21 Май, 2021

Putin instructed to provide education for migrants

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government and governors to teach migrant children in Russian schools:

1.determine the approach to the ratio of the number of Russians and foreigners in school classes and groups of kindergartens — it should be optimal for the successful adaptation of foreigners and learning efficiency

2. Ensure registration of migrant children living in Russia and ensure their right to education in kindergarten and school

3.Create a system for identifying the special educational needs of migrant children, additional language training and helping them in learning and adaptation


From July 1, Russia will introduce a 10% duty on the export of a number of roughly processed timber by the end of the year. The duty is designed to restrict the export of untreated and roughly processed wood under the guise of sawn timber from Russia and restrain the rise in prices for it. The government said it is also working on broader restrictions on the export of timber.


A monument to Academician Sakharov will be erected in Moscow (today is 100 years from the date of his birth) — the issue has been resolved, the head of the presidential HRC told RIA Novosti


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus intends to include the white-red-white flag popular with the opposition in the list of banned Nazi symbols, since it was used by collaborators during the Great Patriotic War.

The BCHB flag can still be used in films, theatrical performances, archival and museum work, but attempts to walk down the street with it «will be very harshly suppressed,» the Interior Ministry said.


In Russia, QR codes may appear in diplomas of education and qualifications so that employers have access to the graduate’s portfolio. We are talking, in particular, about achievements in professional sports, including the status of a prize-winner of the Olympic Games, World Championships, Europe, TRP insignia, diplomas with honors on existing education, volunteering, participation in school Olympiads.


Olga Pokidysheva, deputy head of the pharmaceutical industry development department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Olga Kolotilova, the former head of this department, are accused of embezzling almost 500 million rubles in fictitious purchases of medicines. This is the third case against employees of the department in the last two months.


The European Commission fined banks UBS, UniCredit and Nomura € 371 million for cartel collusion in the primary and secondary markets of European government bonds. The EU authorities have convicted seven investment banks of collusion. In addition to those already listed, these are Bank of America, Natixis, RBS (now NatWest) and WestLB (Portigon).

According to the EC, in the period from 2007 to 2011, traders of these banks, using chats on Bloomberg terminals, exchanged commercial confidential information, discussing their trading strategies ahead of government bond auctions.