25 Oct, 2018

Putin promised to answer

Vladimir Putin said that Moscow would have to respond mirror if new American missiles were delivered to Europe. So the head of state commented on the possible withdrawal of the United States from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF).

If they are delivered to Europe, then, naturally, we will have to respond mirror. European countries that agree with this, if it comes to that, will have to understand that they are putting their own territory at risk of a possible retaliatory strike. These are obvious things. – Vladimir Putin

Briefly about the main thing ….


Prestigious and Profitable

More than a quarter of Russians (26%) consider the medical profession to be the most prestigious today, according to a survey by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM), the data of which are available to RIA Novosti. In addition, 16% of Russians considered the teaching profession to be the most prestigious at the moment, and 14% considered the legal profession.

To the question: “Which professions do you consider to be the most profitable at the moment?”

15% of respondents named the profession of lawyer, lawyer and prosecutor

Thirteen percent of Russians consider the most profitable professions related to politics, moreover, the profession of a doctor and an oil industry worker is recognized as highly paid (12% each).

Topilin announced an unprecedented growth rate of wages in Russia

Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Russia Maxim Topilin said that wages in the country are increasing at an unprecedented pace, reports RIA Novosti.

If you paid attention, according to statistics, this year salaries grow both in real and in nominal terms at unprecedented rates: the wages increased by almost 11%. – Maxim Topilin

Matvienko criticized the work of Topilin

The speaker of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, criticized the Minister of Labor for Social Protection, Maxim Topilin, during the government hour, Kommersant writes. The meeting was dedicated to the implementation of the state program on social support.

Maxim Anatolyevich, the constant attention of citizens, civil society institutions and the Council of the Federation, as chambers of regions, will be attracted to this topic. I promise you that. Easy life you will not have. – Valentina Matvienko, Russian politician

Siluanov promised to increase pensions in 2019 by more than 6%

“In subsequent years, inflation is projected at 4%, pensions will grow at a rate higher than 6%,” the Rossiyskaya Gazeta quotes the minister. He stressed that by 2020, the nominal pensions of Russians will be at least 20 thousand rubles.

Next year, inflation will be 4.3 percent, pensions will increase by 7 percent. In subsequent years, inflation is projected at 4 percent, pensions will grow at rates above 6 percent. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

Pharmacy business asked Roskomnadzor to block Ozon.ru

The Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations (SPFO), which includes Rigla, Erkafarm and Neofarm, asked Roskomnadzor to check the site Ozon.ru. About this reports “Kommersant” with reference to the appeal of the organization, sent on October 19.

Playboy model is exposed in Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Belgian supermodel Marisa Papen arranged a provocative photo shoot at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. The girl became bare in the walls of the symbol of the “golden age” of Byzantium. The picture was taken in the door of the temple. Papen stands with his head covered and shoulders, but everything below the belt is presented for everyone to see.

The first model and the photographer were not considered the most successful and decided to repeat the photo session the next day. A couple came to the Cathedral to make a better shot. After that, the museum staff called the police. The guards came to the room Papen and Walker, but the model and the photographer managed to leave the Turkish capital, reports Channel Five.

Ministry of Culture obliges cinemas to equip halls for people with disabilities

At least one room in the cinema should be equipped with devices for showing films to people with visual or hearing impairments. Order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation entered into force.

The government will accept a list of permissible gifts for officials

The list will be included in the law “On Combating Corruption”. Valid are gifts in connection with protocol and other official events – but only in the form of “printed products with the logo of a state body, local government, organization”

“Two” in physical education due to the fact that he did not watch “Moving up”

A teacher of a Ekaterinburg school teacher put a “two” for not watching the Russian sports drama “Movement Up” according to his instructions.

“The school director took this situation under control, the issue was resolved with the schoolchildren’s parents, they also talked with the teacher – the mark was not exhibited in the journal,” Ekaterina Katykhina, a representative of the education department of the city administration, told RG.

The government will accept a list of permissible gifts for officials

The list will be included in the law “On Combating Corruption”. Admitted are gifts in connection with protocol and other official events – but only in the form of “printing products with the logo of a state body, local government, organization”.

Teacher in the Urals was sentenced to a suspended sentence for cruelty to children

Sessions were regularly postponed due to the health of the teacher. As a result, the woman was sentenced to imprisonment for two years. She is also deprived of the right to engage in teaching activities for two years.

In the hotels of Cuba will Wi-Fi in the rooms

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Kanel stressed that the program to expand Wi-Fi coverage in hotels in the country will be implemented as soon as possible, and new facilities should be built with these requirements in mind.

The Russian government has expanded the list of special products for disabled children.

In Russia, the list of foodstuffs for therapeutic nutrition of disabled children with rare diseases has been expanded. The corresponding decree was signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

In Sochi, detained the deputy mayor, the chief architect and the head of “Vodokanal”

Zammer of Sochi, Ivan Bomberger, chief architect Vladimir Malov and the head of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal, Sergei Vinarsky, were detained, a law enforcement source told TASS on Wednesday. Earlier it was reported that investigative actions are taking place in the Sochi City Hall.

Ministry of Transport proposed to link the fare with the time of day

In the subway, buses and other public transport may appear dynamic rates at which the fare will be cheaper during the day and more expensive during peak hours. This proposal was put forward by the Ministry of Transport, told Izvestia in the department itself. Specific parameters of tariff changes are not yet defined.

