22 Jan, 2018

Readiness for war …

As reported by RIA Novosti, the logistics agency of the US Department of Defense plans to study the infrastructure of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Finland and Poland for readiness for wartime conditions.

This research is necessary for the Pentagon to understand the logistics networks and supply chains of various products in these European countries to prepare its own industry for operation in wartime and emergency situations.

The final reports will include data on sources of water and products, fuel, medicines, industrial equipment and clothing. Also, reports should include information on construction materials and equipment, production capacities and mobilization opportunities. In addition, the US military is interested in the transport infrastructure of these countries – ports, roads, airports, bridges and ferries.

Briefly about the main thing … ..


Netanyahu on the day of the arrival of the US Vice-President delivered a speech on the importance of American diplomacy

According to the Israeli Prime Minister, the peace process in the Middle East is impossible without American leadership: “Those who are not ready to talk with the Americans about peace, do not want peace.” US Vice President Mike Penza Netanyahu called “a great friend of Israel.”

More than 150 foreign deputies will visit the presidential elections in Russia

According to the newspaper “Izvestia” in March 2018, more than 150 foreign deputies will arrive in Russia. At the invitation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, more parliamentarians from Europe, Asia, South America and Africa will arrive as observers

Macedonia will determine the new name of the country in a referendum

The final decision on the dispute with Greece and a new name for his state Macedonia will take place in a nationwide referendum, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said.

Moldova intends to expose Russia’s account for the “occupation” of Transnistria

Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian Kandu accused Russia of violating the norms of international law and announced the intention to collect billions of dollars from Moscow for the “occupation” of Transnistria. He stated this in an interview with Latvijas Avize. Kandu called Russian peacekeepers in the region “occupying” forces.

Russia has deployed its troops in Transnistria illegally, as in South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Eastern Ukraine. We believe that about 2,000 Russian soldiers in the region are occupying forces. They organize joint exercises with the so-called army of Transnistria. – Andrian Candu, Moldovan deputy

The USA marked the anniversary of the inauguration of Trump by many thousands of protests

In the United States, on the anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, protests against the president’s policy are taking place. Tens of thousands of people take part in the demonstrations, TASS reported citing local media.

Georgia awaits decision of Ukraine on extradition of Saakashvili

The Georgian side expects when Ukraine will make a final decision on the extradition of ex-Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to his homeland, said prosecutor of the main prosecutor’s office and a member of the Georgian Public Prosecutor’s Council Natia Songulashvili.

Trump called the stoppage of the government’s work in the US the fault of the Democrats

Earlier, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate Chuck Schumer said that the blame for the closure of federal agencies “lies on the shoulders” of President Donald Trump.

Democrats are much more worried about illegal immigrants than for our military or for the safety of our southern border. They could easily reach an agreement, but the place decided to suspend the work of the government. – Donald Trump

A young British hacker used personal information from the Director of the CIA

British teenager Kane Gamble got access to secret information about US reconnaissance operations in Afghanistan and Iran, pretending to be the former head of the CIA, the newspaper The Telegraph writes with reference to the hearing in court.

The White House stopped responding to phone calls from citizens

The White House service for public relations stopped processing telephone calls from citizens due to the suspension of the work of the federal government.


Head of the General Staff of Britain recognized the superiority of the Russian army

In the text of the speech of the head of the General Staff of Great Britain, Nikita Carter, it is said that the armed forces of Great Britain are lagging behind the opportunities demonstrated by Russian troops, writes The Telegraph.

Pence: US will maintain presence in Syria to contain Iran

The United States will retain its military presence in Syria not only to defeat the terrorist group “Islamic State” (IG, banned in Russia), but also to “contain the hostile influence” of Iran.

The US plans to send a thousand more troops to Afghanistan

The United States is planning to send an additional 1,000 troops to Afghanistan in the coming spring. This was reported on Sunday by The Washington Post referring to sources in the US Armed Forces.

The first training for evacuation in the case of missile launch was held in Tokyo

Exercises for the evacuation of the population in the event of an immediate threat from the launch of a ballistic missile took place for the first time on Monday in the Bunk area of the Japanese capital. This is what the TASS correspondent reports from the scene. According to the administration of Tokyo, about 350 people took part in them.

