17 May, 2018

Pyongyang canceled the talks with Seoul. Digest of news 17.05.18

The official North Korean news agency CTAC called joint exercises by the United States and South Korea under the title “The Strongest Thunder” provocation and rehearsal of the “preemptive strike.”

Pyongyang also calls on the United States to reflect on the fate of the June 12 summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, to be held in Singapore.

Pyongyang has already canceled the talks with Seoul, which were to be held after the meeting of the leaders of both Koreas on April 27.

Negotiations were approved by both sides earlier this week and were to be held in Panmunjom, in the demilitarized zone.

It was assumed that the representatives of both countries will discuss the details of the agreements reached during the meeting of the leaders of the two Koreas in April.

Among the main of these issues is the declaration of the Korean Peninsula as a nuclear-free zone, as well as the possibility of concluding a peace treaty, since the Korean War ended only with the signing of an armistice and, formally, the two countries are still in a state of war.

In addition, at the April meeting between South Korean President Mun Zhe In and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, it was decided:

  • to stop hostile actions towards each other;
  • to turn the demilitarized zone between the two countries into a “zone of peace” and stop broadcasting propaganda along it;
  • to achieve reduction of armaments in the region and reduction of military tension;
  • to achieve quadrilateral negotiations – with the participation of China and Russia.

Briefly about the main ….


Trump instructed to prepare a new plan of sanctions against the Russian Federation

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, on behalf of US President Donald Trump, will prepare a plan to impose additional sanctions against Russia because of alleged violations of the provisions of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF). The press service of the White House spread information about this.

Erdogan said about the inability of the UN to solve world problems

The United Nations can not solve world problems. This was stated by the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a speech at the presidential palace on Iftar – an evening meal during the Muslim holy fast of Ramadan.

Muller can not bring charges against Trump

US Attorney Robert Müller can not bring charges against the incumbent, said lawyer Donald Trump and former Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani on May 16 in an interview with CNN.

“All they have to do is write a report. They can not bring charges, and after much debate they themselves acknowledged it, “Giuliani said.

As CNN stresses, the absence of accusation does not mean that the US president is not guilty, Mueller can write a report with recommendations for the House of Representatives of the US Congress.

According to journalists, the inability to bring an accusation against the incumbent President is the position of the Department of Justice since the Nixon presidency.

In the US Senate, they supported the candidacy of Gina Haspell for the post of head of the CIA

The US Senate Intelligence Committee voted for the candidacy of Gina Haspell for the post of head of the CIA. A copy of the corresponding statement was published on Twitter by Richard Burr, the head of the committee. The document says that ten members of the committee voted for Haspel.

In the Duma, the draft on the punishment for compliance with sanctions was revised

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin will propose the deputies to hold additional consultations before the second reading of the draft law on criminal responsibility for the implementation of sanctions against Russia, said the first deputy head of the United Russia faction, one of the authors of the draft law on the implementation of sanctions Andrei Isayev.

The Crimean bridge can not yet be called a road

President of Russia Vladimir Putin did not violate the rules of the road, while traveling on the Crimean bridge behind the wheel of KamAZ not wearing a seat belt, since this site can not yet formally be called an expensive road, they told the FSO why Putin did not buckle behind the wheel of the car

The United States imposed sanctions against three members of Hezbollah and an IG militant

The United States imposed sanctions against three people who are allegedly linked to the Lebanese Hezbollah movement. The corresponding decision was made by the US Treasury. The report indicates that restrictive measures will affect Lebanese citizens Ibrahim Al-Sayid, Hasan Al Khalil and Muhammad Yazbek.

Canadian Foreign Ministry Condemns Opening of Crimean Bridge

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada condemned the opening of the Crimean bridge. This was stated by the head of the Canadian foreign ministry Khristia Freeland.

Canada condemns the construction and partial opening of the bridge across the Kerch Strait. The bridge linking Russia to the illegally annexed Crimea is another violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. – Christia Freeland, Canadian writer

Six countries in the Middle East imposed sanctions on Hezbollah members

Restrictive measures against high-ranking representatives of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, as well as supporters of the organization, were introduced by six more countries of the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE.

“These actions were undertaken in partnership with the United States, co-chair of the Center for Analysis and Preparation of Data on the Financing of Terrorism and other countries participating in the Center: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE,” RIA Novosti reported.

Hezbollah is a Lebanese Shiite movement, founded in the late 1970s with the goal of expelling Israeli and Western military forces from Lebanon

Ukraine will bill Russia for damages from the Crimean bridge

Omelyan assured that “all accounts of Russia will be exposed.” “Kiev can not believe” The statement of the Ukrainian Minister commented member of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Crimea Denis Baturin on air radio Sputnik.