Taxi aggregators may be prohibited to regulate tariffs

Moscow authorities want to transfer this right to taxi companies The Moscow Department of Transport has developed amendments to the draft new law on taxis, according to which the aggregators will not be allowed to regulate fares for passengers

Moscow will completely switch to electric transport by 2030

From 2021, Moscow will only buy electric buses for urban transportation, it is planned to fully switch to electric transport by 2030, Maxim Liksutov, head of the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development, told reporters and participants of Busworld Russia 2018.

The church wants to see the names of the saints among the options for the names of airports

According to the head of the press service of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Alexander Volkov, it would be correct if such persons as Alexander Nevsky, Dmitry Donskoy and Sergiy Radonezhsky were on the list. He said this in an interview with the radio station “Moscow Speaking”.

Russia will have a resource with data on the quality of food

A site will appear in Russia that will objectively tell about the quality of food, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said.

Ecologists are surprised by the landscaping of a farm surrounded by dense forest

In St. Petersburg, the Committee of the State Environmental Inspection of the Leningrad Region established that Stroygazconsulting LLC delivered a contractor for the construction of a compressor station (CS) Pikalevskaya (Nord Stream-2) to the territory of a peasant farm (KFH) in the village of Zakhozhi 6500 cubic meters sand, clay and peat for landscaping livestock farms. Environmentalists are surprised by the plans of KFH, whose lands are already surrounded by dense forest

In Australia, a 102-year-old man was accused of sexual harassment

In a nursing home in a suburb of the Australian city of Sydney, a 102-year-old man was arrested on sexual assault charges against a 94-year-old woman.

Curator of patriotic education was detained in Moscow

Investigators of the Main Investigation Department of the TFR in Moscow have detained the director of the Moscow City-Democratic Center for Patriotic Religion and School-Aid Andrei Shashkov. This was reported by sources of “Izvestia” in the right-guard agencies.


The discrepancy between the national projects and the budget

Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the concern of the head of the Accounts Chamber, Alexei Kudrin, in connection with the fact that the passports of the national projects differ from the funding allocated to the three-year budget.

“The deviation from the passports of the programs for the next three years is 1 trillion rubles. At the same time, in some areas it is quite significant from the volume. That is, this means that this trillion rubles will probably have to be co-financed, but in the second three-year period, after this budget finishes, ”said the head of the Accounts Chamber at a meeting of the presidential council on economic modernization and priority national projects. “This means that the launch of a number of projects for the next three years will slow down or be postponed to a later date,” he added.

Passenger transportation by land under the state contract will be exempt from VAT

In Russia, services for the transportation of passengers by road and city ground transport at regulated tariffs on the basis of a state or municipal contract will be exempted from paying VAT. The corresponding amendments on October 24 approved the Council of Federation.

Sberbank will not be a shareholder of a regional airline

The initiative of Sberbank and VTB to create a new regional airline is to help “weak regional companies” to consolidate, said Sberbank’s first deputy chairman of the board, Lev Khasis, RBC reports.

Sberbank does not imply joint participation in such an airline, and our participation will be limited to consulting assistance and assistance in securing such a company, if it is established, with a fleet of aircraft on leasing terms. – Lev Khasis, Russian entrepreneur

Italian Eni withdraws from Rosneft project on the Black Sea shelf

The Italian company Eni has withdrawn from a joint project with Rosneft on the Black Sea shelf. According to an employee of the Russian government apparatus, quoted by RIA Novosti, the company’s participation in projects on the shelf in the Barents Sea is also questionable.

Imports without the knowledge of brand owners

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has prepared amendments to the Civil Code, which legalize imports to Russia without the permission of trademark owners, reported Vedomosti

The Central Bank of Russia proposes to limit the rates on loans and borrowings

The Central Bank proposes to limit the rates on loans and borrowings to 1% per day. RBC writes about this with reference to the amendments prepared by the regulator to the laws “On Consumer Credit (Loan)” and “On Microfinance Activity and Microfinance Organizations”

Oil production in Russia may drop by 40% by 2035

The depletion of fields in Western Siberia threatens Russia with a reduction in oil production to 410–420 million tons per year by 2035. This was stated by the head of JSC “Rosgeologia” Roman Panov at the forum “Geological exploration-2018.” He noted that the risks of reducing oil production were recently discussed at a meeting in the government.

Lukoil announced the discovery of oil reserves on the shelf of Cameroon

A consortium with the participation of Lukoil received oil flows during drilling at the Etinde section located on the Cameroon shelf, said Ilya Mandrik, exploration and development vice-president for exploration and development, on the sidelines of the Geological Survey 2018 forum.

Deutsche Bank for the first 9 months reduced its net profit 2.2 times

Net profit of the largest German bank Deutsche Bank for the first nine months of 2018 was 750 million euros, which is 2.2 times lower than a year ago, the company said in its financial statements. Diluted net income per share was EUR 0.19 versus EUR 0.69 a year earlier.

Chinese Sinopec and CNPC stopped buying Iranian oil because of US sanctions

Chinese state oil and gas corporations Sinopec and CNPC have not placed orders for the supply of oil from Iran in November due to concerns about US sanctions against this country, which should come into force early next month, reports Reuters, citing sources.

