. According to 208 illegal illegal forex dealers, the regulator sent materials to the law enforcement agencies, Lyakh said. Since early 2018, the regulator has identified 82 organizations with signs of a financial pyramid

Interest in buying apartments in the Crimea for the year fell by 27%

The average number of requests for one ad in the Crimea is 128% higher than in the Kuban, analysts calculated Avito. Low demand for the purchase of apartments in the Crimea is associated with a fall in investor interest after the excitement of 2014, says realtor of the company “Rich-Real Estate” Oleg Bendrikov.

Prices for river cruises in Russia will grow by at least a quarter

In the current season, river cruise companies, despite the most painful rise in fuel costs in May, refused to increase prices, calling such a step “industry suicide,” the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) reports with reference to representatives of large companies.

Prices for pork have peaked in the last two years

Anna Kudryakova, an expert on the meat market of the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies, specifically for Rossiyskaya Gazeta: – Wholesale prices for pork in a piece have increased by 20 percent since March this year, and growth continues in July.

Reduction of charter flights from Russia abroad by 10-20%

The number of charter flights from Russia to foreign resorts in August will be reduced by 10-20%. This is written by Kommersant, referring to the adviser for transport of the head of Rosturizm Dmitry Gorin. The rush demand at the early booking stage did not cause a surge in sales in the summer season.

In Russia in the first half of the year, lending to citizens increased 1.5 times

In Russia, for the first half of the year, the volume of loans to citizens increased by 1.5 times and exceeded the mark of 3.67 trillion rubles. New loans were issued in the amount of 18.34 million rubles (+ 18%). Statistics provided by the United Credit Bureau.

The debts of Russians to banks have grown

The total judicial debt of Russians by June 1 increased by 400 billion rubles compared to the first quarter of 2018. Now it is 4.4 trillion rubles. The volume of debt to banks has declined, and in the sphere of housing and communal services has increased.

North Ossetia has accumulated billions of debts for gas

In the republic of North Ossetia-Alania, the problem of non-payments for gas remains acute. Referring to the data of PJSC Gazprom, the official portal of the republic reports that currently the total debt of North Ossetia for consumed gas is 2.9 billion rubles.

The profit of Chevron grew by 1.7 times

In the first half of 2018, the net profit of the US oil and gas company Chevron increased by 1.7 times in annual terms and amounted to 7.047 billion dollars. Yield per share was $ 3.68, compared to $ 2.18 last year.

Russia intends to resume purchases of Turkmen gas

Russia may resume talks in autumn with Turkmenistan on the purchase of its gas, Deputy Energy Minister Anatoly Yanovsky said, RIA Novosti reports. “I think that the talks can take place in the fall,” Yanovski told journalists on the sidelines of the meeting of the Eurasian intergovernmental council.

BP acquired shale assets in the US at $ 10.5 billion

British oil and gas company BP acquires shale assets in the regions of Permian, Eagle Ford and Haynesville from the Anglo-Australian BHP.

In Russia, the population began to build more housing than the developers

In the first half of 2018 in Russia commissioned 29.3 million square meters. meters of housing. This is almost 4% more than in January-June 2017


Foreign Minister of Britain announced his intention to strengthen relations with China

Britain seeks to strengthen its partnership with China. This was stated by Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt on the eve of a visit to Beijing.

As Britain leaves the EU and becomes more open to the world, we are committed to deepening this very important partnership in the 21st century. – Jeremy Hunt, British politician

In the Latvian Seim, it was proposed to divide Russia into several parts

The deputy of a diet of Latvia Alexander Kirshtejns believes, that Russia should be divided into some parts on ethnic structure. “Only when Russia breaks up into small countries by ethnic composition, military conflicts will end, and in Europe peace will be established for many years,” he wrote on Twitter.

The OSCE delegation called the terms of the visit to Crimea

Experts from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the OSCE are going to visit the Crimea. They said that they would enter the peninsula from the territory of Ukraine and with the consent of its authorities.

Also, OSCE representatives want to receive a preliminary invitation from Kiev. They need the assistance of the Crimean authorities so that they can enter from the Ukrainian territory. The delegation will assess the situation with human rights in the Crimea, “Izvestia”

Erdogan asked to take Turkey to BRICS

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on the BRICS countries to allow Turkey to join the organization. He stated this during a press conference at the group’s summit held in South Africa.

“We are entering the G20 with these five countries, I would like them to take the necessary steps to accept us, and we took our place in the BRICS,” the Turkish president stressed.