We estimate approximately half a billion hryvnia a year in direct losses due to the fact that the tonnage of vessels was reduced on entry into our two ports on the Azov Sea, namely to Mariupol and Berdyansk, but indirect losses are billions in losses. – Vladimir Omelyan, Ukrainian diplomat

The size of the contribution of Ukraine to the Council of Europe

The Government of Ukraine approved a voluntary contribution to the CoE of $ 400 thousand.

British authorities wish to remain in the customs union

On the readiness to stay in the EU customs union after 2021, the British authorities are going to tell Brussels. According to media reports, British ministers agreed that after Brexit between Ireland and Northern Ireland, there should not be a tight border

Japan prepares response to US fees

The government of Japan will inform the World Trade Organization (WTO) by the end of the week about its readiness to take counter measures against US duties. This became known on Thursday, May 17.

Serbian President says pressure on Belgrade on Kosovo issue

Tomorrow, May 17, Bulgaria will host the meeting of the heads of state and government of the EU countries with the leaders of the Balkan countries. Serbian President Alexander Vučić has announced pressure on Belgrade to recognize the independence of the self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo, Tanyug reports.


The Church is concerned about state control

New bills on the control of religious organizations can lead to inter-religious strife and enmity. This was stated on May 16 by the head of the legal service of the Moscow Patriarchate of the ROC, Abbess Ksenia (Chernega) at the VIII St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, the REGNUM correspondent reports.

So, in her opinion, the draft federal law on state control and supervision during inspections can be called disturbing.

The bill provides for carrying out verification activities without prior approval of the date and time, which can lead to disruption of services and insult to the feelings of clergymen and parishioners, “Chernega noted.

Chernega also criticized the amendments adopted in the first reading of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, according to which the administrative responsibility for non-observance of the antiterrorist security of places of mass stay of people, that is, where more than 50 people accumulate, was established.

Penalties for violations can reach half a million rubles, the abbess emphasized. Moreover, she stressed, it is necessary to design security passports and evacuation schemes, security alarms and expensive video surveillance systems, but she does not know where to get money from the community for these innovations, for example, in a village church – after all, Chernega notes, churches live there at the expense of donations .

Punishment for hooliganism: the guilty Cossacks were ripped off by their comrades

The Cossacks, who on May 5, were beaten by whips of people who went to protest in Pushkin Square, were whipped by the whips of other Cossacks.

Zuckerberg intends to address the European Parliament on the case of data leakage

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg agreed to speak at the European Parliament in connection with the case of the leakage of personal data of social network users. This was stated by the chairman of the EP, Antonio Tajani.

The US Senate supported the preservation of the principle of “network neutrality”

The US Senate supported by a majority of votes for maintaining the principle of “network neutrality” or “open Internet”, USA Today reports. Now the bill will be sent to the US House of Representatives.

Cars karsheringa and motorcycles will not be allowed on the allocated strips

The cars of the car-racing and motorcycles will not be allowed to drive along the allocated lanes on the capital roads. This was announced by the head of the Moscow transport department Maxim Lixutov.

For dedicated lanes should go professional drivers and in priority public transport. We tested the use of a dedicated band with motorcyclists, and as for the card-cutting, it’s all extremely unsafe. – Maxim Lixutov, Russian official

Installation in the homes of “smart” counters will make mandatory

Minstroy proposes next year to make mandatory the installation in homes of meters with the function of remote indication. The innovation will affect the houses with major repairs and new buildings. The conditions for the wide introduction of “smart” metering devices are planned to be created by the end of 2019.

Inspection of buses plan to pass traffic police

In Russia, the question of returning a bus inspection to the traffic police department is being studied, Izvestia reports. The Ministry of Internal Affairs believes that the transfer of this function of the traffic police will increase the safety of traffic.

Poor Russians are less

The number of Russian citizens with incomes below the subsistence minimum in 2017 amounted to 19.3 million people, or 13.2% of the population of the Russian Federation. Such data was quoted on May 16 by the Federal State Statistics Service. (Rosstat).

The amount that Muscovites are willing to spend on summer vacation

A third of Moscow residents are ready to spend 78 to 156 thousand rubles on summer vacation. This is indicated by a study conducted by the international tourist service Momondo, the “Moscow” Agency reports.

In the amount of 39-78 thousand rubles hope to meet another 27 percent of Muscovites. But more expensive vacation – 156-390 thousand rubles – planned only 19 percent of the city’s residents.

Increase of fines for violation of the rules for crossing the railway crossings

The State Duma Committee for State Construction and Legislation recommended the lower house of parliament to adopt in the first reading a government bill on strengthening administrative responsibility for violating the rules for crossing railways by vehicles.