Naftogaz has collected $ 18 million from Gazprom

NAK Naftogaz of Ukraine charged $ 18 million of Gazprom overpayment for transit on account of debt by decision of the Stockholm arbitration, said Yuri Vitrenko, commercial director of the company.

Authorities will create a group to help depositors of bankrupt banks

Financial institutions plan to create a group to help depositors of banks with a revoked license. About this need, said First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. This topic was raised during the speech of the Minister in the State Duma during the first reading of the draft law on the federal budget.

Refuse to introduce environmental tax

Two committees of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) asked the Ministry of Finance to refuse to introduce an environmental tax, follows from the statement published on the website of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Siluanov called the mechanisms to contain fuel prices

Russia’s first deputy prime minister, finance minister Anton Siluanov, said that export duties on petroleum products and quotas on the volume of supplies to the foreign market can help contain fuel prices.

Therefore, there are such tools in the government, we are constantly in touch with companies of the oil refining industries. And the decisions that are developed in the government, they will not allow accelerated prices for gasoline and diesel in the domestic market. – Anton Siluanov, Russian politician

Interros increased its stake in Norilsk Nickel to 34%

Private investment company Interros, Vladimir Potanin, increased its stake in Norilsk Nickel to 34%, Potanin told an interview with Kommersant.

Bahrain Fund Mumtalakat interested in investing in Russian housing

Bahrain’s sovereign investment fund Mumtalakat is interested in investing in housing, the commodity sector and technology in Russia, the executive director of the fund Mahmoud al-Kuheji told RIA Novosti

The Ministry of Finance placed OFZ for 4.2 billion rubles

Federal loan bonds (OFZ) series 26225 worth 4.186 billion rubles with a limit of 10 billion placed at auction on Wednesday, the Russian Finance Ministry said. These are bonds with maturity in May 2034.

The Ministry of Finance announced the inability to completely abolish exchange controls

Russia is not able to abolish exchange controls, no matter how much the authorities would like to do this. This was stated by Deputy Finance Minister Ilya Trunin, speaking at the International Customs Forum, the RBC correspondent reports.

Central Bank proposes to combine depositary and registrar licenses

The Bank of Russia offered market participants to discuss the possibility and expediency of a gradual transition to consolidation of a license for depository activity and a license for conducting registry activities.

Lockheed Martin’s net income increased 53% to $ 1.5 billion

Net income increased by 53% to $ 1.5 billion. In terms of shares, net income was $ 5.14, while analysts had forecast a figure of $ 4.31. The high results of the third quarter allowed the concern to raise benchmarks for the entire 2018 fiscal year.

Belgorod region will reduce state debt through loan restructuring

The Belgorod region expects to reduce the state debt by 2021 by 8 billion rubles compared to the beginning of 2018 – up to 31.8 billion rubles due to the almost two-fold reduction in government guarantees and the restructuring of budget loans.

For six years, national projects will spend 27 trillion rubles

Taking into account budgetary and extrabudgetary expenditures for the implementation of national projects, for six years 27 trillion rubles will be spent, said the head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin at the meeting of the United Russia faction in the State Duma on October 23.

Putin ordered to allocate funds for the development of the Far East

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian government to form sections in national programs that ensure the development of the regions of the Far East. Orders are given on the basis of a meeting of the State Council Presidium held on September 10, according to the Kremlin website.

NASDAQ has shown the maximum decline per day since 2011

Bidding October 24, 2018 on the NASDAQ, considered the base platform for high-tech enterprises from the United States and other countries of the world, ended with a drop in prices. During the day, the value of the main index of the NASDAQ Composite Stock Exchange then rose, then fell and by the end of the day strengthened the decline.

VTB’s net profit under RAS in January-September increased 1.6 times

The net profit of VTB Bank under RAS in January-September increased 1.6 times compared with the same period last year and amounted to 132.4 billion rubles, follows from the materials of the Bank of Russia. In January-September 2017, VTB received a net profit under RAS in the amount of 85.1 billion rubles.

Bank of Canada raised interest rates to 1.75%

As part of the press conference on Wednesday, October 24, the head of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz noted that, despite the next increase, interest rates remain below the “neutral” level of 2.5-3.5%, hinting at further plans to raise rates

Analysts told about the record rate of reduction of Russia’s foreign debt

The reduction in foreign debt was accelerated by the sale of OFZ by foreign investors that began in April (when their share in securities reached a record 34.5%). In August, sales increased due to news of the sanctions bill of the US Congress and its subsequent publication

New York Prosecutor General accused ExxonMobil of deceiving investors

New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood has filed a lawsuit against ExxonMobil, an oil company, in which she accuses her of deceiving investors about the financial risk of climate change and carbon emissions. It is reported by The Washington Post, citing the document.

Poor harvest in Russia slowed down GDP growth in Q3

Harvest problems had a serious negative impact on GDP figures. In the third quarter, this is minus 0.5 percentage points, that is, excluding agriculture, in the third quarter GDP would not grow by 1.3%, but by 1.8%. For nine months, these figures, respectively, are not 1.6%, but the same 1.8% – Maxim Oreshkin, a Russian politician

Italian ANAS will invest in the highway Moscow – Kazan

Earlier, ANAS took part in a pilot project for the construction of a 228 km long section on the M-4 “Don” highway between Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don. The creation of a consortium for the development of the Russian road infrastructure ANAS and RDIF announced in May 2017.