To date, BRICS has five countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

New York Times publisher urges Trump to stop media attacks

New York Times newspaper publisher Arthur Sulzberger warned US President Donald Trump that his criticism and attacks against the media could lead to unrest, writes The Hill on Sunday.

Erdogan said that it is impossible to abandon Iranian gas

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his country does not intend to support the US sanctions against Iran, as well as to refuse Iranian gas.

Donald Trump wants to stop the work of the government

The fight against illegal immigration regularly raises controversy between Trump and the Democrats. Reflections by US President Donald Trump on how to protect America from illegal migration ended with the threat of “stopping” the work of the US government.

It is necessary to get rid of the lottery, capture and release, and the like, and finally, to move to a system of immigration based on merit! We need great people to come to our country. – Donald Trump, 45th US President

Zimbabwe will hold presidential elections without the participation of Robert Mugabe

In Zimbabwe on Monday, they elect a new president and parliament. For the first time in the history of the country, its former leader Robert Mugabe does not participate in the elections. On the eve of the vote, he expressed support for the opposition leader, not for the current president.

Serbian President awaits Putin’s visit

Serbian President Alexander Vučić said he expects Russian leader Vladimir Putin to visit the country in November this year.

President of Croatia: the country is waiting for Putin with a visit

The visit of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Croatia could benefit the South-Eastern Europe region. Zagreb is very much awaited for the Russian leader, said Croatian President Colinda Grabar-Kitarovich in an interview with Kommersant, published on Sunday night on the website of the publication.

The forthcoming elections to the Congress will be the most costly in the history of the United States

The upcoming elections to the US Congress will be the most costly in US history. Democrats and Republicans have already spent $ 170 million on television advertising for their candidates for the Senate. This applies to those states where the fight promises to be especially acute, Tass writes.

Trump’s advisor called conditions for the abolition of duties on steel and aluminum

Adviser to US President Donald Trump on economics Larry Kudloy said that the States can lift duties on steel from Europe if negotiations on trade with the European Union are successful.


Japan will turn off air defense systems due to the reduction of the missile threat of the DPRK

The Ministry of Defense of Japan decided to roll out the Patriot PAC-3 air defense systems in the south-west of the country in connection with the stabilization of the situation on the Korean peninsula. This was reported by the TASS agency on July 30.

Militants in Syria surrendered tanks, howitzers and anti-aircraft installations

“Three tanks, two howitzers, five antiaircraft guns, one large-caliber machine gun and three pick-up trucks, as well as a large number of ammunition of various types and calibers, were delivered in a day,” the military said.

In Russia, the production of new superheavy aircraft will begin

In the state program of armaments, calculated before 2027, the development of a new super-heavy aircraft for the replacement of An-124 Ruslan was introduced. This was told by Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

Russia will offer for export ships with rockets “Caliber”

Russia will offer for export multipurpose rocket and artillery ships project 22800, equipped with cruise missiles “Caliber”. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

Vice Prime Minister Borisov complained about the high cost of the tanks “Armata”

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation do not aspire to purchase the tanks of “Armata” in large quantities because of their high cost, preferring to increase the combat potential of existing military equipment due to its modernization, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov told journalists.

Israel intercepted a ship with humanitarian aid for the Gaza Strip

The Israeli armed forces intercepted a transport ship that was trying to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, Al Jazeera reported on July 30. It had to board a ship with 23 people on board at the port of the besieged Gaza Strip, instead it was redirected to the Israeli port of Ashdod.

The general who was liberating Palmira was appointed to supervise the “Unarmia”

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu appointed Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov, under whose command Palmira was released, as his deputy for political and educational work. This is reported by RBC with reference to a source in the military department.

It is specified that the official announcement of the appointment will be announced on July 30. In particular, the general will oversee “Unarmia” and issues of patriotic education in the country.


Vera Brezhnev has struck the guests of the festival “Zhara” with an open neckline

Vera Brezhneva struck the guests of the festival “Heat” with an open neckline On the red carpet the singer chained to herself the views of most men. On July 29 the closing of the grandiose music festival “Heat” was held.