In Moscow, test an unmanned tram

In Moscow, an unmanned tram can be tested in autumn. Felix Vinokur, general director of the Transport Systems PC, spoke about such plans at the exhibition Electrotrans-2018.

In the Council of Federation proposed to introduce mandatory fire insurance

The Federation Council supports the introduction in Russia of mandatory fire insurance, which will allow citizens to receive payments in the event of harm to health or death due to violations of fire safety requirements

Russia will open 50 national offices in 29 countries of the world

Russia will open 50 national offices in 29 countries in 2018, the head of the department Oleg Safonov said at a government hour in the Federation Council on Wednesday.

“Stimulating inbound tourism to Russia abroad in 2018 will reach a new level and 50 national offices will be opened in 29 countries of the world.In spite of sanctions, Russia is elected to the executive council of the UN World Tourism Organization,” Safonov said.

He recalled that in 2017, 24 million trips from Russia were made abroad. In 2015, Russia for the first time entered the top 10 most visited countries in the world.

Disabled persons will be allowed to park under signs forbidding parking

The police offer to allow parking under prohibitory signs to cars that carry disabled people, as well as cars operated by people with disabilities. We are talking about the signs “Parking is prohibited”, “Parking is prohibited on odd numbers of the month” and “Parking is prohibited for even numbers of the month”. Only those drivers whose vehicles have the badge “Disabled” will be able to leave the car at the prohibitory sign.

The State Duma will also prohibit its sale in order to avoid frauds for the sake of benefits. Deputy Yaroslav Nilov notes that now the label “Disabled” can be obtained only in the bodies of social protection. It will be given to people of any group of disabilities, and not just to the disabled of the first and second group, as it is now.

New rules of traffic rules are also equated to wheelchair users with electric motors to pedestrians. Previously, they were considered vehicles, and the term pedestrian only concerned those who moved in a manual stroller. Employees of the traffic police could evacuate wheelchairs with an electric motor for violation of parking rules.

Rating with the most inaccessible rental housing in Russia

Rental housing in Barnaul, Astrakhan and Makhachkala is one of the most inaccessible in Russia in terms of price-earnings ratio. Residents of Barnaul spend 55% of their income on renting an apartment and a minimum food basket. Such conclusions were made by analysts of the company TsIAN.

The most affordable rental (in relation to wages less the cost of living) in Moscow, Tyumen and Krasnoyarsk.

Analysts came to the conclusion that a family of two working adults spends less than 50% of their income on renting an apartment of about 48 square meters. and a minimum consumer basket per month.


The answer is quite simple: why does gasoline in Russia become more expensive

The head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), Igor Artemyev, explained the recent rise in price of motor fuel in Russia. According to him, gasoline is growing in price because of rising prices on world oil markets.

“The answer here is quite simple: prices in world markets have risen. We use the system of stock indicators to have a price in the domestic market by about 16-17% lower than export parity, “- explained the last rise in price of fuel Artemiev.

It is curious that when oil becomes cheaper, motor fuel in our country also becomes more expensive. But the head of FAS did not say anything about it

Earlier, the head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) said that fuel prices in Russia in 2018 could rise above inflation if oil continues to rise in price.

The largest metallurgical plant in Ukraine stopped work

As explained on Wednesday, the chairman of the primary unit of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NPU) Yuri Samoilov, it actually paralyzed the work of the plant.

Medvedev spoke about working on bills on “digital money”

Legislators of the Russian Federation develop the concept of “digital money” and “digital rights” instead of “crypto-currency” and “token,” draft laws on “digital money” prevent the withdrawal of assets into an unregulated digital environment, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said.

It prevents the withdrawal of assets into an unregulated digital environment – this is especially important when combating the legalization of proceeds that are obtained through criminal means. And also create a basis for building a tax system for such objects. – Dmitry Medvedev, Russian politician

The Ministry of Economic Development will worsen the forecast of growth of the Russian economy for 2018

The Ministry of Economic Development will raise the inflation forecast for the current year from the current 2.8% to just above 3%, Oreshkin said. Rosstat on Wednesday said that Russia’s economy in the I quarter of 2018 grew by 1.3% in annual terms. This is higher than the estimate of the quarterly growth of the Ministry of Economic Development in 1.1%.

Inflation in our basic September forecast was 4 percent – about 3 percent is expected. The Ministry of Finance in the draft amendments to the budget laid 2.8 percent. Based on the forecast that we prepared in March, now the figure will be slightly above 3 percent. – Maxim Oreshkin, Russian statesman

Eurochem leaves the fertilizer market of Ukraine

One of the largest producers of mineral fertilizers in the world EuroChem Group AG (EuroChem) is leaving the Ukrainian market. As reported on the company’s website, EuroChem announces the sale of its subsidiary in Ukraine.