Tesla made a profit in the third quarter

In the third quarter, Tesla’s free cash flow amounted to $ 881 million. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Tesla also expects to make a profit.


Queen Elizabeth II spoke for the first time about Brexit

Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II for the first time publicly expressed her opinion on the upcoming British withdrawal from the EU, noting the strength of the EU-UK union, Sky News reported on Wednesday.

Armenian parliament rejects Pashinyan’s candidacy for prime minister

The Armenian Parliament rejected the candidacy of the. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan to head the government, thus launching the procedure for his dissolution. Not a single deputy voted for Pashinyan’s candidacy, 11 members abstained, one voted against.

Giuseppe Conte invited Putin to visit Italy

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte invited Russian President Vladimir Putin in the near future to visit Italy.

Deputy Rada disrupted a meeting of the Russian-Ukrainian Commission

Verkhovna Rada deputy from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc Refat Chubarov tried to disrupt the work of the Russian-Ukrainian commission on the organization of fisheries in the Sea of Azov.

I urge you to stop this activity. Here sits the criminal who rode into our territory, which was occupied by Russia. You are talking to a criminal … I cannot visit Crimea for five years. I urge you to immediately stop this gathering. – Refat Chubarov, Ukrainian public figure

Senators refuse to travel to Norway because of the arrest of an employee of the Federation Council

The members of the Council of the Federation decided to refrain in the near future from traveling to Norway in connection with the unfriendly actions of the Norwegian authorities against Russia, said the head of the international committee of the upper house of parliament Konstantin Kosachev.

We are waiting for an apology and guarantees that the senators and staff of the Federation Council, who participate in events in Norway, will be protected. We refuse visits because there are no such guarantees yet. – Valentina Matvienko, Russian politician

Tymoshenko intends to change the format of negotiations on the Donbass

The leader of the Batkivshchyna party, Yulia Tymoshenko, said that after the presidential elections in Ukraine, the format of the talks to resolve the situation in the Donbas will change. According to the press service of the party, the politician said this, speaking at a rally in the city of Kazatin, Vinnitsa region.

We need peace, but not under the conditions of an aggressor. We will achieve peace, but on the conditions of Ukraine. We will return our, Ukrainian, Donbass. In the Donbass Ukrainian laws will be restored, there will be a demilitarized territory, we will return two million refugees. – Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian politician

Abe promised to open a new era in relations with Russia

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced his country’s intention to open a new era in relations with the Russian side, reports RIA Novosti. According to Abe, the absence of a peace treaty between Russia and Japan for 70 years since the end of the war is abnormal.

On the basis of relations of trust with President Vladimir Putin, we will resolve the territorial issue and conclude a peace treaty with Russia. We will open a new era in bilateral relations. – Shinzo Abe, Japanese politician

German Foreign Ministry advises compatriots not to criticize Erdogan in the network

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, scammers can report non-public critical comments to Turkish justice. Criticism of the authorities in Turkey could be the basis for a criminal case. Condemnation of propaganda of terrorism or insult of the Turkish president entails a long imprisonment

In Poland, urged Western countries to unite against Russia

The head of the National Security Bureau of Poland, Pavel Solokh, said that the West should unite against Russia. During the Warsaw Security Forum, he called Moscow “a strategic security challenge.”

Erdogan invited Lukashenko to visit Turkey

“There is an invitation for the coming months from the President of the Republic of Turkey to the President of the Republic of Belarus,” said the Turkish Ambassador to Minsk, Kezban Nilvan Daram.

According to the ambassador, “the visit will adorn the relations between the two countries.”

Trump’s phone is tapped by Russian and Chinese intelligence services

US intelligence agencies have repeatedly warned President Donald Trump that his personal phone is not sufficiently protected, according to The New York Times. According to special services, the phone of Trump is tapped by intelligence officers from China and Russia.

Russian Ambassador to the United States spoke about the preparation for the meeting of Surkov and Volcker

Presidential Aide Vladislav Surkov and US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker are preparing the meeting, are in constant contact on this issue, said Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov.

Saudi prince promised justice for Haskaji

Speaking at the annual forum of the Future Investment Initiative, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, condemned the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Hashkaji and promised to achieve justice in this matter.

Putin declared Russia’s readiness to become a guarantor of a settlement in Libya

Moscow is ready to act as a guarantor for resolving the crisis in Libya, Vladimir Putin said. Speaking at a press conference following talks with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the head of state assured that Russia’s participation in the Libyan conference in Palermo would be high-level.

Heads of parliaments of China and Cambodia discussed bilateral cooperation

Sai Hum, for his part, said that he sees in China a true friend and brother, expressing Cambodia’s readiness to jointly achieve the fruits of close bilateral cooperation.


SANA Announces US Air Force Airstrike in Deir ez-Zor

The international coalition, led by the United States once again populated air strikes on a locality in the Syrian province of Deir-ez-Zor, reports SANA. It is alleged that as a result of the shelling, residential buildings were destroyed, there were dead and injured among civilians.