Olga Buzova helped the fan make an offer to her beloved

To make favorite an unusual offer the young man has solved spontaneously when enamored have arrived on festival to Petersburg. The fact is that Julia is a fan of the creativity of Olga Buzova, so the groom did not have doubts. By the way, the fans are sure that Buzova herself has already gained her happiness

Father Megan Markle spoke about his relationship with his daughter

The duchess’s father claims that it was he who made Mark what she is now, and without it she would be nothing. Recall, the parents of Megan Markle divorced when she was six years old. All this time the father financially helped his daughter and showed her attention and care

Kanye West wanted to commit suicide

The popular American rapper Kanye West admitted in a recent interview that several times in his life he thought about committing suicide. The artist managed to defeat the negative thoughts that haunted him for a long time.

Finalist “Bach” for the first time became a mother

Irina Volodchenko fought for the heart of football player Evgeny Levchenko, but now she is married and even gave birth to a child.

Christina Orbakaite will soon become a grandmother

Users of social networks expressed their confidence that Christina Orbakaite will soon become a grandmother. These rumors appeared after the wife of Nikita Presnyakova began to wear loose clothes, changing her wardrobe.

Vera Alentova looks the same age as her 49-year-old daughter

Vera Alentova looks like the age of 49-year-old daughter Marking the birthday of Men’shov surprised fans with family photos. Actress and TV presenter Julia Menshova celebrated her 49th birthday.

“Buzova, call fake subscribers for help”

Rustam Solntsev commented on the rapid demolition of the film set “DOMA-2”. He is sure that Olga Buzova, Xenia Borodina and other leading shows are obliged by any means to prevent this event. For 14 years the heroes of “DOMA-2” do not leave the TV screens.

Maria Zakharova told about her song for Katya Lel

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, co-wrote the lyrics of the singer Katya Lel. The composition, in the creation of which the diplomat took part, is called “Full”. The story of her appearance Zakharova told in her Facebook.

She talked about her life, feelings, feelings. It seems that for her came the moment of truth, when you need to speak out to a stranger, look at yourself from the outside with his eyes and start living if not anew, then turning over the page read. – Maria Zakharova, Russian diplomat

Tyumen will show their talents in the contest “Udivi”

Tyumentsev is invited to take part in the contest “Udivi”. The project is aimed at developing the creative abilities of the residents of the regional capital, opening up new talents and giving them the opportunity to perform at a real concert venue. The contest is scheduled for August 8, according to “My Portal”

Brad Pitt starred in “Deadpool” for a cup of coffee

American actor Brad Pitt received as a fee for shooting in “Deadpool” a cup of coffee. This was told by the main actor in the film Ryan Reynolds in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Reynolds said that Brad only asked for coffee.

AMC extended the series “Better call Sol” and “Be afraid of walking dead”

AMC has extended the series “Better call Sol” and “Fear the Walking Dead” for the fifth seasons, and also announced the order for the production of the new season of the joint with the BBC TV series “McMafia”.

“People in black” without Will Smith

The first photo from the filming of the unnamed continuation of the fantastic series “Men in Black” appeared on the web. It was published on Twitter by the news editor of the site Geeks WorldWide, specializing in comics, games and films.

The Union of Cinematographers of Russia supports young people from the regions

On Sunday, July 29, in the framework of the short film festival in Arkhangelsk “KenoVіsіоп”, the executive director of the Youth Center of the Union of Russian Cinematographers, Dmitry Yakunin, will pitch * for young cinematographers from the regions.

The sister of the murdered actress blessed the Tarantino film about the Manson sect

According to the TMZ portal, in spite of the fact that the coming work of Quentin Tarantino “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” does not pretend to be documentary, but is an artistic fiction, do not forget that the key events of the film will in one way or another affect real events, in particular, the brutal murder pregnant actress and wife of the director Roman Polanski Sharon Tate and their friends.

Writers of the series “The Lord of the Rings” became famous

Recall, the series on the cult books of Tolkien will become one of the most expensive in the history of cinematography. Total costs for its production are estimated at a billion dollars. According to the media, the whole series will be five seasons.

Yurt cinema opens in Kyrgyzstan

In the tract Kyrchyn (Issyk-Kul region) will host the first international film forum “Mongu”, the press service of the directorate of the event.

The films will be shown in the framework of the III World Nomadic Games. On the site of the event will be installed a cinema and a projector, and the scene on the site in the tract will serve as a large screen. The program of the forum also includes seminars, master classes with the participation of international and national cinematographers.

The surgeon knocked out Dorenko in the Kremlin and told what for

Biker said that after insults to the motor club, Dorenko personally rang and warned: he would not specifically look for him, but at a meeting he would give it in the mouth. Such a meeting occurred in 2014 at one of the events in the Kremlin. The witnesses of the incident confirmed a short knockout in the lobby of the Kremlin

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