Total withdraws from the Iranian project “South Pars” because of US sanctions

In May, Reuters, citing sources, reported that the Chinese state-owned company CNPC is ready to buy out Total’s stake in the world’s largest gas deposit, South Pars, if the French company decides to withdraw from the project because of US sanctions.

ACRA bought a rating agency in Europe

The Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) was acquired by the Slovak Rating Agency European Rating Agency (ERA), Ekaterina Trofimova, General Director of ACRA, told journalists.

“VTB Insurance” and SOGAZ agreed on merger

VTB has agreed to merge the insurance business with SOGAZ, the head of the bank, Andrei Kostin, told reporters.

The Ministry of Transport supports most of the measures to help the airports “Renova”

The Ministry of Transport of Russia will support most of the measures to support the Renova airport business, which the company asked the government for. This was announced by Deputy Transport Minister Alexander Yurchik at the Siberian Transport Forum in Novosibirsk

Evpatoria: construction of piers for boats

Glavgosexpertiza of Russia considered the project of building two passenger piers on the shore of the Kalamitsky Gulf of the Black Sea off the western coast of the Crimean peninsula. The experts also conducted a verification of the reliability of determining the estimated cost of the project. Based on the results of the examination, positive conclusions were issued.

The construction of two passenger piers will be carried out within the framework of the development of the resort zone of the Republic of Crimea with the aim of improving the maritime transport infrastructure in Evpatoria

The bridge to Sakhalin will cost 3.5 times more expensive than the Crimean

In the Sakhalin railway project, it is noted that another 90 billion rubles. will be required to modernize the roads on the island. The bridge will be built in conjunction with another project – a deep-sea coal terminal in Ilinsky, which is estimated at 100 billion rubles.

The profit of the Russian banks since the beginning of the year amounted to 537 billion rubles

In the period from January to April this year, Russian banks earned 537 billion rubles in profit. This was reported by Interfax, referring to the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Olga Polyakov. According to her, last year’s dynamics of growth has largely preserved its performance.

Support those who were under sanctions

The head of VTB Andrei Kostin suggested that the Central Bank and the Russian Finance Ministry capitalize Promsvyazbank, so that the credit organization could perform important tasks, including work with the enterprises that were under sanctions.

Russia again strengthened financial support for the United States, forgetting about sanctions

According to the financial ministry, in February the volume of Russian investments was 83.8 billion dollars. In 2017, the peak of Russia’s investments in US securities was reached in May – $ 108.7 billion. Russia now ranks 16th among the countries – investors in US bonds.

Norway openly opposed the important deal for Gazprom

The authorities of Norway openly opposed the exchange of assets between the Russian concern Gazprom and the Austrian company OMV, as a result of which Gazprom can receive a part of Norge shares, which produces gas in Norway.

Chinese CEFC will no longer buy from Sokol oil from Rosneft

Chinese CEFC (“Huaxin”) will no longer buy Rosneft’s Sokol oil, Bloomberg reports with reference to its own sources. As CEFC notes, starting in July, CEFC will buy from Rosneft only oil from ESPO and Urals.


Air Force of Israel attacked positions of Hamas in the Gaza Strip

Israeli Air Force planes hit in the northern Gaza Strip for several purposes related to the ruling Hamas movement in the enclave, the Israel Defense Forces reported.

The ships with the “Caliber” will switch to a permanent watch in the Mediterranean

“In connection with the continuing threat of attacks by international terrorists in Syria in the Mediterranean Sea, our ships with cruise missiles Caliber will carry a constant military watch,” Tass quotes him. According to the words of the head of state, this year 102 expeditions of ships and submarines are planned.

In the current year, 102 expeditions of ships and submarines are planned. At the same time, in connection with the continuing threat of terrorist attacks in Syria in the Mediterranean Sea, our ships with cruise missiles Caliber will carry a constant military watch. – Vladimir Putin

In Russia, they returned to the idea of launching satellites with the help of the Topol missiles

In Russia, they returned to the consideration of the project for the use of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) Topol for launching satellites, a source in the rocket and space industry told RIA Novosti

US demanded that North Korea take out nuclear warheads and missiles

The US, in talks with North Korea, demanded that nuclear warheads and missiles be removed from the country within six months. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Japanese newspaper Asahi.

In Syria, French special forces were detained

A group of snipers from France was detained by the military Syrian army in the province of Hasaka, the incident took place on 1 May at the checkpoint of the armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR), but it is known about it only now.