Released Su-24 rocket fell 2 km from the village in the Chelyabinsk region

The Su-24 front bomber of the Russian Aerospace Force launched a target missile during the exercise, but the projectile fell about 2 km from the village of Kopytovo in the Chelyabinsk Region, and there were no casualties. Reports the edition about it Znak.com.

Remote grenade launchers will create for the Russian army

For the Russian army will develop a new 40-mm grenade launchers, the undermining of which can be controlled remotely. As told to the TV channel “Star” in the JSC NPK “Tehmash”, the project was named “Convergence”

NATO Secretary General assured that he does not want a new arms race

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg assured that the alliance does not want a new arms race. He told this to journalists, commenting on the situation around the Treaty on Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles.

We will assess the possible implications for their security in connection with the new Russian missiles. I do not foresee that in response to the new Russian missile, the Allies will deploy more nuclear weapons in Europe. – Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian politician

Army international games in 2019 will be held from 3 to 17 August

The Fifth Army International Games (ARMI) will be held from August 3 to August 17, 2019, said the head of the Main Directorate of Combat Training of the Armed Forces of Russia, Lieutenant General Ivan Buvaltsev at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center, speaking to representatives of the military departments of 24 countries.

Kalashnikov has created a navigation suppression module

Concern “Kalashnikov” has developed a radio-electronic module designed to suppress the signal of satellite navigation systems at a distance of 5 km, which is installed on the drone, according to the website “Kalashnikov media”.

The United States first introduced Tomahawk Block IV abroad

The United States presented the latest cruise missile Tomahawk R / UGM-109 Block IV sea-based at the Navy Euronaval-2018 in Paris in Paris, reports TASS. The archival photo of the rocket is demonstrated at the stand of the manufacturer Raytheon

The Aviation of the Southern Military District has been replenished with the Terminator

The new transport assault helicopter Mi-8AMTSH (“Terminator”) entered service with the aviation of the Southern Military District (South-East Military District).

Schoolchildren of Moscow will be trained in the Semenov regiment

Initial military training in the Semenov regiment will be held by schoolchildren in Moscow, on October 24, the press service of the Western Military District reports. More than a thousand high school students will take part in the training. Initial military training should be completed before the end of 2018.

China refused to participate in the arms race

“The Chinese army firmly adheres to a peaceful path of development, we in China love and value peace, and therefore the peaceful path of development has become our state policy,” the minister said.

China promised to respond to attempts to separate Taiwan

The Chinese armed forces will take any measures if someone decides to separate Taiwan. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Defense of the PRC, Wei Fenghe, at the International Xiangshan Security Forum

Israeli air force strikes Gaza in response to rocket fire

The Israelis say that the objects on which the strikes were inflicted belong to the militias of the ruling Hamas movement in the enclave. “Israeli Air Force aircraft attacked eight military targets in three Hamas complexes in the Gaza Strip,” the report said.

Russian and Belarusian observers invited to NATO exercises

Russia and Belarus sent observers to the NATO Trident Juncture-2018 (United Trident 2018) exercises, which begin October 25 in Norway. The North Atlantic Alliance welcomes the fact that both countries accepted the invitation.

NATO is a defense alliance, so we are transparent in matters of exercise. We invited all members of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to send their observers to the Trident Juncture. And I welcome that Russia, like Belarus, accepted this invitation. – Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian politician

The Russian Defense Ministry will invite the United States to the International Army Games

Invitations to take part in the Army International Games-2019 will be received by the military departments of the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Great Britain, Germany, France and other countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The United States accuses Russia of creating a military space laser

Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control, Verification and Verification of Agreements Ilim Poblet accused Russia of creating military space lasers, the Daily Mail reports.

USA will improve the artillery park

At the AUSA 2018 exhibition and conference held on October 8, 9 and 10 in the United States, the US Army announced plans to improve the artillery park. The United States plans to increase the capabilities of the armed forces in terms of the range of artillery fire and on the effect of the attack.


Unwillingness to get out of bed in the morning is a disease

It is known that the reluctance to get up in the morning is a sign of dysonia. This is a psychological disorder, the main symptom of which is the desire to be in bed, despite the mountain of things that need to be done. Officially, this disease is not recognized.

Hurricane destroyed the island of the Hawaiian archipelago

Hurricane “Balak” almost completely washed away the island of East Island in the Hawaiian archipelago, where rare seals and turtles lived. Scientists have recognized the disappearance of the island in the northwest of the archipelago from satellite images, reports N + 1.

Neural network sorted people from surveillance cameras by height and sex

Indian developers have created a neural network that searches for videos of people of a certain height, sex, and clothes of a certain color.

For tests of unmanned cars use artificial pedestrians

The algorithm will be loaded maps of real roads, as well as data from the cameras and information about incidents. This will allow to create a high-precision model of highways, in which cars and pedestrians controlled by artificial intelligence will be involved.

Scientists have found a new way to protect the body from cancer

Eating organic products without pesticides can reduce the risk of cancer by a quarter, according to French scientists. About 68,946 adult volunteers participated in the research. They filled out questionnaires about their diet, and also reported on the state of health.

Dinosaurs could breathe much more efficiently than us.

Dinosaurs were owners of the respiratory system that was almost as advanced as modern birds, says William Sellers of the University of Manchester, who, together with colleagues, created three-dimensional models of the skeletons of extinct lizards, and then compared them with similar models of birds.