One of the largest brigades of the APU was withdrawn from the Donbass in full force

One of the largest brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) in its entirety is withdrawn from the area of Kiev’s so-called anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in Donbass, RIA Novosti Ukraine reports.

Kurds reported on nine victims of bombing by the Turkish Air Force

The victims of the bombing of Syrian Afrina by the Turkish Air Force were nine people. This is reported by the information resource of Iraqi Kurdistan Rudaw

Kurds reported on the destruction of Turkish soldiers and militants in Africa

During the fighting in the north-west of Syria, 4 Turkish soldiers and 10 pro-Turkish militants were killed, the command of YPG reported.

China urged the US to abandon the views of the Cold War

The Chinese Ministry of Defense urged the US to abandon the Cold War ideology and “rationally and objectively” treat Chinese politics with regard to national security and defense. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to the statement of the Chinese department.

Nagorno Karabakh stated about the attack of Azerbaijani drone

The Ministry of Defense of Nagorno-Karabakh noted that as a result of the attack, none of the servicemen was injured. The military department of the unrecognized republic claims that from January 14 to 20 the Azerbaijani armed forces violated the ceasefire more than 150 times

Iran’s Foreign Ministry warned of the consequences of any military operation in Syria

Any military operation that could negatively or positively affect the congress in Sochi should be in the best form ordered by the guarantor countries.

The new US Navy warship got stuck in the ice on the first hike

USS Little Rock, USS Little Rock, launched in December 2017, can not reach the home port in Florida due to record frosts. As noted by the portal Business Insider, the ship left the port of Buffalo on December 20.

The US ignores the use of chemical weapons in Syria

“The US administration ignores the objective facts of the use of chemical warfare agents by terrorists in Syria against the army and civilians,” the Defense Ministry said. The Russian Defense Ministry reminded that Moscow ahead of schedule destroyed all available arsenal of chemical warfare agents.

The United Kingdom will implement a text alert system on the nuclear threat

The British government has begun developing a special system that allows residents to be informed of the threat of a nuclear strike through a mobile phone in text mode.

Shoigu spoke about a new kind of terrorist threat in Syria

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that drones have become a new kind of terrorist threat in Syria.

In Syria, a new type of terrorist threat – unmanned aerial vehicles, the range of which is more than 100 kilometers. We are ready to share our experience in combating these threats. – Sergei Shoigu, Russian military leader


More than 60 people detained after attacking the airport in Tripoli

On suspicion of involvement in the attack on the airport of the Libyan capital, more than 60 people were detained. This is stated in the statement of the formation of “Special Deterrence Force”, loyal to the government of national accord in Tripoli

As a result of shooting in Manhattan three people are injured

Police in New York reported on Twitter about the three victims as a result of shooting in Manhattan.

The explosive device worked at the entrance to a shopping center in Florida

At the entrance to the shopping center in the city of Lake Wales in the state of Florida, an explosive device exploded, reports WFTV 9.

Over 30 people were killed and injured in an attack on a hotel in Kabul

When militants attacked the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, 35 people were killed and injured, local TV channel 1TV reported citing a source in the security forces. The exact number of casualties and injuries is not yet known. It is reported that one of the attackers was liquidated.

In Transbaikalia, a five-year-old girl fell into an alcoholic coma

In the Trans-Baikal Territory, a criminal case was opened on the fact of alcohol poisoning of a five-year-old girl during the New Year celebration, the press service of the regional prosecutor’s office reported. The incident occurred in the Mogochinsky district.

In California, dropped a military helicopter “Apache”

Crashed helicopter AH-64 “Apache”, which made a training flight. In connection with the incident, an investigation was launched. The channel notes that this year is the first accident that led to casualties among the US military

The explosion took place at the office building in Malmo

The police of the Swedish city of Malmo reported on the explosion at the office building in the Rosenhard microdistrict.

In Mexico, intercepted a parcel with two thousand grenades

Unknown persons mailed 1.96 thousand fragmentation grenades from the state of Tamaulipas to Mexico City. The parcel was intercepted by officers of the intelligence department of the Federal Police of Mexico, TASS reported citing local media.