NATO promised to demonstrate opportunities to contain Russia

NATO countries will conduct large-scale exercises in October near the Russian borders in which 40,000 people will be involved. The Commander of the NATO Joint Forces in Europe, Curtis Scaparotti, said that the large-scale exercise Trident Juncture 2018, which will be held this fall, will demonstrate the Alliance’s ability to contain Russia.

Russia accused the US of creating “gray” zones in Syria

Moscow fears that after the withdrawal of the US military from Syria in the territories under their control, the IGIL group of ISI may revive. the representative of Russia in the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky at the meeting of the Security Council of the organization said that after the withdrawal of the American military from Syria in the territories under their control, the terrorist group “Islamic State” (banned in Russia)

PGRK “Yars” go on combat patrolling

In the framework of tactical exercises, the launch pad of the PGRK “Yars” took to the routes of combat patrolling in the Novosibirsk missile connection. Classes will be conducted around the clock.

Syrian troops liberated 65 settlements in Homs and Hama

Syrian state flags are raised over the north of Homs province and south of Hama province. There, the government forces regained control of 65 settlements that were the last places of terrorists in this region of the country

As a result of the shelling of the Ukrainian army, a civilian was killed

As a result of the shelling, a local woman was killed. Details of what happened to date are not given.


After the engagement with Prince Harry on Megan, Markle made a hunt

The prince himself dislikes the sharks of the pen since childhood, perfectly remembering how the reporters simply hunted for his mother – Princess Diana. Now all the attention of the reporters switched to Markle.

Hotel in Kenya offers to see the wedding of Prince Harry for $ 10 thousand

The hotel in Kenya’s Nairobi invites its guests to a party with a viewing of the wedding of British prince Harry and Megan Markle on television. For participation in the event will have to pay about $ 10 thousand.

Victims of harassment of the sports doctor Nassar

The University of Michigan will pay about $ 500 million in hundreds of global agreements with victims of sexual harassment of ex-doctor of the US gymnastics team Larry Nassar, USA Today reports citing sources close to the situation.

Levou from “Bi-2” was hospitalized because of the culinary delights of his wife

Lyova from the group “Bi-2” was hospitalized after the culinary delights of his wife. He told his fans about this to Instagram. As it turned out, the singer choked on fish bones.

Victoria Bonya told about the novel with the French billionaire

At the Cannes Film Festival, the Russian model Victoria Bonya appeared with a new companion. A stately man was the French billionaire Pierre Anduran. Victoria has confirmed the affair with the 41-year-old French oil trader and, moreover, even has declared, that the man has serious plans.

We are all serious. We have already introduced our children: from the previous marriage, Pierre has a daughter – the same age as my Angelina. He really was married to the Russian model: they officially divorced 2 years ago, broke up – 4 years ago. – Victoria Bonya, TV presenter

Paul Will forgot to wear socks at the Glamor Influencers Awards

Well-known Russian TV presenter, the artist of the spoken genre, the resident and the host show Comedy Club Pavel Volya was criticized for the unfortunate image chosen for appearance at the Glamor Influencers Awards

Daughter of Kurt Cobain lost his father’s guitar

Former husband Francis Bin Cobain, the daughter of the famous grunge musician Kurt Cobain, during the divorce took away from her the legendary guitar with which her father performed at a concert of MTV Unplugged Nirvana.

Ekaterina Klimova showed her grown daughter

If Maxim Galkin, who regularly publishes a video with his children in microblogging, can be called an advanced blogger, then Ekaterina Klimova is a beginner.

Victoria Dayneko hides her daughter from the public

Victoria Daineko shared information that she wanted to protect her daughter from attention. She justified the reasons why she does not want to show the child to the public, because according to the singer – happiness loves silence.

Kirkorov cursed obscenities after the question of Eurovision

Singer Filipp Kirkorov temporarily interrupted the interview to the Swedish TV channel and was rude to people in the next room, writes Gazeta.ru.

As noted, the singer talked about his love for Eurovision, but at one point behind the scenes there was a noise, which brought the singer out of himself. Apologizing to the journalist, he left the studio for a few seconds.

And you can not not rustle and go *** from here? Thank you! – said Kirkorov.

The singer’s statement on Swedish television was translated as “an untranslatable play of words follows with the use of local idiomatic expressions.”

John Travolta switched on 50 Cent rap in Cannes

Visitors to the 50 Cent concert on the French Riviera filmed the Hollywood actor at the very moment when he quickly ran onto the stage and began to dance to the rap of a rap artist. Recall, 50 Cent made in Cannes at the premiere of the drama “Code Gotti”, in which Travolta played the main role.

