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13 Авг, 2022

Rain water is dangerous to drink

This conclusion was made by scientists from Stockholm University. They found that the concentration of hazardous substances in rainwater is 14 times higher than the norm, even in areas as undeveloped by man as Antarctica and the Tibetan Plateau. The results of their work, the researchers published in the scientific journal Environmental Science & Technology.

Scientists studied data collected since 2010 and found that PFAS toxin, used in the manufacture of packaging, cosmetics and clothing, has entered the environment. It very slowly decomposes and accumulates in the human body, provokes the development of oncological and endocrine diseases, affects the reproductive system, and reduces immunity.

It is noted that over the past 20 years, the permissible levels of PFAS in water bodies and soils have decreased significantly, as experts have better studied the harm of toxins.