Firefighters put out a fire in a hotel in Prague

Firefighters managed to extinguish a fire in the four-star Eurostars David hotel in the center of Prague, Novinky reported. Two people became victims of the fire. In the message of the first aid of the Czech capital the number of victims of the fire is specified

Bastrykin took under personal control the investigation of the case of the Mayor of Makhachkala

Head of the Investigation Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, took under personal control the investigation of the criminal case against the mayor of Makhachkala Musa Musayev. This is stated in the message of the Office

The American went out to clean snow with a flamethrower

Nathaniel Kaplinger, according to the ABC13 television channel, went out to fight with snow, armed with a hand-held flamethrower. Eyewitnesses recorded an unusual “cleaning” on the video.

In Sweden, they can prohibit the occupation of professional boxing

Skoglunda was recently discharged from the hospital and is now undergoing rehabilitation at home. The Swedish agency intends to study this case and will make a final decision on the results. Occupation of professional boxing in Sweden and before that was under strict control.

A drunk pilot of British Airways was detained a few minutes before takeoff

London police detained a drunk pilot of British Airways airline a few minutes before takeoff, the Daily Mail reported. According to the publication, the incident occurred on flight 2063, which was due to fly from London Gatwick Airport to Mauritius.

The storm destroyed the renovated Olympic embankment in Sochi

Storm broke the embankment near the Olympic Park in Sochi, TASS was told in the press service of the mayor’s office


OPEC + countries agreed on reducing oil production until 2019

The organization of oil-exporting countries and non-cartel countries (OPEC +) concluded that the decision to extend the deal to reduce oil production in 2018 should be left unchanged.

“Rosneft” marks in the nature protection zone

The company wants to get a site in the nature protection zone. Rosneft may not receive new areas near the Khatanga site, where in 2017 it opened a new Central Olginskoye field.

More than 60 billion rubles will be sent to the Crimea in 2018 under the Federal Target Program

More than 60 billion rubles will be spent on the implementation of the federal target program (FTP) of the region’s development this year, the head of the republic of Crimea Sergei Aksenov said.

Novak: rising oil prices to $ 70 per barrel was a success OPEC +

Since the extension of the agreement, Brent crude oil prices have risen by about $ 6-7 per barrel. On Sunday in Oman, the ministers of OPEC + countries that control the execution of the oil production reduction deal will meet for the seventh since the beginning of the deal and the first meeting of the monitoring committee this year.

To raise the salaries of state employees will allocate almost 15 billion rubles

The government approved the allocation of 14.5 billion rubles to increase the pay of state employees, follows from the list of decisions published on the website of the Cabinet.

Russians are more willing to take credit cards

In 2017, Russian banks issued more than 6 million credit cards, which is 52% more than a year earlier. This is reported by the newspaper Kommersant referring to the data of the credit history bureau “Equifax” and the National Bureau of Credit Histories, which are included in the top 3 largest BKI.

Control package of the Helsinki shipyard USC will be sold because of sanctions

The controlling stake in Helsinki Shipyard, a Helsinki shipyard belonging to the Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC), plans to acquire Kermas, an international investment corporation headquartered in Finland.

Trades in state property in Russia will be transferred to electronic platforms

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia is preparing amendments to several laws that will allow the transfer of state property, including natural resources, to public electronic platforms from 2019 onwards. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade confirmed this information to Izvestia.

Gold mining in Transbaikalia increased by 10% in 2017

The leaders in precious metal mining are Novo-Shirokinsky mine, “Uryumkan”, “Artel Starateley” Dauria “, Alexandrovsky mine and Ksenievsky prospect”

Kuzbass mine plans to adjust coal supplies abroad

The “Jubilee” mine of the Novokuznetsk holding “TopProm” plans from 2019 to establish regular deliveries of up to 40,000 tons of products monthly. Trial lots of coking coal brand “F” have already been sent to Brazil, Germany and Turkey.


In Poland they are investigating the celebration of Hitler’s birthday by public figures

Polish law enforcement agencies engaged in the investigation of the celebration of the birthday of Adolf Hitler, which was organized by the public organization “Pride and Modernity”, reports with reference to the source of Polish Radio

Russians are increasingly lacking their own means to buy housing

Residents of the Russian Federation, according to statistics, are less likely to immediately pay the entire cost of the selected property. If we compare the 2017th and 2015th years, the share of transactions in which Russians made full payment for housing out of their own funds, for two years decreased by half.