In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the concept of the VIII Film Festival “Edge of the World”

The first meeting of the organizing committee of the film forum in the current year approved the date, concept and scheme of the cluster. The concept of the eighth international film festival “Edge of the World” was presented by the general producer of the film forum Alexei Agranovich.

Cumberbatch will play in the movie about Brexit

Part of the film’s script is based on the books of the Sunday Times editor Tim Shipman and the former director of public relations of the British government Craig Oliver. Now the authorities are investigating the participation of Cummings in the campaign Vote Vote

In the New Tretyakov Gallery an exhibition of works by Vadim Kosmachev

The exhibition consists of two parts: retrospective and perspective, revealing new opportunities for the development of sculpture in the modern world.

11th Festival of Polish films “Vistula” will be held in Moscow

From 17 to 24 May in Moscow, there will be a festival of Polish films “Wisla”. In five cinemas of the capital will present a rich program dedicated to Polish cinema.

Grand Prix of the Week of Criticism in Cannes received a comedy about the super-footballer

The film directed by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt “Diamantino” received the Grand Prix of the Week of Criticism in Cannes. This became known on Wednesday, May 16.

The trailer of the movie with Tom Cruise appeared “Mission Impossible: Consequences”

Director of the sixth part of the franchise was Christopher McQuarrie, who also worked on the film “Mission Impossible: Tribe of outcasts.” In Russia, the picture will be released on July 26.

Marvel Studio found screenwriters for the adaptation of the comic “Eternal”

Studio Marvel connected writers Matthew and Ryan Firpo to work on the adaptation of Jack Kirby comics “Eternal” (“Eternals”), reports THR. For young authors, adaptation will be the first major studio project. Eternal – the race of superhumans, debuting on the pages of comic books Marvel in 1976.

“Gotham” Shower will do a solo series about Batman’s Butler

Epix, owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, ordered the first season of the series Pennyworth, whose story will be dedicated to Alfred Penniworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler. The authors of “Gotham” will work on it, but this is not a spin-off.

“Deadpool 2” comes out in Russian rental 7 days after the world premiere

Fantastic thriller “Deadpool 2” on Thursday, May 17, goes on a wide lease in Russia. The main parts in the second part of the tape were played by Josh Brolin, Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin. The director of the picture was David Litch.

Maxim Fadeev will write a hymn for the 2014 Winter Universiade

Famous music producer Maxim Fadeev will be the author of the Winter Universiade-2019 anthem in Krasnoyarsk. He wrote about this on his page in Instagram.

In honor of the World Cup 2018 on Red Square will perform the stars of the classical scene

The virtuoso pianist Denis Matsuev is invited to the event. A big gala concert of the stars of the world classical stage will be held on Red Square in Moscow on June 13 in honor of the World Cup 2018.


VKontakte refused to cooperate with the NBKI

The social network VKontakte refused to cooperate with the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBKI), the press service of the social network reports with reference to the managing director Andrei Rogozov.

Twitter will hide messages of trolls

The management of the microblogging network Twitter introduces new algorithms that will hide provocative messages and prevent trolling.

Laurel or Yenni: The users of the quarrel creators of illusions

Provocators from the group of creators of illusions, once again convinced that in the virtual world there is still a desire for an adequate assessment of what is happening. Two names are perceived in different ways, and almost equally.

“VKontakte” test the launch of channels in closed mode

Starting today VKontakte launches testing of channels similar to those used in Telegram. This feature will allow community administrators to send alerts to users’ private messages.

Facebook adds three useful features

Facebook is preparing to introduce three new features that will improve the ways to “create and save memories.”

The first two will appear on Facebook Camera, users will be able to save photos and videos directly to their accounts. About the fact whether this function will have any limits, the company does not report. In addition, an audio option for voice messaging will appear in the application.

Also in the near future the company will add the function of the archive to the social network so that users can save the most liked Facebook Stories.

Innovations will first appear in India, and after that they will be used by residents of other countries.

In Instagram found a hidden function

As the publication TechCrunch, the user Jane Manchun Wong found in the Android version of Instagram code with the so-called function “Data use.” It, in turn, will inform users about the “spent time”. It is not yet clear what this implies, but most likely you will be able to find out how long and how often you use the application.

WhatsApp developers updated the function of group chat

As reported in the WhatsApp blog, group administrators will be able to assign those who will be entitled to change the description, chat topic or picture. Also in groups there was a search on participants and viewing of mentions

YouTube TV has the ability to voice control

Since October last year, Google is testing the possibility of voice control in the paid TV service YouTube TV. As it became known, some users recently got access to a new feature.

