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4 Сен, 2022

Ranking of countries by level of charity

According to the World Giving Index, the best situation with charity turned out to be in the British Commonwealth (the leaders are the UK itself, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and the poor countries of Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Indonesia). This is such an interesting combination.

At the same time, the anti-leaders of the rating also look quite interesting: the rich countries of Asia (Japan, South Korea and China) and some European countries (Belgium, for example, are third from the bottom). Everything is bad with charity both in the Baltic States and in the Balkans — much worse than in many impoverished African countries!

Russia in this rating took 67th place: above us were Albania and the Philippines, below us — Egypt. The rating is based on three indicators: willingness to help strangers (in Russia, 57% are ready, in Nigeria, which is the leader here, 82%); donate money (in Russia 28%, in Indonesia — 83%) and spend time helping others (in Russia 14% versus 60% in the leader — Indonesia)