Experts predicted in the year 2018 the world hunger

One of the main potential dangers of the authors of the document is called hunger. According to them, a sudden crop failure or a natural cataclysm can result in a global crisis.

Federal roads in Russia will be repaired by the end of the year

Rosavtodor said that 100% of federal routes will comply with the technical regulations of the Customs Union “Road Safety”. As reported by “Izvestia” with reference to the representatives of the Federal Road Agency, at the moment the norms correspond to approximately 77.5% of the roads

Penalties for traffic violations will only go to roads

The Government of Russia on legislative drafting will consider a bill prepared by the Ministry of Transport on amendments to the Budget Code regarding the formation of budgetary allocations of road funds

If the amendments are adopted, the fines levied on motorists and pedestrians for violation of traffic rules will be targeted to the road funds of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Russians are more likely to go to cafes and restaurants

Experts found that during the New Year holidays, Russian residents began to visit cafes and restaurants more often than eat at home.

Russians began to give birth to the first child five years later – Rosstat

“Aging” of the first maternity specialists associated with career ambitions of women and the desire to improve their financial situation. President of the Russian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Vladimir Serov said that the ideal ideal age for the birth of the firstborn from a biological point of view is 17-19 years.

Action against arrests and deportation of migrants was held in the capital of Belgium

Belgium is one of the transit points on the way of illegal immigrants to the UK. In the manifestation, according to eyewitnesses, about 2 thousand people participated

Japanese doctor wrote memoirs about the secrets of his longevity

In the summer of 2017 in Japan, died 106-year-old doctor Shigaki Hinohara. A man until his last days worked in the hospital and led the reception of patients, secrets of his longevity, he managed to share in memoirs.

According to a long-liver doctor, the main secret of his longevity is diet and the desire for fun.


The actress from “Harry Potter” complained that no one had solicited her

British actress Zoe Wanamaker, who played Madame Truc in the movie “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” jokingly complained that no one had ever molested her. She reported this to The Daily Mirror.

Singer Shakir was suspected of evading taxes

Spanish tax authorities appealed to the prosecutor’s office to initiate a case against the Colombian singer Shakira, accusing her of “tax fraud committed between 2011 and 2014,” the Sunday article of the newspaper La Vanguardia

Actor Ewan McGregor filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage

Actor Ewan McGregor gets divorced from his wife Yves Mavrakis, with whom he has been married for over 22 years.

Paris Hilton published a bare photo on the eve of the wedding

Paris Hilton published on her page in the “Instagram” candid photo. It is not known how the outfit looks in full-face, however, it keeps on the lacing only. Previously, Life reported that the 36-year-old socialite is getting married.

Peskov spoke about his personal contribution to the solution of the “demographic problem”

The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov believes that he made a sufficient contribution to the solution of the demographic problem in Russia – there are many children in his family and no replenishment is planned

In the US, a congressman from the ethics committee was accused of harassment

The congressman himself called the accusations groundless. Until recently, Meeen was a member of the Ethics Committee, which investigated the cases of other lawmakers accused of sexual harassment.

Volochkova refused a lavish birthday party

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova refused to celebrate her 42-year anniversary. On the birthday of a famous lover of social gatherings did not start a formal reception with many guests, and suddenly went to the temple.

Mothers shot a video in support of the erotic clip of Ulyanovsk pilots

To the flash mob Satisfaction Сhallenge joined mothers-housewives, having published on YouTube a video in support of Ulyanovsk cadets. They ask that future pilots “are not heavily punished” for the sensational video.

Kim Kardashian bought trash bins from Louis Vuitton

Kim Kardashian bought trash bins from Louis Vuitton. According to information from the most secular lioness, they are now in the backyard of her mansion. Kardashian said that she did not like ordinary garbage cans, so she decided to change them to more expensive ones.

London Symphonyetta celebrates its 50th anniversary

The London Symphonyetta is called “the best interpreter of modern music”. On January 24, 1968, the symphonyetta gave its first concert, at which the world premiere of the cantata “Kit” of Sir John Tavener was held.