Apparatus for stimulating the brain theta rhythm improves memory

The apparatus for stimulating the high-amplitude brain theta rhythm improved the memory of the subjects for 30 minutes. The results of two experiments appeared in the publication of Cognitive Neuroscience. University of California, USA, studied the effect of human brain theta rhythm on memorizing ability.

Created a simple way to produce nanoparticles without catalysts

In order to create nanoparticles of uniform shape and size, laboratories around the world in recent years have been using the synthesis of polymers of the benzoxazine group from various monomer substances. Usually for the polymerization and the formation of homogeneous nanoparticles need special matrices, catalysts and additives.

Swedish scientists talked about the deadly danger of winter

The researchers examined data from 274 thousand citizens of the country aged 50 to 89 years, who were diagnosed with myocardial infarction from 1998 to 2013. As a result, they managed to find out that a heart attack occurred 10% more often at temperatures below zero, RIA Novosti reports, citing JAMA Cardiolgy.

Humpback whales stopped singing songs near the ships

Humpback whales stop singing songs or reduce their duration when they hear the noise of sea vessels, according to PLoS ONE. As it turned out, when the ship is at a distance of 1.2 kilometers and less from them, the males stop songs for at least half an hour.

Stone tools told about two waves of migration to America

For a long time, researchers believed that people appeared in North America about 13.5 thousand years ago. Apparently, they passed the territory of modern Canada along the corridor between two ice sheets and settled in the center and in the south of the continent.

Created surface that repels any bacteria and viruses

Scientists from McMaster have developed a special surface on which living organisms cannot live, including viruses. In this case, the surface can be programmed for some exceptions.

Passive exoskeleton reduced power consumption for running

A group from Tehran University under the leadership of Nili Ahmadabadi created a passive exoskeleton capable of reducing the load while running. Since there are no actuators in the passive exoskeleton, the developers used human legs as them.

The developed tool slowed down the aging process twice

Experts at the National University of Singapore, conducting an experiment on roundworms, doubled their life expectancy, according to Science Alert. A group of scientists with the help of the combination of various drugs was able to slow down the aging process.

Found a medicine that can beat Alzheimer’s

A team led by Dr. Lin Jiang and Professor of Biochemistry David Eisenberg of the University of California, Los Angeles discovered a remedy that prevents these plaques from attaching to brain cells, preventing extensive cell death.

Chemists synthesized the first high-temperature monomolecular magnet

Chemists under the leadership of Richard Layfield (University of Sussex, UK) for the first time obtained a dysprosium-based molecular magnet capable of operating at liquid nitrogen temperature.


China launched a new satellite into orbit for ocean observation

China has successfully launched the Haiyang-2B satellite for ocean observation and research into orbit, the press service of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation reports. The satellite was launched from the Taiyuan space center in Shanxi province.

The scientist spoke about microorganisms that threaten the crew of the ISS

About 100 species of various microorganisms reside aboard the International Space Station, posing a threat to the crew’s health and destructively affecting the plating of the station, said Valery Bogomolov, deputy director of the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Scientists have recorded a strange “mutual absorption” of black holes in space

Astronomers analyzed the radio maps of powerful jets that were ejected onto Earth from space. They discovered a number of signs that suggest that black holes closely revolve around each other.

Around the galaxy Mrk 6 found a giant system of gas clouds

Employees of the Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, using the largest Russian telescope, studied the distribution and motion of gas in the Markarian-6 (Mrk 6) galaxy. Scientists first found in it a giant system of clouds of ionized gas, stretching far beyond the galaxy.

Mars Rover Opportunity Lost

The US space agency cannot communicate with the Opportunity rover. It is known that no signals have been received from him for four months. Experts said that in early July of this year, the Opportunity rover fell into a dust storm, which could be the cause of its failure. Despite the fact that the transparency of the atmosphere has increased, the device did not respond to signals from the Earth.

On the moon of Saturn Dione, scientists have found a unique phenomenon

On the moon of Saturn, scientists have found a unique phenomenon. According to experts, Dion is covered with stripes that are placed parallel to the equator and are several hundred kilometers thick.

NASA Scientists Showed Unique Images of the Cat’s Paw Nebula

The emission nebula called Cat’s paw in the constellation Scorpio continues to amaze experienced researchers. Recently, using the Spitzer telescope, scientists managed to get unique images of an object, also called NGC 6334

Scientists are looking for volunteers for childbirth in space

The idea of having a child in space today may sound like the plot of the newest fantastic blockbuster. But scientists believe that this can become a reality in just six years. The company is looking for volunteers willing to have a child in extraterrestrial space

Phaeton may be a fragment of a larger asteroid Pallas

Astronomers believe that Phaeton may be a fragment of a large asteroid Pallas. Previously, the celestial body was referred to as “dead comets”. During the approach to the Sun from the cosmic dust around the Phaeton, the Hominid meteor shower is formed, which can be observed from Earth in December in the form of bright flashes.


Apple and Samsung fined slowing down smartphones in Italy

Apple and Samsung will pay a fine totaling 15 million euros for deliberately reducing the speed of their smartphones. This decision of the Italian Antimonopoly Authority (AGCM) was reported by RIA Novosti.