Rambler translated the users to a new generation mail

Rambler / mail of the new generation became available to all users of the service. Previously, anyone could switch to the preview of the updated mail. Now all the registered accounts have been transferred to the final version of the service.

Hackers unexpectedly found in Adobe Reader and Windows a “zero day”

CyberLinkers showed the vulnerability quite accidentally after a virus infected PDF file was loaded into the malware analysis service. It turned out that the 0-day gap was seen in Adobe and Microsoft. This was told by experts from ESET.

BitClave team created search engine block Desearch

Earlier, having collected $ 25 million for the ICO blockbuster project, BitClave announced the blocking search service Desearch, which searches for information on crypto currency, blockade and decentralized technology.

YouTube launched the long-awaited feature “Music from this video!”

Video hosting YouTube was the first platform that launched a service to identify performers and songwriters from various videos

Oracle has set a deadline for the release of updates for Java 8

Initially, Oracle intended to stop issuing public updates to the Java SE 8 development kit (JDK) in September of this year, but then the deadline was extended to at least January 2019.


Scientists have figured out how big dinosaurs hatch their eggs

The international team of scientists managed to find out how monotonous dinosaurs managed to incubate their eggs. It turned out that prehistoric reptiles built nests in a special way. The full text of the scientific work is presented in the specialized edition of Biology Letters.

In Australia, presented the largest 3D printer

Australian Titomic has introduced the world’s largest 3D printer, which can manufacture metal products. In size, the printer is comparable to a bus, it can be used to produce, for example, nine-meter parts of the wing of an airplane.

Engineers created the first robot-fly with laser beam power

Engineers from the University of Washington created a miniature robot equipped with wings, which does not need power from the outlet. He receives the energy from the laser beam. There is no need for commands supplied by an external computer: the device manages its electronic “brain”.

Micropolarization restores limbs after a stroke

Specialists determined that rhythmic stimulation with short magnetic impulses is effective in restoring limb function of patients who suffered a stroke, according to the European Journal of Neurology.

Scientists have created cellulose stronger than steel

A team of specialists from Stockholm was able to create ultra-strong fiber. A new discovery can replace such substances as plastic, metal and fiberglass. Cellulose, superior in strength to steel, invented by researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Physicists have found the most dense form of matter in the Universe inside protons

Protons proved to be the most dense form of matter in the Universe – the pressure inside them, as measured by American scientists, is about 10 times higher than in the center of neutron stars. Their findings were published in the journal Nature.

Zoologists traced the evolution of lizards with green blood

American zoologists found that different species of green-lizard lizards in the evolution process changed the color of blood from crimson-red to green four times, independently of each other.

Scientists have deployed a third cluster of a neutrino telescope at the bottom of Lake Baikal

At the bottom of Lake Baikal, a third cluster of Baikal-GVD neutrino telescope was created, designed to study the mysterious elementary neutrino particles. The project, according to representatives of the Irkutsk State University, will help research on the history of the appearance of the universe.

Robot swimmer has mastered the extraction of energy due to temperature changes

In Switzerland, engineers from the Higher Technical School of Zurich, with the technical support of colleagues from the California Institute of Technology, designed and built a robot swimmer. The device moves autonomously in the aquatic environment due to the temperature difference.

Scientists have created in Saratov a device for diagnosing the heart

The complex includes a bedside monitor, as well as a portable small size recorder. The data received from them is read by a special program.

The work of the complex is based on the fact that it compares various parameters of human life. Including the variability of the heart rate or the measure of the phase synchronization of the rhythm with which breathing occurs.

Pigs have found a new dangerous virus

American scientists have discovered a new deadly danger. It turned out that mankind could be threatened by a virus carried by pigs. The coronavirus is transported by pigs in mild forms, but for humans it can be dangerous.


China successfully tested the country’s first commercial missile

The Chinese private company OneSpace Technology conducted a successful test of the country’s first commercial OS-X missile. This is reported by People’s Daily.

On the surface of the ISS, a substance was found from the constellation Centaurus

Russian researchers discovered holmium on the surface of the ISS – a substance most often found in the explored part of our universe on the star of Przybylsky from the constellation Centauri. This became known from the report of the head scientific institute of Roskosmos TsNIIMash.

Telescope ALMA found in the universe oxygen of 13.3 billion years

Astronomers have discovered a galaxy in which oxygen appeared only 500 million years after the Big Bang, according to the journal Nature. This is the earliest on the scale of the age of the universe, the detection of oxygen.