Rapper Oxxxymiron was nominated for a literary award

Album “Gorgorod” rapper Oksimirona (Miron Fedorov) entered the long list of the literary award named after Alexander Pyatigorsky. The nominee was the philosopher Anna Elashkina, who believes that the lyrics of the album’s tracks are “an integral work – a poem,” Rain reports.

Sergey Shnurov sang together with a robot

Sergei Shnurov decided to experiment in the work and took a song in the song about the human indifference of the robot. The new “colleague” of the artist is very similar to R2D2 from the film “Star Wars”. In the video, the robot moved next to Shnurov on the asphalt and made unusual sounds.

Sex scandal: Catherine Zeta-Jones rose to the defense of Michael Douglas

British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones said that she fully supports her husband, the famous actor Michael Douglas. Recently, a former employee of the actor brought charges against him about harassment, which allegedly took place 32 years ago.

The names of the mentors of the new season of the project “Voice. Children”

Musicians used to work in the project, but Valery Meladze acted as a mentor for children, and rapper Basta – for adults. In this composition, the musicians will come together as mentors within the project for the first time.

Jazz composer from the United States received the Russian Order of Friendship

American musician, trumpeter, head of the jazz department of the Lincoln Center in New York, Wynton Marsalis received the Russian Order of Friendship. As the vice-consul of Russia in New York Alexey Topolsky told TASS, the order was presented during the solemn ceremony held at the Russian consulate.

Star movies for adults broke hearts to their fans

The famous Asian porn actress Sora Aoi, who enjoys incredible popularity in China, made a shocking statement for millions of her fans. According to the girl, she will soon be married

Anna Sedokova was expelled with children from the island in Thailand

The program is devoted to the travel of a singer with children to Thailand. In the story Anna together with three children – Alina, Monica and Hector – went to the island of Hong

Model Nicole Austen accused Kim Kardashian of “plagiarism of the big hips”

The former model, actress, the wife of the rapper Ice-T and her mother, 38-year-old Nicole (Coco) Austin said that it was she who 21 years ago started the fashion for the possession of magnificent shapes and wide hips, in support of which she published her old photographs.

Rihanna was spotted at the Arab company

In the hotel of Paris was noticed the singer Rihanna in the company of the businessman from Saudi Arabia Hassan Jamil. Despite the fact that the 29-year-old celebrity and her one-year-old drove up to the hotel on two different, black minibuses with tinted windows, they could not go unnoticed.

British singer Ed Shiran announced the engagement

With his girlfriend 26-year-old musician meets since 2015. And, judging by the record, he made the offer of Seaborne on New Year’s Eve

Evelina Bledans is looking for a groom through social networks

More than a year has passed since Evelina Bledans broke up with her husband Alexander Semin and it seems that the actress is again ready to go under the crown. The actress recorded a comic video with her colleague, where she allegedly rejects his courtship, and then stated that the casting of the suitors continues.

Model Natalia Vodyanova released her crypto currency LoveCoins

As representatives of the company of the model say, holders of currency are provided with the opportunity to buy things of famous brands: Givenchy, Dior, Fendi and Christian Louboutin.


In China, created a “smart” bed, which will lull the owner

In China, the developers of trackers for fitness have created a “smart” bed. The base kit will allow for 30 seconds to turn the bed into a closet, and a full one will also lull the owner. The cost ranges from 499 to 999 dollars.

Google and Mozilla completely want to replace JPEG with AV1

Famous corporation Google and Mozilla completely want to replace JPEG with a new format AV1, designed to compress images. These measures the company intend to take within the Alliance for Open Media, which is a non-profit structure.

Large online stores traded buyers’ data

The largest online stores in the UK transmitted information about customers to third parties. This is reported by the British edition of The Times

Mail.ru Group has bought ESBS

It became known that after the purchase of ESforce will completely become part of the Mail.ru Group. Sources say that a statement on the sale of the holding will be made in the near future. Despite the transition, it is expected that ESforce will retain its autonomy and will continue working without changes

In February, all Russian ministries will connect to the common Internet portal

In February 2018, Russian ministries will begin to connect to one common Internet portal. This was reported by Rossiyskaya Gazeta with reference to the statement of the Deputy Minister of Communications of the Russian Federation Alexei Kozyrev.