HP Specter 15 x360 Updated Laptop Receives 6-Core CPU

HP has introduced the updated Specter 15 x360 transformer notebook, which is quite different from its predecessor at the beginning of the year.

OnePlus 6T tested in Geekbench and made available for pre-order

The smartphone will have a Snapdragon 845 processor and an Android 9.0 Pie operating system, which is confirmed by the data from Geekbench, where the novelty has been tested. Speaking about the test results, the smartphone scored 2387 in the single-core test, and 8925 points in the multi-core test.

Apple is preparing to introduce a new version of the iPad Mini

Before the Apple presentation, expert Ming-Chi Kuo spoke about the surprise being prepared by Cupertino. Apple Corporation is going to present a new variation of the iPad Mini, which has not been updated since 2015.

Nokia will launch a cheap 4G button phone

The manufacturer decided to expand the model line of such phones and will release a cheap push-button phone with 4G support. The novelty should help in increasing sales. It is assumed that such a phone will be released primarily in markets where there is a demand for such devices.

Announced release date of blockchain-smartphone Sirin Finney

A smartphone with the ability to complete transactions and store Finney cryptocurrency will be presented at a private presentation in Barcelona on November 28 of this year. Before the announcement of HTC Exodus 1, he was the first in the world.

Named Russian price QWERTY-smartphone BlackBerry KEY2

A BlackBerry KEY2 smartphone can be purchased by pre-order at Svyaznoy for 50,000 rubles. For this money, the owner will be available 128 gigabytes of internal memory and 6 operational.

In KEY2 installed Snapdragon660 processor, 4.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1620×1080 pixels covered with protective glass Gorilla Glass 3

Motorola launches kits for smartphone repair at home

70-80% of calls to repairmen relate to the replacement of the display or battery, so Motorola and iFixit covered the most common cases of breakdowns. At the moment, kits are available for replacing the screen and batteries are not the most new smartphones.

Presents smart watch Misfit Vapor 2 with GPS and NFC for $ 250

Misfit Vapor 2 will be offered in two sizes with a Super AMOLED 1.2 and 1.4-inch screen. Despite the fact that Misfit Vapor 2 is a new device, they have a platform from the previous version. The clock installed a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and 512 MB of RAM.

Fujifilm is not going to release a full-frame mirrorless

The journalist noted that all major manufacturers of photographic equipment had already entered the market with full-frame mirrorless cameras and asked if Fujifilm was going to enter this segment. The answer of the representative of Fujifilm was categorical: “No, never.”

Introduced MediaTek Helio P70 single chip system

The company MediaTek, as is known, has so far refused to fight in the segment of top single-chip systems, concentrating on budgetary and mid-budget solutions. And its SoC Helio P60 came out great. Today, the company introduced the SoC Helio P70, which should be even better.

Dell plans to start releasing gaming hardware under the Alienware brand.

Dell plans to launch components for desktop gaming computers under its Alienware brand. This brand is strongly associated with users with productive gaming laptops and desktop computers, and since relatively recently, various peripherals such as gaming headsets and monitors have also been produced under this brand. But Dell does not plan to stop there.

Mobile applications can follow users after deletion

Experts say that some mobile applications continue to monitor users, even if they have been deleted, Days 24 reported. This situation, according to experts, should be the cause of changes in some aspects of the anonymity and privacy policy on the World Wide Web.

Presents smartphones Samsung Galaxy A6s and A9s with a stylish design.

Today, October 24, 2018, the public was presented with mobile devices under the names Samsung Galaxy A6s and Galaxy A9s, which have a very stylish look

The autonomy of the HP Specter 13 x360 transformer laptop reaches 22.5 hours

HP has announced the updated Specter 13 x360 laptop. The new model has become thicker and heavier, but at the same time it received an improved cooling system and a slightly higher capacity battery – 61 W / h

The device Walabot Home in case of a person’s fall will call the emergency number.

Walabot Home – a device that is designed for the same purposes: to determine the fall and, if necessary, where to call. However, this is not a wearable, but a stationary device.

In Android applications revealed a multimillion scam with bots

In Android applications, BuzzFeed News journalists uncovered a multi-million dollar scam; they used bots. Organizers of a major botnet network earned tens of millions of dollars annually using fake accounts on Google

Google allowed to delete search history inside the search engine

The company has added a button in the mobile and desktop version of the google.com resource to quickly access search history management. On the opening page, the user can see his activity in the search engine and delete information about the actions for the last hour or for all time.


New Audi A6 is now available for order in Russia

Orders for new items have already begun to take. The new generation Audi A6 sedan will be available to Russian buyers at a price of 3,900,000 rubles. Overall dimensions of the machine are 4939/1886/1457 mm.

Ford introduced the small all-terrain sedan Ka Urban Warrior

Based on the Ford Ka compact sedan, an all-terrain version of the model was created for the South American market. The American company presented the conceptual Ford Ka Urban Warrior sedan, an all-terrain version of the four-door Ka sedan, which is available on the South American market.

Skoda told about the new Skoda Scala hatchback

Skoda has begun road testing of the five-door Skoda Scala hatchback and declassified its specifications. The new global model, which will replace Rapid in early 2019, will receive one diesel and three gasoline engines with a capacity of 90 to 150 horsepower.

