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9 Дек, 2022

Ranking of the most influential passports

The passport of the United Arab Emirates has become the most powerful passport in the world in 2022, according to the Passport Index, compiled by the Canadian consulting company Arton Capital. UAE passport holders can visit 121 countries without a visa, in 59 countries a visa can be done on arrival.

The second place was shared by several countries at once. These are Germany, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and South Korea. Passport holders of these countries can visit 173 states without obtaining a visa in advance (including more than 120 of them do not need a visa at all, in the rest it can be issued upon arrival).

Experts recognized the passport of Afghanistan as the worst — it took 97th place with only five visa-free destinations (in another 33 countries, a visa can be issued after entry).

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In the list of the richest people in the world according to Forbes, the leader has changed. In first place, overtaking Tesla owner Elon Musk, was Louis Vuitton owner Bernard Arnault, whose net worth exceeded $184 billion in real time. In November, Musk’s net worth fell below $200 billion, down $74 billion after the deal with Twitter


Iran executed a 23-year-old participant in anti-government protests. This is the first execution since the beginning of the demonstrations that erupted in the country in September after the death of an Iranian woman detained by the morality police.


Peruvian President Pedro Castillo tried to dissolve Parliament. As a result, Parliament announced his impeachment. The head of Congress called on citizens not to obey the president, and the head of the Foreign Ministry called Castillo’s actions a coup d’état.


Sino-German joint venture Volkswagen Anhui has produced the first pre-production new energy vehicle (NEV), Xinhua reports. It is expected that mass production of the new model will begin towards the end of 2023, said the head of the company, Erwin Gabardi.

Volkswagen Anhui is the first joint venture of the German Volkswagen Group in China. The company specializes in the research and development of NEVs. The company’s total investment in NEV projects could reach 23.1 billion yuan ($3.3 billion), Gabardi said.


OSAGO insurers increased the collection of premiums for 9 months of 2022 by 11.2% compared to the same period in 2021 — up to 191.3 billion rubles, follows from the statistics of the Bank of Russia. CMTPL payments for the same period amounted to 116.6 billion rubles, which is 4.7% more than a year earlier.


The Taliban publicly executed a man for the first time since seizing power in Afghanistan. A convict killed a man about five years ago.


The applications of Bulgaria and Romania for entry into the Schengen are rejected. It is reported by AFP with reference to the official representative of the EU.

According to Euronews, both countries were opposed by Austria. In addition, the Netherlands supported Romania but blocked Bulgaria’s bid.

Croatia has received unanimous support and will join the Schengen area from January 2023.


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