Britain gave “green light” to payments through messengers

The new rules actually permit payments through messengers. Under the directive “Banking in an open format” it will be much easier to compare and change banks. With the permission of customers, financial institutions can provide their personal data to other companies.

Experts dispelled the myth of the invulnerability of crypto-currencies

Experts dispelled the myth of crypto currency owners about the invulnerability of distributed registry technology. Experts believe that in some cases, hack technology is not more difficult than any other software.

Shell brand watches are officially on sale

Shell Company announced the launch of sales of its newest device – a unique smart watch. Their zest is that they are able to turn into a phone. These are the first such clocks from Shell that can be transformed.

The appearance and characteristics of the “clamshell” Gionee W919

It is known that the device is made in the form factor “clamshell”. On the inside and outside of the phone there are two 4.2-inch touchscreens with HD resolution, that is 1280×720. Work Gionee W919 will be on an eight-core processor, but what manufacturer is not yet known

British hacker was sentenced to two years for hacking Pokemon Go

The twenty-one-year-old hacker received a two-year prison sentence for hacking a famous modern mobile game called Pokémon Go. A whole network was created by the hacker, which disrupted the functioning of various game servers using DDoS attacks.

Nike will release sneakers in the style of PlayStation

Model PG-2 will receive a special version – PlayStation Colorway. It will have a luminous tongue with the logo of the gaming company. New sneakers will go on sale on February 10.

Nvidia recommends that stores limit the sale of video cards to miners

Nvidia recommends that stores impose restrictions on the sale of video cards to the miners, since the products are primarily aimed at gamers. The information was provided by the official representative of the German company Boris Böls.

Samsung partially removes backups from the cloud storage

In the South Korean company Samsung decided to partially remove the backup copies from the cloud storage. Also decided to change some of the terms of use of Samsung Cloud. Owners of mobile products from the South Korean company have time until February 6 to resolve the issue of data storage

Google confirmed the addition of new content in the Play Market

At Google, confirmed the fact of the soonest addition of new content in the brand store application for Android devices Play Market.

The plans of the American company to add audio books to the store were said at the end of 2017. But so far it is not known in which languages books with voice acting will be available. It is believed that at first, audiobooks can only be available in English-speaking countries. This approach is observed in Google during the launch of new services. It is likely that in the Russian Federation the new service will begin its work only at the end of this year. Officially, employees and representatives of the “search giant” have not yet made any statements.


Scientists suggest using the poison of arrows of hunters for contraception

According to the article of scientists in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, the poison from the arrows of African hunters contains the substance uabain. This component is found in the roots, stems and leaves of a rare shrub which grows in East Africa and Yemen

Physicists from China created a prototype satellite “quantum Internet”

In recent years dozens of such systems have been created, the nodes of which can exchange data at rather large distances – up to 200-300 kilometers.

The computer has been taught to read X-rays no worse than a radiologist

Developers from Stanford University presented MURA, a database containing more than 40,000 x-ray photographs of limb injuries, which were marked by radiologists. On this database, scientists also trained a convolutional neural network, which defines injuries no worse than doctors.

Archaeologists found in China the remains of a child from the Paleolithic times

Scientists have identified the remains of a man in the southwest of China. Later, it was determined that the remains belonged to a child who lived in our planet 11,000 years ago. It is reported that the year 2016 was very busy with the extraction of archaeologists.

Artificial Intelligence has found a cure for malaria in toothpaste

January 22, journalists of the international news agency RIA Novosti reported the first scientific discovery of artificial intelligence, which, with the help of a connected robot, found a cure for malaria.

CRISPR-activation of one gene turned “adult” cells back into stem

In 2012, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to the Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanake for developing a technology for converting differentiated cells back into stem cells – the so-called induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).

The new satellite of Roskosmos will be able to search for oil

“Roskosmos” will order a new radar satellite, which will be able not only to survey the earth’s surface, but also to find minerals. “Condor-FKA-M” will be able to monitor the earth’s surface day and night, even through clouds and rain.