New compact van Mitsubishi Delica declassified on official photos

The presentation of the new generation of Mitsubishi Delica, the first mention of which was made in the distant 2017, will happen before the end of this year. The first pictures of the new Japanese compact van appeared on the Web, which were published in the official brochure.

Lexus started selling cars with cameras instead of mirrors

Lexus Perova company in the world began official sales of cars with cameras instead of exterior mirrors. This model was the new generation Lexus ES sedan for the Japanese market.

Roush tuner showed modified Ford F-150

The American company Roush has demonstrated its version of the Ford F-150. in which the pickup boasts a 659-horsepower engine. New development Roush called Nitemare and an updated appearance. And under the hood of the truck “beats” a new “heart” – a 5.0 liter V8 engine.

Hyundai Santro hatchback for 347,000 rubles

In India, sales of a new subcompact hatchback Hyundai Santro started. Ultrabudgetary novelty is already available from local dealers in nine versions at a price of 389,900 to 564,900 rupees, which is approximately 347-500 thousand rubles at the current rate.

BMW tests the M5 in a more powerful version of CS

A couple of hours ago, the so-called “spy” photos of an unusual prototype of a high-performance BMW M5 turned out to be at the disposal of foreign specialized publications. All signs indicate that this is not just an up-to-date version of the fast German, but its more powerful performance with the prefix CS

Audi has published the first image of the updated Audi R8 supercar

Announcing the ambulance premiere, the manufacturer published the first teaser image, judging by which car will receive an updated exterior, where a modernized front bumper, modified air intakes, and updated optics will appear.

Tuning studio LARTE Design presented a modified Infiniti QX80

Atelier designers have focused on the front of the flagship model. Modified Infiniti QX80 received a new grille pattern, which flaunts branded shield LARTE Design, and a different bumper, which together give a more brutal look to the SUV.

Launched tests FAW premium SUV on the basis of the Toyota Crown

The network has a new photo of the premium SUV from the brand Hongqi, owned by concern FAW. It is known that the crossover will be offered in two-row and three-row modifications, and according to preliminary information, the HS7 will receive the “cart” from the four-door version of Hongqi H7.


Universal Pictures will shoot a film about the novel by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Studio Universal Picrures plans to make a film about the history of the relationship of one of the founders of The Beatles, John Lennon, and Japanese artist Yoko Ono. As writes the publication Deadline Hollywood on October 24, negotiations to obtain the rights to create the tape are already underway.

The names of the actors on the role in the movie “Joker”

Actors are assigned to the roles of the young Bruce Wayne and his butler Alfred in the movie “The Joker”. They will be played by Dante Pereira-Olson and Douglas Hodge, writes Cinema Blend. Little Bruce Wayne and the future of Batman will play Dante Pereira-Olson

Katie Holmes is eager to play the Doll 2 horror

American actress Katie Holmes joined the actors of the sequel to the successful horror “Doll 2”. The first part of the thriller “fired” contrary to expectations, having collected $ 64 million at the box office.

Voronezh Animation Studio has released a trailer for a new cartoon

Voronezh animation company Wizart Animation has published a trailer for the animated film “The Snow Queen: The Looking Glass” on October 23. Viewers will see the fourth part of the franchise in January 2019

Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell will return to television in the morning show

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the project does not yet have a name, although two seasons have already been planned, with a total of 20 episodes. It will present the “inside look at the people who help America wake up in the morning.”

At the core of the series is Brian Stelter’s book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV. The director and producer of the series was Mimi Leder (Ambulance, Left), the showrunner was Carrie Erin (Lights on Friday Night, Motel Bates).

Pre-premiere screening of the film “The Indestructible” was held at the Victory Museum in Moscow

The director of the military-historical drama – Konstantin Maximov. At the heart of the picture is the real story of the feat of the crew of Semyon Konovalov. In July 1942, he took an unequal battle and destroyed 16 enemy tanks, two armored vehicles and 8 enemy vehicles.

“Meet Gorbachev” will open a film festival in Leipzig on October 29

A documentary film about the only president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, will be opened in Leipzig at the end of October, soon they plan to show the tape in Moscow, told the RIA Novosti Gorbachev Foundation press secretary Vladimir Polyakov.

Konstantin Bogomolov to put on performance by Pelevin’s book “iPhuck 10”

Director Konstantin Bogomolov together with Brusnikin’s Workshop intends to stage a play based on Victor Pelevin’s iPhuck 10, the project’s press service reports. It is reported that the closed premiere will be held on December 6 in Moscow, the main roles in the play will be performed by Igor Mirkubanov and Daria Moroz.

The trailer for the film version of “Bird’s Box” with Sandra Bullock

The plot is madness. So, the inhabitants of the planet everywhere fall into insanity, killing others and themselves. What is the reason for this situation, no one knows. The main character tries to save her children, for this she has to do it with a blindfold, relying only on hearing

Johnny Depp will be in the new film journalist William Eugene Smith

Johnny Depp will be a photojournalist for Life magazine. Johnny Depp in the new film reincarnated as a photojournalist William Eugene Smith, famous for images of the Second World War. Biopic about the legendary photojournalist will start shooting at the beginning of the next, in 2019 in Serbia, director Andrew Levitas.

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