NASA astronauts spent more than six hours in open space

On Wednesday, sixteenth of May, the American astronaut Andrew Foistel and Richard Arnold emerged into space. During the whole exit, which lasted more than six and a half hours, astronauts could be watched live on the NASA website

A pair of nanosatellites took the first pictures of the Earth

Two miniature CubeSat satellites, which NASA specialists named Mars Cube One (Marco), were sent to the interplanetary space to conquer outer space in early May aboard the Atlas V rocket. The rocket led an automatic station InSight to the course to Mars.

Nanosatellites in question were created by NASA to solve a simple but curious problem. The devices will help the engineers of the US space agency to keep InSight in touch with the Earth during the landing on Mars. So the earthlings will be able to see the process in the “live” for the first time in history.

Both spacecraft are now in excellent condition and work remarkably well. Details can be found on the NASA website.

The US plans to transfer the ISS control to Russia

Stafford noted that one of their options for maintaining the operational capacity of the American segment of the station is the training of Russian crew members to work in critical systems of the US segment. This is a manned mission on the Soyuz, scheduled for September 2019 and March 2020.

The anti-radiation vest will be tested on the Moon

Israeli experts have created an anti-radiation jacket AstroRad, testing which will be carried out during the first mission to the Earth satellite Exploration Mission-1 (EM-1).

Scientists: An ancient asteroid-exile was found beyond the orbit of Neptune

Scientists from the European Southern Observatory stated that they discovered beyond the orbit of Neptune an ancient asteroid-exile 2004 EW95, rich in carbon. This is the first asteroid that was noticed beyond the boundaries of the solar system.


“UAZ” will equip the Patriot SUV with the “automatic” in 2019

In the interior of the restyling SUV there will be special handles for which you can hold passengers during the off-road. Recall that the current generation of the model UAZ “Patriot” was presented in October 2016.

Production of Volkswagen Jetta stopped in Nizhny Novgorod

The Jetta model was produced by GAZ until the end of April this year. The production shutdown, according to the publication, is associated with the change of generations: it is planned that a new model, which is already being produced abroad, will be imported to Russia.

In Russia, recall 7.6 thousand cars Toyota and Lexus

The Russian division of the car manufacturer Toyota announced the recall of 7.6 thousand cars Lexus and Toyota, which were realized from June 2015 to September 2016 due to a defect in airbags. This is stated in the message of Rosstandart.

Minivan Hyundai H-1 turned into a house on wheels

Korean automaker Hyundai officially introduced the upgraded version of the Hyundai Grand Starex minivan, turning it into a chic home on wheels. On the Russian market the model is more known, as Hyundai H-1.

In Moscow, an unusual limousine ZIL Rolls-Royce

In the Russian capital, during transport, an unusual Rolls-Royce Ghost, modified by elements from ZIL, was captured. Judging by the pictures, the premium car has a shildik from the domestic car, as well as the headlights and radiator grill from the model ZIL-41047

Volvo will refuse cars with diesel engines

The Swedish automaker Volvo will abandon the production of cars with diesel engines. So important for all the fans of the brand the news was reported by the head of the company Håkan Samuelsson

In the web there were photos of hybrid KIA Sportage 2019 without camouflage

At one of the gas stations near the Nurburgring, photo spies caught a new generation of crossover. Judging by the pictures, after restyling Kia Sportage will receive a modified radiator grille, other bumpers, head optics, taillights, new prototypes, as well as 19-inch wheels.

Global pickup Ford Ranger updated for the second time

Alas, while Ford unveiled only two photos of the updated model. “American” shared with the updated version of the modified grille, but the steel bumper is not a global pickup – instead, the designers transformed the look of the plastic part.

New crossover GAC Trumpchi GS5 declassified before the premiere

In the auto company GAC, a new crossover Trumpchi GS5 is being prepared for the debut. On the eve of the network were published photos of the new car. Judging by the published images, the Trumpchi GS5 crossover has undergone dramatic changes in the design

BMW unveiled firefighter X3 and MINI for police

The company BMW introduced a special version of the crossover X3, intended for use by firefighters, as well as a police modification of the hatchback MINI. New products debuted in the European exhibition RETTmobil, dedicated to cars for emergency services.

Crossover Tesla Model X towed a 126-ton aircraft

On the channel of the Australian airline Qantas in Youtube published a video, demonstrating the towing of a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner by electric crossover Tesla Model X. The total weight of the airliner was about 126 tons. The experiment was conducted at the airport of Melbourne, Australia,

The prices for a new hatchback Hyundai Veloster 2019 are named

In the second half of this year, the new Hyundai Veloster will enter the US market, in connection with which the Korean automaker announced the prices for the model. Buy such a hatchback can be at least 18,500 dollars, which is $ 400 higher than the price of its predecessor.

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