NASA reported the approach to Earth of a huge asteroid

The asteroid 2002 AJ129 is approaching the Earth from 500 meters to 1.2 kilometers in size, NASA reported.

Rocket Lab successfully launched three satellites and the Electron

Private rocket and space company Rocket Lab for the first time successfully launched its miniature Electron rocket into space. The carrier also brought into orbit Earth three satellites, with companies of which a private firm signed an agreement.

Scientists: The lull on the sun portends a powerful magnetic storm

According to astronomers, the main star lives in cycles, each of which lasts 11 years. The absence of spots on the light causes concern among scientists.

How plants perceive the world around them

Scientists from Austria, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States compiled a scheme of 200 proteins associated with membrane cells or plant organelles. With the help of these compounds, plants can receive information about the surrounding world.


In Russia, the legendary minivan ZIL-118 “Yunost”

Recall that ZIL-118 “Youth” was produced from 1961 to 1970 years.

In Europe, sell “Humpbacked” ZAZ-965A for 42 thousand dollars

In Europe, the restored “hunchbacked” ZAZ-965A was estimated at 42 thousand dollars

127 thousand cars will be withdrawn due to problems with emission control

In Germany, about 127,000 Audi cars equipped with the V6 TDI diesel engine will be recalled, as they found software to circumvent the emission limits for harmful gases.

The coolest new car dealership in Detroit recognized Lexus LF-1

Incidentally, it was the Lexus LF-1 that struck all the press, who called it the coolest SUV of the exhibition.

A small SUV VW T-Cross awaits a debut at the Paris Motor Show

According to AutoExpress, the new SUV, which will become the development of the concept T-Cross Breeze, will go on sale by the end of the year, and the debut may happen this fall at the Paris Motor Show-2018.

The Rolls-Royce Sweptail for $ 12.8 million is exhibited in the show room of Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi in the show room was put a Rolls-Royce Sweptail car in the back of the coupe, which was previously purchased by an unnamed customer for $ 12.8 million. According to the portal TvoyAvto, the coupe is not on sale for sale, or is in the showroom as a demonstration model.

Photo of the updated “Moskvich-2141” appeared on the web

His vision of the updated “Moskvich” published on the web site Kolesa.ru. Resource recalls that the capital’s factory began to produce this brand of the car in 1986. The original model stood on the conveyor for almost 12 years, after which it was replaced by Svyatogor.

“NAMI” presented the updated version of LADA Kalina EV

As representatives of FSUE NAMI have informed, at the moment a new version of the fully electric LADA Kalina in the body of the station wagon is being developed, based on the previous model of the domestic electric car Lada Ellada

IMSA demonstrated a 720-strong special version of the Mercedes-AMG S63

The IMSA tuner offered a series of modifications to increase the power of the V8 engine and styling for the Mercedes-AMG S63 2018

In the UAE sell a unique sedan Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo

In the dealer store of BMW Abu Dhabi Motors in the United Arab Emirates for sale appeared azure Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo, which is based on the new generation of the BMW M5 sedan. Under the hood of the car installed an improved engine capacity of 608 hp. and a peak torque of 800 Nm

Volkswagen refused to mass-produce the Volkswagen Tristar pickup truck

The management of Volkswagen seems to have abandoned the idea of producing a highly promising Tristar pickup truck. In 2014, at a specialized exhibition, the concept of a Volkswagen Tristar truck was demonstrated, which was built on the basis of the T5.

The interior of the biggest SUV Brilliance

Brilliance makes the latest adjustments to the tuning of powerplants and transmissions of its new flagship SUV V7, the debut of which will take place in April 2018 at the motor show in Beijing. On the eve of the network declassified interior Brilliance V7 with automatic transmission.

The sales of SUV BAIC BJ40 with a new engine started

The Chinese auto giant BAIC announced the start of sales of the BJ40 SUV and its extended version of the BJ40L with a new engine. Now the model is equipped with a modern 2.0-liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 150 hp. and a peak torque of 350 Nm, paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Lamborghini can make the successor to the Aventador hybrid

Representatives of the company Lamborghini said that the successor of the model Aventador can be equipped with a hybrid installation. At such a step the manufacturer can go for the sake of reducing the level of harmful substances in emissions, as well as to increase productivity

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